This method of GameCube backup loading is no longer recommended. We recommend you to use the newer Nintendont loader (easier to install/use, better compatibility)

DIOS-MIOS is a modified MIOS that allows you to run GameCube games from a USB device. The games can be launched from any USB loader that supports DIOS-MIOS.

It is also possible to run the games from an SD card instead, through DIOS-MIOS Lite. Unfortunately you can not have both installed at the same time right now.


  • An SD card or USB Device for storing the games (and optionally save files)

  • GameCube Controllers and optionally memory cards.

    • Newer model Wiis without GameCube hardware will not work.

  • Any WAD manager

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Setting up your USB drive/SD card

In order for DIOS-MIOS (Lite) to work, you need to make sure your USB device (or SD card for Lite) is set up correctly.

If you use DIOS-MIOS, it will use the first partition of the USB drive. You need to make sure this partition is formatted as FAT32 with a cluster size of 32KB or less. The partition must be marked as primary and active for it to work.

If you use DIOS-MIOS Lite, it will use the SD card. The SD card must be formatted to FAT32 with a cluster size of 64KB or less.

Normally an SD card isn't divided in partitions.

If you need help in partitioning/formatting your drive, we have a short guide for that.

Installing DIOS-MIOS (Lite)

Computer ----------------------

1. Grab the latest DIOS-MIOS or DIOS-MIOS Lite version from the official google code project page (you only need the WAD file).:

Note: In Google Chrome, the download iFrame may not work. Either use another browser or click the grey shield icon in the address bar and choose "Load unsafe script"

Place the WAD file you downloaded in the wad folder on your SD card (or wherever your WAD manager looks)

Wii ----------------------

2. On your Wii, go to your WAD manager. Install the DIOS-MIOS (Lite) WAD.

This is basically all you need to do in order to install DIOS-MIOS (Lite). If you want to use it, use one of the popular USB loaders (Configurable USB Loader, USB Loader GX, WiiFlow), or the DIOS-MIOS booter.

You can install games to your hard drive/SD card by ripping them with a USB loader.


DIOS-MIOS (Lite) can be uninstalled by overwriting it with the default MIOS.

Computer ----------------------

1. Get NUS Downloader if you don't have it. Use the Database to navigate to the latest MIOS (System -> MIOS -> v10).

Make sure pack WAD is checked on the bottom and then click Start NUS Download.

Navigate to the folder where you extracted NUS Downloader and open the titles folder.

Now open the folder 0000000100000101 -> 10 and copy the RVL-mios-v10.wad to the "wad" folder on your SD card.

2. If you don't have one yet, download a WAD Manager and put it on your SD card.

Wii ----------------------

3. Launch your WAD Manager. Use it to install the WAD you downloaded above.

If it asks for an IOS to use, you can choose 249, 250, 236 or generally any non-stub IOS.