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English-Pali Dictionary[英巴詞典A--N]

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English-Pali Dictionary
by Metta Net, Sri Lanka

Dictionary Information

This dictionary is provided to this website by courtesy of the people who created it and worked on it. Its original form is a program stored at Metta Net, http://www.metta.lk/ , who allowed this dictionary to be posted here.

Note that the dictionary is copyrighted. It is provided for free distribution on a non-profit, non-commercial basis. This dictionary is based on the Concise Pali-English and English-Pali Dictionary by Venerable A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera. It is a dictionary for beginners to help one get started on learning Pali and then move on to more comprehensive dictionaries.

Below is the list of people who created and worked on it:

-- Phra Acan Sau of Malaysia, Ven. Rahula of Nepal, Ven. Dhammapala of Malaysia, Ven. Dhamma Jyoti of India, Ven. Mon Dhammadinna of Myanmar, Ven. Sao Suvan of Myanmar, Phra Maha Anucha of Thailand, Phra Maha Phichit of Thailand, Phra En Piang of Malaysia, Ven. Kolita of Nepal, Ven. Saddhatissa of Nepal, Ven. Phuntsok of India, Ven. Sheelaratna of India, Ven. Sao Sutananda of Myanmar, Ven. Sao Sukhaminda of Myanmar, Ven. Sao Aggavamsa of Myanmar, Ven. Sao K.H. Nyaninda of Myanmar, Ven. Sao Pannavamsa of Myanmar, Ven. Ashin Manijoti of Myanmar, Ven. Sao Pannananda of Myanmar, Ven. Sao Indobhasa of Myanmar, Ven. Indasilo of Indonesia and Indika Rohan Peiris.

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Alphabet and Pronunciation


The Pāḷi alphabet consist of 41 letters: 8 vowels, the niggahīta (ṁ), and 32 consonants.

Vowels:     a, ā, i, ī, u, ū, e, o
Niggahīta:     ṁ
Consonants:     k, kh, g, gh, ṅ, c, ch, j, jh, ñ, ṭ, ṭh, ḍ, ḍh, ṇ, t, th, d, dh, n, p, ph, b, bh, m, y, r, l, ḷ, v, s, h

Pronunciation: (pronounced similar to the example)
a     as in but, hut; a in banana
ā     as in father, cart, heart
i     as in bit, tip, it
ī     as in machine, keen, clean
u     as in put, foot, push
ū     as in rude, boot, youth
e     as in way, fade, cape (long always except before a double consonant in which it is short - as in bed, bet, head)
o     as in home, bone, know (long always except before a double consonant in which it is short as in not, saw, all)

ṁ     as ṅ or m - pure nasal without release through the mouth (It is most characteristically stated as a humming sound produced when the vocal cords are vibrating and the air is emitted through the nose only. There are two prominent pronunciations which depends on the community).

k     as in skin, cook, candle
kh     as in king, backhand
g     as in girl, good, gift
gh     as in log-head, big-house
ṅ     as in sing, finger, ink
c     as in choose, chin, discharge
ch     as in ranch-house, ranch-hand
j     as in jug, gem, judge
jh     as in hedge-hog
ñ     as Spanish señor
ṭ     as t but with the tongue tip curled back just under the hard palate (retroflection)
ṭh     as th but with the tongue tip curled back just under the hard palate (retroflection)
ḍ     as d but with the tongue tip curled back just under the hard palate (retroflection)
ḍh     as dh but with the tongue tip curled back just under the hard palate (retroflection)
ṇ     as n but with the tongue tip curled back just under the hard palate (retroflection)
t     as in stay, stand (but with the rip of the tongue at the back of the teeth)
th     as in light-house, ant-hill (but with the rip of the tongue at the back of the teeth)
d     as in dog, dirt, door (but with the rip of the tongue at the back of the teeth)
dh     as in mad-house, red-house (but with the rip of the tongue at the back of the teeth)
n     as in name, north, no (but with the rip of the tongue at the back of the teeth)
p     as in space, spend
ph     as in top-hat, upheavel, uphill
b     as in bag, born, bed
bh     as in lab-host, rub-hard
m     as in him, mother, map
y     as in yes, year, you
r     as in ram, ring, roam (pronounced smoothy and similar to english r, retroflex prositioning)
l     as in lamp, light
ḷ     same as l but with the tongue tip curled back just under the hard palate (retroflection)
v     a labiodental approximant, a sort of in-between the english v and w.
s     as in sit, story, smoke
h     as in inherent, voiced fricative

* the digraphs dh, etc., are to be taken as single sounds, the h representing aspiration - double consonants are pronounced seperately the first having no release): example - dd in mad dog, gg in big game, etc., or pronounced long: example - nn in unnecessary

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Using Unicode VU-Times font

English-Pali Dictionary
by Metta Net, Sri Lanka

- A -

a : (a=an) use the adjective eka for the indefinite, and the pron. ta for the definite article, both declined according to the gender, etc. of the substantives connected with them, e.g. eko puriso, a man. ekā gāvī, a cow. so coro, the thief. sā nārī, the woman. Very often the definite article is not required in Pali; simply rājā stands for 'the king'.

aback : (adv.) pacchato; paṭimukhaṃ; sahasā.

abandon : (v.t.) cajati; jahāti; pajahati; vijahati; vajjeti. (pp.) catta; jahita; pajahita; vijahita; vajjita.

abandonment : (nt.) cajana; pahāna; vijahana; vajjana.

abase : (v.t.) avajānāti; avamaññati. (pp.) avaññāta; avamānita or avamata.

abasement : (f.) avaññā. (nt.) avamāna. (m.) paribhava.

abash : (v.t.) lajjāpeti. (pp.) lajjāpita.

abate : (v.t.) hāpeti; passambheti. (pp.) hāpita; passambhita. (v.i.) hāyati; passambhati. (pp.) hīna; passaddha.

abbacy : (nt.) vihārādhipacca.

abbey : (m.) mahāvihāra; padhānassama.

abbot : (m.) vihārādhipati; assamasāmī.

abbreviate : (v.t.) saṅkhipati; samāseti. (pp.) saṅkhitta; samāsita.

abbreviation : (m.) saṅkhepa; saṅgaha. (nt.) samasana.

abdicate : (v.t.) dhuraṃ nikkhipati; rajjā apagacchati. (pp.) nikkhittadhura; apagatarajja.

abdication : (m.) dhuranikkhepa; rājattāpagama.

abdomen : (nt.) udara; jaṭhara. (m.; f.) kucchi. (nt.) dunimitta.

abdominal : (adj.) udarābaddha.

abduct : (v.t.) avaharati; pasayha harati. (pp.) avahaṭa.

abduction : (m.) avahāra. (nt.) sahasāharaṇa.

aberrant : (adj.) udarābgaddha.

aberration : (nt.) uppathagamana. (m.) aññāya.

abet : (v.t.) duccaritte upatthambheti; aparādhaṃ nigūhati. (pp.) duccarite upatthambhita; aparādhaṃnigūhitāparādha.

abeyance : (f.) tāvakālika-pas-saddhe. (nt.) sannisīdana.

abhor : (n.t) jigacchati; harāyati. (pp.) jigucchita; harāyita.

abhorrence : (f.) jigucchā; harāyanā.

abhorrent : (adj.) jigucchājanaka; jigucchaka.

abide : (v.t.i.) vasati; viharati; anuvattati. (pp.) vusita; vuttha; anuvattatita || abide by his promise: attano paṭiññāya tiṭṭhati.

abiding : (adj.) ciraṭṭhāyī; thira.

ability : (nt.) sāmatthiya. (f.) bhabbatā; kallatā.

abject : (adj.) dīna; hīna; nīca; adhama.

abjection : (nt.) dīnatta; hīnatta; nīcatta.

abjuration : (m.) sapatha.

abjure : (v.t.) sapati; sapathaṃ karoti. (pp.) sapita; katasapatha.

ablative : (nt.) apādāna, (f.) pañcamī cibhatti.

ablaze : (adj.) āditta; pajjalita; sajotibhūta.

able : (adj.) samattha; bhabba; (2.) dakkha; paṭibala; (3.) paṭu; nipuṇa.

able bodied : (adj.) balavantu.

ablution : (nt.) pakkhālana; dhovana; sodhana; suddhajala.

abnegate : (v.t.) paccakkhāti; paṭikkhipati. (pp.) paccakkhāta; paccakkhitta.

abnegation : (nt.) paccakkhāna. (f.) pahitattatā.

abnormal : (adj.) pakativiruddha; niyāmapaṭipakkha.

abode : (m.) nivāsa; nilaya; upassaya. (nt.) nivesana; niketana || abode of heretics: (m.) titthiyārāma || abode of monks: (m.) vihāra; saṅghārāma.

abolish : (v.t.) ucchindqati; vināseti; niddhamati; vyantīkaroti. (pp.) ucchinna; vināsita; niddhanta; vyantīkata.

abolition : (m.) samuccheda; samugghāta. (nt.) niddhamana; samūhanana.

abominable : (adj.) jeguccha; paṭikkūla.

abominate : (v.t.) jigucchati. (pp.) jigucchita.

abomination : (f.) jigucchā; aṭṭīyanā; harāyanā.

aboriginal : (adj.) ādikappika; adikālika.

aborigines : (m.; plu.) ādikālikā.

abortion : (nt.) gabbhapātana; nipphalīkaraṇa.

abortive : (adj.) gabbhapātaka; vañjhabhāvapāpaka.

abound : (v.i.) bahulībhavati. (pp.) bahulībhūta.

abounding (with) : aḍḍha; sampanna; bahula.

about : (prep.; adv.) parito.

about a week : (adv.) sattāhamattaṃ.

about to die : (adj.) maraṇāsanna.

above : (adv.; prep.) upari; uddhaṃ.

above calculation : (adj.) saṅkhyātiga; pamāṇātikkanta.

abovesaid : (adj.) yathāvutta.

abrasion : (nt.) ghaṃsana; ghaṃsitaṭṭhāna.

abreast : (adv.) samasamaṃ, anūnānadhikaṃ; urena uram āhacca.

abridge : (v.t.) saṅkhipati; saṃharati. (pp.) saṅkhitta; saṃhaṭa.

abridgement : (m.) saṅkhepa; saṅgaha. (nt.) saṃharaṇa.

abroad : (adv.) vitthatākārena; bahi; videse.

abrogate : (v.t.) samūhanati; samudācāraṃ nivatteti. (pp.) samūhata.

abrogation : (nt.) samūhanana, appavattikaraṇa.

abrupt : (adj.) sāhasika; taṅkhaṇika; papātasahita.

abruption : (nt.) khaṇḍaso bhijjana.

abruptly : (adv.) sahasā; khaṇena.

abruptness : (nt.) accāyikatta.

abscission : (nt.) balavachindana.

abscond : (v.i.) aviditaṃ palāyati.

absconder : (m.) palāyaka; nilīyaka.

absence : (f.) anupaṭṭhiti. (m.) vippavāsa; abhāva. (nt.) avijjamānatta || absence of mind: (m.) sativippavāsa.

absent : (adj.) anupaṭṭhita; avijjamāna.

absentee : (m.) anupaṭṭhitaka; pavāsī.

absolute : (adj.) paripuṇṇa; kevala; ekaṃsika; asīmita; abādhita; nicca; dhuva; asaṅkhata. (m.) paramattha.

absolutely : (adv.) paripuṇṇaṃ; aparādhīnaṃ; ekaṃsena; sabbaso.

absolution : (nt.) pāpamocana; dosanirākaraṇa; santidāna.

absolutism : (nt.) serīpālana.

absolve : (v.t.) pāpā or aparādhāmoceti. (pp.) pāpamocita.

absonant : (adj.) viruddha; kharassara.

absorb : (v.t.) pariyādiyati; antogataṃ karoti. (pp.) pariyādinna.

absorbed (in) : (adj.) āsatta; nirata; vyāvaṭa; parāyaṇa.

absorbent : (adj.) pariyādiyaka.

absorption : (nt.) pariyādiyana; sussana. (m.) niratabhāva.

abstain : (v.i.) viramati; uparamati. (pp.) virata; uparata.

abstemious : (adj.) mattaññū; mitabhoji.

abstemiously : (adv.) mattaññutāya.

abstention : (f.) virati. (nt.) viramana.

abstergent : (adj.) sodhaka; saṃsodhaka.

abstinence : (nt.) viramaṇa. (f.) veramaṇī || abstinence from food: (nt.) anasana. (m.) upavāsa.

abstinent : (adj.) virata; uparata.

abstract : (v.t.) samuddharati; saṅkhipati. (pp.) samuddhaṭa; saṅkhitta. (m.) saṅkhepa; sāraṃsa. (adj.) kevala; amissa.

abstraction : (nt.) uddharaṇa; avaharaṇa; puthakkaraṇa.

abstruse : (adj.) gūḷha; duradhigama; apākaṭattha.

abstruseness : (nt.) gambhīratta; duradhigamatta.

absurd : (adj.) nindita; ñayaviruddha; ayogga.

absurdity : (m.) ñayavirodha. (f.) ayutti; asaṅgati.

abundance : (nt.) bāhulla; vepulla; ussannatta.

abundant : (a.) bahula; vipula; pahūta; ussanna.

abundantly : (adv.) bahuso; pāyena; yebhuyyena.

abuse : (v.t.) akkosati; paribhavati; nindati. (pp.) akkuṭṭha; paribhūta; nindita. (m.) akkosa; paribhava. (f.) garahā; nindā.

abusive : (adj.) gārayha; nindājanaka; kucchita.

abut : (v.i.) āhacca tiṭṭhati. (pp.) āhacca tiṭṭhita.

abutment : (f.) upakārikā. (m.) uddāpa; upatthambhaka.

abysmal : (adj.) atalampassa; agādha.

abyss : (m.) pātāla; narakāvāta.

academic : (adj.) vijjāvisayaka.

academical : (adj.) vijjaṭṭhānavisayaka.

academician : vijjālayaniyutta.

academy : (m.) vijjālaya; (f.) paṇḍitasabhā.

accede : (v.i.) anujānāti. (pp.) anumaññāta; sambandhībhavati. sambandhībhūta.

accelerate : (v.t.) turitayati. (v.i.) appamādī or sīghakārī bhavati.

accelerating : (adj.) turitayamana.

acceleration : (nt.) sūghattapāpana. (f.) sīghatā; turitatā. (m.) vega.

accelerative : (adj.) sīghattapāpaka.

accelerator : (m.) vegajanaka.

accent : (v.t.) vegaṃ janetvā katheti; uccassaralakkhaṇaṃ ṭhapeti. (m.) uccassara; tāra.

accept : (v.t.) paṭigaṇhāti; sampaṭicchati; sādiyati. (pp.) paṭiggahita; paṭiggachita; sādita.

acceptable : (adj.) adeyya; tuṭṭhijanaka; sampaṭicchiya.

acceptance : (nt.) paṭiggahana; sampaticchana; sādiyana.

acceptation : (m.) sammatattha; visesattha.

acceptor : paṭiggāhaka.

access : (m.) pavesa; otāra.

accessible : (adj.) upagamanīya; pattabba; sukhopasaṅkamiya.

accession : (f.) sampatti; rajjappatti. (nt.) atirekavatthu.

accessory : (nt.) upakaraṇa; parikkhāra. (adj.) upakārabhūta.

accidental : (adj.) anapekkhita; sahasāpatta.

accidentally : (adv.) asambhāvitaṃ; kākatālīyena.

accident : (f.) sahasāpatti. (m.) anapekkhitantarāya.

acclaim : (v.t.) unnadati; ukkuṭṭhiṃ karoti. (pp.) unnadita. (f.) ukkuṭṭhi; ugghosanā.

acclamation : (m.) jayaghosa; ugghosa.

acclimation : (m.) desaguṇaparicaya.

acclimatisation : (m.) desaguṇaparicaya.

acclivity : (m.) pabbatanitamba.

accommodate : (v.t.) 1. sandhāneti; 2. vāseti; nivāsaṃ deti. (pp.) sandhānita; vāsita; dinnanivāsa.

accommodation : (nt.) sandhāna; nivāsadāna. (m.) sakkāra.

accompanied by an army : (adj.) sasena.

accompanied with : (adj.) sahita; sameta; yutta.

accompaniment : (nt.) anugamana; sahacaraṇa.

accompanying : (adj.) saddhiñcara.

accompany : (v.t.) parivāreti; anugacchati. (pp.) parivuta; anugata.

accomplice : (m.) pāpasahāya; pāpamitta.

accomplish : (v.t.) sādheti; sampādeti; niṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) sādhita; sampādita; niṭṭhāpita.

accomplished in learning : vyatta; bahussuta.

accomplishment : (f.) saṃsiddhi; nipphatti; pariniṭṭhā. (nt.) niṭṭhāna; nipphajjana.

accomplishment in learning : (nt.) veyyattiya.

accomplishment of morals : (f.) sīlasampatti.

accomplishing : (adj.) sādhaka; nipphādaka; paripūraka.

accord : (v.i.) sameti; ekībhavati. (v.t.) anuppadāti. (pp.) samita; ekībhūta; anuppadinna. (f.) samacittatā; ekamatikatā.

accordance : (m.) avirodha. (f.) sāmaggi.

accordant : (adj,) anulomika; aviruddha; anukūla.

according : (adv.) yathānurūpaṃ; anukūlaṃ.

according to seniority : (adv.) yathāvuddhaṃ.

accordingly : (adv.) yathānurūpaṃ; tadanusārena.

accost : (v.t.) āmanteti. (pp.) āmantita. (nt.) ālapana; sambodhana.

accouchement : (nt.) vijāyana. (f.) pasūti.

account : (f.) gaṇanā; saṅkalanā; pavatti. (m.) vuttanta. (v.t.i.) gaṇeti; saṅkaleti; sallakkheti. (pp.) gaṇita; saṅkalita; sallakkhita.

account for : kāraṇaṃ or hetuṃ dasseti. (pp.) dassitakāraṇa.

accountable : (adj.) anuvijjanāraha; bhāradhāraka.

accountant : (m.) gaṇaka; āyakammika.

accoutre : (v.t.) pasādheti; sajjeti; sannāheti. (pp.) pasādhita; sajjita; sannaddha.

accoutrement : (m.) kappana; sannāha.

accredit : (v.t.) vissasati; bhāram karoti. (pp.) vissattha; katabhāra.

accredited : (adj.) paññatta; sabbasammata; vissāsāraha.

accrete : (v.i.) ekībhāvena vaḍḍhati. (pp.) ekībhāvena vaḍḍhita.

accretion : (m.) upacaya.

accrue : (v.i.) upacayati; vaḍḍhati. (pp.) upacita; vaḍḍhita.

accumulate : (v.t.i.) sañcināti; upacināti; rāsīkaroti. (pp.) sañcita; rāsīkata.

accumulation : (m.) sañcaya; puñja. (nt.) rāsīkaraṇa; āyūhana.

accumulator : (m.) āyūhaka; saṃhāraka.

accuracy : (f.) tathatā. (m.) tacchabhāva.

accurate : (adj.) avitatha; yathābhūta; yathātatha.

accurately : (adv.) tattato; yathābhūtaṃ.

accurse : (v.t.) abhisapati. (pp.) abhisatta.

accusation : (f.) codanā. (m.) apavāda. (nt.) dosāropaṇa.

accusative : (f.) dutiyā vibhatti. (nt.) kammakāraka.

accuse : (v.t.) upavadati; codeti. (pp.) upavutta; codita || accuse falsely: abbhācikkhati.

accuser : (m.) codaka.

accustom : (v.t.) paricayati; sikkhati. (pp.) paricita; sikkhita.

acephalous : (adj.) sirosuñña; adhipatirahita.

acerbity : (nt.) ambilatta; kakkasatta.

ache : (v.i.) rujati. (f.) rujā; vedanā; pīḷā.

achieve : (v.t.) nipphādeti; sampādeti; adhigacchati. (pp.) nipphādita; adhigata.

achievement : (f.) nipphatti; saṃsiddhi; samiddhi. (m.) adhigama.

acid : (n.; adj.) ambila.

acidify : (v.t.) ambilīkaroti. (v.i.) ambilībhavati. (pp.) ambilīkata; ambilībhūta.

acidity : (nt.) ambilatta.

acknowledge : (v.t.) sampaṭicchati; paṭijānāti. (pp.) sampaṭicchita; paṭiññāta.

acknowledgement : (nt.) sampaṭicchana; paṭijānana.

acme : (f.) paramakoṭi. (m.) rimapariccheda.

acne : (f.) vadanapiḷaka.

acolyte : (m.) anatevāsī.

acoustic : (adj.) savaṇavisayaka.

acquaint : (v.t.) 1. ñāpeti; nivedeti. 2. parijānāti; paricayati. (pp.) ñāpita; nivedita; pariññāta; paricita.

acquaintance : (nt.) sañjānana. (m.) paricaya.

acquainted with : santhuta; pariciṇṇa; vissattha.

acquiesce : (v.i.) anujānāti; anumaññati. (pp.) anuññāta; anumata.

acquiescence : (f.) anuññā; anumati. (m.) aṅgīkāra.

acquire : (v.t) paṭilabhati; adhigacchati. (pp.) paṭiladdha; adhigata.

acquirement : (m.) paṭilābha; adhigama.

acquisition : (m.) paṭilābha. (f.) anuppatti.

acquisition of wealth : (m.) dhanasañcaya.

acquit : (v.t) apavādā moceti; niddosaṃ or niravajjaṃ karoti. (pp.) apavādā mocita; niddosaṃ kata.

acquitance : (m.) iṇamokkha; iṇasodhana. (nt.) iṇamocanapaṇṇa.

acquittal : (nt.) niravajjakaraṇa. (f.) dosamutti; iṇamutti.

acre : (nt.) karīsamattaṭṭhāna. (m.) bhūmāṇavisesa.

acrid : (adj.) kaṭuka.

acrimonious : (adj.) kakkhaḷa; pharusa; niṭṭhura.

acrimony : (nt.) niṭṭhuratta; pharusatta.

acrobat : (m.) 1. laṅghaka; rajjukīḷaka, 2. sīghaparivattī.

acropolis : (nt.) uccanagara.

across : (adv.; prep.) tiriyaṃ; tiro.

act : (v.i) ācarati; anuyuñjati; midahati. (pp.) ācarita; anuyutta; vihita. (nt.) kamma; kicca, (f.) kiriyā.

acting : (adj.) aññasatthāya niyutta. (m.) aṅgahāra; abhinaya,

acting considerately : (adj.) nisammakārī

acting continuously : (adj.) sātaccakārī

acting for the good : (adj.) atthacara; hitesī.

action : (nt.) kamma; kicca. (m.) payoga. || bad action : (nt.) ducarita ; action for the good: (f.) atthacariyā.

actionable : (adj.) anuyuñjanāraha.

active : (adj.) uyyutta; ussukka; analasa.

actively : (adv.) analasaṃ; saussāhaṃ.

activity : (m.) ussāha; uyyoga; ātappa; viriyārambha.

actor : (m.) 1. naṭa; nattaka; raṅgakāra. 2. kiccakārī.

actress : (f.) nāṭikā; nattakī.

actual : (adj.) yathābhūta; vijjamāna.

actuality : (nt.) taccha; tatta; sacca.

actualise : (v.t.) tathaṃ karoti; tathato vitthāreti.

actually : (adv.) yathātathṃ; yathābhūtaṃ; paccakkhaṃ.

acumen : (n.) nipuṇatā. (f.) tikhiṇatā.

acuminate : (v.t.) tikhiṇīkaroti; tibbayati. (pp.) tikhiṇīkata; tibbayita.

acute : (adj.) tiṇha; tikhiṇa; tibba.

acuteness : (nt.) tiṇhatta; tibbatta.

adage : (f.) upamākathā. (m.) viññupadesa.

Adam : (m.) ādimapurisa.

adamant : (n.) vajira. (nt.) atithaddhavatthu.

adamantine : (adj.) abhejja; vajirasadisa.

adapt : (v.t.) yoggaṃ or anurūpaṃkaroti. (pp.) anurūpīkata.

adaptability : (n.) anukūlatā. (f.) kammaññatā.

adaptable : (adj.) anurūpa; kammañña.

adaptation : (nt.) anukīlakarana.

add : (v.t.i.) piṇḍeti; saṅkaleti. (pp.) piṇḍita; piṇḍitalita; samāhaṭa.

addendum : (m.) parisiṭṭhasaṅgaha.

adder : (m.) gonasa.

addict : (v.t) āsajjati; allīyati (pp.) āsatta; allīna.

addicted : (adj.) (to), soṇḍatta. (nt.) lolatta.

addition : (nt.) saṅkalana; piṇḍana. (m.) asmāhāra.

additional : (adj.) atireda; adhika || additional duty: (nt.) uttarikaraṇīya.

addle : (v.t.) āulīkaroti. (v.i.) pūtibhavati. (adj.) pūtibhūta.

address : (v.t.) 1. ālapati; āmanteti. 2. vāsaṭṭānanāmādiṃ likhati. (pp.) ālapita; āmantita || address in return: paṭisāveti; paccālapati; paṭilikhati.

addressee : (m.) lekhanalābhī.

adduce : (v.t.) niddisati; udāharati. (pp.) niddiṭṭha; udāhaṭa.

adducible : (adj.) niddisitabba; udāharaṇīya.

adept : (adj; 3.) nipuṇa; kusala; katupāsana; pāragata.

adequate : (adj.) pahoṇaka; paṭibala; bhabba; samattha.

adhere : (v.i) laggati; sajjati; abhinivisati. (pp.) laggita; saṭṭha; abhiniviṭṭha.

adherence : (nt.) laggana. (f.) āsatti. (m.) saṅga.

adherent : (n.adj.) saṃlagga; saṃsatta; nissitaka || adherent of another faith: (adj.) aññaladdhika.

adhesive : (adj.) lagganasīla.

adieu : (intj.) sotthy'atthu.

adjacent : (adj) anantara; sannikaṭṭha.

adjective : (nt.) guṇavacana; visesaṇapada.

adjoin : (v.t.) saṃyojeti; ghaṭeti. (pp.) saṃyojita; ghaṭita.

adjoining : (adj.) upantika; samīpatara; saṃghaṭita.

adjourn : (v.t.) tāvakālikaṃ nivatteti. (pp.) tāvakālikaṃ nivattita.

adjournment : (m.) kālikavirāma.

adjudge : (v.t.) tīreti; viniccheti; niṇṇeti. (pp.) tīrita; vinicchita; niṇṇīta.

adjudgement : (m.) vinicchaya. (nt.) tīraṇa.

adjudicate : (v.t.) (aṭṭaṃ) vinicchināti. (pp.) vinicchita.

adjudication : (m.) aṭtavinicchaya.

adjudicator : (m.) vinicchayāmacca.

adjunct : (adj.) anubaddha; saṃyutta. (m.) anubandha. (nt.) visesaṇa.

adjunction : (nt.) ghaṭana; saṅghaṭana.

adjunctive : (adj.) ghaṭitabba; saṃyojetabba.

adjure : (v.t.) sasapathaṃ codeti; bāḷhaṃ yācati. (pp.) sasapathaṃ codita; bāḷhaṃ yācita.

adjust : (v.t.) saṇṭhapeti. (pp.) saṇṭhapita.

adjustment : (nt.) saṇṭhapana; samādhāna.

adjutant : (m.) bhaṭapati-sahakārī.

admeasure : (v.t.) bhāgaso miṇāti. (pp.) bhāgaso mita.

admeasurement : (nt.) bhāgaso miṇana.

administer : (v.t.) pasāsati; vicāreti. (pp.) pasāsita; vicārita.

administration : (f.) pālanā. (nt.) sāsana; vicāraṇa; bhesajjaniyamana.

administrator : (m.) kiccādhikārī; pālaka; paradhanavicāraka.

admirable : (adj.) abbhuta; pasaṃsiya.

admiral : (m.) nāvikasenāpati.

admiration : (m.) vimhaya. (nt.) bahumāna.

admire : (v.t.) bahumāneti; pasaṃsati. (pp.) bahumata; pasattha or pasaṃsita.

admirer : (m.) pasaṃsaka; bahumānī.

admissible : (adj.) pavesanīya; sampaṭicchiya.

admission : (nt.) pavesana; antokaraṇa.

admissive : (adj.) pavesetabba.

admit : (v.t.) paveseti; sampaṭicchati. (pp.) pavesita; sampaṭicchita.

admittance : (m.) pavesa. (nt.) antokaraṇa.

admittedly : (adv.) sāṅgīkāraṃ; sapaṭiññaṃ.

admix : (v.t.) sammisseti. (pp.) sammissita.

admixture : (nt.) sammissana.

admonish : (v.t.) ovadati; anusāsati. (pp.) ovadita; anusiṭṭha.

admonition : (m.) ovāda. (f.) anusiṭṭhi; anusāsanā.

ado : (m.) āyāsa; parissama.

adolescence : (f.) vayappatti. (nt.) yobbañña.

adolescent : (adj.) vayappatta; yobbanappatta.

adopt : (v.t.) 1. (a son), puttīyati. 2. (a conduct, etc.), paṭipajjati; anucarati. (pp.) paṭipanna; anucarita.

adopted : (adj.) puttīkata.

adoption : (nt.) puttīkaraṇa; paṭipajjana; anucaraṇa.

adorable : (adj.) mahanīya; vandiya; pūjiya.

adoration : (f.) namassanā; vandanā; apaciti. (m.) paṇāma; paṇipāta.

adore : (v.t.) paṇamati; namassati; vandati; pūjeti. (pp.) paṇamita; namassita; vandita; pūjita.

adorer : (m.) vandaka; pūjaka; sāvaka.

adorn : (v.t.) maṇḍeti; bhūseti; pasādheti; alaṅkaroti. (pp.) maṇḍita; bhūsita; pasādhita; alaṅkata.

adornment : (nt.) maṇḍana; pasādhana; alaṅkaraṇa.

adrift : (adv.) plavamānaṃ; nirālambaṃ. (adj.) nirālamba.

adroit : (adj.) cheka; dakkha; catura; nipuṇa; kusala.

adroitness : (nt.) nepuñña; kosalla; pāṭava. (f.) chekatā; dakkhatā.

adry : (adj.) sukkha; pipāsita.

adulate : (v.t.) ullapati; unnāmeti. (pp.) ullapita; unnāmita.

adulation : (f.) ukkācanā; ullapanā.

adult : (n.; adj.) vayappatta; vayaṭṭha.

adulterate : (v.t.) dūseti; misseti. (pp.) dūsita; missita.

adulteration : (nt.) dūsana; missīkaraṇa.

adulterer : (m.) paradārika; kāmamicchācārī.

adulteress : (f.) aticārinī; micchācārinī.

adultery : (m.) kāmamicchācāra. (f.) aticariyā. (adultery of a male), (nt.) paradārakamma. (adultery of a female), (f.) parapurisasevanā.

adumbrate : (v.t.) lesamattaṃ dasseti. (pp.) lesamattaṃ dassita.

adumbration : (nt.) lesamattadassana.

advance : (v.i.) abhikkamati; vaḍḍhati. (pp.) abhikkanta; vuddha. (v.t.) abhimukhaṃ neti; vaḍḍheti. (pp.) abhimukhaṃ nīta; vaḍḍhita. (nt.) abhikkamana. (f.) abhivuddhi; agghavaḍḍhi. (m.) saccakāra.

advancement : (nt.) saṃvaḍḍhana.

advantage : (f.) sundarāvatthā; padhānatā. (nt.) payojana. (m.) attha; hita.

advantageous : (adj.) hitakara; sātthaka; saphala.

advantageously : (adv.) sātthakaṃ; saphalākārena.

advent : (nt.) āgamana; pāpuṇana.

adventitious : (adj.) asambhāvitasampatta.

adventure : (v.t) vīrakammaṃ karoti. (f.) vīracariyā. (nt.) abbhutakamma.

adventuresome : (adj.) vīratāsaṃyutta.

adventurous : (adj.) pagabbha; nibbhaya.

adverb : (nt.) kriyāvisesana.

adverbial : (adj.) kriyāvisesaka.

adversary : (m.) paccāmitta; sapatta; virodhī; yugaggāhi.

adverse : (adj.) viruddha; vipakkha; paccanika; paṭiloma.

adversely : (adv.) paṭilomaṃ; viruddhākārena.

adversity : (f.) vipatti; āpadā.

advertise : (v.t.) nivedeti; pakāseti; pākaṭīkaroti. (pp.) nivedita; pakāsita; pākaṭīkata.

advertisement : (nt.) pakāsana; pākaṭīkaraṇa.

advertiser : (m.) pakāsaka; nivedaka.

advice : (m.) ovāda; upadesa. (f.) anusāsanā.

advisable : (adj.) sammannitabba; thomanīya.

advise : (v.t.) ovadati; anusāsati. (pp.) ovadita; anusiṭṭha.

advisedly : (adv.) anuviccakārena.

adviser : (m.) upadesaka; anusāsaka.

advisory : (adj.) upadesadāyaka.

advocacy : (nt.) nītyupadesadāna.

advocate : (m.) paratthaṅkathī, paratthaṃ vadati.

adze : (f.) tacchanī; vāsi.

aegis : (nt.) parittāṇa.

aerodrome : (nt.) vyomayānaṅgaṇa.

aeon : (m.) kappayuga.

aerate : (v.t) vāyunā misseti. (pp.) vāyumissita.

aeriform : (adj.) vātagatika; acirappavattī.

aerogram : (nt.) vyomasāsana.

aerolite : (m.) ukkāpāta.

aerometor : (m.) vāyumāṇaka.

aeronaut : (m.) gagananāvika.

aeroplane : (nt.) vyomayāna; gaganayāna.

aesthetic : (adj.) 1. ṃanorama; 2. sundaratājānanaka.

aesthetical : (adj.) 1. ṃanorama; 2. sundaratājānanaka.

aesthetically : (adv.) rammākārena.

aesthetics : (f.; plu.) sobhanattavicāraṇa.

afar : (adv.) dūrato; ārā.

affable : (adj.) susīla; piyaṃvada; piyasīla.

affair : (nt.) kicca. (f.) siddhi.

affect : (v.t.) 1. ācarati; 2. ābhibhavati (the mind), kampeti; 3. (to pretend) miccā dasseti; 4. vikatiṃ neti. (pp.) ācarita; abhibhūtta; kampita; miccā dassita; vikatinīta.

affectation : (f.) ayathādassanā. (m.) dappa.

affected : (adj.) 1. abhūtenāropita; 2. vikatippata; 3. gabbita.

affectedly : (adv.) abhūtena; patirūpena.

affecting : (adj.) hadayaṅgama.

affectingly : (adv.) hadayaṅgamākārena.

affection : (m.) sineha; anurāga. (nt.) pema.

affectionate : (adj.) sasneha; sapema; anuratta.

affectionately : (adv.) sānurāgaṃ; sapemaṃ.

affiance : (nt.) paṭiññādāna. (f.) vivāhapaṭiññā. (v.t.) vivāhapaṭiññaṃ deti.

affiancer : (m.) paṭiññādāyaka.

affidavit : (nt.) sapathapaṇṇa.

affiliate : (v.t.) 1. saṃyojeti; 2. puttīkaroti. (pp.) saṃyojita; puttīkata.

affiliation : (nt.) aṅgikaraṇa; saṃyojana.

affined : (adj.) ñātibhūta.

affinity : (nt.; m.) ñatisambandha. (f.) samānatta.

affirm : (v.t.) thirīkaroti; daḷhīkaroti. (pp.) thirīkata.

affirmation : (nt.) 1. daḷhīkaraṇa; 2. paṭijānana.

affirmative : (adj.) atthayattha; nicchayakara.

affirmatively : (adv.) nicchayākārena; ekaṃsena.

affix : (v.t.) sambandheti; saṅghaṭeti. (pp.) sambaddha; saṃghaṭita. (m.) anubandha; paccaya.

affirmatory : (adj.) nicchetabba; daḷhīkaraṇiya.

afflict : (v.t.) pīḷeti; santāpeti; vyathati. (pp.) pīḷita; santāpita; vyathita.

afflicted (with) : aṭṭita; abbhāhata; pareta || afflicted with grief: (adj.) sokapareta ; afflicted with misery: (adj.) dukkhotiṇṇa ; afflicted with pain: (adj.) vedanaṭṭa.

affliction : (m.) paritāpa; kheda; (f.) pilā.

afflictive : (adj.) dukkhāvaha; pīḷākara.

affluent : (adj.) samiddhi; aḍḍha; mahaddhana. (f.) sākhānadī.

afflux : (nt.) samosaraṇa; pasavana; sandana.

afford : (v.t.) 1. sampādeti; 2. sakkoti; pahoti. (pp.) sampadita.

afforest : (v.t.) araññataṃ neti. (pp.) araññatam nīta.

affranchise : (v.t.) dāsavyā or paṭiññāto moceti. (pp.) dāsavyā or paṭiññāto mocita.

affray : (m.) kalaha; viggaha. (nt.) bhaṇḍana.

affright : (v.t) tāseti; bhāyāpeti. (pp.) tāsita; bhāyāpita.

affront : (m.) anādara; agārava; avamāna. (f.) avaññā. (v.t.) akkosati; paribhāsati; avamaññati. (pp.) akkuṭṭha; paribhāsita; avamānita or avamata.

affusion : (nt.) āsiñcana; osiñcana.

afield : (adv.) 1. aṅgaṇe; 2. dūre.

afire : (adj.) ḍayhamāna.

aflame : (adj.) āditta.

afloat : (adv.) 1. plavamānaṃ; 2. pacāritākārena.

afoot : (adv.) 1. padasā; 2. sappayogaṃ.

afore : (adv.) 1. ābhimukhe; purato; 2. purā; pure; paṭhamaṃ.

afore named : (adj.) pubbevutta; yathāvutta.

afore said : (adj.) pubbevutta; yathāvutta.

afore thought : (adj.) pubbacintita.

afore time : (adv.) purā; puretaṃ.

afraid : (adj.) bhīta; tasita; bhayaṭṭa; utrasta.

afresh : (adv.) abhinavaṃ; puna.

after : (adv.) pacchā; anantaraṃ; tato paraṃ; anu paraṃ.

after a long time : (adv.) cirena.

after birth : (nt.) gabbhamaṃsa.

after crop : (nt.) dutiyasassa.

after pains : (f.) pasavavedanā.

after that : (adv.) atha. (ind.) tato pacchā.

after thought : (m.) anuvitakka.

afternoon : (m.) aparaṇha. (nt.) pacchābhatta.

afterwards : (adv.) pacchā; aparabhāge.

again : (adv.) puna.

again and again : (adv.) punappunaṃ.

against : (prep.) paṭilomaṃ; paṭimukhaṃ; paṭi (used as a prepfix).

against the order : (adv.) uppaṭipāṭiyā.

against the wind : (adv.) paṭivātaṃ.

agamous : (adj.) napuṃsaka; bhāvarūparahita.

agape : (adv.) vivaṭamukhena; (adj.) vivaṭamukha.

age : (nt.) āyu; vaya. (m.) samaya; kāla; yuga.

aged : (adj.) vuddha; mahallka.

agelimit : (nt.) paramāyu.

agency : (nt.) niyojitadhura; (office) (m.) niyojitakiccālaya.

agenda : (f.) kiccapaṭipāti.

agent : (m.) niyojita; anuyutta; (in gram) (nt.) kattukāraka; kattu.

agglomerate : (v.t.) piṇḍīkaroti; sañcināti. (pp.) piṇḍikata; sañcita.

agglomeration : (nt.) piṇḍīkaraṇa; (m.) sañcaya.

agglutinate : (v.t.) samāseti; samapiṇḍeti. (pp.) samāsita; samapiṇḍita.

agglutination : (nt.) samāsana; sampiṇḍana.

aggrandise : (v.t.) pavaḍḍheti; samukkaṃseti. (pp.) pavaḍḍhita; samukkaṃsita.

aggrandisement : (m.) samukkaṃsa; (f.) samunnati.

aggravate : (v.t.) bhāriyaṃ or garutaraṃ karoti; uddīpeti. (pp.) garukata; uddīpita.

aggravation : (nt.) bhārīkaraṇa; uddīpana.

aggregate : (v.t.) sañcināti; rāsīkaroti; (pp.) sañcita; rāsīkata. (v.i.) sañciyati; rāsībhavati. (pp.) sañcita; rāsibhūta. (m.) sañcaya; samāgama; samūha.

aggress : (v.i.) kalaham ārabhati. (pp.) āraddhakalaha.

aggression : (m.) kalahārambha; atyācāra.

aggressive : (adj.) kalahakārī.

aggressor : (m.) pathamakkamaka; dhaṃsaka.

aggregation : (nt.) sañcinana; rāsīkaraṇa. (m.) rāsi.

aggrieve : (v.t.) dukkhāpeti; sokam upādeti. (pp.) dukkhāpita; uppāditasoka.

aghast : (adj.) bhayākula; cakita.

agile : (adj.) nipuṇa; sakkha; sīgha; turita.

agility : (nt.) kosalla; nepuñña; sīghatta.

agitate : (v.t.) 1. khobheti; kampeti; āloleti; phandāpeti. (pp.) khobhita; kampita; ālolita; phandāpita; 2. (mentally) ubbejjati; saṃvejeti. (v.i.) 1. calati; kampati; saṅkhubhati; 2. (mentally) ubbajjati; saṃvegam āpajjati. (pp.) ubbigga; saṃvegāpanna.

agitation : (nt.) iñjana; phandana. (m.) khobha; saṅkopa.

agitator : (m.) saṅkhobhaka; ālolaka.

aglow : (adj.) sajotibhūta.

agnate : (adj.) pitupakkhika.

agonistic : (adj.) 1. kiḷāpaṭibaddha; 2. yugaggāhī.

agnostic : (m.) anissaravādī; lokāyatika.

agnosticism : (adj.) anissaravāda.

ago : (adv.) purā; pubbe.

agog : (adv.) accāsāpubbakaṃ.

agonise : (v.t.) vyathati; santāpeti; ābādhita. (pp.) vyathita; santāpita; ābādhita. (v.i.) aṭṭīyati; santapati.

agony : (f.) vedanā; rujā. (m.) vyādhi.

agree : (v.i.) saṃsandati; sameti; (with inst.) (v.t.) samanujānāti. (pp.) saṃsandita; samita; samanuññāta.

agree upon : sādiyati; sammannati.

agreeable : (adj.) iṭṭha; kanta; manāpa; manuñña; manohara; ramanīya.

agreeableness : (f.) ramanīyatā; manuññatā.

agreeably : (adv.) yathāruciṃ; yathāsukhaṃ; avirodhena.

agreement : (f.) sammuti; anumati; paṭiññā. (m.) saṅgara.

agricultural : (adj.) kasikammavisayaka.

agriculture : (nt.) kasikamma.

agriculturist : (m.) kassaka; ropaka.

aground : (adv.) uttīraṃ.

ah : (intj.) hā; aho; ahaha.

ahead : (adv.) purato; agge; abhimukhe.

aid : (v.t.) upakaroti; upatthambheti. (pp.) upakata; upathmbhita. (m.) upakāra; upatthambha.

aide-de-camp : (m.) senāpatisahakārī.

aidless : (adj.) anātha; asaraṇa; asahāya.

ail : (v.t.) pīḷeti; dukkhāpeti. (pp.) pīḷita; dukkhāpita. (v.i.) dukkham vindati or anubhavati.

ailing : (adj.) rujākara; rujamāna; vedanaṭṭa.

ailment : (m.) roga; vyādhi; ābādha.

aim : (v.t.) ākaṅkhati; abhipattheti. (pp.) ākaṅkhita; abhipatthita. (v.i.) pahārṃ deti; lakkhaṃ vijjhati. (pp.) dinnapahāra; viddhalakkha.

aiming at : (to say some thing) (abs.) āhacca; upanīya; sandhāya.

aimless : (adj.) anabhilakkhita; niṭṭhārahita.

aimlessly : (adv.) anavaṭṭhitaṃ; anabhilakkhitaṃ.

air : (m.) 1. vāta; vāyu; māluta; anila; pavana; samīraṇa; 2. esa; ākāsa.

air course : (m.) vāyupavesamagga.

aircushion : (nt.) vāyupūritanisīdana.

airless : (adj.) nivāta; vāyurahita.

airman : (m.) vyomanāvika.

airship : (nt.) vyomayāna.

airtight : (adj.) vātanivāraka.

airy : (adj.) 1. vāyusahita; 2. vāyusadisa; 3. lilāyutta; salīla.

aisle : (m.) alinda.

ajar : (adv.) thokaṃ-vivaṭa.

akin : (adj.) sagotta; sajātika.

alabaster : (f.) setasilā. (m.) khūra pāsāṇa.

alack : (intj.) aho; alakkhikaṃ.

alacrity : (f.) sīghatā; paṭutā.

almanac : (nt.) nakkhattapañcaṅga. (nt.) dinadassana.

alarm : (v.t.) uttāseti; antarāyaṃ ñapeti. (pp.) uttāsita; ñāpitantarāya. (nt.) antarāyañāpana. (f.) bhīti. (m.) uttāsa.

alarmbell : (f.) pabodhaka-ghaṇṭā.

alarming : (adj.) bhayaṅkara; bhayajanaka.

alarmist : (m.) bhāyanasīla bhītibahula.

alas : (intj.) aho dukkhaṃ!

albeit : (adv.) tathā pi; api ca.

album : (m.) tucchapotthaka.

alchemic : (adj.) rasavijjāyatta.

alchemist : (m.) rasavejja.

alchemy : (f.) rasavijjā.

alcohol : (m.) majjasāra.

alcoholic : (adj.) majjaguṇayutta.

alcoholize : (v.t.) majjabhāvaṃ pāpeti; majjena misseti.

alcoran : (m.) mahammadīya-dhammagantha.

alderman : (m.) nigamasāmī.

ale : (f.) yavasurā.

alehouse : (nt.) pānamandira.

alert : (adj.) apamatta; atandita.

alertness : (m.) appamāda; ātappa. (nt.) sakkhiya; kosalla.

algebra : (nt.) bījagaṇita.

alias : (adv.) atha vā; aññathā. (nt.) nāmantara.

alien : (adj.) bāhira; videsīya; paravisayaka. (m.) videsī; paradesika.

alienable : (adj.) pārivaṭṭika; parāyatta-karaṇāraha.

alienate : (v.t.) 1. parādhīnaṃ karoti; 2. vicchindati; vighaṭeti. (pp.) parādhīnaṃ kata; vicchinna; vighaṭita.

alienation : (nt.) sāmiparivattana. (m.) cittavibbhama.

alight : (v.i.) otarati; oruhati; paccorohati. (pp.) otiṇṇa; orūḷha; paccorūḷha. (adj.) obhāsita; sappabha; pajjalita.

alignment : (nt.) ujuttāpādana; ekapantiyā ṭhapana.

alike : (adj.) samāna; sadisa; tulya; sanibha; sarikkha.

aliment : (m.) āhāra. (nt.) anna.

alimentary : (adj.) posaka; ojādāyaka.

alimony : (nt.) posaṇa; bhariyāya laddhabbadhana.

alive : (adj.) 1. sajīva; sacetana; jīvamāna; 2. sauyyoga.

alkali : (nt.) khārosadha.

alkaline : (adj.) khārika; ūsara; loṇika.

all : (adj.) sabba; sakala; akhila; nikhila; asesa; nissesa.

all along : (adv.) nirantaraṃ; ādito yāva antā.

all around : (adv.) samantā; parito.

all at once : (adv.) ekappahārena.

all but one : ekanūnā sabbe.

all conquering : (adj.) sabbābhibhū.

all embracing : (adj.) sabhavyāpaka.

all knowing : (adj.) sabbaññū; sabbavidū.

all pervading : (adj.) sabbavyāpī.

all pleasing : (adj.) samantabhaddaka.

all seeing : (adj.; n.) sabbadassī; samantacakkhu.

allay : (v.t.) upasameti; passambheti; nibbāpeti. (pp.) upasamita; passambhita; nibbāpita. (v.i.) upasammati; passambhati; nibbāti. (pp.) upasanta; passaddha; nibbuta.

allayment : (m.) upasama. (f.) passaddhi.

allegation : (f.) codanā. (nt.) pakāsana.

allege : (v.t.) codeti; pakāseti. (pp.) codita; pakāsita.

allegiance : (f.) rājabhatti; rajjapakkhapātitā.

allegorical : (adj.) rūpakamaya; uapamārūpaka.

allegorically : (adv.) rūpakavasena.

allegory : (f.) rūpakakathā; upamākathā.

alleviate : (v.t.) tanukaroti; sameti; upasameti. (pp.) tanukata; samita; upasamita.

alleviation : (nt.) upasamana; tanukaraṇa.

alliance : (m.) sambandha; saṃyoga. (nt.) sandhāna.

allied : (adj.) sambaddha; saṃyutta; sandhibhūta.

allied army : (f.) mittasenā.

alligation : (nt.) saṃyojana; sandhikaraṇa.

alligator : (m.) kumbhīla; suṃsumāra.

alliteration : (m.) anuppāsa. (f.) samānakkharatā.

allocate : (v.t.) onojeti; koṭṭhāse niyameti. (pp.) onojita; niyamitakoṭṭhāsa.

allocation : (nt.) onojana; bhāganiyamana.

allot : (v.t.) saṃvibhajati; bhāgaso deti. (pp.) saṃvibhatta; bhāgaso-dinna.

allotment : (m.) vibhatta-koṭṭhāsa. (nt.) putthakkaraṇa.

allow : (v.t.) anujānāti; anumaññati; aṅgīkaroti. (pp.) anuññāta; anumata; aṅgīkata.

allowable : (adj.) anuññātabba; aṅgīkaraṇīya.

allowance : (f.) anuññā; anumati. (--granted to someone) (nt.) vetana; posāvanika.

alloy : (v.t.) misseti; dūseti. (pp.) missita; dūsita. (m.) missitaloha. (nt.) missana; dūsana.

allude : (v.i.) aniyamena vadati; sandhāya or upādaya bhāsati. (pp.) aniyamena vutta; upādaya bhāsita.

allure : (v.t.) palobheti; sammoheti. (pp.) palobhita; sammohita.

allurement : (nt.) palobhana; sammohana.

alluring : (adj.) palobhaka.

allusion : (f.) upanītavācā. (nt.) āsajjavacana.

alluvial : (adj.) kalalamaya.

ally : (v.t.) sambandhati; saṃyojeti; sandhāti. (pp.) sambaddha; saṃyutta; sandhita. (m.) sahāya; mitta; ekapakkhika.

almighty : (adj.; n.) nikhilabaladhara.

almoner : (m.) dānasaṃvibhajaka.

almonry : (f.) dānasālā.

almost : (adv.) pāyo; bhīyoso.

almost dead : (adj.) matapāya.

almost the whole : (adv.) kevalakappaṃ.

alms : (f.) bhikkhā. (m.) piṇḍapāta. (nt.) dāna.

alms bowl : (m.) patta.

alms collection : (m.) bhikkhācāra. (f.) uñchācariyā.

alms collector : (m.) piṇḍapātika; bhikkhaka.

alms giver : (m.) piṇḍadāyī.

alms giving : (nt.) bhikkhādāna.

alms hall : (nt.) bhattagga. (f.) dānasālā.

aloe : (m.) agaru; agalu.

aloft : (adv.) upari; uddhaṃ.

alone : (adv.) kevalaṃ. (adj.) ekaka; adutiya; asahāya.

along : (adv.) ādito yāv'antā.

along shore : (adv.) anutīraṃ.

along side : (ind.) passato.

along with : (ind.) saha; saddhiṃ.

aloof : (adv.) ārā; ārakā; dūrato.

aloofness : (nt.) āratta; dūratta.

aloud : (adv.) uccassarena.

alphabet : (f.) vaṇṇamālā.

alphabetical : (adj.) vaṇṇamālānugata.

already : (adv.) pageva.

also : (adv.; conj.) apica; puna ca; aparañ ca.

altar : (nt.) pūjāsana. (f.) yāgavedikā.

alter : (v.t.) viparivatteti; vipariṇāmeti. (pp.) viparivattita; vipariṇāmita. (v.i.) viparivattati. (pp.) viparivatta.

alteration : (nt.) vipariṇāmana; aññathākaraṇa.

alterative : (adj.) viparivattaka; vipariṇāmanta.

altercate : (v.i.) vivadati. (pp.) vivadita.

altercation : (m.) vivāda. (nt.) bhaṇḍana.

alternate : (v.t.) vārena karoti. (v.i.) vikappena pāpuṇāti. (pp.) vārena kata; vikappena patta. (adj.) ekantarika; vikappāgata; vārānugata.

alternately : (adv.) vārena vāraṃ; aññamaññaṃ.

alternation : (nt.) aññamaññaparivattana. (m.) pariyāya.

alternative : (m.) vikappa; itaravidhi. (adj.) vikappayutta; itarītara.

alternatively : (adv.) vikappavasena.

although : (conj.) yadi pi; sace pi; api.

altitude : (m.) ubbedha.

altogether : (adv.) sabbaso; sabbathā; sabbasaṅgahavasena.

altruism : (f.) parahitakāmitā.

altruist : (m.) paratthakārī.

altruistic : (adj.) parahitakara.

aluminium : (nt.) lahu-setaloha.

always : (adv.) satataṃ; niccaṃ; santataṃ; anavarataṃ.

amain : (adv.) ativegena.

amalgamate : (v.t.) misseti; saṃyojeti. (pp.) missita; saṃyojita. (adj.) missībhūta.

amalgamation : (nt.) missīkaraṇa; saṃyojana.

amass : (v.t.) sañcināti; rāsīkaroti. (pp.) sañcita; rāsīkata.

amassment : (m.) sañcaya; puñja. (nt.) rāsīkaraṇa.

amateur : (adj.) kalābhirata; vonodakāmī.

amative : (adj.) pemayutta; sānurāga.

amativeness : (f.) pemayuttatā; sānurāgatā.

amatory : (adj.) pemabahula; siṅgārappiya; pemānubaddha.

amaze : (v.t.) vimheti. (pp.) vimhita.

amazement : (m.) vimhaya. (nt.) acchariya.

amazing : (adj.) vimhayāvaha; acchariyajanaka.

amazon : (f.) yuddhakāminī.

ambassador : (m.) rajadūta.

ambassadorship : (nt.) dūtakicca.

amber : (m.) tiṇamaṇi; vaṃsavaṇṇa.

ambiguity : (f.) ubhayatthata; silesakathā.

ambiguous : (adj.) sandiddha; apākaṭattha; silesattha.

ambiguously : (adv.) sasandehaṃ; sāsaṅkaṃ.

ambition : (f.) īhā; yasākaṅkhā; unnatikāmata.

ambitious : (adj.) unnatikāmī; īhāyutta.

ambitiously : (adv.) īhāya; unnatikāmatāya.

amble : (v.i.) saṇikaṃ gacchati. (pp.) saṇikaṃ gata.

ambrosia : (f.) sudhā. (nt.) amata; pīyūsa.

ambrosial : (adj.) amatasadisa.

ambulance : (m.) gilānaratha.

ambulate : (v.i.) parikkamati; anupariyāti.

ambulatory : (adj.) jaṅgama.

ambuscade : (v.i.) nilīyati; nilīyitvā tiṭṭhati. (pp.) nilīna. (v.t.) nilīyāpeti. (pp.) nilīyāpita. (nt.) nilīnaṭṭhāna. (f.) nilīnasenā.

ambush : (v.t.) nilīyāpeti. (pp.) nilīyāpita. (v.i.) nilīyati. (pp.) nilīna. (nt.) 1. nilīyana; 2. nilīyāpana.

ameliorate : (v.t.i.) unnāmeti; saṃvaḍḍheti. (pp.) unnāmita; saṃvaḍḍhita.

amelioration : (f.) unnāmanā; saṃvaḍḍhanā.

amen : (intj.) sādhu; evam atthu!

amenability : (f.) suvacatā; assavatā.

amenable : (adj.) suvaca; assava; anuvattaka.

amend : (v.t.) paṭisaṅkharoti; saṃsodheti. (pp.) paṭisaṅkhata; saṃsodhita. (v.i.) duccaritaṃ pajahati.

amendable : (adj.) saṅkharaṇāraha; saṃsodhetabba.

amendment : (nt.) paṭisaṅkharaṇa; saṃsodhana.

amenity : (f.) manuññatā; ramatā. (m.; plu.) manoharaguṇā.

amerce : (v.t.) daṇḍaṃ paṇeti.

amercement : (nt.) daṇḍādāna.

amethyst : (m.) ambaṅkuramaṇī.

amiable : (adj.) pemanīya; suhada; pāsādika.

amiableness : (f.) pemanīyatā; pāsādikatā.

amicable : (adj.) suhada; samaggārāma.

amicableness : (f.) mettā; sāmaggi. (nt.) sohajja.

amicably : (adv.) suhadatāya; mittabhāvena.

amid : (prep.) majjhe; antare (with genitive).

amiss : (adv.) ayathā. (adj.) anucita; uppaṭipāṭika.

amity : (f.) mettā; metti. (nt.) sohajja; sakhya.

ammunition : (nt.) yuddhopakaraṇa.

amnesty : (nt.) dosavimocana; aparādhakhamana.

among : (prep.) see amid.

amongst : (prep.) see amid.

amorous : (adj.) anurāgī; kāmuka; rasika.

amorously : (adv.) sānurāgaṃ; savibbhamaṃ.

amorousness : (m.) anurāga.

amount : (m.) pamāṇa. (f.) saṅkhyā; mattā. (v.i.) (to) upeti; saṅkhaṃ gacchati. (pp.) upeta; saṅkhaṃ gata.

amphibian : (adj.; m.) thala-jalacārī.

amphibious : (adj.) thalajalagocara.

amphibology : (f.) dveḷhakavācā. (nt.) silesavākya.

amphitheatre : (nt.) aṇḍākāra-raṅgamaṇḍala.

ample : (adj.) 1. visāla; vipula; vitthiṇṇa; 2. pahūta; pacura; sambahula.

ampleness : (nt.) vipulatta.

amplification : (nt.) visālīkaraṇa. (m.) vitthāra.

amplifier : (m.) saṃvaddhaka.

amplify : (v.t.) bahulīkaroti; abhivaḍḍheti; bhāveti. (pp.) bahulīkata; abhivaḍḍhita; bhāvita. (v.i.) abhivaḍḍhati. (pp.) abhivuddha.

amplitude : (nt.) mahatta; vepulla; bāhulla.

amputate : (v.t.) vikalaṅgaṃ or aṅgacchedaṃ karoti. (pp.) kataṅgaccheda.

amputation : (m.) aṅgaccheda.

amuck : (adv.) mummattākārena.

amulet : (m.; nt.) kavaca; antarāyanivāraka.

amuse : (v.t.) rameti; vinodayati. (pp.) ramāpita; vinodita.

amuse oneself : ramati; dibbati; nandati. (pp.) rata; nadita.

amusement : (f.) abhirati; kīḷā. (nt.) abhiramana.

amusing : (adj.) ramma; manuñña; tuṭṭhijanaka.

anaconda : (m.) ajagara.

anaemia : (m.) rudhirakkhaya.

anaesthetic : (adj.) visaññākara.

anaesthetise : (v.t.) visaññīkaroti. (pp.) visaññīkata.

anagram : (m.) vacanavipallāsa; akkharavipallāsa.

anagrammatize : (v.t.) vacanavipallāsaṃ or akkharavipallāsaṃ karoti. (pp.) katavacanavipallāsa.

analects : (f.) subhāsitamālā.

analogical : (adj.) tulya; sadisa; samāna; sarikkha.

analogise : (v.t.i.) samāneti; upamāto dasseti. (pp.) samānita; upamāto dassita.

analogous : (adj.) tulya; sadisa; samāna; sarikkha.

analogy : (f.) tulyatā; sarūpatā; upamā. (nt.) samānatta; sadisatta; opamma.

analyse : (v.t.) vibhajati; paricchindati; vavatthapeti. (pp.) vibhatta; paricchinna; vavatthapita.

analysis : (nt.) vibhajana. (m.) vyavaccheda; viccheda.

analyst : (m.) vicchedaka.

analytic : (adj.) vicchedāyatta; pabhedagata. (f.; plu.) pabhedavijjā.

analytic insight : (f.) paṭisambhidā.

anarchic : (adj.) nītiviruddha.

anarchism : (f.) rājavirodhitā.

anarchist : (m.) rajjavirodhī; rājapaccatthika.

anarchronic : (adj.) kālānanurūpa.

anachronism : (m.) kālavirodha.

anarchy : (nt.) arājakatta. (m.) rājavihara.

anathema : (m.) abhisāpa.

anathematise : (v.t.) abhisapati. (pp.) abhisapita.

anatomical : (adj.) vyavacchedavisayaka.

anatomist : (m.) dehavicchedaka.

anatomise : (v.t.) (sarīraṃ) vicchindati. (pp.) (sarīraṃ) vicchinna.

anatomy : (f.) sarīravicchedavijjā.

ancestor : (m.) papitāmaha; ādipurisa; pubbapurisa.

ancestral : (adj.) ādipurisāyatta; paramparāgata.

ancestry : (f.) paramparā; kulapaveṇī. (nt.) gotta.

anchor : (m.) nāvābandha; nāvaṅkusa. (v.t.) nāvaṃ bandhati; niccalaṃ karoti. (pp.) baddhanāva; niccalīkata.

anchorage : (nt.) 1. nāvābandhana; 2. bandhanaṭṭhāna. (m.) nāvāsuṅka.

anchoret : (m.) tāpasa; isi.

anchorite : (m.) tāpasa; isi.

ancient : (adj.) purāṇa; purātana; porāṇika; santanika.

anciently : (adv.) purā; bhūtapubbaṃ.

ancientness : (nt.) purāṇatta.

ancillary : (adj.) upakāraka; upatthambhaka.

and : (conj.) ca; api; api ca.

and then : (conj.) tato; atha.

and yet : (conj.) atha ca pana.

androgynous : (adj.) ubhayaliṅgika; ubhatobyañjanaka.

androgyny : (m.) ubhayaliṅgī.

anecdote : (nt.) upākhyāna. (f.) saṅkhittapavatti.

anemometer : (nt.) vāyuvegamāṇaka.

anent : (prep.) adhikicca; uddissa; sandhāya.

anew : (adv.) abhinavaṃ; puna pi.

angel : (m.) devadūta.

angelic : (adj.) dibba; amānusika; devadūtāyatta.

angelical : (adj.) dibba; amānusika; devadūtāyatta.

anger : (m.) kopa; kodha; rosa; paṭigha. (nt.) kujjhana.

angle : (v.t.) balisena hanati. (pp.) balisahata. (nt.) balisa. (m.) koṇa; aṃsa.

angler : (m.) bālisika.

anglicise : (v.t.) eṅglaṇḍiyaṃ akroti. (pp.) eṅglaṇḍiyakata.

Anglo-Saxon : (m.) eṅglaṇḍiya-sakāsūnu.

angrily : (adv.) kopena; rosena; sakopaṃ.

angry : (adj.) kuddha; kupita; ruṭṭha; sakopa; dosākula.

anguish : (f.) tibbavedanā. (m.) pariḷāha; atitāpa.

angular : (adj.) sakoṇaka.

animal : (m.) satta; pāṇī; dehī; jīvī.

animal kingdom : (m.) jīvaloka.

animalcule : (m.) sukhumapāṇī.

animalism : (f.) indriyāsattatā.

animalise : (v.t.) sajīvaṃ karoti. (pp.) sajīvaṃ kata.

animate : (v.t.) sajīvaṃ karoti; uttejeti; ussukkāpeti. (pp.) sajīvakata; sajīvajita; sajīvapita. (adj.) sajīva; sacetana.

animation : (f.) uttejanā.

animism : (m.) attavāda.

animist : (m.) attavādī.

animistic : (adj.) attavādāyatta.

animosity : (nt.) vera. (m.) viddesa.

animus : (m.) vyāpāda.

ankle : (m.) gopphaka.

anklet : (nt.) nūpura

Anna : (m.) rūpiyassa; soḷasamabhāga.

annalist : (m.) itihāsalekhaka.

annals : (m.) vassikavuttanta; itihāsa.

annex : (v.t.) saṃyojeti; sambandhati. (pp.) saṃyojita; sambaddha.

annexation : (nt.) sambandhana; saṃyojana; ghaṭana.

annihilate : (v.t.) ucchindati; nirodheti; vyantīkaroti. (pp.) ucchinna; niruddha; vyantīkata.

annihilation : (m.) uccheda; nirodha. (nt.) visaṅkharaṇa.

annihilator : (m.) ucchedaka.

anniversary : (m.) vassikussava; (adj.) saṃvaccharika.

annotate : (v.t.i.) vyākhyāti; vaṇṇeti. (pp.) vyākhyāta; vaṇṇita.

annotation : (nt.) vyākhyāna. (f.) atthavaṇṇanā.

annotator : (m.) vyākhyātu; ṭīkākāra.

announce : (v.t.) anusāveti; pakāseti; nivideti. (pp.) anusāvita; pakāsita; nivedita.

announcement : (nt.) anusāvana; nivedana; ārocana; pakāsana.

announcer : (m.) anusāvaka; ārocaka; nivedaka.

annoy : (v.t.) viheṭheti; kopeti; upaddaveti. (pp.) viheṭhita; kopita; upadduta.

annoyance : (f.) vihesā; viheṭhanā; pakopanā.

annoying : (adj.) viheṭhaka; pīḷākara.

annual : (adj.) anuvassika. (m.) anuvassikasaṅgaha.

annually : (adv.) anuvassaṃ; anusaradaṃ.

annuity : (nt.) vassikavetana.

annul : (v.t.) lopeti; samucchindati. (pp.) lutta; samucchinna.

annular : (adj.) vaṭṭula; valayākāra.

annunciate : (v.t.) (ādito) pakāseti (or) viññāpeti (pp.) pakāsita; viññāpita.

annunciation : (f.) pakāsanā; pageva ñāpanā.

annunciator : (m.) pakāsaka; nivedaka.

anodye : (adj.) rujāpahāraka; vedanānāsaka.

anoint : (v.t.) ālepeti; vilimpeti; abhañjati; añjeti. (pp.) ālepita; abhañjita; añjita.

anoint as a king : (v.t.) rajje abhisiñcati. (pp.) rajje abhisitta.

anointment : (m.) abbhaṅga. (nt.) vilepana.

anomalous : (adj.) niyāmaviruddha; uppaṭipāṭika.

anomalously : (adv.) vidhivirodhena.

anomaly : (m.) vyabhicāra; vidhivirodha.

anon : (adv.) muhuṃ; tāvad eva; sapadi.

anonym : (m.) ninnāmika.

anonymous : (adj.) aññātanāma; apākaṭanāma.

anonymously : (adv.) nāmanidassanaṃ vinā.

another : (adj.) apara; itara; añña; para.

another country : (nt.) desantara.

another day : (adv.) aññadā.

answer : (v.t.i.) vissajjeti; paṭivacanaṃ deti. (pp.) vissajjita; dinnapaṭivacana. (nt.) paṭivacana; paccuttara; vissajjana.

answerable : (adj.) paṭivacanīya; vissajjitabba.

ant : (f.) pipīlikā; kipillikā.

antagonism : (m.) virodha. (f.) vipakkhatā.

antagonist : (m.) virodhī; vipakkhaka; paṭipakkhī.

