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Savegame Manager

Savegame Manager allows you to extract the save files from your wii to your SD card and vice versa. Its works better than having to backup your saves through the system menu.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
  <app version="1">
    <name>Savegame Manager</name>
    <short_description>Savegame Manager v1.0</short_description>
    <long_description>Savegame Manager is an application that allows you to extract/install savegames on your Wii. It supports games that cannot be  copied using the System Menu's Data Management.
Compiled by wiisixtyfour</long_description>

Only for
Regions E, U and J


* An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards)
* The Homebrew Channel
* waninkoko's IOS 249 installed

* Savegame Manager

* Extract and install save games.


Computer ----------------------

1. As usual, download and extract the Savegame manager. The set it up to use with the HBC.

Wii ----------------------

2. Run the savegame manager with the HBC.
* On the first screen, you'll be asked to choose extractor mode (From Wii to SD) or installer mode (from SD to Wii). To use installer mode, you need to have extracted a save of it before and a savegame must already be present on the Wii itself.
* On the next screen you can choose what device to load from/to. You can choose between SD, USB and USB 2.0 (if you have cIOSr9 or higher).
* The final step is to choose the savegame and press A to extract/restore it.