ForwardMii is a plugin for CustomizeMii that allows you to create forwarder channels.


  • CustomizeMii + knowledge on how to use it

  • Something to open a rar file

  • For complex forwarders: devkitPPC and newest LiboGC installed


  • None (Included with CustomizeMii)


1. Run CustomizeMii.exe

2. Go through the Source and Title tabs like normal.

3. On the options tab, things get a little different. Instead of clicking Browse to get a new boot.dol, click "Forwarder". You will get a small menu which asks you to choose between Simple and complex forwarder.

  • The simple forwarder will only ask you for a short file path. You only need to give the name of the folder to load from.

    • example: if you want the channel to forward to SD:\apps\vba_gx\boot.dol, you just type "vba_gx" and press OK.

    • it is also possible to let it forward to a boot.elf file

  • The complex forwarder allows you to create a forwarder with a little more options. To use this feature however, you MUST have devkitPPC and LiboGC installed (or the complex forwarders will not compile!)

    • This time, you can add your own paths of where to load from!

      • Entries must start with SD:/ or USB:/

      • They must also end with .dol or .elf (They can be any name, not just boot.dol/elf)

      • You can use the Optional Tabs to add up to 16 paths!

    • You can also add a loading screen for both 4:3 and 16:9, but this is optional

      • The loading screen shows right after you started the Channel.

4. Once you set all forwarder options, continue like normal.