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Hartley Melvin Sanborn high school English teacher since 2003.


I teach the high school writing and communications classes and direct the school plays. I taught seventh and eighth grade English for three years where I also sponsored middle school chess tournaments with other districts.

Current Courses

I teach the classes English 9, speech, daily writing, and journalistic writing.

Previous Courses

I have taught English 7, English 8, write right, creative writing, oral communications, advanced oral communications, and mass media.


Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg, Iowa

University of Northern Iowa, B.A. English/Language Arts Non-Teaching

University of Northern Iowa, Teaching Certificate

Morningside, Endorsement 5-12 Speech Communications/Theater


I grew up in Parkersburg, Iowa, where my parents still live.


My wife, Leka, teaches first grade in Spirit Lake, Iowa. We have two boys.


I enjoy yard work and being in a garden. I like to work with wood, making craft items and decorative pieces. I once upon a time played much golf; I'll someday get back into the swing of it. I like doing those things with my sons.


My time in the classroom is invested in helping young people grow. My goal is for them to be proficient in the communication process: to be critical thinkers, creators, and evaluators of the messages they send and receive.