Prince’s powerful prose way 2 cool 4 U

Nick Carter

In the beginning he was a poor Midwestern boy who sang like a prince. Eventually, he was declared pop’s Prince. But ire soon arose with his court and kingdom: The Prince was overthrown, tossed into exile. He exchanged his name for an unpronounceable glyph. But the glyph returned to reclaim his title. He’s a Prince again. After a show at the Milwaukee Auditorium in November, this post-exile Prince returns to commence Summerfest 2001 as tonight’s headliner at the Marcus Amphitheater. Though Minneapolis punk-funk Is well more than a decade behind us, there’s still only one Prince. So when one of the biggest pop stars of the last 25 years offers to hold court, we’re humble enough to play the role of royal subject—even though he demanded the Q&A be conducted via e-mail. Judging from his response to questions from Journal Sentinel reporter Nick Carter, It’s clear that Prince remains Prince, with his unique sense of spelling and rhetoric intact. Still we would have preferred it if the interview had occurred face 2 face.

Q. Why do you prefer e-mail interviews over face-to- face interviews?

A. Because men R put off by my beauty and women R overwhelmed by it.

Q. The longer you go Into your career, it seems the more you like to share stage and studio time with other artists. Why’s that?

A. Eye am at a very relaxed state of mind right now. Eye have nothing 2 prove anymore. All future events have already been set in motion.

Q. What, if any, memories do you have of Milwaukee white growing up a few hundred miles away?

A. I once saw a group called LTD (a 10·man funk and R&B group from the late ’70s that featured Jeffrey Osborne) in Milwaukee at an outdoor festival, along with the Commodores. Someone turned off LTD’s bass guitar channel because they were smoking the other bands 2 hard.

Q. During your last show In Milwaukee in November, that same night N’Sync was playing next door (at the Bradley Center), as was George Clinton and the Time (at the Arena). It seemed natural for you to praise Clinton and the Time from onstage, and later go over and Jam with them. But did you really mean it when you said: “I’ll even give It up for ’N Sync, they’re bringing the funk, too"?

A. Sure! As long as their mikes were on. No lip Sync-ing allowed!

Q. How can someone who’s 43 look unchanged from his 20s and be so spry and energetic onstage?

A . Eye do not count time. It is a mind construct brought on during the fall of man. Adam lived 2 b 900-plus. Would u count birthdays if u were 538? Doubtful.

Prince performs at 7.30 p.m. today at Summerfest’s Marcus Amphitheater. Lawn seats are $ 16.25 at the amphitheater box office and through Ticketmaster, (414) 276-4545.