Circle B Kitchen

1 750-ml bottle of dry red wine (3 cups)

1 ½ cups lemon-lime soda (like 7Up)

1 ½ cups orange juice, strained

1/4 cup sugar (optional)

16 lime slices (2 limes)

16 lemon slices (2 lemons)

8 orange slices (1 orange)

1 cup brandy

¼ cup Triple Sec or Cointreau

2 T grenadine

2 T fresh lemon juice

2 T fresh lime juice

Stir wine, soda, orange juice, 8 lime slices, 8 lemon slices, orange slices, brandy, sugar (optional), Cointreau or triple sec, grenadine, lemon juice and lime juice in large pitcher to combine. Let marinade overnight or at least 24 hours. Taste and add more sugar if you would like it sweeter (I don't use any sugar). Fill your glasses with ice cubes, pour in sangria and garnish with lime and lemon slices and serve.