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Updating your Wii

This Page will help you to update your Wii to your desired Version (choices are 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2)
All your IOSs will be updated as well, so you can't complain that games don't work!

  • Do NOT update your Wii to 4.2 if it is a Korean region changed Wii (a Wii that was originally Korean, but got region changed to U,E or J). Doing this will Instantly Brick your Wii and there is No way back!!
  • Do NOT install system menu 3.2 if your current version is higher than that!

* An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32).
* Trucha Signed IOS (Using the Trucha Bug guide) or a cIOS (the cIOS must have IOS38 as base!)

* [Complete Update] ModMii (search the page for "Direct Download Link")
* [Complete Update] Wad Manager (or even better: an auto wad installer, like YAWMM)
* [Simple Update] NUS Downloader
* [Simple Update] DOP-Mii v13

* Wii gets updated to your desired version
* System menu IOS installed with patches

Dangerous level
Medium, read everything twice before starting!


Full Update

The complete Update will update everything (including IOSs and Channels). If you only want to update your system menu, follow the Simple update at the Bottom.

Computer ----------------------

1. Get the NUS Auto Downloader. This program will help you to get the Needed files which we will need to install.

2. Run the exe file. It will tell you something about free software, just wait for it to finish. When it asks for input, type I Agree and press enter

3. In the Main Menu, type W and press Enter. It will ask you if your Wii is still unmodded, so choose N as we just modded it.

4. On the next screen, enter your Current System Menu version and press Enter. Do the same for your Current region.

5. Now choose what new firmware version you'd like to have (either 4.3, 4.2 or 4.1). Version 4.3 is not recommended at the moment.

6. On the next page it will ask if you want to download channels. This is up to you (if you choose "Y", it'll ask for each channel individually)

7. When done with the channels, it will ask to download additional files, choose N.

8. When it asks to confirm if everything is correct, press Y (or N if it isn't correct).

9. On the next page, choose D for default.

10. On the final page, you will see the files that will be downloaded. Press Y to start the Download.

11. It will have created a new folder called "COPY_TO_SD". In this folder, you will find a WAD folder.
Copy this WAD folder to the root of the SD card (make sure to remove/rename your old WAD folder first!).

Wii ----------------------

12. Boot Wad manager (or your wad auto installer). If it asks for the IOS to use, choose IOS36. Now install all IOS/channel wads in the wad folder.
If you are Using YAWMM, you can hold + for 2 seconds to select all wads in the folder.
After you installed all those IOS and channel wads, press Home to return to the HBC.

Partial Update

The Simple update will just update your System menu to the version of your Choice (3.2, 4.1 or 4.2) and install the System menu IOS with Patches!

Computer ----------------------

1. Let's get started with NUS Downloader!
Run NUS Downloader (download it if you don't have it!). Enable pack->wad at the bottom.

Now use NUS Downloader to download your system menu version (choose the one for your region!) and the IOS it needs (use the table below).
Version IOS
3.2 30 v1040
60 v6174
70 v6687

Be sure to get the correct version!

2. If you downloaded the IOS and System menu, you will find 2 new folders in the NUS Downloader directory like usual (the names are different depending on what system menu version/region you downloaded. Look for a 0000000100000002vXXXX folder and a folder with the same version as the IOS you downloaded.)

Copy the wads in those 2 folders to the wad folder on the SD card.

Wii ----------------------

3. Start DOP-Mii via Homebrew Channel and press A to continue.

4. Choose the first option (IOS: 36) by pressing A. You will see another menu, where you also have to choose the first option (IOS, BC, MIOS).

5. After selecting your system menu IOS (the one you downloaded), press + to install it. Accept all patches (press A on everything).

6. Once done, go back to the previous menu with B. This time, choose System menu.

7. Use Left/Right to change the System menu version to the one you want to install. Then press + to install it.

That's it, enjoy your new System menu!