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Multigame ISO Creator (GC)

We all know that gamecube games came on those small mini DVDs (the rumours that they spin backwards are false btw.). Its not unlogical that gamecube games were very small in comparison to Wii games. So, what if we could put multiple games on 1 disc?

* A computer (with .NET framework 2.0 installed)

* Multigame ISO Creator: Download

* Get many games on one single layered (DVD5) disc (even more on dual layer (DVD9))


Computer ----------------------

1. Download the Multigame ISO creator. Extract it and run it. If you want to use a Dual layer disc, change the DVD type from DVD5 to DVD9.

2. Its really easy to create a multidisc with this. First browse for you GC games (both ISO and GCM are supported) with Add game. To get even more games on the disc, you can Shrink them.
You can basically change everything now. The order of the games is the same order the backup launcher will show them. Same thing for the names.
3. If you have any multidisc games such as Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes or Resident Evil, you will want to double check the title of each ISO in Multigame ISO Creator to be sure they are different, ie..Metal Gear Solid: TS Disc 1 and Metal Gear Solid: TS Disc 2. Rename them if necessary.

4. If you added all your games, change the region in the top-right to the region of your Wii. The click Create Multigame ISO.

5. All you have to do now is to burn the new ISO!  You can play it with any Disc Backup loader (Such as Neogamma or the disc loading feature in USB Loader GX). You can also use WiiGator's "Gamecube Backup Launcher 0.2". To enable switching discs you simply need to highlight disc 2 of the intended game and press the Z button. Then highlight disc one and start the game. When it comes time to switch discs simply eject and reinsert the disc.