Homemade Corn Tortillas

Circle B Kitchen

Note: I use a a heavy iron 8 inch Victoria tortilla press. It also comes in a 6 inch size, but I prefer the larger one. But don't try this with an aluminum press, it's just not heavy enough to correctly press the tortilla. I learned a while back that adding cornstarch to the mix will help make the tortillas more pliable, so for each cup of masa, I add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch.

Makes 12 tortillas

2 cups of masa (like Quaker or Maseca brands)

1 ½ to 2 cups of very warm water (not boiling)

2 teaspoons cornstarch

¼ tsp salt (optional)

In a large bowl combine the masa (and baking soda and salt if using) and 1 ½ cups of the warm water. Begin kneading the dough in the bowl with your hands. If it feels dry and does not form a moist ball, add a little more water. If it seems too wet, add more flour.

Knead the dough for a couple of minutes until it feels smooth and not sticky (this step is really important for creating a soft, pliable tortilla). Form into 12 balls about the size of a golf ball and cover to keep moist while you’re making the tortillas.

Place a piece of plastic wrap on the bottom of your press and place a dough ball on top of the plastic. Place another piece of plastic on top of that and close the press over the ball. Do not press too hard, but press down just hard enough to form a disc that’s 5 ½ to 6” in diameter.

Carefully remove the tortilla from the plastic (you’ll get better at this the more you do) and place on a very hot griddle.

Cook for 10 seconds and then flip it over and let sit for about 40 seconds. Flip the tortilla and let it cook another 30 seconds. (They say that a good tortilla will puff up at this point). I flip it one more time for a couple of seconds and then remove it to a towel-lined plate and cover with the other half of the towel.

Repeat this process with the rest of the tortillas, being sure to keep them covered as you make them. If you’re not going to be using them immediately, wrap them in foil and then reheat them in a toaster oven until warm.