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Installing DARKCORP is currently not recommended due to brick potential.
We highly recommend to use USB loaders (or even Disc based loaders) instead.

DARKCORP (previously known as cIOSCORP) is an application that allows you to play backups from the disc channel, without a modchip. Note that the games will still run at 3x speed instead of 6x (originals).

The theory behind DARKCORP is quite simple: If you want to run a backup, you need a cIOS to do so. So basically, all what DARKCORP does is to replace most of your IOS by cIOS. So, whatever cIOS the game needs, it will always be there!

The steps below are dangerous to do and can permanently brick your Wii. Be sure that you fully understand what you are doing!



  • An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32).
  • A cIOS Installed

We cannot provide you with direct links to the needed files for DARKCORP v1.1 Full (aka. cIOSCORP 4.0) as the pack contains illegal files.
You can mail the auto-responding bot at to get the download links for the full version.

Here's the link to the DARKCORP v1.0 Lite (no wads or extras, but legal):

IOS56 and IOS58 are only available in the Full version (not the Lite version).

Extras (only available in the Full version):
cmios (WiiGator)= mios v4 with WiiGator's GC Backup Launcher 0.2 embedded into it.
cmios (Waninkoko)= Waninkoko's cmios rev5, but uses mios v4 as a base, instead of mios v5.
DVDX Fix = 2 DVDX wads (titles DVDX and DISC) that run under cIOS249 in case DVDX stops working afterwards.

  • You can run backups from the disc channel.

Danger level
  • HIGH - Brick protection required


Computer ----------------------

1. Not much to do here... just extract the DARKCORP things to make em usable by the HBC.

Wii ----------------------

2. Go to the Homebrew channel and run the DARKCORP installer. Once its done, it will return to the HBC...

3. If you want, you can run the other two included installers too. These will give you GC Backup launching (from disc channel) and DVDx (if you don't have it yet).