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Always hated the fact that you had to load your USB loader every time to run a game? Even if you never had cIOSCorp, you might still prefer to load your games directly from the Wii menu.
This is your lucky day, cause Loadstructor can do this for you by creating a channel for each game!

Supports: Originals | Backups || Wii | Gamecube || Disc | SD | USB || WBFS | FAT32 | NTFS

* An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32)
* The (common-)key.bin (use the makekeybin.exe under Downloads
* A cIOS installed
* NO USB Loader needed!

* Loadstructor:
* Wad manager 1.5:

* Create a channel for every game on your USB device


Computer ----------------------

1. Download Loadstructor, extract it and run loadstructor.exe
You'll get a screen like this:

3. You can do 2 things now:
  • Add ISO(s): To add ISO files from your PC
  • Add from WBFS: to add games from a WBFS partition
4. Now you have to configure the settings above. Note that all games in the list will get the same config, so be careful with that!
Some recommended settings:
  • Verbose output turned OFF. If you turn it ON, it will show status text when loading the game
  • Anti-002 fix turned ON. Games that don't need it will still work.
5. Once you're done, click RUN! and wait for it to finish

6. Copy the wads that are created in the wads folder to the wad folder on the SD card/USB device

Wii ----------------------

7. Run the Wad manager and install the channel wads.
Enjoy your games