Antarctic : (adj.) dakkhiṇantagata.

antecedence : (f.) pubbaṅgamatā.

antecedent : (adj.) puregāmi; pubbaṅgama. (nt.) purevuttapada.

antechamber : (m.) antogabbha.

antedate : (v.t.) niyamadinato pubbadinaṃ yojeti. (nt.) kālaniyamato pubbadina.

antelope : (m.) eṇimiga; kuruṅga.

anterior : (adj.) pubbatara.

anthem : (nt.) devatthutigīta.

anthill : (m.) vammika.

anthology : (m.) sāravākyasaṅgaha.

anthrax : (m.) antogaṇḍa.

anthropoid : (adj.; m.) māṇavasadisa; mahāvānara.

anthropology : (f.) māṇavavijjā.

anthropomorphous : (adj.) manussākāra.

anti-aircraft : (m.) vyomayānanāsaka.

antibilious : (adj.) pittupasamaka.

antic : (m.) hāsuppādaka; parihāsaka.

antichristian : (adj.) kiṭṭhasamayaviruddha.

anticipant : (adj.; n.) abhikaṅkhī; apekkhaka.

anticipate : (v.t.) apekkhati; abhikaṅkhati. (pp.) apekkhita.

anticipation : (f.) apekkha. (m.) pubbābhoga.

antidotal : (adj.) visanāsaka.

antidote : (nt.) visanāsakosadha.

antimony : (nt.) kapotañjana.

antinomy : (m.) vidhivirodha.

antipathetic : (adj.) pakativiruddha; viruddhasabhāva.

antipathy : (m.) pakativirodha; (f.) sahajavirodhitā.

antipode : (3.) paṭipakkhika; paṭiviruddha. (m.; plu.) pātālavāsino; paṭipakkhadesā.

antipole : (m.) paṭiviruddha-akkha.

antiquarian : (adj.) purāṇavatthu-visayaka. (m.) purātattaññu.

antiquary : (m.) purātattagavesaka.

antiquate : (v.t.) appacāraṃ or atītakālikaṃ karoti. (pp.) appacārīkata.

antiquated : (adj.) parijiṇṇa.

antique : (adj.) purāṇa; atītāyatta. (nt.) purāṇavatthu.

antiquity : (m.) atītakāla. (nt.) purāṇatta.

antiseptic : (adj.; n.) pūtināsaka.

antisocial : (adj.) samājaviruddha.

antitheist : (m.) anissaravādī.

antithesis : (f.) viruddhatthatā; paṭipakkhatā.

antithetic : (adj.) aññamaññaviruddha.

antitype : (nt.) paṭhamanidassana.

antler : (nt.) sākhāyutta-siṅga; migasiṅga.

antlered : (adj.) visānī; migasiṅgayutta.

anus : (nt.) guda. (m.) vaccamagga.

anvil : (f.) adhikaraṇī.

anxiety : (m.) ubbega; manovilekha.

anxious : (adj.) sāpekkha; cintāpara; ussuka.

anxiously : (adv.) saussāhaṃ; sāpekkhaṃ.

any : (adj.) kiṃ with ci and ya.

anybody : (n.) yo ko ci.

anyhow : (adv.; conj.) yathā kathañci pi.

anything : (n.) yaṃ kiñci.

anyway : (adv.) yena kena ci ākārena.

anywhere : (adv.) yattha kattha ci.

anywise : (adv.) yena kena ci kārena.

aorist : (f.) ajjatanī vibhatti; atītakriyā.

apace : (adv.) turitaṃ; tuvaṭaṃ.

apart : (adv.) visuṃ; puthu; ekamantaṃ.

apartment : (n.) ovaraka.

apathetic : (adj.) upekkhaka; udāsīna.

apathetically : (adv.) udāsīnākārena; nirīhaṃ.

apathy : (f.) upekkhā; udasīnatā.

ape : (m.) vānara; kapi; sākhāmiga; makkaṭa. (v.t.) anukaroti; vilambeti. (pp.) anukata; vilambita.

apepsy : (f.) mandagahaṇitā.

aperient : (adj.; nt.) virecaka; virecana.

aperitive : (adj.; nt.) virecaka; virecana.

aperture : (nt.) vivara; randha; kuhara.

apetalous : (adj.) dalarahita.

apex : (nt.) agga; sikhara. (f.) koṭi. (m.) matthaka.

aphasia : (f.) kathetum asakyatā. (m.) vācānāsa.

aphorism : (nt.) sutta; manta. (f.) kārikā.

aphrodisiac : (adj.) kāmuddīpaka.

apiary : (nt.) madhukarāgāra.

apiculture : (nt.) madhukarapālana.

apiece : (adv.) khaṇḍaso; bhāgaso; aṅgavasena.

apish : (adj.) jaḷa; vānarasama.

apishly : (adv.) vānarasamaṃ.

apishness : (nt.) eḷamūgatta; kapisadisatta.

apocope : (m.) antakkharalopa.

apocryphal : (adj.) ayathābhūta; saṅkitabba.

apod : (m.) apadasatta.

apodictic : (adj.) visada; pākaṭa; suvitthārita.

Apollo : (m.) suriyadeva.

apologetic : (adj.; n.) khamāyācaka; accayadesaka.

apologetically : (adv.) accayadesanāya.

apologist : (m.) sakamatapatiṭṭhāpaka.

apologise : (v.i.) khamāpeti; attadosam āvikaroti. (pp.) khamāpita; āvikatattadosa.

apologue : (f.) upadesakathā.

apology : (f.) khamāyācanā. (nt.) accayapaṭiggahaṇa.

apoplectic : (adj.) mucchājanaka.

apoplexy : (f.) mucchā. (m.) sativippavāsa.

apostasy : (m.) sadhammacāga.

apostate : (m.) sadhammacāgī.

apostatise : (v.i.) dhammaṃ paccakkhāti; samayaṃ cajati. (pp.) paccakkhātadhamma; cattasamaya.

apostle : (m.) paṭhamadhammadūta; paṭhamārambhaka.

apostolate : (nt.) dhammadūtādhipacca.

apostrophe : (f.) lopasaññā.

apothecary : (m.) bhesajjasampādaka.

apotheosis : (nt.) devattāropaṇa.

apotheosise : (v.t.) devattam āropeti. (pp.) āropitadevatta.

appal : (v.t.) bhāyāpeti; tāseti. (pp.) bhāyāpita; tāsita.

apparatus : (nt.) upakaraṇa.

apparel : (nt.) vatthābharaṇa. (v.t.) nivāseti; paridahati. (pp.) nivāsita or nivattha; paridahita.

apparent : (adj.) dissamāna; pākaṭa; visada.

apparently : (adv.) dissamānākārena.

apparition : (nt.) bhūtadassana. (m.) amanussa.

appeal : (v.t.i.) uttarādhikaraṇaṃ yācati; accantaṃ yācati. (f.) uttarivinicchayāyācanā.

appear : (v.i.) āvibhavati; pātubhavati; sandissati. (pp.) āvibhūta; pātubhūta; sandiṭṭha.

appearance : (m.) pātubhāva; uppāda; udaya; ākāra. (nt.) dassana.

appease : (v.t.) upasameti; sannisīdāpeti. (pp.) upasamita; sannisīdāpita.

appeasement : (nt.) upasamana; sannisīdāpana.

appellant : (m.) uttarivincchayākaṅkhī.

appellation : (nt.) nāma; abhidhāna. (f.) saññā; samaññā; paññatti.

append : (nt.) anubandheti; olambeti; anughaṭeti. (pp.) anubaddha; olambita; anughaṭita.

appendage : (m.) anubandha.

appendant : (adj.) anughaṭita; upanibaddha.

appendicitis : (m.) antagaṇṭhikābādha.

appendix : (m.) avasiṭṭhasaṅgaha; upagantha.

appertain : (v.i.) sambajjhati. (pp.) sambaddha.

appetence : (f.) īhā; taṅhā.

appetent : (adj.) īhāyutta.

appetite : (f.) icchā; abhilāsā; khudā; jighacchā.

appetize : (v.t) jighacchaṃ janeti.

applaud : (v.t.i.) pasaṃsati; thometi; abhitthavati; appoṭheti. (pp.) pasattha; thomita; abhitthuta; appoṭhita.

applause : (f.) thomanā; abhitthuti; kittanā. (m.) sādhukāra.

apple : (nt.) sītāphala.

appliance : (f.) appaṇā. (nt.) upakaraṇa.

applicable : (adj.) anucchavika; kammañña; payojiya.

applicably : (adv.) yathānurūpaṃ.

applicant : (m.) āyācaka; ākaṅkhī; apekkhaka.

application : (f.) āyācanā; samappaṇā; abhiniropanā. (nt.) yācanapaṇṇa.

appalling : (adj.) bhayajanaka; bhayānaka.

apply : (v.t.i.) appeti; āyācati; upaṭṭhāti; (some medicine to), añjati; ālepeti. (pp.) appita; āyācita; upaṭṭhita; añjita; ālitta.

apply oneself to : niyojeti; upayojeti.

appoint : (v.t.) niyameti; niyojeti; adhikaroti; sammannati. (pp.) niyamita; niyojita; adhikata; sammata.

appointment : (m.) adhikāra; niyama; saṅketa. (nt.) ṭhānantara; pada.

apportion : (v.t.) onojeti; vibhajati; vikappeti. (pp.) onojita; vibhatta; vikappita.

apposite : (adj.) ucita; anurūpa; saṅgata.

appositely : (adv.) yathocitaṃ; yathārahaṃ.

apposition : (nt.) 1. samānādhikaraṇa; 2. muddāpatiṭṭhāpana.

appraisal : (nt.) agghaniyamana.

appraise : (v.t.) agghāpeti; mūlaṃ niyameti. (pp.) agghāpita; niyamitamūla.

appraisement : (nt.) agghāpana.

appraiser : (m.) agghakāra; agghāpaka.

appreciate : (v.t.i.) anumodati; agghaṃ or guṇaṃ jānati; agghaṃ vaḍḍheti. (pp.) anumodita; ñataggha; ñātaguṇa; vaḍḍhitaggha.

appreciation : (f.) anumodanā; guṇāpaciti; agghavaḍḍhi.

apprehend : (v.t.) 1. rodheti; gaṇhāti; 2. avabujjhati; 3. āsaṅkati; parisaṅkati. (pp.) rodhita or ruddha; avabuddha; parisaṅkita.

apprehension : (nt.) rodhana; gahaṇa. (m.) avabodha. (f.) parisaṅkā.

apprehensive : (adj.) sāsaṅka; sappaṭibhaya.

apprehensively : (adv.) sāsaṅkaṃ; sabhayaṃ.

apprentice : (m.) sekkha; sippantevāsi.

apprentice ship : (nt.) sissatta; antevāsikatta.

apprise : (v.t.i.) nivedeti; āroceti. (pp.) nivedita; ārocita.

approach : (v.t.i.) upagacchati; upasaṅkamati; pāpuṇāti; upatiṭṭhati. (pp.) upagata; upasaṅkanta; patta; upaṭṭhita. (nt.) upagamana; pāpuṇana. (f.) patti. (m.) āgamanamagga.

approachable : (adj.) upagamanīya.

approaching : (adj.) upakaṭṭha; āgāmi.

approbate : (v.t.) sampaṭicchati; anumaññati. (pp.) sampaṭicchita; anumata.

approbation : (nt.) sampaṭicchana. (f.) anumati.

appropriate : (adj.) ucita; anurūpa; kappiya. (v.t.) āyattaṃ karoti; visesakiccāya ṭhapeti.

appropriately : (adv.) ucitākārena; yathānurūpaṃ.

appropriation : (nt.) āyattakaraṇa. (m.) pariggaha.

approval : (f.) anuññā; anumati; sampaṭicchanā.

approve : (v.t.i.) anujānāti; anumaññati; pasaṃsati; tathataṃ dīpeti. (pp.) anuññāta; anumata; pasattha; dīpitatathatta.

approximate : (adj.) accāsanna; samīpatara. (v.t.) upaneti; samīpaṃ neti. (v.i.) upagacchati; upatiṭṭhati. (pp.) upanīta; upagata; upaṭṭhita.

approximately : (adv.) āsannataraṃ; upanayanena.

approximation : (nt.) samīpānayana.

appurtenance : (nt.) parikkhāra; upakaraṇa.

appurtenant : (adj.) parikkhārabhūta.

April : (m.) Cittamāsa.

apron : (nt.) kaṭipaṭicchādana; malaggāhakavattha.

apt : (adj.) ucita; yogga; pavīṇa; kusala; dakkha.

aptitude : (nt.) kosalla; pāṭava; cāturiya; ucitatta; anurūpatta.

aptly : (adv.) pāṭavena; kosallena.

aptness : (nt.) pāṭava; kosalla.

aqua : (nt.) āpa; paya; jala; vāri.

aquarium : (nt.) mīnāgāra.

Aquarius : (m.) kumbharāsi.

aquatic : (adj.) jalaja; vārigocara.

aqueduct : (f.) panālikā; jalanetti; udakamātikā.

aqueous : (adj.) jalabahula; jalajāta.

aquiline : (adj.) garuḷākāra.

Arab : (m.) arābidesīya.

Arabian : (adj.) arābijātika.

arable : (adj.) kasiyogga; kasanāraha.

arbiter : (m.) niṇṇetu; vinicchayadāyaka; tīretu.

arbitral : (adj.) majjhaṭṭhatīraṇāyatta.

arbitrarily : (adv.) attanomatiyā; yathākāmaṃ.

arbitrary : (adj.) attanomatika; sericārī.

arbitrate : (v.t.i.) tīreti; niccheti; niṇṇeti. (pp.) tīrita; nicchita; niṇṇīta.

arbitration : (m.) majjhattavinicchaya.

arbitrator : (m.) niṇṇetu; vinicchayadāyaka; tīretu.

arboreal : (adj.) rukkhajīvī.

arboriculture : (nt.) rukkharopaṇa.

arbour : (m.) nikuñja; latāmaṇḍapa.

arc : (m.) addhavaṭṭula; candavaṅka.

arcade : (m.) toraṇacchannamagga; channapatha.

Arcadian : (adj.) jānapadika.

arch : (nt.) toraṇa; addhamaṇḍala. (adj.) uttama; seṭṭha; padhāna; keḷisīla. (v.t.) addhamaṇḍalaṃ yojeti. (v.i.) addhavaṭṭulo bhavati. (pp.) yojitaddhamaṇḍala; addhavaṭṭulībhūta.

archaeologist : (m.) purātattavedī.

archaeology : (f.) purāvatthuvijjā.

archaic : (adj.) addhagata; kālātīta.

archaism : (nt.) atītānugamana.

archangel : (m.) seṭṭhadevadūta.

archbishop : (m.) devapūjakādhipati.

archduke : (m.) seṭṭhādipāda; padhānakumāra.

archer : (n.) issāsa; dhanuddhara.

archery : (nt.) dhanusippa; issattha.

archetype : (nt.) mūlapaṭibimba.

archipelago : (m.) 1. dīparāsi; 2. bahudīpakasamudda.

architect : (m.) nimmāṇasippī.

architecture : (nt.) nimmāṇasippa.

archives : (nt.) itihāsalekhanāgara; purāvattanta. (f.) itihāsalipi.

arctic : (adj.) uttarantāyatta; merupadesīya.

arctic circle : (nt.) meruparivaṭṭa.

ardency : (m.) ātāpa; ussāha.

ardent : (adj.) uttatta; ātāpī; pahitatta; ussuka.

ardently : (adv.) saussāhaṃ; sānurāgaṃ.

ardour : (m.) adhikatāpa; ātappa; ussāha; vāyāma.

arduous : (adj.) durāroha; dukkara; dussādhiya.

area : (m.) bhūmippadesa; āyāmavitthāra.

areca : (m.) pūga; kamuka.

arecanut : (nt.) pūgaphala.

arena : (f.) mallabhūmi. (nt.) raṅgamaṇḍala.

argent : (adj.) rejatavaṇṇa.

argentine : (adj.) rejatopama.

argil : (f.) kumbhakāramattikā.

argue : (v.t.i.) vivadati; pamāṇayati; yuttiṃ katheti. (pp.) vivadita; pamāṇita; kathitayuttika.

arguer : (m.) vādī; yuttikathī.

argument : (m.) vivāda. (f.) yuttikathā.

argumentation : (nt.) vivadana; takkavitakkana.

argumentative : (adj.) takkika; vādappiya.

aerial : (adj.) 1. vāyumaya; 2. ākāsagata.

arid : (adj.) sukkha; nissāra.

Aries : (m.) mesarāsi.

aright : (adv.) sammā; yathātathaṃ.

arise : (v.i.) udeti; uppajjati; ubbhavati; uṭṭhāti; uggacchati; pabhavati. (pp.) udita; uppanna; ubbhūta; uṭṭhita; uggata; pabhūta.

arising : (f.) jāti; uppatti; nibbatti. (m.) udaya; uggama. (nt.) uṭṭhāna. (adj.) jāyamāna; uppajjanaka.

arising from a cause : (adj.) hetuppabhava.

arising together : (adj.) sahabhū.

aristocracy : (f.) issarajanatā. (nt.) adhipatīhi pālana.

aristocrat : (m.) issarajana.

arithmetic : (f.) aṅkavijjā. (nt.) gaṇita.

arithmetical : (adj.) aṅkavijjānugata.

arithmetician : (m.) gaṇitaññū; gaṇaka.

ark : (f.) mañjūsā; peḷā; taraṇī; nāvā.

arm : (m.) bāhu; bhuja. (f.) bāhā. (v.i.) sannayhati. (pp.) sannaddha. (v.t.) sannāhayati; sannaddhaṃ karoti. (pp.) sannāhayita. (nt.; plu.) āyudha; sattha.

armada : (m.) yuddhanāvāsamūha.

armadillo : (f.) kapālagodhā.

armament : (f.) sannaddhasenā. (m.) yuddhopakaraṇasamūha.

armchair : (f.) āsandi.

armful : (adj.) pasatamatta.

armistice : (f.) kālika-yuddhavirati.

armlet : (nt.) kāyura; bāhumūlavibhūsana.

armour : (m.) sannāha; kavaca. (nt.) vamma. (v.t.) sannāheti. (pp.) sannaddha.

armourer : (m.) 1. āyudhasampādaka. 2. āyudhādhikārī.

armoury : (nt.) āyudhāgāra.

armpit : (nt.) upakaccha.

army : (f.) yuddhasenā; camū; vāhinī. (nt.) yuddhabala.

army of chariots : (f.) rathasenā.

army of elephants : (f.) hatthisenā.

aroma : (m.) sugandha; surabhi.

aromatic : (adj.) sugandhī; surabhiyutta.

aromatics : (m.; plu.) sugahajātayo.

around : (adv.) abhito; parito; samantato; samantā.

arouse : (v.t.) pabodheti; uttejeti; ussukkāpeti. (pp.) pabodhita; uttejita; ussukkāpita.

arousing : (nt.) pabodhana; uttejana.

arrack : (f.) tālasurā; nāḷikerī.

arraign : (v.t.) codeti; vinicchayaṃ neti. (pp.) codita; vinicchayaṃ nīta.

arraignment : (f.) codanā; vinicchayapāpanā.

arrange : (v.t.i) saṃvidahati; paṭipādeti; paṭiyādeti; racayati. (pp.) saṃvidahita; paṭipādita; paṭiyādita; racita.

arrangement : (nt.) saṃvidhāna; paṭiyādana. (m.) vinyāsa.

arrant : (adj.) duṭṭha; vañcaka; saṭha.

arrantly : (adv.) duṭṭhākārena; saṭhena.

array : (v.t.) 1. byūhayati. 2. bhūseti; vibhūseti; maṇḍeti. (pp.) byūhita; bhūsita; maṇḍita. (f.) 1. racanā. (m.) byūha; vyūha. (nt.) 2. maṇḍana; pasādhana. (m.) alañkāra.

array of an army : (nt.) aṇīkagga.

arrear : (nt.)(plu.) avasiṭṭha-iṇa.

arrearage : (nt.) asodhita-iṇa.

arrest : (v.t.) 1. rundhati; sannirumbheti. 2. vikkhambheti. (pp.) ruddha; sannirumbhita. (nt.) 1. rundhana; rodhana; gahaṇa. 2. vikkhambhana.

arrival : (nt.) āgamana; upagamana; pāpuṇana. (f.) patti; anuppati.

arrive : (v.i.) pappoti; pāpuṇāti; upagacchati; avasarati. (pp.) patta; upagata; avasaṭa.

arrogance : (m.) dappa; abhimāna; ahaṅkāra.

arrogant : (adj.) unnala; dappita; gabbita; abhimānī.

arrogantly : (adv.) sadappaṃ; sābhimānaṃ.

arrogate : (v.t) aññāyena sakāyattaṃ karoti.

arrogation : (nt.) ayuttiyā gahaṇa.

arrow : (m.) usu; sara; bāṇa. (nt.) asana; tejana.

arrow headed : (adj.) saratuṇḍākāra.

arsenal : (nt.) yuddhāyudhāgāra.

arsenic : (nt.) visapāsāṇa. (adj.) visapāsāṇayutta.

arson : (nt.) gehadāhana.

art : (nt.) sippa; kosalla; nepuñña; (painting) cittakamma. (f.) kalā.

arterial : (adj.) dhamanīsambandha.

artery : (f.) dhammanī; kaṇḍarā.

artful : (adj.) saṭha; kapaṭa; māyāvi.

artfulness : (f.) māyāvitā. (nt.) cāturiya; pāṭava.

article : (m.) nibandha. (f.) visesalipi. (nt.) bhaṇḍa; upakaraṇa; vatthu.

article of trade : (nt.) paṇiya.

articulate : (v.t.i) udīreti; uccāreti. (pp.) udīrita; uccārīta. (adj.) vyatta; paripphuṭa.

articulation : (nt.) vyattuccāraṇa.

artifice : (m.) 1. upāya. (nt.) sippakosalla. 2. sāṭheyya.

artificer : (m.) sippī; nimmāpaka.

artificial : (adj.) kittima; sippinimmita; apākatika.

artificially : (adv.) kittimākārena.

artillery : (f.) nāḷīyantasenā.

artisan : (m.) sippī; kalāvedī.

artist : (m.) sippī; cittakāra.

artistic : (adj.) sippānugata; kalānukūla; kosalladīpaka.

artless : (adj.) 1. ādakkha; anipuṇa. 2. asaṭha; amāyāvī.

Aryan : (adj.) ariya; ariyāyatta; ariyavaṃsika.

as : (adv.; conj.) iva; viya; yathā.

as before : (adv.; conj.) yathā pure.

as far as : (adv.; conj.) yāva ... tāva; yāvatā ... tāvatā.

as follows : (adv.; conj.) taṃ yathā; seyyathīdaṃ.

as if : (adv.; conj.) viya.

as soon as : (adv.; conj.) tāvad eva.

as well as : (adv.; conj.) that'eva.

asafetida : (nt.) hiṅgu.

asafoetida : (nt.) hiṅgu.

asbestos : (nt.) adayhatantu.

ascend : (v.t.i.) āruhati; abhiruhati; ārohati. (v.i.) uggacchati. (pp.) ārūḷha; uggata.

ascendancy : (nt.) adhipālana; adhirohaṇa.

ascendant : (adj.) aruhamāna; uggacchanta. (m.) ārohīpabalī.

ascendency : (nt.) adhipālana; adhirohaṇa.

ascendent : (adj.) aruhamāna; uggacchanta. (m.) ārohīpabalī.

ascension : (nt.) uggamana; āruhaṇa.

ascension to the heaven : (nt.) saggārohaṇa.

ascent : (nt.) 1. uggamana; 2. unnataṭṭhāna.

ascertain : (v.t) vavatthapeti; nirūpeti; niccheti. (pp.) vavatthapita; nirūpita; nicchita.

ascertainment : (nt.) sanniṭṭhāna; avadhāraṇa; niddhāraṇa. (m.) nicchaya.

ascetic : (adj.; m.) tāpasa; muni; yati; isi; samaṇa.

ascetic practice : (nt.) tapa; tapokamma.

asceticism : (nt.) tapacaraṇa. (m.) samaṇadhamma.

ascribe : (v.t.) ajjhāropeti; upakkhipati. (pp.) ajjhāropita; upakkhitta.

ascription : (nt.) ajjhāropaṇa; upanayana.

asexual : (adj.) aliṅgika.

ash : (m.) bhasmavaṇṇataru. (f.) chārikā. (nt.) bhasma.

ashame : (v.t.) lajjāpeti. (pp.) lajjāpita. (v.i.) lajjati. (pp.) lajjita.

ashen : (adj.) dhūsara; bhasmavaṇṇa.

ashore : (adv.)(loc.) tīre; taṭe; kūle.

ashy : (adj.) 1. dhūsara; 2. basmacchanna.

Asian : (adj.) āsiāmahādīpāyatta.

Asiatic : (adj.) āsiāmahādīpāyatta.

aside : (adv.) ekamantaṃ; ekapasse.

ask : (v.t.) 1. pucchati; 2. yācati. (pp.) puṭṭha; yācita.

ask in return : (v.t.) paṭipucchati.

askance : (adv.) 1. ṭiro; tiriyaṃ; kuṭilaṃ; 2. sāsaṅkaṃ.

askew : (adv.) anujuṃ; vaṅkākārena; vimukhākārena.

aslant : (adv.) anujuṃ; vaṅkākārena; vimukhākārena.

asleep : (adj.) sutta; niddopagata. (adv.) antoniddāya.

aslope : (adj.) poṇa; niṇṇa. (adv.) pabbhārākārena.

asparagus : (f.) satāvarī; satamūlī.

aspect : (m.) vesa; vilāsa; ākāra. (f.) avaṭṭhiti.

asperity : (nt.) kakkhaḷatta; lūkhatta; kharatta.

asphalt : (m.) asmalepa.

aspirant : (adj.; m.) ākaṅkhī; patthetu.

aspirate : (v.t.) saghosam uccāreti. (pp.) saghosam uccārita. (nt.) ghosakkhara. (adj.) saghosa.

aspiration : (m.) 1. assāsa; abhinīhāra; 2. ākaṅkhā; abhilāsā; patthanā

aspire : (v.i.) pattheti; abhilasati; ākaṅkhati. (pp.) patthita; abhilasita; ākaṅkhita.

asquint : (adj.) valira; kekara. (adv.) kekarākārena.

ass : (m.) gadrabha.

assail : (v.t.) āhanati; paharati; paripāteti. (pp.) āhata; pahaṭa; paripātita.

assailant : (m.) āhanaka; paripātetu; omaddaka.

assassin : (m.) ghātaka; māretu; pāṇahara.

assassinate : (v.t.) māreti; ghāteti; hanati. (pp.) mārita; ghātita; hata.

assassination : (nt.) māraṇa; ghātana; hanana.

assault : (v.t.) paharati; pahāraṃ deti. (pp.) pahaṭa; dinnapahāra. (nt.) pahāradāna; paharaṇa.

assay : (v.t.) loham upaparikkhati. (f.) lohaparikkhā.

assayer : (m.) lohaparikkhaka.

assemblage : (m.) samūha; samudāya; saṅgha; gaṇa.

assemble : (v.t.) sannipāteti. (v.i.) sannipatati; samosarati; samāgacchati. (pp.) sannipātita; sannipatita; samosaṭa; samāgata.

assembly : (f.) parisā; sabhā; samiti. (m.) samāgama; sannipāta.

assent : (v.i.) anujānāti; paṭissuṇāti. (pp.) anuññāta; paṭissuta. (f.) anumati; anuññā. (m.) paṭissava.

assert : (v.t.) daḷhīkaroti; sādhakehi dasseti. (pp.) daḷhīkata; dassitasādhaka.

assertion : (nt.) daḷhīkaraṇa; pamāṇīkaraṇa.

assess : (v.t.) agghaṃ or karaṃ nirūpeti; baliṃ niddhāreti. (pp.) nirūpitakara; niddhāritabali.

assessment : (nt.) karaniyamana; aghanirūpaṇa.

assessor : (m.) agghanirūpaka.

assets : (m.) iṇamocaka-vibhava.

asseverate : (v.t.) sanicchayaṃ pakāseti. (pp.) sanicchayaṃ pakāsita.

asseveration : (nt.) sanicchaya-pakāsana.

assiduity : (m.) uyyāma; uyyoga. (f.) tapparatā.

assiduous : (adj.) uyyutta; tappara; parāyaṇa.

assiduously : (adv.) saussāhaṃ.

assiduousness : (f.) tapparāyaṇatā

assign : (v.t.) niyyādeti; niyameti. (pp.) niyyādita; niyamita.

assignation : (nt.) onojaṇa. (m.) pubbaniyama; niyamitavelādi.

assignee : (m.) niyojita; nīyādetabba.

assignment : (nt.) 1. niyyātana; niyamana; 2. niyyātanapaṇṇa.

assignor : (m.) nīyādaka.

assimilate : (v.t.) 1. samāneti; sadisīkaroti; 2. paripāceti; pariṇāmeti. (v.i.) samataṃ yāti. (pp.) samānita; sadisīkata; paripācita; pariṇāmita; samataṃ yāta.

assimilation : (nt.) samatāpādana; sadisatta; tulyatta; samānatta. (m.) pariṇāma.

assist : (v.t.) anuggaṇhāti; upatthambheti; upakaroti. (pp.) anuggahita; upatthambhita; upakata.

assistance : (m.) anuggaha; upakāra. (f.) sahāyatā.

assistant : (m.) sahāya; upatthambhaka. ūpa in cpds. e.g upācariya, assistant teacher.

assizes : (m.) adhikaraṇavāra.

assizeser : (m.) aggha-māṇanirūpaka.

associable : (adj.) sevitabba; bhajitabba.

associate : (v.t.i.) sevati; bhajati; nisevati; payirupāsati; saṃvasati. (pp.) sevita; bhajita; pariyupāsita; saṃvuttha. (m.) sahāya; sahacara; anucara; payirupāsaka.

association : (nt.) sevana; bhajana; payirupāsana. (m.) saṃsagga; santhava; saṅgama; saṃsada. (f.) sabhā; samiti.

associational : (adj.) samājāyatta.

assonance : (f.) samānassaratā.

assonant : (adj.) samānasarayutta.

assort : (v.t.) pantivasena puthakkaroti. (v.i.) āsevati. (pp.) pantivasena puthakkata; āsevita.

assortment : (nt.) uccinana. (m.) vinyāsa.

assuage : (v.t.) upasameti; sannisīdāpeti. (pp.) upasamita; sannisādāpita.

assuagement : (nt.) upasamana.

assuasive : (adj.) upasamaka; santidāyaka.

assume : (v.t.i.) 1. ādāti; 2. vesaṃ gaṇhāti; 3. gabbito hoti; 4. saccaṃ viya parikappeti. (pp.) ādinna; gahitāvesa; saccaṃ viya parikappita.

assuming : (adj.) gabbita; sadappa.

assumption : (nt.) 1. ādāna; 2. vesagahaṇa; 3. parikappana; 4. āyattakaraṇa.

assurance : (f.) saccāpana; sanicchayakathā. (nt.) saccakārapaṇṇa.

assure : (v.t.) 1. surakkhitaṃ karoti; 2. niccheti; saṃsayam apaneti. (pp.) surakkhitaṃ kata; nicchita; apanītasaṃsaya.

assuredly : (adv.) ekantaṃ; niyantaṃ; nissaṃsayaṃ.

assuredness : (nt.) surakkhitatta; sanicchayatta.

assurgent : (adj.) uggacchamāna.

assyriology : (f.) asurapurāvijjā.

asterisk : (nt.) tārālañchana.

asterism : (nt.) nakkhatta. (m.) tārāsamūha.

astern : (adv.) navāya; pacchābhāge.

asteroid : adj.) tārakākāra.

asthma : (m.) sāsaroga.

asthmatic : (m.) sāsarogī. (adj.) sāsarogāyatta.

astir : (adj.) saṅkhubhita.

astonish : (v.t.) vimhayāpeti; kutūhalaṃ janeti. (pp.) vimhayāpita; janitakutūhala.

astonishing : (adj.) vimhayakara; acchariyāvaha.

astonishment : (m.) vimhaya. (nt.) acchariya; abbhuta.

astound : (v.t.) vimoheti; ākulīkaroti. (pp.) vimohita; ākulīkata.

astral : (adj.) dibba; sukhuma tārakāyatta.

astray : (adv.) uppathaṃ. (adj.) uppathagāmī; maggamūḷha.

astrict : (v.t.) rundhati; daḷhaṃ bandhati. (pp.) ruddha; daḷhabaddha.

astride : (adv.) pāde viyūhitvā.

astringe : (v.t.) saṅkoceti. (pp.) saṅkocita.

astringent : (adj.) kaṭuka; kasāva; santhambhaka.

astrologer : (m.) muhuttika; jotisatthaññū.

astrological : (adj.) jotisatthāyattha.

astrology : (nt.) horāsattha. (f.) nakkhattavijjā.

astronomer : (m.) jotisatthavidū.

astronomical : (adj.) jotisatthāyatta.

astronomically : (adv.) jotisatthānusārena.

astronomy : (nt.) jotisattha.

astute : (adj.) catura; nipuṇa.

astutely : (adv.) caturākārena.

asunder : (adv.) puthu; visuṃ.

asylum : (nt.) leṇaṭṭhāna. (m.) assama.

asymmetry : (f.) asobhanatā.

at : (prep.) in many cases it is expressed by the locative, and sometimes by the instrumental or accusative.

at ease : (adv.) yathā sukhaṃ.

at first : (adv.) ādito; paṭhamaṃ.

at last : (prep.) ante; pariyosāne.

at once : (adv.) ekappahārena; sapadi; taṅkhaṇaṃ.

at that moment : (adv.) tāvade; taṅkhaṇe.

at that time : (adv.) tadā.

ataxy : (m.) sarīrakriyāsaṅkhobha; kriyāviraha.

atheism : (m.) anissaravāda. (f.) adevadiṭṭhi.

atheist : (m.) adevadiṭṭhī; anissaravādī.

athirst : (adj.) pipāsita; sataṇha.

athlete : (m.) malla; kīḷaka.

athletic : (adj.) balavantu; thāmasampanna. (m.) mallayodha.

athwart : (adv.) vilomaṃ; paṭilomaṃ; tiriyaṃ.

Atlantic : (adj.) atalapabbatāyatta.

atlas : (nt.) bhūmicitta.

atmosphere : (nt.) vāyumaṇḍala.

atmospherical : (adj.) vāyumaṇḍalāyatta.

atom : (m.) paramāṇu.

atomic : (adj.) paramāṇuvisayaka.

atomism : (m.) paramāṇuvāda.

atomise : (v.t.) paramāṇubhāvaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) paramāṇubhāvaṃ papita.

atomy : (m.) 1. kisadeha; 2. aṭṭhikaṅkala; 3. aṇuppamāṇajīvī.

atone : (v.t.i.) paṭikaroti; paṭikammaṃ or daṇḍakammaṃ karoti. (pp.) paṭikata; katapaṭikamma.

atonement : (m.) paṭikamma.

atonic : (adj.) aghosa. (nt.) aghosakkhara.

atop : (adv.) matthake.

atrocious : (adj.) ghora; dāruṇa.

atrociously : (adv.) ghorākārena.

atrocity : (nt.) ghoratta; dāruṇatta.

atrophy : (nt.) mandaposaṇa.

attach : (v.t.) 1. laggeti; sambandhati; 2. rañjeti. (v.i.) 1. āsajjati; laggati; 2. sārajjati. (pp.) laggita; sambaddha; rañjita; āsatta; lagga; sāratta. || attached to the body : (f.) kāyūpaga; kāyagata.

attachment : (nt.) 1. āsajjana; laggana; rajjana. (m.) rāga; anurāga; saṅga. (f.) rati; nandi; nikanti.

attack : (v.t.) paharati; āhanati; paripāteti. (pp.) pahaṭa; āhata; paripātita. (nt.) paharaṇa; āharana; paripātana.

attacked by a disease : (adj.) rogāpahata; rogapīḷita.

attain : (v.i.) labhati; paṭilabhati; adhigacchati; abhisameti. (pp.) laddha; adhigata; abhisamita. (v.t.) upeti; pāpuṇāti. (pp.) upeta; patta.

attainable : (adj.) laddhabba; pattabba; abhisametabba.

attainment : (m.) paṭilābha; adhigama; abhisamaya.

attar : (m.) sogandhikasāra.

attemper : (v.t.) santataṃ neti; kammaññaṃ karoti. (pp.) santataṃ nīta; kammaññakata.

attempt : (v.t.) ussahati; vāyamati; upakkamati. (pp.) ussahita; vāyamita; upakkamita. (m.) ussāha; vāyāma. (nt.) viriya.

attend : (v.t.) 1. upatiṭṭhati; anuyāti; parivāreti; 2. upaṭṭhāti; upāsati; sevati. (pp.) upaṭṭhita; anuyāta; parivarita; upaṭṭhita; upāsita; sevita. (v.i.) 1. samāgacchati; 2. ṃanasikaroti. (pp.) samāgata; manasikata.

attendance : (nt.) upaṭṭhāna; upāsana. (f.) sevā; sampattaparisā; āvajjanā; sussūsa. (m.) parivāra; manasikāra.

attendant : (adj.; m.) sevaka; upaṭṭhāka; paricāraka; veyyāvaccajara.

attendant on a patient : (m.) gilānupaṭṭhāka.

attention : (nt.) avadhāna; apekkhana; odahana. (m.) abhinivesa.

attention to one subject : (f.) ekaggatā.

attentive : (adj.) sāvadhāna; samāhita; sussūsaka.

attentively : (adv.) sāvadhānaṃ.

attenuate : (v.t.) tanuṃ or sallahukaṃ karoti; balaṃ hāpeti. (pp.) tanukata; hāpitabala. (v.i.) khīyati; hāyati; tanubhavati. (pp.) khīṇa; hiṇa; tanubhūta.

attenuation : (nt.) tanukaraṇa; hāyana; khīyana.

attest : (v.t.i.) sakkhiṃ karoti; sakkhī bhavati; samatthayati. (pp.) sakkhikata; sakkhī bhūta; samatthita.

attestation : (nt.) pamāṇīkaraṇa; samatthana.

attic : (nt.) kūṭāgāra.

attire : (v.t.) acchādeti; paridahati; nivāseti. (pp.) acchādita; paridahita; nivāsita or nivattha. (nt.) vatthābharaṇa.

attitude : (m.) ākāra; vilāsa. (m.) saṇṭhiti.

attorney : (m.) paṭinidhi; parakiccasādhaka.

attorney general : (m.) padhānanītivedī.

attract : (v.t.) 1. ākassati; ākaḍḍhati; 2. palobeti. (pp.) ākassita; ākaḍḍhita; palobhita.

attraction : (nt.) ākassana; palobhana.

attractive : (adj.) ākassaka; palobhaka; manohara; hadayaṅgama.

attractiveness : (nt.) manoharatta; manuññatta.

attributable : (adj.) ajjhāropanīya.

attribute : (v.t.) āropeti; niropeti. (pp.) āropita. (m.) guṇavissesa. (nt.) visesaṇa.

attributive : (adj.) visesaka; guṇavācaka.

attrition : (nt.) ghaṃsana. (m.) anutāpa.

attune : (v.t.) tulyassarataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) tulyassarataṃ pāpita.

atwain : (adv.) dvidhā.

auburn : (adj.) tambavaṇṇa.

auction : (m.) anusāvita-vikkaya.

auctioneer : (m.) anusāvitavikkayī.

audacious : (adj.) sappagabbha.

audaciously : (adv.) pāgabbhiyena.

audacity : (nt.) pagabbhiya. (f.) nillajjatā.

audible : (adj.) sotagocara; savaṇakkhama.

audibly : (adv.) savaṇīyākārena.

audience : (nt.) savaṇa; nisāmana. (m.) sāvakagaṇa. (f.) nisāmaka-parisā.

audit : (v.t.) gaṇanam upaparikkhati. (f.) saṅkhyāparikkhā.

audition : (nt.) savaṇa. (m.) sotappasāda.

auditive : (adj.) savaṇānubaddha.

auditive cognition : (nt.) sotaviññāṇa.

auditive sensation : (nt.) sotindriya.

auditor : (m.) gaṇaka; saṅkhyāparikkhaka.

auditory : (adj.) savaṇānubaddha.

auditory cognition : (nt.) sotaviññāṇa.

auditory sensation : (nt.) sotindriya.

auger : (f.) vedhanī.

aught : (n.) kiñci; yaṃ kiñci.

augment : (v.t.) brūheti; vaḍḍheti. (pp.) brūhita; vaḍḍhita. (v.i.) abhivaḍḍhati. (pp.) abhivuddha.

augmentation : (f.) vaḍḍhi; vuddhi. (nt.) vaḍḍhana; brūhana.

augmentative : (adj.) abhivaḍḍhaka.

augur : (m.) nimittapāṭhaka. (v.t.) subhāsubham apekkhati.

augural : (adj.) nimittāyatta; anāgatadassaka.

augury : (nt.) nimittapaṭhana.

August : (adj.) mahanīyatara; mahāmahima. (m.) sāvaṇamāsa.

augustness : (f.) mahāmahimatā.

aunt : (f.) (father's sister) pitucchā; (mother's sister) mātucchā; (maternal uncle's wife) mātulānī; (paternal uncle's wife) cūlamātā.

aura : (nt.) tejomaṇḍala.

aural : (adj.) sotavisayaka.

aurelian : (adj.) suvaṇṇavaṇṇa.

aureole : (nt.) sīsappabhāmaṇḍala. (f.) ketumālā.

auricular : (adj.) sotavisayaka; rāhaseyyaka.

auricularly : (adv.) kaṇṇajappanena.

aurora : (m.) 1. akkhāsannāloka; 2. aruṇa; aruṇobhāsa.

auspicate : (v.t.) ārabhati; patiṭṭhāpeti (pp.) āradha; patiṭṭhāpita.

auspice : (nt.) pubbanimitta; subhanimitta. (nt.; plu.) maṅgalādhipacca.

auspicious : (adj.) subha; maṅgalā; kalyāṇa; bhaddaka.

auspicious moment : (m.) sukhaṇa; sumuhutta.

auspiciousness : (nt.) subhatta; maṅgalatta.

austere : (adj.) kaṭhina; pharusa; ugga; tibba.

austerely : (adv.) pharusākārena.

austereness : (nt.) pharusatta; kharatta; tibbatta.

austral : (adj.) dakkhiṇāyatta.

authentic : (adj.) saddheyya; pamāṇika; yathātatha.

authentically : (adv.) yathābhūtaṃ; yathātathaṃ.

authenticate : (v.t.) pamāṇīkaroti; saccattaṃ dīpeti. (pp.) pamāṇīkata; saccattaṃ dīpita.

authenticity : (f.) tathatā; saddheyyatā.

author : (m.) 1. ganthakāra; 2. sampādaka; uppādaka.

authoress : (f.) ganthasampādikā.

authoritative : (adj.) mahesakkha; āṇāsampanna.

authoritatively : (adv.) mahesakkhatāya.

authority : (nt.) issariya; ādhipacca; pabhutta.

authorise : (v.t.) adhikāraṃ deti; niyojeti; sammannati. (pp.) dinnādhikāra; niyojita; sammata.

authorship : (n.) sampadakatta.

autobiography : (f.) sayaṃlikhita-cariyā.

autocar : (m.) sayaṅgāmī-ratha.

autocracy : (nt.) serīpālana.

autocrat : (m.) serīpālaka.

autocratic : (adj.) serīpālanāyatta.

autocratical : (adj.) serīpālanāyatta.

autograph : (v.t.) sakahatthena likhati. (pp.) sakahatthena likhita. (f.) sakahatthalipi.

automatic : (adj.) sayaṃvattī.

automatically : (adv.) sakabalena; attanā va.

automatism : (nt.) sayañcalana.

automobile : (m.) sayaṇgāmīratha.

autonomy : (nt.) sayaṃpalana; sakāyattapālana.

autonomous : (adj.) sakamatānuga.

autumn : (m.) saradasamaya.

autumnal : (adj.) sāradika.

auxiliary : (adj.; m.) sahāyabhūta; upakāraka; sahakārī; upakārī.

avail : (v.t.) upakaroti; anuggaṇhāti. (v.i.) atthāya or hitāya bhavati. (pp.) upakata; anuggahita; atthāya bhūta; hitāya bhūta. (m.) attha; hita. (f.) abhivuddhi.

available : (adj.) sulabha; laddhabba; payojanāvaha.

avalanche : (nt.) himasikharapatana.

avarice : (m.) lobha. (nt.) macchariya; kadariya.

avaricious : (adj.) luddha; kadariya; maccharī.

avariciousness : (nt.) luddhatta; macchariya.

avaunt : (intj.) apehi; apagaccha; apakkama.

avenge : (v.t.) veraṃ niyyāteti. (pp.) niyyātitavera.

avengeful : (adj.) verasādhanābhilāsī.

avenue : (m.) pavesapatha. (f.) ubhato tarupanti; tarurājiyatta-vīthi.

aver : (v.t.) sanicchayaṃ vadati. (pp.) sanicchavutta.

average : (adj.) majjhimappamāṇika. (m.) vattamānasabhāva (nt.) majjhimappamāṇa (v.t.) pamāṇaṃ dasseti; majjhe pavatteti. (pp.) dassitapamāṇa; dassitapamātita.

averment : (nt.) thirapakāsana.

averse : (adj.) paṭikūla; parammukha; viratta. (averse to, from pain), dukkhapaṭikūla.

aversion : (m.) virāga; anālaya. (f.) nibbidā; parammukhatā; vimukhatā.

avert : (v.t.) vāreti; nivāreti; nivatteti; vinivaṭṭeti. (pp.) vārita; vāritita; vāriṭita.

avian : (adj.) sakuṇāyatta.

aviary : (m.) pakkhipañjara.

aviate : (v.i.) nabhasā gacchati. (pp.) nabhasāgata.

aviation : (nt.) nabhogamana.

aviator : (m.) nabhogāmī.

avid : (adj.) giddha; luddha; lola.

avidity : (f.) giddhatā; lolatā.

avocation : (f.) jīvikāvutti. (m.) vyāpāra.

avoid : (v.t.) vajjeti; parivajjeti; cajati; jahati; pajahati. (pp.) vajjita; parivajjita; catta; jahita; pajahita.

avoidable : (adj.) vajjanīya.

avoidance : (nt.) vajjana; jahana; pajahana; pahāna; cajana. (m.) cāga.

avouch : (v.t.i.) sutthiraṃ pakāseti. (pp.) sutthiraṃ pakāsita.

avouchment : (f.) ekaṃsikavāca.

avow : (v.t.) aṅgīkaroti; sampaṭicchati. (pp.) aṅgīkata; sampaṭicchita.

avowal : (nt.) pakāsana.

avowedly : (adv.) supākaṭaṃ; sāṅgīkāraṃ.

avulsion : (nt.) vidāraṇa. (m.) bhūmināsa.

await : (v.t.) āgameti; patimāneti; apekkhati. (pp.) patimānita; apekkhita.

awake : (v.t.) pabodheti; vuṭṭhāpeti. (v.i.) pabujjhati; jāgarati. (pp.) pabodhita; vuṭṭhāpita; pabuddha. (adj.) jāgara; ussuka.

awaken : see awake

awaken state : (nt.) jāgariya.

awaker : (m.) pabodhaka.

awaking : (nt.) pabodhana; pabujjhana.

award : (v.t.) niyameti; nītiyādadāti. (pp.) niyamita; nītiyādinna. (m.) vinicchaya. (nt.) nītiyā niyamita.

aware : (adj.) jānanta.

away : (adv.) ārā; dūre. || away from : ārakā.

awe : (nt.) gāravayutta-bhaya. (v.t.) sagāravabhayaṃ janeti.

awesome : (adj.) bhayajanaka.

awe-inspiring : (adj.) bhayajanaka.

aweary : (adj.) vihesappatta.

awful : (adj.) bhayānaka; bhayaṅkara; bherava; bībhacca.

awfully : (adv.) bheravākārena.

awfulness : (nt.) bhayānakatta.

awhile : (adv.) khaṇamattaṃ; thokakālaṃ.

awkward : (adj.) asamattha; adakkha; virūpa; dubbaṇṇa.

awkwardly : (adv.) adakkhākārena.

awkwardness : (f.) apaṭutā; asobhanatā.

awl : (f.) ārā; sūcivedhamī.

awn : (m.) dhaññasūka.

awning : (nt.) vitāna. (m.) uttaracchada.

axe : (m.) pharasu. (f.) kuṭhārī.

axe head : (nt.) kuṭhārītala.

axe helve : (m.) kuṭhārīdaṇḍa.

axiom : (m.) siddhanta.

axiomatic : (adj.) sayaṃsiddha.

axis : (m.) akkha. (f.) akkharekhā.

axle : (m.) rathakkha.

ay : (intj.) āma; evaṃ.

ayah : (f.) dhātī.

aye : (adv.) satataṃ. niccaṃ; sadā.

azure : (adj.) nabhovaṇṇa. (nt.) nabhomaṇḍala.

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babble : (v.i.) vippalapati; jappati. (pp.) vippalapita; jappita.

babbler : (m.) vācāla; palāpī.

babbling : (m.) vippalāpa. (nt.) pajappana.

babe : (m.) susu; bālaka; potaka; chāpa.

babel : (m.) aṭṭālavisesa; kalakala; saṅkiṇṇanāda.

baboon : (m.) mahāvānara.

baby : (m.) susu; bālaka; potaka; chāpa.

baby hood : (nt.) bālya.

babyish : (adj.) manda; bāla; dārakasadisa.

babylon : (nt.) bāveriraṭṭha.

bacchanalia : (m.) majjapānussava.

bacchanalian : (m.) majjapānussavagata.

bacchus : (f.) majjadevatā.

bachelor : (m.) kulaputta; avivāhita; upādhilāghī.

bacillus : (nt.) rogabīja.

back : (f.) piṭthi. (adj.) pacchima; pacchā. (v.t.) upatthambheti; piṭṭhim āruhati. (pp.) upatthambhita; piṭṭhim āruḷha. (adv.) pati, ni or parā perfixed ot verbs give this adverbial meaning, e.g. comes back, paccāgacchati. gives back, paṭidadāti. goes back, nivattati; paṭinivattati. turns back, paravattati.

back door : (nt.) pacchimadvāra.

back ground : (f.) pacchābhūme.

back room : (m.) bāhiragabbha.

back side : (m.) piṭṭhipassa.

backbiter : (m.) marapiṭṭhimaṃsika.

backbiting : (f.) pesuññakathā; piṭṭhimaṃsiktā.

backbone : (nt.) piṭṭhikaṇṭaka.

backing : (nt.) upatthambhana.

backslide : (v.i.) olīyati. (pp.) olīna.

backward : (adj.) dandha; manda; hāyanasīla.

backwardness : (f.) dandhatā; asamatthatā.

backwards : (adv.) pacchāmukhaṃ; paṭilomaṃ.

bacon : (nt.) loṇadhūpita-sūkaramaṃsa.

bacteria : (m.; plu.) rogajanakā; sukhumapāṇino.

bad : (adj.) duṭṭha; pāpī; nindita; garahita; asundara; asuddha; sadosa || frame of a bad: (f.) aṭani.

bad debt : (nt.) asodhiya-iṇa.

bad food : (nt.) subbhojana.

bad friend : (m.) pāpamitta.

bad man : (m.) dujjana; kāpurisa.

bad smell : (m.) duggandha.

badge : (nt.) ciṇha; lañchana.

badly : (adv.) duṭṭhu; asundaraṃ; ativiya.

badness : (f.) duṭṭhatā; asundaratā.

baffle : (v.t.) bādheti; khaṇḍeti; nivāreti. (pp.) bādhita; khaṇḍita; nivārita.

bag : (m.) pasibbaka. (f.) puṭoli. (v.t.) thavikāya pakkhipati or nidahati; puṭīkaroti. (v.i.) pūrati. (pp.) thavikāya pakkhitta or nihita; puṭīkata; puṇṇa.

bagatelle : (nt.) khuddakavatthu; appakadhana.

baggage : (nt.) pātheyya.

baggy : (adj.) lambamāna.

bah : (intj.) dhī.

bail : (m.) paṭibhoga. (v.t.) saccakāraṃ deti; pāṭibhogībhavati; nāvāto jalamapaneti. (pp.) dinnasaccakāra; pāṭibhogībhūta; apanītajala.

bailiff : (m.) bhaṇḍādhikārī; āyakammika.

bailsman : (m.) pāṭibhogī.

bait : (v.t) āmisena palobheti; āmisaṃ deti; pīḷeti; hiṃsati. (pp.) āmisena palobhita; dinnāmisa; pīḷita; hiṃsita. (nt.) āmisa. (m.) nivāpa.

baiting : (m.) pātheyyāhāra. (nt.) āmisapalobhana.

baize : (nt.) thūla-kambala.

bake : (v.t.) pacati; randheti. (pp.) pakka; randhita.

bake house : (nt.) pūpāgāra.

baker : (m.) pūpaka; pūvakāra.

bakery : (f.) pūvasālā.

baking-pan : (f.) pūvathāle.

baksheesh : (nt.) pāritosika.

balance : (f.) tulā; samabhāratā; apakkhapātitā. (m.) tulārāsi; avasiṭṭha-bhāga. (v.t.) tuleti; dhāreti; pamāṇeti; tulyataṃ or samataṃ neti. (pp.) tulita; dhārita; pamāṇita; samataṃ nīta.

balance of mind : (m.) avikkhepa.

balance sheet : (nt.) āyavayalekhana.

balcony : (m.) upariālinda; sīhapañjara.

bald : (adj.) khallāṭa; muṇḍa; anāvaṭa; analaṅkata.

balderdash : (f.) asaṅgatavācā.

baldly : (adv.) vivaṭākārena.

baldness : (nt.) muṇḍatta; anāvaṭatta.

baldric : (f.) asibandhanī.

bale : (f.) vipatti; vedanā; bhaṇḍikā. (v.t.) ussiñcati. (pp.) ussiñcita or ussitta.

baleful : (adj.) pīḷākara; tāpakara.

ball : (nt.) guḷa; goḷaka. (f.) ghaṭikā (ball for sporting : ) (m.) kanduka; bheṇḍuka. (nt.) kīḷāgoḷaka. (dance : ) (nt.) dvayaṃ-dvayanacca. (v.t.) piṇḍeti; vaṭṭulaṃ karoti. (v.i.) piṇḍībhavati. (pp.) piṇḍita; vaṭṭulīkata; piṇḍībhūta.

ballad : (f.) gītikā.

ballast : (m.) pūrakabhāra. (v.t.) ūnabhāraṃ pūreti.

ballerina : (f.) nāṭakitthī.

ballet : (m.) naccavisesa.

balloon : (nt.) babhogāmīgoḷa.

balloonist : (m.) nabhogoḷagāmī.

ballot : (f.) chandasalākā. (nt.) chandapaṇṇa. (v.i.) raho chadaṃdetī.

ballot box : (f.) chandapeḷā.

balm : (m.) niyyāsa. (nt.) vilepana. (v.t.) ālepeti; vilepeti. (pp.) ālepita; vilepita.

balmy : (adj.) santidāyaka; surabhigandhika.

balsam : (m.) sugandhālepa. (nt.) abbhañjana.

baluster : (m.) khuddakatthambha; vedikāvayava.

balustrade : (f.) laghu-thambhapanti; vedikāvati.

bamboo : (m.) veṇu; veḷu; vaṃsa.

bamboo grove : (nt.) veḷuvana.

bamboozle : (v.t.) vañceti; palambheti. (pp.) vañcita; palambhita.

ban : (m.) abhisāpa; nisedha; paṭisedha. (v.t.) abhisapati; nisedheti; paṭisedheti. (pp.) abhisatta; paṭisedhita.

banal : (adj.) lāmaka.

banana : (m.) moca; kadalitaru. (f.) rambhā. (fruit : ) (nt.) kadaliphala.

band : (f.) (of something : ) paṭṭikā; seṇī. (m.) samūha; gumba; (of musicians : ) vādakagaṇa. (v.t.) veṭheti; paṭṭena bandhati; saṅgameti; samūheti. (v.i.) saṅgacchati; ekībhavati. (pp.) veṭhita; paṭṭabaddha; saṅgamita; samūhita; saṅgata; ekībhūta.

band master : (m.) padhānavādaka.

bandage : (nt.) bandhana. (f.) paṭṭika. (m.) vaṇapaṭicchādaka. (v.t.) veṭheti. (pp.) veṭhita.

bandeau : (nt.) siroveṭhana.

bandit : (m.) gāmaghātaka; panthadūbhī.

bandy-legged : (adj.) vaṅkajāṇuka.

bane : (nt.) visa; anatthakāraṇa. (m.) vināsahetu.

baneful : (adj.) ahitakara; vināsadāyaka.

bang : (v.t.) tāḷeti; abhihanati; vādeti. (v.i.) unnadati. (pp.) tāḷita; abhihata; vādita; unnadita. (m.) unnāda; nigghosa. (nt.) abhihanana.

bangle : (m.) valaya. (nt.) kaṅkana. (f.) karabhūsā.

bangle for arm : (nt.) keyūra.

bangle for feet : (m.) nūpura.

banian : (m.) adhokañcuka.

banish : (v.t.) pabbājeti; paṇāmeti; apanudati. (pp.) pabbājita; paṇāmita; apanudita.

banishment : (nt.) paṇāmana; pabbājana.

bank : (nt.) tīra; kūla; taṭa; dhanāgāra. (v.t.) kūlaṃ bandhati; taṭena āvarati. (pp.) baddhakūla; taṭena āvaṭa; dhanāgāre nikkhipati. (pp.) dhanāgāre nikkhitta. || along the bank : (adv.) anutīraṃ. || further bank : (nt.) pāra; pārimatīra. || near bank : (nt.) ara; orimatīra.

bank bill : (f.) dhanāgārapaṭiññā.

bank credit : (f.) dhanāgārikavaḍḍhi

bank note : (nt.) dhanapaṇṇa.

banker : (m.) dhanāgārapati.

bankrupt : (adj.; n.) khīṇadhana; hatavibhava. (v.t.) iṇasodhanāsamatthataṃ pāpeti.

bankruptcy : (f.) hatavibhavatā; naṭṭhadhanatā.

bankstock : (nt.) dhanāgāre nihitadhana.

banner : (m.) dhaja; ketu.

banns : (nt.; plu.)vivāhe pubbanāmakittana.

banquet : (f.) parivesanā. (nt.) pabītabhojanadāna. (v.t.) bhojanena saṅgaṇhāti. (pp.) bhojanena saṅgahita. (v.i.) yāvadatthaṃ bhuñjati.

banqueting hall : (nt.) āpānamaṇḍala.

banter : (m.) muduparihāsa. (v.t.) parihasanto katheti.

