But first, check out his words 4 U

Rachel May and Mary Beth Collver

Prince rolls into Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena at 8 tonight to kick off his cross-country jaunt. Tickets at the JLA box office at 600 Civic Center Drive, Detroit for $40-$100 or call 313-983-6606.

As a prelude, the usually reclusive star deigned to answer a few questions in writing (using his distinctive punctuation and contractions) from Free Press staffers Rachel May and Mary Beth Collver.

Q: For those who haven’t heard it, what’s the vibe of the new album?

A: All eye wanna say it that it is a mirror. What U R is what U C looking in 2 it.

Q: Is it correct that this tour’s shows will be comprised largely of your newest material?

A: Just the opposite. This tour is a celebration of my life’s work. Currently we have 2 entirely different shows and we’re working on a 3rd. The goal is to interchange them at will and always keep the fans guessing.

Q: Why start this tour in Detroit?

A: Eye have many fond memories of Detroit from my days with Mojo (trendsetting ’80s disc jockey Charles Johnson). He was revolutionary in his approach 2 radio. He had no rulebook other than 2 raise the consciousness of the listener. Those days R sorely missed. National playlists dominate now. U can drive cross country and only hear the same 20 songs all trip-long. What a double-drag.

Q: How do Detroit fans stack up against other cities?

A: U know how they do! They like their funky funky and their jelly with plenty of jam. Eye can do a guitar solo 4 2 days and nobody would complain in Detroit.

Q: How has your fan base changed over the years?

A: People r now bringing their younger brothers and sisters 2 my concerts so that they can feel the rain. All the reason 2 lighten up on certain aspects of the show.... Sexual antics onstage were always a very small part of my performances. Eye am a musician 1st and 4 most.