How to use the guide

Every part of the Guide contains the same elements:

  • Only for: only for specific Wii's (or specific setups)

  • Required: What you absolutely need for the step

  • Links: Links to all files that are needed for the step or additional info

  • Result: What you get from following the Guide

  • Risk: How dangerous is it to do the Steps?

Other things you may see in the Guide:

Place of Action

Computer ----------------------

SD Card/USB Device must be in your computer.

Wii ----------------------

SD Card/USB device has to connected to the Wii (Through the SD Card slot or USB ports)

NUS Downloads

NUS Downloader is a program that will grab the necessary files to hack your Wii.

You will typically be using NUSD if your planning to do the Offline methods.

It's easy to catch on. For more info go to the extra info for NUSD below.


Tips contain some useful information that can make a lot of things easier for you!



Warnings tell about possible dangers that are present when following the guide (or a part of it). Better read these twice!



Whenever you see an error box, this means you can encounter the described error at this place, but most of the time, this will not be the case. You only need to read error boxes when you encounter an error.


Description of error ~ Solution