Banyan : (m.) nigrodha; vaṭarukkha.

baptise : (v.t.) jalasekasuddhiṃ deti; jale osīdāpeti. (pp.) dinnajalasekasuddhī.

baptism : (f.) jalasekasuddhi.

bar : (nt.) kaṇḍākāravatthu. (m.) paḷigha; dvārarodha. (f.) bādhā. (m.) bādhaka. (v.t.) rundhati; bādheti. (pp.) ruddha; bādhita.

barb : (nt.) sūlagga. (m.) saratuṇḍa. (v.t.) sūlayuttaṃ karoti.

barbarian : (m.) milakkha; kirāta; asiṭṭhajana.

barbarism : (f.) asabbhatā.

barbarity : (nt.) niṭṭhuratta.

barbarous : (adj.) asabaha; niṭṭhura.

barbarously : (adv.) niṭṭhuraṃ; niddayaṃ.

barbed : (adj.) sūlayutta.

barber : (m.) nahāpita; kappaka.

barber shop : (f.) nahāpitasālā.

bard : (m.) vetālika; vandibhaṭṭa.

bare : (adj.) anāvaṭā; apaṭicchanna; nagga; (in cpds.) kevala; anāvaṭamatta. (v.t.) vivarati; nibbāhati. (pp.) vivaṭa; nibbāhita.

bare faced : (adj.) anāvaṭamukha; nillajja.

bare footed : (adj.) anupāhana.

barely : (adv.) kasiraṃ. kicchena; vivaṭākārena.

bareness : (f.) naggatā; vivaṭatā.

bargain : (f.) kayavikkayapaṭiññā. (v.i.) paṇopaṇaviyaṃ or dabbavinimayaṃ karoti.

barge : (f.) keḷināvā. (f.) bhaṇḍavāhinī.

bark : (m.) taca; potavisesa. (nt.) (of a dog : ) bhussana; bhuṅkaraṇa. (v.t.) tacam apaneti. (pp.) apanīta-taca. (v.i.) bhussati; bhuṅkaroti. (pp.) bhussita; bhuṅkata.

bark garment : (nt.) vākacīra; vakkala; tirīṭaka.

barley : (m.) yava.

barm : (nt.) majjapheṇa.

barmy : (adj.) pheṇākiṇṇa.

barn : (m.) kusūla; dhaññakoṭṭhaka.

barology : (f.) bhāravijjā.

barometer : (f.) vāyutulā. (nt.) vāyumāṇka.

baron : (m.) abhijāta; kulīna.

baroness : (f.) abhijātā; kulīnā.

baronet : (v.t.) seṭṭhipadaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) pāpitaseṭṭhipada. (m.) khuddakaseṭṭhī.

barrack : (m.) bhaṭanivāsa. (nt.) senāgāra.

barrage : (m.) setubandha. (f.) āli.

barred : (adj.) rundhita; palighaṅkita.

barrel : (nt.) dīgha-vaṭṭula-bhājana.

barrel of a gun : (v.) nāḷi.

barren : (adj.) vañjha; viphala; nipphala; ujjaṅgala.

barren woman : (f.) vañjhā.

barrenness : (nt.) vañjhatta.

barricade : (v.t.) avarati; rundhati. (pp.) āvaṭa; ruddha or rundhita. (m.) avarodha. (nt.) āvaraṇa.

barrier : (m.) sambādhaka. (v.t.) sambādheti; āvarati. (pp.) sambādhita; āvarita or āvaṭa.

barring : (prep.) vinā; hitvā; ṭhapetvā.

barrister : (m.) adhinītivedī.

barrow : (f.) sakaṭikā. (f.) unnatabhūmi.

barter : (v.t.) vinimeti; nimināti; bhaṇḍāni parivatteti. (pp.) vinimita; niminita. (m.) bhaṇḍavinimaya.

bas-relief : (nt.) silāpattharullekhana.

base : (nt.) patiṭṭhāna. (m.) pada; ādhāra; mūlabhāga. (adj.) adhama; nīca; nihīna. (v.t.) patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) patiṭṭhāpita.

base born : (adj.) avajāta.

baseless : (adj.) amūlaka; nirādhāra; patiṭṭhārahita.

basely : (adv.) nīcākārena.

basement : (nt.) heṭṭhātala.

baseness : (f.) adhamatā; nikiṭṭhatā.

bash : (v.t.) daḷhaṃ paharati. (pp.) daḷhaṃ pahaṭa.

bashful : (adj.) hirimana; salajja.

bashfully : (adv.) lajjitākārena.

bashfulness : (f.) lajjā; hiri; vinītatā.

basil : (f.) (plant), tulasī; sulasā.

basin : (f.) thālī. (m.) jalāsaya. (of a river : ) (m.) gaṅgādhāra.

basis : (m.) pādaka; ādhāra; nissaya. (f.) patiṭṭhā.

bask : (v.i.) ātapaṃ nisevati. (pp.) nisevitātapa.

basket : (m.) piṭaka. (v.t.) piṭake pakkhipati. (pp.) piṭake pakkhitta.

basket maker : (m.) naḷakāra.

bassia : (m.) (tree), madhuka.

bastard : (m.) avajāta; jāraja.

bastardise : (v.t.) avajātataṃ pakāseti. (pp.) pakāsitāvajātatta.

bastardy : (nt.) avajātatta.

baste : (v.t.) potheti; tāḷeti; vasāya makkheti. (pp.) pothita; tāḷita; vasāya makkhita.

bastion : (m.) uddāpa. (f.) upakārikā.

bat : (f.) jatukā; ajinapattā. (small bat) (f.) vagguli. (nt.) kandukapaharaṇa. (v.i.) kandukaṃ paharati.

batch : (m.) rāsi; samūha.

bate : (v.t.) hapeti; upasameti; ūnaṃ karoti. (pp.) hāpita; upasamita; ūnīkata.

bath : (nt.) nahāna; sināna.

bath attendant : (m.) nahāpaka.

bath chair : (nt.) cakkayuttapīṭha.

bath powder : (nt.) nahānacuṇṇa.

bath room : (m.) nahānakoṭṭhaka.

bathe : (v.t.) nahāpeti. (v.i.) nahāyati. (pp.) nahāpita; nahāta.

bathing closet : (nt.) nahānakoṭṭhaka.

bathing cloth : (f.) jalasāṭikā

bathos : (nt.) adhopatana.

bating : (prep.) vinā; ṭhapetvā; muñcitvā.

baton : (f.) gadā. (m.) muggara.

batsman : (m.) kandukapahāraka.

batta : (m.) gamanaparibbaya.

battalion : (nt.) senādala.

batten : (v.i.) adhikaṃ bhuñjati. (v.t.) paṭṭikāhi daḷhīkaroti. (pp.) adhikaṃ bhutta; paṭṭikāhi daḷhīkata.

batter : (v.t.) viddhaṃseti; khaṇḍākhaṇḍaṃ karoti. (pp.) viddhaṃsita; kanṇḍākhaṇḍa kata.

battery : (nt.) viddhaṃsana; nāḷīyantaṭṭhāna; vijjuppādakopakaraṇa.

battle : (nt.) yuddha; raṇa; āyodhana; samara. (m.) saṅgāma; āhava. (v.i.) yujjhati.

battle array : (m.) senāvyūha.

battle axe : (f.) yuddhakuṭhārī.

battle field : (f.) yuddhabhūmi.

battlement : (m.) sacchiddapākāra.

bauble : (m.) vibhūsanapatirūpaka. (nt.) kiñcikkha.

bawd : (m.) gaṇikāpālaka.

bawdy : (adj.) asabbha; kāmuka.

bawl : (v.i.) ugghoseti; aṭṭassaraṃ karoti. (pp.) ugghosita; kataṭṭassara.

bawler : (m.) ugghosaka.

bawling : (nt.) kandana.

bay : (nt.) mahātittha; ubhato sambādhaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) bhussitvā anubandhati. (pp.) bhussitvā anubaddha.

bay-salt : (nt.) sāmuddikalavaṇa.

bayonet : (f.) mahāchūrikā. (m.) nettiṃsa.

bazaar : (m.) āpaṇa. (f.) paṇyasālā.

be : (v.i.) bhavati; hoti; atthi. (pp.) bhūta.

beach : (f.) velā. (nt.) samuddatīra. (v.t.) tīraṃ pāpeti. (pp.) tīrapāpita.

beacon : (m.) maggadesakapadīpa.

bead : (f.) guḷikā. (m.) akkha || string of beads: (f.) akkhamālā; japamālā. (v.t.) guḷikā āvuṇāti; akkhe sampādeti. (pp.) āvutaguḷika; sampāditakkha.

beadle : (m.) daṇḍadharadūta.

beak : (nt.) mukhatuṇḍa; tuṇḍaka.

beaker : (nt.) pānabhājana.

beam : (m.) tulādhāra.

beam of a carriage : (nt.) dhura.

beam of a ray : (m.) kara; kiraṇa; mayūkha.

beam of a balance : (m.) tulādaṇḍa.

beamless : (adj.) nippabha.

beamly : (adj.) ujjala; pabhassara.

bean : (nt.) māsa.

bear : (m.) accha; issa; bhallūka. (v.t.) 1. vahati; dhāreti; 2. janeti; 3. bharati; pariharati. (v.i.) sahati. (pp.) vahita; dhārita; janita; bhata; parihaṭa; sahita.

bear down : nipāteti.

bear enmity : upanandhati.

bear fruit : phalati.

bear in mind : manasikaroti; dhāreti.

bear with : upekkhati.

bearable : (adj.) sayha.

beard : (nt.) massu.

beard dressing : (nt.) massukamma.

beardless : (adj.) nimmassuka.

bearer : (m.) vāhī; dhārī; dhāraka; gāhī.

bearing : (nt.) ācaraṇa; dhāraṇa; ubbahana. (f.) saṇṭhiti. (adj.) sandhāraka; sahamāna.

bearish : (adj.) avinīta.

beast : (m.) pasu; tiracchāna.

beast of burden : (m.) dhorayha; vāhakapasu.

beast of prey : (m.) vāḷa; vāḷamiga.

beastliness : (nt.) pasutulyatta.

beastly : (adj.) pasutulya.

beat : (v.t.) 1. paharati; potheti; tāḷeti; āhanati; ākoṭeti; 2. (to defeat : ) parājeti; abhibhavati. (pp.) pahaṭa; phothita; tāḷita; āhata; ākoṭita; parājita; abhibhūta. (v.i.) phandati; kampati; calati. (pp.) phandita; kampita; calita.

beat down : nihanati; nipāteti.

beat off : palāpeti.

beat up : sahasā paharati.

beaten : (adj.) pahaṭa; parājita; maddita; abhibhūta.

beatific : (adj.) paramasukhada.

beatification : (f.) paramasukhatā; devattapatti.

beatify : (v.t.) sukhaṃ pāpeti; devattapattiṃ pakāseti.

beating : (nt.) paharaṇa; pothana; tāḷana.

beating of a drum, etc. : (nt.) vādana; āhanana.

beatitude : (nt.) paramasukha.

beauteous : (adj.) sobhana; rucira; cāru; dassanīya; pāsādika; surūpa; ramma; manuñña.

beautiful : (adj.) sobhana; rucira; cāru; dassanīya; pāsādika; surūpa; ramma; manuñña.

beautify : (v.t.) sobheti; maṇḍeti; bhūseti; alaṅkaroti. (pp.) sobhita; maṇḍita; bhūsita; alaṅkata.

beauty : (f.) sobhā; surūpatā; pokkharatā. (nt.) sobhagga || personal beauty: (f.) rūpasiri; vaṇṇapokkharatā.

beauty spot : (m.) tilaka.

beaver : (m.) jalamuṅgusa.

becalm : (v.t.) upasameti; nibbāpeti. (pp.) upasamita; nibbāpita.

because : (adv.; conj.) yasmā...tasmā; yato...tato. Often expressed by the suffix -ttā; the word annexed to it is preceeded by Genitive, e.g. tassa gatattā, because he has gone.

because of this : iminā kāraṇena.

beck : (f.) kāyaviññatta; hatthādisaññā.

beckon : (v.t.i.) kāyena viññāpeti. (pp.) kāyena viññāpita.

becloud : (v.t.) tirokaroti; paṭicchādeti. (pp.) tirokata; paṭicchādita.

become : (v.i.) 1. hoti; bhavati; sampajjati; 2. jāyati; uppajjati. (pp.) bhūta; sampanna; jāta; uppanna. (v.t.) vaṭṭati; kappati.

become able : sakkoti; pahoti; visahati.

become absent : vippavasati.

become adequate : sambhunāti.

become afflicted : aṭṭīyati.

become agitated : saṅkhubhati; (mentally : ) khijjati.

become alarmed : uttasati.

become allayed : passambhati.

become angry : kujjhati; kuppati.

become appeased : upasammati.

become attached : sajjati.

become aware : abhijānāti.

become bashful : lajjati; hirīyati.

become bewildered : sammuyhati; pamuyhati.

become bound : bajjhati.

become bright : vippasīdati.

become clean : parisujjhati.

become clear : pasīdati; sujjhati.

become concentrated : samādhiyati.

become contented : santussati.

become corrupted : padussati.

become dejected : visīdati.

become disheartened : nibbijjati. (pp.) nibbinna.

become dissatisfied : ukkaṇṭhati.

become dissolved : vilīyati. (pp.) vilīna.

become doubtful : kaṅkhati; vicikicchati.

become dried : sukkhati; sussati. (pp.) sukkha.

become dull : muyhati.

become excited : paritassati.

become extinguished : vijjhāyati; nibbāti; nirujjhati.

become fatigued : vihaññati; kilamati.

become fond of : piyāyati.

become free : pamuccati. (pp.) pamutta.

become full : paripūrati. (pp.) paripuṇṇa.

become heated : santappati. (pp.) santatta.

become impure : kilissati.

become indifferent : upekkhati.

become infatuated : sammucchati.

become late : cirāyati.

become neutral : samupekkhati.

become pleased : santussati.

become quiet : sannisīdati. (pp.) sannisinna.

become released : vimuccati.

become remorseful : anutappati.

become selfish : maccharāyati.

become sluggish : olīyati. (pp.) olīna.

become soiled : malinībhavati.

become steadfast : pabbatāyati.

become vexed : vyāpajjati. (pp.) vyāpanna.

become weary : āgilāyati.

becoming : (adj.) ucita; anurūpa. (m.) pātubhāva. (nt.) bhavana.

becomingly : (adv.) yathocitaṃ; yathārahaṃ.

bed : (f.) seyyā; patiṭṭhā. (nt.) sayana; bhūmitala; tala. (m.) ādhāra.

bed-sheet : (m.) santhara. (nt.) attharaṇa.

bed-stead : (m.) mañca.

bedaub : (v.t.) (paṅkādīhi) ālimpeti. (pp.) ālimpita or ālitta.

bedding : (nt.) sayanopakaraṇa.

bedeck : (v.t.) alaṅkaroti; maṇḍeti; bhūseti. (pp.) alaṅkata; maṇḍita; bhūsita.

bedevil : (v.t.) niṭṭhuraṃ pīḷeti or hiṃsati. (pp.) niṭṭhuraṃ pīḷita; hiṃsita.

bedevilment : (m.) bhūtagāha. (f.) amanussapīḷā.

bedew : (v.t.) tusārena chādeti. (pp.) tusāracchanna.

bedim : (v.t.) timirayati; malinīkaroti. (pp.) timirayita; malinīkata.

bedlam : nt.) ummattakāgāra.

bedlamite : (m.) ummattaka.

bedrabbled : (adj.) udakacikkhallamalina.

bee : (m.) madhukara; madhupa; ali; chappada.

bee-bread : (m.) reṇu; parāga.

beef : (nt.) gomaṃsa.

beehive : (nt.) madhupaṭala.

beer : (f.) yavasurā.

beeswax : (nt.) madhusitthaka.

beetle : (m.) sapattapāṇaka; kaṭṭhahattha. (v.t.) kaṭṭhahatthena paharati. (pp.) kaṭṭhahatthena pahaṭa.

befall : (v.i.) āpatati; anupatati; sijjhati. (pp.) āpatita; anupatita; siddha.

befit : (v.i.) yujjati; kappati; vaṭṭati.

befitting : (adj.) yutta; anucchavika; anurūpa.

befog : (v.t.) tirokaroti. (pp.) tirokata.

befool : (v.t.) moheti; vilambeti. (pp.) mohita; vilambita.

before : (adv.) purato; abhimukhe. (prep.) purā; pure. (conj.) yāva...tāva, e.g. Finish your work before he comes, yāva so n'āgacchati tāva tava kammaṃ niṭṭhāpehi.

before long : (adv.) aciraṃ.

before mentioned : (adj.) yathāvutta; purevutta.

beforehand : (adv.) pageva; puretaraṃ; paṭigacc'eva.

befoul : (v.t.) dūseti; malinīkaroti. (pp.) dūsita; malinīkata.

befriend : (v.t.) anuggaṇhāti; upatthambheti. (v.i.) mettāyati. (pp.) anuggaṇhita; upatthambhita; mettāyita.

beg : (v.t.) yācati; āyācati. (v.i.) bhikkhati. (pp.) yācita.

beget : (v.t.) janeti; uppādeti. (pp.) janita; uppādita.

begetter : (m.) janaka; uppādaka.

beggar : (m.) kapaṇa; yācaka; bhikkhaka. (v.t.) niddhanaṃ or nippabhaṃ karoti. (pp.) niddhanīkata.

beggarly : (adj.) akiñcana; duggata; hīnapuñña.

beggary : (f.) atidaḷiddatā.

begging : (nt.) yācana; bhikkhana.

begin : (v.t.) ārabhati; paṭṭhapeti. (v.i.) pabhavati. (pp.) āraddha; paṭṭhapita; pabhavita.

beginner : (m.) ādikammika; navaka; ārambhaka.

beginning : (m.) ārambha; ādi; pabhava.

beginning from : pabhuti; paṭṭhāya (with abl.) ind.

begird : (v.t.) parikkhipati; paḷiveṭheti. (pp.) parikkhitta; paḷiveṭhita.

begone : (intj.) apehi; apayāhi; apakkama.

begrime : (v.t.) atimalinayati. (pp.) atimalinayita.

begrudge : (v.t.) usūyati; issaṃ bandhati; na sahati. (pp.) usūyita; issābaddha; asahita.

beguile : (v.t.) 1. moheti; vañceti; 2. palobheti; 3. (time : ) khepeti; atikkāmeti. (pp.) mohita; vañcita; palobhita; khepita; atikkāmita.

beguilement : (nt.) vañcana; palobhana. (m.) kālakkhepa.

behalf : (m.) attha; hita || on behalf of: atthāya; hetu; kāraṇā. (with gen.).

behave : (v.i.) ācarati; samācarati; irīyati; paṭipajjati. (pp.) paṭipanna.

behaviour : (m.) ācāra. (nt.) ācaraṇa; vattana. (f.) cariyā; paṭipatti || good behaviour: (m.) sadācāra; wrong behaviour: (m.) micchācāra. (f.) duppaṭipatti.

behead : (v.t.) sīsaṃ chindati. (pp.) chinnasīsa.

beheading : (m.) sīsaccheda.

behest : (f.) āṇā. (m.) niyoga.

behind : (adv.; prep.) pacchato; piṭṭhito; anvad eva; piṭṭhipasse.

behind hand : (adj.) olīnavuttika; hānabhāgiya.

behold : (v.t.) passati; oloketi; udikkhati. (pp.) diṭṭha; olokita; udikkhita.

beholden : (adj.) laddhūpakāra.

beholder : (m.) dassāvī; passitu; oloketu.

beholding : (nt.) udikkhana; olokana.

behove : (v.i.) (?) vaṭṭati; yujjati; arahati, with infinitive.

being : (m.) satta; pāṇī; dehī; jīvī; jantu. (pr.p. of be) santa.

being late : (abs.) cirāyitvā.

being thus : (adj.) itthambhūta.

belabour : (v.t.) potheti. (v.i.) vāyamati. (pp.) pothita; vāyamita.

belate : (v.i.) cirāyati.

belated : cirāyita; pamatta.

belay : (v.t.) daḷhaṃ veṭheti. (pp.) daḷhaṃ veṭhita.

belch : (v.i.) uggirati; udrekayati. (v.t.) asabbhaṃ bhaṇati. (m.) uggāra; unnāda.

beldame : (f.) mahallikā.

beleaguer : (v.t.) orundhati; uparundhati. (pp.) oruddha; uparuddha.

belfry : (m.) ghaṇṭātthambha.

belie : (v.t.) visaṃvādeti; musābhaṇti. (pp.) visaṃvādita.

belief : (f.) bhatti; diṭṭhi; laddhi. (m.) vissāsa. (nt.) saddahana || wrong belief: (f.) dulladdhi; micchādiṭṭhi; right belief: (f.) sammādiṭṭhi.

believe : (v.t.) saddahati; vissasati. (pp.) saddahita; vissattha.

believer : (m.) saddahāna; saddahitu.

believing : (adj.) bhattimantu; pasanna; saddahanta.

believing in : (in cpds.) diṭṭhika; laddhika.

belike : (adv.) siyā.

belittle : (v.t.) avamāneti; omaññati; lahukaṃ karoti. (pp.) avamānita; omata; lahukakata.

bell : (f.) ghaṇṭā; gaṇḍikā. (v.t.) ghaṇṭaṃ olambeti; small bell: (f.) kiṅkiṇī.

belladonna : (f.) nididdhikā.

belle : (f.) rūpasundarī; janapadakalyāṇī.

bellicose : (adj.; m.) raṇkāmī; kalahakāmī.

bellicosity : (f.) kalahappiyatā.

belligerent : (adj.) yujjhamāna; yodha. (m.) yuddhabhaṭa.

bellow : (v.i.) dhamati; nadati; aṭṭassaraṃ karoti. (pp.) dhamita; nadita; kataṭṭasara. (f.) gajjanā. (m.) nāda. (nt.) dhamana.

bellows : (f.) bhastā; gaggarī.

bellshaped : (adj.) ghaṇṭākāra.

belly : (nt.) udara. (m.) gabbha. (m.; f.) kucchi.

belly of a lute : (m.) vīṇāpokkhara.

bellyache : (nt.) udarasūla. (f.) kucchirujā.

bellyful : (adv.) udarāvadehakaṃ; kucchipūraṃ.

bellygod : (m.) udarambharī.

belock : (v.t.) kuñcikāya pidahati. (pp.) kuñcikāya pidahita.

belong : (v.i.) āyattībhavati.

belonged : (adj.) āyatta.

belonging to : (with gen.) adhīna; āyatta.

belonging to many : (adj.) bāhujañña.

belonging to others : (adj.) parādhīna.

belongings : (m.; plu.) pariggaha. (nt.) sandhana.

beloved : (adj.) piya; kanta; manāpa.

below : (adv. prep.) adho; heṭṭhā.

belt : (f.) mekhalā; rasanā. (nt.) kāyabandhana. (v.t.) bandhati; veṭheti. (pp.) baddha; veṭhita.

belvedere : (f.) uparivedikā.

bemire : (v.t.) kaddamena limpeti. (pp.) kaddamalimpita.

bemoan : (v.t.) socati; paridevati. (pp.) socita; paridevita.

bemuse : (v.t.) vimoheti. (pp.) vimohita.

bench : (nt.) dīghāsana; vinicchayāsana. (v.t.) vinicchayāsanaṃ pāpeti.

bend : (nt.) nataṭṭhāna; kuṭilatta. (f.) vaṅkatā. (v.t.) nāmeti; ābhujati; sammiñjeti. (v.i.) namati. (pp.) nāmita; ābhujita; sammiñjita; nata or namita.

bend down : (v.t.) ninnāmeti. (v.i.) onamati.

bend upwards : (v.t.) unnāmeti. (v.i.) unnamati.

bending : (f.) nati; onati. (nt.) namana.

beneath : (adv.; prep.) heṭṭā; adho.

benedick : (m.) adhunā vivāhita.

benediction : (f.) subhāsaṃsā; thuti; pasaṃsā.

benedictory : (adj.) subhāvaha; subhāsaṃsaka.

benefaction : (m.) upakāra; upatthambha; hita.

benefactor : (m.) hitesī; upakārī; atthañcara.

benefactress : (f.) hitesinī; upakārinī.

beneficence : (f.) hitesitā. (m.) paropkāra.

beneficent : (adj.) cāgasīlī; paratthacārī.

beneficently : (adv.) sānukampaṃ; cāgasīlitāya.

beneficial : (adj.) atthāvaha; hitāvaha; sappāya; sappayojana.

beneficially : (adv.) sātthakaṃ; sappayojanaṃ.

benefit : (m.) upakāra; anuggaha; attha; hita. (nt.) phala; payojana. (v.t.) upakaroti; anuggaṇhāti. (pp.) upakata; anuggahita.

benevolence : (f.) anuddayā; anukampā; mettā; metti.

benevolent : (adj.) dayālū; anukampaka; mettacitta.

Bengal : (m.) vaṅgadesa.

Bengal madder : (f.) mañjiṭṭhā.

benighted : (adj.) 1. tamonaddha; 2. mandapañña.

benign : (adj.) sadaya; sānukampī; karuṇāpara.

benignant : (adj.) sadaya; sānukampī; karuṇāpara.

benignantly : (adv.) sadayaṃ.

benignity : (f.) dayā; anukampā. (nt.) kāruñña.

benison : (m.) dhaññavāda.

Benjamin : (m.) tacagandhavisesa.

bent : (f.) 1. nati; 2. poṇatā.

bent of mind : (f.) adhimutti. (m.) abhinivesa.

bent on : (adj.) ninna; paṇihita; adhimutta.

bent over : (adj.) avakujja.

bent thereon : (adj.) tappoṇa; tappabbharta.

benumb : (v.t.) thambhīkaroti. (pp.) thambhīkata.

bequeath : (v.t.) accayena deti. (pp.) accayena dinna.

bequest : (nt.) accaye-dāna.

bereave : (v.t.) viyojeti; vinākaroti. (pp.) viyojita; vinākata.

bereavement : (m.) viyoga; viraha.

bereft : (adj.) virahita; viyutta; parihīna.

berry : (nt.) khuddakaphala.

berth : (nt.) sayanāgāra; nāvānivattiṭṭhāna. (v.t.) yuttaṭṭhāne nāvaṃ nivatteti.

beryl : (nt.) veḷuriya.

beseech : (v.t.) upanibandhati; abhiyācati. (pp.) upanibaddha; abhiyācita.

beseeching : (adj.) abhiyācaka.

beseem : (v.i.) arahati; maṭṭati; yujjati.

beseeming : (adj.) ucita; anurūpa.

beseemingly : (adv.) ucitākārena.

beset : (v.t.) 1. sambādheti; upapīḷeti; 2. khacati; antarantare nikkhipati. (pp.) sambādhita; upapīḷita; khacita; antarantare nikkhitta.

beset with : avakkanta; abhibhūta; otiṇṇa.

besetment : (nt.) orundhana.

beside : (prep.) passe; antike; samīpe.

besides : (adv.) athaca; apica; athāpparaṃ.

besiege : (v.t.) rundhati; rodheti. (pp.) ruddha; rodhita. (m.) avarodha. (nt.) uparundhana.

besieger : (m.) avarodhaka.

besmear : (v.t.) makkheti; vilepeti; anulimpeti. (pp.) makkhita; vilepita; anulimpita.

besmirch : (v.t.) malinīkaroti. (pp.) malinīkata.

besom : (f.) sammajjanī; sammuñjanī. (v.t.) sammajjati. (pp.) sammaṭṭha.

besot : (v.t.) moheti; pamoheti. (pp.) mohita; pamohita.

besotted : (adj.) madamatta; vimohita.

bespangle : (v.t.) bhāsuravatthūhi vibhūseti. (pp.) bhāsuravatthūhi vibhūsita.

bespatter : (v.t.) osiñcati; nisiñcati; pharusena or lālappena kileseti. (pp.) ositta; nisitta; lālappena kilesita.

bespeak : (v.t.) sūceti; pākaṭīkaroti. (pp.) sūcita; pākaṭīkata.

bespeckle : (v.t.) siñcati; āsiñcati. (pp.) sitta; āsitta.

besprinkle : (v.t.) siñcati; āsiñcati. (pp.) sitta; āsitta.

best : (adj.) vara; pavara; seṭṭha; uttama; parama. (adv.) yathāsattiṃ; yathābalaṃ.

bestial : (adj.) pasutulya; gamma.

bestialise : (v.t.) pasutulyaṃ karoti.

bestiality : (f.) pasutulyatā.

bestially : (adv.) gammākārena.

bestiary : (f.) pasuvijjā.

bestir : (v.t. reft.) ussukkāpeti; paggaṇhāti; padahati. (pp.) ussukkāpita; paggahita; padahita.

bestow : (v.t.) deti; dadāti; pariccajati; vissajjeti. (pp.) dinna; pariccatta; vissajjita.

bestowal : (nt.) dāna; vitaraṇa. (m.) cāga; pariccāga.

bestower : (m.) dāyaka; dātu; cāgī.

bestrew : (v.t.) ākirati; vikirati. (pp.) ākiṇṇa; vikiṇṇa.

bestride : (v.t.) piṭṭhim āruhati; pādantare katvā tiṭṭhati. (pp.) piṭṭhim ārūḷha; pādantare katvā tiṭṭhita.

bestud : (v.t.) khacayati. (pp.) khacita.

bet : (v.t.) paṇeti; abbhutaṃ karoti. (pp.) paṇayita; katabbhuta. (m.) paṇa; abbhuta.

betake : (v.i.) niyuñjati; pāpuṇāti. (pp.) niyutta; patta.

betel : (f.) nāgalatā; tāmbūlī.

betel leaf : (nt.) tambūla.

betel nut : (nt.) pūgaphala.

betel server : (f.) tambūlapeḷā.

bethink : (v.i.) jhāyati; cinteti; upaṭṭhāti; sarati. (pp.) jhāyita; cintita; upaṭṭhita; sarita.

betide : (v.i.) see befall.

betimes : (adv.) yathākāle; ucitavelāyaṃ; pageva.

betoken : see bespeak

betray : (v.t.) sattu hatthe appeti; rahassam āvīkaroti; dubbhati. (pp.) sattu hatthe appita; āvīkatarahassa; dubbhita.

betrayal : (nt.) dubbhana; amittahattapāpana.

betrayer : (m.) mittaddu; vissāsaghātī.

betroth : (v.t.) vāreyyaṃ karoti. (pp.) katavāreyya.

betrothal : (nt.) vāreyya. (f.) vivāhapaṭiññā.

better : (adj.) varatara; sundaratara. (m.) kandukatāḷaka. (adv.) suṭṭhu; sādhukaṃ; suṭṭhutaraṃ. (n.) seyyo; varaṃ. (v.t.) sundarattaṃ pāpeti; abhivaḍḍeti. (pp.) sundarattaṃ pāpita; abhivaḍḍhita.

betterment : (f.) unnati. (nt.) saṅsodhana.

bettor : (m.) kandukatāḷaka.

between : (adv.; prep.) antarā; antare; majjhe; antarena.

beverage : (nt.) pāna; pānaka; peyya.

bevy : (m.) gaṇa; pūga; nikara.

bewail : (v.i.) vilapati; socati; anusocati.

beware : (v.i.) sāvadhāno or appamatto bhavati; (pp.) sāvadhānabhūta.

bewilder : (v.t.) moheti; pamoheti; muccheti; sambhameti. (pp.) mohita; mucchita; sambhamita.

bewildered : (adj.) mūḷha; sammūḷha; vimohita.

bewilderment : (m.) sammoha; sammosa; sativippavāsa.

bewitch : (v.t.) vasīkaroti; sammohoti. (pp.) vasīkata; sammohita.

bewitching : (adj.) vasavattaka; mohanaka.

bewitchment : (nt.) vasīkaraṇa; mohana.

beyond : (adv. prep.) dūre; pāre; pāraṃ; atikkamma; aticca; (ati in cpds.) e.g. atimattaṃ=beyond measure.

bezoar : (f.) gorocanā.

biangular : (adj.) dvikoṇaka.

biannual : (adj.) dvivassika.

bias : (f.) pakkhapātitā; poṇatā. (v.t.) agatiṃ gacchati; pakkhapātī hoti. (pp.) agatigata.

biaxial : (adj.) dviakkhaka.

bibber : (m.) ajjapāyī.

bible : (m.) Kiṭṭhava-dhammapotthaka.

bibliography : (m.) ganthavaṃsa. (f.) ganthasūci.

bibliolatry : (f.) ganthapūjā.

bibliophile : (m.) ganthappiya

bibulous : (adj.) surāsoṇḍa; pariyādiyaka.

bicentenary : (m.) dvisatavassikussava. (adj) dvisatavassika

bicephalous : (adj) dvisīsaka

bicker : (v.t.) kalahaṃ karoti; bhaṇḍeti. (pp.) katakalaha; bhaṇḍita.

bickering : (m.) kalaha. (nt.) bhaṇḍana.

bicycle : (nt.) cakkayuga.

bid : (v.t.) ādisati; āṇāpeti; pakkosati; nimanteti; agghaṃ niyameti. (pp.) ādiṭṭha; āṇāpita; pakkosita; nimantita; niyamitaggha.

biddable : (adj.) vidheyya.

bidder : (m.) agghaniyāmaka.

bidding : (nt.) āṇāpana; agghaniyamana.

bide : (v.i.) āgameti. (v.t.) sahati; dhāreti. (pp.) sahita; dhārita.

bidental : (adj.) dvirada; dvidanta.

biennial : (adj.) dvivassika. (m.) dvivassajīvī.

bier : (nt.) vilāta. (m.) chavādhāra.

bifold : (adj.) diguṇa; duvidha.

biformed : (adj.) yugalakāya; dvivesa.

bifurcate : (v.t.) aggaṃ dvidhā bhindati. (adj.) viṭapībhūta; dvisikhara.

big : (adj.) mahanta; visāla; uru.

bigamist : (m.) dvibhariya. (f.) dvipatikā.

bigamy : (f.) dvipatitā; dvibhariyatā.

bigness : (nt.) mahatta; visālatta; vipulatta.

bigot : (m.) kumbhīlagāhī; duppaṭinissaggī.

bigoted : (adj.) kumbhīlagāhayutta.

bigotry : (f.) ādhānagāhitā; duppaṭinissaggitā.

bilateral : (adj.) dvipassika.

bile : (nt.) pitta.

bilingual : (adj.) dvibhāsika.

bilinguist : (m.) dvibhāsāvādī.

bilious : (adj.) pittādhika.

bilk : (v.t.) vañceti. (pp.) vañcita.

bill : (nt.) (beak : ) cañcuka; mukhatuṇḍa. (note : ) nivedanapaṇṇa. (account : ) saṅkhyādīpaka. (of law : ) nītipaṇṇa. (v.i.) cumbati; āliṇgati. (v.t.) nivedeti. (pp.) cumbita; āliṇgita. nivedita.

billet : (v.t.) senāsanaṃ niyameti; nivāsaṃ deti. (f.) nivāsasalākā.

billhook : (nt.) dātta; asita.

billion : (nt.) koṭilakkha.

billion billion : (f.) koṭippakoṭi.

billow : (m.) kallola.

billy-goat : (m.) puṃaja.

bimetallic : (adj.) dvilohika.

bimonthly : (adj.) dvimāsika.

bin : (m.) koṭṭhaka; piṭaka.

binary : (adj.) diguṇa; dupaṭṭa.

bind : (v.t.) bandhati; vinandhati; saṃyojeti. (pp.) baddha; vinaddha; saṃyutta.

binder : (m.) ābandhaka; sanyojetu.

binding : (nt.) bandhana; vinandhana; ābandhana. (adj.) ābandhaka; saṃyojaka.

binocular : (adj.) nettadvayopayogī. (nt.) dvinettadūradassaka.

biographer : (m.) caritalekhaka.

biography : (nt.) jīvanacarita.

biological : (adj.) jīvavijjāyatta.

biologist : (m.) jīvavijjāvidū.

biology : (f.) jīvavijjā.

bioplasm : (f.) jīvamūlapakati.

bipartition : (nt.) dvidhā vibhajana.

biped : (adj.) dvipada; dipada.

bipedal : (adj.) dvipādaka.

biplane : (nt.) dvibhūmakavyomayāna.

bipolar : (adj.) ubhayantayutta; dviakkhaka.

birch : (m.) bhujapatta. (v.t.) daṇḍena tāḷeti. (pp.) daṇḍena pāḷita.

bird : (m.) pakkhī; sakuṇa; dija; vihaga; khaga; vihaṅgama.

bird catcher : (m.) sākuṇika.

bird fancier : (m.) pakkhivāṇija.

bird lime : (m.) pakkhilepa.

birth : (f.) uppatti; nibbatti; jāti; sañjati. (m.) pabhava; ubbhava. (nt.) jāyana; janana || of low birth: (adj.) hīnajacca; nīcakulīna; of noble birth: (adj.) abhijāta; uccākulīna.

birth place : (f.) jātibhūmi. (nt.) uppattiṭṭhāna.

birth right : (m.) dāyāda; jaccādhikāra.

birth-story : (f.) jātakakathā.

birthday : (m.) jātadivasa.

birthplace : (f.) jātibhūmi. (nt.) uppattiṭṭhāna.

birthright : (m.) dāyāda; jaccādhikāra.

biscuit : (m.) piṭṭhapūpa.

bisect : (v.t.) samasamaṃ dvidhā vibhajati. (pp.) samasamaṃ dvidhā vibhatta.

bisection : (nt.) dvidhāvibhajana.

bisexual : (adj.) dviliṅgika; ubhatovyañjanaka.

bishop : (m.) dhammādhikārī.

bishopric : (m.) dhammādhikāra.

bison : (m.) vanūsabha.

bit : (nt.) khaṇḍa. (f.) khaṇḍikā. (bit of a horse : ) (nt.)mukkhādhāna. (m.) khalīna. (bit of food : ) (m.) ālopa.

bit of a horse : (nt.) mukkhādhāna. (m.) khalīna.

bit of food : (m.) ālopa.

bitch : (f.) 1. sunakhī; 2. sigālī; 3. kokī.

bite : (v.t.) ḍasati; khādhati. (pp.) daṭṭha; khādita. (nt.) ḍasana; daṭṭhaṭṭhāna.

biter : (m.) ḍasaka; vañcaka.

biting : (adj.) tiṇha; tikhiṇa; rujākara.

bitingly : (adv.) tiṇhākārena.

bitter : (adj.) titta; tibba; tippa; kaṭuka. (m.) tittarasa.

bitter gourd : (m.) kāravella.

bitterish : (adj.) īsaṃtittaka.

bitterly : (adv.) tibhākārena.

bitterness : (m.) tittabhāva. (f.) tibbatā; kaṭukatā.

bitumen : (nt.) asmaja. (m.) asmalepa; bhūmilasa.

bituminous : (adj.) asmalasayutta.

bivalve : (adj.) dvipidhānaka.

biweekly : (adj.) addhamāsika; dvisattāhika.

bizarre : (adj.) virūpākāra; asaṅgata.

black : (adj.) kaṇha; kāḷa; asita; mecaka; sāma; andhakāra; apākaṭa; duṭṭha; pāpaka. (m.) kāḷavaṇṇa. (v.t.) kaṇhayati; kāḷavaṇṇena lepeti.

black ant : (f.) kāḷakipillikā.

black art : (f.) bhūtavijjā.

black eyed : (adj.) kaṇhanetta.

black leg : (m.) vañcaka.

black sheep : (m.) saṭha; parisadūsaka.

black smith : (m.) kammāra.

black-eyed : (adj.) kaṇhanetta.

blackant : (f.) kāḷakipillikā.

blackboard : (m.) akkharaphalaka.

blacken : (v.t.) kalaṅketi; dūseti. (pp.) kalaṅkita; dūsita.

blackguard : (m.) adhama; khala.

blackish : (adj.) īsaṃkaṇha.

blacklead : (nt.) kāḷatipu.

blackleg : (m.) vañcaka.

blacksmith : (m.) kammāra.

bladder : (f.) vatthi. (m.) muttāsaya.

blade : (nt.) (of grass) patta; dala. (f.) (of a weapon) dhārā. (nt.) phala. e.g. asidhārā, blade of a sword, satthaphala, blade of a knife.

blame : (v.t.) upavadati; codeti; nindati. (pp.) upavutta; codita; nindita.

blame in return : paṭicodeti. (f.) codanā. (m.) apavāda; upavāda.

blameable : (adj.) sāvajja; codanāraha; uapvajja.

blameful : (adj.) sadosa; sopārambha.

blameless : (adj.) anavajja; anupavajja; niddosa.

blamelessness : (f.) anavajjatā.

blameworthy : (adj.) upavaditabba; codetabba.

blanch : (v.t.) 1. dhavalīkaroti; 2. thusam apaneti. (pp.) dhavalīkata; apanīta-thusa.

bland : (adj.) mudu; komala.

bland in speech : piyaṃvada.

blandish : (v.t.) upalāleti. (pp.) upalālita.

blandishment : (f.) upalālanā.

blandness : (nt.) maddava; komalatta.

blank : (adj.) ritta; tuccha; lipirahita. (nt.) rittapaṇṇa; alikhitaṭthāna.

blanket : (nt.) kambala; pāpuraṇa. (v.t.) kambalena acchādeti or pārupati. (pp.) kambalena acchādita; kambalena pāruta.

blanket dealer : (m.) kambalika.

blankly : (adv.) ujukam eva; vinā vitthārakathanā.

blankness : (f.) rittatā; tucchatā.

blare : (v.t.) uccaṃ nadati. (pp.) uccaṃ nadita. (m.) unnāda.

blaspheme : (v.t.) (ariye) upavadati.

blasphemous : (adj.) ariyūpavādaka.

blasphemy : (m.) ariyūpavāda.

blast : (m.) vāyuvega. (nt.) (of horns) dhamana; (explosion) vidhamana; viddhaṃsana. (v.t.) viddhaṃseti; vināseti. (pp.) viddhasta; vināsita.

blatant : (adj.) mukhara; gajjanasīla.

blatantly : (adv.) saghosaṃ; mukharākārena.

blaze : (f.) ditti; pabhā; ābhā; juti. (nt.) ujjalana. (v.i.) jalati; ujjalati; dippati. (pp.) jalita; ujjalita; ditta.

blazing : (adj.) jalamāna; dippamāna; ujjala; pabhassara.

blazon : (v.t.) 1. lakkhaṇehi aṅketi; 2. vibhūseti; 3. pakāseti; uttānīkaroti. (pp.) lakkhaṇehi aṅkita; vibhūsita; pakāsita; uttānīkata.

bleach : (v.t.) dhavalīkaroti; dhovati. (pp.) dhavalīkata; dhota.

bleak : (adj.) 1. atisītala; 2. anāvaṭa; 3. nirānanda.

blear : (adj.) 1. nippabha; 2. bappayutta.

blear eyed : (adj.) assupuṇṇanetta. (v.t.) nippabhaṃ karoti. (pp.) nippabhaṃ kata.

bleat : (v.i.) meṇḍaravaṃ ravati. (m.) meṇḍarava.

bleed : (v.t.) rudhiraṃ moceti. (v.i.) lohitaṃ paggharati or savati. (pp.) mocitarudhira; paggharitalohita.

bleeding : (nt.) rattapasavana.

blemish : (v.t.) dūseti; kalaṅketi; malinīkaroti. (m.) kalaṅka; kalusa; dosa.

blench : (v.i.) saṅkucati; apasarati. (pp.) saṅkucita; apasaṭa.

blend : (nt.) sammissana. (v.t.) misseti; sammisseti. (pp.) missita; sammissita.

blending : (nt.) missīkaraṇa.

bless : (v.t.) subham āsiṃsati; sotthiṃ pattheti. (pp.) āsiṭṭhasubha; patthitasotthī.

blessed : (adj.) dhañña; subhaga; bhagavantu.

blessedness : (f.) subhagatā.

blessing : (f.) āsī; subhāsaṃsā. (nt.) sotthāna.

blest : (adj.) dhañña; subhaga; bhagavantu.

blether : (v.i.) samphaṃ palapati; jappati. (pp.) samphaṃ palapita; jappita.

blight : (m.) sassaroga. (f.) setaṭṭhikā. (v.t.) vināseti; viphalīkaroti. (pp.) vināsita; viphalīkata.

blind : (adj.) andha; acakkhuka. (nt.) āvaraṇa; tirokaraṇa. (v.t.) andhīkaroti. (pp.) andhīkata || mentally blind: (adj.) andhabhūta; aññāṇa.

blind fold : (v.t.) akkhīni chādeti or bandhati.

blind folded : (adj.) āvutanetta; pihitanayana.

blind from the birth : (m.) jaccandha.

blind of one eye : (m.) kāṇa.

blind worm : (m.) gaṇḍuppāda. (f.) mahīlatā.

blindly : (adv.) avicārena; asamekkha.

blindness : (f.) andhatā.

blink : (v.i.t.) nimisati; nimīleti. (pp.) nimisita; nimīlita. (m.) nimesa. (nt.) nimīlana.

bliss : (nt.) paramasukha. (m.) paramānanda.

blissful : (adj.) paramasukhada; santikara.

blissfulness : (f.) sukhasamaṅgitā.

blister : (m.) poṭha; poṭhaka. (f.) piḷakā. (v.t.) phoṭam uppādeti. (pp.) uppāditaphoṭa.

blithe : (adj.) pamudita; pahaṭṭha.

blithely : (adv.) sānandaṃ; sahāsaṃ.

blithesome : (adj.) sāsanda; haṭṭhatuṭṭha.

blizzard : (f.) vaddalikā. (m.) himapāta.

bloat : (v.t.) uddhumātaṃ karoti. (v.i.) uddhumāyati. (pp.) uddhumāyita or uddhumāta.

bloating : (nt.) uddhumāyana.

block : (m.) kaṭṭhakhaṇḍa; silākhaṇḍa; (obstruction) avarodha. (nt.) (building : ) gharacaturassa; (pully : ) ubbāhanayanta. (f.) (for beheading : ) dhammagaṇḍikā. (v.t.) uparodheti; sannirumbheti; bādheti. (pp.) uparodhita; sannirumbhita; bādhita.

block head : (m.) jaḷa; eḷamūga.

block of a butcher : (f.) sūnā.

block of land : (m.) bhūmibhāga.

blockade : (v.t.) avarodheti; bādheti. (pp.) avarodhita; bādhita. (m.) avarodha. (f.) bādhā.

blockish : (adj.) mandapañña; aviññū.

blond : (adj.; n.) tambakesa; sundaravaṇṇa.

blonde : (adj.; n.) tambakesa; sundaravaṇṇa.

blood : (nt.) 1. rudhira; lohita; soṇita; ratta; 2. rotta. (m.) vaṃsa. (f.) paramparā. || of noble blood: (adj.) kulīna; abhijāta; of royal blood: (adj.) rājavaṃsika.

blood letting : (nt.) rudhiramocana.

blood red : (adj.) lohitavaṇṇa.

blood relation : (m.) sālohita.

blood shed : (nt.) rudhirasāvaṇa. (m.) pāṇaghāta.

blood shot : (adj.) lohitapuṇṇa; rattavaṇṇa.

blood stained : (adj.) rudhiramakkhita.

blood sucker : (m.) lohitapāyī.

blood thirsty : (adj.) rattapipāsī.

blood vessel : (f.) rattavāhinī. (m.) rudhiranāḷa.

bloodiness : (nt.) kurūratta.

bloodless : (adj.) khīṇalohita.

bloody : (adj.) 1. lohitamakkhita; 2. ludda; lohitapāṇī; dāruṇa.

bloody flux : (m.) rattātisāra.

bloom : (nt.) kusuma; puppha; navatta; navayobbana. (m.) (flourishing condition) samiddhisamaya. (v.i.) pupphati; vikasati. (pp.) pupphita; vikasita.

blooming : (adj.) vikasamāna.

bloomy : (adj.) 1. kusumita; pupphākiṇṇa; 2. samiddha.

blossom : (nt.) puppha; kusuma. (v.i.) pupphati; vikasati || in blossom: (adj.) phulla; phullita; kusumita.

blot : (m.) 1. kalaṅka; kalusa; kāḷaka; 2. lopa. (f.) apakitti. (v.t.) (out) 1. kalaṅketi; dūseti. (pp.) kalaṅkita; dūsita.

blot out : (v.t.) lopeti; kajjalaṃ soseti. (pp.) sositakajjala.

blotch : (m.) phoṭa; gaṇḍa.

blotched : (adj.) phoṭayutta.

blotter : (m.) dūsaka. (nt.) kajjalasosaka.

blotting paper : (nt.) kajjalasosaka.

blow : (m.) pahāra; abhighāta. (nt.) (of wind) vāyana; vyasana. (f.) vipatti; āpadā. (v.i.) vāti; vāyati. (v.t.) 1. samīreti; kampeti; 2. (a pipe, etc.) dhamati. (pp.) vāyita; samīrita; kampita; dhanta.

blow off : (nt.) niddhamati.

blow on : (nt.) abhidhamati.

blow out : (nt.) nibbāpeti.

blow towards : (nt.) upavāyati.

blow up : (nt.) (with explosion) viddhaṃseti; (with wind) uddhumāpeti; vātena pūreti.

blowing : (nt.) vāyana; dhamana.

blown : (pp.) vikaca; vikasita.

blown off : (pp.) niddhanta.

blub : (v.i.) assuṃ moceti. (pp.) mocitassuka.

blubber : (f.) timiṅgalavasā. (nt.) rodana. (adj.) uddhumātoṭṭha.

bludgeon : (f.) gadā. (m.) laguḷa.

blue : (adj.; n.) nīla; nīlavaṇṇa.

blue blood : (m.) uccākulīna.

blue jay : (f.) kikī.

blue water-lily : (nt.) indīvara; nīluppala.

bluebeard : (m.) bahupajāpatika.

blueblack : (adj.) atinīla.

bluebook : (f.) mantimaṇḍalapavatti.

bluff : (adj.) asaṇha; avinīta. (m.) dappa; gabba; akkosa. (f.) sappapātabhūmi. (v.t.) (paṭimallam) abhibhavati. (pp.) abhibhūta (paṭimalla).

bluish : (adj.) īsaṃnīlaka.

blunder : (nt.) khalita. (m.) pamādadosa. (v.i.) khalati; pakkhalati. (v.t.) asammā pāleti or vateti. (pp.) khalita; asammā pālita; asammā vattita.

blunderer : (n.) pamādī; khalanasīla.

blundering : (adj.) pamādabahula; khalamāna.

blunderingly : (adv.) asamekkha; avīmaṃsitvā; pamādena.

blunt : (adj.) 1. kuṇtha; atikhiṇa; 2. ṃanda; dandha. (v.t.) kuṇṭheti. (pp.) kuṇṭhita.

bluntly : (adv.) 1. mandaṃ; 2. abahumānena.

bluntness : (f.) 1. kuṇṭhatā; atikhiṇatā; 2. mandabuddhitā.

blur : (m.) kalaṅka. (nt.) mala. (v.t.) dūseti; malinayati. (pp.) dūsita; malinayita.

blurt : (v.t.) sahasā or ananuvicca vadati. (pp.) ananuvicca vutta.

blush : (f.) lajjā; hiri. (m.) kapolarāga. (v.i.) 1. lajjati; hirīyati; 2. aruṇībhavati. (pp.) lajjita; aruṇībhūta. (v.t.) rattavaṇṇaṃ karoti. (pp.) katarattavaṇṇa.

blushing : (adj.) kapolarāgajanaka.

blushingly : (adv.) salajjaṃ.

bluster : (v.i.) gajjati; thanati. (v.t.) uccāsaddena katheti. (pp.) gajjita; thanita; uccāsaddena kathita. (m.) unnāda; ugghosa; kalakala.

blusterer : (m.) unnādī.

blusteringly : (adv.) mahāsaddena; sagajjitaṃ.

Bo-tree : (m.) bodhirukkha; duminda.

boa : (m.) (constrictor) ajagara.

boar : (m.) vanasūkara; varāha.

board : (m.; nt.) (of wood : ) phalaka; padara. (m.) phalakādhāra; āhāra. (nt.) (food : ) bhojana. (f.) (of management : ) pālakasabhā; (m.) adhikārīgaṇa. (nt.) (of a ship : ) nāvātala; nāvāpiṭṭha; (of paper) potthakapadara. (v.t.) 1. phalakehi chādeti; padarāni attharati. 2. nāvam āruhati. (v.i.) paragehe nivasati. (pp.) phalakehi chādita; atthatapadara; ārūḷhanāva; paragehe nivuttha.

boarder : (m.) paragehanivāsī.

boarding house : (m.) sissanivāsa; āvasathāgāra.

boarish : (adj.) asabbha; avinīta.

boast : (f.) katthanā; vikatthanā; attukkaṃsanā. (v.i.) katthati; vikatthati; ukkaṃseti.

boaster : (m.) vikatthī.

boastful : (adj.) vikatthanasīla.

boastfully : (adv.) sappagabbhaṃ.

boat : (f.) (large) nāvā; taraṇī; tarī; (small) doṇi. (m.) pota. (nt.) upavahana. (v.i.t.) potena tarati; pote ṭhapeti.

boatman : (m.) potavāha; nāvika.

boatswain : (m.) kaṇṇadhāra.

bob : (nt.) khañjana. (v.i.) 1. khañjati; 2. uppatanto nacati. (v.t.) rassaṃ katvā chindati.

bobbery : (nt.) bhaṇḍana. (m.) kalaha.

bobbin : (m.) tantukhīla.

bobtail : (adj.) chinnapuccha. (m.) khañjarīṭa.

bode : (v.t.) subhāsubhaṃ katheti. (v.i.) subhāsubhaṃ sūceti. (pp.) kathitasubhāsubha; subhāsubhaṃ sūcita.

bodeful : (adj.) pubbanimittasahita.

bodice : (f.) saṅkaccikā.

bodily : (adj.) sārīrika; kāyika. (adv.) sayam eva; sākallena.

bodily contact : (m.) kāyasaṃsagga.

bodily form : (nt.) sarīrasaṇṭhāna.

bodily pain : (nt.) kayikadukkha.

bodily relic : (f.) sarīradhātu.

body : (m.) 1. kāya; deha; vapu; attabhāva; samūha; gaṇa. (nt.) sarīra; gatta; kalebara. (f.) tanu; parisā. || connected with the body: (f.) sārīrika; kāyapaṭibaddha; lustre of the body: (f.) sarīrappabhā; purity of body: (nt.) kāyasoceyya; relating to body: (adj.) kāyika.

bodyguard : (m.) aṇīkaṭṭha; aṅgarakkhaka.

bog : (m.) anūpa. (nt.) cikkhalla.

boggle : (v.i.) pakkhalati; āsaṅkati. (pp.) pakkhalita; āsaṅkita.

boggy : (adj.) paṅkabahula.

bogie : (m.) mahāratha.

bogle : (m.) 1. pisāca; 2. patirūpaka.

bogus : (adj.; m.) kuttika; vañcaka.

bogus monk : (m.) samaṇakuttika.

boil : (m.) gaṇḍa; phoṭa. (f.) piḷakā. (v.t.) pacati; randheti. (pp.) pacita or pakka; randhita. (v.i.) paccati; kuthati.

boiler : (m.) 1. pācaka; randhaka; 2. piṭhara.

boiling : (nt.) randhana; pacana. (m.) pāka.

boisterous : (adj.) unnādī; uddāma; gajjanaka.

boisterous laugh : (m.) aṭṭahāsa.

boisterously : (adv.) saghosaṃ.

bold : adj.) 1. sūra; nibbhaya; 2. pagabbha; sadappa; avinīta; 3. vibhūta; atipākaṭa.

boldly : (adv.) sappagabbhaṃ.

boldness : (nt.) 1. sūratta; 2. pāgabbhiya; 3. vibhūtatta.

bole : (m.) daṇḍa. (nt.) nāḷa.

bolster : (nt.) upadhāna; apassena. (f.) bhisi. (v.t.) upadhānaṃ ṭhapeti. (pp.) ṭhapitūpadhāna.

bolt : (nt.) aggaḷa. (f.) ghaṭikā; laṅghī; (lightning) asani. (v.t.) 1. sahasā palāyati; 2. asaṅkhāditvā gilati; 3. ghaṭikaṃ deti; laṅghiyā pidahati. (pp.) sahasā palāyita; asaṅkhāditvā gilita; dinnaghaṭika; laṅghiyā pihita.

bolter : (f.) piṭṭhacālanī.

bolting : (nt.) sahasā palāyana.

bolus : (f.) mahāguḷikā.

bomb : (f.) kittimāsani. (v.t.) kittimāsaniyā paharati. (pp.) kittimāsaniyā pahaṭa.

bombard : (v.t.) 1. kittimāsaniyā vināseti; 2. nirantaram akkhosati. (pp.) kittimāsaniyā vināsita; nirantaram akkuṭṭha.

bombardment : (nt.) kittimāsaniyā vināsana.

bombast : (f.) atisayutti. (nt.) ativākya.

bombastic : (adj.) atthasāravirahita; vikatthanasīla.

bona fide : (adj.) avyāja; akuṭila. (adv.) yathābhūtaṃ.

bonanza : (f.) samiddhi. (nt.) bhāgya.

bond : (nt.) bandhana; paṭiññāpaṇṇa. (m.) ābandha; pāsa. (v.t.) bandhati. (pp.) baddha.

bondage : (nt.) paravasatta; dāsatta. (f.) baddhatā.

bondmaid : (f.) dāsī.

bondman : (m.) dāsa.

bondservant : (m.) dāsa; bhataka.

bondservice : (nt.) dāsatta.

bondsman : (m.) dāsa.

bone : (nt.) aṭṭhi; kaṇṭaka. (v.t.) aṭṭhīni apaneti. (pp.) apanītaṭṭhika.

boneless : (adj.) anaṭṭhika.

bonesetter : (m.) aṭṭhisandhānaka.

bonfire : (m.) jayasūcakaggi.

bonnet : (nt.) vanitāsīsāvaraṇa.

bonny : (adj.) sundara; surūpa.

bonus : (nt.) atirekavetana.

bony : (adj.) aṭṭhibahula.

bonze : (m.) mahāyānikabhikkhu.

boo : (v.t.) ohīleti; upakkosati. (pp.) ohīlita; upakkuṭṭha.

booby : (m.) jaḷa; eḷamūga.

boodle : (m.) samudāya. (nt.) lañca-dhana.

boohoo : (v.i.) mahāsaddena paridevati.

book : (m.; nt.) potthaka; gantha. (v.t.) pageva nāmam aṅketi or okāsaṃ niccheti.

book binder : (m.) potthakasibbaka.

book binding : (nt.) potthakasibbana.

book keeping : (nt.) vāṇijjagaṇanaṅkana.

bookcase : (m.) potthakādhāra.

booking : (nt.) āyavayalikhana.

booklet : (m.) khuddakapotthaka.

Bookman : (m.) bahusutta.

bookmark : (nt.) potthakasaṅketa.

bookseller : (m.) potthakavāṇija.

bookstall : (m.) potthakāpaṇa.

bookworm : (m.) 1. potthakakīṭa; 2. niccapaṭhanāsatta.

boom : (m.) gambhīra-nāda; uḷumpa. (f.) sahasā laddhapasiddhi. (v.i.) 1. gambhīraṃ nadati; 2. sahasā uggacchati. (pp.) sahasā uggata.

boon : (m.) vara; anuggaha. (nt.) pasādadāna. (adj.) pamudita; cāgasīlī.

boor : (m.) jānapadika; gāmika.

boorish : (adj.) gamma; asiṭṭha.

boorishly : (adv.) gammākārena.

boorishness : (nt.) gammatta.

boost : (v.t.) ukkhipati; unnāmeti. (pp.) ukkhitta; unnāmita.

boot : (nt.) pādāvaraṇa; hita; payojana. (f.) pādukā.

boot legger : (m.) rahassena majjavikkayī.

booth : (m.) maṇḍapa.

bootlace : (nt.) pādukābandhana.

bootless : (adj.) niratthaka; nipphala.

booty : (nt.) vilutta-dhana.

booze : (v.i.) adhikaṃ pivati. (nt.) adhika-pāna. (m.) pānussava.

boozy : (adj.) surāsoṇḍa.

borax : (nt.) rasasodhaka; biḷālaloṇa.

border : (nt.) pariyanta. (f.) sīmā. (v.t.) paricchindati; sapariyantaṃ karoti. (pp.) paricchinna; pariyantaṃ kata.

border land : (nt.) sīmāsannaraṭṭha.

border of a garment : (f.) dasā.

border of a land : (f.) desasīmā.

bordering : (adj.) panta; pariyantaṭṭhita.

bore : (nt.) randha; vivara; chidda. (v.t.) 1. vitudati; 2. kaṇṇakaṭukaṃ vadati. (pp.) vitunna; vuttakaṇṇakaṭuka.

boreal : (adj.) uttaradisāyatta.

boreas : (m.) uttaravāta.

borer : (m.) vedhaka; vitudaka.

born : (pp. of bear) jāta; sañjāta; uppanna.

born after : (adj.) anujāta.

born before : (adj.) purejāta.

born from moisture : (adj.) saṃsedaja.

born in the hell : (adj.) nerayika; āpāyika.

born on the hills : (adj.) pabbateyya.

born on the land : (adj.) thalaja.

born together : (adj.) sahaja; sahajāta.

born well : (adj.) sujāta.

borne : (pp. of bear) dhārita; vahita.

borough : (m.) nigama. (nt.) kuḍḍanagara.

borrow : (v.t.) 1. iṇaṃ gaṇhāti; 2. ānukaroti. (pp.) gahita-iṇa; anukata.

borrowed : (adj.) yācitaka.

borrower : (m.) iṇagāhī; iṇāyika.

borstal : (m.) bālāparādhakārīnivāsa.

bosh : (m.) micchāpalāpa. (v.t.) upahāsaṃ pāpeti.

bosky : (adj.) gumbacchanna.

bosom : (nt.) ura; hadaya. (m.) ṭhana; payodhara.

bosom friend : (m.) vallabhamitta.

boss : (f.) nābhi. (m.) adhikārī; ajjhakkhaka.

botanical : (adj.) ubbhidāyatta.

botanist : (m.) bhūtagāmaññū; ubbhidavedī.

botany : (f.) ubbhidavijjā.

botch : (v.t.) asakkaccaṃ saṅkharoti.

botcher : (m.) anipuṇa; asakkaccakārī.

both : (pron.) ubha; ubhaya.

bother : (v.t.) hiṃsati; pīḷeti; bādheti. (pp.) hiṃsita; pīḷita; bādhita. (f.) pīḷā; hiṃsā. (nt.) bādhana.

bothersome : (adj.) khedāvaha; pīḷājanaka.

bothways : (adv.) ubhayathā.

bottle : (f.) nāḷikā || glass bottle: (m.) kācatumba.

bottle of oil : (f.) telaṇāli.

bottom : (nt.) 1. ādhotala; 2. pāda. (f.) patiṭṭhā. (adj.) heṭṭhima. (v.t.) 1. mūlādhāraṃ patiṭṭhāpeti; 2. adhotalaṃ pāpuṇāti. (pp.) patiṭṭhāmūlādhāra; adhotalapatta.

bottomless : (adj.) agādha; atalampassa; atigambhīra.

bough : (f.) sākhā.

boulder : (m.) vaṭṭapāsāṇa.

boulevard : (f.) tarupantiyuttā mahāracchā.

bounce : (v.i.) laṅghati. (v.t.) sahasā ajjhottharati. (pp.) laṅghita; sahasā ajjhotthaṭa. (m.) mahānāda; dāruṇappahāra. (nt.) vikatthana. (adv.) sahasā; sasaddaṃ.

bouncer : (m.) vikatthī. (f.) pākaṭa-musā.

bound : (v.t.) paricchindati; avadhāreti; sīmaṃ ṭhapeti. (v.i.) uppatati. (pp.) paricchinna; avadhārita; ṭhapitasīma; uppatita. (m.) āvadhi; pariccheda. (f.) sīmā. (nt.) pamāṇa; uppatana; laṅghana. (adj.) gantukāma; gāmī. (pp. of bind) baddha; ābaddha.

boundary : (f.) sīmā; mariyādā. (m.) odhi; avadhi; pariccheda.

bounden : (adj.) āvassaka; anatikkamiya.

boundless : (adj.) amita; ananta; aparimita; appamāṇa.

boundlessly : (adv.) anantaṃ; aparimitaṃ.

boundlessness : (f.) anantatā; appamāṇatā.

bounteous : (adj.) cāgasīla; dānasoṇḍa; bahuppada.

bounteously : (adv.) cāgasīlatāya; vigatamalatāya.

bounteousness : (f.) vadaññutā; muttacāgatā.

bountiful : (adj.) cāgasīla; dānasoṇḍa; bahuppada. (adj.) cāgasīla; dānasoṇḍa; bahuppada.

bountifully : (adv.) cāgasīlatāya; vigatamalatāya.

bountifulness : (f.) vadaññutā; muttacāgatā.

bounty : (f.) cāgasīlatā; payatapāṇitā. (m.) cāga; pariccāga.

bouquet : (m.) kusumatthabaka; mālāguṇa.

bout : (m.) kammantavāra; ussāha.

bovine : (adj.) gavya; gavāyatta.

bow : (f.) vandanā; namassanā; abhivādanā. (nt.) dhanu; addhamaṇḍala. (m.) cāpa; issāsa; paṇāma; namakkāra. (v.i.t.) namassati; vandati; paṇamati; abhivādeti. (pp.) namassita; vandita; paṇamita; abhivādita.

bow of a boat : (nt.) nāvābhimukha.

bow of a lute : (m.) koṇa.

bow string : (f.) jiyā. (m.) dhanuguṇa.

bow-legged : (adj.) vaṅkapāda.

bow-wow : (m.) bhuṅkāra.

bowel : (nt.) anta.

bower : (m.) nikuñja; latāmaṇḍapa.

bowl : (m.) patta; kanduka. (f.) pāti; goḷakakīḷā. (nt.) goḷaka. (v.t.) goḷakehi kīḷati.

bowler : (n.) guḷakīḷaka.

bowling-green : (f.) kandukakīḷābhūmi.

Bowman : (m.) dhanuddhara.

box : (f.) peḷā; mañjūsā. (m.) muṭṭhippahāra; pāṇighāta. (v.t.) 1. peḷāya pakkhipati; 2. peḷāyo sampādeti; 3. sambādhe vāseti. (v.i.) muṭṭhinā paharati; mallayuddhaṃ karoti. (pp.) peḷāya pakkhitta; sambādhe vāsita; muṭṭhinā pahaṭa; katamallayuddha.

boxer : (m.) muṭṭhimalla.

boxing : (nt.) mallayuddha.

boy : (m.) bālaka; dāraka; kumāra; susu.

boycott : (v.t.) sahayogaṃ vajjeti. (pp.) vajjitasahayoga. (nt.) sahayogavajjana.

boyhood : (nt.) bālya; komāra.

boyish : (adj.) bālayogga.

brace : (m.) sambandhaka. (nt.) yuga; yugala; yamaka. (v.t.) daḷhaṃ bandhati. (pp.) daḷhabaddha.

bracelet : (nt.) valaya; kaṅkaṇa; kaṭaka. (f.) karabhūsā.

bracing : (adj.) santhambhaka.

bracket : (nt.) nāgadantaka. (f.) āddhacanda-rekhā. (v.t.) addhacandarekhāhi viseseti. (pp.) addhacandarekhāhi visesita.

brackish : (adj.) īsaṃloṇika.

brag : (v.i.) attābaṃ silāghati; vikatthati. (pp.) vikatthita.

braggart : (m.) vikatthī.

Brahma : (m.) (the creator) lokesa; pitāmaha.

Brahman : (m.) vippa; dvija; brāhmaṇa.

brahmanical : (adj.) brāhmaṇāyatta.

