Caramelized Salmon

Circle B Kitchen

Serves 4

4 salmon fillets, pin bones removed

1 tbsp. grapeseed oil

1 tbsp. butter

½ cup mirin

½ tsp. tarragon

½ tsp. black pepper

½ tsp. Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen

3 tbsp. tamari soy sauce

Note: The recipe calls for leaving the skin on the salmon, which I like to do, but skinless salmon works fine here.

Note 2: If you make this for fewer than 4, do not reduce the amount of sauce.

Place skillet over medium heat. Add the grapeseed oil and butter to skillet and heat. Add salmon fillets to skillet, skin side up, and sear for 2½ to 3 minutes on each side.

Pour mirin over salmon, turn heat up to medium high and cook until sticky bubbles form, 3-5 minutes.

Remove the salmon from the pan and keep warm.

Lower heat to medium and add tarragon, pepper and fennel pollen. Add tamari and reduce sauce a little further, another 5 minutes until it’s beginning to thicken.

Return the salmon to the pan (skin side up) and cook until the fillets are cooked through and the sauce is nicely thickened.

Spoon sauce over fish and serve.