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J. Randy Taraborrelli

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Is Prince ego tripping?

No, I don’t think so. It’s just that when I was putting those two [Prince and For You] albums together, I didn’t have a band. The ideal situation would have been to have a band back me but I didn’t have one so I did it all myself. I’ve got one now, and they are really hot! In fact, we’ve been out on the road and it’s been a great experience for all of us. If everything goes all right then I may use them on my next album.

It’s been great in a lot of ways, but I just don’t know if this is what I want to do. Sometimes I think it is... other times I don’t.

One thing, however, is pretty certain and that’s the fact that Prince does not want to be a so-called “teen-idol.” In fact, he goes as far as to say that ... if it ever gets to the point where I can’t concentrate on my music because I’m always dodging crowds, then I’ll quit. Prince doesn’t listen to much music outside of his own recordings.

Because if I listen to other people’s stuff I think of how I would have done it differently. I begin changing the whole song around in my head and that’s really not fair. Whoever recorded the tune probably worked very hard on it. So rather than be critical, I just don’t listen to anyone except myself. When I feel like I want to hear music, I rehearse.

I live for my music, for the time being. But there’s no telling what I might do if I get bored with it. Maybe I’ll go into art. Who knows. Or I might do just anything. Whatever I do is gonna be good. It’ll be the best I have to give... whether it’s in music or something else. I always do the ultimate to make sure that I always come across positively. All the time...