Brahmin : (m.) vippa; dvija; brāhmaṇa.

braid : (f.) venī. (m.) dhammilla. (v.t.) gantheti; veṇīkaroti. (pp.) ganthita; veṇīkata.

brain : (f.) lasī. (m.) matthaluṅga. (f.) mati; buddhi.

brain pan : (m.) sīsakapāla.

brain sick : (adj.) bhantacitta; sativikala.

brainless : (adj.) matihīna; mandabuddhika.

brake : (nt.) gumbagahaṇa; kaṇṭakagahaṇa. (nt.) yānanivattaka.

bramble : (m.) kaṇṭakagumba.

bran : (m.) thusa; dhaññataca.

branch : (v.i.) sākhāhi vaḍḍhati. (v.t.) vibhajati; bhājeti. (pp.) sākhāhi vaḍḍhita; vibhatta; bhājita. (f.) sākhā. (m.) viṭapa; (of an institution,etc) ekadesa; koṭṭhāsa.

branching road : (m.) dvidhāpatha.

branchy : (adj.) bahusākha; sākhāsampanna.

brand : (nt.) 1. lakkhaṇaṅkana; vāṇijaciṇha; 2. alāta; ummukka. (v.t.) tattalohena aṅketi; lakkhaṇāhataṃ karoti.

brand new : (adj.) abhinavatara.

brandish : (v.t.) uggirati; āvijjhati; paribbhameti. (pp.) āviddha; paribbhamita.

brandy : (f.) vāruṇi. (m.) surāsāra.

brangle : (m.) kalaha. (v.i.) kalahaṃ karoti. (pp.) katakalaha.

brass : (f.) rīri. (m.) ārakūṭa.

brass netting : (nt.) lohajāla.

brass plate : (nt.) rīripaṭṭa.

brass wire : (f.) lohasalākā; loharajju.

brassy : (adj.) 1. ārakūṭasama; 2. nillajja.

brat : (m.) pillaka; dāraka.

bravado : (nt.) nibbhayatta. (f.) sāṭopavutti.

brave : (adj.) sūra; vīra; nibbhaya. (v.t.) vikkamati; nibbhayo hoti. (pp.) vikkanta; nibbhayabhūta.

bravely : (adv.) savikkamaṃ; sūrākārena.

bravery : (nt.) dhīratta; vīratta. (nt.) vikkama; parakkama.

bravo : (intj.) sādhu,sādhu. (m.) paratthaṃ manussaghātī.

brawl : (m.) kalaha; viggaha. (v.i.) vivadati; bhaṇḍeti.

brawler : (m.) kalahakārī.

brawny : (adj.) balavantu; daḷhakāya.

bray : (v.i.) gadrabharavaṃ ravati. (v.t.) koṭṭeti; cuṇṇeti. (pp.) koṭṭita; cuṇṇita. (m.) gadrabharava.

braze : (v.t.) 1. lohena chādeti; 2. tambhīkaroti. (pp.) lohachādita; tambhīkata.

brazen : (adj.) tambamaya; 2. ātithaddha; 3. nillajja; niṭṭhura. (v.t.) atithaddho; nillajjo or sappagabbho hoti.

brazier : (m.) 1. lohaṅgārakaṭāha; 2. lohakārā; kammāra.

breach : (nt.) chiddha; randha; vivara; atikkamana; laṅghana. (m.) (of law, etc.) bhaṅga; bheda. (v.t.) vinivijjhati; chiddaṃ karoti. (pp.) vinividdha; katachidda.

breach of morality : (m.) sīlabheda.

breach of promise : (m.) paṭiññābhaṅga.

bread : (m.) godhumapūpa; āhāra. (nt.) bhojana.

bread fruit : (m.) labuja.

bread winner : (m.) kulaposaka.

breadth : (m.) vitthāra. (nt.) puthulatta.

break : (v.t.) 1. chindati; bhañjati; bhindati; 2. (law,etc.) ullaṅgheti; atikkamati; 3. (to stop) nivatteti; bādheti. (pp.) chinna; bhagga; bhinna; ullaṅghita; atikkanta; nivattita; bādhita. (v.i.) bhijjati. (pp.) bhinna.

break away : sahasā apagacchati.

break down : (v.i.) osīdati. (nt.) adhopatana; osīdana.

break forth : (v.i.) sahasā pātukaroti.

break in : (v.i.) sahasā pavisati.

break into : (v.i.) dameti; vineti.

break into pieces : (v.i.) khaṇḍeti; cuṇṇeti.

break loose : (v.i.) pamoceti.

break off : (v.i.) viyojeti; vicchindati.

break open : (v.i.) ugghāṭeti.

break out : (v.i.) uggacchati.

break upon : (v.i.) āhanati.

break with : (v.i.) vivadati.

breakable : (adj.) bhijjanadhamma.

breakage : (nt.) bhañjana; padālana; vidāraṇa.

breaker : (m.) bhettu; bhañjaka; phālaka; vidāraka.

breakfast : (m.) pātarāsa. (v.i.) pātarāsaṃ bhuñjati. (v.t.) pātarāsaṃ paṭiyādeti. (pp.) bhuttapātarāsa; pāṭiyāditapātarāsa.

breaking : (nt.) bhindana; khaṇḍana; bhijjana. (m.) bheda; cheda. (adj.) bhañjaka; vidāraka; bhedakara.

breaking of alliance : (m.) mithubheda.

breakneck : (adj.) atibhayānaka; jīvitāpahāraka.

breakwater : (m.) setubhanda. (nt.) titthāvarana.

breast : (m.; nt.) ura. (m.) (of a woman) thana; kuca; payodhara. (v.t.) abhimukhīhoti; uraṃ dadāti. (pp.) abhimukhībhūta; dinnaura.

breast plate : (m.) uracchada.

breath : (nt.) sasana. (m.) assāsapassāsa.

breathe : (v.i.) sasati; aṇati.

breathe in : (v.i.) assasati.

breathe out : (v.i.) passasati.

breathing : (nt.) pāṇana; āṇāpāṇa.

breathing in : (m.) assāsa. (nt.) āṇa.

breathing out : (m.) passāsa. (nt.) apāṇa.

breathless : (adj.) 1. jīvarahita; 2. nivattitāṇāpāṇa.

breathlessly : (adv.) atisīghaṃ.

breech : (m.) nitamba; kaṭippadesa.

breeches : (nt.) kaṭivasana.

breed : (f.) pajā; paramparā. (nt.) apacca. (v.t.) 1. janeti; uppādeti; nibbatteti; 2. poseti; vaḍḍheti. (pp.) janita; uppādita; nibbattita; posita; vaḍḍhita. (v.i.) jāyati; uppajjati. (pp.) jāta; uppanna.

breeder : (m.) janaka; uppādaka; posaka.

breeding : (nt.) 1. posaṇa; pālana; saṃvaḍḍhana. 2. vinayana; sikkhana.

breeze : (m.) mandānila; mandamāruta.

breezeless : (adj.) nivāta.

breezy : (adj.) mandānilayutta.

brethren : (m.; plu.) bhātaro; sahadhammikā.

brevity : (m.) saṅkhepa; samāsa.

brew : (v.t.) majjaṃ sampādeti.

brewage : (nt.) majja. (f.) surā.

brewer : (m.) majjasampādaka.

brewery : (nt.) majjasampādanaṭṭhāna.

bribe : (v.t.) lañcaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnalañca. (m.) lañca.

bribee : (m.) lañcakhādaka.

briber : (m.) lañcadāyaka.

bribery : (nt.) lañcadāna.

brick : (f.) giñjakā; cayaniṭṭhakā.

brick house : (m.) giñjakāvasatha.

brick layer : (m.) iṭṭhakavaḍḍhakī.

brick maker : (m.) giñjakāsampādaka.

brickbat : (m.) iṭṭhakākhaṇḍa.

bridal : (adj.) vivāhāyatta.

bride : (f.) navavadhū; vivāhābhimukhā.

bridegroom : (m.) āvāhaka; pāṇiggāhaka.

bridesmaid : (f.) navavadhūvayassā.

bridesman : (m.) āvāhakasakhā.

bridge : (m.) setu. (nt.) saṅkamaṇa. (v.t.) setuṃ bandhati; setunā sambandheti. (pp.) setubaddha; setusambaddha.

bridge of the nose : (f.) nāsāpaṇāḷi.

bridle : (nt.) mukhādhāna; khalīna. (v.t.) 1. khalīnaṃ yojeti. 2. saṃyameti; niggaṇhāti. (pp.) yojitakhalīna; saṃyamita; niggahita.

brief : (m.) saṅkhepa; saṅgaha; sāraṃsa. (adj.) appaka; thoka; khaṇika; saṅkhitta.

briefly : (adv.) saṅkhepena; samāsato.

briefness : (f.) saṅkhittatā; laghutā; ittaratā.

brigade : (m.) senāvibhāga. (f.) vāhinī.

brigadier : (m.) camūpati.

brigand : (m.) cora; gāmaghātaka.

brigandage : (m.) gāmaghāta. (nt.) panthadūhana.

brigandism : (nt.) corakamma.

bright : (adj.) ujjala; samujjala; bhāsura; sappabha; pabhassara.

bright half of the month : (m.) juṇha; sukkapakkha.

brighten : (v.t.) obhāseti; pabhāseti; joteti; dippeti. (v.i.) jalati; ujjalati; pabhāsati; dippati; virājati. (pp.) obhāsita; jotita; dippita; jalita; ujjalita; pabhāsita; ditta; virājita.

brightness : (f.) juti; ditti; pabhā; ābhā.

brilliance : (f.) kanti; sobhā; juti; ditti; pabhā.

brilliant : (adj.) jutimantu; jutindhara; pabhassara; virocamāna. (nt.) dhotavajira.

brim : (f.) mukhavaṭṭi; titti. (v.t.) āmukhavaṭṭiṃ pūreti. (v.i.) samatittikam pūrati. (pp.) āmukavattiṃ pūrita; samatittikaṃ puṇṇa.

brimful : (adj.) paripuṇṇa; samatittika.

brimstone : (nt.) gandhaka.

brine : (nt.) khāra; loṇajala; assu. (m.) samudda. (v.t.) khāre pakkhipati. (pp.) khāre pakkhitta.

bring : (v.t.) āharati; āneti; upaneti; pāpeti. (pp.) āhaṭa; ānīta; upanīta; pāpita.

bring about : (v.t.) sādheti; sampādeti.

bring back : (v.t.) paccāharati.

bring down : (v.t.) opāteti; parihāpeti.

bring forth : (v.t.) janeti; uppādeti.

bring forward : (v.t.) abhinīharati.

bring into : (v.t.) paṭipādeti; nipphādeti.

bring near : (v,t.) upanāmeti.

bring out : (v.t.) pakāseti; pākaṭīkaroti.

bring to an end : (v.t.) pariyosāpeti.

bring to ruin : (v.t.) vināseti.

bring together : (v.t.) samāgameti; rāsīkaroti.

bring under : (v.t.) dameti; abhibhavati.

bring up : (v.t.) poseti; paṭijaggati.

bring up to : (v.t.) upaneti.

bringer : (m.) ānetu; upanetu; āharitu.

bringing : (nt.) āharaṇa; ānayana.

bringing up : (nt.) paṭijaggana; posaṇa.

brinjal : (m.) vātiṅgana.

brink : (nt.) tīra; taṭi; kūla. (m.) pariyanta.

brisk : (adj.) turita; avilambita.

briskly : (adv.) khippaṃ; turitaṃ; tuvaṭaṃ; āsu; lahuṃ.

briskness : (nt.) sīghatta; turitatta.

bristle : (v.i.) haṃsati. (pp.) haṭṭha. (nt.) kharaloma.

Britain : (m.) āngaladsena.

British : (adj.) āngalika.

brittle : (adj.) bhaṅgura; pabhaṅgu.

brittleness : (nt.) bhaṅguratta.

broach : (nt.) salla; vedhana. (f.) thūpikā. (v.t.) nibbijjhati; chiddaṃ karoti. (pp.) nibbiddha; katachidda.

broad : (adj.) vitthata; vitthiṇṇa; puthula.

broadcast : (v.t.) pakāseti; pacāreti. (pp.) pakāsita; pacārita.

broadly : (adv.) bahuso; vitthatākārena.

broadness : (nt.) puthulatta; vepulla. (m.) vitthāra.

broadseal : (f.) rājamuddā.

broadwise : (adv.) tiriyaṃ.

brocade : (f.) pupphavikatikā. (v.t.) pupphavikatikaṃ sampādeti.

broidery : (f.) suttavikatikā.

broil : (m.) kalaha; viggaha. (nt.) bhajjitamaṃsa. (v.t.) bhajjati; randheti. (pp.) bhajjita; randhita. (v.i.) paccati. (pp.) pakka.

broken : (adj.) (pp. of break) bhagga; bhinna; obhagga; asampuṇṇa.

broken bit : (f.) khaṇḍikā.

broken down : (adj.) vilugga; onata.

broken up : (adj.) palugga; pabhagga.

broker : (m.) kayavikkayika; vohārika.

bronchitis : (m.) sāsanāḷikābādha.

bronze : (m.) kaṃsa.

bronze vessel : (m.) kaṃsathāla. (v.t.) kaṃsavaṇṇaṃ karoti. (pp.) katakaṃsavaṇṇa.

brooch : (f.) urabhūsā.

brood : (v.i.) 1. usmāpeti; 2. parivitakketi; upanijjhāyati. (pp.) usmāpita; parivitakkita; upanijjhāyita. (f.) pajā; santati.

brook : (f.) kunnadī. (m.) kandara. (v.t.) sahati; khamati. (pp.) sahita; khanta.

broom : (f.) sammajjanī; sammuñjanī.

broom stick : (m.) sammajjanīdaṇḍa.

broth : (m.) sūpa.

brothel : (m.) gaṇikānivāsa.

brother : (m.) 1. bhātu; bhātika; anuja; sodariya; 2. samānasaṃvāsaka.

brother hood : (m.) nikāya; sahadhammikagaṇa.

brother in law : (m.) sāla.

brotherless : (adj.) abhātuka.

brotherlike : (adj.) bhātusadisa.

brotherly : (adj.) bhātupemayutta.

brought : (pp. of bring).

brought for trial : (adj.) abhinīta.

brought into contact : (adj.) phassita.

brought near : (adj.) upanīta; upakaṭṭha.

brought together : (adj.) samāhaṭa.

brought up : (adj.) posita; bhata; saṃvaḍḍhita.

brought up to : (adj.) upanāmita.

brow : (f.) bhamu; bhamukā; 2. mukhavaṭṭi.

browbeat : (v.t.) bhākuṭiṃ karoti.

browbeating : (nt.) bhākuṭīkaraṇa.

brown : (adj.) piṅgala; tambavaṇṇa. (v.t.) tambavaṇṇaṃ karoti. (v.i.) tambavaṇṇī bhavati. (pp.) tambavaṇṇakata; tambavaṇṇī bhūta.

brownish : (adj.) īsaṃpiṅgala.

brownness : (nt.) piṅgalatta.

browse : (m.) navapallava; saddala. (v.t.) pallave khādati. (pp.) khāditapallava.

bruin : (m.) bhallūka; issa.

bruise : (nt.) ghaṃsitaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) 1. potheti; 2. cuṇṇeti. (pp.) pothita; cuṇṇita.

bruit : (f.) pavatti; vāttā. (v.t.) pākaṭīkaroti. (pp.) pākaṭīkata.

brumous : (adj.) mahikāyutta.

brunt : (m.) pahāravega.

brush : (m.) koccha; vālaṇdupaka. (v.t.) kocchena parimajjati. (pp.) kocchena parimaṭṭha.

brush aside : (nt.) atikkāmeti; na sallakkheti.

brush away : (nt.) atikkāmeti; na sallakkheti.

brush wood : (nt.) kubbanaka.

brushy : (adj.) 1. gumbāvuta; 2. bahulomaka.

brusque : (adj.) dandha; avinīta.

brusquely : (adv.) avinītākārena.

brutal : (adj.) pasutulya; caṇḍa; avinīta.

brutalise : (v.t.) pasutulyaṃ karoti. (pp.) pasutulyaṃ kata.

brutality : (f.) niṭṭhuratā.

brutally : (adv.) niddayaṃ; niṭṭhuraṃ.

brute : (m.) pasu; tiracchāna. (adj.) asabbha; sammūḷha.

brutish : (adj.) pasutulya; caṇḍa; avinīta.

brutishize : (v.t.) pasutulyaṃ karoti. (pp.) pasutulyaṃ kata.

brutishly : (adv.) niddayaṃ; niṭṭhuraṃ. (f.) niṭṭhuratā.

bubble : (nt.) 1. bubbula; 2. asāravatthu. (v.i.) bubbulāyati. (v.t.) bubbulāni uppādeti. (pp.) bubbulāyita; uppāditabubbula.

bubonic plague : (m.) ahivātakaroga.

buccaneer : (m.) sāmuddikacora.

buck : (m.) miga; hariṇa. (nt.) amarākumina. (v.i.) uppatati.

buck up : (v.i.) turito bhavati. (pp.) uppatita; turitabhūta.

bucket : (nt.) udañcana.

buckish : (adj.) maṇḍaṇajātika.

buckle : (n.) kuḍuba; gaṇḍaka. (v.t.) kuḍubena sambandheti. (pp.) sambaddha.

buckler : (nt.) kheṭaka.

bucolic : (adj.) jānapadika.

bud : (m.) makula; koraka || fresh bud: (m.) khāraka. (v.i.) aṅkurāyati; makule janeti. (pp.) aṅkurita; janitamakula.

Buddha : (m.) buddha; bhagavantu; dasabala; sugata; muninda; sabbaññū; sakyasīha; sakyamuni.

buddhahood : (nt.) buddhatta.

buddhism : (m.) buddhasamaya. (f.) buddhabhatti.

buddhist : (adj.) buddhabhattika; sogata.

buddhist canon : (nt.) tipiṭaka.

buddhist monk : (m.) bhikkhu; buddhasāvaka.

budge : (v.i.) apasarati; apeti. (pp.) apasaṭa; apeta.

budget : ((m.) pasibbaka. (f.) āyavayasaṅkhyā.

buff : (nt.) mahisacamma. (v.t.) cammena parimajjati. (pp.) cammena parimaṭṭha.

buffalo : (m.) mahisa.

buffer : (m.) paṭighātanivāraka.

buffet : (m.) pāṇippahāra; muṭṭhighāta. (v.t.) muṭṭhinā paharati; hatthehi yujjhati. (pp.) muṭṭhinā pahaṭa; hatthehi yujjhita.

buffoon : (m.) hāsaka; vidūsaka. (v.i.) hāsam uppādeti. (v.t.) upahāsaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) uppāditahāsa; upahāsaṃ pāpita.

buffoonery : (m.) parihāsa; dava.

bug : (m.) maṅkuṇa.

bugbear : (nt.) micchābhayakāraṇa.

buggy : (adj.) maṅkuṇabahula.

bugle : (m.) dhamanavaṃsa. (v.t.) dhameti. (pp.) dhanta.

buglery : (m.) sandhiccheda. (nt.) coriya; theyya.

build : (v.t.) māpeti; nimmiṇāti; navakammaṃ karoti. (pp.) māpita; nimmita; katanavakamma.

builder : (m.) navakammika; māpetu; kāraka (in cpds).

building : (nt.) nimmāṇa; ghara.

building material : (m.) dabbasambhāra.

bulb : (m.) 1. kanda; ālu; 2. goḷaka. (v.i) goḷībhavati. (pp.) goḷībhūta.

bulbous : (adj.) goḷākāra; kandākāra.

bulbul : (m.) 1. gāyakasakuṇa; 2. gāyaka.

bulge : (v.i.) bahi lambati. (pp.) bahi lambita.

bulk : (nt.) parimāṇa; pamāṇa. (m.) nāvābhāra; khandha.

bulky : (adj.) thūla; vaṭhara; mahākāya.

bull : (m.) balivadda; goṇa; usabha.

bull like : (adj.) āsabha.

bull-headed : (adj.) anassava; avidheyya.

bullet : (f.) tipuguḷikā.

bulletin : (nt.) saṅkhitta-nivedana; visesanivedana.

bullion : (nt.) hirañña.

bullock : (m.) uddhaṭabīja-usabha.

bully : (m.) sūramānī. (v.t.) hiṃsati; pīḷeti. (pp.) hiṃsita; pīḷita.

bulrush : (m.) vetasa.

bulwark : (m.) uddāpa.

bum : (m.) nitamba.

bumble-bee : (m.) mahāmadhukara.

bump : (m.) 1. paṭighāta; 2. unnatasīsappadesa; 3. vāyugaṇḍa. (nt.) saṃghaṭṭana. (v.i.) paṭihaññati. (pp.) paṭihata. (v.t.) ghaṭṭeti; paṭihanati. (pp.) ghaṭṭita; paṭihata.

bumper : (m.) puṇṇacasaka.

bumpkin : (m.) dandha-jānapadika.

bumptious : (adj.) attukkaṃsaka.

bumpy : (adj.) visama.

bun : (m.) addhagoḷapūpa.

bunch : (m.) thabaka; gocchaka. (f.) mañjarī; vallarī. (v.t.) gocchake karoti; ekato bandhati. (pp.) katagocchaka; ekatobaddha.

bundle : (f.) bhaṇdikā. (m.) kalāpa. (v.t.) bhaṇḍikā bandhati; kalāpe karoti. (pp.) bhaṇḍikābaddha; kalāpakata.

bundle off : (pp.) khippaṃ peseti.

bung : (f.) rodhanī. (v.t.) rodhaniyā pidahati. (pp.) rodhaniyā pihita.

bungalow : (nt.) hammiya.

bungle : (v.i.) khalati; pamajjati; ākulīkaroti. (pp.) khalita; pamatta; ākulīkata.

bungler : (n.) adakkha; akovida.

bunion : (m.) pādaphoṭa.

bunny : (m.) sasaka.

bunting : (f.) patākā. (m.) dhajapaṭa.

buoy : (v.i.) plavati. (m.) plava; uḷumpa.

buoyancy : (f.) lahutā; anisīdanatā.

buoyant : (adj.) 1. plavanasīla; anosīdaka; 2. sallahukacitta.

buoyantly : (adv.) lahukākārena; plavanākārena.

burden : (m.) bhāra. (nt.) dhura. (v.t.) bhāram āropeti. (pp.) aropitabhāra.

burden some : (adj.) bhāriya; dukkhama; pīḷākara.

burdened : (adj.) vyathita; bhārakkanta.

bureau : (m.) lekhanādhāra; kiccālaya. (nt.) kārakamaṇḍala.

bureaucracy : (nt.) pālakamaṇḍala.

bureaucratic : (adj.) pālakamaṇḍalāyatta.

burgeon : (v.i.) aṅkurāyati. (pp.) aṅkurita.

burgh : (nt.) nagara.

burgher : (m.) nagaravāsī; nāgarika.

burglar : (m.) sandhibhedaka; cora.

burgomaster : (m.) nigamasāmī; nagarādhipa.

burial : (nt.) bhūminidahana.

burke : (v.t.) nigūhati; pākaṭattaṃ vāreti. (pp.) nigūhita; vāritapākaṭatta.

burlesque : (nt.) hāsatthāya anukaraṇa. (adj.) hāsuppādaka. (v.t.) anukaronto hāseti.

burly : (adj.) thūlakāya.

burmese : (adj.; n.) marammika; brahmadesika.

burn : (nt.) daḍḍhaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) jhāpeti; dahati (pp.) jhāpita; daḍḍha. (v.i.) ḍayhati; jhāyati; pajjalati. (pp.) daḍḍha; jhāma; pajjalita.

burner : (m.) jhāpaka; ḍahaka; vaṭṭidhāraka. (f.) dīpavaṭṭi.

burning : (adj.) dāhakara; accuṇha.

burnish : (v.t.) (parimajjanena) jutimantaṃ karoti. (v.i.) ābhāya vaḍḍhati. (pp.) ābhāya vaḍhita.

burrow : (nt.) bhūmibila. (v.t.) bilaṃ khaṇati. (v.i.) bile vasati. (pp.) khatabila; bile vuttha.

bursar : (m.) vijjālaya-bhaḍāgārika.

bursary : (m.) vijjālaya-kosa; vihārakoṭṭhāgāra.

burst : (nt.) bhijjana; palālana; vidāraṇa. (v.i.) phalati; bhijjati. (v.t.) phāleti; vidāreti; bhindati. (pp.) phalita; bhinna; phālita; vidārita; bhindita.

burst forth : (pp.) ubbhijjati.

bury : (v.t.) nikhaṇati; bhūmiyaṃ nidahati. (pp.) nikhāta; bhūminihita.

burying : (nt.) nikhaṇana; bhūminidahana.

bus : (m.) mahāratha.

bush : (m.) gumba; pagumba.

bushel : (m.) aṭṭhadoṇaka.

bushy : (adj.) gumbāvuta.

busily : (adv.) atanditaṃ; analasaṃ.

business : (nt.) kammanta. (m.) vyāpāra. (f.) jīvikāvutti.

businesslike : (adj.) sammāvihita.

buskin : (f.) jaṅghapādukā.

buss : (v.t.) cumbati. (pp.) cumbita.

bust : (m.) uddhakāya; (f.) uddhakāyapaṭimā.

bustle : (m.) kalakala. (v.t.) ussukkāpeti. (v.i.) sasambhamo hoti. (pp.) ussukkāpita; sasambhamībhūta.

busy : (adj.) niccappayutta; bahukicca; vyāvaṭa. (v.t.) vyāvaṭaṃ karoti; kicce niyojeti. (pp.) kiccaniyutta.

busyness : (f.) bahukiccatā; anokāsatā.

but : (conj.) tathā pi; kin tu. (adv.) eva; kevalaṃ. (prep.) vinā.

butcher : (m.) māgavika; pasughātaka. (v.t.) hanati; ghāteti. (pp.) hata; ghātita || knife of a butcher: govikattana.

butcherly : (adv.) vadhakasadisa.

butchery : (nt.) pasughātana; māgavikatta; niṭṭhura-ghātana.

butler : (m.) gehabhaṇḍarakkhaka.

butt : (m.) kuṇṭhitakoṇa; upahāsa; parihāsa. (nt.) lakkha; saravya. (v.t.) siṅgehi or sīsena āhanati; koṭiyā koṭiṃ ghaṭṭeti. (pp.) nonitayojita.

butter : (nt.) nonīta. (v.t.) nonītena yojeti. (pp.) nonītayojita. || clarified butter: (nt.) sappi.

butter milk : (nt.) takka.

butterfly : (m.) cittapaṭaṅga.

buttock : (m.) ānisada. (nt.) piṇḍikamaṃsa.

button : (m.) kañcukagaṇṭhi.

button hole : (m.) gaṇṭhipāsa. (v.t.) gaṇṭhiṃ pāse paveseti or āvuṇāti. (pp.) gaṇṭhiṃ pāse pavesitapāsa; gaṇṭhiṃ pāse āvutapāsa.

buttress : (f.) upakārikā.

buxom : (adj.) thūla; surūpa; sobhana; pasanna.

buy : (v.t.) kiṇāti. (pp.) kīta.

buyer : (m.) ketu; kayika.

buzz : (m.) jhaṅkāra; kalarava. (v.i.) jhanati; ghumughumāyati; kūjati. (pp.) jhanita; ghumughumāyita; kūjita.

by : (prep.) generally expressed by the instrumental. adv.) samīpe; nikaṭe; passe (with genitive).

by and by : (adv.) kamena; anupubbena.

by day : (adv.) divā.

by dint of : (ind.) vāhasā.

by means of : nissāya; paṭicca; hetunā.

by the by : aparañca.

by-lane : (f.) upavīthi.

by-law : (f.) upanīti.

by-name : (m.) upādhi.

by-path : (m.) upapatha.

bygone : (adj.) atīta; atikkanta.

byre : (nt.) goṭṭha.

bystander : (m.) samīpaṭṭhāyī.

byword : (m.) janavāda. (nt.) ābhāṇaka.

bywork : (nt.) appadhānakicca.

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cab : (m.) ekassaratha. (v.i.) ekassarathena yāti.

cabala : (f.) gūḷhavijjā.

cabbage : (f.) goḷapattikā.

cabbala : (f.) gūḷhavijjā.

cabin : (f.) kuṭi. (m.) nāvovaraka. (v.t.) sambādhe vāseti.

cabin boy : (m.) nāvikasevaka.

cabinet : (f.) sacivasabhā. (m.) khuddakagabbha; peḷāyutta-lekhanādhāra.

cable : (f.) nāvābandhaka-rajju; antodaka-vijjutantu. (v.t.) vijjutantuyo yojeti; vijjusāsanaṃ peseti. (pp.) yojitavijjutantu; pesitavijjusāsana.

cablegram : (nt.) antodakasāsana.

caboodle : (m.) sakalasamūha.

cache : (nt.) gutta-paṭisamanaṭṭhāna.

cachet : (nt.) visiṭṭhalañchana.

cachinnate : (v.i.) uccaṃ hasati.

cachinnation : (m.) aṭṭahāsa.

cackle : (nt.) kukkuṭīruta. (f.) nipphalavācā. (v.i.) kukkuṭī viyaravati; palapati. (pp.) kukkuṭī viyaravita; palapita.

cacodemon : (m.) pisāca; asappurisa.

cacography : (nt.) dullikhita.

cacology : (m.) anucitasaddappayoga.

cacophony : (f.) kaṭukassaratā.

cactus : (m.) apattaka-sakaṇṭakagaccha.

cad : (m.) gammajana.

cadaverous : (adj.) chavatulya.

cadence : (f.) parihāni. (nt.) sarasaṅkāmana.

cadet : (m.) kaṇiṭṭha; ādhunikabhaṭa; yuddhasikkhaka.

cadge : (v.i.) (bhikkhāya) carati.

cadger : (m.) kacchapuṭa-vāṇija.

cadre : (f.) mūlaracanā.

caducity : (nt.) bhaṅguratta.

caducous : (adj.) bhaṅgura.

caesura : (m.) virāma.

cafe : (nt.) peyyamandira.

cage : (m.) pañjara. (v.t.) pañjare khipati. (pp.) pañjare khitta.

cairn : (f.) citi. (m.) thūpa.

caitiff : (n.; adj.) jamma; kātara.

cajole : (v.t.) lāleti; upalāleti. (pp.) lālita; upalālita.

cajoler : (m.) upalālaka.

cajolery : (f.) upalālanā.

cake : (m.) pūpa; pūva. (nt.) piṭṭhakhajjaka.

calabash : (f.) alābu; lābu; tumbī.

calamitous : (adj.) anatthāvaha; vipattikara.

calamity : (f.) āpadā; vipatti. (nt.) vyasana. (m.) upaddava.

calcareous : (adj.) sudhāmissaka.

calcify : (v.t.) sudhābhāvaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) sudhābhāvaṃ pāpita.

calcine : (v.t.) bhasmikaroti; cuṇṇattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) bhasmikata; cuṇṇattaṃ pāpita.

calcium : (f.) cuṇṇadhātu; sudhā.

calculable : (adj.) saṅkheyya.

calculate : (v.t.) gaṇeti; saṅkaleti; pamāṇeti; nirūpeti. (pp.) gaṇita; saṅkalita; pamānita; nirūpita.

calculation : (f.) gaṇanā; saṅkhyā; nirūpanā.

calculator : (m.) gaṇaka.

calculous : (adj.) asmarīsahita.

calculus : (f.) asmarī; muttakicchā.

caldron : see cauldron.

calefacient : (adj.) usumajanaka.

calefactive : (adj.) usumajanaka.

calefactory : (nt.) jantāghara.

calendar : (nt.) dinadassana; pañcaṅga. (f.) nāmāvalī. (v.t.) nāmāni aṅketi. (pp.) nāmaṅkita.

calf : (m.) vaccha; potaka. (f.) (of the leg : ) jaṅghā.

caliban : (m.) manussatiracchāna.

calico : (nt.) kappāsika. (m.) setapaṭa.

calicoprinting : (nt.) paṭacittakamma.

caliph : (m.) mahammadikanetu.

calix : (f.) pupphakaṇṇikā.

call : (nt.) 1. avhāna; āmantaṇa; 2. āṇāpana; 3. nimantana; 4. samīpāgamana. (v.t.) 1. avhāti; āmanteti; pakkosati; 2. voharati; ākhyāti; 3. āṇāpeti. (pp.) avhāta; āmantita; pakkosita; voharita; ākhyāta. (v.i.) uccāsaddaṃ karoti.

call back : paccavheti.

call forth : abhineti.

call names : paribhavati.

call on : sammukhībhavati.

call out : abhiyogaṃ karoti.

call over : nāmāni uccāreti or vāceti.

call to account : anuyuñjati.

call to mind : manasikaroti.

call to witness : apadisati; sakkhiṃ karoti.

call upon : sammukhībhavati.

called : (adj.) vutta; abhihita.

calligraphy : (f.) sundaralipi.

calling : (nt.) avhāna; pakkosana. (m.) vyāpāra; jīvanopāya.

callosity : (f.) kathinattacatā.

callous : (adj.) 1. kaṭhina; kakkasa; 2. niddaya; niṭṭhura.

callousness : (nt.) kaṭhinatta; kakkhalatta; niddayatta.

callow : (adj.) 1. ajātapatta; 2. akovida; aparicita.

calm : (f.) santi. (m.) upasama; viveka; avikkhepa. (adj.) upasanta; akkhobha; nissadda. (v.t.) upasameti; passambheti. (v.i.) sammati; passambhati. (pp.) upasamita; passambhita; santa; passaddha.

calmly : (adv.) niccalaṃ; santatāya.

calmness : (f.) passaddhi; santi.

caloric : (m.) kāyika-ususma. (nt.) uṇhatta.

calorific : (adj.) usumajanaka; tāpajanaka.

calorification : (nt.) usumajanana.

calorimeter : (nt.) usumamāṇaka.

calumniate : (v.t.) abbhakkhāti; abbhācikkhati. (pp.) abbhakkhāta; abbhācikkhita.

calumniation : (nt.) abbhakkhāna.

calumniator : (m.) abbhakkhāyī.

calumnious : (adj.) abbhācikkhaka.

calumniously : (adv.) micchācodanāya; sāpavādaṃ.

calumny : (m.) micchopavāda. (nt.) abbhakkhāna.

calyx : see Calix.

cambist : (m.) mūlavinimayakārī.

cambric : (adj.; nt.) dukūla; mudusetavattha.

camel : (m.) oṭṭha.

cameleer : (m.) oṭṭhārohaka.

cameleon : (m.) kakaṇṭaka.

camera : (m.) puggalikagabbha. (nt.) chāyārūpayanta.

camlet : (nt.) uṇṇāvattha.

camp : (m.) khandhāvāra.

campaign : (f.) yuddhabhūmi; yuddhāvatthā.

camphor : (m.; nt.) kappūra; ghanasāra.

camphorate : (vt.) kappūrena yojeti. (pp.) kappūrena yojita.

can : (v.i.) sakkoti; sakkuṇāti. (v.t.) bhājane nidahati. (pp.) bhājananihita. (nt.) lahubhājana; tutthāvaraṇa.

canal : (f.) jalamātikā; jalanetti. (v.t.) jalamagge sampādeti; mātikaṃ khaṇati.

canard : (m.) micchāpavāda.

cancel : (v.t.) lopeti; nisedheti. (pp.) lutta; nisedhita.

cancer : (m.) 1. kakkaṭaka; kulīra; 2. maṃsabbuda.

candescent : (adj.) atitatta; accuṇha.

candid : (adj.) avyāja; avaṅka; akapaṭa; asaṭha.

candidate : (m.) apekkhaka; atthika; patthetu.

candidature : (f.) āyācanā; apekkhā.

candidly : (adv.) asaṭhena; nivyājaṃ.

candidness : (f.) avyājatā, amāyavitā. (nt.) ajjava.

candle : (f.) sitthavaṭṭikā; sitthadīpikā.

candlestick : (m.) sitthadīpādhāra.

candour : (nt.) ajjava; asāṭheyya.

candy : (f.) khaṇḍasakkharā. (v.i.) khaṇḍikā sampādeti. (v.t.) sakkharāya āvarati. (pp.) sakkharāvuta.

cane : (nt.) vetta. (f.) vettalatā. (v.t.) vettehi tāḷeti. (pp.) vettehi tāḷita.

cane-chair : (nt.) bhaddapīṭha.

cane-mill : (nt.) ucchuyanta.

canicide : (nt.) sunakhamāraṇa. (m.) sunakhaghātaka.

canine : (adj.) sunakhāyatta; kukkurīya.

canine tooth : (f.) dāṭhā.

caniyar : (m.) (tree) kaṇikāra; dumuppala.

canker : (m.) nāsaka-kimi; kimiroga. (nt.) dūsana. (v.t.) dūseti; vināseti. (pp.) dūsita; vināsita.

cankerous : (adj.) dūsaka; nāsaka.

cannibal : (adj.; n.) manussamaṃsa-khādī; porisādaka.

cannibalism : (nt.) sajātimaṃsakhādana.

cannibalistic : (adj.) sajātimaṃsakhādaka.

cannon : (nt.) nāḷīyanta.

cannon-ball : (f.) nāḷīyanta-guḷikā.

cannonade : (nt.) ayoguḷavissajjana. (v.t.) ayoguḷe vissajjeti; nāḷīyantapahāraṃ deti. (pp.) vissaṭṭhāyoguḷa; dinnanāḷīyantappahāra.

cannoneer : (m.) nāḷīyantapālaka.

cannot : na sakkoti; na sakkuṇāti; na sakkā.

canny : (adj.) 1. dakkha; catura; 2. mitavaya.

canoe : (f.) doṇi.

canon : (f.) dhammaganthāvali; niyamāvali. (nt.) vinayapiṭaka. (m.) dhammādhikārī.

canonical : (adj.) dhammānukūla; vinayānugata.

canonically : (adv.) yathādhammaṃ; yathāvinayaṃ.

canonise : (v.t.) 1. piṭakantogataṃ karoti; 2. suddhapuggalesu gaṇeti. (pp.) suddhapuggalesu gaṇita.

canoodle : (v.i.) āliṇgati. (pp.) āliṇgita.

canopy : (nt.) vitāna; ulloca. (v.t.) vitānaṃ bandhati. (pp.) baddhavitāna.

cant : (m.) padesikavohāra; visamapassa. (nt.) kohañña. (v.t.) 1. visamaṃ ṭhapeti; 2. samullapati. (pp.) visamaṃ ṭhapita; samullapita.

cantankerous : (adj.) kalahakāmī.

cantankerousness : (f.) kalahappiyatā.

canteen : (f.) majjasālā. (m.) bhaṭānam āpaṇa.

canter : (v.i.) uppatanto gacchati. (f.) mandagati.

canto : (m.) pariccheda; vagga.

canton : (m.) bhūmikhaṇḍa; upapadesa. (v.t.) padesa vasena vibhajati.

cantonment : (f.) khandhāvāra; senāvāsabhūmi.

canvas : (nt.) makacivattha.

canvass : (v.t.) pakkhaṃ gāheti; chandalābhāya vāyamati; sukhumam upaparikkhati. (pp.) gāhitapakkha; sukhumam upaparikkhita.

canvasser : (m.) pakkhagāhāpaka; chandāyācaka.

cap : (nt.) sirotāṇa; pidhāna. (m.) nāḷipaṭṭa. (v.t.) sirotāṇaṃ dhāreti; upādhiṃ deti; pidahati. (pp.) dhāritasirotāṇa; dinnopādhika; pihita.

capability : (f.) bhabbatā; samatthatā.

capable : (adj.) samattha; bhabba; khama.

capacious : (adj.) visāla; puthula; vitthiṇṇa.

capaciousness : (nt.) visālatta.

capacitate : (v.t.) bhabbaṃ karoti; anucchivikataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) anucchivikataṃ pāpita.

capacity : (f.) dhāraṇasatti. (nt.) sāmatthiya; nītibala. (m.) thāma.

caparison : (f.) assakappanā. (m.) assatthara. (v.t.) kappeti; vibhūseti. (pp.) kappita; vibhūsita.

cape : (m.) antarīpa. (nt.) uttarakāyāvaraṇa.

caper : (nt.) laṅghana; naccana. (v.i.) laṅghati; uppatati. (pp.) laṅghita; uppatita.

caperer : (m.) laṅghaka.

capillament : (nt.) kesara; kiñjakkha.

capillary : (adj.) kesasama. (f.) sukhuma-sirā.

capital : (nt.) thambhasīsa; mūladhana; agganagara; vākyamūlakkhara. (f.) rājadhāni. (adj.) mukhya; padhāna; seṭṭha; pamukha.

capital punishment : (m.) maraṇavadha.

capitalism : (nt.) dhanabala.

capitalist : (m.) mahaddhanī.

capitalistic : (adj.) dhanabalāyatta.

capitally : (adv.) mukhyavasena.

capitation : (m.) puggalika-kara.

capitulate : (v.) mithupaṭiññāya sattuvasaṃ gacchati.

capitulation : (nt.) paṭiññāpubbaka-vasaṅgamana; paṭiññāpaṇṇa.

caprice : (nt.) cāpalya. (m.) icchācāra.

capricious : (adj.) lolacitta; icchāvasagata.

capriciously : (adv.) lolākārena; cāpallena.

Capricorn : (m.) makararāsi.

caprine : (adj.) ajasama.

capsize : (v.i.) viparivattati; adhomukhī bhavati. (v.t.) viparivatteti; adhomukhīkaroti. (pp.) viparivatta; adhomukhī bhūta; viparivattita; adhomukhīkata.

capsular : (adj.) puṭākāra.

capsule : (m.) bījakosa.

captain : (m.) senānī; daṇḍanāyaka; nāyaka; netu; purogāmī. (m.) (of a ship : ) niyāmaka; potanāyaka; nāvīpati. (v.t.) purogāmī hoti.

captaincy : (nt.) nāyakatta; padhānatta; nāvāpatidhura.

caption : (nt.) sahasā rundhana. (f.) lipimātikā. (m.) sīsapāṭha.

captious : (adj.) randhagavesī; ayathābhūta.

captiousness : (f.) randhagavesitā.

captivate : (v.t.) palobheti; vasīkaroti; moheti. (pp.) palobhita; vasīkata; mohita.

captivating : (adj.) palobhaka; manohara; hadayaṅgama.

captivation : (nt.) palobhana; vasīkaraṇa.

captive : (n.) bandhanagata; kārābaddha; vasībhūta. (adj.) dhajāhaṭa; karamarānīta.

captivity : (m.) baddhavāsa; vasībhāva.

captor : (m.) bandhaka; randhaka; vasavattaka.

capture : (nt.) rodhana; gahaṇa; bandhana. (v.t.) rodheti; bandhati; adhigaṇhāti. (pp.) rodhita; baddha; adhigahita.

car : (m.) ratha. (nt.) sandana.

carafe : (m.) kāca-udakasarāva.

carapace : (nt.) kapālaṭṭhi. (m.) kapāla.

caravan : (m.) vāṇijasattha. (nt.) mahāyāna.

caravan leader : (m.) satthavāha; satthanāyaka.

caravansary : (f.) pathikasālā. (m.) satthikanivāsa.

caravansera : (f.) pathikasālā. (m.) satthikanivāsa.

caravanserai : (f.) pathikasālā. (m.) satthikanivāsa.

caraway : (nt.) mahājīraka.

carbine : (f.) rassa-aggināḷī.

carbon : (f.) aṅgāradhātu.

carbonaceous : (adj.) aṅgāradhātuyutta.

carbonate : (v.t.) aṅgāradhātukaṃ karoti.

carbonic : (adj.) aṅgāraja.

carbonise : (v.t.) aṅgārattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) aṅgārattaṃ pāpita.

carbuncle : (m.) hohitaṅka; rattamaṇi; visagaṇḍa.

carcase : (m.) chava; kuṇapa. (nt.) matasarīra.

carcass : (m.) chava; kuṇapa. (nt.) matasarīra.

card : (f.) ghanapaṭṭikā; aṅsullekhanī. (v.t.) ullikhati; vijaṭeti. (pp.) ullikhita; vijaṭita.

cardamom : (f.) eḷā; bahulā.

cardiac : (adj.) hadayāyatta.

cardinal : (m.) kiṭṭhadhammādhikārī. (adj.) padhāna; mukhya; pamukha.

cardinal number : (f.) suddhasaṅkhyā.

cardinal points : (f.; plu.) catasso disā.

care : (nt.) gopana; rakkhana; pariharaṇa. (f.) sati. (m.) appamāda. (v.i.) avekkhati; manasikaroti; sallakkheti. (pp.) avekkhita; manasikata; sallekhita. || I do not care: ahaṃ na gaṇemi; take care : appamatto hohi; appamotto hoti; in his care: tassa bhāre.

career : (nt.) carita. (f.) cariyā; gati; pakati; pavatti. (v.i.) sīghaṃ dhāvati.

careful : (adj.) appamatta; sāvadhāna; satimantu.

carefully : (adv.) sādhukaṃ; sakkaccaṃ.

carefulness : (m.) appamāda. (nt.) sāvadhānatta.

careladen : (adj.) khinna; vihesappatta.

careless : (adj.) pamatta; anvadhāna.

carelessly : (adv.) anādaraṃ; asakkacca.

carelessness : (nt.) anādariya. (m.) pamāda. (f.) asakkaccakāritā.

caress : (nt.) āliṅgana; parissajana. (v.t.) parāmasati; āliṅgati; apalāleti. (pp.) parāmaṭṭha; āliṅgita; apalālita.

caretaker : (m.) paripālaka.

careworn : (adj.) khinna; vihesappatta.

cargo : (m.) potabhāra. (nt.) nāvāropitabhaṇḍa.

caricature : (nt.) vikaṭacittakamma. (v.t.) vikaṭa cittam ālikhati.

caricaturist : (m.) vikaṭacittasippī.

carious : (adj.) jiṇṇa; khīyamāna.

carking : (adj.) vihesājanaka.

carline : (f.) mahallikā.

carminative : (adj.) vātanāsaka.

carmine : (m.) lākhārasa. (adj.) lākhāratta.

carnage : (m.) mahāvadha. (nt.) manussaghātana.

carnal : (adj.) sāmisa; kāmanissita; visayāyatta.

carnal desire : (f.) kāmāsā; visayāsatti.

carnal pleasure : (nt.) kāmasukha.

carnal union : (nt.) methuna. (m.) kāmasambhoga. (f.) ratikīḷā.

carnality : (f.) kāmukatā.

carnally : (adv.) kāmavasena.

carnation : (nt.) maṃsavaṇṇa. (f.) lohitapupphajāti.

carnification : (nt.) maṃsavaḍḍhana.

carnival : (m.) samussava; kīḷāchaṇa.

carnivore : (m.) maṃsakhādī.

carnivorous : (adj.) maṃsabhakkha; maṃsādaka.

carol : (nt.) bhattigīta; ānandagīta. (v.i.) bhattigītaṃ gāyati.

carouse : (m.) āpānussava. (v.i.) adhikaṃ pivati; pānussavaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) adhikaṃ pīta; pavattitapānussava.

carousal : (m.) pānussava.

carp : (v.t.) dosaṃ gavesati; apavadati. (pp.) apavutta.

carpenter : (m.) vaḍḍhakī; thapati.

carpenter bee : (m.) bhamara.

carpenter shed : (f.) vaḍḍhakīsālā.

carpentry : (nt.) vaḍḍhakīkamma.

carpet : (m.) kojava. (nt.) bhummattharaṇa. (v.t.) kojavehi chateti or santharati. (pp.) kojavehi chadita or santhata.

carpus : (m.) maṇibandha.

carriage : (nt.) yana; vayha. (m.) ratha.

carriage pole : (m.) kuggara.

carriageable : (ad.) yānagamanīya.

carrier : (m.) hāraka; vāhaka; vāhī; hattu.

carrion : (m.) kuṇapa. (nt.) pūtimamsa

carrion eater : (m.) kuṇapādaka

carry : (v.t.) harati; vahati; neti. (pp.) haṭa; vahita; nīta.

carry away : (v.t.) apaharati; apavahati.

carry off : (v.t.) apaharati; apavahati.

carry on : (v.t.) pavatteti; niṭṭhāpeti.

carry out : (v.t.) sādheti; niṭṭhāpeti.

carry over : (v.t.) atiharati.

carry tale : (v.t.) kaṇṇe jappati; pesuñamvadati.

carrying : (nt.) haraṇa; vahana.

carrying away : (nt.) nīharaṇa.

carrying out : (nt.) pavattāpana.

carrying pole : (f.) vyābhaṅgī. (m) kāja.

cart : (m.) sakaṭa. (v.t.) sakaṭena neti. (pp.) sakaṭena nīta.

cartage : (nt.) sakaṭavāhamūla.

carter : (m.) sākaṭika.

cartload : (m.) sakaṭabhāra.

cart rut : (m.) cakkamagga.

cart wright : (m.) sakaṭamāpaka; rathakāra.

cartoon : (nt.) vikaṭacitta.

carve : (v.t.) ullikhati; cundakammam karoti. (pp.) ullakhita; katacundakamma.

carver : (m.) cundakāra; bhamakāra. (nt.) likhanasattha.

carving : (nt.) cundakamma.

carry through : (v.t.) sādheti; niṭṭhāpeti.

cascade : (m.) nijjhara.

case : (f.) (condition) avatthā; siddhi; dasā; sipāṭikā; thavikā; (in grammar) vibhatti. (m.) (covering) kosa; hetu. (nt.) (litigation : ) adhikaraṇa; kāraṇa. (v.t.) āvarati; onandhati; antokaroti. (pp.) āvaṭa; onadadha; antokata || if such be the case: (ind.) yajjevam; in this case: (ind.) asamim; visaye; in both case: (ind.) ubhayathā pi; in case: (ind.) sace; yadi; this being the case: (ind.) evam sante.

casement : (m.) gavakkha; vātapāna.

cash : (nt.) mūla; jātarūpa. (v.t.) 1. mūlaṃ deti or gaṇhāti; 2. jātarūpatam pāpeti. (pp.) dinnamūla; gahitamūla; jātarūpataṃ pāpita.

cashew : (nt.) kacchuphala.

cashier : (m.) mūlapaṭiggāhaka; dhanādhikārī. (v.t.) ṭhānantarā or adhikārato cāveti. (pp.) ṭhānantara or adhikārato cāveti.

cashmere : (nt.) kasmīrajavattha.

casino : (nt.) mahājanaraṅgamaṇḍala.

cask : (nt.) dārubhājana.

casket : (m.) karaṇḍa; samugga; caṅgoṭaka.

cassava : (m.) āluvagaccha.

Cassia Fistula : (m.) rājarukkha.

cast : (m.) khepa; rūpakara. (nt.) chaḍḍana; pātana; paṭibimba; saṇthāna. (f.) paṭimā. (v.t.) 1. khipati; pakkhipati; 2. jahati; cajati; 3. vilīnalohena nimmiṇāti. (pp.) khitta; jahita; catta; vilīnalohanimmita.

cast aside : (v.t.) paṭikkhipati; paccakkhāti.

cast away : (v.t.) chaḍḍeti.

cast forth : (v.t.) ussajati; vamati.

cast glances : (v.t.) diṭṭhim pāteti.

cast lots : (v.t.) salākampāteti.

cast off : (v.t.) apakaḍḍhati.

cast out : (v.t.) nikkaḍḍhati.

castaway : (n.; adj.) bahikata; chaḍḍitaka.

caste : (m.) kula; vaṇṇa || of the low caste: hīnajacca; of the same caste: samānakulika.

castigate : (v.t.) niggaṇhāti. (pp.) niggaṇhita.

castigation : (m.) niggaha. (nt.) niggaṇhaṇa.

casting : (nt.) khipana. (m.) khepa.

casting off : (m.) nikkhepa.

casting vote : (m.) niṇṇaya-chanda.

castle : (m.) duggāvāsa; pākāra-gutta-pāsāda.

casteless : (adj.) kulahīna.

castor oil : (nt.) eraṇḍatela.

castor plant : (m.) eraṇḍagaccha.

castrate : (v.t.) bījāni uddharati; pumbhāvam apaneti. (pp.) uddhaṭabīja; apanītapumbhāva.

casual : (adj) atakkita; āgantuka; ninnimitta.

casualty : (f.) āpadā. (m.) antarāya (plu.; f.) yuddhe patitānam nāmāvali.

casually : (adv.) anapekkham; avitakkitam.

casuist : (m.) dhammādhammavicāraka.

casuistry : (f.) manobhāvavicāraṇā.

cat : (m.) biḷāla; majjāra; babbu || female-cat: (f.) majjārī; paw of a cat: (m.) 1. biḷālanakhapañjara. 2. parassupakaraṇabhūta.

cataclasm : (nt.) udrīyana.

cataclysm : (m.) mahāuplava; āposaṃvaṭṭa.

catacomb : (nt.) guhāsusāna.

catafalque : (nt.) chavakūṭāgāra; chavādhāna.

catalepsy : (m.) apamāra. (f.) visaññitā.

cataleptic : (adj.) apasmārarogī.

catalogue : (f.) dabbanāmāvali. (v.t.) nāmāvalim sampādeti.

catamaran : (m.) uḷumpa. (f.) paccarī.

catameniya : (m.) thīraja.

catapult : (nt.) gophaṇa; sakkharāvijjhaka.

cataract : (m.) 1. mahānijjhara; 2. akkhikāca.

catarrh : (m.) pināsa.

catarrhal : (adj.) pināsayutta.

catastrophe : (f.) mahāvipati. (m.) bhūgoḷikavikāra

catch : (nt.) gaṇhana; bandhana; rundhana; nivattaka; ābandhaka; rodhaka; vañcana. (m.) laddhalābha. (v.t.) gaṇhāti; bandhati; rundhati. (pp.) gaṇhita; bandha; ruddha.

catch cold : abhissandena rogībhavati.

catchable : (adj.) gahaṇūpaga.

catcher : (m.) gāhī; bandhaka; rodhaka.

catching : (nt.) gaṇhana; rodhana.

catchment : (m.) gaṅgādhāra.

catchy : (adj.) manohara; sukhagayha.

catechism : (f.) pucchāvissajjana. (nt.) kathopakathana.

catechise : (v.t.) pañhavissajjanena uggaṇhapeti. (pp.) pañhavissajjanena uggaṇhapita.

catechiser : (m.) pañhavissajjaka.

catechu : (m.) khadirasāra.

categorical : (adj.) 1. suvyatta; 2. sajātyantogata.

categorically : (adv.) supākaṭaṃ; niyataṃ.

category : (m.) samānavagga. vibhāga.

catena : (f.) mālā; āvali

catenate : (v.t.) āvuṇāti; uddānīkaroti. (pp.) āvuta; uddānīkata.

catenation : (nt.) āvuṇana.

cater : (v.i.) 1. bhojanaṃ sampādeti; 2. vinodaṃ dāpeti. (pp.) sampāditabhojana; dinnavinoda.

cater cousin : (m.) dūrañāti.

caterer : (m.) vinodadāyi.

caterpillar : (m.) kosakimi; lomasapāṇaka.

catharsis : (nt.) virecana.

cathartic : (adj.) virecaka. (nt.) virecanosadha.

cathedral : (nt.) desappamukkha-devamandira

Catholic : (adj.) sabbasādhāraṇa. (n.) Romaka-bhattika.

catholicity : (nt.) sabbasādhāraṇatta.

catholicon : (nt.) sabbarogaharo-sadha.

cattling : (m.) biḷālapotaka.

cattle : (nt.) go.

cattle fold : (nt.) gokula; goṭṭha. (m.) vaja.

cattle keeping : (f.) gorakkhā. (nt.) pasupālana.

cattle owner : (m.) gomika.

cattle plaque : (m.) gonāsakavyādhi.

cattle urine : (nt.) pūtimutta. (nt.) gomutta

caudal : (adj.) naṅguṭṭhākāra.

caudle : (f.) bhesajjayāgu.

cauldron : (m.) lohakaṭāha.

cauliflower : (nt.) goḷakapupha.

causal : (adj.) hetusambhūta; paccayāyatta.

causality : (f.) sahetukatā.

causally : (adv.) hetusoṭhānaso.

causation : (m.) hetuvāda. (nt.) janakatta; phaluppādana.

causative : (adj.) hetubhūta; samuppādaka; (in grammar : ) hevatthaka.

causative verb : (f.) hetvatthakriyā.

cause : (nt.) kāraṇa; niḍāna; ṭhāna. (m.) hetu; paccaya. (v.t.) 1. janeti; uppādeti; 2. kārāpeti; ussukkāpeti. (pp.) janita; uppādita; kārita; ussukkāpeti.

causeless : (adj.) ahetuka; heturahita; appatiṭṭha.

causelessly : (adv.) ahetukaṃ; appatiṭṭhaṃ.

causeway : (m.) ussāpita-magga. (f.) padikavedikā.

causing : (adj.) samuṭṭhāpaka.

causing attachment : (adj.) ratikara; madanīya.

causing disunion : (adj.) bhedakara.

causing injury : (adj.) veyyābādhika.

causing remorse : (adj.) upatāpaka.

caustic : dāhaka. (adj.) dāhakara; tikhiṇa.

causticity : (nt.) jhāpakatta.

cauterisation : (nt.) khārapakkhipana.

cauterise : (v.t.) dāhakena jhāpeti.

caution : (m.) appamāda. (f.) savadhānatā. (v.t.) satiṃ uppādeti; antarāyaṃ nivedeti. (pp) uppāditasati; niveditantarāya.

caution money : (nt.) pāṭibhogamūla.

cautious : (adj.) sāvadhāna; appamatta; satimantu.

cautiously : (adv.) sāvadhānaṃ.

cautiousness : (f.) appamāditā; nisammakāritā.

cavalcade : (f.) assārohakasenā. (nt.) hayāṇīka.

cavalier : (m.) assārohakarakhi.

cavalry : (f.) assārohakasenā. (nt.) hayāṇīka.

cave : (f.) guhā. (nt.) leṇa (v.t.) guhaṃ khaṇati.

cavern : (f.) darī. (nt.) girigabhara.

cavernous : (adj.) guhābahula.

cavil : (m.) micchābhiyoga. (v.i.) micchābhiyogaṃ karoti.

cavity : (nt.) kuhara; kūpaka; bīla; randha; chidda.

caw : (v.i.) kākarutaṃ ravati. (pp) ravitakākaruta.

Cayman : (m.) mahākumbhīla.

cease : (nt.) nivattana. (f.) nivutti. (v.i.) 1. viramati uparamati; 2. vigacchati; nivattati. (v.t.) nivatteti. (pp.) virati; upanta; vigata; nivatta; nivattita.qqqqqq

ceaseless : (adj) nirantara; avicchāna.

ceaselessly : (adv) nicaṃ; nirantaraṃ; satatam.

ceaselessness : (f.) avicchinnatā.

ceasing : (nt.) nivattana; vigama; nirujjhana. (m.) nirodha.

cecity : (f.) andhatā.

cedar : (m.) khadira.

cede : (v.t.) cajati; pajahati. (v.i.) apacchati; okāsaṃ deti. (pp) catta; pajahita; apagata; dinnokāsa.

ceiling : (nt.) dāruvitāna.

celebrate : (v.t.) 1. pakāseti; ūkāṭīkaroti; 2. abhitthavati; thometi; 3. ussavaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) pakāsita; pākaṭīkata; abhithuta; thomita; pavattitussava.

celebrated : (adj.) pasiddha; vissuta; vikhūta; abhiññāta.

celebration : (m.) usava; chaṇa. (nt.) abhitthavana.

celebrity : (f.) kitti. (m.) guṇaghosa; yasa.

celerity : (m.) vega; java.

celestial : (adj.) dibba; devāyatta.

celestial abode : (m.) devaloka.

celestial city : (nt.) devanagara.

celestial nymph : (f.) devaccharā.

celestial river : (f.) suranadī.

celestial tree : (m.) devadduma; kapparukkha.

celibacy : (f.) brahmacariyā. (nt.) avivāhakatta.

celibate : (adj.) brahmacārī. (m.) avivāhī.

cell : (f.) kuṭi. (m.) khuddakagabba. (nt.) sukhumagoḷaka

cellar : (m.) bhūmigabbha. (v.t.) bhūmigabbhe nidahati. (pp.) bhūmigabbhe nidahita.

cellular : (adj.) sukkhumagoḷapuṇṇa.

cement : (m.) sudhālepa. (v.t.) sudhālepena sambandheti. (pp) sudhālepena sambaddha.

cemetery : (nt.) susāna.

cenobite : (m.) samaṇa; gaṇavāsī.

cenotaph : (nt.) thūpa; cetiya.

cense : (v.t.) dhūpeti; dhūpenavāseti. (pp) dhūpita; dhūpavāsita.

censer : (m.) dhūpakaṭāha.

censor : (m.) upaparikkhaka; vicecaka.

censorious : (adj.) dosagavesaka.

censoriously : (adv) randhagavesanapubbakaṃ.

censoriousness : (f.) chiddagavesitā.

censorship : (nt.) vivecakadhura.

censurable : (adj.) upavajja; codetabba; gārayha.

censure : (f.) codanā; upavāda. (m.) upārambha. (v.t.) upavadati; codeti; niggaṇhāti. (pp.) upavutta; codita; niggahita.

censurer : (m) codaka; upavādaka.

census : (nt.) janasaṅkhyālekhana.

cent : (nt.) sataka. (m.) (of money : ) satamabhāga.

centenarian : (m.) satāyuka.

centenary : (adj.) satavassika. (m.) satavassikussava.

centennial : (adj.) satavassapūraṇa.

centennially : (adv.) satavassavārena.

center : (m.) majjha; vemajjha. (nt.) mūlaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) samāharati; ekajjhaṃ karoti. (v.i.) samosarati. (pp.) samāhaṭa; ekajjhaṃ kata; samosaṭa.

centesimal : (adj.) satabhāgayutta.

centigrade : (adj.) sataṃsakayutta.

centipede : (m.) 1. satapadī; 2. kaṇṇajalūkā.

cento : (m.) pajjasaṅgaha.

central : (adj.) 1. majjhima; majjhavattī; 2. padhāna.

centralism : (nt.) majjhavattana.

centrality : (f.) majjhavattitā.

centralisation : (nt.) vemajjhapāpaṇa.

centralise : (v.t.) vemajjhaṃ pāpeti. (pp) vemajjhaṃ pāpita.

centre : (m.) majjha; vemajjha. (nt.) mūlaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) samāharati; ekajjhaṃ karoti. (v.i.) samosarati. (pp.) samāhaṭa; ekajjhaṃ kata; samosaṭa.

centrifugal : (adj.) majjhato apagantukāma.

centripetal : (adj.) majjhaṃ pattukāma.

centuple : (nt.) sataguṇita. (v.t.) satena guṇeti. (pp.) satena guṇita.

centuplicate : (v.t.) sataguṇaṃ karoti. (pp) sataguṇīkata.

century : (nt.) satavachara.

cephalic : (adj.) sīsāyatta.

ceramic : (adj.) kumbhakammāyatta.

ceramics : (nt.) kumbhakārasippa.

cereal : (nt.) dhañña; sassa. (adj.) dhaññāyatta.

cerebral : (adj.) matthaluṅgāyatta.

cerebral letter : (nt.) muddhajakkhara.

cerebration : (f.) matthaluṅgavutti; acetanikakriyā.

cerebrum : (m) matthaluṅga.

cerecloth : (nt.) sitthakavattha; chavaveṭhana.

cerement : (nt.) sitthakavattha; chavaveṭhana.

ceremonial : (adj.) pūjāvidhivisayaka.

ceremonious : (adj.) pūjāvidhiyutta; pūjāvidhi-āsatta.

ceremony : (m.) 1. ussava; chaṇa; 2. pūjāvidhi.

ceroplastic : (adj.) sitthakasippāyatta. (nt.; plu.) sitthakasippa.

certain : (adj.) 1. niyata; nicchita; nissaṃsaya; 2. aññatara; ekacca.

certainly : (adv.) have; dhuvaṃ; kāmaṃ; niyataṃ; ekantaṃ.

certainty : (m.) nicchaya; asandeha. (nt.) niyatatta.

certificate : (nt.) pamāṇapaṇṇa; sāmatthiyadīpaka. (v.t.) pamāṇīkaraṇaṃ deti.

certification : (nt.) pamāṇīkaraṇa.

certifier : (m.) pamāṇapaṇṇadāyaka; saddahāpaka.

certify : (v.t.) saddahāpeti; pamānīkaroti; sāmatthiyaṃ dīpeti. (pp.) saddahāpita; pamāṇīkata; dīpitasāmatthiya.

certitude : (nt.) nicchitatta. (m.) ekantabhāva.

cerumen : (nt.) kaṇṇamala.

cervical : (adj.) gīvāyatta.

cervine : (adj.) sāraṅgasadisa.

cess : (m.) kara; bali.

cessation : (m.) nirodha; upasama; abhava.

cession : (nt.) vissajjana; pariccajana.

cesspit : (m.) vaccakūpa.

cesspool : (f.) candanikā. (m.) oligalla.

cetacean : (m.) khīrapāyī.

cetaceaneous : (adj.) khīrapāyīgaṇāyatta.

chafe : (v.t.) 1. nighaṃseti; ghaṭṭeti; 2. kopeti; roseti. (pp.) nighaṃsita; ghaṭṭita : kopita; rosita. (v.i.) 1. kuppati; kujjhati; 2. saṅkhubhati; 3. santapati. (pp.) kupita; kuddha; saṅkhubhita; santatta. (m.) kopa; rosa; saṅkhobha. (nt.) ghaṭṭana.

chaff : (m.) thusa; palāpa. (v.t.) 1 thusam apaneti; 2. palālaṃ khaṇdeti. (pp.) apanītathusa; khaṇḍitapalāla.

chaffer : (v.i.) paṇopaṇaviyaṃ karoti. (f.) paṇopaṇaviyā.

chafferer : (m.) kayavikkayika; vohārika.

chaffless : (adj.) nitthusa.

chaffy : (adj.) bhusapuṇṇa; nipphala.

chagrin : (m.) āsābhaṅga; ubbega; santāpa. (v.t.) ubbejeti; santāpeti. (pp.) ubbejita; santāpita.

chain : (f.) saṇkhalikā; (series : ) santati; paveṇi; paramparā. (nt.) dāma; sandāna.

chain for a dog : (nt.) gaddula. (v.t.) nigaḷeti; sandāneti. (pp.) nigaḷita, sandānita.

chainless : (adj.) uddāma; niddāma.

chair : (nt.) pīṭha; āsana. (v.t.) dhure thapeti; pīṭhe nisīdāpeti. (pp.) dhure thapita; pīṭhe nisīdāpita.

chairman : (m.) sabhāpati.

chairmanship : (nt.) sabhāpatitta.

chaise : (m.) sandana; ratha.

chalcography : (nt.) tambālekhasippa.

chalice : (m.) casaka.

chalk : (nt.) sitopala. (v.t.) sitopalena likhati. (pp.) sitopalena likhita || red chalk: (f.) gerukā.

challenge : (m.) abhiyoga. (v.t.) kalahāya or vivādāya avheti; abhiyogaṃ karoti, (pp.) kalahāya or vivādāya avhita; katābhiyoga.

challengeable : (adj.) abhiyogāraha.

challenger : (m.) abhiyogī; paṭipuggala.

chamber : (m.) gabbha; ovaraka || inner chamber: (m.) antogabbha; upper chamber: (m.) uparigabbha.

chamber lain : (m.) sirisayanapālaka; rājagharapālaka.

chamber maid : (f.) sayanapālikā.

chamber pot : (nt.) passāvabhājana.

chameleon : (m.) kakaṇṭāka.

chamois : (m.) vātamiga.

champ : (v.i.) sasaddaṃ cabbati; romanthati. (pp.) sasaddaṃ cabbita; romanthita.

champac : (m.) campaka-rukkha.

