? of the week - Answers

here r the results of the last year when we asked u 2 send in ?s. check it out, he may have already answered ur ?.

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U: I have read that U r a vegan. U seem to be in great physical shape. R U on a special diet and do U have a particular exercise regimen that keeps U fit? Have U always been vegan or was there a time or situation that made U turn away from meat? Was it hard to do at first?

O(+>: EYE have been a vegan 4 one year. It was not a hard transition becuz EYE despise the senseless destruction of life. Humans don’t need meat 2 survive. It is a myth.

U: There’s been a discussion going on around the ’net about what Starfish and Coffee means. Can u explain that song? Is it about a mentally challenged girl?

O(+>: Let’s say mentally alternative, or “gifted,” shall we?

U: If you could meet and hang with one historical person or leader, who would it be and why?

O(+> : Jesus, Y? 4 the Truth.

U: There are so many bootlegs of your music. Have U ever thought of opening the doors to your vault and allowing friends access to the individual songs they would like to purchase? (Along with an internet based Vault-Jukebox, this would allow people to sample and purchase what they dug at the time. It would be cool if we could pay for a copy of the tracks of our choosing.)

O(+>: Crystal Ball is just that—a trip thru the vault... there is a little bit of everything in this package. Try it, u’ll like it!

U: Who is Bob George?

O(+>: A well-known “journalist.”

U: On Lovesexy, on Alphabet Street, a woman’s voice can be heard in the background reciting the alphabet. But she skips the letter “G”. What’s up with that?

O(+>: She was being kissed at the time, and got flustered, EYE suppose.

U: I heard recently that after the Crystal Ball set & the Truth there will b no new releases until 1999? Is this true or will we still get 2 hear new music in 1998?!

O(+>: There will 4ever b new music!

U: You have mentioned in recent interviews a few books that you have read ( “Seat of the soul", Celestine Prophecy", & Diet for a new America"). Are there any more that you would recommend?

O(+>: The Bible.

U:What influenced the beautiful masterpiece “Dolphin"?

O(+>: At the time EYE felt oppressed by people who claimed 2 b charitible and proved just the opposite.

U: Is ’Another Lonely Christmas’ based on a true experience? It sounds as if u put your soul into that song.

O(+>: That song is a work of fiction.

U: Will u release a live concert video of the Jam of the Year shows?

O(+>: If the demand is there. Would u like one?

U: Do u plan on releasing a greater volume of material now that U r free? 1 or 2 albums a year is just not enough!

O(+>: EYE agree. Join the New Power Generation and live like us!a

U: In the liner notes for Emancipation u say that In this Bed I Scream is 4 Wendy, Lisa and Susannah. Would u explain why this song is for them? Have they responded 2 it?

O(+>: They r non-responsive individuals.

U: The Foo Fighters covered “Drive Me Wild” on their european single for “Everlong", and they covered “Purple Rain” in concert. Do u dig their music? Do u have any plans to work with them?

O(+>: EYE dig their volume! EYE am open 2 any + collaboration... but who would own the master?

U:Can we get to see Bootsy join u and Larry in a funky thump off?

O(+>: Larry and EYE thumpoff daily!

U: What is “Elephants & Flowers” about? Is there a Buddhist influence here?

O(+>: The gratitude we give 2 God 4 everything God gives 2 us.

U: How much has living in Minnesota influenced your music?

O(+>: Living here has actually allowed me the luxury of not being influenced overtly. EYE think one can hear many styles in my music. The cold promoted many a rehearsal, EYE suppose.

U: Is “the love we make” about a personal friend, or did u write it to instill hope in the millions of junkies out there? Is it true that part of it is about Jonathan Melvoin, Wendy and Susannah’s brother?

O(+>: EYE was speaking 2 the spirit of a friend lost 2 drugs.

U: With your charity Love 4 One Another, is this just supporting charities in the US or will it be also involved in things in Canada and Worldwide?? What is your overall vision 4 the charity??

O(+>: It is just beginning here in the U.S. but there r plans 2 make it effective worldwide. There is much in4mation about the charity’s vision of the future online at www.love4oneanother.com

U: Is there one song by another artist that you’ve always loved to jam on, but never recorded?

O(+>: Yes. Licking Stick by James Brown.

U: Who R the people (famous or not) U most respect?

O(+>: Martin Luther King

U: Do you follow any specific organized religion?

O(+>: No.

U: Who, what and where is God 2 u?

O(+>: God is Love.

U: What/who is an inspiration 2 U?

O(+>: Love.

U: What is the symbolism behind “3 Chains of Gold"?

O(+>: In Time all is revealed.

U: What albums (by any artist) would u recommend as “must-haves” for everyone?

O(+>: silly ? My latest 3-cd set, of course! ...Crystal Ball

U: Have u ever considered writing something completely separate from the music industry, such as poetry, short stories, or a novel?

O(+>: We r working on a book of poems and pictures at this time.

U: If u had the chance 2 interview any 1, who would it b and what would u ask them???

O(+>: Judas....Y

U: “Curious Child” and “Dreamin About U” remind me of Swiss harpist Andreas Vollenweider’s work. Has he inspired your work and would U consider a collaboration?

