Revirginize/Clean Update

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use this guide unless you want to get rid of all your hacks FOREVER. If you want to re-hack it, just follow a Hacking guide WITHOUT revirginizing first!

This section will tell you how to get rid of all homebrew on your wii console, including cIOSCORP, Preloader, StartPatch, Bootmii and optionally the Homebrew channel.


* An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32).

* The latest HBC Installed

* A patched IOS36.


* NandClean

* Hackmii installer


* This removes all hacks from your wii. It will become factory new.

Dangerous level

HIGH, brick protection highly recommended!

Are you very sure you want to do this?

Almost there :D


Make sure you have the latest HBC installed! (Install it with the latest Hackmii installer if you don't have it).

You will also need a patched IOS36 (see the Trucha bug & Stubs page)

Computer ---------------------- 1. Downloading...

  • Download NANDclean and set it up for the homebrew channel (In the correct folders and renamed to boot.dol !)

Wii ----------------------2. (Optionally) Go to the Wii data management. Delete all custom channels you install as well as their save files.

3. Do a Full update to 4.3 using this page.

4. Ok, so we removed cIOSCORP and Pre/Priiloader by updating. Now lets remove the Pre/Priiloader Hacks (which will be left behind)!

  • Run NANDClean and accept to remove everything.

5. The last step. Everything in this step is NOT RECOMMENDED if you want to re-hack the Wii!

  • Run the Hackmii installer. If you have DVDx, uninstall it.

  • Go to the bootmii menu and uninstall BootMii

  • Finally you can uninstall the HBC as well.

Once you deleted the Homebrew Channel, there is nothing more you can do. Your Wii is completely Virginized !

If you want, you can format the Wii via the settings to get a completely factory-state Wii (This will erase your Shopping channel account, remove all installed titles (eg channels) and saves).