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USB Loader GX

 USB Loader GX is one of the available USB Loaders for the Wii. It features loads of customization possibilities, and can play games from USB, SD, and DVD.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<app version="1">
<name> USB Loader GX</name>
<coder>USB Loader GX Team</coder>
<!--   // remove this line to enable arguments
// remove this line to enable arguments -->
<short_description>Loads games from USB-devices</short_description>
<long_description>USB Loader GX is a libwiigui based USB iso loader with a wii-like GUI. You can install games to your HDDs and boot them with shorter loading times.
The interactive GUI is completely controllable with WiiMote, Classic Controller or GC Controller.
Features are automatic widescreen detection, coverdownload, parental control, theme support and many more.

Coding: Dimok, nIxx, giantpune, ardi, Hungyip84, DrayX7, Lustar, r-win, WiiShizzza
Artworks: cyrex, NeoRame
Validation: Cyan and many others
Issue management: Cyan / Dimok
WiiTDB / Hosting covers: Lustar
USBLoader sources: Waninkoko, Kwiirk, Hermes
cIOS maintenance: davebaol, xabby666, XFlak and Rodries
Languages files updates: Kinyo and translaters
Hosting themes: Deak Phreak

Libwiigui: Tantric
Libogc/Devkit: Shagkur and Wintermute
FreeTypeGX: Armin Tamzarian.

USB Loader GX Project Page and Support Site:
Help Website:
WiiTDB Site:
Themes Site:
Languages Translaters Page:

Libwiigui Website:
FreeTypeGX Project Page:
Gettext Official Page:

Official Support Topic:

When downloading USB Loader GX, you have several options:
  • You can download the DOL (USBLoaderGX_v3.0_IOS249.dol) and run it with the Homebrew Channel like any other app
  • You can download the WAD (USBLoaderGX_v3.0_IOS249.wad) and install it with a WAD manager. This gives you a channel in your Wii menu that you can use.
  • If you want a combination of both, download the DOL and place it on the correct spot ( SD:/apps/ ). Then download the forwarder WAD and install it with a WAD manager.