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Parent Advisory Council


Under normal circumstances, we would hold an AGM, with an election, in June. The face of education has changed dramatically due to Covid-19, and therefore we will be delaying the meeting until September. Several of our PAC executives will be leaving Sunnyside at the end of this school year, and their positions will need to be filled, otherwise we will not have a PAC.

The PAC is responsible for all events and fundraisers, including Hot Lunch, the Halloween Dance, Pancake Breakfast, spirit wear, Movie Night, the Fun Fair, the Teacher Appreciation Lunch, and more. It would be a shame to lose any of these special events.

Current events and fundraisers

SSWR Elementary Information Package - 2019.11.06-2.pdf

South Surrey catchment boundaries have been reestablished to prepare for 2 new elementary schools. For detailed information about the boundary results, please see the Boundary Consultation Update sent to all Sunnyside families. Families in the Montessori Choice program, as well as those residing in the new site 260 catchment will be affected by the boundary changes. Letters will be sent home to families who are affected by these changes.

Next pac meeting

Date: September 2020

Time: TBA

Location: Sunnyside Elementary


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