Champaign : (nt.) vivaṭaṅgaṇa.

champion : (m.) vīra; sūrayodha; asadisa. (v.t.) paratthāya yujjhati.

championless : (adj.) appaṭipuggala.

championship : (nt.) asadisavīratta.

chance : (m.) avasara; okāsa. (f.) avatthā; niyati. (nt.) bhāgadheyya. (v.i.) anapekkhitaṃ sijjhati. (pp.) anapekkhitaṃ siddha.

chance comer : (m.) yadicchāyāgāmī.

chanceful : (adj.) siddhibahula.

chancellery : (nt.) akkhadassadhura. (m.) akkhadassakiccālaya.

chancellor : (m.) akkhadassāmacca.

chancellorship : (nt.) adhikaraṇā-maccadhura.

chancery : (f.) uttarādhikaraṇasālā.

chancre : (m.) upadaṃsavaṇa.

chandelier : (f.) agghikā. (m.) dīpādhāra.

chandler : (m.) sitthavaṭṭivāṇija.

change : (m.) vikāra; viparināma; aññathābhāva. (nt.) ruppana; viparivattana. (v.i.) vipariṇamati; ruppati. (v.t.) viparivatteti; vinimeti. (pp.) vipariṇatta; viparivattita; vinimita.

change colour : (v.t.) vivaṇṇī bhavati.

changeable : (adj.) ruppanaka; aniccasabhāva.

changeful : (adj.) viparivattamāna; anicca.

changeless : (adj.) thāvara; avikāra.

changeling : (m.) vinimita-dāraka.

channel : (f.) jalamātikā; paṇālikā; samuddasandhi. (m.) vārimagga. (v.t.) mātikaṃ khaṇati. (pp.) khatamātika.

chant : (nt.) gīta. (f.) gītikā. (v.i.) gāyati; paṭhati. (pp.) gāyita; paṭhita.

chanter : (m.) gāyaka; dhammanavamsa.

chantress : (f.) gāyikā.

chaos : (m.) missībhāva. (f.) saṅkiṇṇatā.

chaotic : (adj.) saṅkiṇṇa; vyākula.

chaotically : (adv.) vyākulākārena.

chap : (f) hanukā. (m.) māṇavaka; yuva. (nt.) khaṇḍaphulla. (v.t.) thokam bhijjati. (pp.) thokaṃ bhinna.

chap-fallen : (adj.) pattakkhandha; adhomukha.

chapel : (nt.) puggalikadevaṭṭhāna. (f.) devamandire dhammasālā.

chapiter : (nt.) thambhasīsa.

chaplain : (m.) puggalika-devaṭṭhānādhikārika. (m.) purohita.

chaplet : (f.) sekhara. (f.) āvelā.

Chapman : (m.) kacchapaṭavāṇija.

chapter : (m.) pariccheda; ajjhaya; vagga; (of monks : ) gaṇa; kārakasaṅgha.

chapter house : (nt.) sīmāghara; uposathāgāra.

char : (v.t.) aṅgārīkaroti; īsakaṃdahati. (pp.) aṅgārīkata; īsakaṃdaḍḍha.

character : (m.) sabhāva; abhiññātapuggala. (f.) pakati. (nt.) sīla; akkhara; vaṇṇa; visesalakkhaṇa.

characteristic : (f.) pakati. (nt.) liṇga; lakkhaṇa. (adj) sabhāvadīpaka; pakatiyāgata.

characteristically : (adv.) yathāsabhāvaṃ.

characterize : (v.t.) viseseti; vyañjayati. (pp.) visesita; vyañjita.

characterless : (adj.) apākaṭa; avisiṭṭha.

chare : (v.i.) gehasodhanādikammaṃ karoti.

charge : (nt.) gahaṇappamāna; dhura; paṭihaṇanā. (m.) bhāra. (f.) samappaṇa; gutti; rakkhā; codanā; dosāropaṇā; ānā. (v.t.) 1. pūreti; āropeti; 2. niyojeti; bhāraṃ karoti; 3. codeti; abhiyuñjati. (v.i.) patihanati. (pp.) pūrita; āropita; niyojita; katabhāra; codita; abhiyutta; paṭihata.

charger : (m.) codaka; yuddhassa.

chariness : (f.) mitabbayatā.

chariot : (m.) sandana; assaratha.

chariot-body : (m.) rathapañjara.

chariot-pole : (nt.) rathadhura.

chariot-rug : (nt.) ratthara.

charioteer : (m.) rathācariya; sūta; sārathi.

charitable : (adj.) cāgasīlī; vadaññu.

charitableness : (f.) vadaññutā; cāgasīlitā.

charity : (nt.) dāna; vitaraṇa. (m) paricaga. (f.) daya; anukampā.

charlatan : (m.) 1. vikatthī; māyāvī; 2. kūṭavejja.

charlatanism : (f.) vikatthanā; kūṭatikicchā.

charm : (nt.) manta; vasikaraṇa; kavaca. (f.) (facination : ) manuññatā; manoharatā. (nt.) kalyāṇa. (v.t.) vasīkaroti; moheti. (pp.) vasīkata; mohita.

charmer : (m.) palobhaka.

charming : (adj.) cāru; manuñña; ramma; manāpa; hadayaṅgama.

charmless : (adj.) nissirīka; amamīpa.

charnel : (adj.) chavāyatta.

charnel-grove : (nt.) āmakasusāna.

charnel-house : (nt.) susānaghara.

chart : (nt.) samuddālekha. (v.t.) samuddalakkhaṇam nirūpeti. (pp.) samuddalakkhaṇam nirūpita.

charter : (nt.) adhikārapaṇṇa. (v.t.) adhikāraṃ deti; adhikārapaṇṇena appeti. (pp.) dinnādhikāra; adhikārapaṇṇena appita.

chary : (adj.) samekkhakārī; mitabbaya.

chase : (nt.) anubandhana; palāpana. (m.) (hunting : ) migava. (v.t.) 1. anubhandhati; 2. palāpeti; 3. maggati. (pp.) anubaddha; palāpita; maggita.

chaser : (m.) anubandhaka.

chasm : (f.) darī. (nt.) bhuvivara.

chassis : (m.) vāhanapangara

chaste : (adj.) suddha; nimmala; anavajja; niddosa.

chaste of a husband : (m.) sadārasintosa.

chaste of a wife : (nt.) patibbata.

chasten : (v.t.) dameti; sodheti. (pp.) damita; sodhita.

chastise : (v.t.) daṇḍeti; tajjeti; santajjeti; niggaṇhāti. (pp.) daṇḍita; tajjita; niggahita.

chastisement : (nt.) niggaṇhana; santajjana.

chastiser : (m.) santajjaka; niggahetu.

chastity : (f.) anavajjatā. (nt.) anatikkamana.

chat : (m.) sallāpa. (f.) niratthakakatha. (v.i.) sallapati; sambhasati. (pp.) sallapita; sambhāsita.

chattel : (nt.) jangamadhana

chatter : (v.i.) 1. kūjati; 2. palapati; pajappati. (pp.) kūjita; palapita; pajappita. (m.) palāpa. (nt.) kūjana.

chatterer : (m.) pajappaka; vikatthaka.

chatty : (f.) cāti. (nt.) mattikabhajana.

chauffer : (nt.) pārihariya-uddhana.

chauffeur : (m.) sārathī; rathapājaka.

cheap : (adj.) sarathi. (m.) rathapājaka.

cheapen : (v.t.) agghaṃ osādeti. (pp.) osāditaggha.

cheat : (m.) saṭha; vañcaka; nekatika. (v.t.) vañceti; palambheti. (pp.) vañcita; palambhita.

cheating : (f.) nikati; vañcanā. (nt.) sāṭheyya.

check : (nt.) nivattana; nivāraraṇa; sannirumbhana; samanana. (v.t.) 1. nivāreti; nivatteti; nirumbheti. 2. samāneti; upaparikkhati. (pp.) nivārita; nivattita; nirumbhita; samānita; upaparikkhita.

checker : (m.) 1. paṭisedhaka; 2. ūnādhikatta-pariyesaka.

checkmate : (v.t.) parājeti. (pp.) parāji.

cheese-paring : (adj.) kadariya; luddha.

cheek : (m.) kapola; kaṭa.

cheeky : (adj.) dubbinīta; mukhara.

cheer : (m.) 1. hāsa; tosa. 2. sādhukāra; jayaghosa. (v.t.) hāseti; toseti; pamodti. (pp.) hāsita; pamodita (v.i.) tussati; nandati; pamodati. (pp.) tuṭtha; pamodita.

cheerful : (adj.) sumana; haṭṭhacitta; sānanda.

cheerfulness : (f.) attamanatā; santuṭṭhi.

cheerily : (adv.) tuṭṭhākārena; sānandaṃ.

cheerless : (adj.) dummana; asantuṭṭha.

cheerlessness : (f.) dummanatā; asantuṭṭhi.

cheery : (adj.) attamana; pamudita.

cheese : (nt.) loṇika-nonīta; cheesemonger. (m.) loṇikanonītavikkayī.

cheetah : (m.) ajina-dīpi.

chemical : (adj.) rasāyanika.

chemical compound : (nt.) rasāyana.

chemist : (m.) rasāyanavidū.

chemistry : (f.) rasāyanavijjā.

cheque : (nt.) dhanapaṇṇa.

chequer : (m.) sāriphalaka. (v.t.) caturassa-maṇḍalāni karoti; nānāvaṇṇena citteti. (pp.) katacaturassa-maṇḍala; nānāvaṇṇena cittita.

cherish : (v.t.) 1. mamāyati; 2. niveseti; saṃvaḍḍheti. (pp.) mamāyita; nivesita; saṃvaḍḍhita.

cherish hatred : veram bandhati; upanandhati.

cherish love : mettāyati.

cherisher : (m.) posaka; gopaka.

cheroot : (f.) dhūmavaṭṭikā.

cherub : (m.) devadūta.

cherubic : (adj.) dibba

chess : (f.) aṭṭhāpadakīḷā; caturaṅgakīḷā.

chessboard : (m.) sāriphalaka.

chest : (f.) peḷā. (m.) ura.

chestnut : (nt.) tambaphala. (m.) tambaphala-rukkha.

chevalier : (m.) vīra-assārohaka.

Chevy : (m.) migava. (v.t.) anubandhati. (pp.) anubaddha.

chew : (v.t.) cabbati; saṅkhādati. (pp.) cabbita; saṅkhādita.

chew the cud : romanthati. (pp.) romanthita.

chicanery : (nt.) vyājavacana.

chick : (m.) sakuṇapotaka.

chicken : (m.) kukkuṭacchāpa

chicken hearted : (adj.) bhīruka; manadadhitika.

chicken pox : (f.) khuddakamasūrikā.

chickpeas : (m.) canaka.

chide : (v.t.) tajjeti; paribhāsati. (pp.) tajjita; paribhāsita.

chief : (adj.) padhāna; jeṭṭha; mukhya. (m.) issara; īsa; adhipati; nāyaka; netu.

chief minister : (m.) mahāmatta.

chief object : (m.) paramattha.

chiefly : (adv.) padhānavasena; visesato.

chieftain : (m.) gaṇādhipa.

chignon : (m.) dhammilla.

child : (m.) bālaka; dāraka; kumāraka.

child-bed : (m.) pasūtisamaya.

childbirth : (f.) pasūti.

childhood : (nt.) bālya.

childish : (adj.) bālocita

childless : (adj.) vañjha; aputtaka.

childlike : (adj.) bālasadisa; niddosa.

children : (m.; plu.) dārakā.

chill : (nt.) sīta. (m.) sītaroga. (v.t.) sītalīkaroti; viriyaṃ hāpeti. (pp.) sītalīkata; hāpitaviriya.

chilli : (nt.) marica.

chilly : (adj.) sītala. (adv.) mandussāhena.

chime : (nt.) samavādana; anukūlavādita.

chimera : (nt.) atathaparikappana; abbhutavatthu.

chimerical : (adj.) cintāmaya.

chimney : (m.) dhūmaniggama. (f.) dhūmanāḷikā.

chimpanzee : (m.) manussavānara.

chin : (nt.) cubuka.

china : (nt.) cīnaraṭṭha

china rose : (m.) bandhujīvaka.

chinaware : (nt.) setamattikābhaṇḍa.

chine : (nt.) piṭṭhikaṇṭaka

Chinese : (adj.) cīnadesīya. (m.) cinajātika.

chink : (nt.) vivara. (v.i.) kiṇikiṇāyati. (v.t.) chiddāni karoti. (pp.) kiṇikiṇāyita; katachidda.

chip : (f.) sakalikā. (v.t.) 1. tacchati; 2. khaṇḍeti; sakalīkaroti. (pp.) tacchita; khaṇḍita; sakalīkata.

chip axe : (f.) vāsi; tacchanī.

chipper : (m.) tacchaka.

chippy : (adj.) nirassāda; kopabahula.

chirp : (v.t.) 1. kūjati; 2. sallapati. (pp.) kūjita; sallapita.

chirpy : (adj.) pītiyutta.

chirr : (v.t.) dīghaṃ kūjati; salabho viya nadati.

chirrup : (v.t.) dīghaṃ kūjati; salabho viya nadati.

chisel : (nt.) nikhādana. (v.t.) nikhādanena chindati. (pp.) nikhādanena chinna.

chit : (f.) pattikā; kisā itthī. (m.) aṅkura.

chit-chat : (f.) sallahuka-kathā; jappanā.

chivalrous : (adj.) sūra; vīra; vikkamayutta.

chivalry : (m.) vikkama; parakkama. (nt.) vīratta.

chloroform : (nt.) visaññīkarabhesajja. (v.t.) visaññikaroti. (pp.) visaññīkata.

chock : (nt.) nivattaka-dārukkhaṇḍa. (v.t.) dārukhaṇḍena nivatteti. (pp.) dārukhaṇḍena nivattita.

choice : (nt.) uccinana. (f.) ruci; abhilāsā. (adj.) visiṭṭha; ukkaṭṭha.

choice of a husband : (m.) sayamvara.

choir : (m.) gāyakagaṇa. (v.i.) gaṇasajjhāyam karoti.

choke : (v.t.) kaṇṭhaṃ uppīḷeti; sāsam avarodheti. (v.i.) sāso avarujjhati. (pp.) uppīḷitakaṇṭha; avaruddhasāsa.

choler : (nt.) pitta. (m.) kopa.

cholera : (f.) visūcikā.

choleric : (adj.) kodhana.

choose : (v.t.) uccināti; roceti. (pp.) uccinita; rocita.

chooser : (m.) uccinaka; rocetu.

chop : (f.) sakalikā. (v.t.) tacchati; sakalīkaroti. (pp.) tacchita; sakalīkata.

chophouse : (nt.) lahubhojanāgāra.

chopper : (nt.) govikatta. (m.) tacchaka.

chopping : (nt.) tacchana.

choppy : (adj.) kampanasīla; athira.

choral : (adj.) gāyakagaṇāyatta.

chord : (m.) tantu. (nt.) tanta. (v.t.) tantāni yojeti.

chordal : (adj.) tantusambandha.

chore : (v.i.) gehasodhanādikammaṃ karoti.

choreography : (m.) padesa-cittālekha.

chorion : (m.) gabbhāsaya; jalābu.

chorister : (m.) gaṇagāyaka

chorus : (nt.) anugāyana. (m.) anugāyakagaṇa.

chouse : (f.) vañcanā. (v.t.) vañceti. (pp.) vañcita.

chowrie : (nt.) cāmara. (f.) vālavījanī.

chrestomathy : (m.) uddhaṭapāṭhasaṅgaha.

Christ : (m.) Kiṭṭha-devaputta

christen : (v.t.) 1. ūdakaṃ ogāheti; 2. nāmam ṭhapeti. (pp.) ogāhitodaka; ṭhapitanāma.

Christendom : (m.) Kiṭṭhabhattikadesa.

Christian : (m.) Kiṭṭhabhattika.

Christianity : (f.) Kiṭthabhatti. (m.) Kiṭṭhasamaya.

Christmas : (nt.) Kiṭṭhijamma.

chromatic : (adj.) vaṇṇasampanna.

chronic : (adj.) cirappavatta; anusāyika; nidhānagata.

chronicle : (f.) purāvuttakathā. (v.t.) itihāsam likhati.

chronicler : (m.) itihāsalekhaka.

chronological : (adj.) kālānugata.

chronologist : (m.) kālaniṇṇayakārī.

chronology : (f.) kālanicchayavijjā.

chronometer : (nt.) kālamāṇkayanta.

chronometrical : (adj.) kālamāṇāyatta.

chronometry : (nt.) kālamāṇa.

chrysoberyl : (m.) mandapītamaṇi.

chrysolite : (m.) tiṇamaṇi.

chubby : (adj.) pīṇa; pīvara.

chuck : (nt.) kukkuṭavhāna. (v.t.i.) agāravam ācarati; cubukam āhanati.

chuckle : (m.) kukkuṭīrava; manḍahāsa. (v.i.) mandaṃ hasati; kukkuṭī viya ravati.

chuckleheaded : (adj.) mandabuddhika.

chum : (m.) piyamitta; sahavāsī.

chump : (m.) jaḷa; eḷamūga.

chunnam : (nt.) suddhācuṇṇa.

church : (nt.) devāyatana.

churl : (m.) nihīna; gamma.

churlish : (adj.) nīca; addhama.

churn : (v.t.) mathati; abhimanthati; āviñjati. (pp.) mathita; abhimanthita; āviddha.

churning : (nt.) mathana.

churning stick : (m.) mantha.

chute : (f.) adhomudhā parikhā or panāḷikā.

chyme : (m.) jiṇṇāhāra.

cicatrice : (nt.) vaṇaciṇha.

cicatrise : (v.t.) vaṇaṃ rūheti or pūrāpeti. (pp.) rūḷhavaṇa.

cicatrix : (nt.) vaṇaciṇha.

cider : (m.) phala-majjavisesa.

cigar : (f.) dhūmavaṭṭikā.

cigarette : (f.) dhūmavaṭṭikā.

cilia : (nt.) pakhuma.

cilice : (nt.) kesakambala.

Cimmerian : (adj.) bahalandhakāra.

cincture : (f.) rasanā; mekhalā.

cinder : (m.) aṅgāra.

cinema : (nt.) calacittāgāra.

cinematograph : (nt.) calacittayanta.

cinematography : (f.) calacittavijjā.

cinerary : (adj.) bhasmāyatta.

cinnabar : (nt.) hiṅgula.

cinnamon : (m.) tacagandhī.

cinque : (nt.) pañcaka.

cipher : (nt.) saṅkhyāṅka. (m.) bindu. (v.t.) aṅketi; aṅkāni likhati. (pp.) aṅkita; likhitaṅka.

circa : (f.) vassagaṇanā.

circle : (n.) cakka; parivaṭṭa; maṇḍla. (v.t.) paribbhameti. (v.i.) paribbhamati; anuparivattati. (pp.) paribbhamita; anuparivattita.

circle of rebirths : (nt.) saṃsāravaṭṭa.

circlet : (nt.) sīsābharaṇa; khuddaka-maṇḍala.

circuit : (f.) paribhi. (nt.) nemimaṇḍala; pariyaṭana; padesāṭana.

circuitous : (adj.) vaṅkagatika; anujuka.

circular : (adj.) maṇḍalākāra. (nt.) nivedanapaṇṇa.

circular road : (m.) parihārapatha.

circularity : (f.) vaṭṭulatā.

circularly : (adv.) vaṭṭulākārena.

circulate : (v.t.) pacāreti; nivedeti. (v.i.) vaṭṭe paribbhamati. (pp.) pacārita; nivedita; vaṭṭe paribbhanta.

circulation : (nt.) paribbhamaṇa.

circulative : (adj.) paribbhamaka.

circulator : (m.) pacāraka; bhamāpaka.

circulatory : (adj.) paribbhamaṇāyatta.

circum : (prep.) parito; samantā.

circumambulate : (v.i.) padakkhiṇaṃ karoti; anupariyāti. (pp.) katapadakkhiṇa; anupariyāta.

circumambulation : (f.) padakkhiṇā. (nt.) paritogamana.

circumcise : (v.t.) cammaggaṃ chindati. (pp.) cinna-cammagga.

circumcision : (nt.) cammaggachedana

circumference : (f.) paridhi. (m.) parivesa; āvaṭṭa.

circumfluence : (nt.) sabbato abhissandana.

circumfluent : (adj.) sabbato sandamāna.

circumfluoes : (adj.) jalamajjhagata; samantodaka.

circumfuse : (v.t.) parivyāpeti. (pp.) parivyāpita.

circumfusion : (nt.) samantā vyāpana.

circumgyrate : (v.i.) parito bhamati. (pp.) parito bhanta.

circumjacent : (adj.) samantā patiṭṭhita.

circumlocution : (nt.) vācābāhulla. (f.) vaṅkutti.

circumnavigate : (v.t.) parito nāvāya carati.

circumscribe : (v.t.) pamāṇeti; paricchindati. (pp.) pamāṇita; paricchinna.

circumscriber : (m.) paricchindaka

circumscription : (nt.) paricchindana; sīmāṭhapana.

circumspect : (adj.) samantadassī; samekkhakārī.

circumspection : (f.) vīmaṃsā; upaparikkhā.

circumspectly : (adv.) sāvadhānaṃ; nisamma.

circumstance : (f.) avatthā; dasā; siddhi. (m.) vuttanta || according to circumstance : yathāsambhavaṃ || in bad circumstances: (adv.) dukkhita; in good circumstances: (adj.) suhita; under any circumstances: (adj.) yena kenaci ākārena.

circumstantial : (adj.) āvatthika; āgantuka.

circumstantially : (adv.) āvatthikavasena.

circumvallate : (v.t.) pākārena parikkhipati. (pp.) pākāraparikkhitta.

circumvallion : (nt.) pākāraparikkhipana.

circumvent : (v.t.) vañceti; palambheti. (pp.) cañcita; palambhita.

circumvolution : (nt.) samantā paribbhamaṇa.

circus : (nt.) kīḷāmaṇḍala. (f.) abbhuta-kīḷā.

cistern : (m.) jalāsaya.

citable : (adj.) udāharaṇīya.

citadel : (nt.) duggangara.

citation : (nt.) nidassana; paṭhana.

cite : (v.t.) āṇāpeti; uddharitvā paṭhati; udāharati. (pp.) āṇāpita; uddharitvā paṭhita; udāhaṭa.

citizen : (m.) nāgarika; puravāsī.

citron : (m.) dantasaṭha.

city : (nt.) pura; nagara. (f.) purī; nagarī.

city belle : (f.) nagarasobhinī.

city gate : (nt.) nagaradvāra; gopura.

city wall : (m.) pākāra.

civet : (m.) gandha-majjāra.

civic : (adj.) porī; nāgarika.

civil : (adj.) mahājanika; susīla; piyaṃvada.

civilian : (m.) ayujjhakajana.

civilisation : (f.) siṭṭhācāratā; sabbhatā.

civilise : (v.t.) sadācāre vineti; siṭṭhataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) sadācāre vinīta; siṭṭhatam pāpita.

civility : (nt.) sosīlya. (m.) sadācāra.

civilly : (adv.) yathāpaññattaṃ; sabbhākārena.

clack : (v.i.) kharasaddaṃ pavatteti; pajappati. (pp.) pajappita.

clad : (pp.) nivattha.

claim : (v.t.) dahati; sakīyattaṃ ñāpeti. (pp.) dahita; ñāpitasakīyatta. (f.) āyācanā; sakattapaṭipādanā.

claimant : (m.) abhiyācaka.

clairaudience : (m.) dibhasota.

clairvoyance : (nt.) dibbacakkhu.

clairvoyant : (m.) dibbacakkhuka.

clamant : (adj.) ugghosaka; mukhara.

clamber : (v.i.) āyāsena āruhati. (pp.) āyāsena ārūḷha.

clammy : (adj.) allīyanasabhāvaka.

clamorous : (adj.) ugghosaka; unnādī.

clamour : (m.) ugghosa; mahārava; ninnāda. (v.i.) ugghoseti; unnadati. (pp.) ugghosita; unnadita.

clamp : (m.) sambandhaka; daḷhīkara. (v.t.) khīlena sambandheti. (pp.) khīlasambaddha.

clan : (nt.) gotta; kula. (m.) vaṃsa.

clandestine : (adj.) gūḷha; rāhaseyyaka; paṭicchanna.

clandestinely : (adv.) gūḷhākārena.

clang : (m.) jhaṅkāra. (v.i.) saṇati; jhanati. (pp.) saṇita.

clangour : (adj.) jhaṅkārayutta.

clank : (m.) kiṅkiṇisadda. (v.i.) kiṇikiṇāyati.

clansman : (m.) kulaputta.

clap : (v.t.) saṅghaṭṭeti; tāḷeti. (v.i.) (hands : ) appoṭheti; (wings : ) vidhunāti. (pp.) saṅghaṭṭita; tāḷita; appoṭhita; vidhunita. (nt.) saṅghaṭṭana; tāḷana; appoṭhana.

clapper : (m.) vādaka; saṅghaṭṭaka.

clapperclaw : (v.t.) vilikhati; niranukampaṃ nindati. (pp.) vilikhita; niranukampaṃ nindita.

claptrap : (f.) pasaṃsatthikakathā.

clarification : (nt.) nimmalīkaraṇa; visodhana.

clarify : (v.t.) sodheti; visodheti; vimalīkaroti. (pp.) sodhita; visodhita; vimalīkata. (v.i.) visujjhati; nimmalībhavati. (pp.) visuddha; nimmalībhūta.

clarity : (nt.) nimmalatta. (f.) visuddhi; suddhi.

clash : (nt.) ghaṭṭana. (m.) virodha; viggaha. (v.t.) ghaṭṭeti; āhanati. (v.i.) virujjhati; vivadati. (pp.) ghaṭṭita; āhata; viruddha; vivadita.

clashing : (adj.) paṭihaññamāna; ghaṭṭiyamāna.

clasp : (nt.) āliṅgana; parissajana. (m.) sambandhaka. (v.t.) āliṅgati; parissajati; sambandheti; veṭheti. (pp.) āliṅgita; parissaṭṭha; sambandhita; veṭhita.

clasp hands : pāṇiṃ gaṇhāti.

class : (f.) seṇi; panti. (m.) vagga; sissagṇa. (v.t.) vaggavasena vibhajati. (pp.) vaggavasena vibhatta.

classfellow : (m.) sahasikkhaka.

classic : (f.) mahāpaññānaṃ ganthāvali.

classical : (adj.) seṭṭhaganthāyatta.

classification : (f.) vibhatti. (m.) vibhaṅga.

classify : (v.t.) pantivasena bhājeti. (pp.) pantivasena bhājita.

classmate : (m.) sahasikkhaka.

clatter : (m.) kala-kalanāda. (v.i.) unnadati; kaṭakaṭāyati.

clause : (nt.) khaṇḍa-vākya. nītikhaṇḍa.

claustral : (adj.) ārāmapaṭibaddha.

clavate : (adj.) muggarākāra.

clavicle : (nt.) gīvaṭṭhi.

claviform : (adj.) muggarākāra.

claw : (m.) pasunakha; nakhapañjara. (v.t.) nakhehi vilikhati. (pp.) nakhehi vilikhita.

claw of a crab : (m.; nt.) aḷa.

clay : (f.) nattikā || made of clay: (adj.) mattikāmaya.

clay vessel : (nt.) āmattika.

clayish : (adj.) mattikābahula.

clean : (adj.) suddha; vimala; amala; nimmala; accha; pasanna. (v.t.) sodheti; visodheti; puṇāti; pariyodapeti. (pp.) sodhita; visodhita; pūta; pariyodapita. (adv.) paripuṇṇaṃ; aparisesaṃ.

clean slate : (f.) sabbadosamuttatā.

clean sweep : (nt.) puṇṇa-nidāsatta.

cleanhanded : (adj.) niddosa.

cleanliness : (f.) sucitā; nimmalatā.

cleanly : (adv.) parisuddhākārena. (adj.) amalinasabhāva.

cleanse : (v.t.) see clean.

cleansing : (nt.) visodhana; vodapana; puṇana. (adj.) vodapaka; parisodhaka.

clear : (adj.) pasanna; anāvila; nimmala; visada; pākaṭa; nijjaṭa; amissa; asambādha. (v.t.) visadīkaroti; nijjaṭīkaroti; apaneti. (pp.) visadīkata; nijjaṭīkata; apanīta. (v.i.) sujjhati; apagacchati. (pp.) suddha; apagata. (see Clean.)

clear a debt : iṇaṃ sodheti.

clear a doubt : kaṅkhaṃ vinodeti.

clear from the husk : tacam apaneti; nitthusam karoti.

clear his throat : ukkāsati.

clear oneself : attānam anavajjaṃ karoti.

clearance : (nt.) sodhana; apagamana; nibbāhana.

clearing : (m.) sodhana; visadīkaraṇa; sodhita-bhūkhaṇda.

clearly : (adv.) suvisuddhaṃ; nijjaṭaṃ.

clearness : (f.) suddhatā; nimmalatā; pākaṭatā.

cleat : (nt.) khīlaka.

cleavage : (f.) darī. (nt.) vivara.

cleave : (v.t.) phāleti; vidāreti. (pp.) phālita; vidārita. (v.i.) āsajjati; laggati. (pp.) āsatta; lagga.

cleaver : (m.) maṃsakantaka.

cleaving : (nt.) vidāraṇa; phālana; sajjana. (m.) saṅga.

cleft : (nt.) vivara; phullaṭṭhāna.

cleg : (f.) piṅgalamakkhikā.

clemency : (f.) dayā; anukampā; karuṇā.

clement : (adj.) dayālu; kāruṇika.

clemently : (adv.) sadayaṃ; sakaruṇaṃ.

clench : (v.t.) santhambheti. (pp.) santhambhita.

clench the first : muṭṭhiṃ saṅkoceti.

clergy : (m.) samaṇagaṇa.

clergyman : (m.) samaṇa; sāmayikācariya.

clerical : (adj.) sāmaṇaka; pabbajitāyatta; lekhakāyatta.

clerical error : (m.) lipidosa.

clerk : (m.) lekhaka; lipikāra.

clever : (adj.) dakkha; cheka; kusala; catura; kovida; paṭu; nipuṇa.

cleverly : (adv.) dakkhākārena.

cleverness : (nt.) pāṭava; kosalla; cāturiya; nepuñña. (nt.) (in learning : ) veyyattiya.

client : (m.) nissitaka; anuyutta; abhiyojaka.

cliff : (m.) pabbatasikhara; papātataṭa.

climate : (m.) utuguṇa; desaguṇa. (m.) padesa.

climatic : (adj.) desaguṇāyatta.

climatically : (adv.) desaguṇavasena.

climatology : (f.) guṇavijjā.

climax : (m.) pariyanta. (f.) antimāvatthā. (v.i.) pariyantaṃ pappoti. (pp.) pariyantaṃ patta.

climb : (v.t.) āruhati; abhiruhati; ārohati. (pp.) ārūḷha; abhirūḷha.

climber : (m.) ārohaka. (f.) latā.

climbing : (nt.) āruhana.

clinch : see Clench.

cling : (v.i.) āsajjati; allīyati; laggati; nivisati. (pp.) āsatta; allīna; lagga; niviṭṭha.

clinging : (nt.) sajjana; laggana. (adj.) visatta; pagiddha.

clinic : (m.) bāḷhagilāna.

clinical : (adj.) gilānasayanāyatta.

clink : (nt.) kārāghara. (m.) kiṇikiṇisadda. (v.i.) kiṇikiṇāyati. (pp.) kiṇikiṇāyita.

clip : (v.t.) agge chindati. (pp.) aggacchinna. (nt.) aggachindana.

clipper : (m.) chindaka. (f.) kattarikā.

clipping : (nt.) chinnavatthu; chundana; kappana.

clitoria : (f.) aparājitā; girikaṇṇī.

cloak : (nt.) pāpuraṇa. (m.) kañcuka; pāvāra.

cloak seller : (m.) pāvārika. (v.i.) pārupati; paridahati. (pp.) pāruta; paridahita.

clock : (f.) yāmanāḷī. (nt.) ghaṅkāyanta; horalacana.

clock tower : (m.) ghaṭikāthamabha.

clod : (m.) leḍḍu; mattikākhaṇḍa. (v.t.) leḍḍunā paharaṭi. (pp.) leḍḍunā pahaṭa.

clog : (nt.) bādhaka; bandhana. (m.) pāsa; nigaḷa. (f.) kathapādukā. (v.t.) bādhati; undhati; paṭibāhati. (pp.) bādhita; ruddha; paṭibāhita.

clogy : (adj.) lagganasīla.

cloister : (m.) assama; tāpaārāma; vihāra. (v.t.) assamevāseti. (pp.) assamevāsita.

close : (m.) osāna; pariyanti. (f.) nipphatti. (nt.) niṭṭhāna; pidahana; āvaritaṭṭhāna. (adj.) āsanna; samīpa; pihita; saṃvuta; āvaṭa; sambādha; ekābaddha; vivitta; daḷha; vissattha; ekagga. (v.t.) pidahati; thateti; āvarati; (eyes : ) nimīleti; niṭṭhāpeti; samāpeti; osāpeti; chādeti; onayhati. (pp.) pihita; thakita; āvaṭa; nimīlita; niṭṭhāpita; samāpita; osāpita; chādita or channa; onaddha. (v.i.) saṅgacchati; samāgacchati; niṭṭhāti; pithīyati. (pp.) saṅgata; niṭṭhita; pihita.

close behind : anupadaṃ.

close by : (adv.) samīpe.

close connection : (m.) upanibandha.

close upon : niṭṭhāpet; paripūreti.

close with : ekamatikataṃ yāti.

close-fisted : (adj.) amuttacāga; maccharī.

close-fistedness : (n.) amuttacāgatā.

closely : (adv.) nirantaraṃ; daḍaṃ; āsannataraṃ.

closeness : (nt.) samīpatta; āvaṭatta; sambādhatta; nivātatta; daḷhatta.

closet : (f.) kuṭikā. (nt.) koṭṭhaka. (v.t.) mantanāya antokuṭiṃ paveseti.

closure : (nt.) 1. pidahana; thakana; 2. niṭṭhāpana.

clot : (m.) ghanapiṇḍa. (f.) guḷikā. (v.i.) piṇḍibhavati; ghanīyati. (pp.) piṇdibhūta.

cloth : (nt.) vattha; ceḷa; dussa. (m.) coḷa; paṭa; sāṭaka || new cloth: (nt.) ahatavattha; old cloth: (nt.) nantaka; silk cloth: (nt.) koseyya; woollen cloth: (nt.) kambala.

cloth of cotton : (nt.) kappāsika.

cloth of fibre : (nt.) khoma.

clothe : (v.t.) nivāseti; acchādeti; paridahati. (pp.) nivattha; acchādita; paridahita. (nt.) acchādana.

clothes : (nt.; plu.) nivāsana-pārupaṇa.

clothing : (nt.) paridahana.

clothless : (adj.) acelaka; nagga.

cloud : (m.) valāhaka; ambuda; jaladhara; jalada; meghapaṭala. (v.t.) āvarati; paṭicchādeti; andhīkaroti. (pp.) āvaṭa; paṭicchādita; andhīkata.

cloud of dust : (m.) rajakkhandha.

cloud of smoke : (m.) dhūmarāsi.

clouded : (adj.) meghacchanna.

cloudiness : (f.) apākaṭatā; meghacchannatā.

cloudless : (adj.) vigatavalāhaka.

cloudy : (adj.) valāhakayutta.

cloudy day : (nt.) duddina.

clough : (m.) kandara.

clout : (m.) kappaṭa. (nt.) nantaka.

clove : (nt.) lavaṅga.

cloven : (adj.) dvidhā-bhinna.

cloven footed : (adj.) sakhura.

clown : (m.) 1. hāsaka; 2. jānapadika. (v.i.) hāsakavesaṃ gaṇhāti.

clownish : (adj.) gamma; pothujjanika.

club : (m.) muggara; samāja. (f.) gadā; samiti. (v.t.) muggarena paharati. (v.i.) samāgacchati. (pp.) muggarena pahaṭa; samāgata.

club foot : (adj.) thullapāda.

club house : (nt.) samājāgāra.

cluck : (nt.) kukkuṭīruta. (v.i.) kukkuṭīrutaṃ pavatteti.

clue : (nt.) sutta. (m.) upaparikkhāhetu.

clump : (m.) gumba; kalāpa.

clump of grass : (m.) thambha.

clumpy : (adj.) gumbasahita.

clumsiness : (nt.) asobhanatta; adakkhatta.

clumsy : (adj.) asobhana; akovida.

cluster : (m.) gocchaka; thabaka. (f.) ghaṭā; mañjarī; vallarī. (v.i.) ekattha samosarati. (v.t.) ekajjhaṃ neti; sampiṇḍeti. (pp.) ekattha samosaṭa; ekajjhanīta; sampiṇḍita.

clutch : (nt.) daḷhagahaṇa. (v.t.) upādāti; daḷhaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) upādinna; daḷhagahita.

clutter : (m.) kalakala. (v.i.) kalakalāyati; ākulīkaroti. (pp.) ākulīkata.

clyster : (f.) vatthi. (v.t.) vatthiyā sodheti; vatthikammaṃ karoti. (pp.) vatthiyā sodhita; katavatthikamma.

co-act : (v.t.) ekato karoti.

co-active : (adj.) sahakārī.

co-actively : (adv.) sahakaraṇena.

co-education : (nt.) pumitthimissajjhāpana.

co-inhere : (v.i.) samadāyādī hoti.

co-inheritance : (nt.) samadāyajā.

co-mate : (m.) sahavāsī.

co-operate : (v.i.) sahayogī or sahakārī bhavati. (pp.) sahayogī or sahakārī bhūta.

co-operation : (m.) sahayoga. gaṇabandhana.

co-operative : (adj.) sahayogida.

co-operator : (m.) sahayogī; siṇibaddha.

co-ordinate : (v.t.) samabalataṃ neti; yathākkamaṃ yojeti. (pp.) samabalataṃ nīti; yathākkamaṃ yojita. (adj.) ekākāra; samabala; samappamāṇa.

co-ordination : (nt.) samattapāpaṇa.

co-partner : (m.) samabhāgī; samakoṭṭhāsi; sahabhāgī.

co-partnership : (f.) sahabhāgitā; samānabhāgatā.

co-religionist : (m.) samānabhattika; sahadhammika.

co-respondent : (m.) ekābhiyogabhāgī.

co-signatory : (adj.; n.) saha hatthalanchanadāyī.

co-temporary : (adj.) samavayaṭṭha; samakālika.

co-tenant : (m.) sahavāsī.

co-wife : (f.) sapattī; samānapatikā.

coach : (m.) ratha; sandana. (v.i.) rathena yāti. (v.t.) rathena neti. (pp.) rathena yāta; rathena nīta.

coachbox : (nt.) sūtāsana.

coachman : (m.) rathācariya; sūta.

coadjutor : (m.) sahakārī; upatthambhaka.

coadunate : adj.) sahayogī.

coagulate : (v.i.) ghanībhavati. (v.t.) ghanīkaroti. (pp.) ghanībhūta; ghanīkata.

coagulation : (nt.) ghanīkaraṇa.

coal : (m.) khaṇijaṅgāra. (v.t.) aṅgāraṃ pakkhipati. (pp.) pakkhittaṅgāra.

coal black : (adj.) aṅgāravaṇṇa.

coal field : (nt.) aṅgārāyatana.

coal mine : (m.) aṅgārākara.

coal pan : (nt.) aṅgārakapalla.

coal tar : (m.) aṅgārasilesa.

coalesce : (v.i.) saṅgacchati; missībhavati. (pp.) saṅgata; missībhūta.

coalescence : (m.) ekībhāva; saṅgama. (nt.) sammilana.

coaling station : (nt.) aṅgāragahaṇaṭṭhāna.

coalition : (f.) sāmaggi; saṅgati.

coarse : (adj.) 1. thūla; lūkha; kakkasa; 2. āsabbha; gamma.

coarse cloth : (m.) thūlasāṭaka.

coarse food : (m.) lūkhāhāra.

coarsen : (v.t.) pharusattaṃ neti. (pp.) pharusattaṃ nīta.

coarseness : (nt.) lūkbatta; oḷārikatta; thūlatta.

coast : (f.) velā. (nt.) tīra; taṭa. (v.i.) anutīre sañcarati.

coaster : (f.) anutīragāmī nāvā.

coastline : (f.) tīrarekhā.

coat : (m.) 1. kañcuka; 2. bāhirālepa. (nt.) bāhirapaṭala. (v.t.) ālepeti; lepena paṭicchādeti. (pp.) ālepita; lepena paṭicchādita.

coat of mail : (m.) kavaca; sannāha.

coating : (m.) lepa; ālepa. (nt.) paṭala; āveṭhana.

coax : (v.t.) upalāleti. (pp.) upalālita.

coaxer : (m.) upalālaka.

coaxing : (nt.) upalālana.

coaxingly : (adv.) upalālanena.

cobble : (m.) pādukā-saṅkhāraka.

cobra : (m.) phaṇī; nāga.

cobweb : (nt.) makkaṭakajāla. (adj.) pabhaṅgura.

cock : (m.) kukkuṭa; tambacūḷa. (v.t.) ukkhipati; (a gun : ) ghaṭṭeti; (hay : ) puñjeti. (v.i.) unnamati. (pp.) ukkhitta; ghaṭṭita; puñjita; unnata.

cock fighting : (nt.) kukkuṭayuddha.

cock of a gun : (m.) nāḷīyantapaṭihanaka.

cock of a pipe : (nt.) nāḷamukha.

cock-loft : (f.) candikāsālā.

cock-sure : (adj.) nissaṅka; ekantabhāvī.

cockade : (m.) sīsābharaṇavisesa.

cockatoo : (m.) mahāsuka.

cockboat : (nt.) upavahana.

cockchafer : (f.) telapāyikā.

cockle : (f.) jalasambukā. (v.i.) saṅkucati; valiṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) saṅkucita; valiggahita.

cockoo : (m.) kokila; pika.

cockpit : (f.) kukkuṭayuddhabhūmi.

cockroach : (f.) telapāyikā.

cocky : (adj.) sappagabbha; avinīta.

coconut : (nt.) nāḷikera.

coconut shell : (m.) nāḷikerakapāla.

coconut tree : (m.) nāḷikerataru.

cocoon : (m.) kimikosa. (v.i.) kosena onayhati. (pp.) kosonaddha.

coction : (m.) 1. kasāya; 2. pāka.

cod : (m.) 1. macchavisesa; 2. nījakosa.

coddle : (v.t.) lāleti; sapemaṃ poseti. (pp.)lālita; sapemaṃ posita. (m.) mamāyaka.

code : (f.) saṃhitā. (m.) nītikkhandha; sikkhāsamūha.

codex : (m.) likhita-gantha.

codicil : (nt.) upalekhana.

codification : (nt.) ganthagatakaraṇa.

codify : (v.t.) nītikkhandhe antokaroti. (pp.) nītikkhandhe antokata.

coefficient : (m.) 1. samānaniyojita; sahakārī; 2. guṇīkāraka.

coefficiently : (adv.) sahakārībhāvena.

coeliac : (adj.) udarāyatta.

coenobite : (m.) samaṇa.

coequal : (adj.) sahadhammika; samānapadaṭṭha.

coequality : (nt.) tulyatta. (f.) samatā.

coequally : (adv.) samānākārena.

coerce : (v.t.) balena kāreti. (pp.) balena kārita.

coercion : (m.) balakkāra.

coercive : (adj.) bakkārāyatta.

coessential : (adj.) tulyaguṇa; samagatika.

coeternal : (adj.) sassatasama.

coeval : (adj.)(n.) samavayaṭṭha.

coexist : (v.i.) samakāle vattati or jīvati.

coexistence : (nt.) samakālavattana. (f.) sahapavatti.

coexistent : (adj.) samakālika; ekakālavattī.

coextensive : (adj.) samaṭṭhānavyāpī; samakālavyāpī.

coffee : (nt.) 1. kāphībīja; 2. kāphīpāna.

coffin : (f.) chavadoṇi. (v.t.) chavadoṇiyaṃ nidahati. (pp.) chavadoṇiyaṃ nihita.

cog : (nt.) nemidanta. (v.t.) dantasahitaṃ karoti.

cogency : (nt.) sāmatthiya.

cogent : (adj.) 1. pabala; akampiya; 2. suviññāpaya.

cogitate : (v.i.) vitakketi; nijjhāyati. (pp.) vitakkita; nijjhāyita.

cogitateable : (adj.) boddhabba.

cogitation : (nt.) vitakkana; nijjhāyana.

cogitative : (adj.) vitakketabba.

cognate : (adj.) samānajātika; ekavaggika. (m.) bandhu; sālohita.

cognation : (nt.) bandhutta; ñātitta. (m.) sambandha.

cognisable : (adj.) viññeyya.

cognisance : (nt.) 1. viññāṇā; vijānana; 2. vissalañchana.

cognisant : (adj.) vijānanaka; bujjhanaka.

cognise : (v.t.) vijānāti; abhijānāti. (pp.) viññāta; abhiññāta.

cognition : (f.) parijānanā; sañcetanā.

cognition of smell : (nt.) ghāṇaviññāṇa.

cognition of sound : (nt.) sotaviññāṇa.

cognition of taste : (nt.) jivhāviññāṇa.

cognition of touch : (nt.) kāyaviññāṇa.

cognition of vision : (nt.) cakkhuviññāṇa.

cognitive : (adj.) vijānanaka.

cognomen : (nt.) 1. kulanāma; gotta; 2. upahāsanāma.

cohabit : (v.i.) saṃvasati; sahavasati. (pp.) saṃvusita; sahavuttha.

cohabitation : (m.) sahavāsa; saṃvāsa.

coheir : (m.) samapariggaha; samānadāyādī.

cohere : (v.i.) saṃyujjati; ābandhīyati. (pp.) saṃyutta; ābaddha.

coherence : (m.) sambandha; avirodha.

coherent : (adj.) anukūla; aviruddha; ābaddha; saṅgata.

coherently : (adv.) anukūlatāya; saṅgatākārena.

cohesion : (nt.) ābandhana. (f.) āsatti.

cohesionsive : (adj.) ābandhaka; ālaggaka.

cohesionsively : (adv.) saṅlagganākārena.

coiffeur : (m.) kesamaṇḍetu.

coil : (nt.) āvaṭṭa; kuṇḍala; aṇḍūpaka. (m.) rajjupāsa.

coil of a serpent : (m.) bhoga. (v.i.) kuṇḍalīyati; āvaṭṭīyati. (v.t.) āvaṭṭīkaroti. (pp.) āvaṭṭīkata.

coin : (nt.) jātarūpa; kahāpaṇa. (f.) muddā. (v.t.) muḍḍaṅketi. (pp.) muḍḍaṅkita.

coinage : (nt.) mūlamuddaṅkana; nimmāṇa. (m.) parikappa.

coincide : (v.i.) ekībhavati; ghaṭīyati; samakāle or ekaṭṭhāne; pavattati. (pp.) ekībhūta; pavatta.

coincidence : (nt.) samakālapavattana. (f.) ekamatikatā.

coincident : (adj.) samakālika; anukūla.

coincidently : (adv.) apubbaṃ acarimaṃ; samakālaṃ.

coiner : (m.) vyājamūla-muddāpaka.

coinstantaneous : (adj.) ekakkaṇika.

coir : (nt.) nāḷikeratantu.

coir matting : (m.) rajjukilañja.

coition : (nt.) methuna. (m.) dvayaṃ-dvayasnvāsa.

colander : (f.) 1. cuṇṇacālikā. (nt.) 2. khīraparissāvana. (v.t.) parissāveti. (pp.) parissāvita.

cold : (nt.) 1. sīta. (m.) 2. semhanaṭissava. (adj.) sītala; sīsīra.

cold blooded : (adj.) kopahetuviralīta.

cold hearted : (adj.) niddaya.

cold season : (m.) hemanta.

cold welcome : (nt.) udāsīnapiṭiggahaṇa.

coldly : (adv.) anādaraṃ; nirussākaṃ.

coldness : (nt.) sītalatta. (f.) virattatā.

colic : (nt.) udarasūla.

colicky : (adj.) udarasūlāvaha.

collaborate : (v.i.) ekato kammaṃ karoti.

collaboration : (nt.) ekato karaṇa; samānakicca.

collaborator : (m.) sahāyaka; ekato kiccakārī.

collapse : (v.i.) saṃsīdati; paripatati. (pp.) samsīna; paripatita. (m.) laya; vilaya. (nt.) paripatina; osīdana.

collar : (nt.) gīveyyaka. (f.) kaṇṭhabhūsā.

collar bone : (nt.) akkaka.

collate : (v.t.) samāneti; saṃsadeti. (pp.) samānita; saṃsadita.

collateral : (adj.) anugāmika-anupavattamāna.

collaterally : (adv.) anugāmikatāya.

collation : (nt.) saṃsandana.

colleague : (3.) samānadharina; ekakiccaniyutta.

collect : (v.t.) ocināti; ācināti; samāharati; rāsīkaroti. (pp.) ocita; samāhaṭa; rāsīkata. (v.i.) samosarati; upacīyati. (pp.) samosaṭa; upacita.

collection : (m.) rāsi; samavāya; sañcaya; samuccaya; nicaya.

collection of alms : (m.) piṇḍapāta.

collection of taxes : (nt.) balisaṃharaṇa.

collective : (adj.) gaṇībhūta; ekībhūta; (in grammar) samūhavācaka.

collective compound : (m.) dvandasamāsa.

collectively : (adv.) rāsivasena.

collector : (m.) saṃhāraka.

collector of customs : (m.) suṅkika.

collector of income : (m.) āyakammika.

collector of revenue : (m.) karagāhaka.

collector ship : (nt.) karaggāhakadhura.

college : (m.) 1. vijjālaya; 2. paṇḍitagaṇa. (f.) ācariyasaṃhati.

collegian : (m.) vijjālayika.

collegiate : (adj.) vijjālayāyatta.

collide : (v.i.) paṭihaññati; ghaṭṭīyati. (pp.) paṭihata; ghaṭṭita.

collier : (m.) aṅgārākarika.

colligate : (v.t.) sambandheti; saṃyojeti. (pp.) sambaddha; saṃyojita.

colligation : (m.) saṃyoga. (nt.) sandhāna.

collision : (nt.) saṅghaṭṭana. (m.) paṭighāta.

collocate : (v.t.) niveseti; patiṭṭhāpeti; samodahati. (pp.) nivesita; patiṭṭhāpita; samodahita.

collocation : (nt.) saṃvesana; samodahana; patiṭṭhāpana.

collocution : (nt.) sambhāsana. (f.) saṅkathā.

collogue : (v.i.) rahasi manteti. (pp.) rahasi mantita.

collop : (f.) maṃsapesi.

colloquial : (adj.) mahājanakayhāyatta.

colloquy : (m.) mahājanālāpa.

colluctor : (m.) sambhāsaka.

collude : (v.i.) kumanteti. (pp.) kumantita.

collusion : (nt.) kumantaṇa.

collyrium : (nt.) nettañjana.

colon : (nt.) 1. mahā-anta; 2. vākyaccheda-( : ) lakkhaṇa.

colonel : (m.) gumbapati.

colonial : (adj.) janapadāyatta.

colonisation : (nt.) janapadapatiṭṭhāpana.

colonise : (v.t.) 1. janapadaṃ patiṭṭhāpeti; 2. janapade vāseti.

colonist : (m.) janapadavāsī.

colonnade : (f.) thambhapanti.

colony : (m.) 1. videsīya-janapada; 2. nikāya; samūha.

colophon : (nt.) ganthakattu-sandassana.

colorific : (adj.) vaṇṇuppādaka.

colorimeter : (nt.) vaṇṇamāṇaka.

colossal : (adj.) atimahanta.

colossus : (f.) mahāpaṭimā; (m.) mahāsarīra.

colour : (m.) vaṇṇa; raṅga. (f.) vaṇṇadhātu. (m.; plu.) dhaja. (v.t.) rañjeti. (pp.) rañjita; ratta. (v.i.) lajjati; vivaṇṇībhavati. (pp.) lajjita; vivaṇṇībhūta || fast colour: (m.) ciraṭṭhāyīvaṇṇa; to give colour: (v.t.) ucitattam āropeti.

colour-blind : (adj.) vaṇṇavivecanākkhama.

colourable : (adj.) vyājayutta.

colouring : (m.) 1. rañjitākāra; 2. vaṇṇālepa.

colourist : (m.) rañjaka; raṅgājīva.

colourless : (adj.) vaṇṇahīna.

colt : (m.) 1. kisora; 2. ākovidapurisa.

coltish : (adj.) dandha; capala.

colubrine : (adj.) sappasadisa.

column : (m.) ṭhambha; yūpa. (nt.) (of an army : ) senādala.

column of printing : (m.) muddhaṅkana-vibhāga.

column of smoke : (m.) dhūmakkhandha.

columnar : (adj.) thambhākāra.

coma : (f.) balavaniddā.

comb : (f.) kesullekhanī; cūḷā; sikhā. (m.) vijaṭaka. (v.t.) ullikhati; vijaṭeti. (pp.) ullikhita; vijaṭita.

comb of a cock : (m.) kaku. (f.) cūḷā.

combat : (nt.) yuddha. (m.) saṅgāma. (v.t.) 1. yujjhati; 2. khaṇḍeti; nirākaroti. (pp.) yujjhita; khaṇḍita; nirākata || hand to hand combat: (nt.) bhujayuddha; bāhābāhavī.

combatant : (m.) yodha; malla.

combative : (adj.) kalahappiya; raṇakāmī.

combination : (f.) sandhi; ghaṭanā. (m.) saṃyoga; samavāya.

combine : (v.t.) saṃyojeti; samodhāneti; piṇḍeti. (pp.) saṃyojita; samodhānita; piṇḍita. (v.i.) saṃyujjati; piṇḍībhavati. (pp.) saṃyutta; piṇḍībhūta.

combing : (nt.) vijaṭana; ullikhana.

combustible : (adj.) sahasā jalanasīla; dahanasīla.

combustion : (nt.) dahana. (m.) mahāaggiḍāha.

come : (v.i.) āgacchati; āyāti; eti; upeti; pāpuṇāti. (pp.) āgata; āyata; upeta; patta.

come about : (v.i.) sijjhati; sambhavati.

come again : (v.i.) puneti; paṭieti.

come at : (v.i.) pāpuṇāti; labhati.

come away : (v.i.) samuṭṭhāti; udeti.

come back : (v.i.) paccāgacchati; paṭinivattati.

come by : (v.i.) paṭilabhati.

come down : (v.i.) 1. paccorehati; 2. nihīyati; hāyati.

come down upon : (v.i.) pakkhandati; ajjhottharati.

come forth : (v.i.) niggacchati; udeti; uppajjati.

come in : (v.i.) pavisati.

come into trouble : (v.i.) āpadam āpatati.

come near : (v.i.) upasaṅkamati; upagacchati.

come nigh : (v.i.) upasaṅkamati; upagacchati.

come of age : (adj.) vayapatta.

come off : (v.i.) 1. niggacchati; 2. sijjhati.

come on : (v.i.) abhivaḍḍhati; abhiyāti.

come out : (v.i.) udeti; pākaṭībhavati.

come out from : (v.i.) viniggacchati.

come out of water : (v.i.) uttarati.

come out with : (v.i.) pakāseti.

come over : (v.i.) atikkamati; adhivattati.

come round : (v.i.) pakatim āpajjati.

come short of : (v.i.) nappahoti.

come to : (v.i.) upeti; pappoti.

come to an end : (v.i.) osānam āpajjati.

come to blows : (v.i.) kalahaṃ karoti.

come to nothing : (v.i.) viphalībhavati.

come to pass : (v.i.) sijjhati.

come to ruin : (v.i.) nihīyati.

come to terms : (v.i.) sandhīyati.

come to the final release : (v.i.) parinibbāti.

come to the surface : (v.i.) ummujjati.

come together : (v.i.) samosarati.

come up : (v.i.) uggacchati.

come up to : (v.i.) upagacchati.

come up with : (v.i.) adhigaṇhāti.

come upon : (v.i.) āpatati.

come-at-able : (adj.) upagamanīya; laddhabba.

comedian : (m.) 1. naṭa; hāsaka; 2. nāṭakasampādaka.

comedy : (nt.) hāsadāyaka-nāṭaka.

comeliness : (f.) surūpatā; sobhanatā.

comely : (adj.) surūpa; sundara; sobhana; dassanīya.

comer : (m.) āgantu; āgāmī.

comet : (m.) dhūmaketu.

cometic : (adj.) dhūmaketvāyatta.

comfit : (nt.) madhurakhajjaka.

comfort : (nt.) sukha; sāta. (m.) phāsu. (v.t.) sukheti; samassāseti. (pp.) sukhita; samassattha.

comfortable : (adj.) sukhada; phāsukara.

comfortably : (adv.) sukhena; yathāphāsukaṃ.

comforter : (m.) assāsaka; sukhada.

comfortless : (adj.) aphāsuka; anassāsa.

comic : (adj.) hāsajanaka.

comical : (adj.) hāsajanaka.

comically : (adv.) vikaṭākārena.

comicly : (adv.) vikaṭākārena.

coming : (nt.) āgamana; pāpuṇana. (adj.) āgāmī.

comity : (m.) mittabhāva; sadācāra.

comma : (m.) appatara-virāma.

command : (f.) āṇā; ābatti. (nt.) vidhāna. (m.) niyoga. (v.t.) āṇāpeti; niyameti. (pp.) āṇāpita or āṇatta; niyamita.

commandant : (m.) āṇāpaka; vidhāyaka.

commander : (m.) vidhāyaka; āṇādāyi.

commander of an army : (m.) senānī; camūpati.

commandership : (nt.) senānīdhura.

commanding : (adj.) āṇāsampanna; mahesakkha.

commandment : (f.) āṇā. (m.) niyama. (nt.) sikkhāpada.

commemorate : (v.t.) 1. ānussarati; 2. anussaraṇussavaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) anussarita; pavattitānussaraṇussava.

commemoration : (m.) anussaraṇussava.

commemorative : (adj.) anussarāpaka.

commence : (v.i.) ārabhati; paṭṭhapeti. (pp.) āraddha; paṭṭhapita.

commencement : (m.) ārambha; mūlārambha. (nt.) ārabhana.

commend : (v.t.) 1. samappeti; bhāraṃ karoti; 2. pasaṃsati; abhitthavati; vaṇṇeti. (pp.) samappita; katabhāra; pasaṃsita or pasattha; abhitthuta; vaṇṇita.

commendable : (adj.) pasaṃsiya; thomanīya.

commendably : (adv.) thomanīyākārena.

commendation : (f.) 1. samappaṇā; 2. pasaṃsā; thuti.

commendatory : (adj.) 1. pasaṃsāvaha; 2. anupālanāyatta.

commensal : (adj.; m.) 1. sahabhottu; parapuṭṭha; parūpajīvī.

commensalism : (f.) sahabhojitā; parūpajīvitā.

commensurable : (adj.) 1. samappamāṇika; 2. samabhāgayutta.

commensurableness : (f.) samamāṇayuttatā.

commensurate : (adj.) samamāṇayutta; anūnādhika; tulyappamāṇa.

comment : (v.t.) vyākhyāti; vitthāreti; vaṇṇeti. (pp.) vyākhyāta; vitthārita; vaṇṇita.

commentary : (f.) aṭṭhakathā; vyākhyā; atthavaṇṇanā.

commentator : (m.) vyākhyākāra; aṭṭhakathācariya.

commerce : (f.) vaṇijjā. (m.) vohāra; kayavikkaya. (v.i.) vaṇijjaṃ karoti.

commercial : (adj.) vaṇijjāyatta.

commercially : (adv.) vaṇijjānurūpena.

commination : (nt.) apāyabhayatajjana.

comminatory : (adj.) tajjanāyatta.

commingle : (v.i.) missībhavati. (v.t.) sammisseti. (pp.) missībhūta; sammissita.

comminute : (v.t.) 1. kaṇaso karoti; 2. vibhājeti. (pp.) kaṇaso kata; vibhājita.

commiserate : (v.t.i.) sahasocati; anukampati. (pp.) sahasocita; anukampita.

commiseration : (f.) sahasocanā; anukampā.

commissary : (m.) 1. anuyuttaka; niyojita; 2. bhaṭāhārasampādaka.

commission : (f.) kārakasabhā. (nt.) āṇattipaṇṇa; niyojitamaṇḍala; ācaraṇa; samappaṇa. (m.) niyoga; adhikāra; lābhabhāga. (v.t.) niyojeti; adhikaroti; adhikārapaṇṇaṃ deti. (pp.) niyojita; adhikata; dinnādhikārapaṇṇa.

commission agent : (m.) lābhabhāgena vikketu.

commissioned with : (adj.) adhikata; payutta.

commissioner : (m.) adhikārī; niyojita.

commissure : (nt.) sandhiṭṭhāna.

commit : (v.t.) 1. niyyādeti; appeti; 2. ācarati; āpajjati; pasavati; 3. niyojeti. (pp.) niyyādita; appita; ācarita; āpanna; pasavita.

commit a crime : (v.t.) aparajjhati.

commit a sin : (v.t.) vippaṭipajjati.

commit adultery : (v.t.) aticarati; micchācarati.

commit to memory : (v.t.) dhāreti; manasi nidahati.

commitment : (nt.) 1. ācaraṇa; anuṭṭhāna; 2. kārāpakkhipana.

committal : (nt.) 1. ācaraṇa; anuṭṭhāna; 2. kārāpakkhipana.

committee : (f.) sampādakasabhā. (nt.) kārakamaṇḍala.

commix : (v.t.) sammisseti. (v.i.) missībhavati. (pp.) sammissita; missībhūta.

commixture : (nt.) sammissaṇa. (m.) saṃyoga.

commodious : (adj.) 1. asambādha; vitthiṇṇa; 2. sopakaraṇa; 3. patirūpa; anurūpa.

commodity : (nt.) paṇiyabhaṇḍa.

common : (adj.) 1. sādhāraṇa; saṅghika; 2. bahula; avisiṭṭha. (nt.) sādhāraṇuyyāna.

common law : (m.) desācāra. (f.) alikhita-nīti.

common place : (adj.) avisiṭṭha; appaggha.

common sense : (m.) pakatinicchhaya.

common sin : (nt.) lokavajja.

commonalty : (m.) mahājana. (f.) janatā.

commoner : (m.) raṭṭhavāsī; gahapati.

commonly : (adv.) bahuso; sāmaññena.

commons : (m.; plu.) mahājana || house of commons: (f.) mahājanikamantisabhā.

commonwealth : (nt.) janasammatarajja.

commotion : (m.) saṅkhobha; viplava; pakopa.

communal : (adj.) padesavisayaka.

communalism : (m.) janasammutivāda.

communalize : (v.t.) mahājanāyattaṃ karoti.

commune : (v.i.) sākacchati; sambhāsati. (pp.)sambhāsita.

communicable : (adj.) nivedetabba; viññāpetabba.

communicate : (v.t.) ācikkhati; nivedeti; viññāpeti. (pp.) ācikkhita; nivedita; viññāpita. (v.i.) sambandhaṃ pavatteti; sahabhāgī hoti.

communication : (nt.) nivedana. (m.) aññamaññasambandha.

communicative : (adj.) nivedetukāma; sambhāsanappiya; sāsanapesaka.

communicator : (m.) nivedaka; sāsanapesaka; sambandhaka.

communion : (f.) sahayogitā; ekamatikatā. (m.) ekamatikagaṇa.

communionist : (m.) ekanikāyika.

communique : (nt.) rājakiccanivedana.

communise : (v.t.) samasambhogattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) samasambhogattaṃ pāpita.

communism : (m.) samasambhogavāda.

communist : (m.) samasambhogavādī.

communistic : (adj.) samasambhogāyatta.

communitarian : (m.) samasambhogika

community : (m.) samasambhoga; savakagashanga; nikaya

commutable : (adj.) vinimetabba; parivattiya

commutation : (m.) vinimaya. (nt.) parivattana.

commutative : (adj.) vinimayatta.

commute : (v.t.) vinimeti; parivatteti. (pp.) vinimita; parivattita

compact : (m.) patissava. (f.) paṭiññā. (adj.) saṃhata; sangata; ghana (v.t.) sandahati; sampiṇḍeti; ghanīkaroti (pp.) sandahita; sampiṇḍita; ghanīkata. (adv.) saṃghatākārena.

compactness : (nt.) saṃhatatta

compaginate : (v.t.) daḷhaṃ sambandheti. (pp.) daḷhasambaddha.

companion : (m.) sahacara; anucara; sahāya. (v.t.) anugacchati; sevati. (pp.) anugata; sevita || bad companion: (m.) pāpamita || good companion: (m.) kalyānamitta.

companionship : (f.) sahāyata; sahacāritā. (m.) mittabhāva.

company : (f.) parirā; sabhī; samiti; sahacariyā; saṅgati. (m.) sahavāsa. (v.t.) sevati; bhajati. (pp.) sevita; bhajita.

comparable : (adj.) tulanāraha; upameyya.

comparative : (adj.) saṃsandaka; tulanavisayaka. (in grammar) adhikatthadīpaka.

comparatively : (adv.) diṭṭhasaṃsandanena.

compare : (v.t.) samāneti; saṃsandeti; upameti. (pp.) samānita; saṃsandita; upamita.

comparison : (nt.) saṃsandana; upamāna opamma. (f.) upamā.

compart : (v.t.) bhāgaso bibhajati. (pp.) bhāgaso vibhatta.

compartment : (m.) vibhattabhāga; rathovaraka.