O(+>: Any + collaboration is welcome.

U:Did U make a cameo appearance in the beginning of the 1989 Batman movie?

O(+>: No.

U: How long does it take to complete a complex, layered song like Lovesexy from start to master tape? Do you typically focus on one song until it is completely finished...or work on it over days, weeks, years...?

O(+>: EYE usually try 2 finish a song b4 moving on 2 the next one.

U: What do you like to do for fun when not touring or making music?

O(+>: Think about it.

U: If U weren’t a musician, what would U B?

O(+>: Mayte.

U: Will u ever work with Wendy and Lisa again? Or Morris Day or Sheila E.?

O(+>: EYE jam with Sheila from time 2 time.

U: Will u ever release ALL of those songs that are available on bootlegs?

O(+>: Yes... then they can bootleg the bootlegs.

U: How do u decide when u record a song whether u will play the instruments or someone else?

O(+>: he funk decides, not  EYE.

U: When writing a song, what typically comes first: the words or the music?

O(+>: Usually the best songs all come at once. This is inspiration itself.

U: Will U continue 2 bring your music out through the internet?

O(+>: Yes, God willing.

U: Do u celebrate a traditional Christmas?

O(+>: Not any more. EYE urge everyone 2 seek out the true origin of this holiday... u will b surprised.

U: Do u or have u ever felt isolated from the world because of your success? How did u deal with it?

O(+>: U only know what u know.  EYE love my life.

U: In the creating of the interactive disc were you instrumental in the actual drawings or renderings? Will there be any other?

O(+>: EYE had virtually nothing 2 do with it.

U: What criteria would someone have 2 meet in order 2 teach in the school u plan 2 construct?

O(+>: The love of the truth.

U: Were purple and gold your colors in the eighties simply because they represented royalty or did they have a deeper meaning?

O(+>: Deeper. If EYE told u EYE would have 2 have u over 4 dinner. Literally.

U: Was Purple Rain originally planned 2 b released as a 2LP set? Why was the track Electric Intercourse suddenly deleted from the film and soundtrack?

O(+>: No, never... once The Beautiful Ones was completed, it was always the ballad of choice.

U: Define love.

O(+>: God

U: Will u tour Europe soon?

O(+>: Yes, in the spring/summer.

U: Will u ever play Anna Stesia in concert? We would love 2 see it!

O(+>: In 1999

U: R U planning another movie?

O(+>: Shhhh

U: If the method of distributing the crystal ball becomes a success, will you do it again? Is the Internet is a big part of the future of the music industry?

O(+>: It is already a success. Pre-ordering music eliminates the need 4 charts, radio, and critics.

U: I have read that the song Purple Rain was written around 1979. Is this true, if not when was it written and what inspired it? Can u explain what it means?

O(+>: This is yet another fiction-based melodrama.

U: How is your relationship with God different now than it was, let’s say in 1988.

O(+>: It is broader, and clearer.

U:Is there ever a common way that a new song comes to u the most? Like in dreams, or in rehearsal?

O(+>: No common way... nothing in my life is “common.”

U: Did U ever play the horns yourself on any of your recordings?

O(+>: Yes, but not often.

U: Was “Love or Money” written for or about anyone in particular?

O(+>: Written 4 the character of Mary Sharon.

U: Which instrument is the most fun for you to play?

O(+>: My wife.

U: Will U ever record a gospel album?

O(+>: EYE have. It is called Lovesexy.

U: Time capsules were buried beneath the NPG stores ... what exactly are in these capsules?

O(+>: Dig them.

U: I just wanted to know what is the Artist’s favorite song that he’s ever written for himself?

O(+>: That is like giving higher preference 2 one of your children. There is none.

U: What does the “horn” part of your name represent? Is the rest of it based on the ancient symbol for soapstone, or the union of man and woman, or something else entirely?

O(+>: Only God Knows.

U: How does it make u feel when strangers send u gifts?

O(+>: EYE don’t like gifts.

U: It’s obvious that Jimi Hendrix had an influence on your music and style. When I hear your guitar riffs they just blow me away. Have you ever considered doing any Hendrix cover songs and releasing them?

O(+>: Now that his family owns the rights 2 his music, EYE would love 2 record an album of his songs.

U: How do you feel when “friends” say they love you even though they don’t know you like they think they do? Is that uncomfortable?

O(+>: Real love is never uncomfortable.

U: How did you train your singing voice? Did your range just come natural?

O(+>: No training... it is unnatural 2 train what comes naturally.

U: Which Muppet is your favorite?

O(+>: The purple one, of course.

U: What’s your favorite food?

O(+>: Mayte

U: Who are some of your favorite guitarists? I heard u like Santana and Hendrix. Are there others?

O(+>: Larry Graham

U: How many points did you average on your high school basketball team? Do you still have a game?

O(+>: EYE do not respond 2 that illusion.

U: Don’t u find it funny that the first song released by W.B. is “For You” and the last song released by W.B. is “Had U"? Was it planned that way or just fate?

O(+>: Fate