Creating a NAND backup for SNEEK

Before we can use SNEEK, we will need to create a NAND Backup. We are going to use a Bootmii Backup here.


* A Bootmii NAND backup (make one if you haven't done that yet!)


* ShowMiiWads:


Computer ---------------------- 1. Start ShowMiiWads. Under Tools, choose Extract BootMii Dump.

2. Navigate to the place where your bootmii dump is (usually the SD card root if you just dumped it) and choose nand.bin. (If you have few space left at the place where the nand.bin is, copy it over to a place with more free space first)

3. Let the program do its work (no it didn't crash). Once its done, you can find a new folder (called nand-extracteda) at the same directory as the nand.bin. Copy all Folders inside this folder to the SD card root.