compass : (v.t.) parivāreti; parikkhipati; anupariyāti. (pp.) parivārita; parikkhitta; anupariyāta. (nt.) maṇḍala; mālalimayanta. (f.) paridhi. (m.; plu.) maṇdalamāṇaka.

compassion : (f.) dayā; anukampā; karuṇā. (nt.) kāruññā.

compassionate : (adj.) kāruṇika; anukampaka; dayālu.

compassionately : (adv.) sadayaṃ; sakaruṇaṃ.

compatriot : (3.) sadesika; sakaraṭṭhika.

compeer : (m.) samānapadaṭṭha.

compel : (v.t.) pasayha; anicchāya kāreti; uyyojeti. (pp.) anicchāya kārita; uyyojita.

compendious : (adj.) saṅkhita; sāraṃsabhūta.

compendiously : (adv.) saṅkhepena.

compendiousness : (f.) saṇkhittatā.

compendium : (m.) sārasaṅgaha.

compensate : (v.t.) nitthāreti; paṭikammaṃ karoti; hāniṃ pūreti; (pp.) nitthārita; paṭikammaṃ kata; pūritahānī.

compensation : (nt.) paṭikamma; hānipūraṇa.

compensatory : (adj.) hānipūraka.

compete : (v.i.) sampayojeti; vijigiṃsati; yugaggāhī hoti. (pp.) sampayojita; vijigiṃsita; yugaggāhībhūta.

competence : (nt.) sāmatthiya; pāguñña.

competency : (nt.) sāmatthiya; pāguñña.

competent : (adj.) paṭibala; bhabba; samattha.

competition : (m.) yugaggāha. (f.) ahamahamikā

competitive : (adj.) vijigiṃsaka.

competitor : (m.) paṭipuggala; yugaggāhī.

compilation : (nt.) saṅkalana; samāharana; saṅghaṇhana.

compile : (v.t.) saṇgaṇhāti; saṅkaleti. (pp.) saṅgahita; saṅkalita.

compiler : (m.) saṅgāhaka; ganthakāra.

complacence : (m.) pasāda. (f.) anukūlatā.

complacency : (m.) pasāda. (f.) anukūlatā.

complacent : (adj.) pasanna; santuṭṭha; anukūla.

complacently : (adv.) sānandaṃ; sappasādaṃ.

complain : (v.i.) codeti; ujjhāyati; vilapati. (pp.) codita; ujjhāyita.

complainant : (m.) codaka; ujjhāyaka; dukkhanvivedaka.

complaint : (f.) codakā; dosāropaṇā; dukkhanivedanā. (adj.) anuvattī; vidheya; assava; suvaca.

complaisance : (m.) anurodha. (nt.) anukūlatta; sagāravatta.

complement : (nt.) ūnapūraṇa. (f.) paripuṇṇatā. (v.t.) paripūreti. (pp.) paripūrita.

complementary : (adj.) ūnapūraka; paripūraka.

complete : (v.i.) paripūreti; osāpeti; niṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) paripūrita; osāpeta. (adj.) sampuṇṇa; paripuṇṇa; anūna; niṭṭhita; saṃsiddha.

completely : (adv.) anūnaṃ; asesaṃ; nissesaṃ.

completeness : (nt.) anūnatta; puṇṇatta.

completing : (adj.) paripūraka; niṭṭhāpaka.

completion : (nt.) pūraṇa; samāpana; osāpana; niṭṭhāna. (f.) pāripūri.

complex : (adj.) saṅkiṇṇa; nānāvibhāgayutta. (m.) saṅkiṇṇarāsi.

complexion : (m.) chavivaṇṇa; mukkhavaṇṇa.

complexity : (f.) saṅkiṇṇatā.

compliable : (adj.) anuvattanīya.

compliance : (nt.) anuvattana; aṅgīkaraṇa.

complicacy : (nt.) saṅkiṇṇatta.

complicate : (v.t.) ākilīkaroti; sammisseti. (pp.) ākukīkata; sammissita. (adj.) ākula; vyākula; missita.

complication : (nt.) ākulīkarana.

complice : (m.) pāpasahāya.

complicity : (nt.) aparādhasahāyatta.

compliment : (f.) abhinandanavācā; sammodanā. (v.t.) ānandaṃ pakāseti; tuṭṭhiṃ nivedeti (pp.) pakāsitānanda; niveditatuṭṭhi.

complimentary : (adj.) abhinandanapubbaka.

comply : (v.i.) anuvattati; anujānāti. (pp.) anuvattita; anuññāta.

component : (adj.) antogata; sambaddha.

component part : (m.) aṇga; antogata-koṭṭhāsa.

component-thing : (m.) saṇkhāra; saṇkhata.

comport : (v.i.) ācarati; vattati.

comportment : (m.) ācāra. (f.) pavatti.

compose : (adj.) lomasa. (v.t.) racayati; gantheit; nibandhati; ghaṭayati; hojeti; upasameti; (pp.) racita; ganthita; nibaddha; ghaṭita; yojita; upasamita.

composed : (adj.) samāhita.

composedly : (adv.) samāhitākārena.

composer : (m.) racaka; nibandhaka.

composition : (f.) racanā. (m.) nibandha; gantha.

compositor : (m.) vaṇṇayojaka.

compost : (nt.) bhūmisāramissaṇa.

composure : (m.) upasama; asambhama; samādhi.

compote : (nt.) phāṇitena rakkhitaphala.

compound : (v.t.) saṃyojeti; misseti; samāseti. (pp.) saṃyojita; missita; samāsita. (adj.) saṃsaṭṭha; sampayutta. (m.) saṃyoga; samāsa. (nt.) aṅgaṇa; ājīra.

compound word : (nt.) samāsapada.

compounder : (m.) missetu; saṃyojaka.

comprehend : (v.t.) bujjhati; paṭivijjhati; parijānāti; adhigacchati; (pp.) buddha; paṭividdha; pariññāta; adhigata.

comprehensible : (adj.) viññeyya; adhigamanīya.

comprehension : (m.) avabodha; adhigama; paṭivedha. (f.) pariññā.

comprehensive : (adj.) vyāpaka; vitthiṇṇa.

comprehensively : (adv.) saṅkhepena; samāsato; vyāpakattena.

comprehensiveness : (nt.) vyāpakatta; saṅkhittatta.

compress : (v.t.) sampīḷeti; saṅghāteti. (pp.) sampīḷita; saṅghātita.

compressible : (adj.) saṅkocanīya.

compression : (nt.) sampīḷana; saṅkocana.

compressive : (adj.) saṅkocakara.

comprisable : (adj.) antokaraṇasamattha.

comprise : (v.t.) antokaroti; sampavesseti.

compromise : (f.) mithupaṭiññā. (m.) sādhārana-niyama. (v.i.) mithupaṭiññaṃ deti; kukkuccāyati (pp.) kukuccāyita.

comprovincial : (adj.) samānapadesika.

compulsion : (m.) balakkāra; anicchāya kārāpana.

compulsive : (adj.) anivāriya.

compulsory : (adj.) āvassaka; anivāriya; avassa-karaṇīya.

compunction : (m.) anutāpa.

compurgation : (nt.) dosamocana; niddosikarana.

computation : (nt.) saṅkhyāna; pamāṇakarana.

compute : (v.t.) gaṇeti; pamāṇeti. (pp.) gaṇita; pamāṇita.

con : (v.t.) uggaṇhāti; vācuggataṃkaroti. (pp.) uggahita; vācuggatakata.

conation : (nt.) cittādhiṭṭhāna.

concatenate : (v.t.) āvuṇati. (pp.) āvuta.

concatenation : (nt.) āvuṇanā.

concave : (adj.) puṭākāra.

concavity : (nt.) kuhara.

conceal : (v.t.) nigūhati; āvarati; paṭicchādeti. (pp.) nigūḷha; āvaṭa; paṭicchanna.

concealment : (nt.) nigūhana; apanidahana; tirokarana.

concede : (v.t.) sampaṭicchati; anujānāti; appeti. (pp.) sampaṭicchita; anuññāta; appita.

conceit : (m.) ahaṅkāra; micchāsaṅkappa; māna. (v.t.) micchāsaṅkappeti. (pp.) micchāsaṅkappita.

conceited : (adj.) dappita; uddhata.

conceitedly : (adv.) boghanīyākārena.

conceivable : (adj.) cintāvisayaka; bodhanīya.

conceivableness : (nt.) bodhanīyatta.

conceivably : (adj.) bodhanīyakārena.

conceive : (v.t.) anubujjhati; gabbhaṃ dhāreti. (v.i.) paṭisandhiṃ gaṇhāti (pp.) anubuddha; dhāritagabbha; gahitapaṭisandhika.

concentrate : (v.t.) samādahati; samannāharati. (pp.) samāhita; samannāhaṭa.

concentrated : (adj.) ekagga; avikkhitta.

concentration : (f.) ekaggatā. (m.) avikkhepa; samādhi.

concentration of mind : (m.) cetosamatha.

concentrative : (adj.) ekattapāpaka.

concentre : (v.t.) samodahati; ekaṭṭhānaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) samodahita; ekaṭṭhānaṃ pāpita.

concentric : (adj.) ekagga; ekaṭṭhānagāmī.

concept : (m.) saṅkappa. (f.) mati.

conception : (m.) saṅkappa; avabodha. (f.) gabbhāvakanti. (nt.) paṭisandhigahana.

conceptive : (adj.) bujjhanāraha.

conceptual : (adj.) saṅkappāyatta; avabodhāyatta.

conceptualism : (m.) viññāṇavāda.

concern : (m.) sambandha. (f.) apekkhā. (v.t.) sambandhī bhavati; ussukko hoti (pp.) sambandhī bhūta; jātussukka || I am concerned about this: imasmiṃ kāran'haṃ dukkhito or saṅkito homi; I do not concern myself: ahaṃ majjhaṭṭho homi; this does not concern me: idaṃ mamāyatta-kicchaṃ na hoti.

concerning : (prep) sandhāyapaṭicca; ārabbha; uddhissa.

concernment : (nt.) kicca. (m.) vyāpāra.

concert : (nt.) saṅgīta; sammantana. (f.) sahakāritā. (v.t.) sammanteti; saṃvidahati (pp.) sammantita; saṃvihita.

concession : (nt.) sampaṭicchana; sampadāna; varadāna.

conch : (m.) saṅkha; kambu.

conchiferous : (adj.) sakalikāsahita.

conchologist : (m.) saṅkhavijjādhīrī.

conchology : (f.) saṅkhavijjā.

conciliate : (v.t.) anuneti; ārādheti; sandahati. (pp.) anunīta; ārādhita; sandahita or sandhita.

conciliation : (nt.) sandahana.

conciliator : (m.) sandhātu; ārādhaka.

conciliatory : (adj.) sandhānakara.

concise : (adj.) saṅkhita; samāsita.

concisely : (adv.) saṅkhittena; saṅkhipena.

conciseness : (f.) saṅkhittatā.

concision : (nt.) cammaggachedana; saṅkhepatta.

conclamation : (m.) kalakala; mahāghosa.

conclave : (nt.) rahosammilanaṭṭhāna.

conclude : (v.t.) samāpeti; niṭṭhāpeti; pariyosāpeti; niccheti; upadhāreti. (pp.) samāpita; niṭṭhāpita; pariyosāpita; nicchita; upadhārita.

concluding : (adj.) niṭṭhāpaka; osāpaka.

conclusion : (nt.) niṭṭhāna; nigamana; pariyosāna; saniṭṭhāna. (m.) nicchaya.

conclusive : (adj.) nicchayāvaha; saṃsayacchedaka.

conclusively : (adv.) nicchayena; nissaṃsayaṃ.

concoct : (v.t.) missetvā pacati. (pp.) missetvā pakka.

concoction : (m.) missitapāka. (nt.) kasāya.

concolorous : (adj.) anukūlavaṇṇa.

concomitance : (m.) sampayoga; samavāya.

concomitant : (adj.) sahavattī; sahagata; sampayutta.

concomitantly : (adv.) sahitaṃ; ekato.

concord : (f.) sāmaggi; ekamatitā. (m.) avirodha. (nt.) anusandhāna.

concordance : (nt.) samānatta; sadisatta.

concordant : (adj.) aviruddha; samagatika.

concourse : (m.) mahāsannipāta; mahāsamāgama; pavāha.

concrete : (adj.) saṃhata; piṇḍībhūta. (m.) ghanacaya. (v.t.) ghanīkaroti; ābandhati. (v.i.) ghanībhavati. (pp.) ghanīkata; ābaddha. ghanībhūta.

concretion : (nt.) ekaghanīkaraṇa.

concubinage : (f.) orodhavutti. (m.) avivāhitadampati-vāsa.

concubinary : (adj.; n.) orodhajāta.

concubine : (f.) upabhariyā; antoepuritthī.

concupiscence : (f.) ratilolatā; kāmukata.

concupiscent : (adj.) kāmuka; kāmātura.

concur : (v.i.) saṅgacchati; ekībhavati. (pp.) saṅgata; ekībhūta.

concurrence : (f.) sammuti; ekamatitā.

concurrent : (adj.) sahayogika; samakālika; ekamatika.

concurrently : (adv.) samakālaṃ; ekamatitāya.

concuss : (v.t.) bāḷhaṃ kampeti; santajjeti. (pp.) bāḷhaṃ kampita; satajjita.

concussion : (nt.) atikampana; balavaghaṭṭana.

condemn : (v.t.) dosam āropeti; sāvajjaṃ karoti; daṇḍaṃ paṇeti. (pp.) āropitadosa; sāvajjaṃ kata; paṇitadaṇḍa.

condemnable : (adj.) savajja; daṇḍanāraha.

condemnation : (nt.) daṇḍana. (m.) vadhaniyama. (f.) garahā; nindā.

condemnatory : (adj.) sāvajjatāpakāsaka.

condensable : (adj.) ghanīkaraṇīya.

condensation : (nt.) ghanīkaraṇa.

condense : (v.t.) ghanīkaroti; saṅkhipati. (pp.) ghanīkata; saṅkhitta.

condenser : (m.) ghanīkara.

condescend : (v.i.) nibhatamānībhavati.

condescending : (adj.) nihatamāna.

condescension : (f.) samānattatā; nihatamānata.

condign : (adj.) bhabba; samattha.

condignly : (adv.) bhabbākārena.

condiment : (nt.) vyañjana; āsittaka.

condition : (f.) avatthā; dasā; vutti; mithupaṭiññā. (m.) sabhāva; ākāra. (v.t.) paṭijānāti; niyameti. (pp.) paṭiññāta; niyamita.

conditional : (adj.) niyamayutta; paṭiññānugata; avatthānugata.

conditional mood : (f.) sattamīvibhatti.

conditionally : (adv.) saniyamaṃ; paṭiññānurūpaṃ.

conditioned : (adj.) 1. nipphanna; sappaccaya; 2. sammāvihita.

condolatory : (adj.) anusocaka.

condole : (v.i.) anukampati; samdukkhī bhavati.

condolence : (f.) anukampā; sama-dukkhatā.

condonation : (f.) khamā; titikkhā.

condone : (v.t.) khamati; titikkhati. (pp.) khanta.

conduce : (v.i.) āvahati; upaneti.

conducive : (adj.) āvaha; saṃvattanika; pāpaka.

conduciveness : (f.) āvahanatā; pāpakatā.

conduct : (nt.) ācaraṇa; nayana; āvahana. (f.) cariyā; paṭipatti. (m.) ācāra. (v.t.) 1. ācarati; paṭipajjati; 2. pāpeti; 3. vidahati; nibbāhati. (pp.) ācarita; paṭipanna; pāpita; vihita; nibbāhita || proper conduct: (f.) sammāvattanā; right conduct: (nt.; m.) sammākammanta; wrong conduct: (nt.) duccarita; good conduct: (nt.) sucarita. (m.) samācāra.

conductible : (adj.) pāpanīya.

conduction : (nt.) pāpana; nayana.

conductive : (adj.) āvaha; sampāpaka.

conductor : (m.) netu; pāpaka; pālaka.

conduit : (f.) paṇāḷī; jalanetti. (m.) vārimagga.

cone : (f.) sikhā. (nt.) thūpākāravatthu.

confabulate : (v.i.) sallapati; sambhāsati.

confabulation : (m.) sallāpa. (nt.) sambhāsana.

confection : (nt.) khajjakamissana. (v.t.) khajjakaṃ sampādeti.

confectioner : (m.) khajjakasampādaka.

confectionery : (nt.) khajjakasampādana.

confederate : (v.t.) sandhīkaroti. (pp.) sandhīkata.

confederation : (nt.) sandhikaraṇa. (m.) paṭiññābandha; samohitagaṇa.

confer : (v.t.) sampadāti; paṭipādeti. (pp.) sampadinna; paṭipādita. (v.i.) sākacchati; sambhāsati.

conferable : (adj.) sakacchitabba; dātabba.

conference : (f.) sākacchā. (nt.) sammantaṇa; sammelana.

confess : (v.t.) sakavajjam āvīkaroti; āpattiṃ deseti. (pp.) āvīkatavajja; desitāpattika.

confessedly : (adv.) nissaṃsayaṃ.

confession : (f.) āpattidesanā; vajjapakāsanā.

confidant : (m.) vissāsī; vallabha.

confide : (v.t.) vissasati; saddahati. (pp.) vissattha; saddahita.

confidence : (nt.) vissāsa. (nt.) saddahana.

confident : (adj.) jātavissāsa; nikkaṅkha.

confidential : (adj.) vissasanīya; rāhaseyyaka; gutta.

confidently : (adv.) nirāsaṅkaṃ; nissaṃsayaṃ.

configuration : (nt.) ākārālikhana.

configure : (v.t.) sasaṇṭhānaṃ karoti.

confine : (f.) sīmā. (m.) avadhi. (v.t.) sīmeti; avarodheti. (pp.) sīmita; avaruddha.

confined to bed : (adj.) mañcaparayaṇa.

confined woman : (f.) pasūtikā.

confinement : (nt.) avarodhana. (m.) (of bowels : ) malāvarodha; (of a woman : ) pasūtikāla.

confirm : (v.t.) daḷhayati; santhambheti. (pp.) daḷhayita; santhambhita.

confirmation : (nt.) daḷhīkaraṇa.

confirmative : (adj.) santhambhaka; sādhaka.

confiscate : (v.t.) rājāyattaṃ karoti; sabbassaṃ harata. (pp.) rājāyattīkata; haṭasabbassa.

confiscation : (nt.) rajjāyattīkaraṇa.

conflagration : (m.) mahā-aggiḍāha; dāvaggi.

conflict : (m.) virodha; viggaha. (nt.) saṅghaṭṭana. (v.i.) vivadati; virujjhati; saṅghaṭṭīyati. (pp.) vivadita; viruddha; saṅghaṭṭīta. (adj.) viruddha; paṭiloma; vivādāpanna.

confluence : (m.) saṅgama; samavāya.

confluence of rivers : (m.) nadīsaṅgama.

confluent : (adj.) ekato sandamāna.

conflux : (nt.) ekato-sandana.

conform : (v.i.) anuvattati; anulometi. (v.t.) samāneti; tulyaṃ karoti. (pp.) samānita; tulyakata.

conformable : (adj.) anurūpa; ghaṭanakkhama.

conformance : (f.) samarūpatā; anukūlatā.

conformation : (m.) racitākāra.

conformity : (f.) samarūpatā; anukūlatā.

confound : (v.t.) vikkhipati; ākulīkaroti; sambhameti; sammoheti. (pp.) vikkhitta; ākulīkata; sambhamita; sammohita.

confounded : (adj.) saṅkula; saṅkiṇṇa.

confoundedly : (adv.) atisayena; kucchitākārena.

confounding : (adj.) sandehakara; saṃsayāvaha.

confront : (v.t.) abhimukhī bhavāti; abbhuyyāti; purato tiṭṭhati. (pp.) abhimukhī bhūta; abbhuyyīta; purato tiṭṭhita.

confronting road : (m.) paṭimagga; paṭipatha.

confuse : (v.t.) vikkhipati; vyākulīkaroti. (pp.) vikkhitta; vyākulīkata.

confused : (adj.) bhanta; sammūḷha; vyākula.

confusing : (adj.) vikkhepaka; sammohaka.

confusion : (m.) vikkhepa; vibbhama; sammoha.

confutation : (nt.) nirākaraṇa; paccakkhāna.

confute : (v.t.) nirākaroti; niddosataṃ dīpeti. (pp.) nirākata; dīpitaniddosatta.

congeal : (v.t.) saṃhanati; ghanīkaroti. (v.i.) ghanībhavati. (pp.) saṃhata; ghanīkata; ghanībhūta.

congelation : (f.) saṃhati. (m.) piṇḍībhāva.

congener : (adj.; n.) samajātika.

congeneric : (adj.) samajātyā-yatta.

congenerous : (adj.) sajātika.

congenial : (adj.) anukūla; samānākāra; hitakara; sukhāvaha.

congeniality : (f.) samasīlatā; anukūlatā; anurūpatā.

congenially : (adv.) anukūlatāya.

congenital : (adj.) samānuppattika; sahajāta.

congenitally : (adv.) sahajātavasena.

congeries : (m.) nicaya; rāsi; samūha.

congest : (v.t.) rāsīkaroti; sampiṇḍeti. (v.i.) rāsībhavati. (pp.) rāsīkata; sampiṇḍita; rāsībhūta.

congested : (adj.) samphuṭa; janākiṇṇa.

congestion : (m.) sañcaya.

conglobate : (v.t.) goḷīkaroti. (pp.) goḷīkata. (v.i.) goḷībhavati. (pp.) goḷībhūta. (adj.) goḷākāra.

conglomerate : (v.t.) piṇḍīkaroti. (v.i.) piṇḍībhavati. (pp.) piṇḍīkata; piṇḍībhūta. (adj.) piṇḍākāra.

conglomeration : (nt.) piṇḍīkaraṇa.

conglutinate : (v.t.) alliyāpeti. (v.i.) allīyati. (pp.) alliyāpita; allīna.

conglutination : (nt.) allīyana.

congratulate : (v.t.) abhinandati; pītiṃ nivedeti. (pp.) abhinandita; niveditapītī.

congratulation : (nt.) abhinandana; pītinivedana. (m.) dhaññavāda.

congratulatory : (adj.) abhinandanasūcaka.

congregate : (v.t.) see Collect. (v.i) see assemble.

congregation : (m.) sannipāta. (f.) sabhā. (nt.) sammilana.

congregational : (adj.) sammilanāyatta.

congress : (f.) niyojitasabhā. (m.) mahāsamaya.

congressional : (adj.) mahāsamayāyatta.

congruence : (f.) sāmaggi; anukūlatā. (m.) avirodha.

congruent : (adj.) aviruddha; anukūla; saṅgata.

congruently : (adv.) yathocitaṃ; yathāyogaṃ.

congruous : (adj.) aviruddha; anukūla; saṅgata.

conical : (adj.) thūpākāra.

conjectural : (adj.) anumānika; vitakkamūlaka.

conjecture : (v.t.) vitakketi; anumāneti. (pp.) vitakkita; anumānita. (m.) vitakka. (f.) ūhanā.

conjectureable : (adj.) vitakketabba; anumeyya.

conjoin : (v.t.) saṃyojeti; sandhāneti; ghaṭeti. (pp.) saṃyojita; sandhānita; ghaṭita. (v.i.) ghaṭīyati; sandhīyati. (pp.) ghaṭita; sandhita.

conjoint : (adj.) ekābaddha; saṅgata.

conjointly : (adv.) yuganaddhaṃ; ekābaddhavasena.

conjugal : (adj.) vivāhavisayaka.

conjugate : (v.t.) akhyātarūpāni vibhajati. (adj.) ekābaddha.

conjugation : (nt.) vibhajana; saṃyojana.

conjugational : (adj.) vibhajanāyatta.

conjunct : (adj.) sambhaddha; sampayutta; sahagata.

conjunction : (m.) samāyaga; saṅgama; saṃsagga. (f.) sandhi.

conjunctive : (adj.) saṃyojaka.

conjunctly : (adv.) samasamaṃ; ekato.

conjuncture : (m.) saṃyoga. (f.) avatthā. (m.) avasara.

conjuration : (nt.) saccāpana; sapathakaraṇa; mantajappana.

conjure : (v.t.) saccāpeti. (v.i.) sapathaṃ karoti; mantāni jappati. (pp.) saccāpita; katasapatha; jappitamanta.

conjurer : (m.) māyākāra; indajālika.

connate : (adj.) sahajāta.

connatural : (adj.) pākatika; ajjhattika.

connect : (v.t.) sambandhati; sampayojeti; ghaṭeti. (pp.) sambaddha; sampayojita; ghaṭita. (v.i.) ābandhīyati; upayujjati. (pp.) ābaddha; upayutta.

connected : (adj.) sampayutta; sannissita; sahagata.

connection : (f.) sandhi; samaṅgitā. (nt.) ābandhana; sampiṇḍana.

connective : (adj.) sambandhaka; saṃyojaka.

connivance : (f.) paravajjupekkhā.

connive : (v.i.) paravajjam upekkhati or anujānāti.

connivent : (adj.) anupubbapabbhāra.

connoisseur : (m.) visesaññū; guṇadosavicāraka.

connotative : (adj.) guṇavācaka.

connote : (v.t.) vyañjayati; lakkheti. (pp.) vyañjita; lakkhita.

connubial : (adj.) vivāhāyatta.

conquer : (v.t.) jeti; jināti; abhibhavati. (pp.) jita; abhibhūta.

conquerable : (adj.) jetabba.

conqueror : (m.) jetu; arindama; abhibhū.

consanguine : sālohita; bandhubhūta.

consanguineous : sālohita; bandhubhūta.

consanguinity : (n.) sālohitatta.

conscience : (nt.) manoviññāna. (f.) vivekabuddhi.

conscientious : (adj.) amāyāvī; ujugatika; kukkuccaka.

conscientiously : (adv.) sañcicca; sacetanaṃ.

conscientiousness : (nt.) ajjava. (f.) amayāvita.

conscious : (adj.) sasaññī. sacetana; saviññaṇaka.

consciously : (adv.) sañcicca; sacetanaṃ.

consciousness : (nt.) viññāna. (f.) cetanā.

consecrate : (v.t.) dikkhati; sammannati; abhisiñcati; nimmalīkaroti. (pp.) dikkhita; sammata; abhisitta; nimmalīkata.

consecration : (m.) abhiseka. (nt.) nimmalīkarana.

consectary : (m.) upasiddhanta.

consecution : (m.) anukkama; anvaya. (f.) anupubbatā; paramparā.

consecutive : (adj.) anukkamāgata; ānupubbika.

consecutively : (adv.) anukkamena; yathākkamaṃ.

consecutiveness : (f.) sānukkamatā.

consensual : (adj.) paṭiññāya pavattamāna.

consensus : (f.) ekamatitā.

consent : (f.) anuññā; anumati; ekamatitā. (v.i.) anujānāti; anumaññati. (pp.) anuññata; anumata.

consentaneous : (adj.) anukūla; ekamatika; ekakkhaṇika.

consentaneously : (adv.) ekamatikatāya.

consentient : (adj.) ekamatika; anukūlacitta.

consequence : (nt.) phala; garutta. (m.) vipāka; mahima || as a consequence of your efforts: tavaussāhassa phalavasena || in consequence of this: iminā hetunā; it is of no consequence: taṃ na sallakkhaṇīyaṃ; of no consequence: niratthaka.

consequent : (adj.) anusaṅgika.

consequential : (adj.) phalavasenāgata.

consequently : (adv.) phalavasena; tena hetunā.

conservation : (nt.) saṃrakkhana; ciraṃ-pavattāpana.

conservative : (adj.) cirappavattaka; saṅkharaṇaviruddha.

conservator : (m.) saṃrakkhaka; cirānupālaka.

conservatory : (nt.) anupālakaṭṭhāna.

conserve : (v.t.) saṃrakkhati; ciraṃpavatteti. (pp.) saṃrakkhita; ciraṃpavattita.

consider : (v.i.) anucinteti; vicāreti; vīmaṃsati; parituleti; samekkhati; upadhāreti. (pp.) anucintita; vicārita; vīmaṃsita; paritulita; samekkhita; puadhārita.

considerable : (afj.) sallakkhetabba; anappaka.

considerably : (adv.) bhiyyo; bhusaṃ; amandaṃ.

considerately : (adv.) sadayaṃ; sāpekkhaṃ.

consideration : (m.) ābhoga; manasikara. (f.) ālocanā; vīmaṃsa.

considering : (prep.) nissāya; sallakkhetvā.

consideringly : (adv.) vicāraṇapubbakaṃ.

consign : (v.t.) appeti; pāpeti; peseti. (pp.) appita; pāpita; pesita.

consignation : (nt.) samappaṇa; nītyanugata-mūladāna.

consignee : (m.) bhaṇḍasampaṭicchaka.

consigner : (m.) samappaka; bhaṇḍapesaka.

consignment : (m.) samappana.

consignor : (m.) samappaka; bhaṇḍapesaka.

consilient : (adj.) ekamatika; anukūla.

consilientence : (f.) ekamatitā.

consist : (v.i.) sahavattati; samannāgato hoti.

consistence : (f.) ghanatā; thiratā; avirodhitā; yuttatā.

consistency : (f.) ghanatā; thiratā; avirodhitā; yuttatā.

consistent : (adj.) anurūpa; aviruddha; thira; acapala; glmna.

consistently : (adv.) avirodhena.

consisting of : patimaṇḍita; samannāgata.

consistory : (v.t.) saṅgacchati; saṃsevati. (m.) sahacara; sahāya. (adj.) saṃyutta.

consociation : (m.) saṅgama. (nt.) sevana. (f.) sahakāritā.

consolable : (adj.) assādetabba.

consolation : (nt.) assāsana; sokavinodana.

consolatory : (adj.) assāsakara; sokāpahāraka.

console : (v.t.) assādeti; sokaṃ vinodeti. (pp.) assattha; vinoditasoka.

consoler : (m.) assāsetu; sokahārī.

consolidate : (v.t.) saṃhanati; ghanīkaroti. (pp.) saṃhata; ghanīkata. (v.i) ghanībhavati. (pp.) ghanībhūta.

consolidation : (f.) saṃhati. (nt.) ghaṇīkaraṇa.

consolidator : (m.) sambandhaka.

consolidatory : (adj.) sambandhanāyatta.

consoling : (adj.) assāsakara; sokāpahāraka.

consonance : (f.) samānassaratā; sarānukūlatā.

consonant : (adj.) aviruddha; anukūla. (nt.) vyañjanakkhara.

consonantly : (adv.) anukulatāya samasaratāya.

consort : (f.) (wife : ) dutiyikā; sahacārinī; bhariyā. (m.) husband : ) sahacārī; pati; sāmika; bhattu. (v.i.) sahavasati; saṃvasati. (pp.) sahavuttha.

conspectus : (nt.) sāranidassana.

conspicuous : (adj.) supākaṭa; ativisada.

conspicuously : (adv.) vyattākārena.

conspicuousness : (nt.) visadatta; pākaṭatta; visiṭṭhatta.

conspiracy : (nt.) kumantana.

conspirator : (m.) kumantaka; dubbhaka; mittaddu.

conspire : (v.t.) kumanteti; saṅgacchati. (pp.) kumantita; saṅgata.

constable : (m.) rājapurisa.

constancy : (f.) thiratā, niccalatā.

constant : (adj.) acala; thira; nicca; nirantara; nibaddha.

constantly : (adv.) satataṃ; niccaṃ; nirantaraṃ; abhiṇhaṃ; nibaddhaṃ.

constellation : (nt.) nakkhatta. (m.) tārāsamūha.

consternate : (v.t.) vikkhipati; bhāyāpeti. (pp.) vikkhitta; bhāyāpita.

consternation : (m.) vikkhepa; santīsa. (nt.) chambhitatta.

constipate : (v.t.) ābandhati. (pp.) ābaddha.

constipation : (m.) malabandha; malatthambha.

constituency : (f.) handadāyakajanatā.

constituent : (adj.) aṅgabhūta.

constitute : (v.t.) patiṭṭhāpeti; nimmiṇāti; vidahati; racayati. (pp.) patiṭṭhāpita; nimmita; vihita; racita.

constitution : (nt.) patiṭṭhāpana; nimmāṇa. (f.) racanā; avatthā; dasā; vutti; vavatthā; niti; pakati. (m.) vidhi; nniyama; sabhāva.

constitutional : (adj.) nītyanugata; vavatthānubaddha.

constitutionally : (adv.) niyamānurūpaṃ.

constitutive : (adj.) patiṭṭhāpaka; mapaka; sārabhūta.

constrain : (v.t.) pasayha kāreti; balena orundhati. (pp.) pasayha kārita; balena oruddha.

constraint : (m.) balakkāra. (nt.) avarodhana.

constrict : (v.t.) saṅkoceti; dampīḷeti. (pp.) saṅkocita; sampīḷita.

constriction : (nt.) saṅkocana.

constrictive : (adj.) saṅkocakara.

constrictor : (m.) saṅkocetu; sampīḷaka.

construct : (v.t.) mapeti; yojeti; ghaṭeti. (pp.) māpita; yojita; ghaṭita.

construction : (nt.) nimmāṇa; mīpana.

constructional : (adj.) nimmānāyatta.

constructive : (adj.) nimmāṇakara; māpanāyatta; pariyāyavutta.

constructively : (adv.) sasādhanaṃ.

constructiveness : (f.) nimmāṇasatti.

constructor : (m.) māpaka; nimmātu; vidhāyaka.

construe : (v.t.) attha-padāni vaṇṇeti. (pp.) vaṇṇitatthapada.

construpation : (nt.) kaññādūsana.

consubstantial : (adj.) samadabbamaya.

consubstantiate : (v.t.) ekavatthu hi yojeti. (pp.) ekavatthu hi yojita.

consuetudary : (adj.) cātittānugata.

consuetude : (nt.) cāritta.

consul : (m.) rajjaniyojita.

consulate : (m.) rajjaniyojitāvāsa.

consult : (v.t.) sākacchati; manteti; sādhakāni pariyesati. (pp.) sākacchita; mantita; pariyesitasādhaka.

consultable : (adj.) sākacchitaba; mantaṇīya.

consultant : (m.) sākacchaka; mantaka.

consultation : (nt.) mantaṇa. (f.) sākacchā.

consumable : (adj.) khepanīya.

consume : (v.t.) khepeti; vināseti; pañyādiyati; (pp.) khepita; vināsita; pañyādinna.

consumedly : (adv.) atisayena; nissesaṃ.

consumer : (m.) khepaka; sosaka; nāsaka.

consuming : (adj.) khepaka.

consummate : (v.t.) samāpeti; niṭṭhīpeti. (pp.) samāpita; niṭṭhāpita. (adj.) paripuṇṇa; anūna; ukkaṭṭha.

consummation : (nt.) samāpana; niṭṭhāpana.

consumption : (m.) kāsaroga; khaya. (nt.) pariyādāna.

consumptive : (adj.) khayagāmī. (m.) kāsarogī.

contact : (m.) phassa; samphassa; abhinighāta. (f.) phusanā. (nt.) phoṭṭhubba.

contagion : (nt.) rogasaṅkamaṇa.

contagious : (adj.) saṅkamanīya.

contagiousness : (m.) saṅkamanasabhāva.

contain : (v.t.) dhāreti; antokaroti. (pp.) dhārita; antokata.

containable : (adj.) dhāranīya; antokātabba.

container : (m.) dhāraka; puṭa. (nt.) bhājana.

contaminate : (v.t.) dūseti; misseti. (pp.) dūsita; missita.

contamination : (nt.) dūsana; missaṇa.

contemn : (v.t.) avamaññati; avajānāti; paribhavati. (pp.) avamata; avaññāta; paribhūta.

contemner : (m.) paribhavitu; avamānetu.

contemplate : (v.t.) jhāyati; takketi; paccavekkhati. (pp.) jhāyita; takkita; paccavekkhita.

contemplation : (nt.) jhāyana; jhāna; paccavekkhana.

contemplative : (adj.) jhāyaka; cintāparāyaṇa.

contemplator : (m.) jhāyī; vipassaka; vicāraka.

contemporaneous : (adj.) samakālika.

contemporaneously : (adv.) samakālam eva.

contemporaneousness : (nt.) samakālikatta.

contemporary : (adj.) (n.) samakālavattī. samavayaṭṭha.

contemporize : (v.t.) samakālikaṃ karoti. (pp.) samakālikaṃ kata.

contempt : (f.) avaññā; hīlanā; vambhanā. (m.) avamāna; anādara; paribhava.

contempt of others : (f.) paravambhanā.

contemptible : (adj.) jeguccha; kucchita; gārayha.

contemptibly : (adv.) gārayhākārena.

contemptuous : (adj.) vambhanasīla; hīlaka.

contemptuously : (adv.) vambhanākārena.

contemptuousness : (f.) vambhanatā.

contend : (v.) vivadati; virujjhati. (pp.) vivadita; viruddha.

contending : (adj.) vivādāpanna.

content : (nt.) antogata-vatthu. (f.) antogatitti; santuṭṭhi. (adj.) santuṭṭha; santappita. (v.t.) toseti; tappeti; santappeti; (pp.) tosita; tappita; santappita.

contention : (m.) vivāda; virodha; kalaha.

contentious : (adj.) vivādasīlī; kalahappiya.

contentiously : (adv.) kalahakāritāya.

contentment : (f.) santuṭṭhi; titti; abhirati.

conterminal : (adj.) sannihita; samānamariyādaka.

conterminous : (adj.) samānasīmāyutta; koṭiyākoṭipaṭipādaka.

contest : (n.) vivāda; yugaggāha. (v.t.) vivadati; yugaṃ gaṇhāti; sampayojeti. (pp.) vivadita; yugaggahita; sampayojita.

contestable : (adj.) vivādabhājana.

contestant : (m.) vivādī; yugaggāhī; paccāmitta.

contestation : (nt.) vivadana.

contested : (adj.) vivādāpanna; vivādavisayabhūta.

context : (m.) padanvaya; padasambandha.

contexture : (m.) padavinyāsa; vāyitākāra.

contiguity : (f.) samīpatā.

contiguous : (adj.) ekābaddha; anantaraṭṭha.

contiguously : (adv.) samīpaṭṭhatāya.

continence : (nt.) indriyadamana. (m.) cittasaṃvara.

continent : (adj.) jitinadriya; santacitta. (m.) mahādīpa.

continental : (adj.) mahādīpika. (m.) mahākīpavāsī.

contingency : (f.) anapekkhitasiddhi.

contingent : (adj.; n.) avinicchita; aniyamita.

contingently : (adv.) aniyatākārena.

continuable : (adj.) pavattanaraha.

continual continuous : (adj.) avicchinna; nibaddha; nirantara.

continuance continuation : (m.) aviccheda; anuppabandha. (f.) santati; pavatti.

continuator : (m.) pavattaka; pavattāpaka.

continue : (v.t.) anuppavatteti; anuppabandheti. (pp.) anupavattita; anuppabandhita. (v.i.) pavattati; vattati. (pp.) pavatta.

continuum : (m) avicchinnapavaha.

contort : (v.t.) akuñceti; vyāvaṭṭeti. (pp.) akuñcita; vyāvaṭṭita.

contortion : (nt.) ākuñcana; ākuñcitatta.

contour : (nt.) bāhirasaṇṭhāna. (f.) bhājakalekhā. (v.t.) rekhāhi aṅketi. (pp.) rekhaṅkita.

contra : (prep.) paṭi.

contraband : (n.) guttabhaṇḍaharaṇa. (adj.) theyyena nīyamāna.

contrabandist : (m.) guttabhaṇḍahārī.

contraceptive : (adj.) gabbhanāsaka.

contract : (m.) paṭiññātakammanta. (v.t.) saṅkoceti; saṃharati; saṅkhipati. (pp.) saṅkocita; saṃhaṭa; saṅkhitta. (v.i.) mithupaṭiññaṃ karoti; saṅkucati. (pp.) katamithupaṭiñña; saṅkucita.

contract a debt : iṇaṃ gaṇhati.

contract a disease : rogī bhavati.

contract a friendship : mittasanthavaṃ karoti.

contraction : (m.) saṅkoca. (nt.) saṃharaṇa; saṅkhipana.

contractor : (m.) saṅkocaka; paṭiññāsādhaka.

contradict : (v.t.) paṭikkhipati; paccakkhāti; virujjhati. (pp.) paṭikkhitta; paccakkhāta; viruddha.

contradiction : (nt.) paccakkhāna; vesamma. (m.) paṭisedha virodha. (f.) vipakkhatā.

contradictious : (adj.) vipakkhapakatika.

contradictorily : (adv.) paṭilomākārena.

contradictoriness : (f.) viruddhatā; visamatā.

contradictory : (adj.) vipakkha; visabhāga; paṭiloma; (contradictory it self : ) pubbāparaviruddha.

contradistinction : (f.) paṭiviruddhatā. (nt.) visabhāgalakkhaṇa.

contradistinguish : (v.t.) visabhagattena viseseti. (pp.) visisita.

contraposition : (m.) virodha. (nt.) vesamma.

contraption : (m.) tāvakālika-upāya.

contrariety : (f.) vipakkhatā.

contrarious : (adj.) viruddha.

contrariwise : (adv.) viruddhākārena; paṭilomato.

contrary : (adj.) vipakkha; paṭi;akkha. (m.) virodha || on the contrary: (ind.) tappaṭipakkhato.

contrast : (m.) visesa; bheda. (nt.) vesamma. (v.t.) antaraṃ or vesammaṃ dasseti. (v.t.) vibhijjati. (pp.) dassitantara; vibhinna.

contravene : (v.t.) ullaṅgheti; atikkamati; nisedheti. (pp.) ullaṅghita; atikkanta; nisedhita.

contravention : (nt.) ullaṅghana (m.) vītikkama; nisedha.

contribute : (v.t.) chandakaṃ deti; upatthambheti. (pp.) dinnachandaka; upatthambhita.

contribution : (nt.) sakabhāgadāna.

contributive contributory : (adj.) upatthambhaka; saṃvaḍḍhaka.

contributor : (m.) bhāgadāyaka; upkāraka.

contrite : (adj.) vippaṭisārī; anutāpahata.

contrition : (nt.) kukkucca. (m.) pacchātāpa; vippaṭisāra.

contrivance : (m.) payoga; upāya; upakkhama. (f.) upāyacintā.

contrive : (v.t.) payojeti; parikappeti. (pp.) payojita; parikappita.

contriver : (m.) upāyacintaka.

control : (v.t.) dameti; saṃyameti; pāleti. (pp.) damita; saṃyamita; pālita. (m) dama; saṃyama. (nt.) vasavattana || difficult to control: (adj.) duddamaya; dunniggayha.

controllable : (adj.) dametabba; vineyya.

controller : (m.) pālaka; vasavattaka.

controller of revenues : (m.) rāsivaḍḍhakāmacca.

controversial : (adj.) vivādavisayaka.

controversialist : (m.) vādakāmī; vivādī.

controversy : (m.) vivāda.

controvert : (v.t.) vivadati; nirākaroti; mataṃ khaṇḍeti. (pp.) vivadita; nirākata; khaṇḍitamata.

controvertible : (adj.) khaṇḍanīya.

contumacious : (adj.) avidheyya; anassava; dubbaca.

contumaciousness : (f.) dovacassatā; anassavatā.

contumacy : (nt.) dovacassa; anassavatta.

contumelious : (adj.) avamaññānasīla; uddhata.

contumely : (m.) avamāna. (f.) avaññā. (n.) paribhava.

contuse : (v.t.) antokhataṃ karoti. (pp.) antokhata.

contusion : (nt.) tacavidāraṇarahita-paharaṇa.

conundrum : (f.) paheḷikā. (m.) gūḷhapañha.

convalesce : (v.i.) gelaññā vuṭṭhāti; ārogyaṃ labhati. (pp.) gelaññā vuṭṭhita; laddhārogya.

convalescence : (m.) rogūpasama.

convalescent : (adj.) aciravuṭṭhitagelañña.

convection : (nt.) tejoharaṇa.

convene : (v.t.) sammileti; sannipāteti; adhikaraṇaṃ āṇāpeti. (v.i.) sannipatati. (pp.) sammilita; sannipātita; adhikaraṇaṃ āṇāpita; sannipatita.

convenience : (f.) anucchavikatā. (m.) phāsuvihāra.

convenient : (adj.) sukhakara; phāsuka; anucchavika.

conveniently : (adv.) yathāphāsukaṃ; yathākāmaṃ.

convent : (m.) assama; paribbājikārāma.

convention : (f.) sammuti; sabhā; niyojitaparisā.

converge : (v.i.) saṅgacchati; ekattha samosarati. (pp.) saṅgata; ekattha samasaṭa.

convergence : (nt.) samosaraṇa. (m.) samavāya.

convergent : (adj.) samosaramāna.

converging : (adj.) samosaramāna.

conversance : (m.) paricaya. (f.) katahatthatā. (nt.) pāṭava; nepuñña.

conversancy : (m.) paricaya. (f.) katahatthatā. (nt.) pāṭava; nepuñña.

conversant : (adj.) nipuṇa; paṭu; kovida.

conversation : (m.) sallāpa. (nt.) sambhāsana.

conversational : (adj.) sākacchāyatta.

converse : (adj.) paṭiviruddha; viparīta. (v.i.) sallapati; sambhāsati. (pp.) sallapita; sambhāsita. (f.) desanā; sākacchā.

conversely : (adv.) vipariyāyena; viruddhākārena.

conversion : (nt.) viparivattana. (nt.) parasamayagahaṇa.

convert : (v.t.) parivatteti; aññathā karoti. (v.i.) viparivattati. (pp.) parivattita; aññathā kata.

convertibility : (f.) viparivattanīyatā.

convertible : (adj.) viparivattya.

convex : (adj.) kummapiṭṭākāra.

convey : (v.t.) harati; neti; pāpeti. (pp.) haṭa; nīta; pāpita.

conveyance : (nt.) yāna; vāhana; haraṇa; nayana; pāpaṇa; niyyātana.

conveyancer : (m.) samappaṇalekhanādhikārī.

convict : (v.t.) vadhaṃ pāpeti ; vajjepatiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) vadhaṃ pāpita; vajjepatiṭṭhāpita. (n.) aparādhī; vadhāraha; daṇḍanāraha.

conviction : (nt.) vaṇḍaniyamana; sakapaṭikhāṇa.

convince : (v.t.) saddahāpeti; bodheti. (pp.) saddahāpita; bodhita.

convinced : (adj.) jātanicchaya; chinnasaṃsaya.

convincing : (adj.) viññāpaka; avabodhaka.

convincingly : (adv.) vissāsajanakattena.

convivial : (adj.) ussavākā-yutta

convocation : (f.) sākacchāsabhā; saṅgiti. (nt.) sannipātana.

convocational : (adj.) sākacchāsa hāyatta.

convoke : (v.t.) sannipāteti; samavheti; (pp.) sannipātita; samavhita.

convolute : (adj.) āvalībhūta. (f.) āvalī.

convolve : (v.t.) āvaṭṭeti paḷiveṭheti. (pp.) āvaṭṭita; paḷiveṭhita.

convoy : (nt.) ārakkha; rakkhitanāvāsamūha. (v.t.) rakkhanattham anugacchati. (pp.) rakkhanattham anugata.

convulse : (v.t.) khobheti; kampeti; cāleti. (pp.) khobhita; kampita; cālita.

convulsion : (m.) saṅkhobha. (f.) kampā. (nt.) calana.

convulsive : (adj.) kampajanaka.

coo : (v.i.) kūjati. (pp.) kūjita.

cooing : (nt.) kūjana (adj.) kūjamāna.

cook : (n.) sūda; rasaka; sūpika. (v.t.) pacati; randheti. (pp.) pakka or pacita; randhita.

cooker : (nt.) sūpasattha. (f.) pākavijjā.

cooking : (nt.) pacana. (m.) pāka. (adj.) pacanta.

cool : (nt.) sīta. (adj.) sītala; sītibhūta; upasanta; avikkhitta. (v.t.) sītalīkaroti; nibbāpeti. (v.i.) sītalībhavati; nibbāti; upasammati. (pp.) sītalīkata; nibbāpita; sītalībhūta; nibbuta; upasanta.

cooler : (nt.) sītalīkarabhājana.

coolheaded : (adj.) akkhobha; acala.

coolie : (m.) bhataka.

cooling : (adj.) sītikara; tāpahara; nibbāpaka.

coolness : (nt.) sītalatta.

coon : (m.) saṭha.

coop : (v.t.) pañjare pakkhipati. (pp.) pañjare pakkhita.

cooper : (m.) kosakāraka. (v.t.) bhaṇḍāvaraṇāni sampādeti.

cooperage : (nt.) āvaraṇasampādana.

cope : (m.) dīghakañcuka. (v.i.) (fife : ) abhibhavati; abhimaddati. (pp.) abhibhūta; abhimaddita.

copious : (adj.) bahula; pacura; pahūta; vipula.

copiously : (adv.) yebhuyyena; bahuso; bahulākārena.

copiousness : (nt.) bāhulla; pahūtatta.

copper : (nt.) tamba; tambaloha.

copper-coin : (m.) lohamāsaka

copperplate : (nt.) tambapaṭṭa.

coppersmith : (m.) lohakāra.

copperware : (nt.) lohabhaṇḍa.

coppery : (adj.) tambavaṇṇa; tambamissa.

copra : (f.) sukkha-nāḷikeramiñjā.

copula : (nt.) sandhāna.

copulate : (v.i.) saṃvasati; methunam abhiyuñjati. (pp.) saṃvuttha; methunābhiyutta.

copulation : (nt.) methuna. (m.) saṃvāsa. (f.) dvayandvayasamāpatti.

copulative : (adj.) methunāyatta; sambandhakara.

copy : (f.) lipiputtikā; paṭilekhā. (nt.) anukaraṇa; paṭirūpaka. (v.t.) paṭilikhati; puttikaṃ karoti. (pp.) paṭilikhita; puttikākata.

copyist : (m.) lipikāra; anukārī.

copyright : (m.) muddāpaṇādhikāra.

coquetry : (m.) hāva. (f.) līlā; vilāsitā. (nt.) kutta.

coquette : (v.t.) hāvaṃ or vilāsaṃ dasseti; vilasati. (pp.) dassitahāva; vilasita.

coquettee : (f.) vilāsinī.

coquettish : (adj.) hāvayutta.

coquettishly : (adv.) vilāsitāya.

coral : (nt.) pavāḷa.

coral tree : (m.) koviḷāra; pāricchattaka.

coralline : (adj.) pavāḷaratta.

coralloid : (adj.) pavālasadisa.

corbel : (f.) bhittiniggati. (v.t.) bhittiniggamanāni māpeti.

corbie : (m.) kākola; vanakāka.

cord : (m.) tantu; guṇa. (nt.) tanta.

cord of a lute : (f.) vīṇātanti. (v.t.) bandhati. (pp.) baddha.

cordage : (m.) bandhaka-rajjusamūha.

cordate : (adj.) hadayasaṇṭhāna.

corded : (adj.) rajjubaddha.

cordial : (adj.) vallabha; sambhatta; daḷhasohajja; rucikara; jaṭharadīpaka. (nt.) dīpakabhesajja.

cordiality : (nt.) sohajja; sakhya; susīlatta.

cordially : (adv.) suhadatāya; vallabhattena.

cordon : (f.) rakkhakāvali. (nt.) rājadattiya-pāmaṅga.

core : (f.) miñjā. (m.) antobhāga. (v.t.) miñjam apaneti. (pp.) apanītamiñja.

corelative : (adj.) aññoññasambandha.

corf : (nt.) mahāpiṭaka.

coriander : (nt.) dhaniya.

cork : (nt.) nāḷikāpidhāna. (f.) thakanakākaḍḍhanī.

corky : (adj.) niratthaka; appaggha.

cormorant : (m.) udakakāka.

corn : (nt.) dhañña; sassa. (m.) cammaphoṭa. (v.t.) saṃrakkhati. (pp.) saṃrakkhita || growing corn: (nt.) kiṭṭha.

cornea : (nt.) akkhisukkamaṇḍala.

corneous : (adj.) siṅgasadisa; siṅgayutta.

corner : (m.) koṇa. (nt.) kaṇṇa. (v.t.) koṇaṃ māpeti; paṇiyāni pāleti.

corner of the eye : (m.) apāṅga.

cornerstone : (f.) koṇasilā.

cornet : (m.) kāhala.

cornflour : (nt.) dhaññapiṭṭha.

cornice : (m.) bhittisīsālaṅkāra.

cornmeasure : (f.) nāḷi.

cornuted : (adj.) siṅgayutta.

corny : (adj.) dhaññābahula.

corollary : (m.) upasiddhanta.

corona : (nt.) raṃsimaṇḍala. (f.) raṃsimālā.

coronal : (nt.) sīsābharaṇa sekharra; makuṭa. (adj.) muddhāyatta.

coronation : (nt.) kirīṭapilandhana; makuṭabandhana; chattamaṅgala. (m.) rajjābhiseka.

coroner : (m.) akālamata-vīmaṃsaka.

coronet : (nt.) khuddakakirīṭa.

coronoid : (adj.) kākatuṇḍasadisa.

corporal : (adj.) sārīrika; sarīrāyatta. (m.) upagumbādhikārī.

corporality : (nt.) kāyikatta; rūpatta.

corporate : (adj.) saṃsaṭṭha.

corporately : (adv) gaṇabaddhavasena.

corporation : (f.) senī. (m.) pūga; gaṇabandha.

corporative : (adj.) pūgāyatta.

corporator : (m.) senika.

corporeal : (adj.) sasarīra; dehasita; kāyasamaṅgī.

corporeality : (f.) dehasamaṅgitā.

corporeally : (adv.) sarīren'eva.

corps : (nt.) senādala.

corpse : (m.) chava. (nt.) matakalebara.

corpulency : (nt.) thūlatta; pīvaratta.

corpulent : (adj.) pīvara; thullasarīra.

corpus : (m.) nītikkhandha.

corpuscle : (m.) laṇa; lava; lesa.

corral : (m.) vaja. (nt.) pasurodhanaṭṭhāna.

correct : (adj.) niddosa; avitatha; anavajja. (v.t.) sodheti; dosam apaneti; ovakati; tajjeti. (pp.) sodhita; apanītadosa; ovadita; tajjita.

correction : (nt.) niddosīkaraṇa; sodhana; anusāsana.

corrective : (adj.) saṃsodhaka; paṭikara; suppathagamaka.

correctly : (adv.) avitathaṃ; yathātathaṃ.

correctness : (f.) anavajjatā; akalaṅkatā; tathanavajjatā; akalaṅkatā; tathatā

corrector : (m.) saṃsodhaka; yathāmaggapaṭipādaka.

correlate : (m.) aññamaññāsambandhī. (v.i.) sambandhībhavati.

correlation : (m.) aññoññasambandha.

correlative : (adj.) itarītarasambandhaka.

correspond : (v.i.) saṃsandīyati; ghaṭīyati; sandesavinimayaṃ karoti. (pp.) saṃsandita; ghaṭita; katasandesavinimaya.

correspondence : (f.) anukūlatā; sadisatā. (m.) sandesavinimaya.

correspondent : (m.) sandesapesaka. (adj.) saṃsandiyamāna.

corresponding : (adj.) ghaṭīyamāna.

corridor : (m.) antarāpatha; upari-channa-magga.

corrigendum : (m.) pamādadosa. (nt.) sodhyaṭṭhāna.

corrigible : (adj.) damanakkhama; vineyya.

corrival : (m.) paṭiyogī.

corroborate : (v.t.) daḷhayati; samattheti. (pp.) daḷhita; samatthita.

corroborative corroboratory : (adj.) daḷhattakara.

corrode : (v.t.) anukkamena vināseti. (pp.) anukkamena vināsita.

corrosion : (nt.) anupubbavilayana.

corrosive : (adj.) nāsaka; vilīyāpaka.

corrugate : (v.i.) valiṃ gaṇhāti. (v.t.) valiṃ gaṇhāpeti; valiyo uṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) valiggahita; valiṃ gaṇhāpita; uṭṭhāpitavali.

corrugator : (m.) bhamusaṅkocaka.

corrupt : (v.t.) dūseti; kalusayati. (pp.) dūsita; kalusita. (v.i.) dussati; kilissati; pūtibhavati. (pp.) duṭṭha; kiliṭṭha; pūtibhūta. (adj.) vyāpanna; malina.

corrupter : (m.) dūsaka; lañcadāyī.

corruptible : (adj.) dūsanakkhama.

corruption : (nt.) dūsana; kalusīkaraṇa; kilissana. (m.) pūtibhāva.

corruptive : (adj.) dūsanakara.

corruptly : (adv.) duṭṭhākārena.

corruptness : (nt.) duṭṭhatta; dūsitatta.

corset : (f.) saṅkaccikā.

corslet : (m.) uracchada.

cortege : (m.) parivāra. (f.) mikaparisā.

cortex : (m.) taca. (nt.) bāhiramatthaluṅga.

cortical : (adj.) tacāyatta.

coruscate : (v.t.) vipphāreti. (pp.) vipphārita.

coruscation : (nt.) vipphuraṇa.

corvine : (adj.) kākasadisa; kākāyatta.

coryza : (m.) pināsa.

cosily : (adv.) yathāphāsukam.

cosmetic : (m.) aṅgarāga. (nt.) gandhavilepana.

cosmetical : (adj.) aṅgarāgāyatta.

cosmogony : (ff.) lokanimmāṇavijjā.

cosmography : (f.) lokavaṇṇanā.

cosmopolite : (adj.; n.) jātyantarabhedarahita; sabbalokika.

cosmorama : (n.) akhiladesa-dassaka.

cosmos : (f.) lokadhātu.

cosset : (v.t.) lāleti. (pp.) lālita.

cost : (m.) aggha; vaya; paribbaya. (v.i.) agghati.

costless : (adj.) appaggha.

costliness : (f.) mahagghatā.

costly : (adj.) mahaggha.

costume : (m.) acchādanavidhi; vesa; acchādanavisesa.

cosy : (adj.) sukhāvaha.

cot : (f.) dārakadolā. (m.) dolāmañca. (f.) kuṭi.

cote : (m.) vaja. (f.) pasukuṭi.

coterie : (f.) senī.

cottage : (f.) kuṭi; paṇṇasālā.

cotton : (nt.) picu; tūla. (m.) kappāsa.

cotton cloth : (nt.) kappāsika.

cotton mattress : (f.) tūlikā.

cotton-plant : (f.) kappāsī.

couch : (m.) pallaṅka; mañcaka. (v.i.) seti. (v.t.) sayāpeti; sanniveseti. (pp.) sayita; sayāpita; sannivesita.

couchant : (adj.) sannisinna.

cough : (nt.) ukkāsana. (v.i.) ukkāsati. (pp.) ukkāsita.

council : (f.) vidhāyakasabhā || district council: (f.) padesasabhā; legislative council: (f.) nītidāyakasabhā; municipal council: (f.) nāgarasabhā; privy council: (f.) sacivasabha. (nt.) rājadhikaraṇa; state council: (f.) rājamantisabhā.

council chamber : (f.) mantaṇasabhā. (-sālā).

councillor : (m.) mantī; amacca.

counsel : (f.) mantaṇā; vicāraṇā. (m.) upadesa; upadesaka. (v.t.) upadisati; anusāsati. (pp.) upadiṭṭha; anusiṭṭha.

counsellor : (m.) upadesasa; nītividū.

count : (f.) gaṇanā; saṅkhyā. (m.) seṭṭhī. (v.t.) gaṇeti; saṅkaleti. (v.i.) gaṇīyati. (pp.) gaṇita; saṅkalita.

countenance : (nt.) vadana; ānana. (m.) mukhavaṇṇa. (v.t.) anuggaṇhāti; upathambheti. (pp.) anuggahita; upathambhita.

counter : (m.) gaṇanāpheka; gaṇaka. (adj.) viruddha; paṭiloma. (adv.) paṭiloma; paṭiviruddhaṃ.

counter evidence : (m.) viruddhaṃ sakkhī.

counter fire : (m.) paṭaggi.

counter message : (nt.) paṭisāsana.

counter-attraction : (nt.) paccākaḍḍhana.

counter-claim : (m.) paccabhiyoga. (f.) viruddhāyācanā.

counteract : (v.t.) nisedheti; nivāreti; bādheti. (pp.) nisedhita; nivārita; bādhita.

counteraction : (f.) paṭiriyā. (nt.) nivāraṇa. (m.) nisedha.

counterbalance : (m.) samabhāra. (v.t.) samabhārīkaroti. (pp.) samabhārīkata.

counterblast : (m.) adhikavirodha.

counterbuff : (m.) paṭighāra.

counterchange : (v.t.) vinimeti. (pp.) vinimita.

countercharge : (f.) paṭicodanā.

countercheck : (m.) paṭirokha.

countercurrent : (m.) paṭicota.

counterfeit : (adj.; n.) kittimi; patirūpaka; kūṭa. (v.t.) kittimaṃ karoti; vañceti; micchā dasseti. (pp.) vañcita; micchā dassita.

counterfeiter : (m.) nekatika; vañcaka; patāreka.

counterfoil : (m.) paṭipotthaka; itarakoṭṭhāsa.

countermand : (v.t.) paṭiavhāti; paccādisati. (pp.) paṭiavhāta; paccādiṭṭha.

countermarch : (n.) paṭidisāgamana. (v.i.) paṭidisaṃ abhiyāti. (pp.) paṭidisaṃ abhiyāta.

countermark : (nt.) atireka-lañchana.

counterpane : (nt.) paccatharaṇa; pārupaṇa.

counterpart : (f.) paṭima; samānalipi. (nt.) paṭibimba.

counterplea : (nt.) paccuttara.

counterplot : (nt.) paṭikumantaṇa. (m.) viruddhopāya. (v.t.) viruddhopāyaṃ yojeti.

counterpoise : (v.t.) samabhāraṃ karoti. (pp.) samabhārakata.

countersign : (nt.) abhiññāṇa. (f.) abhiññāṇavācā. (v.t.) puna hatthalañchanaṃ ṭhapeti.

countervail : (v.t.) tulyabhāraṃ karoti. (pp.) tulyabhārakata.

counterwork : (nt.) viruddhakicca. (v.t.) bādheti; nisedheti. (pp.) bādhita; nisedhita.

countess : (f.) seṭṭhijāyā.

countless : (adj.) asaṅkheyya; gaṇanātīta.

countrified : (adj.) gāmika; jānapadika.

country : (nt.) raṭṭha; vijita. (m.) desa.

country folk : (m.) jānapadika.

country man : (m.) raṭṭhavāsī; saraṭṭhika; sadesika.

countryside : (m.) paccanta.

county : (nt.) desamaṇḍala.

county council : (f.) maṇḍalikasabhā.

coup : (nt.) anapekkhita or sahasāgata-parivattana.

couple : (nt.) yuga; yugala; yamaka; dvanda; mithuna. (v.t.) saṃyojeti; samāgameti. (v.i.) saṃvasati; methunam abhiyuñjati. (pp.) saṃyojita; samāgamita; saṃvuttha; methunam abhiyutta.

couplet : (nt.) gāthāpadadvaya.

coupling : (nt.) sandhāna. (m.) saṃvāsa; methunābhiyoga.

coupon : (f.) salākā.

courage : (nt.) viriya. (f.) dhiti; abhīrutā. (m.) parakkama.

courageous : (adj.) sūra; vīra; dhitimantu; viriyavantu.

courageously : (adv.) savikkamaṃ.

courageousness : (nt.) sūratta; vīratta.

courier : (m.) dūta; sandesahara.

course : (f.) gati. (m.) anvaya; patha; kama; vidhi; ācāra. (v.t.) anubandhati; anudhāvati. (v.i.) dhāvati. (pp.) anubaddha; anudhāvita; dhāvita || a woman in course: (f.) utunī; rajassalā; of course: (ind.) nūnaṃ; niyataṃ; have; khalu. (adv.) ekantaṃ; dhuvaṃ; proper course: (m.) sammāpaṭipatti. (m.) supatha; wrong course: (m.) kupatha. (f.) micchāpaaṭipadā.

course of action : (m.) kriyavidhi. (f.) paṭipatti.

course of study : (m.) sikkhāmagga.

courser : (m.) javanassa.

court : (nt.) aṅgaṇa; ājīra.

court favour : (m.) rājappasāda.

court musician : (m.) vetālika.

court of a king : (nt.) rājamandira. (f.) rājasabhā. (v.t.) anurañjeti; ārādheti. (pp.) anurañjita; ārādhita.

court of justice : (nt.) adhikaraṇamaṇḍala.

court-martial : (nt.) yuddhādhikaraṇa.

courteous : (adj.) vinīta; piyaṃvada.

courteously : (adv.) savinayaṃ; sānunayaṃ.

courteousness : (nt.) vinītatta.

courtesy : (nt.) sosīlya; vinītatta. (m.) gārava. || by courtesy : anuggahena.

courtier : (m.) rājavallabha; rājapārisajja.

courtliness : (f.) uttamappakati.

courtly : (adj.) vinīta; poriya; sabbha; cāṭukara.

courtship : (nt.) pemabandhana.

courtyard : (nt.) aṅgaṇa.

cousin : (m.) (maternal aunt's son) : mātucchāputta. (paternal aunt's son) : pitucchāputta. (maternal uncle's son) : mātulaputta. (paternal uncle's son) : cūlapituputta. in case of their daughters add dhītu instead of putta.

cove : (f.) khuddakaloṇī. (m.) channapatha. (v.t.) anto nāmeti; addhamaṇḍalākāraṃ karoti.

covenant : (m.) paṭissava. (nt.) paṭiññāpaṇa. (v.t.) saṅgaraṃ or paṭissavaṃ karoti. (pp.) katasaṅgara; katapaṭissava.

covenantee : (m.) paṭiññālābhī.

covenantor : (m.) paṭiññādāyī.

