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TheArtist: the artist is here...where r u?
TheArtist: prince is dead
OnlineHost: Welcome O(+>!
OnlineHost: We are so happy to “see” you :D
TheArtist: thank u all
OnlineHost: Well, we are a little behind, so let’s get started....
OnlineHost: OK?
TheArtist: ok
OnlineHost: Your first question of the evening:

Question: Love4OneAnother Charities....How does it fit in your plan? Who does it involve?
TheArtist: hopefully every1 online...
TheArtist: the idea is 2 make it..
TheArtist: a webwide effort

Question: Where are you planning to perform next?
TheArtist: jones york
TheArtist: is the next gig

OnlineHost: Who are you listening to now for inspiration in your music?
TheArtist: my wife
TheArtist: ...
TheArtist: and the friends online
TheArtist: webheads inspire greatly

Question: What is the Truth? What is CB Set?

TheArtist: crystall ball was inspired by the sites that dig r music
TheArtist: the truth will be given away free 2 the friends who..
TheArtist: donate database 2 the love4oneanother site

Question: Are you planning a party for 1999?
TheArtist: of course...
TheArtist: foo fighters r going

Question: Whats next for the man of 1,000+ sounds ?

TheArtist: now that i am free...i let the wind blow me

Question: are you coming out with any love songs

TheArtist: there is a song on the truth album...
TheArtist: entitled- comeback...
TheArtist: which was written 4 a lost friend

Question: How do you feel about copyright infringement and musicans sampling your music? How are you different?

TheArtist: it was cool at 1st but now it has gotten out of hand...
TheArtist: i have never seen so many bad musicians in my life

Question: If you could change one thing about the music business what would you change?

TheArtist: 2 many things wrong,,i could not settle 4 one

Question: Why are you doing this?

TheArtist: love4oneanother

Question: How did you first get into music?

TheArtist: head1st

Question: Do you really eat Capt. Crunch cereal?

TheArtist: yes

Question: What’s your musical goal?

TheArtist: i want 2 one write the grand progression...
TheArtist: the perfect song that makes me never want 2 sing again

Question: What’s your opinion on scalpers?

TheArtist: get a real job!

Question: Do you still keep in touch with any members of The Revolution?

TheArtist: not really no..i wish ...sometimes they call...usually when they want 2 confirm a rumor
TheArtist: oops

Question: What’s different about your music now vs when you were with Warner?

TheArtist: listen 2 crystal ball and the truth u will hear what freedom sounds like..
TheArtist: there is a track called baconskin that thumps 4 fifteen minutes..SICK

Question: What material are you planning to perform on your current tour?

TheArtist: this tour is very interesting inasmuch as it will constantly b changing...
TheArtist: lenny kravitz..
TheArtist: will
TheArtist: b
TheArtist: joining some of the ..
TheArtist: concerts..
TheArtist: as
TheArtist: well
TheArtist: as
TheArtist: carlos santana
TheArtist: this will affect r playlist
TheArtist: we play many songs..
TheArtist: that i have not..
TheArtist: played in years..
TheArtist: like when doves cry

Question: If you had the chance to play with any artist who is no longer with us, whom would you choose?

TheArtist: probably jimi

Question: will The Artist Formerly known as Prince ever make another movie??

TheArtist: secret

Question: O(+> are you going to put together another group someday?

TheArtist: i love the band i have now
TheArtist: they stomp much booty

Question: You seem to write songs extremely well. Do you write your songs at the spur of the moment or do you wait untill you start on a new project or album?

TheArtist: i write and record constantly...
TheArtist: there r many songs that were never bootlegged that will come out soon

Question: first of all you are fabulous!!!!!second i have a copy of purple rain on purple this a rare copy or were there alot of them printed?

TheArtist: it is very rare...during the time when my comrades and i got along

Question: My wife an I think that you are a great musician and we were really psyched to see you get a lifetime achievement award. We’ve noticed that your music is taking a turn to being a little more rebellious and shocking, what has caused you to go in this dire

OnlineHost: I think that mean direction
TheArtist: this “dire” direction with my music...
TheArtist: is in response 2 the ever pressing..
TheArtist: fact that most musicians especially of tha darker persuasion...
TheArtist: usually leave this business with nada..
TheArtist: BROKE
TheArtist: such a shame

Question: What all instruments can you play?

TheArtist: i can play any instamint..
TheArtist: only 27 good

Question: your song. “ 319 “ Where did you come up with the idea?

TheArtist: elizabeth berkley

Question: What is 1800NewFunk?

TheArtist: call and find out.....
TheArtist: i believe when it is organized..
TheArtist: it will become the future of distribution...
TheArtist: at least as far as my music..
TheArtist: is concerned
TheArtist: i am hungry

Question: Do you really ride a motorcycle? And if so, what kind?

TheArtist: i do not ride anymore....
TheArtist: cuz i get followed..
TheArtist: and not every intention is welcome
LIVEONAOL: He’s hungry! ;)

Question: What some advice you can give to an up coming artist. ?

