Compiling the Source

SNEEK contains some copyrighted code and can not be shared. Therefor we will need to compile the Source ourselves.





Computer ----------------------

0. Install ALL the programs under "install" above to your c:/ directory. Also create a folder named "SNEEK" in c:/

1. Acquiring the IOS80-v6943 and IOS60-v6174 files using NUS Downloader and the key.bin file.

  • Use MakeKeyBin.exe to generate a key.bin:

  • Place the key.bin in the same directory as NUS Downloader.

2. Open NUS Downloader.

  • Make sure in NUSD you have the Decrypt box checked, (if it does not give you a decrypt box you do not have a proper key.bin or the key.bin is not in the proper directory with NUSD)

  • Now download the following files through the Database:

    • IOS -> IOS80 -> v6943

    • IOS -> IOS60 -> v6174

3. Two new folders will have been created in the NUSD folder:

  • 0000000100000050v6943

  • 000000010000003Cv6174

Open the first folder (0000000100000050v6943) and you will see a file.

Copy this file (NOT the 0000000e file without the .app extension) to c:/SNEEK.

Do the same for the file in the 000000010000003Cv6174 folder.

4. Opening the cmd prompt.

4a. Go to start --> Run --> Type: cmd and hit enter, this will bring up a command prompt. It should read:



If the path does not start with "c:/", type c: and hit enter.

5. Type this in the command prompt:

cd c:\

  • Hit enter, your command prompt should read:


6. Downloading SNEEK source.

  • Type in the command prompt and press enter:

svn checkout sneek


You can also Copy - Paste the above text in the command prompt (you will need to right-click -> paste, because ctrl + V doesn't work)

Let the process finish and you will have a copy of SNEEKv2 source located at c:/sneek!

NOTE: Step 7 below is OPTIONAL. People who do not wish to compile an armboot.bin can skip step 7 and go directly to step 8.

7. Compiling the ARMboot.bin file. (Optional)

  • Right-Click "Computer" and choose properties.

  • On Vista/7: Click "Advanced System Settings".

  • Click the Advanced Tab.

  • Click the "Environment Variables" Button at the bottom.

  • In the bottom scroll area, scroll down and highlight "Path", then click "Edit".

  • Go to the end of the variable value box and type:


Don't forget the ; sign!


DON'T overwrite what's currently there! Make sure you are typing BEHIND what's currently in the box by making sure the text is NOT selected!

The armboot.bin will now be found in the \sneek\mini-tree-mod folder after compiling sneek.

8. Grab the armboot.bin from here if you didn't perform the above step:

  • Place it in the x:/bootmii folder (where x:/ is your SD card)

9. Compiling SNEEK.

  • Type in the command prompt:

cd sneek

9b. Hit enter. Your command prompt should now read:


10. Type in the command prompt and hit enter:


Files you will need that are created in the c:\sneek folder:

boot2_sd.bin => SNEEK

boot2_di.bin => SNEEK+DI

boot2_usb.bin => UNEEK & UNEEK+DI

di.bin => SNEEK+DI & UNEEK+DI

Files created in the c:\sneek\sneek\mini-tree-mod folder (if you did step 7):

armboot.bin => ALL