Coventry : (nt.) sahayogavajjana.

cover : (nt.) āvaraṇa; chādana; attharaṇa. (m.) chada; santhara. (v.t.) chādeti; āvarati; saṃvarati; pacchādeti. (pp.) channa; āvaṭa; saṃvaṭa; pacchanna.

covering : (nt.) pidhāna; āvaraṇa.

covering over : (nt.) oguṇṭhana; pariyonahana.

coverlet : (nt.) khuddakattharaṇa.

covert : (nt.) nilīyanaṭṭhāna. (adj.) gutta; paṭicchanna.

coverture : (nt.) pidhāna; āvaraṇa. (f.) ārakkhā.

covet : (v.t.) anugijjhati; abhijjhāyati. (pp.) anugiddha.

covetous : (adj.) lolupa; giddha; luddha.

covetously : (adv.) luddhākārena.

covetousness : (f.) giddhi; lolatā; abhijjhā. (m.) gedha.

covey : (m.) patakagaṇa.

covin : (nt.) kumantaṇa.

covinous : (adj.) vañcaka.

cow : (f.) gāvī; dhenu. (v.t.) santajjeti. (pp.) santajjita.

cow-dung : (nt.) gomaya.

cow-pen : (nt.) goṭṭha; gokula. (m.) vaja.

coward : (adj.; n.) adhīra; bhīruka;

cowardice : (f.) bhīrukatā; kātaratā.

cowardly : (adj.) bhāyanasīla.

cowboy : (m.) gopa-dāraka.

cowherd : (m.) gopāla.

cowkeeping : (f.) gorakkhā.

cowl : (nt.) sīsāvaraṇa.

cowrie : (f.) sippikā; kākaṇikā. (m.) varāṭaka.

cowshed : (nt.) goṭṭha; gokula. (m.) vaja.

coxcomb : (m.) vikatthaka; uddhatākāra.

coxcombry : (nt.) vikatthana; uddhacca. (m.) ahaṅkāra.

coy : (adj.) salajja; hirimana; mitavacana.

coyly : (adv.) salajjaṃ.

coyness : (f.) lajjā.

cozen : (v.t.) vañceti; patāreti. (pp.) vañcita; patārita.

crab : (m.) kuḷīra; kakkaṭa.

crabbed : (adj.) kakkasa; pharusa.

crabbily : (adv.) niṭṭhuraṃ.

crabbiness : (nt.) kakkasatta.

crack : (v.t.) bhindati; khaṇḍeti. (pp.) bhinna; khaṇḍita. (v.i.) bhijjati; phalati; unnadati. (pp.) bhinna; phalita. (nt.) vivara; phulla. (m.) mahārava.

cracker : (m.) unnādaka.

crackle : (v.i.) paṭapaṭāyati. (nt.) paṭapaṭāyana.

cracksman : (m.) sandhicchedakacora.

cracky : (adj.) vivarapuṇṇa; kadariya.

cradle : (f.) dārakadolā. (v.t.) dolāyaṃ sayāpeti. (pp.) dolāyaṃ sayāpita.

craft : (nt.) sāṭheyya; pāṭava; nepuñña; sippa. (f.) kalā; taraṇī || craft for craft: saṭhassasāṭheyyaṃ.

craftily : (adv.) saṭhena.

craftiness : (nt.) sāṭheyya.

craftsman : (m.) sippī.

crafty : (adj.) saṭha; vañcanika.

crag : (nt.) visama-kūṭā or taṭa.

craggy : (adj.) visamakūṭayutta.

cram : (v.t.) atimattaṃ pūreti. (v.i.) atimattam ajjhoharati. (pp.) atimattapūrita; atimattam ajjhohaṭa.

crammer : (m.) atimattabhojī.

cramp : (v.t.) saṅkoceti; sambādheti. (pp.) saṅkocita; sambādhita. (adj.) saṅkucita; dubbiññeyya. (m.) saṅkoca; sambandhaka.

crane : (m.) baka. (n.t.) bhārubbāhaka-yanta. (v.t.) yantena ussāpeti; gīvaṃ pasāreti. (pp.) yantena ussāpita; pasāritagīva || brown crane: (f.) balākā.

cranial : (adj.) sīsakapālāyatta.

cranium : (m.) sīsakaṭāha.

crank : (adj.) dubbala; cañcala. (m.) capala.

crankle : (v.i.) ito tato namati. ubhato āvaṭṭati. (pp.) ito tato nanata; ubhato āvaṭṭita.

cranky : (adj.) athiravuttī; cañcala; bavhāvaṭṭa.

cranny : (nt.) randha; vivara.

crapulence : (m.) madaccayaroga.

crapulent : (adj.) madaccayābhibhūta.

crapulous : (adj.) madaccayābhibhūta.

crash : (nt.) bhijjana. (m.) mahārava. (v.t.) cuṇṇeti; khaṇḍeti. (v.i.) bhijjati; khaṇḍīyati. (pp.) cuṇṇita; khaṇḍita; bhinna; khaṇḍita.

crass : (adj.) thūla; oḷārika; ghana.

crassitude : (nt.) oḷārikatta.

crassness : (m.) thūlatta; ghanatta.

cratch : (f.) pasu-ghāsadoṇi.

crater : (m.) narakāvāṭa.

cravat : (nt.) gīvāveṭhana.

crave : (v.t.) kāmeti; gijjhati; abhijjhāyati. (v.i.) abhiyācati. (pp.) kāmita; giddha; abhiyācita.

craven : (adj.) dīna; kātara.

craving : (f.) taṇhā; nikanti; abhijjhā. || snare of craving : (f.) bhavanetti. (m.) taṇhāpāsa.

crawl : (v.i.) saṃsappati. (pp.) saṃsappita.

crawling : (f.) saṃsappanā.

crayon : (f.) sitthavaṭṭikā; sudhātūlikā.

craze : (m.) cittavibbhama. (v.t.) ummādeti; cittaṃ vikkhipati; phullāni uppādeti. (pp.) ummādita; vikkhittacitta; uppāditaphulla.

crazily : (adv.) ummattākārena.

crazy : (adj.) dubbala; khittacitta; capala; dugghaṭita.

creak : (m.) kiri-kirisadda. (v.i.) kirikirāyati.

cream : (nt.) dadhimaṇḍa; matthu. (m.) sāra; sāraṃsa. (v.t.) dadhisāram apaneti; sāraṃsaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) apanīta-sāra; gahitasāraṃsa.

creamcoloured : (adj.) setapīta.

creamer : (nt.) matthubhājana.

creamery : (f.) nonitasālā.

creamy : (adj.) matthuvaṇṇṇa.

create : (v.t.) māpeti; nimmiṇāti; pātukaroti. (pp.) māpita; nimmita; pātukata.

creation : (nt.) māpana; nimmaṇā.

creative : (adj.) uppādaka; māpaka.

creator : (m.) nimmātu; vidhātu; issara.

creatorship : (nt.) māpakatta; brahmatta.

creature : (m.) satta; pāṇī; dehī; jīvī.

credence : (m.) vissāsa.

credential : (nt.; plu.) saddheyyapaṇṇa. (nt.) pamāṇapaṇṇa.

credibility : (f.) vissasitabbatā; saddheyyatā.

credible : (adj.) saddheyya; paccayika.

credit : (m.) vissāsa. (f.) pasaṃsā; thuti. (nt.) iṇadāna. (v.t.) vissasati; saddahati. (pp.) vissattha; saddahita.

creditable : (adj.) pasaṃsiya; saddheyya.

creditably : (adv.) pasatthākārena.

creditor : (m.) iṇasāmī.

credulous : (adj.) saddhahanasīla; avisaṅkī.

creed : (f.) diṭṭhi; laddhi.

creek : (f.) samuddasākhā; sākhānadī.

creel : (f.) macchapacchi.

creep : (v.i.) saṃsappati; sanikaṃ pavisati. (pp.) saṃsappita; sanikaṃ paviṭṭha.

creeper : (m.) saṃsappaka. (f.) latā; valli.

creeping : (nt.) sappana.

creeping animal : (m.) uraga; dīghajātika.

creepy : (adj.) lomahaṃsajanaka.

creese : (f.) chūrikā.

cremate : (v.t.) jhāpeti; dahati. (pp.) jhāpita; dahita.

cremation : (nt.) jhāpana; ādahana.

crematorium : (nt.) ālāhanaṭṭhāna. (f.) chavadahanasālā.

crematory : (nt.) ālāhanaṭṭhāna. (f.) chavadahanasālā.

crenate : (adj.) passe dantayutta.

crenellate : (v.t.) vijjhanatthāya chiddasahitaṃ daroti.

crepitate : (v.i.) cicciṭāyati.

crepuscular : (adj.) aruṇālokāyatta.

crescent : (m.) navacanda.

crescent shaped : (adj.) navacandākāra.

cress : (f.) sākajāti.

cresset : (f.) dīpagghikā.

crest : (f.) sikhā; cūḷā. (nt.) sekhara. (m.) avataṃsa. (v.t.) sikharayuttaṃ karoti.

crestfallen : (adj.) maṅkubhūta; pattakkhandha.

crestgem : (m.) cūḷāmaṇi; siromaṇi.

crestjewel : (m.) cūḷāmaṇi; siromaṇi.

cretaceous : (adj.) sudhāsadisa.

crevice : (nt.) randha; vivara; chiddha.

crew : (m.) nāvikagaṇa.

crib : (f.) kuṭikā; dārakakuṭi. (nt.) kumiṇa. (v.t.) sambādhe ṭhapeti; theyyena anulipiṃ gaṇhāti.

cribriform : (adj.) khuddaka-chiddayutta.

cricket : (f.) cīrikā; kandukakīḷā. (v.i.) kandukena kīḷati.

cricket-ball : (m.) kanduka; bheṇḍuka.

cricketer : (m.) kandukakīḷaka.

crier : (m.) ugghosaka.

crime : (m.) aparādha; kibbisa.

crimeless : (adj.) niraparādha.

criminal : (adj.) aparādhāyatta; daṇḍanāraha. (m.) aparādhī; āgucārī.

criminal law : (f.) daṇḍanīti.

criminally : (adv.) sāhasikena.

criminate : (v.t.) vadhayoggaṃ karoti; dosam āropeti. (pp.) vadhayoggakata; āropitadosa.

crimination : (f.) aparādhacodanā. (nt.) dosāropaṇa.

criminative : (adj.) aparādhadīpaka; vajjadassaka.

criminatory : (adj.) aparādhadīpaka; vajjadassaka.

criminality : (f.) sāparādhitā.

criminology : (f.) aparādhaparikkhā.

crimp : (v.t.) valiṃ gaṇhāpeti; saṅkoceti. (pp.) valiggahita; saṅkocita.

crimson : (adj.) lohitavaṇṇa. (v.t.) rattavaṇṇena rañjeti. (pp.) rattavaṇṇenarañjita.

cringe : (m.) nipaccakara; atimattagārava. (v.i.) dāso viya paṇamati; nīcavuttī hoti.

crinite : (adj.) lomasa; lomabahula.

crinkle : (nt.) vyāvaṭṭa; veṭhana. (v.t.) veṭheti; vyāvaṭṭeti. (pp.) veṭhita; vyāvaṭṭita.

crinoline : (nt.) vālakambala.

cripple : (m.) paṅgula; pīṭhasappī. (v.t.) aṅgavikalaṃ karoti. (pp.) vikalaṅgīkata. (v.i.) khañjati.

cripplehood : (nt.) aṅgavikalatta.

crisis : (f.) sandehasamaya. (f.) timāvatthā.

crisp : (adj.) bhaṅgura; kuṇḍalāvaṭṭa. (v.t.) kuṇḍalayuttaṃ karoti. (v.i.) kuṇḍalī bhavati.

crispate : (adj.) kuñcitagga.

cristate : (adj.) sikhāyutta; cūḷī.

criterion : (nt.) nicchayalakkhaṇa; pamāṇadīpaka.

critic : (m.) vivecaka; guṇadosanirūpaka.

critical : (adj.) vicāraṇayutta; dosagavesi; bhāriya; samsayāvaha.

critically : (adv.) sukhumaṃ; savicāraṇaṃ.

criticise : (v.t.) viveceti; guṇadosaṃ vicāreti. (pp.) vivecita; vicāritaguṇadosa.

criticisms : (nt.) vivecana; guṇadosanirūpana.

critique : (f.) tattanirūpakalipi.

croak : (m.) maṇḍūkarava. (v.t.) vilapati. (v.i.) asubhaṃ sūceti.

croaker : (m.) asubhasūcaka.

croceate : (adj.) kuṅkumavaṇṇa.

crochet : (nt.) ganthita-vatthu. (v.t.) gantheti. (pp.) ganthita.

crock : (nt.) mattikābhājana. (m.) dandhapurisa; dubbalassa. (v.t.) dubbalīkaroti. (pp.) dubbalīkata.

crockery : (nt.) āmattika.

crocodile : (m.) kumbhīla; suṃsumāra.

croft : (nt.) dhuddaka-khetta.

crone : (f.) mahallikā.

crony : (m.) daḷhamitta.

crook : (f.) aṅkusa; ākaḍḍhanī. (m.) saṭha; dhutta. (v.t.) vañceti. (v.i.) onamati. (pp.) vañcita; onata.

crooked : (adj.) vaṅka; kuṭila; kuñcita.

crookedness : (nt.) vaṅkatta.

crop : (nt.) sassa; kasājaṭa; kesakappana. (v.t.) luṇāti; chindati; agge kappeti or chindati; vapati; phalam uppādeti. (pp.) luta; chinna; aggekappita; vapita; phalam uppāditaphala.

cropper : (m.) lāyaka; suphaladāyī.

cropsick : (n.) atibhojanātura.

crore : (f.) koṭi. (nt.) lakkhasata.

cross : (nt.) kākapadalakkhaṇa; siṅghāṭaka. (adj.) tiriyaṃ-ṭhita; paṭiviruddha; dummana. (v.t.) tarati; atikkamati; tiriyaṃ gacchati; paṭidisaṃ gacchati. (pp.) tiṇṇa; atikkanta; tiriyaṅgata.

cross-examine : (v.t.) virodhaṃ pucchati.

cross-eyed : (adj.) kekara.

cross-question : (f.) paṭipucchā. (v.t.) anupucchati. (pp.) anupuṭṭha.

crossaction : (f.) paṭicodanā.

crossbar : (m.) tulāsaṅghāṭa.

crossbeam : (m.) siṅghāṭakadhārī.

crossbreeding : (nt.) (pasūnaṃ) jātisaṅkalana.

crossing : (nt.) tiriyaṃ taraṇa; sammissaṇa.

crossless : (f.) asantuṭṭhatā.

crossly : (adv.) viruddhākārena.

crossroad : (nt.) caccara. (f.) maggasandhi.

crosswind : (m.) paṭilomavāta.

crosswise : (adv.) tiriyaṃ.

crostaceous : (adj.) kosayutta; kaṭhinattaca.

crouch : (v.i.) saṅkucitvā nisīdati. (pp.) saṅkucitvā nisinna.

croup : (m.) asa-nitamba; kumāra-galaroga.

crouton : (m.) jayapāla.

crow : (m.) kāka; kukkuṭarava. (v.i.) ravati; nadati. (pp.) ruta; nadita.

crow of a cock : (m.) kukkuṭarava.

crowd : (m.) samūha; samavāya; gaṇa. (v.i.) sannipatati. (v.t.) sambādheti. (pp.) sannipatita; sambādhita.

crowded : (adj.) janākiṇṇa; sambādha.

crown : (nt.) makuṭa; kirīṭa; sekhara; rajja; sikhā; cūḷā; sikhara; agga. (m.) moḷi.

crown of cash : (nt.) kahāpaṇa. (v.t.) abhisiñcati; dirīṭam āropeti; samāpeti; niṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) abhisitta; āropitakirīṭa; niṭṭhāpita.

crown of the head : (m.) muddhā; matthaka.

crown post : (m.) majjhimatthambha.

crown prince : (m.) yuvarāja.

crowned : (adj.) muddhābhisitta.

crownland : (f.) rajjāyattabhūmi.

crucible : (f.) mūsā.

crucifixion : (nt.) uttāsana.

crucify : (v.t.) siṅghāṭake uttāseti. (pp.) siṅghātake uttāsita.

crude : (adj.) apariṇata; aniṭṭhita; asakkaccakata.

crudely : (adv.) asakkaccaṃ.

crudeness : (nt.) apariṇatatta; asampuṇṇatta.

cruel : (adj.) durūra; niddaya; niṭṭhura; kakkhaḷa.

cruelly : (adv.) niddayaṃ; niṭṭhuraṃ.

cruelness : (nt.) kurūratta; niddayatta. (f.) vihiṃsā.

cruelty : (nt.) kurūratta; niddayatta. (f.) vihiṃsā.

cruise : (v.i.) nāvāya ito tato sañcarati.

cruiser : (f.) sañcāraka-yuddhanāvā.

crumb : (f.) sakalikā; khuddakakhaṇḍa. (v.t.) sakalikāhi āvarati. (pp.) sakalikāvaṭa.

crumble : (v.i.) palujjati; cuṇṇībhavati. (v.t.) cuṇṇeti. (pp.) palugga; cuṇṇibhūta; cuṇṇita.

crummy : (adj.) pīvara; abhirūpa.

crump : (adj.) khujja. (v.t.) daḷhaṃ ghaṭṭeti or khipati. (pp.) daḷhakhitta.

crunch : (v.t.) dantehi khaṇḍeti; pādehi sakkharā omaddati. (pp.) dantehi khaṇḍita; pādehi sakkharā omaddita. (m.) dharasadda.

crupper : (m.) assa-nitamba; pucchabanda.

crusade : (nt.) suddhadesīyayuddha.

crush : (nt.) sammaddana. (v.t.) sammaddati; sampīḷeti; pamaddati; vicuṇṇeti; abhimanthati. (pp.) sammaddita; sampīḷita; vicuṇṇita; abhimanthita.

crushing : (adj.) nimmathaka.

crust : (m.) bāhirataca; kaṭhinabhāga. (v.t.) tacena āvarati. (v.i.) kaṭhinībhavati. (pp.) tacenāvaṭa; kaṭhinībhūta.

crustacea : (m.) kosamaccha.

crusty : (adj.) daṭhina; thaddhāvaraṇa.

crutch : (m.) kacchayaṭṭhi; khañjādhāra.

crux : (nt.) gaṇṭhiṭṭhāna.

cry : (nt.) rodana; kandana; paridevana. (m.) rava; nāda. (v.i.) rodati; kandati; paridevati. (pp.) rodita; paridevita.

cry of alarm : (m.) virāva.

cry of an animal : (nt.) vassita.

cry of distress : (m.) virāva; vissara.

crying : (nt.) rodana. (adj.) rodanta; rodamāna.

crypt : (f.) bhūmiguhā.

cryptic : (f.) gūḷha; dubbiññeyya.

cryptography : (m.) guttalipividhi.

crystal : (nt.) phaḷika; sakkharā. || made of crystal : (adj.) phaḷīkamaya.

crystal of salt : (f.) loṇasakkarā.

crystalline : (adj.) phalikasadsisa.

crystallise : (v.t.) thāvaraṃ karoti; sakkharābhāvaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) thavarīkata; sakkharābhāvaṃ pāpita.

cub : (m.) potaka; chāpa.

cubage : (nt.) ghanaphala.

cube : (f.) caturassa-ghaṭikā.

cubical : (adj.) ghaṭikākāra.

cubicle : (nt.) khuddaka-sayanighara.

cubit : (m.) tarana; hattha; kukku.

cubital : (adj.) hatthāyatta.

cuboid : (adj.) ghaṭikāra.

cucumber : (f.) kakkārī. (nt.) elāḷuka.

cucurbit : (m.) alābu; lābu.

cud : (m.) romantha.

cuddle : (nt.) āliṅgana; upagūhana. (v.t.) āliṅgati; upagūhati; palissajati. (pp.) āliṅgita; upagūḷha; palissajita or palissaṭṭha.

cuddy : (m.) gadrabha.

cudgel : (m.) muggara; laguḷa. (v.t.) muggarena paharati. (pp.) muggarena pahaṭa.

cue : (nt.) iṇgita; saññāṇa. (f.) dhammillaveṇī.

cuff : (m.) muṭṭhippahāra; pāṇippahāra. (v.t.) paṇinā paharati. (pp.) pāṇinā pahaṭa.

cuirass : (m.) khandha-sannāha. (f.) antosaṅkaccikā.

cuisine : (m.) pacanākāra. (nt.) pākaṭṭhāna.

cuisse : (nt.) ūruttāṇa.

culinary : (adj.) pākavisayaka; mahānasika.

cull : (v.t.) ocinati; uccināti. (pp.) ocita; uccinita.

cully : (m.) sukhavañcanīya; mandapañña.

culminant : (adj.) muddhanaṭṭha.

culminate : (v.i.) antaṃ, pāraṃ or oṭiṃ pāpuṇāti. (pp.) antappatta; pārappatta; koṭippatta.

culmination : (f.) antappatti; uccatarāvatthā.

culpable : (adj.) sāparādha; daṇḍāraha.

culpableness : (f.) sāvajjatā.

culpably : (adv.) gārayhatāya; sāvajjatāya.

culprit : see criminal.

cultivate : (v.t.) kasati; ropeti; bhāveti; vaḍḍheti. (pp.) kaṭṭha or kasita; ropita; bhāvita; vaḍḍhita.

cultivation : (f.) kasi; bhāvanā; caḍḍhanā. (nt.) kasikamma.

cultivator : (m.) kassaka; ropaka; bhāvaka; vaḍḍhaka.

cultural : (adj.) sadācāravisayaka.

culture : (f.) kasi; sabbhatā; sadācāra. (v.t.) bhāveti; vaḍḍheti. (pp.) bhāvita; vaḍḍhita.

cultured : (adj.) kasita; ropita; sabbha.

culvert : (m.) chādita-jalaniggama.

cumber : (m.) bādhaka. (v.t.) bādheti; kasirena vahati. (pp.) bādhita; kasirena vahita.

cumbersome : (adj.) kasira; bhāriya; dukkhāvaha.

cumbrance : (m.) atibhāra. (nt.) kiccha.

cummin : (nt.) jīraka.

cumulate : (adj.) sañcita; rāsīkata. (v.t.) sañcināti; rāsīkaroti. (pp.) sañcita; rāsīkata. (v.i.) sañcīyati. (pp.) sañcita.

cumulative : (adj.) abhivaḍḍhamāna.

cumulus : (m.) puñja; rāsi; valāhakarāsi.

cuneate : khīlākāra; sūlākāra.

cuneiform : khīlākāra; sūlākāra.

cunning : (nt.) sāṭheyya; pāṭava. (m.) upāya. (adj.) saṭha; vañcanasīla; upāyakusala.

cunningly : (adv.) upāyena; cāturiyena; saṭhatāya.

cup : (m.) casaka; saraka.

cupboard : (nt.) casakādhāna.

cupid : (m.) anaṅga; madana; manobhū.

cupidity : (f.) kāmukatā.

cupola : (nt.) vaṭṭula-pāsādasīsa; addhavaṅkachadana.

cupric : (adj.) tambamissa.

cur : (m.) sunakhādhama; adhamapurisa.

curable : (adj.) tekiccha.

curate : (m.) upayājaka; upapūjaka.

curative : (adj.) rogahara; vyādhināsaka.

curator : (m.) adhikārī; pālaka. (as in uyyānapālaka).

curb : (nt.) mukhādhāna. (v.t.) saṃyameti; niggaṇhāti; avarodheti. (pp.) saṃyata; niggahita; avaruddha.

curcuma : (f.) haḷiddī.

curd : (nt.) dadhi.

curdle : (v.t.) ghanīkaroti. (v.i.) ghanībhavati. (pp.) ghanīkata; ghanībhūta.

cure : (f.) tikicchā. (nt.) bhesajja. (v.t.) tikicchati; rogam upasameti; saṃrekkhati. (pp.) tikicchita; upasamitaroga; saṃrakkhita.

cureability : (f.) satekicchatā.

cureless : (adj.) atekiccha.

curfew : (f.) dīpanibbāpanavelā.

curfew-bell : (f.) dīpanibbāpaka-ghaṇṭā.

curiosity : (nt.) kutūhala; abbhutavatthu. (m.) vimhaya.

curious : (adj.) abhutākāra; adiṭṭhapubba; ñātukāma; kotūhalika.

curiously : (adv.) sābbhutaṃ.

curish : (adj.) sunakhūpama; nīcagatika.

curl : (nt.) duṇḍala; alaka. (v.t.) kuñceti; kuṇḍalīkaroti. (pp.) kuñcita; kuṇḍalīkata.

curlew : (f.) koñcā; kuntanī.

curly : (adj.) kuṇḍalāvatta; vellita.

currant : (f.) abīja-sukkha-muddikā.

currency : (nt.) pacārita-mūla. (m.) pavattanakāla.

current : (adj.) pavattamāna; patthaṭa; sādhāraṇa; lokavissuta. (m.) sota; ogha; pavāha; vega. (f.) gati; pavatti.

curriculum : (f.) ajjhayana-paddhati; ajjhayana vavatthā.

currier : (m.) cammakāra.

curry : ( nt.) sūpa; vyañjana. (v.t.) assaṃ majjati. (pp.) majjitassa || suitable for curry: (adj.) sūpayya.

curry comb : (f.) assamajjanī.

curry stuff : (nt.) kaṭukabhaṇḍa.

curse : (v.t.) abhisapati. (pp.) abhisatta. (m.) sāpa. (nt.) abhisapana.

cursed : (adj.) jeguccha; vajjanīya.

cursorily : (adv.) asamekkhitākārena; turitaṃ.

cursory : (adj.) turita; asamekkhita.

curt : (adj.) atirassa; atisaṅkhitta.

curtail : (v.t.) laghuṃ karoti; saṅkhipati; avacchindati. (pp.) laghukata; saṅkhitta; avacchinna.

curtain : (f.) javanikā; tirokaraṇī. (v.t.) javanikāya parikkhipati; tirokaroti. (pp.) javanikāparikkhitta; tirokata.

curtly : (adv.) atisaṅkhepena.

curtness : (f.) saṅkhittatā.

curtsey : (m.) nipaccakāra.

curtsy : (m.) nipaccakāra.

curvature : (f.) jimhatā.

curve : (n.) akkhāvaṭṭa; addhamaṇḍala. (v.t.) ākuñceti; nāmeti. (pp.) ākuñcita; nāmita.

curvilinear : (adj.) vaṅkarekhāyutta.

cushion : (f.) bhisi (nt.) upadhāna. (v.t.) bhisiyā āvarati. (pp.) bhisiyā āvaṭa.

cushy : (adj.) sukhada.

cuspidor : (m.) khelamallaka.

cuss : (m.) sāpa.

custard : (nt.) āsecanaka.

custodian : (m.) palaka; ārakkhaka.

custody : (f.) ārakkhā; gutti. (nt.) pālana.

custom : (nt.) cāritta; vatta. (m.) āvāra; bali; rājakara.

customarily : (adv.) yathāsabhāvena; niccappavattiyā.

customary : (adj.) cārittāyatta; niccappavatta.

customer : (m.) kayika.

custom-house : (nt.) suṅkaṭṭhāna.

cut : (m.) cheda. (nt.) chindana; chinnaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) chindati; kantati; lunāti. (pp.) chinna; kantita; lūna. (v.i.) pacchijjati. (pp.) pacchinna.

cut-throat : (m.) kaṇṭhacchedaka.

cutaneous : (adj.) cammāyatta.

cute : (adj.) cheka.

cutely : (adv.) chekākārena.

cuticle : (nt.) bāhiracamma.

cutlass : (m.) rassa-asi.

cutler : (m.) satthavāṇija; satthakāra.

cutlery : (m.) satthasamūha.

cutter : (m.) chettu; ukkantaka.

cutting : (nt.) chedana.

cutting off : (n.) viccheda.

cycle : (nt.) cakka. (m.) maṇḍala. (v.i.) āvaṭṭāti; cakkayugena yāti. (pp.) āvaṭṭita; cakkayugena yāta.

cyclic : (adj.) punappunaṃ parivattamāna.

cyclist : (m.) cakkārohī.

cyclone : (m.) vātāvaṭṭa.

cyclopaedia : (m.) vissakosa.

cygnet : (m.) haṃsapotaka.

cylinder : (f.) dīghavaṭṭikā.

cylindrical : (adj.) vaṭṭikākāra.

cymbal : (m.) sammatāḷa.

cynic : (m.) sabbattha-sosadassī; sabbavicecaka; sabba-jegucchī.

cynical : (adj.) sabbavivecanasīla.

cynically : (adv.) sabbajigucchāya.

cynicism : (f.) sabbajigucchā.

cynosure : (f.) dhuvatārakā.

cypher : see cipher.

cypress : (m.) devadāru.

cyst : (f.) vatthi. (m.) āsaya (as in pittāsaya).

cystic : (adj.) vatthivisayaka.

cystine : (m.) asmarī.

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dab : (v.t.) sanikaṃ phusati. (pp.) sanikaṃ phuṭṭha. (m.) mudupahāra; tanumacchavisesa. (nt.) muduphusana.

dabble : (v.t.) (siñcanena) temeti. (v.i.) temīyati; udake kīḷati. (pp.) temita; udake kīḷita.

dabbler : (m.) jalakīḷaka; paṇḍitamānī.

dabbling : (m.) jalakīḷā; paṇḍitamāna.

dabster : (m.) nipuṇa; visārada.

dacoit : (m.) gāmaghātaka.

dactyl : (n.) bha-gaṇa.

dactylology : (f.) hatthamuddā.

dactylonomy : (nt.) aṅguligaṇita.

dad : (m.) tāta.

daddy : (m.) tāta.

daedal : (adj.) catura; dakkha; saṅkiṇṇa; nānākāra.

daff : (v.t.) apanidahati. (pp.) apanihita.

daft : (adj.) muddha; mūḷha.

dagger : (f.) chūrikā; asiputtī.

daggle : (v.t.) malena dūseti; paṅkena lepeti. (pp.) maladūsita; paṅkalitta.

daily : (adv.) patidinaṃ; devasikaṃ. (adj.) devasika.

dainty : (adj.) madhura; sādurasa; mudu; komala. (nt.) paṇītabhojana.

daintybits : (m.) uttaribhaṅga.

dairy : (nt.) duhanaṭṭhāna; gorasāgāra.

dairymaid : (f.) gopakaññā.

dairyman : (m.) gorasa-sampādaka.

dais : (f.) savitāna-vedikā.

dale : (f.) upaccakā; ninnabhūmi.

dalliance : (nt.) lāsana; ramana; kīḷana; abhirati. (m.) kālakkhepa.

dally : (v.t.) lāleti. (v.i.) vilasati; ramati. (pp.) lālita; vilasita; rata.

daltonism : (f.) vaṇṇa-andhatā.

dam : (f.) āḷi; pāḷi. (v.t.) āliṃ bandhati; jalaṃ santhambheti. (pp.) ālibaddha; santhambhitajala.

damage : (f.) hāni. (m.) nāsa; hānippamānā. (v.t.) hāpeti; nāseti; khepeti. (pp.) hāpita; nāsita; khepita. (v.i.) dussati. (pp.) duṭṭha.

damask : (nt.) cittaḍukūla (adj.) puppharattavaṇṇa.

dame : (f.) gahaptānī; ayyā (voc.) bhoti; ayye

damp : (adj.) adda; alla; tinta. (v.t.) temeti ; visādeti; āsābhaṅgaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) temita; visādita; āsābhaṅgaṃ pāpita.

dampen : (v.t.) kiledayati; temeti. (pp.) kiledayita; temita.

damper : (m.) uppīḷaka; addakārī.

dampish : (adj.) īsaṃtinta.

dampness : (nt.) addatta.

damsel : (f.) kaññā; kumārī; yuvatī.

dance : (nt.) nacca; naṭṭa; nattana; lāsana. (v.i.) naccati. (v.t.) naccāpeti. (pp.) naccita; naccāpita.

dancer : (m.) naṭa; naccaka; raṅgakāra.

dancing : (nt.) naccana.

dancing girl : (f.) nīṭikā.

dander : (m.) kopa; rosa.

dandify : (v.t.) pasādheti; vibhūseti.

dandism : (f.) vilāsitā.

dandle : (v.i.) aṅke lāleti. (pp.) aṅke lālita.

dandy : (adj.) maṇḍanappiya. (m.) vilāsī.

danger : (m.) antarāya; upaddava; paripantha. (f.) vipatti; īti || free from danger: anupaddava; khema; anītika.

dangerous : (adj.) saupaddava; antarāyāvaha; paripanthika.

dangerously : (adv.) bhayīnakākārena.

dangerousness : (f.) saupaddavatā.

dangle : (v.i.) olambati. (pp.) olambita.

dank : (adj.) atitinta.

dap : (v.t.) phandāpeti. (pp.) phandāpita.

dapper : (adj.) suvesa; līlāyutta.

dapple : (m.) kammāsavaṇṇa. (v.t.) nānāvaṇṇaṃ karoti. (v.i.) kammāsī bhavati. (pp.) nānāvaṇṇaṃ kata; kammāsī bhūta.

dare : (v.t.) sakkoti; visahati; yugaṃgaṇhāti. (pp.) gahitayuga.

daring : (m.) vīrabhāva. (f.) dhiti. (adj.) vīra; nibbhaya.

daringly : (adv.) nibbhayākārena.

dark : (adj.) tamonaddha; timirāvuta; kaṇha; kāla; asita. (m.) tama. (nt.) andhakāra || dark brown: (adj.) kaṇhapīta ; dark spot: (nt.) kāḷaka ; dark yellow: (adj.) maṅguravaṇṇa.

darken : (v.t.) timirāyati; tamasā āvarati; kalusayati. (pp.) timirāyita; tamasā āvuta; kalusayita.

darkish : (adj.) īsaṃ-kaṇha.

darkle : (v.i.) nilīyitvā sayati.

darkling : (adv.) andhakāre. (adj.) kaṇhavaṇṇa; nirānanda.

darkness : (m.) tama; andhakāra.

darling : atippiya; vallabha. (adj.) piyatama.

darn : (v.t.) aggaḷaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnaggaḷa.

darnel : (nt.) sassakūlaka.

dart : (m.) salla; saṅku. (v.t.) sallena vituḍati. (v.i.) javena dhāvati. (pp.) sallavitunna.

dash : (m.) abhighāta; ūmisadda. (nt.) saṅghaṭṭana. (v.t.) āhanati; paṭihanati; sahasā khipati. (pp.) āhata; paṭihata; sahasākhitta. (v.i.) pakkhandati; sahasā pavisati; āhaññati. (pp.) pakkhanta; sahasā paviṭṭha; āhata || dash off: sahasā sampādeti; dash to pieces: khaṇḍikaṃ karoti.

dashing : (adj.) tejassī; pagabbha; sappabha.

dastard : (m.) kātara; bhīruka.

dastardly : (adv.) kātaratāya.

data : (nt.) paṭiggahita-sacca.

date : (m.) kālaniyama. (v.t.) kālaniyamarahita.

date palm : (f.) khajjūrī.

dating from : (adj.) pabhutika. (ind.) (with abl.) paṭṭhaāya.

dative : (nt.) samadānakāraka. (f.) catutthī vibhatti.

datum : (m.) upaññāsa. (nt.) ñātasacca.

datura : (m.) mātula-rukkha.

daub : (m.) ālepa. (v.t.) lepeti; makkheti. (pp.) litta; makkhita.

dauber : (m.) lālapaka.

daughter : (f.) dhītu; duhitu; tanayā; atrajā.

daughter-in-law : (f.) suṇisā

daunt : (v.t.) santajjeti; nirussāhayati. (pp.) santajjita; nirussāhita.

dauntless : (adj.) abhīruka; nissaṅka; ātāpi.

dauntlessly : (adv.) abhītaṃ; nissaṅkaṃ.

daw : (m.) vanakāla.

dawdle : (v.i.) kālaṃ khepeti.

dawdler : (m.) alasa; kālakaṇṇī.

dawn : (m.) aruṇa; pabhāta; aruṇodaya. (nt.) dinamukha; aruṇuggamana. (v.i.) udeti; āvibhavati; uddacchati. (pp.) udita; āvibhūta; uggata.

dawning : (m.) udaya.

day : (m.) divasa; vāsara. (nt.) aha; dina || next day: (m.) punadivasa; on another day: (adv.) aññadā .

day after tomorrow : (ind.) parasuve.

day and night : (nt.) ahoratta.

day before yesterday : (ind.) parahīyo.

day break : (m.) vibhāta.

day by day : (adv.) patidinaṃ.

day-dream : (f.) nipphalacintā.

day-dreamer : (m.) nipphalacintī.

day light : (m.) divāloka.

day long : (adj.) sabbadivasāyatta (adv.) sabbadivasaṃ.

day time : (m.) divasabhāga.

daze : (m.) sammoha; vibbhama. (v.t.) sammoheti; vibbhameti. (pp.) sammohita; vibbhamita or vibbhanta.

dazzle : (nt.) cakkhumosana. (f.) adhikappabhā. (v.t.) cakkhuṃ moseti. (v.i.) atibhāti; ativirocati. (pp.) mositacakkhu; ativirocita.

dazzling : cakkhumosaka; dudi kkha.

dead : (adj.; 3.) mata; cuta; peta; kālakata. (adv.) atīva; accantaṃ. (adj.) accanta.

dead body : (nt.) matakalebara.

dead born : (adj.) matappasūta.

dead calm : (f.) accantaniccalatā.

dead certainty : (m.) ekantanicchaya.

dead colouring : (m.) paṭhama vannālepa.

dead language : (f.) vohārāpagata-bhāsā.

dead letter : (nt.) anappitasāsana.

dead level : (nt.) akhaṇḍa-samatala.

dead lock : (f.) accantabādhā.

dead stand : (m.) thiravirodha.

dead wall : (f.) acchidda-bhitti.

dead weight : (m.) avayha-bhāra.

deaden : (v.t.) visaññaṃ or dubbalaṃ karoti; moheti. (pp.) dubbalīkata; mohita.

deadly : (adv.) māraka; pāṇahara.

deaf : (adj.; m.) 1. badhira; 2. anohitasota.

deaf mute : (m.) mūgabadhira.

deafen : (v.t.) badhirīkaroti. (pp.) badhirīkata.

deafness : (nt.) badhiratta.

deal : (m.) bhāga; koṭṭhāsa. (v.i.) paṇeti; kayavikkayaṃ karoti. (v.t.) vibhajati; vissajjeti. (pp.) vibhatta; vissaṭṭha || a good deal: (adv.) bhusaṃ; accantaṃ; a good deal of: (adj.) pacura; bahula.

deal with : ācarati.

dealer : (m.) vāṇija; vohārika.

dealer in carpets : (m.) pāvārika.

dealer in cloth : (m.) vatthika.

dealer in liquor : (m.) soṇḍika.

dealer in oil : (m.) telika.

dealer in swine : (m.) sūkarika.

dealer in wood : (m.) kaṭṭhika.

dealing : (nt.) ācaraṇa.

dean : (m.) 1. mahādevāyatanapati; 2. vijjāyatanapati.

dear : (adj.) 1. piya; manāpa; 2. bavhagghanaka || most dear: (adj.) piyatama.

dear as life : (adj.) pāṇasama.

dear madam : (voc.) ayye; bhoti.

dear sir : (voc.) bhavaṃ; mahāsaya.

dearly : (adv.) 1. ādarena; 2. bahumūlena.

dearness : (nt.) piyatta; mahagghatta.

dearth : (nt.) dullabhatta; dubbhikkha.

death : (nt.) maraṇa; nidhana. (f.) cuti; kālakiriyā. (m.) jīvitakkhaya; dehanikkhepa. (personified:) maccu; māra; namuci || messenger of death: (m.) yamadūta; devadūta; power of death: (m.) maccuvasa; sphere of death: (nt.) maccudheyya; subject to death: (adj.) maraṇadhamma.

death agony : (f.) maraṇavedanā.

death bed : (m.) maraṇamañca.

death blow : (m.) maraṇīyappahāra.

death warrant : (f.) vadhāṇā.

deathless : (adj.) amara.

deathlessness : (nt.) amatapada.

deathrate : (f.) maraṇasaṅkhyā.

deathrites : (nt.) petakicca.

debar : (v.t.) nisedheti; paṭisedheti. (pp.) nisedhita; paṭisedhita.

debase : (v.t.) dūseti; misseti. (pp.) dūsita; missita.

debasement : (nt.) dūsana; missana.

debatable : (adj.) vivādāraha.

debate : (m.) vivāda. (v.i.) vivadati; kāraṇaṃ dasseti. (pp.) vivadita.

debateful : (adj.) vādatthī.

debater : (m.) vivādī.

debauch : (m.) kāmāvena. (v.t.) vippaṭipajjati; kāmāsāya dūseti. (pp.) vippaṭipanna; kāmāsaya dūsita.

debauchee : (m.) itthidhutta.

debaucher : (m.) kāmāsatta; durācāra; itthidhutta.

debauchery : (f.) visayarati; durācāratā. (nt.) itthidūsana.

debenture : (nt.) paṭiññāpaṇṇa.

debit : (nt.) dātabbamūla. (v.t.) iṇabhāgaṃ likhati. (pp.) likhita-iṇabhāga.

debonair : (adj.) pasādajanaka.

debouch : (v.i.) araññato niggacchati. (pp.) araññato niggata.

debris : (m.) vikinna-jaṇṇvāvasesa.

debt : (nt.) iṇa || free from debt: (adj.) aṇana; freedom from debt: (nt.) ābanya; the debt is due: iṇaṃ sodhetabbaṃ. Your failure is due to your carelessness

debtor : (m.) iṇāyika; iṇaṭṭha.

debut : (nt.) ādikamma. (f.) paṭhamapaññāyanā.

debutant : (m.) ādikammika.

decade : (nt.) dasaka; dasavassa.

decadence : (m.) khaya; vaya. (f.) parihāni. (nt.) jīraṇa.

decadent : (adj.) khayagāmī; parihāyamāna.

decagon : (m.; nt.) dasakoṇaka; dasaṃsika.

decalcify : (v.t.) cuṇṇadhātum apaneti. (pp.) apanītacuṇṇadhāta.

decalogue : (f.) dasapaññatti.

decamp : (v.t.) khandhāvārā apagacchati or palāyati. (pp.) khandhāvārā apagata; khandhāvarā palāta.

decampment : (m.) khandhāvārapariccāga.

decant : (v.t.) sanikaṃ vāheti or āsiñcati. (pp.) sannikaṃ vāhita; āsitta.

decanter : (m.) bhiṅkāra. (f.) kuṇḍikā.

decapitate : (v.t.) sīsaṃ chindati. (pp.) sīsacchinna.

decapitation : (m.) sīsaccheda.

decapod : (m.) dasapadī.

decay : (nt.) jīraṇa; palujjana. (f.) jarā. (v.i.) jīrati; jīyati; hīyati; khīyati; palujjati. (pp.) jiṇṇa; hīna; khīna; paluṭṭha.

decease : (v.i.) marati; kālaṃkaroti. (pp.) mata; kālakata. See death.

deceit : (nt.) kerāṭiya; sāṭheyya. (f.) nikati; vañcanā.

deceitful : (adj.) nekatika; kerāṭika; vañcaka.

deceive : (v.t.) vañceti; vimoheti. (pp.) vañcita; vimohita.

deceiver : (m.) vañcaka; pamohaka; kuhaka.

deceiving : (adj.) vañcanaka.

ḍecember : (m.) māgasiramāsa.

decenary : (nt.) dasavassa. (adj.) dasavassika.

decency : (f.) sabbhatā; vinītatā; ucitatā.

decennial : (adj.) dasavassakālika.

decennially : (adv.) dasavassavārena.

decent : (adj.) sabbha; vinīta; ācārasampanna; ucita.

decently : (adv.) vinītākārena; ucitākārena.

decentralise : (v.t.) padhānṭṭhānattama paneti.

decephalous : (adj.) dvisīsaka.

deception : (f.) nikati; vañcanā. (nt.) mohana.

deceptive : (adj.) vañcanika; nekatika; kerāṭika.

deceptively : (adv.) nikatiyā.

deceptiveness : (nt.) vañcakatta.

decide : (v.t.) tīreti; niccheti; ninṇeti. (pp.) tīrita; nicchita; ninṇita.

decidedly : (adv.) nicchayena; nūnaṃ; ekantaṃ.

deciduous : (adj.) pariṇatakāle patanasīla.

decimal : (adj.) dasabhāgika.

decimalize : (v.t.) dasabhāgavasena pāpeti.

decimalizely : (adv.) dasabhāgavasena.

decimate : (v.t.) dasasu ekekaṃ māreti; dasamabhāgaṃ vināseti.

decimation : (nt.) dasamabhāganāsana.

decipher : (v.t.) gūḷhakkharāni visadīkaroti; purālipīnaṃ atthaṃpakāseti.

decipherment : (nt.) purālipivisulīkarana.

decision : (m.) nicchaya. (nt.) tīrana; sanniṭṭhāna.

decisive : (adj.) nicchayakara; vavatthāpaka.

decisively : (adv.) niyatam; ekaṃsena; sanicchayaṃ.

decisiveness : (nt.) avadhāraṇa; vavatthāpakatta.

decivilize : (v.t.) sabbhataṃ hāpeti. (pp.) hāpitasabbhatta.

deck : (nt.) nāvāya uparitala. (v.t.) maṇḍeti; bhūseti; alaṅkaroti. (pp.) maṇḍita; bhūsita; alaṅkata.

deck chair : (f.) āsandi.

decl : (nt.) nānāya uparitala. (v.t.) maṇḍeti; bhūseti; alaṅkaroti. (pp.) maṇḍita; bhūsita; alaṇkata.

declaim : (v.i.) uccāsaddenavadati; vācuggataṃ karoti. (pp.) uccāsaddena vutta; vācuggataṃ kata.

declamation : (f.) paṭiyattadesanā; vegayuttakathā.

declarative : (adj.) pakāsaka; nivedaka.

declare : (v.t.) pakāseti; nivedeti; sāveti; ugghoseti. (pp.) pakāsita; nivedita; sāvita; ugghosita.

declareant : (m.) pakāsaka; nivedaka.

declaration : (nt.) nivedana; sāvaṇa. (f.) pakāsanā; anusāvanā.

declaredly : (adv.) sanicchayaṃ.

declaratory : (adj.) sūcaka; vāsaka.

declension : (f.) parihāni; vibhattiyojanā.

declinable : (adj.) paṭikkhepāraha; vibhajanāraha.

declinate : (adj.) onata.

declination : (nt.) onamana; adhogamana

decline : (v.i.) hāyati; khīyati; parābhavati; onamati. (pp.) hīma; khīṇa; parābhūta; onata. (v.t.) paṭisedheti; paṭikkhipati; onāmeti; padarūpāni vibhajati. (pp.) paṭisedhita; paṭikkhita; onāmita; vibhattapadarūpa. (f.) onati; parihāni. (m.) khaya; vaya; parābhava.

declinometer : (nt.) onatattamāṇaka.

declivity : (f.) poṇabhūni. (m.) nitamba.

declivous : (adj.) pona; anupubbaninna.

declivtious : (adj.) pona; anupubbaninna.

decoct : (v.t.) kuthati; pacati. (pp.) kuthita; pakka.

decoction : (nt.) kasāya.

decohere : (v.t.) puthakkaroti. (pp.) puthakkata.

decollate : (v.t.) sīsaṃ chindati. (pp.) sīsacchinna.

decollation : (m.) sīsaccheda.

decolourise : (v.t.) vaṇṇaṃ nāseti. (pp.) nāsitavaṇṇa.

decolourization : (nt.) vivaṇṇakaraṇa.

decompose : (v.t.) viyojeti; vinibbhujati; puthakkaroti. (pp.) viyojita; vinibhutta; puthakkata; vilīna; pūtibhūta.

decomposite : (adj.) punmissīkata

decomposition : (nt.) viyojana (m.) pūtibhāva.

deconsecrate : (v.t.) visuddhattam apaneti. (pp.) apanītavisuddhatta.

decontrol : (v.t.) pālanam apaneti. (pp.) apanītapālana.

decorate : (v.t.) maṇḍeti; bhūseti; vibhūseti; alaṅkaroti. (pp.) maṇḍita; vibhūsita; alaṅkata.

decoration : (nt.) manḍana. (m.) alaṅkāra.

decorative : (adj.) maṇḍanakara.

decorator : (m.) vibhūsaka; maṇḍetu.

decorous : See decent.

decorum : (nt.) soracca. (m.) vinaya; sadācāra.

decoy : (nt.) palobhana. (m.) gahanūpāya. (v.t.) palobheti; vimoheti. (pp.) palobhita; vimohita.

decrease : (f.) parihāni. (nt.) hāyana. (m.) apacaya. (v.i.) parihāyati; mandībhavati. (pp.) parihīna; mandībhūta.

decree : (f.) āṇā; paññatti. (m.) aṭṭavinicchaya. (v.t.) ādisati; āṇāpeti; paññāpeti. (pp.) ādiṭṭha; āṇatta; paññatta.

decrement : (m.) apacaya; khaya. (nt.) hānippamāna.

decrepit : (adj.) jiṇṇa; jajjarita; ativuddha.

decrepitude : (f.) jiṇṇāvatthā; atimahallakatā.

decrescent : (adj.) hāyamāna; khayadhamma.

decrown : (v.t.) rajjapadā apaneti. (pp.) rajjapadā apanīta.

decry : (v.t.) upavadati; apavadati; nindati. (pp.) upavutta; nindita.

decumbent : (adj.) nipanna; sayamāna.

decuple : (adj.) dasaguṇita. (v.t.) dasena guṇeti. (pp.) dasaguṇita.

decussate : (v.t.) siṅghāṭakaṃ aṅketi. (pp.) aṅkitasiṅghāṭaka.

dedicate : (v.t.) samappeti; upahāraṃ karoti. (pp.) samappita; katūpahāra.

dedication : (f.) samappaṇā.

dedicatory : (adj.) samappanṇāyatta.

deduce : (v.t.) anumāneti; upalakkheti. (pp.) anumānita; upalakkhita.

deducible : (adj.) anumeya; uplakkhitabba.

deduct : (v.t.) uddharati; vikalaṃ or ūraṃ karoti. (pp.) uddhaṭa; vikalīkata; ūnīkata.

deduction : (nt.) uddharana; anumāna. (f.) anumitti.

deductive : (adj.) uddhāraka; ūnakara.

deed : (nt.) kamma; kicca. (f.) kiriyā. (nt.) appanāpañña.

deem : (v.t.) maññati; gaṇeti. (pp.) maññita; gaṇita.

deep : (adj.) gambhīra; agādha; anuttāna; gūḷha; sukhuma; ninna; nīca. (m.) samudda || knee-deep: (adj.) janṇumatta.

deep darkness : (m.) ghanandhakāra; andhantama.

deep love : (nt.) daḷhapema.

deep rooted : (adj.) baddhamūla.

deep sigh : (m.) dīghanissāsa.

deepen : (v.t.) gambhāraṃ or gāḷhaṃ karoti. (pp.) gambhīraṃ kata.

deeply : (adv.) gāḷhaṃ; accantaṃ.

deepness : (f.) gambhīratā; gāḷhatā.

deer : (m.) miga; harina; sāraṅga.

deer hunter : (m.) migaluddaka.

deer park : (m.) migadāya.

deface : (v.t.) virūpeti; kalusayati; apamajjati; lopeti. (pp.) virūpita; kalusita; apamaṭṭha; lutta.

defacement : (nt.) virūpakaraṇa; apamajjana.

defact : (nt.) ūnatta; vikalatta; vajja.

defacto : (adv.) saccato; thetato.

defalcate : (v.t.) nikatiyā apaharati. (pp.) nikatiyā apahaṭa.

defalcation : (nt.) nikatiyā paharaṇa.

defalcator : (m.) nikatiyā apahārī.

defamater : (m.) makkhī; avanṇavādī.

defamation : (m.) apavāda. (nt.) abbhakkhāna.

defamatory : (adj.) guṇanāsaka; akittikara; yasohāyaka.

defame : (v.t.) vivaṇṇneti; guṇaṃ makkheti. (pp.) vivaṇṇita; makkhitaguṇa.

default : (nt.) ūnatta; sammukhānāgamana. (m.) vītikkama; paṭiññābhaṅga. (v.i.) paṭiññaṃ bhañjati; adhikaraṇaṃ na pāpuṇāti. (v.t.) paṭiññābhaṅge daṇḍaṃ paṇeti. (pp.) bhaṭṭha-paṭiñña.

defaulter : (m.) paṭiññābhañjaka.

defeasance : (nt.) nibbalīkarana; nipphalīkarana.

defeasible : (adj.) nirākaraṇīya; viphalīkaraṇīya.

defeat : (m.) parājaya; parābhava. (v.t.) parājeti; abhimaddati; pabhañjati; jeti. (pp.) parājita; abhimaddita; pabhaṭṭha; jita.

defeature : (v.t.) aññavesaṃ gaṇhāpeti; asañjāniyaṃ karoti. (pp.) gāhitaññavesa; asañjāniyaṃ kata.

defecate : (v.t.) hadati; ūhadati; malam apaharati. (pp.) apahaṭamala.

defecation : (nt.) malāpaharaṇa; ūhadana.

defection : (nt.) pakkhāpagamana; pakkhavijahana.

defective : (adj.) ūna; vikala; sadosa; vikalaṅga.

defence : (f.) gutti; ārakkhā. (nt.) codanāpaharaṇa.

defenceless : (adj.) agutta; arakkhita; narāvudha.

defencelessness : (f.) anārakkhatā.

defend : (v.t.) rakkhati; gopeti. (v.i.) niravajjātaṃ pakāseti; codanam apharati. (pp.) rakkhita; gopita or gutta; apahaṭacodana.

defendant : (m.) cuditaka.

defender : (m.) rakkhaka; pālaka.

defensible : (adj.) sukharakkhiya; paṭivacanīya.

defensive : (nt.) gopakavatthu; rakkhāvidhāna. (adj.) guttidāraka; ārakkhāvaha.

defer : (v.t.) papañceti; vilambeti; kālam ākaḍḍhati. (v.i.) pamajjati; cirāyati. (pp.) papañcita; vilambita; pamatta; cirāyita.

defer to : vasībhavati.

deference : (nt.) anuvattana. (m.) vasībhāra.

deferent : (adj.) sagārava; vasībhāra; paramatānuvataka.

deferentially : (adv.) sagāravaṃ; sānunayaṃ.

defiance : (nt.) kalahāya avhāna; paṭippharaṇa. (m.) abhiyoga; yugaggāha.

defiant : (adj.) paṭāṇika; anoṇata; paccanika. (m.) paṭipuggala; yugaggāhī.

deficiency : (nt.) ūnatta; vekalla; asampuṇṇatta.

deficit : (m.) ūnabhāga. (f.) ūnamūlasaṅkhyā.

defile : (m.) kandarapatha; duggamagga. (v.t.) padūseti; malinīkaroti. (v.i.) paṭipāṭiyā gacchati. (pp.) padūsita; malinīkata; paṭipaṭiyā gata.

defilement : (nt.) dussana; lilissana; rajjana.

defiler : (m.) dūsaka.

define : (v.t.) upalakkheti; viseseti; paricchindati; niccheti. (pp.) upalakkhita; visesita; paricchinna; nicchita.

definer : (m.) nirūpaka; paricchindaka.

definite : (adj.) nicchita; niyamita; paricchinna.

definite article : (m.) niyamanipāta.

definitely : (adv.) ekantena; saniyamaṃ.

definition : (nt.) upalakkhana; paricchindana. (m.) nicchaya. (f.) vavatthā.

definitive : (adj.) niyāmaka; paricchindaka; asandiddha.

deflagrate : (v.t.) khippaṃ dahati. (v.i.) sīghaṃ jalati. (pp.) khippaṃ daḍḍha; sīghaṃ jalita.

deflagration : (m.) sīghadāha; mahādāha.

deflate : (v.t.) vāyupūriṃ hāpeti.

deflation : (nt.) opātana.

deflect : (v.t.) passato nāmeti. (v.i.) vyāvaṭṭati; uppathena yāti. (pp.) passato nāmita; vyāvaṭṭita; uppathena yāta.

deflection : (nt.) uppathagamana; vyāvaṭṭana.

defloration : (m.) kusunavigama. (nt.) kaññādūsana.

deflower : (v.t.) kusumahāniṃ karoti; kaññaṃ dūseti. (pp.) kusumahāniṃ kata; dūsitakañña.

defluent : (adj.) adhosandamāna; yathāninnappavatta.

deforest : (v.t.) vivanaṃ karoti. (pp.) vivanaṃkata.

deform : (v.t.) virūpeti; dubbaṇṇīkaroti. (pp.) virūpita; dubbaṇṇīkata.

deformation : (nt.) virūpakaraṇa.

deformed : (adj.) virūpa; vikalaṅga; duddasika.

deformity : (nt.) vavaṇṇiya; virūpatta.

defraud : (v.t.) vañceti; patāreti. (pp.) vañcita; patārita.

defray : (v.t.) paribbayaṃ or vayamūlaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnaparibbaya.

deft : (adj.) dakkha; kusala; nipuṇa; catura.

defunct : (adj.) mata; gatāyuka; appavattamāna.

defy : (v.t.) abhiyuñjati; yugaggāhāya avhāti; bādheti; paṭānī hoti. (pp.) abhiyutta; yugaggāhāya avhāta; bādhita; paṭānī bhūta.

degeneracy : (f.) kulācārahāni.

degenerate : (adj.) hāyanagatika; khīṇapuñña; paribhaṭṭha. (v.i.) parihāyati. (pp.) parihīna.

degenerateness : (nt.) parihīnatta. (f.) guṇahāni.

degeneration : (f.) parihāni. (m.) parābhava.

deglutition : (nt.) gilana; ajjhoharaṇa.

degradation : (nt.) adhikārabhañjana; ṭhānācāvana.

degrade : (v.t.) adhikārā cāveti; nīcaṭṭhānaṃ pāpeti. (v.i.) uccaṭṭhānā patati. (pp.) adhikārā cāvita; nīcaṭṭhānaṃ pāpita; uccaṭṭhānā papita.

degrading : (adj.) ayasakara; nīcattapāpaka.

degree : (f.) dasā; ṭhiti; avatthā; kulatanti. (m.) upādhi; bhāga; koṭṭhāsa. (nt.) cakkaṃsaka || in the highest degree: (adv.) accantaṃ; atisayena; by degrees: (adv.) anukkamena; thoka-thokaṃ.

dehort : (v.t.) akaraṇāya ovadati.

dehortation : (m.) akaraṇāyovāda.

dehortative : (adj.) nivāraka; anusāsaka.

dehumanise : (v.t.) manujagatiṃ nāseti. (pp.) nāsitamanujagata.

dehydrate : (v.t.) nirudakaṃ karoti. (pp.) nirudakīkata.

dehypnotize : (v.t.) visaññaniddā apaneti. (pp.) visaññaniddā apanita.

deicide : (nt.) devanāsana.

deification : (nt.) devattāropaṇa.

deify : (v.t.) devattam pāpeti or āropeti. (pp.) devattam pāpita.

deign : (v.t.) arahatīti sallakkheti; anukampati. (pp.) arahatīti sallakkhita; anukampita.

deism : (f.) devabhatti. (m.) issaravāda.

deist : (m.) brahmavādī.

deity : (m.) deva; paramissara. (f.) devadā. (nt.) devatta.

deject : (v.t.) visādeti; ukkaṇṭhāpeti. (pp.) visādita; ukkaṇṭhāpita. (v.i.) visādati; ukkaṇṭhati; (pp.) visinna; ukkaṇṭhita.

dejecta : (nt.) asuci; karīsa; mala.

dejected : (adj.) khinna; visādāpanna; nibbinna; maṅkubhūta; adhomukha; saṃvigga.

dejectedly : (adv.) ukkaṇṭhitākārena; savisādaṃ.

dejection : (m.) visāda; kheda. (f.) ukkaṇṭhā.

dejectory : (adj.) virecaka; malasodhaka.

delate : (v.t.) codeti; dosam āropeti. (pp.) codita; āropitadosa.

delation : (f.) sodanā; dosāropaṇā.

delay : (v.t.) papañceti; vilambeti; kālaṃ khepeti. (pp.) papañcita; vilambita; khepitakāla. (v.i.) cirāyati; pamajjati. (pp.) cirāyita; pamatta. (m.) pamāda. (nt.) cirāyana; vilambana; dīghasuttiya.

delectability : (nt.) rammatta.

delectable : (adj.) pītijanaka; manohara; manuñña; ramanīya.

delectation : (m.) ānanda; pamoda. (f.) vitti; tuṭṭhi.

delectus : (m.) uddhaṭa-pāṭhasaṅgaha.

delegacy : (nt.) niyojitatta. (f.) niyojita-sabhā.

delegate : (m.) niyojita; paṭinidhi. (v.t.) niyojeti; paṭinidhiṃ karoti. (pp.) niyojita; paṭinidhiṃ kata.

delegation : (nt.) niyojana; paṭinidhimaṇḍala.

delete : (v.t.) lopeti; apamajjati. (pp.) lutta; apamaṭṭha.

deleterious : (adj.) hiṃsākara; asagguṇana.

deletion : (nt.) lopa. (m.) apamajjana.

delivery of a child : (nt.) gabbhavuṭṭhāna. (f.) pasūti.

deliberate : (adj.) sacetanika; samekkhakata; nisammakata; asāhasa; suvicārita; vīmaṃsita. (v.i.) tuleti; vicāreti; vīmaṃsati. (pp.) tulita; vicārita; vīmaṃsita.

deliberateness : (f.) samekkhakāritā. (m.) appamāda.

deliberation : (f.) visāranā; vīmaṃsā; upaparikkhā.

deliberative : (adj.) visārasīlī; samekkhakārī.

deliberately : (adv.) anuvicca; sañcicca; vicārapubbakaṃ.

delicacy : (nt.) paṇītabhojana; madhuranna; madhuratta; lāvañña; maddava; dubbalatta. (m.) sadācāra.

delicate : (adj.) mudu; komala; sukumāra; sukhumāla; madhura; paṇīta; ojavantu; vinīta; visiṭṭha; ukkaṭṭha; rogātura; dubbala; tanu; sukhuma.

delicately : (adv.) sukhumaṃ; mudutāya.

delicateness : (f.) mudutā; sukhumālatā; paṇītatā.

delicious : (adj.) atimadhura; atipaṇīta; sadurasa; asecanaka.

deliciously : (adv.) sumadhuraṃ; paṇītākārena.

deliciousness : (nt.) madhuratta.

delict : (m.) vītikkama; nītibhaṅga. (nt.) dukkata.

delight : (f.) pīti; tuṭṭhi; santuṭṭhi; modanā. (m.) ānanda; pamoda; āmoda. (nt.) pāmojja; somanassa. (v.i.) tussati; ramati; nandati; modati. (v.t.) rameti; pīṇeti; toseti; modeti; pīṇeti. (pp.) tuṭṭha; rata; nandita; modita; tosita; modita; ramita; pīṇita.

delight in the company : (f.) saṅganikārāmatā.

delightful : (adj.) iṭṭha; kanta; manāpa; manorama; pītijanaka.

delightfully : (adv.) sānandaṃ.

delighting in : (adj.) ramamāna.

delightsome : (adj.) iṭṭha; kanta; manāpa; manorama; pītijanaka.

delimit : (v.t.) paricchindati; samariyādaṃ karoti. (pp.) paricchinna; samarayādikata.

delimitation : (nt.) sīmāṭhapana; paricchindana.

delineate : (v.t.) sarūpam ālikhati; vitthāreti. (pp.) ālikhitasarūpa; vitthārita.

delineation : (nt.) sarūpālikhana.

delinquency : (nt.) sakiccāpahārī; paṭiññābhañjaka.

delinquent : (adj.) sakiccāpahārī; paṭiññābhañjaka.

deliquesce : (v.i.) vilīyati. (pp.) vilīna. (nt.) vilīyana.

deliquescent : (adj.) vilīyanasabhāva.

delirious : (adj.) bhantacitta; sativikala.

delirium : (f.) muccha; visaññatā.

delitescent : (adv.) anusayita.

deliver : (v.t.) moceti; pamoceti; hatthaṃ pāpeti; deseti; udāharati; vissajjeti; khipati; janeti; pasavati; (pp.) mocita; pamocita; hatthaṃ pāpita; desita; udāhaṭa; vissaṭṭha; kitta; janita; pasūta.

deliver up : parivajjeti; pariccajati;

deliverance : (f.) mutti; vimutti. (m.) mokkha; pamokkha.

deliverer : (m.) mocaka; pamuñcaka; tāyaka; desaka; appetu.

delivery : (nt.) vissajjana; samappaṇa; nivedana; viññāpana. (f.) desanā.

dell : (f.) khuddaka-ninnabhūmi. (m.; nt.) kuñja; nikuñja.

delta : (m.) nadīmukha-dīpa.

delude : (v.t.) vañceti; moheti; palobheti. (pp.) vañcita; mohita; palobhita.

deluge : (m.) mahogha; āposaṃvaṭṭa. (f.) kappanāsakavuṭṭhi. (v.t.) ottharati; jalena chādeti. (pp.) otthaṭa; jalacchanna.

