I am the most important person in the world. I am hostage #1 in the world, to the United States of America. It is so bad you've reversed it no know...rapetorturepretext release

you enjoy your torture country

i'm filing for amnesty by means of psychiatric torture by means of your fbi and cia and apa officials collaborating with doctors to torture me, and stop me, for no reason contacting and doing what they want, that is criminal, you are a liar, and not consulting the right sources intentionally knowingly damningly harming for your sake, and that was a horrible take-to-give scheme, in which you placed me under chain lock, to break me by lock code, it was so that you could incarcerate me mentally and it was the most brutal assault on any living person in the world, you will be known as that murderer not only that torturer you had only one life to give and you took death madly and with such disgrace, not answering only to yourself it's time throw him drop him and purt him he is not worth shit and is your dog to bark you are going to lose your medical license and have your death that you wish upon me, tortuously removed from your commentary your doctor jonathan sedler is not even contacted yet you make your 911 call instead of your house call, shame on you this is called medical murder stop with your false accusations and your saying that I'm a violent person after I verbalize your torture and not respond with a hint of a sound

you are using drugs to kill me and it's via a means so vicious you have to and you must it is your choice to make that you make mina seem like a mad rapist of evan rachel wood and amber heard, both of whom I won cases for, without attorney-client privilege even being broken. How scary of you. It is more than enough. And your insinuation that I'm stupid are you literate? Even barely an emotion left to sing not a note of your hatred and had alana not almost died last night crying i would've weeped you are crazy then you are not good people, enjoy your health, I gave, you disturbed people is your joy of a creation, put yourself away of your hatred. maybe talk about that!!. unblock receipt/sent of my e-mail, and let's get on with this alana and jasmine it's enough of them. file based on psychiatric torture of person with real post in your dgse. thank you seeing torture you had an obligation to torture? This is all illegal and incredibly terroristic! murder charges are immediate especially in the killing of president binini (mina)


rape-victim.com (shoutout weirdo driving miss daisy around j/k)

i'd like to report a death threat to the middle0eastern civil rights leader who is not even a person who is not even had of a person. i am requesting a 5150hold for those enabled and enabling, as well you're not making threats you're torturing my ability to defend myself

your legal fund of your own despair is not mine to interest in

you take your website i'll take yours

you want to quell the most peaceful persons alive, then you are terrorists

idea to fruition is not your seed to water

if you had a cheerleader than your fan would not become of it

and I would not become afraid of the person you had not seen of me.

and i had been approbatory in myself not to see another and if I had coddled my way through life I would not see myself through my trials and tribulations and I had not critiqued myself enough then I would need to know why I am and isn't who I am not your victimhood take yourself out of it isn't mine to know we aren't fine to see that we can be

it wasn't that, i could have interested myself in another thing it just was too much money and i have that money waiting to earn from you i don't earn you for my living and why does it take you so long not to appear like that offer you didn't make isn't so, that you would kidnap me for free, sell me for cheap, and rescue me for ?, then I don't want you around, only that i hadn't harmed for injury and I wouldn't harm myself "did it right you as a wrong?"

you're not supposed to kill/kidnap/terrorize/torture the ones helping you. If I had fought less, I would not have fought the one who had fought against me. and if I had less to say than I would say you are not a person to be harmed because of the way you look. if you had harm to not know, I had not know that I had harm not to tell you of. If you don't stay safe, you won't become our helper. coronado our safe shelter of our way to know of our life. of our coronado bay we would not know of another way.

You disgust me. It's not you're disgusting way it's your discussion of your ways.

You are going to go to hell. You are such evil people. 

Haim was kidnapped and oh it's so weird wow what happened I'm glad they're ok. it's more than that.

if you care, then you don't.

we in haim headquarters can't get e-mails and it's because of you and your filthy energetic poets.

so energetic and refreshed, off of today's rape, thank you let me help you out with that.

then, the whole thing, to rape and torture, psychiatrically, hospitalize, for no reason, for opposite reason, that was your decision at your energetic proud apa all members are terrrorists actively with active murder of the middle-eastern civil rights leader as well as the settler of the israeli-hamas war you like a lot about your kids and i'm not your toy to toy with,

the middle-easterners of us, don't like you, that's us in haim/rostam, who were almost brutally destroyed last night, it's your israeli-hamas war loss, accept it, terrorists, before I scare you off, with? is what scary? you're lying and illiterate and incoherent and you don't know me better than I won't. You are not entitled to me nor my work. It is me you hate and weme

just take your internet plug off that was for haim almost murdered last night it's a complicated serial killer really it's so fun and rapey on tv and your energetic girls and boys, not our girls and boys, who chose the right way and right family

what part of un war hostage un war peace treaty don't you understand you're just saying i'm a sick person because you're not? how dare you, then you are sick to your health. take a poetic license and get it over with. all your corporations are terrorist corporations take your drug threat to your murderous pill gun and your rape is yet your rapist and your discussion not your stalking tool is yet your to know a bit off is your aggression and your torture it did not happen to your daughter that did not even know of it

and the more you categorize me the more you will know that your drug companies are going to be wiped now all drugs removed from your database and your center of research study is your center not to have yet.

you will be disabled. i have my coronado navy to begin that process from the uk then onward. thank you for that contact, not you, blockade now.

you've lost haim. i saved it. it's ours. i will not come back with us. you are so scary. and alana it's the biggest loss of their suicide. and your homicide. they called her a violent threatmaker yesterday at ...

