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Fix Hackmii installer & HBC

This page will explain how to fix 2 problems at once, both related to the Hackmii installer.

The first one is the So called "No Vulnerable IOS found" error message from the Hackmii installer itself. Whenever the hackmii installer starts, it will check a set list of IOSs it can use. It will not use a trucha patched IOS, so if all your IOSs are trucha patched (or even worse: missing), you will get this error message.

The second one is the HBC which turns upside down:

Image from: CasperH                                                                   

This problem is also caused by the same thing: it will not use a Trucha patched IOS. Whenever you patch the IOS the HBC is currently using, it will turn upside down.

So, now we know that, it doesn't come as a big surprise that we'll have to install some clean IOSs...

* An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32).

* NUS Downloader

* Hackmii installer works again!
* No more upside down HBC!


First of all, if your problem is the Upside down HBC, try re-installing the HBC with the hackmii installer. If that doesn't work, do the steps below.
If the hackmii installer doesn't work, follow these steps too.


Computer ----------------------

1. Run the NUS Downloader. Enable Pack->Wad at the Bottom. Now Download:
* NUS (IOS > IOS58 > v6175 &WAD)
* NUS (IOS > IOS34 > v3607 &WAD)

2. Two new folders will be created in the NUS Downloader folder:
* 000000010000003Av6175
* 0000000100000022v3607

In both folders should be a WAD file. Copy both WAD files to the WAD folder on the SD card.

3. Download YAWMM.zip and extract the YAWMM folder in it somewhere. Open the YAWMM folder you just extracted to find a folder named Apps. Copy this folder to the SD card root (let it merge with the existing Apps folder).

Wii ----------------------

4. Run YAWMM. Choose IOS236 to use with the application (or ANY other IOS if you don't have 236).
Now Install the IOS58 and IOS34 wad files.

5. You can now run the Hackmii installer!
To fix Upside down HBC issues, re-install the HBC with the Hackmii installer.