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Updating your softmod

Many people seem to have questions on how to update your softmod. It's usually something like: "I used <insert guide here> from <insert site here>, but now I want to update it to the newest version. Is there a way to get rid of my old softmod and start fresh?".

The big mistake those people make there lies in the last part: Is there a way to get rid of my old softmod and start fresh? If we must honestly answer this question, you'd have to say: "Yes there is", but we still don't recommend it for 2 reasons:
  • It's a very dangerous process and it can brick your wii.
  • More importantly: It's NOT NEEDED at all! Why would you waste your time doing all that stuff if you don't need to?
So, whenever you want to re-softmod your wii, or "update" it, all you actually need to do is to follow the normal steps again. Nothing has to be changed in the guide, no steps have to be added or removed. Anything you do while following the guide again will simply overwrite all your old stuff.