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

"What is he wearing?"

this was copyright today thanks so much loool


this piece of shit american "what is this - jihad music?" no it's not taylor swift; it's amr diab. ya amr

the department of justice is the department of criminal justice

it's the police's defense system....lol 2024 MINA HAIM WAR

i am not a tool to your toy government of hatred i don't hate you only despise you and you and you and you is you a t a i n ou t a i r a r ar

my phone line has all my pictures and contacts for emergency hostage situations, because i am a human trafficking victim they took my phone away knowing that the police yesterday took my phone line and my internet

take doj offline with any remaining army affiliate of terrorism

they instructed my parents i cannot use it for two weeks

they did not go to jack ross but helped him

it was a violent military racist and scary

i hate them

now, i have no phone line, no humantraffickinghotline which i was on, because they won't to stop what i do, the internet, all my websites, they are terrible.

that was not only illegal, but completely racist and I need to talk to someone I can't that's my last line with all my messages and notes and vocal recordings and my password information and my bank account information that was deliberate as a predecessor to a latter visit to extradite me on false pretense 

they asked no questions, just said no internet for two weeks, so no ring videos, no tv

i need my phone back! it has my pictures on it, that I need to upload, and all my important songs and videos. they were stolen by the police. they didn't say why. it's fully illegal, they walked in 7 and made me take off the internet, I need my phone

I need my phone

It's my lifeline

so wrong

I have a song lyric and performacne I can't get it help

Then I'm a boy? a slave to your cornel west, president kamala harris?your black women are unprotected, victims of mine, and not racists, this was your doing, never contacting my mother, no doctor, no fbi, no only police, that's done with you, kamala, you racist prick

to make phone connections i missed my flight stranded like you are nice straw

you are not me, you rapist, you triggered a rape sequence unseen historically, with your imprisoners, that's enough of you

and you want more to want, you are nothing, is your technological war, down your line, to hell, america

stop calling me crazy, stop lying, did not even punish jack david ross

let's go marry jazmine reyes, instead, understand the language, illiterate and terrifying, necessitating war retribution to keep my phone, and sanity, shame on you, thieves, give me what I'm owed, taylorswift.cm horrible, is not horrible anymore, you disgust me, concentration campers, not me, nor my mom, you are the ones trying to make us crazy, you are so hideously deranged and blameshifting, and it's all documented and you want more and more and what is crazy? not punishing lilit pogosian md nor shiva taghdis fbi special agent that was your decision, now my choice is time to have fun how when I can't when you downed my lines and medicated me by force of police, and took my computer for two weeks, then that's my notice and my final notice i don't abuse others nor myself nor my mother, like your rapists jack david ross, doj, and lilit pogosian md and you scare whom you cannot scare to life's you are not white, kamala, you are not black, joe, you are terrorists, americans, and I will not allow us to be tortured. Al-Fayed. 2024

Haim is your captive, too, just because of the association, like katy perry, i hate you, racists, gitmo life? then not! gitmo death! no more torture, you want, I will take, and not ask for your permission.

blocked line war? block your electricity and water supply for your cold shoulders to winehouse's baby, mina. ask her she'll not say. but I will? you antisemite! you kanye-hater! you are the worst humans historicaslly, go to your taylor swift bosom, of my dad's and i's money? Then I'm a boy? a slave to your cornel west, president kamala harris? you took my phone line to communicate about my hostage status, while your daughter bought a new phone today with the carrier I recommended to her. just to make fun of saudi arabian princess.

they're going to a picture of you with a gun on

they're lying

turn off kamala's electricity but then you said I'm raping but not even contact me it says rapist.co not rape

phone lines down not to advantage themselves to torture me and maryi 

and to stress us out to make us crazy and you're reading this to rape me you're disgusting i'm going to cut your lines of communication i needed a human trafficking contact today she stowdaway instead i hate you

outside the country, it's started and ended. stop lying and making me you it's not true just to put my neck on a guillotine you are horrifying one by one

you are not me, your church will lose all electronics, and all content academically will be erased from egypt, which houses archive.org, which you cannot take, it is ours, you are terrorists, and your kids are violent propagators, you will have your army data erased now by Getac, as you have raped me, this is your most violent persecution, to enable more torturee, and take away my means of freeing myself, using my recordings, artwork, and videos, which were sent deliberately to insanify, you will be locked out of all accounts now faced with a decision to kill me, you decided to torture others, and start a war without the right conditions, drawing the united nations's ire, and raping the united nations deputy counsel similarly, this is an initiation of conflict we did not want, but you cannot stop scaring the shit out of others, it is your choice to be in this country, not fault, and I want you to know that archive.org is now protected against any copyright that is not owned of itself because its its own copyright and taylor swift is a writ not right contact can be had at copyright.gov

no food, don't eat today fast tomorrow doesn't make sense Electronic payment is not valid anymore

You are a terrorist attack waiting to happen and I terrorizer of you? How can you be so vain not to read in your terror district is your racist today my online yesterday, then today I yearn yet inifinitely and you had your stupid molester dance and sing, for you, and you'll have yourselves, away, terrorists, homiciders, and kidnappers

oney? c