Grade 7 


Celebrating a milestone! 

School organized leaving assembly is on June 19, 2024. Parents or guardians are to attend in 3 sittings, one per class. This will be followed after school by a celebration organized by the Grade 7 Committee with the help of Grade 7 parent/guardian volunteers. 

Event date:  Wednesday 19 June

Normal school start times - 8.30am first bell, 8.35am - classes start. Students meet in their classrooms for attendance and to go over the expectations for the day. 

Grade 7 leaving ceremonies (students walk the red carpet and receive their leaving certificates)

Parents, guardians and guests are welcome to attend this event. Gym doors will open 10 minutes prior to each start time to allow time for guests to be seated. Remember there is plenty of seating and each seat is a great seat! 

If arriving more than 10 minutes prior to the start time, you will be asked to wait outside the school.

Division 1 start time 09:00am

Division 2 start time 11:00am 

Division 3 start time 12:45pm 

Once all students in a division have received their certificates, there will be an opportunity to take photos in the gym.

1:30pm - 2:30pm All Grade 7 divisions in the gym - students and teachers only (sorry, no parents, guardians or guests during this time)

2:30pm - 4:15pm Students are invited to stay as the celebration continues. A DJ will keep the party going, and food will be provided. 

This event is for students but there is an opportunity to volunteer for this event if you wanted to attend check back here for a sign-up volunteer sheet. 

Please arrange to pick up your children at 4:15pm

grade 7 fundraising

The celebration would not be possible without volunteers to coordinate the 2023-2024 Grade 7 fundraising. The funds raised go towards a fund for year books and the leaving celebration. 

Help is still needed to set up and organize the celebration. Please consider getting involved, your child will create lifetime memories!

Thank you to all the families that purchase goods from our fundraising sales, we could not do it without you. Your support is truly appreciated by the Grade 7 Students, Committee and PAC. 

Committee Lead Nicole Miles Duguid

Volunteers to date include Jennifer Reid, Carmen Mann, Kelly Shuto, Shelly Lyons, Wayne McGill.

Neufeld Farms

Thank you to everyone that ordered!

February / March raised: $948

November raised $1597

Hot lunch 

The grade 7 parents have done 2 hot lunches one in December and one in February. Raising in total $1355.77

We have another hotlunch date booked April 26 2024, please sign up to volunteer to help

2022/23 raised: Neufeld farms $934, & $890

2023/24 raised: Neufeld farms $1597 & $948, hot lunches; $703.79, $651.98 

A huge thank you to our grade 7 sponsors