System Menu 4.3

Another update from Nintendo to stop Homebrew was released on 21 june 2010. This update gives you no advantages over the previous one (other than updated IOSs). Known consequences of this new version are:

  • Bannerbomb v2 blocked (now results in Error 004) ► You can now use Letterbomb! Indiana Pwns or Smash Stack will also still work.

  • Hackmii Installer Blocked ► Use newest version

  • System menu IOS is now IOS80, IOS70 is stubbed out. ► Doesn't even need a fix.

  • Riivolution blocked (unintentionally) ► Use new version 1.03

  • New Patch to prevent Trucha Bug Restorer from working ► Use newest version or use IOS236 Installer.

  • IOS254 is stubbed (so BootMii IOS is overwritten if present) ► Remove stub & Reinstall BootMii IOS

  • Now removes the titles HAXX, JODI (both the HBC) and DISC, DISK, DVDX (all three DVDx) ► Get the newest HBC, DVDx is obsolete.

Current fixes are behind the arrows (►) above.

Note that if you update from below 4.2, you will also get all the effects from that version as well!

Our current advise: Update your softmod before doing an Official update.