Traffic safety

Parents needed!

Getting a traffic light installed will take time. As parents, we can make a difference. We are asking for 3 parents to wear a safety vest, and walk on the sidewalks along the school from 8:15-8:30am. This can be done in shifts of 1 day per week or as many days as possible.

The intersections of greatest concern are at 159 St / Wills Brook Way, and 159 St / 28 Ave. Also, because drivers are still going too fast along 28th Ave, we are requesting that a third parent walk along 28th Ave, the safety vest acting as a visual deterrent. Please understand that we are not asking parents to confront drivers in any way.

Please practice and talk to your kids about traffic safety. We have witnessed parents dropping kids off in unsafe locations, and many students crossing mid street. Stay safe, Sunnyside!

Due to the number of students and vehicles at morning drop-off and after-school pick-up, we are requesting a flashing traffic/crosswalk light be installed at the intersection of 28th Ave and 159th Street. Your role:

Go to this City of Surrey page: and report this problem.

Text to use:

As a parent of a child at Sunnyside Elementary 2828 159 St, in South Surrey, I am requesting a flashing traffic/crosswalk light be installed at the corner of 28th Ave and 159 St. As the population has grown, the traffic on this street has increased, making it an unsafe crossing for the children of Sunnyside. We are a school of over 600 students, and are encouraged to walk. During peak times, the issue of children safely crossing is a concern among parents in the community, and we are asking the City of Surrey to immediately address this issue.