Kiss and go

volunteers needed! Only 20 minutes of your time before school.

please contact us at


What it is:

  • An allocated area where drivers can drop off students.
  • Volunteers help keep children safe by promoting the flow in an orderly manner.


  • Regular volunteer: 8:20 - 8:40 AM
  • Lead volunteer: 8:15- 8:40 AM

Location: With all the construction changes happening at Sunnyside, there have also been changes to the drop off area. The new drop and go area is the entire upper parking lot. This is not a space to temporarily park. Your child must be able to unbuckle and exit the car independently. Students should exit the car from the passenger's side, due to passing traffic on the driver's side.


  • This is run entirely by volunteers, which means we need your help!
  • To lead the program or join the team, contact us today at: