On the eve of his first major-label release in 3 years, chats with Love4OneAnother 2 discuss RAVE and the future


L4OA: What track on ur new CD, Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, r u most excited 4 the masses 2 hear?

O(+>: The whole set!! Eye have lived with these jointz 4 some time now and it just feels like eye am simply turning my friends on 2 an artist eye respect.

L4OA: Maceo is far from losing his breath as heard on “Pretty Man.” What was that like 2 work with the legend?

O(+>: One of the highlights of my career! Not only is he the baddest sax player alive 2day, he is a true gentleman. Those r hard 2 come by in America.

L4OA: Which guest on Rave surprised u the most with what they brought 2 the table?

O(+>: Everybody dropped much flavor in2 my batter... altho EVE and her flow seemed 2 gel with my music from bar one. This was surprising because of how young and beautiful she is.

L4OA: With the obvious fun u had working with guests on Rave, do u 4c future projects in this same vein?

O(+>: Indeed. A musical?

L4OA: The vocal arrangement on “Man O War” is beautiful. How many layers of vocals r running throughout the track?

O(+>: 14 vocal tracks combined.

L4OA: Could u xplain the rationale behind ur decision 2 focus mostly on old “Prince” songs and old school covers in ur recent live per4mances, even though u have tons of new released material that no one has ever heard u play live (Emancipation, The Truth, etc.)?

O(+>: Concerts r 4 the people, altho eye tend 2 feature the songs eye am “feeling” at a particular time. Eye also feel the need 2 educate the newer kids who have never seen me b4. The next time we tour u will hear things eye thought eye could never play live: “IT” from Sign O the Times, “ADORE” and “ONE KISS AT A TIME.”

L4OA: So many songs on Rave beg 2 b showcased live. What song do u enjoy jamming live?

O(+>: BABY KNOWS is REALLY fun 2 play!!

L4OA: U said in a recent interview that, when recording Rave, u “thought about those who were going to listen to this album, about the audience. Which has not always been the case.” Does this mean that u have put experimental, challenging music aside 4 this particular recording? What specific albums did u have in mind when u said, “which has not always been the case"?

O(+>: This is definitely not an xperimental record. Much of what eye hear these days, usually thru Parke—my art director—sounds xperimental and minor-key. Eye have been feelin’ 4 the great days of music when u actually remembered and could sing along with a song. Eye wanted 2 make a very memorable album.

L4OA: Apart from the title song, is there any other song on Rave that u’ve actually kept unreleased 4 a while or are they all recent compositions?

O(+>: No, every song other than the title track is brand new.

L4OA: Most of ur recent hit singles have been ballads or mid-tempo songs... Is it a deliberate choice or just a reflection of 2day’s music market?

O(+>: Eye am in love... with love.

L4OA: What can ppl xpect on the Rave Special Edition released xlusively from 1-800-NEWFUNK?

O(+>: Surprise, surprise!!

L4OA: Any good word on the orphanage project in Spain?

O(+>: Yes, making progress... Mayte has had a few days with the kids already. They broke stuff and threw each other in the pool, but FUN was had by all.