What does the Venus and Saturn Conjunction Signify?

Venus spells everything harmonious and creative. It rules the world of love, relationship, marriage, art, and music. In the case of females, Venus reveals all about the sensual pleasure and creature comforts, whereas it symbolizes wife or any woman that arrives at his life, at any point.

Saturn sets the boundary for all our actions, thoughts, and words. It strictly upholds order and discipline and represents everything cold to touch. It creates and works on our deep-rooted anxiety and fears, brings us out of it, finally gives us a taste of reality. Saturn is the natural lord of Capricorn, the tenth house. Hence, he deals with all the karmic patterns we are born and dealing with. He represents any old, mature person and uncle. The Venus and Saturn conjunction signifies a lot beyond our ability to think. So, when Venus & Saturn come together in a house, it means conjunction has formed between the two.

People born under this conjunction have their feet firmly planted on the ground, too practical to get carried away by romantic impulses. They are at their jittery, nervous best while stepping into any relationship. If they are once bitten, they are twice shy, which happens when they are embittered in love. Many wise people out there advise people not to seek love to find emotional fulfillment. They are talking out of the experience, and it is no figment of their imagination. Saturn wants to bring us head on to the truth about relationships.

Any relationship cannot have a very long shelf life as nothing in this world is permanent. People who come into our lives do not stay forever. Even parents’ part with us when it is time to leave this world. So, what ultimately matters is the primordial connection that we share with the godhead from crores of lifetimes that we have passed by.

If Saturn and Venus are conjunct in the 3rd or 11th house belonging to a malefic sign, it can spell trouble in a relationship, either with a special friend or someone in your network. If Saturn Venus conjoins and Saturn aspects your 7th house or lord, it can indicate excessive delays in marriage. An exception to this rule is the retrograde Saturn or vargottama Saturn. If you have this conjunction, then marriage above 28 is recommended. This is when Saturn transits over your natal Saturn for the first time. Saturn and Venus combination in Libra or Taurus sign for a Capricorn ascendant shows that the native has a creative side.

Let us consider the example of Saturn positioned in the lowest degree and Venus in the highest degree and conjunction. Natives with this planetary confluence have a very realistic view of life, and they would not consider marrying again after having failed in a relationship earlier. They find themselves more comfortable in creative pursuits rather than facing the uncertainties of a relationship. So, when Venus is in the lowest degree, and Saturn is in the highest degree, the natives would be highly creative and lap up any opportunity to fall in love again. Despite facing a severe disappointment of love in the recent past, they would love to sort out their problems using their storehouse of creativity. This situation can show changes if they influence other planets on them. So, it is unnecessary that the Venus Saturn conjunction almost exactly works as explained above.

What are the other implications of having a Saturn Venus conjunction?

Aside from the above predictions, Saturn aspect on Venus shows that the native may be in a mature relationship with an older person and may marry very late in life. The relationship can lack love or warmth that is so much needed for a relationship to thrive. There are several implications of having a Saturn Venus conjunction.

The conjunction of Venus, the natural lord of 2nd and 7th, with the 10th and 11th lord Saturn is a very karmic combination, and to achieve success in life, the natives with this conjunction must strive and struggle. Although Venus and Saturn are in a natural friendship, they still play a peculiar role in the relationship area of our lives. Saturn is slow and sluggish. Anything associated with Saturn goes slow. Venus indicates marriage, and in association with Saturn, the marriage is delayed.

Venus & Saturn conjunction in the Lagna can make the native lethargic and sluggish. This combination makes the natives lose interest in the pleasures of the bed. Creature comforts and enjoyments of the worldly kind will all be experienced later, after 50 years. This combination intrigues people from lower castes or older persons. Saturn does not disturb the enjoyments due to the presence of Venus in a janam kundli. He only takes away the freedom that Venus provides. This conjunction grants the natives all luxuries but not the freedom to enjoy them. Happiness is assured because of intense hard work.

If Venus and Saturn conjunction has occurred in the fourth house, the native would love old collectibles, including old cars, old furniture, and antique pieces and artifacts. Venus and Saturn combined in the 5th house can make a person miserly and cause late conception. Venus & Saturn conjunction in the 6th house is a confusing combination. Earning does not commensurate with the efforts that you put in. Monetary Loss due to females, gambling, dancers is expected. Misery follows you at every step throughout your life. Venus & Saturn conjoining in the 8th house will bestow longevity to the spouse.