Welcome to the Far South Networks Wiki. This site contains a collection of answers to the most common technical questions people ask about our SIP Gateway and IP PBX products.

The current and most complete technical reference material on the Wanderbox and Com.X platform is the Com.X Administrators Guide 1.5, available online at our documentation site.

Administrator Guides for older software releases, including rev 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, for the Wanderbox and Com.X platforms are available for download, along with some other historical guides at: http://www.farsouthnet.com/support/manuals/

If your system is running rev. 1.4 software, a comprehensive rev. 1.4 wiki is available here .

This Wiki is considered a “working document” where our technical staff will be actively including new content to answer your questions.

Please feel free to suggest new content by email to: info@farsouthnet.com