Scam Sites

Found a Scam Site? Go here:

Whenever you run the hackmii installer, you will see a big message appearing on the screen saying: "If you payed for this software, you have been scammed". Some other Apps (like DOP-Mii) will give you a similar warning as well.

What all these warnings want to tell you is that Homebrew is completely FREE and that you should NEVER pay to use it (everything on this site is offered to you for free!). However, there are some sites, which we call Scam sites, that do want you to pay for this free Software.

Let's see some typical characteristics for Scam sites:

Introduction Page - Whenever you find a Scam site, you will usually land on a page that introduces the Product and whatever you are going to gain by buying and installing it. Always comes with some kind of video or pictures of how the pack looks like.

The Package - If you look at the pictures, you'd say it consists of a box with a CD with the software on it and sometimes some extra books with information. Usually comes with some kind of Bonus to get more buyers. Truth is that in many cases you just have to download the Software from some kind of host, and that the package (which is no more than a zip file) contains some horribly outdated and often illegal files. The actual guide is usually just a copy-paste from another softmodding guide. I also found one site that did even less effort and simply linked to this site... (I seriously laughed with that one).

Discount - Well aren't you lucky! Normally the package costs even more, but there's a discount now! Don't fall for it. The package has never even been that expensive! Remember, homebrew is Free and even with a serious discount, you'll still get scammed without you even knowing! There is usually a note saying it will expire sometime, although it never does.

Unlock your Wii - A scam site typically refers to softmodding as "unlocking" your Wii. I don't know where they got this term, it probably sounds better or something.

Note: There are very few sites that use the term "unlock" that aren't scam sites. This site uses the term only to prevent people from finding these scam sites (SEO).

Will not void your warranty - Wrong. Putting Homebrew on your Wii is against the TOS (Terms of Service) and WILL void your warranty. Even if you remove the homebrew from your system, you still won't regain the warranty.

Testimonials - Always present on a scam site. Usually say stuff like "I was desperate, until I found your great site! Everything worked without a problem!". The testimonials you see are have a big chance of being fake or very old. But you can't blame them for this, they need their sales after all.

Ok, so they make you pay for homebrew. At least I get what I payed for, right?

Nope. What you get is a poor excuse for a "unlocker package" that has some outdated software in it (which is dangerous). You also get some kind of guide, with some instructions on how to use the software that comes with it.

Chances are big that the software you got doesn't even work at all. In the worst cases, the owner of the package won't even help you and you'll have to ask your money back (which you should always do anyway).

Am I saying all Scammers are liars? Well no. Some of them might actually have good, working packages. But even if so, why pay for stuff that's free?