P4 - Level Start, MidPoint & Finish

You will need these in each level, so let's see how to create them!

Level Start

The start of the level is just a normal Entrance which you place in the first Area of the level (Area 1). It must be placed into the first Area and none other!

In my case, I'd like to have it here:

I give it an ID (in this case 0) like usual. Although it says "Enterable", it will not be Enterable as it's a normal entrance.

If you want this Entrance to be the Start of your level, be sure to place it in Area 1. The go to then Area Settings and change the Entrance ID under "Settings" to the correct ID:

MidWay Point

If you can manage to get to the MidPoint of a level, but die afterwards, you will be able to start over from the MidPoint instead of restarting the whole level.

We need 2 things to create working MidPoints: A MidPoint Flag and an Entrance to go to.

1) Place your MidPoint flag in the level (Find it under Sprites > Platforms and Hazards > Level Mechanics > 188: MidWay Point Flag).

2) Place a normal Entrance somewhere in the Neighborhood. This is where the character will start when continuing from the MidPoint. Don't forget to give the Entrance the correct ID. The Entrance must be placed in the same Area as the MidPoint Flag.

I placed the Entrance at the same place where the Flag is, but this is not needed.

3) Click the Flag and change the Entrance ID to the one of the Entrance you just created.

That's all!


Not much has to be said about Finishes. They can be found under Sprites > Platforms and Hazards > Level Mechanics > 113: Goal flagpole.

You generally place it at the end of the Level and create some way to make it possible to reach the top.

You can make the Exit a secret exit if needed.