year in review

The money raised from our Events and Fundraisers, including donations from local businesses, combined with the BC PAC gaming grant, allows us to support our school, students, staff, and our community.

Where we directed the money:


Provided each of the 36 divisions with $200. This supports the teacher, who can use it for classroom supplies and activities.


Outfitted each of the 3 new portables with $2,000 in electronic equipment and supplies.


Provided the principal with discretionary money to support the school, as well as the Leadership program


Funded a Kindergarten Playdate.


Supported the needs of the library.


Purchased treats and coffee to welcome the families back on the first day of school.


Provided sports equipment for the school.


Provided lessons for the primary grades.


Provided funding for the ArtStarts Program.


In lieu of a lunch, the money was used to purchase gifts for the staff.


Provided each Grade 7 student with a yearbook.


Funded a socially distanced grade 7 farewell event. (scaled down to an outside ceremony due to the Covid-19 Pandemic)


Supported Sunnyside's music program.


Funded the purchase of fans to help cool down the classroom portables.


(Pre-paid for 2019-20 school year)

Supported the needs of the band.

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$2,332 PROFIT

$12,446 PROFIT

$ 13,100 gRANT

BC PAC Gaming Grant

The PAC applies for this grant each year. Funds must be allocated in specific ways.

$3,309 PROFIT

$2,301.36 PROFIT

$2,460 PROFIT

$1,230 donated to Sources Food Bank.

$ 604.33 PROFIT

$186.74 PROFIT

$ 1073.51 PROFIT


$125 profit

$ 125.65 PROFIT