TheArtist: 1st of all,don’t eat anything that has parents...
TheArtist: bcuz u will inherit their dreams...
TheArtist: and second and 4most give praise un2 your creator...
TheArtist: bcuz soon only the truth will remain

Question: Sir, did the Beatles influence directly any of your music, they seem to peek their heads out every once and a while with your older music. —Angie in Indy

TheArtist: i cannot lie...
TheArtist: when u were mine was written..
TheArtist: in a hotel room in birmingham...
TheArtist: after listenin 2 john sing

Question: Could you see yourself going in a more jazzier forum of music in the near future, not madhouse type, but a purer miles type inprove jazz.

TheArtist: i am working on a free 4m record with jacob armen...
TheArtist: the most frightening drummer i have ever heard

Question: Your videos have a stylish look. Do you use specific directors and cinematographers to acheive this look?

TheArtist: i hate videos....they r 4 kids

Question: How does one order tshirts if you don’t go to a concert of yours?

TheArtist: 1800newfunk

Question: Hey I live a stones throw away from Paisley. How do you like the rain?? Do you think you show more of your outstanding guitar on any of your future records??

TheArtist: i am growing my own food now..
TheArtist: so i love the rain..
TheArtist: i understand better now
TheArtist: 4444
TheArtist: oops

Question: what do u want to acomplish most in life ?

TheArtist: i can only pray that i am doing my God’s will at this stage...
TheArtist: i worked very hard 4 what i have so i feel deserving..
TheArtist: of things accomplished..
TheArtist: but when it is all said and must please God 1st and last

Question: When does the tour officially start?
TheArtist: yesterday
TheArtist: it pounded
TheArtist: u should have been there

Question: we have read that david bowie admires your work, have u or would u work with him?
TheArtist: i would love 2 work with almost anyone who is + and owns their masters

Question: How old were you when you wrote your first song?
TheArtist: my 1st song was written at 7 and it was called FunkMachine
TheArtist: these r cool ?’s

Question: What inspired your storyline in your film “Under the Cherry Moon” ? My wife and I consider it our favorite.
TheArtist: that film went thru many drafts..much was lost in the shuffle
TheArtist: ..but i must admit..
TheArtist: there r some very funny scenes..
TheArtist: it was inspired by the comedies..
TheArtist: of the 4ties

Question: What inspired the release of a 3 song CD set “Emancipation”
TheArtist: the breaking of the chains....clik,click

Question: You are so intense now were you like that when you were younger?...Did you always know what you wanted to do?
TheArtist: i was as intense...yes i used 2 play act my whole future..
TheArtist: i willed this whole trip...
TheArtist: ppl do not want 2 wake up 2 the universe that way..
TheArtist: but i did
TheArtist: so what..big deal..
TheArtist: want something then wish 4 it

Question: What was your inspiration for the song Forever In My Life?
TheArtist: susannah
TheArtist: she knows

Question: planning on ever releasing a live cd
TheArtist: yes...lenny and george and i talk abiut that all the time
TheArtist: about

Question: You seem ageless...does your music keep you young?
TheArtist: yes...but most of all...
TheArtist: trusting the present...”the present”...the gift
TheArtist: yes

Question: Do you have an official website?
TheArtist: the $

Question: Do you ever hang out in an IRC chat room on your website?

TheArtist: no

Question: Are you interested in doing any duets, & if any, who?

TheArtist: i want 2 sing with any1 at the Ali concert in october

Question: You were one of the first artists to make a fashion statement. Who are your designers?

TheArtist: myself and a strange and gifted woman named-debbie mcguan

Question: What is the best gift a fan has ever given you? What is the best gift a fan can give you?

TheArtist: 1st of all 2 not b a is short 4 fanatic
TheArtist: is all we need...
TheArtist: sounds cliche but it makes me feel good

Question: Do you choose the people you perform on stage with and how are they chosen?

TheArtist: oddly enuff they come 2 me thru other musicians
TheArtist: some i steal
TheArtist: hee hee

Question: what is your preconcert preparation like

TheArtist: laughing...lots of that and then prayer

Question: Tell us somethingabout you that we would not expect

TheArtist: i hate massages..
TheArtist: despise them Question: do you worry about negative influence on young people?
TheArtist: yes....
TheArtist: i do not regret anything i have done
TheArtist: but
TheArtist: the industry seems 2 only promote the absurd
TheArtist: nowadays

Question: any accoustic songs in the future?

TheArtist: the truth album is almost completely acoustic

Question: Have you written any music for other artists lately?:

TheArtist: questionj
TheArtist: uh oh

Question: So, O(+>, are you still hungry?

TheArtist: come c me on a dog in heat, i will not disappoint
TheArtist: !
TheArtist: !
TheArtist: !

OnlineHost: We want to first of all, thank our special guest: O(+>
TheArtist: peace and b wild
OnlineHost: And we want to thank all of you in the audience for hanging in there and
OnlineHost: sending in all these
OnlineHost: great questions.
TheArtist: yes