與印度教徒的對談 ~⚇

Buddha's Teaching and Hinduism


    第一日 ☼    要按照事實看問題

According to the Facts

    可敬的 Swami,
    Venerable Swami,


    The caste system, since, resulting in Hinduism,so, the question is in Hinduism.
    Not Buddhism, nor other religious issues.
    Other religions, but the victims of the caste system!

    The caste system, since the produce in the Vedas,
    Should review the Vedic thought, if there are deviations?
    And, should not deviate from the topic!

    Even if the Buddha in modern times, nor endorsed caste!
    So we can not say: "The same Hindu and Buddhist teachings."
    Not just: "some words, names" it is fundamentally different!


    The Buddha taught:
    "In accordance with the facts, look at the issue!"
    Not like the Vedanta idealism; can not, the responsibility, are pushed to Brahma or God!

    The Buddha taught:
    "Regardless, the heart, things, and people, as well as Brahma, or God, Not absolutely timeless!"
    All things, none of them can leave, karma retribution.

    "All, you can not leave the cause and effect, the Four Noble Truths."
    This is absolute only!

    Liberation from samsara, only, Nirvana one road;
    However, Nirvana, not fantasy, desiring, nor, sunyata, Brahma, God's grace!

    Only, their removal:
    Craving, hatred, ignorance, after practice "the Noble Eightfold Path";
    Only in this way will it be possible perfection, "Nirvana"!

    This is the teaching of the Buddhas, absolutely not, Vedanta divinity on the statement.
    Not just names, nor words different, nothing!

    May you are everything get well, Buddhas blessings be always with you.
    ── 佛曆 B.E. 2558.5 ──

    卍        卍        卍

    第二日 ☼    實踐佛陀的平等精神

Practice the Buddha's Spirit of Equality

    可敬的 Swami,
    Venerable Swami,

    Since the pursuit of truth, we should practice the Buddha's spirit of equality; rather as the patron saint of the Buddha from worship.
    (The Buddha when our keeper, or the God of Wealth, we lose faith in the Buddha!)

    The caste system right?
    US President Barack Obama is mulatto, according to Hindu Dalits, how could the United States when the President?

    The United States can, why can not India? Why must have a caste system? No caste US more powerful, is not it?

    You might say: "Culture is different in each country, here in India, is not it?"

    Although the United States is not a Hindu, or a Buddhist country; however, they practice the Buddha's spirit of equality, so they strong!

    Thus, religion is the cloak, the focus is whether you really go practice!

    Not much to write, these topics, but to discuss the Dhamma with you, I hope not to get angry!

    I hope that you can have a good meditation experience!
    ── 佛曆 B.E. 2558.5.15 ──

    卍        卍        卍

    第三日 ☼    每個緣起都是平等的

Each Origin are Equal

    可敬的 Swami,
    Venerable Swami,

    Not just the United States, India or other countries, as long as adhere to the spirit of equality Buddha, the country will be strong!
    (Each country will have advantages and disadvantages, should avoid the shortcomings, learn the advantages of other countries.)

    Buddha's Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path is to say: "the spirit of equality!"

    The so-called "Buddha" (Sam-buddha), meaning is "equality of consciousness."

    In talking about the spirit of equality:
    "Each origin of birth and death are equal, regardless of the origin of the Buddha, or the origin of a beggar!"

    So, as long as the practice the spirit of equality, in line with the origin of law, everyone can become a Buddha enlightenment.
    Here is no different from Buddha or beggars, nobles or untouchables!

    Those who want to hurt or kill you, rumors or slander you, is the lack of the spirit of equality!
    Because they did not turn to care for others, and if so how can you stand yourself?

    Like anyone, if they lose the spirit of equality, it means the loss of eligibility man!

    I hope you, even in the most difficult environment, do not give up meditation.
    Just keep meditating believe god and patron saint, will bless you through it!

    I wish you all good luck, happiness.
    ── 佛曆 B.E. 2558.5.18 ──

    卍        卍        卍


    第四日 ☼    閱讀佛經的好處

The Advantage of Reading Sutras

    可敬的 Swami,
    Venerable Swami,

    Practice is important, but the correct view is more important.
    This is the advantage of reading sutras!

    Sutra says:

    There are two kinds of people the world ...
    There is a man, happy in meditation; another man, also suffering meditation.

    World there are two kinds of people ...
    There is a person of wisdom in meditation; another person, ignorance is also meditation.

    (二千五百個 “Vassa: 雨季安居” 過去了,佛陀的正法是否無恙?)
    I think...
    So good, so important in the Buddhist scriptures,
    Why nobody read, nobody translation, nobody seriously?
    (Two thousand five hundred "Vassa: Rains Retreat" later, the Buddha Dhamma whether unharmed?)

    祝福 吉祥如意!
    Bless good luck!
    ── 佛曆 B.E. 2558.8.9 ──

    卍        卍        卍

    第五日 ☼    如何學習佛陀的教導?

Simple to Learn Buddha's Taught

    可敬的 Swami,
    Venerable Swami,

    Please do not think of the Buddha's teachings are too complicated!

    Dharma is not how advanced the theory, but rather whether to practice, and really can finally be happy?

    Most of the world people are stupid, yet the Dharma think too deep; they want to pursue happiness, and ultimately not be happy.

    Only a few sages wise to follow the Buddha, the Buddha taught simple to learn; people suffered ridicule, suffered all kinds of hardship, and ultimately be happy.

    Since you said the Buddha as "Lord", but should learn the teachings of the Buddha!

    About the Buddha's teachings, fully documented in "Pali Buddhist Scriptures", they will tell you -
    What is the right view?

    祝福 吉祥如意!
    Bless good luck!
    ── 佛曆 B.E. 2558.8.12 ──

    卍        卍        卍


    第六日 ☼    佛教徒沒有自以為是的空間

There is no Room for Self-righteousness

    可敬的 Swami,
    Venerable Swami,

    If you do not reach beyond the state, you can not say:
    Happiness and sadness are the same, or, truth and heresy is the same?

    If interpreted as:
    Everything is Brahman the gods out of the illusion of change, it would be wrong of outrageous!
    Everyone's erroneous words and deeds, can not place the blame for Brahman god.

    Yes, everything is impermanent; But not so on the true and false, regardless -
    Mistook, or misinformation, or self-righteous invention Buddha enlightenment truth.

    The so-called "Paṇunna-pacceka-sacca" is - to abandon their own invention, self-righteous truth.

    所謂,有「四依」是:⓵ 熟思而追隨一法(受持善法),⓶ 熟思而認同一法(肯定善法),⓷ 熟思而避免一法(否定惡法),⓸ 熟思而排除一法(捨棄惡法)。
    So-called "Catura-āpassena" is - ⓵ deliberation and follow a act (accept and uphold good deeds), ⓶ deliberation and approval a act (certainly good deeds), ⓷ deliberation to avoid a act (negative bad deeds), ⓸ deliberation and exclusion a act (discard bad deeds).

    These Buddhist scriptures in Pali in the "Dasa ariyavāsā - ten holy dwelling" has a detailed explanation.

    So Buddhism is about rational religion; in Buddhism where there is no room for self-righteousness.

    祝福 吉祥如意!
    Bless good luck!
    ── 佛曆 B.E. 2558.8.13 ──