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Advanced, need or not?

People seem to get confused when they see this guide and ask themselves: "Do I really need to do all of this???".

Well, some apps are happy with just the Homebrew Channel or any other Homebrew Launching method (like bannerbomb).
Other apps, like backup loaders, will need a little more than just that and require you to do the Advanced steps as well.

Here is a short list of apps that do and do not need the advanced steps.

Apps that DO need the Advanced steps
  • cIOS Installers (which are in turn needed by backup loaders and DARKCORP)
  • WAD managers (For installing custom content like homebrew channels.)
  • Some parts of DOP-Mii
  • AnyTitle Deleter

Apps that DO NOT need the Advanced steps
  • Emulators
  • Homebrew Browser
  • Most (if not all) homebrew Games
  • BootMii
  • MPlayer_CE, WiiMC (or any video/music player)
  • Wad Managers (Installing official content)
  • Gecko OS
  • SignCheck/SysCheck
  • ...