The Truth is out there

The Artist/Prince/symbol thingie talks about his name, his new album, and what he calls ‘The Truth’

Pip Harry

After his much publicised almost decade-long battle with Warner Music, the-artist sometimes known as Prince recently released his first CD with a major label in three years, Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, trough an arrangement with Arista Records. To promote it, he granted a rare interview, talking candidly about his name, his strong faith in the Bible, and what he calls “The Truth”.

You seem like you’ve become a very religious man.

This is not about religion. I am not religious. This Is about The Truth. Most people just don’t get a chance to hear The Truth. And most people don’t know it when they hear it. The Bible tells The Truth. I started to read the Bible when I ran out of answers. When you know The Truth, people can’t lie to you anymore, They can’t steal from you. All I have is this (he points to his new CD). If l give this up, what’s left? This is all I have. This is my Soul; my identity. If I don’t own the thing I created, if I can’t do what I want with it, then I’m lost.

What does your name mean to you?

When I was little, they (his parents) told me. “You’re a prince. Your name is Prince. That’s your name.” I had a teacher who refused to call me that, because it’s like they’re saying I’m King or something. He was like, “We’re not going to call you that.” He just wouldn’t say it. One teacher once tried to tell me. “You know, that’s not your name. That’s just made up!” Of course it’s made up – my mother and father made it up for me!

So. that’s where it all started?

Yeah. man. My sister named her son President! She named her other son Sir.

Why did you divorce your wife, Mayte?

Husband and wife. The contract Phew! That’s a big one! Mayte and I dissolved our marriage contract. Too many weird things are said in there. Meanwhile, so many people are in prison. Their minds are in prison; their bodies are in prison. Everybody’s getting divorced. The divorce rate is sky high! I think it has all to do with that contract.

You haven’t done interviews like this in a long time. Do you enjoy it?

This is better than gigging, because I get a chance to see light come up. We all know it, but we just don’t have anybody to share it with.

Where will you be playing on New Year’s Eve?

I did tell one guy I spoke with I was playing a bar mitzvah (laughs). I think he actually believed me!