delusion : (m.) sammoha; vibbhama. (nt.) pamuyhana.

delusive : (adj.) pamohaka; bhantikara.

delusiveness : (f.) vañcanikatā.

delusory : (adj.) pamohaka; bhantikara.

delve : (v.t.) khaṇati; kāraṇaṃ pariyesati. (pp.) khata; kāraṇaṃ pariyesita.

demagnetise : (v.t.) ayokantabhāvam apaneti. (pp.) apanītāyokantabhāva.

demagogue : (m.) jananāyaka; pakkhagāhīdesaka.

demand : (f.) āyācanā. (nt.) yuttikathana. (v.t.) āyattabhāvaṃ katheti; sakāyattaṃ yācati. (pp.) kathitāyattabhāva; sakāyattaṃ yācita.

demandant : (m.) āyācaka; patthetu.

demarcate : (v.t.) sīmeti; paricchindati; mariyādaṃ ṭhapeti. (pp.) sīmita; paricchinna; ṭhapitamariyāda.

demarcation : (nt.) mariyādāṭhapana; sīmāniyamana.

dematerialise : (v.t.) dabbattam apaneti. (v.i.) addabbaṃ bhavati. (pp.) apanītadabbatta; addabbaṃ bhūta.

demean : (v.i.) ācarati. (v.t.) attānaṃ onāmeti. (pp.) onānitatta.

demeanour : (nt.) ācāra. (m.) ācaraṇa. (f.) vutti.

dement : (v.t.) ummādayati; cittaṃ vikkhipati. (pp.) ummādayita; vikkhittacitta.

dementate : (v.t.) ummādayati; cittaṃ vikkhipati. (pp.) ummādayita; vikkhittacitta.

dementia : (m.) ummāda; cittakkhepa.

demerit : (nt.) akusala; pāpa. (m.) aguṇa; dosa.

demi : (prep.) addha; upaddha.

demi-god : (m.) vimānapeta; siddha; devattapāpita.

demi-lune : (m.) addhacanda. (f.) pākāragutti.

demimonde : (f.) gaṇikā.

demi-rep : (f.) kulaṭā.

demise : (nt.) maraṇa. (f.) kālakiriyā; dāyādapaṇā. (m.) accaya. (v.t.) dāyādīkaroti. (pp.) dāyādīkata.

demission : (nt.) adhikāravijahana.

demit : (v.i.) adhikāraṃ or ṭhānantaraṃ vijahati. (pp.) vijahitādhikāra.

demiurge : (m.) lokamāpaka.

demobilisation : (nt.) viyojana; puthakkaraṇa.

demobilise : (v.t.) (senaṃ, nāvaṃ, etc.) viyojeti; puthakkaroti. (pp.) viyojita; puthakkata.

democracy : (nt.) janasammatapālana; pajāpabhutta.

democrat : (m.) pajapabhuttavādī.

democratic : (adj.) janasammatavādāyatta.

demography : (f.) cuti-uppattyādidīpaka-lipi.

demolish : (v.t.) viddhaṃseti; vināseti; vidhameti; adhopāteti. (pp.) viddhaṃsita; vināmita; vidhamita; adhopātita.

demolisher : (m.) viddhaṃsaka; nāsaka.

demolition : (nt.) vināsana; ummūlana; ucchindana.

demon : (m.) amanussa; bhūta; yakkha; pisāca; niṭṭhura; kakkhaḷa.

demoniac : (adj.) 1. pisācasadisa; 2. bhūtāviṭṭha.

demonical : (adj.; f.) yakkhasadisa.

demonism : (f.) bhūtabhatti.

demonise : (v.t.) yakkhāviṭṭhaṃ or bhūtasadisaṃ karoti.

demonolatry : (f.) bhūtapūjā.

demonology : (f.) bhūtavijjā.

demonstrable : (adj.) sandassitabha; nidassanīya.

demonstrate : (v.t.) niddisati; nidasseti; sandasseti. (pp.) niddiṭṭha; nidassita.

demonstration : (nt.) nidassana; sādhana; nirūpana.

demonstrative : (adj.) nidassaka; nirūpaka.

demonstrator : (m.) sandassetu.

demoralisation : (m.) ācārabhaṅga. (nt.) caritadūsana. (f.) guṇahāni.

demoralise : (v.t.) sadācārā cāveti; caritaṃ dūseti; guṇadhammaṃ hāpeti. (pp.) sadācārā cāvita; dūsita-carita; hāpitaguṇadhamma.

demos : (f.) pajā; janatā. (m.) sanasammatavāda.

demotic : (adj.) gamma; mahājanika.

demulcent : (adj.) samanakara; sītidāyaka.

demur : (v.i.) saṅkati; bādheti. (pp.) saṅkita; bādhita. (m.) virodha.

demurable : (adj.) virodhāraha.

demure : (v.i.) santa; vinīta; upasanta; samāhita.

demureness : (nt.) santatta. (m.) upasama.

demurrage : (nt.) hānipūrakamūla.

den : (nt.) bila. (f.) guhā.

denationalise : (v.t.) jātikalakkhaṇaṃ hāpeti (pp.) hāpitajātikalakkhaṇa.

denaturalise : (v.t.) sabhāvalakkhaṇaṃ nāseti. (pp.) nāsitasabhāvalakkhaṇa.

denature : (v.t.) see the above.

dendrifrom : (adj.) rukkhasaṇṭhāna.

dendrology : (f.) rukkhavijjā.

denegation : (nt.) paccakkhāna. (m.) paṭikkhepa; nisedha.

dengue : (m.) sandhirujākara-jara.

deniable : (adj.) nirākaraṇīya; paṭikkhipitabba.

denial : (m.) paṭikkhepa. (nt.) paccakkhāna.

denigrate : (v.t.) kaṇhayati; kalaṅketi. (pp.) kaṇhayita; kalaṅkita.

denizen : (m.) nivāsī; serijana.

denominate : (v.t.) abhidāti; nāmaṃ karoti. (pp.) abhihita; katanāma.

denomination : (nt.) nāmakaraṇa; abhidhāna; nāmadheyya. (f.) samaññā.

denominative : (adj.) abhidhāhaka; nāmadhātuka.

denominator : (m.) nāmadāyaka; vibhajaka.

denotation : (m.) niddesa. (nt.) upalakkaṇa; sūcana.

denotative : (adj.) abhidhāyaka; vācaka.

denote : (v.t.) vyañjayati; sūceti; upalakkheti; viseseti. (pp.) vyañjita; sūcita; upalakkhita; visesita.

denoting : (adj.) sūcaka; nidassaka.

denouement : (nt.) kumantaṇāvīkaraṇa.

denounce : (v.t.) dosam āvīkaroti; pākaṭavasena tajjeti. (pp.) āvīkatadosa; pākaṭavasena tajjita.

denouncement : (nt.) dosāvīkaraṇa.

denouncer : (m.) codaka; dosāropaka.

dense : (adj.) ghana; sanda; bahala; avirala.

density : (nt.) bahalatta; sandatta; ghanatta.

dent : (nt.) pahāra-lañchana. (v.t.) lakkhaṇaṃ chindati. (pp.) chinnalakkhaṇa.

dental : (adj.) dantaja; dantāyatta.

dentate : (adj.) dantayutta.

denticle : (m.) khuddaka-danta.

dentifrice : (nt.) dantadhāvana; dantabhesajja.

dentist : (m.) dantavejja.

dentistry : (f.) dantatikicchā.

dentition : (nt.) dantakantana; dantasamakaraṇa. (m.) dantavinyāsa.

denture : (f.) dantāvali. (m.) kittimadanta.

denuciatition : (f.) codanā. (nt.) dosāvīkaraṇa.

denude : (v.t.) naggaṃ or acelakaṃ karoti. (pp.) naggīkata.

deny : (v.t.) paṭikkhipati; paccakkhāti; no ti vadati. (pp.) paṭikkhitta; paccakkhāta; no ti vutta.

deobstruct : (v.t.) bādhakam apaneti. (pp.) apanītabādhaka.

deodand : (m.) devadaṇḍa. (nt.) puññatthāya rājāyattīkata-dhana.

deodar : (m.) dovadāru.

deodorization : (nt.) gandhanāsana; rogabījanāsana.

deodorise : (v.t.) gandhaṃ nāseti. (pp.) nāsitagandha.

despairing : (adj.) āsābhaṅgakara; visādāvaha.

despairingly : (adv.) savisādaṃ.

depart : (v.i.) apagacchati; pakkamati; nissarati; apakkamati; apeti. (pp.) apagata; pakkanta; nissaṭa; apakkanta; apeta. (v.t.) cajati; jahāti; apneti. (pp.) catta; jahita; apanīta.

departed from : (adj.) mata kālakata.

department : (m.) viccheda; vibbhāga; kāriyaṃsa. (nt.) kāriyamaṇḍala.

departure : (nt.) niggamana; apagamana. (m.) apakkama.

depasture : (v.i.) gocaraṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) gahitagocara.

depauperize : (v.t.) sadhanīkaroti. (pp.) sadhanīkata.

depreciation : (f.) agghosādanā.

depend : (v.i.) nissayati; avalambati; avassayati. (pp.) nissita; avalambita; avassita.

depend on : upajīvati; anujīvati.

dependable : (adj.) avassayitabba.

dependant : (adj.) nissita; parādhīna; parāyatta. (m.) upajīvī; anujīvī.

dependant origination : (m.) paṭiccasamuppāda.

dependence : (nt.) nissaya; avalambana. (f.) paravasatā.

dependency : (m.) parādhīnadesa.

depending on : nissāya; upādāya; paṭicca.

depict : (v.t.) ālikhita; vaṇṇeti. (pp.) ālikhita; vaṇṇita.

depiction : (nt.) ālikhana.

depilate : (v.t.) lome nāseti. (pp.) nāsitaloma.

depilation : (nt.) lomanāsana.

depilatory : (adj.) lomanāsaka.

deplete : (v.t.) riñcati; suññaṃ karoti. (pp.) ritta.

depleted : (adj.) suñña; tuccha.

depletion : (nt.) riñcana.

deplorable : (adj.) anusocanīya.

deplorably : (adv.) socanīyākārena.

deplore : (v.t.) anusocati; anutthunāti. (pp.) anusocita; anutthuta.

deplume : (v.t.) sakuṇapatte luñcati. (pp.) luñcitapatta.

depolarise : (v.t.) ujubhāvam apaneti; kampeti. (pp.) apanīta-ujubhāva; kampita.

deponent : (m.) sasapatha-sakkhika.

depopulate : (v.t.) vijanīkaroti; nibbāseti. (pp.) vijanīkata; nībbāsita.

depopulation : (nt.) janasuññakaraṇa.

deport : (v.t.) apaharati; vippavāseti; desantaraṃ peseti. (v.i.) ācarati; vattati. (pp.) apahaṭa; vippavāsita; desantaraṃ pesita.

deportation : (f.) pabbājanā; vivāsanā.

deportment : (nt.) ācaraṇa. (m.) ākappa; iriyāpatha.

depose : (v.t.) ṭhānantarā cāveti; sakkhiṃ katheti. (pp.) ṭhānantarā cāvita; kathikasakkhī.

deposit : (m.) āsaya. (nt.) nikkhepaṭṭhāna; nidahana; nihita-dhana; adhonicita-mala. (v.t.) nidahati; nikkhipati. (pp.) nihita; or nidahita; nikkhita.

depositary : (m.) nihitadhanarakkhaka.

depositor : (m.) nidahaka; nikkhipaka.

depository : (nt.) nihitaṭṭhāna; nidhāna.

depot : (nt.) bhaṇḍāgāra; senāgāra.

deprave : (v.t.) dūseti; kileseti. (pp.) dūsita; kilesita.

depraved : (adj.) duṭṭha; durācāra.

depravedness : (f.) bhaṭṭhācāratā. (m.) kilesa.

depravity : (f.) bhaṭṭhācāratā. (m.) kilesa.

deprecate : (v.t.) apasādeti; avamāneti; osādeti. (pp.) apasādita; avamānita; osāditaggha.

deprecation : (nt.) apasādana; agghosīdana.

depreciate : (v.t.) agghaṃ hāpeti. (pp.) hāpitaggha.

depredation : (nt.) vilumpana.

depredator : vilumpaka.

depress : (v.t.) onāmeti; omaddati; visādaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) onāmita; omaddita; visādaṃ pāpita.

depressed : (adj.) visādāpanna; khinnacitta; maṅkubhūta.

depression : (nt.) omaddana; adhopatana. (m.) visāda; kheda.

deprivation : (nt.) viyojana; vinākaraṇa. (f.) hāni; jāni.

deprive : (v.t.) viyojeti; voropeti; vinākaroti. (pp.) viyojita; voropita; vinākata.

depth : (nt.) gambhīratta; agādhatta; bahalatta; agādhajala; abbhantara.

depurate : (v.t.) sodheti; puṇāti; nimmalīkaroti. (pp.) sodhita; pūta; nimmalīkata.

deputation : (nt.) niyojana; niyojita-maṇḍala.

depute : (v.t.) niyojeti; dūtakicce yojeti. (pp.) niyojita; dūtakicce yojita.

deputy : (m.) niyuttapurisa; upādhikārī.

deracinate : (v.t.) ummūleti. (pp.) ummūlita.

derail : (v.i.) ayopathā apagacchati. (v.t.) ayopathā apagameti. (pp.) ayopathā apagata; ayopathā apagamita.

derailment : (nt.) ayopathāpagamana.

derange : (v.t.) vikkhipati; khobheti; ākulīkaroti. (pp.) vikkhitta; khobhita; ākulīkata.

deranged of mind : (adj.) khitacitta ummattaka.

derangement : (m.) vikkhepa. (f.) anavaṭṭhiti.

derbies : (f.) hatthasaṅkhalikā.

derelict : (adj.) pariccatta; vivajjita; assāmika.

dereliction : (nt.) vivajjana; kiccākaraṇa; pamajjana.

deride : (v.t.) parihasati. (m.) parihāsa. (f.) uppaṇḍanā.

derision : (m.) upahāsa; parihāsa. (f.) uppaṇḍanā.

derisive : (adj.) upahāsakara; aganetabba; upahasitabba.

derisory : (adj.) upahāsakara; aganetabba; upahasitabba.

derivation : (nt.) nikkaḍḍhana; nibbacana. (m.) pabhava. (f.) nirutti.

derivative : (adj.) tabbhava; vyuppanna.

derive : (v.t.) nikkaḍḍhati; ādāti. (v.i.) pabhavati; ubbhavati. (pp.) nikkhaḍḍhita; ādinna; pabbhavita.

derm : (m.) taca.

dermatologist : (m.) cammarogaticchaka.

derogate : (v.i.) hāyati; ūnībhavati; parihāyati. (pp.) hāna; ūnībhūta; parihāna.

derogation : (f.) parihāni. (m.) parābhava.

derogatory : (adj.) parihānikara; nindākara.

derrick : (nt.) bhārubbāhakayanta.

dervish : (m.) mahammadīya-tāpasa.

descant : (v.i.) deseti; vyākhyāti. (pp.) desita; vyākhyāta.

descend : (v.i.) otarati; oruhati; okkamati; paramparāya āgacchati. (pp.) otiṇṇa; orūḷha; okkkanta; paramparāya āgāta.

descendant : (nt.) apacca. (m.) vaṃsaja; kulaja. (f.; plu.) puttanattuparamparā.

descended : (adj.) sambhūta; jāta.

descension : oruhana; adhopatana.

descent : (nt.) otaraṇa; oruhana. (f.) adhogati; santati; paveni; vaṃsa; gotta. (v.t.) ubbhava; paghava.

describable : (adj.) vaṇṇanīya.

describe : (v.t.) vaṇṇeti; vitthāreti; vyākhayāti. (pp.) vaṇṇita; vitthārita; vyākhāta.

description : (f.) vaṇṇanā. (nt.) vivaraṇa; vyākhayāna. (m.) vitthāra.

descriptive : (adj.) vitthāraka; vaṇṇanāvisayaka.

descry : (v.t.) dūrato passati; raho vīmaṃsati. (pp.) dūrato diṭṭha; raho vīmaṃsita.

desecrate : (v.t.) suddhataṃ sūseti or nāseti. (pp.) dūsitasuddhatta.

desert : (m.) 1. kantāra; jaṅgaladesa; 2. vipaka. (adj.) vijana; asāra; nipphala. (v.t.) pajahati; jahāti. (v.i.) hitvā palāyati. (pp.) pajahita; jahita; hitvā palāta.

deserted : (adj.) nibbhoga.

deserted village : (m.) suññagāma.

deserter : (m.) palāyaka.

desertion : (nt.) jahana; cajana.

deserve : (v.i.) arahati; vaṭṭati.

deserved : (adj.) yogga; ucita.

deservedly : (adv.) yathocitaṃ.

deserving : (adj.) araha; bhabba; anucchavika.

desiccate : (v.t.) soseti. (pp.) sosita.

desiccation : (nt.) sosana.

desiderate : (v.t.) apekkhati; icchati; pattheti. (pp.) apekkhita; icchita; patthita.

desiderative : (adj.) icchāpakāsaka.

desideratum : (nt.) icchitavatthu.

design : (f.) parikappanā. (m.) upāya; ālekha. (v.t.) 1. parikappeti; 2. ālikhati; lekhāhi aṅketi. (pp.) parikappita; ālikhita; lekhāhi aṅkita.

designate : (v.t.) upalakkheti; vavatthapeti; viseseti. (pp.) upalakkhita; vatthapita; visesita. (adj.) adhikārāya uccinita.

designation : (nt.) 1. abhidhāna; visesalakkhaṇa; 2. adhikārapāpaṇa.

designer : (m.) 1. cintaka; parikappaka; 2. ālekhasampādaka.

designing : (adj.) upāyadakkha; vañcanika.

desilverize : (v.t.) rajatam puthakkaroti. (pp.) puthakkatarajata.

desirable : (adj.) icchitabba; pāṭikaṅkha.

desire : (f.) icchā; āsā; abhilāsā; ākaṅkhā; ruci. (m.) manoratha. (v.t.) icchati; kāmeti; ākaṅkhati; abhikaṅkhati; apekkhati; pattheti. (pp.) icchita; kāmita; ākaṅkhita; abhikaṅkhita; apekkhita; patthita.

desire for proficiency : (f.) sādhukamyatā.

desire much : gijjhati.

desire to drink : pivāsati.

desire to eat : bubhukkhati.

desire to have : jigiṃsati.

desire to hear : sussūsati.

desireless : (adj.) nirālaya; nirāsa; nittaṇha.

desirous : (adj.) atthika; jigiṃsasaka; patthetu; apekkhaka.

desirous of dispute : (m.) vādakāma; vādatthī.

desirous to do : kattukāma.

desirous to eat : bhottukāma.

desirous to go : gantukāma.

desist : (v.i.) viramati; nivattati. (pp.) virata; nivatta.

desk : (nt.) lekhanaphalaka.

desolate : (adj.) vijattaṃ; vivitta; suñña. (v.t.) vivittaṃ or vijanaṃ karoti; vināseti. (pp.) vijanīkata; vināsita.

desolater : (m.) chaḍḍaka; anāthakārī.

desolation : (nt.) chaḍḍana; anāthakaraṇa; pariccajana.

despair : (m.) visāda; kheda; āsābhaṅga. (v.i.) visīdati; nirāso hoti.

despatch : (v.t.) peseti; pahiṇāti. (pp.) pesita; pahita. (nt.) pesana; sāsana; sīghatta; (m.) attaghāta.

dispeller : (n.) panudaka.

dispelling : (nt.) apanudana.

desperate : (adj.) jīvitanirapekkha; aticaṇḍa; atibhayānaka.

desperately : (adv.) ummattākārena; aticaṇḍatāya.

desperateness : (f.) jīvitanirapekkhā; atisāhasikatā.

despicable : (adj.) nindiya; kucchita; gārayha.

despicably : (adv.) gārayhākārena.

despise : (v.t.) avajānāti; vambheti; jigucchati. (pp.) avaññāta; vambhita; jigucchita.

despiser : (m.) paravambhī.

despisingly : (adv.) sāvaññaṃ; sāvamānaṃ.

despite : (m.) virodha. (f.) jigucchā; accusūyā. (prep.) aganetvā; asallakkhetvā.

despiteful : (adj.) ativiruddha; atiusūyaka.

despitefully : (adv.) saveraṃ; sāvamānaṃ.

despitefulness : (f.) usūyā. (nt.) macchariya.

despoil : (v.t.) vilupati; acchindati. (pp.) viluta; acchinna.

despoiler : (m.) vilumpaka.

despoilment : (nt.) vilumpana.

despond : (v.i.) visīdati; khijjati; khedam āpajjati. (pp.) visinna; khinna; khedāpanna.

despondently : (adv.) sakhedaṃ; savisādaṃ.

despondingly : (adv.) sakhedaṃ; savisādaṃ.

despot : (m.) yathākāmapālaka; serirāja.

despotism : (nt.) serīpālana; pajāpīḷana.

desquamate : (v.t.) bahittacam apaneti. (pp.) apanitabahittaca.

dessert : (m.) khijjaka- phalāhāra.

destination : (nt.) nirūpitaṭṭhāna; adhippetaṭṭhāna. (m.) gatiniyāma.

destine : (v.t.) gatiṃ niyameti. (pp.) niyamitagatika.

destiny : (f.) niyati. (m.) vidhi. (nt.) bhāgadheyya.

destitation : (nt.) dīnatta. (m.) anāthabhāva. (f.) parihāni. (m.) abhāva; viraha viyoga.

destitute : (adj.) dīna; anātha; asaraṇa; parihīna; vivajjita; virahita.

destroy : (v.t.) vināseti; vidhameti; viddhaṃseti; vighāteti; ucchindati. (pp.) vināsita; vidhamita; viddhaṃsita; vighātita; ucchinna.

destroyer : (m.) nāsaka; vidhamaka; upacchindaka.

destructible : (adj.) bhaṅgura; bhijjanasabhāva.

destruction : (m.) nāsa; vināsa; ghāta; upaghāta. (nt.) viddhaṃsana; vidhamana.

destructive : (adj.) nāsakara; pabhañjaka; vidhamaka.

destructively : (adv.) nāsakākārena.

destructiveness : (nt.) nāsakatta.

destructor : (m.) saṅkārajhāpaka.

desuetude : (nt.) abhāvitattapāpana. (m.) payogābhāva.

desulphurize : (v.t.) gandhakarahitaṃ karoti.

desultory : (adj.) anavaṭṭhita; athira; cañcala.

detach : (v.t.) viyojeti; puthakkaroti; vicchindati. (pp.) viyojita; puthakkata; vicchinna.

detached : (adj.) asaṃsaṭṭha; visaṃyutta; vippayutta.

detachment : (nt.) visaṃyoga; viyoga; viccheda; senādala.

detail : (v.t.) vitthāreti; papañceti; vaṇṇeti. (pp.) vitthārita; papañcita; vaṇṇita. (m.) vitthāra; visesavibhāga || in detail: vitthārena.

detain : (v.t.) avarodheti; nivatteti; bādheti. (pp.) avarodhita; nivattita; bādhita.

detainer : (nt.) avarodhaka.

detect : (v.t.) vajjaṃ gavesati; apākaṭaṃ pakāseti. (pp.) gavesitavajja.

detection : (nt.) vajjagavesana.

detective : (adj.) vajjagavesaka; carapurisa.

detention : (nt.) nivattāpana; bādhana; avarodhana.

deter : (v.t.) nivāreti; nisedheti. (pp.) nivārita; nisedhita.

detergent : (nt.) sodhaka-bhesajja.

deteriorate : (v.t.) dūseti; parihāpeti. (v.i.) parihāyati; dussati. (pp.) dūsita; parihāpita; parihīna; duṭṭha.

deterioration : (nt.) dussana. (f.) parihāni.

determent : (nt.) balena nivāraṇa.

determinant : (adj.) nicchayakara.

determinate : (adj.) sīmita; paricchinna; parimita.

determinated : (adj.) thiracitta; daḷhādhiṭṭhāna.

determinatedly : (adv.) daḷhanicchayena.

determinately : (adv.) sanicchayaṃ.

determination : (nt.) adhiṭṭhāna. (m.) nicchaya.

determinative : (adj.) niddhāraka; nicchayakara.

determine : (v.t.) niccheti; adhiṭṭhāti; vavatthapeti. (pp.) nicchita; adhiṭṭhita; vavatthapita.

determined : (adj.) thiracitta; daḷhādhiṭṭhāna.

determinedly : (adv.) daḷhanicchayena.

determinism : (m.) niyativāda.

detersive : (adj.) malasodhaka.

detestable : (adj.) gārayha; dessiya.

detest : see abhor.

detestation : (f.) jigucchā.

detester : (m.) dessī; viddesī.

detestful : (adj.) jeguccha; amanāpa.

dethrone : (v.t.) rājattā apaneti; sīhāsanā cāveti. (pp.) rājattāpanita; sīhāsamā cāvita.

dethronement : (nt.) rājattāpanayana.

detonate : (v.i.) mahāsaddena vipphurati. (pp.) mahāsaddena vipphurita.

detonation : (nt.) vipphuraṇa.

detour : (nt.) vaṅkahamana; ṭhanāpagamana.

detract : (v.t.) apakaḍḍhati; hāpeti; ūnayati. (pp.) apakaḍḍhita; hāpita.

detraction : (nt.) apakaḍḍhana; hānikara.

detractive : (adj.) hāpaka; hānikara.

detrain : (v.t.) rathā oruhati. (pp.) rathā oruḷha.

detriment : (f.) hāni. (m.) anattha.

detrimental : (adj.) hānikara; ahitāvaha.

detrited : (adj.) puthakkata.

detrition : (nt.) ghaṃsanena khayagamana.

deuce : (m.) pāpimantu; māra.

deuced : (adj.) mahanta; adhikatara; atiduṭṭha.

ḍeuteronomy : (m.) dutiyavivāha.

devastate : (v.t.) viddhaṃseti; vināseti; ucchindati. (pp.) viddhaṃsita or viddhasta; vināsita; ucchinna.

devastation : (nt.) ucchindana; viddhaṃsana.

develop : (v.t.) vaḍḍheti; bhāveti; brūheti; paripāceti; bahulīkaroti. (pp.) vaḍḍhita; bhāvita; brūhita; paripācita; bahulīkata. (v.i.) abhivaḍḍhati; samijjhati. (pp.) abhivuddha; samiddha.

development : (f.) abhivuddhi; bhāvanā; brūhanā. (m.) bahulīkāra.

deviate : (v.i.) apakkamati; uppatham okkamati; vītikkamati. (pp.) apakkanta; uppatham okkanta; vītikkamita. (v.t.) apaneti; uppathaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) apanīta; uppathaṃ pāpita.

deviation : (nt.) uppathagamana; apakkamana. (m.) vītakkama.

device : (m.) upāya; payoga. (f.) parikappanā. (nt.) visesalakkhaṇa.

devil : (m.) amanussa; yakkha. (nt.) bhūta. (m.) māra; dujjana; niṭṭhura.

devil dancing : (f.) bhūtatikicchā.

devilish : (adj.) yakkhasadisa; atidāruṇa.

devilishly : (adv.) atiduṭṭhākārena.

devilism : (f.) yakkhapūjā. (nt.) dāruṇakamma.

devilry : (nt.) dāruṇakamma. (f.) bhūtanamassanā.

devious : (adj.) vaṅka; kuṭila; dūravattī.

devious way : (m.) ummagga; kupatha.

deviously : (adv.) savaṅkaṃ.

devise : (m.) upāya; ākāra. (nt.) dāyādapaṇṇa. (v.t.) parikappeti; payojeti; dāyādaṃdeti. (pp.) parikappita; payojita; dinnadāyāda.

deviser : (m.) parikappaka; payojaka; dāyādadāyī.

devitalise : (v.t.) nijjīvaṃ karoti. (pp.) nijjīvaṃ kata.

devoid : (adj.) ritta; tuccha; suñña; vippayutta.

devolute : (v.t.) adhikāraṃ parivateti.

devolution : (nt.) adhikārasaṅkāmaṇa. (f.) santatiparihāni.

devolve : (v.t.) saṅkāmeti; paramparāya pāpeti. (v.i.) paramparāya saṅkamati. (pp.) saṅkamita; paramparāya pāpita; paramparāya saṅkanta.

devote : (v.t.) niyyāteti; saddahati; bhattim uppādeti; pūjeti. (pp.) niyyātita; saddahita; uppāditabhattī; pūjita.

devoted : (adj.) saddha pasanna; abhiniviṭṭha; tapparāyana; bhattiyutta.

devotedly : (adv.) saddhāya; tapparatāya; bhattiyā.

devotedness : (f.) bhatti; tapparatā. (m.) pasāda.

devotee : (m.) bhattimantu; saddha; upāsaka; sāvaka.

devotion : (f.) bhatti; tapparatā. (m.) pasāda.

devotional : (adj.) bhattipara; saddhānugata.

devour : (v.t.) gilati; ajjahoharati; khādati; bhakkhati; vināseti; viddhaṃseti; lolatāya suṇāti or paṭhati. (pp.) gilita; ajjhohaṭa; khādita; bhakkhita; vināsita; lolatāya suta or paṭhita.

devourer : (nt.) bhakkhana.

devout : (adj.) bhattimantu; dhammika.

devout wife : (f.) patibbatā.

devoutly : (adv.) bhattiyā; avyājaṃ.

devoutness : (f.) bhattiyuttatā; dhammikatā.

dew : (nt.) tuhiṇa. (m.) ussāva.

dew lap : (nt.) galakambala.

ḍexter : (adj.) dakkhina.

dexterity : (f.) dakkhatā. (nt.) pāṭava; kosalla; nepuñña.

dextrous : (adj.) dakkha; nipuna; paṭu; cheka.

dextrously : (adv.) nipuṇākārena; chekatāya.

dextral : (adj.) dakkhiṇāyatta.

dhobie : (m.) rajaka; dhovaka.

diabetes : (m.) madhumeha.

diabetic : (adj.) madhumehī. (m.) madhumehāyatta.

diablerie : (f.) bhūtavijjā. (nt.) niṭṭhurakamma.

diabolic : (adj.) pisācopama; ghora; dāruṇa; atikakkhaḷa.

diabolical : (adj.) pisācopama; ghora; dāruṇa; atikakkhaḷa.

diabolically : (adv.) sudāruṇaṃ; ghorākārena.

diacritical : (adj.) vissesakara; visesatta-ñapaka

diadem : (nt.) uṇhīsa; rājapada. (m.) siromaṇi; sekhara. (f.) āvelā.

diagnose : (v.t.) rogaṃ niṇṇeti or tīreti. (pp.) niṇṇitaroga.

diagnosis : (nt.) rogaviññāṇa; roganirūpana.

diagnostic : (nt.) rogalakkhaṇa. (adj.) roganicchayakara.

diagonal : (adj.; f.) koṇagatarekhā.

diagram : (nt.) lekhācitta.

dial : (nt.) ghaṭikāmaṇḍala; māṇadassaka; ghaṭīyantamukha.

dialect : (f.) padesabhāsā.

dialectal : (adj.) padesabhāsāyatta.

dialectical : (adj.) hetuvijjāyatta; takkānugata; ñāyānugata.

dialectician : (m.) takkika.

dialectics : (nt.) takkasattha. (f.) hetuvijjā.

dialogic : (adj.) pucchā-vissajjanā-yatta.

dialogist : (m.) pucchā-vissajjana-ganthakāra.

dialogue : (nt.) kathopakathana. (m.) saṃvāda.

diameter : (m.) vikkhambha. (f.) cakkamajjharekhā.

diametrical : (adj.) vikkhambhāyatta; 2. ujuvipaccanika; paṭiviruddha.

diametrically : (adv.) ujukam eva; vipaccanikākārena.

diamond : (nt.) vajira. (v.t.) vajirehi khacati or bhūseti. (pp.) vajirakhacita.

ḍiana : (f.) vyādhadevī.

diaper : (nt.) vicitta-dukūla.

diaphanous : (adj.) vinivijjhadassaka.

diaphoretic : (adj.) sedamocanaka.

diaphragm : (f.) sasanopakārapesī.

diarchy : (nt.) dvidhāpālitarajja.

diarist : (m.) dinapotthakasāmī.

diaristic : (adj.) dinapotthakāyatta.

diarize : (v.t.) dinapotthake āropeti. (pp.) dinapotthake āropita.

diarrhoea : (m.) atisāra || bloody diarrhoea: (m.) rattātisāra.

diary : (nt.) devasika- potthaka, patidina-lekhana.

diastole : (nt.) hadayaphandana.

diatribe : (f.) kaṭuka-paribhāsanā.

diathesis : (f.) sārīrika-poṇatā; roganinnatā.

diatomic : (adj.) dviaṇuka.

dibasic : (adj.) dvitalayutta.

dibble : (f.) khuddaka-khaṇitī.

dice : (m.) akkha; pāsaka. (v.i.) akkhehi dibbati.

dice box : (f.) akkhanāḷi.

dichotomy : (nt.) dvidhāvibhajana.

dichroic : (adj.) dvivaṇṇadassaka.

dickey : (m.) gadrabha. (nt.) rathācariyāsana. (adj.) cañcala.

dicky : (m.) gadrabha. (nt.) rathācariyāsana. (adj.) cañcala.

discourtesy : (m.) avinītaṭ; agārava.

dictate : (v.t.) ādisati; āṇāpeti; likhanāya paṭhati. (pp.) ādiṭṭha; āṇatta; likhanāya paṭhita.

dictation : (nt.) āṇāpana; niyojana; anuvācana.

dictator : (m.) āṇāpaka; ekādhipa.

diction : (m.) vācāvilāsa; uccāraṇavilāsa.

dictionary : (m.) saddakosa; akārādikosa.

dictum : (m.) siddhanta. (nt.) subhāsita; uccāraṇa.

didactic : (adj.) upadesagabbhaka; anusāsanakara.

diddle : (v.t.) vañceti; patāreti. (pp.) vañcita; patārita.

die : (v.i.) marati; cavati; kālaṅkaroti. (pp.) mata; cuta; kālaṅkata.

diet : (nt.) bhojana. (m.) āhāra; ghāsa. (f.) pālakasabhā. (v.t.) mitaṃ or sappāyaṃ bhuñjati. (pp.) sappāyaṃ bhutta.

dietary : (adj.) niyamitāhāra.

dietetic : (adj.) bhojanāyatta.

differ : (v.i.) pabhedaṃ gacchati; bhinnamatiko hoti. (pp.) pabhedagata.

difference : (nt.) nānatta; vematta; antara. (m.) visesa. (nt.) nānāmatitta.

different : (adj.) vividha; nānākāra; asamāna; visabhāga; nānāvidha.

differentia : (nt.) visesa-lakkhaṇa.

differential : (adj.) visekaka; vyavacchedaka; nānattakara.

differentiate : (v.t.) viseseti; vyavacchindati; niddhāreti. (pp.) visesita; vyavacchinna; niddhārita.

differently : (adv.) visuṃvisuṃ; nānākārena; vividhā.

difficult : (adj.) dukkha; dussādahiya; kiccha; duravabodha.

difficult to bear : (adj.) asayha.

difficult to endure : (adj.) dukkhama.

difficult to follow : (adj.) durannaya.

difficult to give : (adj.) duddada.

difficult to see : (adj.) duddasa.

difficultly : (adv.) kicchena; kasirena.

difficulty : (m.) āyāsa. (nt.) dukkharatta.

diffidence : (f.) kaṅkhā; vimati; atilajjā.

diffident : (adj.) āsaṅkī; avisārada; lajjamāna.

diffidently : (adv.) avisāradatāya.

diffluent : (adj.) sandamāna; vilīyamāna.

diffract : (v.t.) ālokaṃ bhājeti or nānāvaṇṇattaṃ pāpeti.

diffuse : (v.t.) vyāpeti. (v.i.) pattharati; pharati. (pp.) vyāpita; patthaṭa; phuṭa.

diffusely : (adv.) savipphāraṃ.

diffusion : (m.) vipphāra. (nt.) pharaṇa; vyāpana.

diffusive : (adj.) vyāpaka; vipphāraka.

diffusiveness : (nt.) vyāpakatta.

dig : (v.t.) khaṇati. (pp.) khata.

dig into : nikhaṇati.

dig up : abhikkhaṇati.

digamy : (f.) dvibhariyatā.

digger : (m.) khaṇata.

digest : (v.t.) jīreti; pariṇāmeti; paripāceti. (v.i.) pariṇamati; paccati. (pp.) jiṇṇa; pariṇāmita; paripācita; pariṇata; pakka.

digestion : (nt.) pariṇama. (m.) paripāka.

digestive : (adj.) paripācaka; gahaṇivaḍḍaka. (nt.) pācakosadha.

digestive faculty : (f.) gahanī. (m.) udaraggi. (nt.) pācakindriya.

digging : (nt.) khaṇana.

digit : (f.) aṅgulimattā. (m.) aṃsaka. (f.) kalā.

digitate : (adj.) visuṃbhūtaṅgulika.

dignified : (adj.) mahita; sammānita; mahesakkha.

dignify : (v.t.) ukkaṃseti; uccaṭṭhānaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) ukkaṃsita; uccaṭṭhānaṃ pāpita.

dignitary : (m.) mahādhikārī; seṭṭhapadaṭṭha.

dignity : (f.) pabhāva; patāpa; mahima; teja. (m.) mahesakkhatā.

digress : (v.i.) uppathaṃ yāti; adhippetatthā bahi katheti.

digression : (nt.) uppathagamana. (f.) asambandhakathā.

digressive : (adj.) mātikāto bahigāmī.

dike : (f.) āḷi; pāḷi. (m.) setubandha. (f.) parikhā. (v.t.) āḷiṃ bandhati. (pp.) āḷibaddha.

dilapidate : (v.i.) jīrati; jajjarati; vināsaṃ yāti. (v.t.) vināsamukhaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) jiṇṇa; jajjarita; vināsaṃ yāta; vināsamukhaṃ pāpita.

dilate : (v.t.) vyāpeti; vitthāreti; vitanoti. (v.i.) pattharati. (pp.) vyāpita; vitthārita; vitata; patthaṭa

dilation : (nt.) vyāpana; pattharana.

dilatoriness : (nt.) vilampana; dīghasuttiya.

dilatory : (adj.) vilambaka; dīghasuttika.

dilemma : (f.) dvejjhakathā. (m.) ubhatokoṭika-pañha.

dilettante : (m.) kalāsipparata.

diligence : (m.) uyyāma; paggaha. (nt.) analasatta; atanditatta.

diligent : (adj.) atandita; analasa; āraddhaviriya.

diligently : (adv.) analasatāya.

dilly-dally : (v.i.) kālakkhepaṃ karoti; ito tato bhamati.

dilute : (v.t.) jalena misseti. (pp.) jalamissita. (adj.) vilīna; āposahita.

diluvial : (adj.) jaloghāyatta.

diluvium : (nt.) āposañvaṭṭanicita.

dim : (adj.) mandappabha; avisada. (v.t.) mandappabhaṃ karoti; malinayati. (v.i.) mandāloka or avisado hoti.

dimension : (m.) āroha-pariṇāha. (nt.) parimāṇa.

diminish : (v.t.) khepeti; hāpeti; mandīkaroti. (pp.) khepita; hāpita; mandīkata. (v.i.) khīyati; hāyati; mandībhavati. (pp.) khīṇa; hīna; mandībhūta.

diminution : (m.) khaya; apacaya. (nt.) mandībhavana; khīṇappamāṇa.

diminutive : (adj.) khuddaka; appaka.

diminutiveness : (nt.) khuddakatta.

dimly : (adv.) avisadākārena.

dimness : (nt.) avisadatta.

dimple : (m.) kapolabhaṅga; kapolāvaṭṭa.

din : (m.) nināda; kalakala. (v.t.) mahānādaṃ pavatteti.

dine : (v.i.) (sāyaṇhe) bhuñjati. (v.t.) bhojeti. (pp.) bhutta; bhojita.

diner : (m.) bhojī.

ding-dong : (m.) (parivattamāna) ghaṇṭānāda.

dingle : (m.) nikuñja.

dingy : (adj.) malinavañña.

dining-room : (nt.) bhojanāgāra.

dinky : (adj.) sundaradassana.

dinner : (nt.) divābhojana; sāyaṇhabhojana.

dinosaur : (f.) ādikappikagodhā.

dint : (m.) pahāra; abhighāta. (nt.) sāmatthiya.

diocese : (m.) nāyaka-pūjakāyatta-padesa.

dip : (v.t.) ogāheti; paveseti. (v.i.) nimujjati; ogāhati. (pp.) ogāhita; pavesita; nimugga; ogāḷha. (nt.) ogāhana; numujjana.

diploma : (nt.) adhikārapaṇṇa.

diplomacy : (nt.) dūteyya; niyojitabala; kerāṭiya.

diplomat : (m.) duteyya-nipuṇa; rājanītikusala.

diplomatical : (adj.) dūteyyavisayaka.

diplomist : (m.) duteyya-nipuṇa; rājanītikusala.

diplopia : (m.) diṭṭhiroga.

dipper : (m.) nimujjāpaka; dabhivisesa.

dipsomania : (f.) majjalolatā.

dipthong : (nt.) saṃyutta-saradvaya.

dire : (adj) ghora; dāruṇa; bherava.

direct : (adj.) uju; avaṅka; akuṭila; paṭipātiyāgata; supākaṭa; suvisada (v.t.) vidahati; upadisati; kāreti. (pp.) vidahita; upadiṭṭha; kārita.

direct-wrongly : micchāpanidahati.

direction : (m.) niyoga; niyama. (nt.) āṇā. (f.) disa || intermediate direction: (f.) anudisā.

directive : (adj.) nidassaka; niyojaka.

directly : (adv.) ujukaṃ.

director : (m.) vidhāyaka; ajjhakkhaka.

directorate : (f.) adhikārīsabhā.

directory : (f.) nāmādisūci.

direful : (adj.) bhayānaka.

dirge : (nt.) sokagīta.

dirk : (f.) chūrikā.

dirt : (nt.) mala; kalusa; uklāpa; kilesa.

dirtily : (adv.) malinākārena; kiliṭṭhatāya.

dirty : (adj.) kiliṭṭha; malina; asuddha.

disability : (f.) akkhamatā; asamatthatā; asakyatā.

disable : (v.t.) avasādeti; dubbalīkaroti. (pp.) avasādita; dubbalīkata.

disabuse : (v.t.) moham apaneti; vibbhamaṃ nirākaroti (pp.) apanītamoha; nirākatavibbhama.

disaccord : (m.) virodha. (f.) asāmaggi. (v.i.) virujjhati; vematiko hoti. (pp.) viruddha.

disadvantage : (m.) ādīnava; anattha. (nt.) ahita.

disadvantageous : (adj.) anatthāvaha; ahitakara.

disaffect : (v.i.) virajjati. (pp.) viratta.

disaffected : (adj.) duṭṭhacitta.

disaffection : (f.) vipakkhatā; appiyatā.

disaffirm : (v.t.) pubbanicchayaṃ vipallāseti. (pp.) pubbanicchayaṃ vipallāsita.

disafforest : (v.t.) nibbanaṃ karoti. (pp.) nibbanaṃ kata.

disaggregate : (v.t.) puthakkaroti; viyojeti. (pp.) puthakkata; viyojita.

disagreeable : (adj.) appiya; akanta; amanāpa.

disagreeable to ear : kaṇṇakaṭuka.

disagree : (v.i.) virujjhati; vilometi. (pp.) vuruddha.

disagreement : (m.) virodha. (f.) asaṃsandanā.

disallow : (v.t.) nānujānāti; nisedheti; pacchakkhāti. (pp.) nānuññāta; nisedhita; pacchakkhāta.

disannul : (v.t.) nirākaroti; lopeti; paccādisati. (pp.) nirākata; lutta; paccādiṭṭha.

disappear : (v.i.) antaradhāyati; vigacchati; adassanaṃ yāti. (pp.) antarahita; vigata; adassanaṃ yāta;

disappearance : (nt.) antaradhāna; vigamana. (m.) abhāva; atthagama; vilaya.

disappoint : (v.t.) visādaṃ or āsābhaṅgaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) āsābhaṅgaṃ pāpita.

disappointed : (adj.) bhaṭṭhāsa; visādappatta.

disappointing : (adj.) āsābhaṅgakara.

disappointment : (m.) āsābhaṅga; visāda; kheda.

disapprobation : (f.) ananujānanā; asampaṭicchanā.

disapproval : (f.) ananuññā; anabhimati. (nt.) garahana.

disapprove : (v.t.) nānujānati; garahati. (pp.) nānuññāta; garahita.

disarm : (v.t.) nirāyudhaṃ karoti. (pp.) nirāyudhaṃ kata.

disarmament : (m.) āyudhanikkhepa; yuddhapariccāga.

disarrange : (v.t.) vyākulīkaroti; vikkhobheti. (pp.) vyākulīkata; vikkhobhita.

disarrangement : (nt.) vyākulatta.

disarry : (v.t.) ayathā ṭhapeti; kamaṃ virodheti. (pp.) ayathā ṭhapita; virodhitakkama.

disassociate : (v.t.) viyojeti; puthakkaroti. (pp.) viyojita; puthakkata.

disaster : (f.) vipatti; āpadā. (m.) upaddava. (nt.) vyasana.

disastrous : (adj.) vipattikara; āpadāvaha.

disastrously : (adv.) vipattikaratāya.

disavow : (v.t.) paccakkhāti; paṭikkhipati. (pp.) paccakkhāta; paṭikkhita.

disavowal : (nt.) paccakkhāna.

disband : (v.t.) visileseti; senaṃ viyojeti. (pp.) visilesita; viyojitasena.

disbar : (v.t.) nītiññavuttito apaneti. (pp.) nītiññavuttito apanita.

disbelief : (nt.) assaddhiya; asaddahana.

disbelieve : (v.i.) na saddahati; na vissasati. (v.t.) asaddahāpeti. (pp.) asaddahita; avissattha; asaddahāpita.

disbeliever : (m.) asaddahitu.

diabolism : (f.) bhūtapūjā; bhūtabhatti. (nt.) dāruṇakamma.

disbranch : (v.t.) sākhā apaneti. (pp.) apanītasākha.

disburden : (v.t.) bhāram oropeti or nikkhipati. (pp.) oropitabhāra; nikkhittabhāra.

disburse : (v.t.) vissajjeti; vayaṃ karoti. (pp.) vijjita; vayakata.

disbursement : (nt.) vayakaraṇa; vissajjana.

disc : see disk.

discard : (v.t.) apanudati; nissajati; odhunāti (pp.) apanudita; nissaṭa; odhūta.

discern : (v.t.) paricchindati; viveceti. (v.i.) parijānāti. (pp.) paricchinna; vivecita; pariññāta.

discernible : (adj.) diṭṭhigocara; abhiññeyya.

discerning : (adj.) abhijānanaka; sukhumabuddhika.

discernment : (nt.) abhijānana; sallakkhaṇa; dūradassana. (f.) pariññā.

discerption : (nt.) vidāraṇa. (m.) visilesa.

discharge : (v.t.) 1. bhāram apaneti; 2. adhikārā cāveti; 3. (bandhanā) moceti; 4 (a missile) vissajjeti; 5; (an arrow) vijjhati. (v.i.) nikkhipati; nicchāreti; vamati. (pp.) apanītabhāra; adhikārā cāvita; mocita; vissaṭṭha; viddha; nikkhitta; nicchārita; vamita; or vanta. (m.) (matter emitted) nissanda; mokkha. (nt.) mala; (act of discharging) mocana; nikkhipana. (f.) vissaṭṭhi; (release from) mutti; vimutti.

discharge a debt : iṇaṃ sodheti.

discharge a duty : vattaṃ karoti.

discharge from an accusation : codanā moceti.

discharge urine : omutteti.

discharging of debt : (nt.) iṇasodhana.

disciple : (m.) sāvaka; sissa; antevāsika.

disciplinary : (adj.) vinayadāyaka; sikkhāyatta.

discipline : (m.) sikkhā; dama; niggaha. (f.) sikkhā. (v.t.) vineti; sikkheti; dameti. (pp.)vinīta; sikkhita; damita or danta.

disclaim : (v.t.) paccakkhāti; pariggahaṃ paṭikkhipati. (pp.) paccakkhāta; paṭikkhittapariggaha.

disclaimer : (nt.) paṭikkhipana; pariggahapaccakkhāna.

disclose : (v.t.) vivarati; pakāseti; pākaṭikaroti. (pp.) vivaṭa; pakāsita; pākaṭikata.

disclosure : (nt.) viraraṇa; pākaṭīdaraṇa.

discontinuously : (adv.) vicchinnākārena.

discoid : (adj.) maṇḍalākāra.

discolour : (v.t.) vivaṇṇataṃ pāpeti; vaṇṇaṃ hāpeti. (pp.) vivaṇṇataṃ pāpita; hāpitavaṇṇa.

discoloration : (nt.) dubbaṇṇakaraṇa.

discomfit : (v.t.) parājeti. (pp.) parājita.

discomfiture : (m.) parājaya; āsābhaṅga.

discomfort : (f.) pīlā. (m.) aphāsu. (v.t.) viheṭheti; uppīḷeti. (pp.) viheṭhita; uppīḷita.

discommend : (v.t.) nindati; garahati (pp.) nindita; garahita.

discommode : (v.t.) āyāseti; viheseti. (pp.) āyāsita; vihesita.

discompose : (v.t.) vikkhipati; asamāhitaṃ karoti. (pp.) vikkhita; asamāhitaṃ kata.

discomposedly : (v.t.) vikkhittākārena.

discomposure : (m.) vikkhepa. (nt.) ākulatta.

disconcert : (v.t.) vyākulīkaroti. (pp.) vyākulīkata.

disconnect : (v.t.) viyojeti; visaṃyojeti. (pp.) viyojita; visaṃyojita.

disconnected : (adj.) asambandha; asaṅgata.

disconnection : (nt.) viyojana; visuṃkaraṇa.

disconsolate : (adj.) vimana; khinnacitta ukkaṇṭhita.

disconsolately : (adv.) ukkhaṇṭhitākārena.

discontent : (adj.) anabhirata; asantuṭṭha. (f.) anabhirati; asantuṭhi. (v.t.) anabhiratiṃ janeti.

discontentedly : (adv.) anabhiratiyā.

discontentment : (f.) atitti.

discontinuance : (m.) viccheda.

discontinue : (v.t.) upacchindati; nivatteti. (pp.) upacchinna; nivattita.

discontinuous : (adj.) vicchinna.

discord : (m.) bheda; virodha (f.) asāmaggi. (v.i.) virujjhati. (pp.) viruddha.

discordant : (adj.) visama; viruddha; paṭiloma.

discordantly : (adv.) paṭilomākārena.

discount : (m.) uddhaṭabhāga. (v.t.) lābhato bhāgam uddharati.

discountenance : (v.t.) nānumodati; nirussāheti. (pp.) nānumodita; nirussāhita.

discourage : (v.t.) visādeti; ussāhaṃ hāpeti. (pp.) visādita; ussāhaṃ hāpita.

discouraging : (adj.) ussāhabhañjaka.

discouragingly : (adv.) visādajakākārena.

discouragement : (m.) ussāhāhaṃga. (nt.) osīdana.

discourse : (f.) desanā. (nt.) sutanta. (v.t.) deseti; pavadati. (v.i.) sambhāsati. (pp.) desita; pavutta; sambhāsita.

discourteous : (adj.) avinīta; tubbinīta; ācārahīna

discover : (v.t.) āvikaroti; pākaṭattaṃneti. (pp.) āvikata; pākaṭattaṃnita.

discoverer : (m.) āvikattu.

discovery : (nt.) āvikaraṇa.

discredit : (v.t.) na saddhati; na vissasati. (pp.) asaddhita; avissattha. (m.)apakitti; avissāna. (nt.)akittikaravathi.

discreditable : (adj.) avissasanīya; ayasakara.

discreet : (adj.) vicārapubbaka; samekkhakārī.

discreetly : (adv.) vicārapubbakaṃ

discrepance : (f.) vibhinnatā. (nt.) nānatta.

discrepancy : (f.) vibhinnatā. (nt.) nānatta.

discrepant : (adj.) bibhinna; vidhākāra.

discrete : (adj.) viyutta; vibhinna.

discreteness : (f.) vibhinnatā.

discretion : (f.) viññutā. (nt.) sakapaṭibhāṇa.

discriminate : (v.t.) viveceti; upalakkheti; viseseti; niccheti. (pp.) vivecita; upalakkhita; visesita; nicchita.

discriminating : (adj.) vivecaka; paricchindana.

discrimination : (nt.) vivecana. (m.) vinicchaya; niṇṇaya.

discriminative : (adj.) vivecaka; paricchindana.

discriminatively : (adv.) sañcicca; savivecanaṃ.

discrown : (v.t.) rājapadā apaneti. (pp.) apanītarājapada.

discursive : (adj.) athira; anavaṭṭhita; anumānita; takkita.

discus : (nt.) cakkāyudha.

discuss : (v.t.) manteti; sākacchati; āloceti; vicāreti. (pp.) mantita; sākacchita; ālocita; vicārita.

discussion : (f.) mantaṇā; sākacchā; vicāraṇā.

disdain : (f.) avaññā; hīḷanā. (v.t.) avamāneti; hīḷeti. (pp.) avamata; hīḷita.

disdainful : (adj.) sāvañña; sāvalepa.

disdainfully : (adv.) sāvamānaṃ.

disease : (m.) roga; vyādhi; ābādha; ātaṅka. (nt.) gelañña. (v.t.) rogena vyathati or pīḷeti. (pp.) rogena vyathita or pīḷita.

diseased : (adj.) rogātura; gilāna.

disembark : (v.i.) nāvāya otarati. (v.t.) nāvāto otāreti. (pp.) nāvāya otiṇṇa; nāvāto otārita.

disembarkation : (nt.) orohana; oropana.

disembarrass : (v.t.) saṃsayato or jaṭāto moceti. (pp.) saṃsayato mocita.

disembellish : (v.t.) vibhūsā-rahitaṃ karoti. (pp.) vibhūsā-rahitaṃ kata.

disembody : (v.t.) sarīrato viyojeti; yuddhasevāto moceti. (pp.) sarīrato viyojita; yuddhasevāto mocita.

disembogue : (v.t.) nadīmukhato jalaṃ nikkhāmeti. (pp.) nadīmukhato nikkhamitajala.

disembosom : (v.i.) hadayagataṃ pakāseti. (pp.) pakāsitahadayagata.

disembowel : (v.t.) antāni apaneti. (v.i.) antaṃ ṭhānato apagacchati. (pp.) apanītanta; apagatanta.

disembroil : (v.t.) vijaṭāto moceti. (pp.) vijaṭāto mocita.

disenchant : (v.t.) vasaṅgamanato moceti. (pp.) vasaṅgamanato mocita.

disenchantment : (nt.) vasībhāvāpaharaṇa.

disencumber : (v.t.) bhārato or bādhakato moceti. (pp.) bādhakato mocita.

disengage : (v.t.) viyojeti. (v.i.) muccati; mokkhati. (pp.) viyojita; mutta.

disengagement : (nt.) viyojana; muccana.

disenroll : (v.t.) nāmāvalito apaneti. (pp.) nāmālito apanīta.

disentangle : (v.t.) viniveṭheti; vijaṭeti. (pp.) viniveṭhita; vijaṭita.

disentangled : nijjaṭa; niggumba.

disentanglement : (nt.) vijaṭana.

disestablish : (v.t.) vavathitam or saṇṭhapitaṃ apaneti.

disfame : (m.) ayasa. (f.) akitti.

disfavour : (v.t.) na anuggaṇhāti; nānujāneti. (pp.) ananuggahita; ananuññāta.

disfeature : (v.t.) virūpeti. (pp.) virūpita.

disfiguration : (nt.) virūpakaraṇa; vevaṇṇiya.

disfigure : (v.t.) vikalīkaroti; virūpeti. (pp.) vikalīkata; virūpita.

disforest : (v.t.) nibbanaṃ karoti. (pp.) nibbanīkata.

disfranchise : (v.t.) chandabalaṃ nāseti. (pp.) nāsitachandabala.

disfurnish : (v.t.) upakaraṇāni apaneti. (pp.) apanītūpakaraṇa.

disgorge : (v.i.) vamati; uggirati. (pp.) vamita or vanta; uggirita.

disgrace : (m.) ayasa. (f.) akitti. (m.) parābhava. (v.t.) paribhavati; ayasaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) paribhūta; ayasaṃ pāpita.

disgraceful : (adj.) ayasakara; avamānajanaka.

disgracefully : (adv.) sāvamānaṃ.

disgruntle : (v.i.) kupito or dummukho hoti.

disgruntled : (adj.) asantuṭṭha.

disguise : (nt.) vesaparivattana. (v.t.) vesantaraṃ gaṇhāti; pakatiṃ parivatteti. (pp.) gahitavesantara; parivattitapakatika.

disgust : (f.) aṭṭīyanā; harāyanā; jigucchā. (m.) ubbega; saṃvega. (v.i.) virajjati; ubbijjati. (pp.) viratta; ubbigga.

disgustful : (adj.) jeguccha; paṭikkūla.

disgusting : (adj.) jeguccha; paṭikkūla.

dish : (m.) thāla. (nt.) thālaka. (f.) thālī. (v.t.) thāliyaṃ pakkhipati. (pp.) thāliyaṃ pakkhitta.

dishabille : (m.) avibhūsita; omutta-vatthābharaṇa.

dishabituate : (v.t.) anabbhāsaṃ karoti. (pp.) anabbhāsaṃ kata.

dishallucination : (nt.) vipallāsāpanayana.

disharmonious : (adj.) visama; visabhāga; nānāmatika; asamassara.

disharmonize : (v.t.) sāmaggiṃ nāseti; visamattaṃ neti. (pp.) nāsitasāmagga; visamattaṃ nīta.

disharmony : (f.) asāmaggi. (nt.) vesamma.

dishearten : see discourage.

dishevel : (v.t.) (kese) vikirati; vippakirati. (pp.) vikiṇṇa; vippakiṇṇa.

dishful : (adj.) pātipūra.

dishome : (v.t.) gehā nikkaḍḍhati; vippavāseti. (pp.) gehā nikkhaḍḍhita; vippavāsita.

dishonest : (adj.) saṭha; kapaṭa; vañcaka; vaṅka.

dishonestly : (adv.) savyājaṃ; nikatiyā; sāṭheyyena.

dishonesty : (nt.) sāṭheyya. (f.) nikati.

dishonour : (m.) agārava; ayasa. (f.) akitti. (v.t.) agarukaroti; anādarayati. (pp.) agarukata; anādarita.

dishonourable : (adj.) ayasakara; akittijanaka.

dishonourably : (adv.) nindiyākārena.

dishorn : (v.t.) siṅgāni apaneti. (pp.) apanītasiṅga.

dishouse : (v.t.) nijjanaṃ karoti. (pp.) nijjanīkata.

disillusion : (nt.) sammohāpanayana. (v.t.) sammoham apaneti. (pp.) apanītasammoha.

disinclination : (f.) anicchā; aruci.

disincline : (v.t.) virajjeti; aruciṃ uppādeti. (pp.) virajjita; uppaditāruci.

disincorporate : (v.t.) samitiṃ or pūgaṃ visaṃyojeti. (pp.) visaṃjitapūga.

disinfect : (v.t.) rogabījāni apaneti or nāseti. (pp.) apanīta or nāsita-rogabīja.

disinfectant : (adj.) rogabījanāsaka.

disinfection : (nt.) visabījanāsana.

disingenuous : (adj.) kuṭilajjhāsaya.

disinherit : (v.t.) adāyādiṃ karoti; dāyādā apaneti. (pp.) adāyādiṃ kata; dāyādā apanīta.

disintegrate : (v.t.) visileseti; viyojeti; vinibbhujati. (pp.) visilesita; viyojita; vinibbhutta.

disintegration : (nt.) viyojana; puthakkaraṇa.

disinter : (v.t.) nikhaṇitam uddharati. (pp.) uddhaṭanikkhaṇita.

disinterest : (f.) upekkhā; udāsīnatā. (v.t.) udāsīnaṃ karoti. (refl.) udāsīno hoti; upekkhati. (pp.) udāsīnakata; udāsīnabhūta; upekkhita.

disinterested : (adj.) majjhaṭṭha; apakkhapātī; muttāsa; attānapekkha.

disinterestedness : (m.) nissaṅga; virāga. (f.) apakkhapātitā.

disjoin : (v.t.) viyojeti; visandhīkaroti. (pp.) viyojita; visandhīkata. (v.i.) visaṃyujjati. (pp.) visaṃyutta.

disjoint : (v.t.) sambandham apaneti; visaṃyojeti. (pp.) apanitasambandha; vasaṃyojita.

disjunct : (adj.) visaṃsaṭṭha; vippayutta.

disjunction : (f.) visaṃsaṭṭhatā; asambaddhatā.

disjunctive : (adj.) viyojaka. (nt.) vicchedakapada.

disk : (nt.) maṇḍala; bimba.

dislike : (f.) arati; aruci; jigucchā; appiyatā. (v.t.) jigucchati; virajjati; na icchati. (pp.) jigucchita; viratta; na icchita.

disload : (v.t.) bhāraṃ apaharati or otāreti. (pp.) apahaṭa or otāritabhāra.

dislocate : (v.t.) ṭhānā cāveti; apasāreti. (pp.) ṭhānācāvita; apasārita.

dislocation : (nt.) apasandhikaraṇa; ṭhānā cāvana.

dislodge : (v.t.) āvāsato apaneti; nikkaḍḍhati. (pp.) āvāsato apanīta; nikkhaḍḍhita.

dislodgement : (nt.) aññaṭṭhānapāpaṇa.

disloyal : (adj.) bhattihīna; dubbhaka.

disloyalty : (f.) bhattihīnatā; dūbhitā.

dismal : (adj.) udāsīna; nirussāha; nirānanda; dukkhita; paribhūta.

dismally : (adv.) savisādaṃ.

dismalness : (m.) maṅkubhāva. (nt.) udāsīnatta.

dismantle : (v.t.) āvaraṇam apaneti; attāṇaṃ karoti. (pp.) apanītāvaraṇa; attāṇīkata.

dismay : (nt.) domanassa. (v.t.) santāseti; vyākulīkaroti. (pp.) santāsita; vyākulīkata.

dismember : (v.t.) aṅgāni vicchindati or puthakkaroti. (pp.) vicchinnaṅga; puthakkataṅga.

dismemberment : (nt.) aṅgaviyojana.

dismiss : (v.t.) paṇāmeti; nissajati; (senaṃ) visileseti; (aññattha) pahiṇāti. (pp.) paṇāmita; nissaṭṭha; visilesita; pahita.

dismissal : (nt.) paṇāmana; nissajjana; vissajjana.

dismission : (nt.) paṇāmana; nissajjana; vissajjana.

dismount : (v.i.) (assapiṭṭhito, etc.) otarati; oruhati. (v.t.) otāreti. (pp.) otiṇṇa; orūḷha; otārita.

disobedience : (f.) dubbacatā; anassavatā. (m.) āṇātikkama.

disobedient : (adj.) anassava; dubbaca.

disobey : (v.i.) āṇam ullaṅgheti or atikkamati; na sussūsati; ovādaṃ nānuvattati. (pp.) ullaṅghitāṇa; atikantāṇa; nānuvattitovāda.

disoblige : (v.t.) sākacchituṃ na icchati; āyāseti. (pp.) sākacchituṃ anicchita; āyāsita.

disobliging : (adj.) ananukūla.

disobligingly : (adv.) ananukūlatāya.

disorder : (f.) ākulatā; vyākulatā; uppaṭipāṭi. (m.) saṅkhobha; roga; ābādha. (v.t.) ākulīkaroti; vyathati. (pp.) ākulīkata; vyathita.

disorderliness : (f.) uppaṭipāṭi; vyākulatā.

disorderly : (adj.) ākula; saṅkula; anavaṭṭhita.

disorganisation : (nt.) vyākulīkaraṇa; saṅkhobhana.

disorganise : (v.t.) vyākulīkaroti; saṃvidhānaṃ bhañjati. (pp.) vyākulīkata; bhaṭṭhasaṃvidhāna.

disown : (v.t.) paccakkhāti; paṭikkhipati. (pp.) paccakkhāta; paṭikkhitta.

disparage : (v.t.) apasādeti; avamaññati; paribhavati. (pp.) apasādita; avamata; paribhūta.

disparagement : (f.) nindā; avaññā; apasādanā.

disparagingly : (adv.) avaññāvasena.

disparate : (adj.; n.) visadisa; vilakkhaṇa.

disparity : (nt.) vesamma; vilakkhaṇatta.

dispart : (v.t.) viyojeti; visuṃkaroti; vibhajati. (v.i.) saṅgama apagacchati. (pp.) viyojita; visuṃkata; vibhatta; saṅgamā apagata.

dispassion : (m.) virāga. (f.) nirāsā.

dispassionate : (adj.) viratta; upekkhaka.

dispassionately : (adv.) virattākārena.

dispatch : (nt.) pesana; pahiṇana; sāsana. (v.t.) peseti; pahiṇāti; khippaṃ niṭṭhāpeti; maraṇīyappahāraṃ deti. (pp.) pesita; pahita; khippaṃ niṭṭhāpita; dinnamaraṇīyappahāra.

dispel : (v.t.) nudati; panudati; vinodeti. (pp.) nudita; panudita; vinodita.

dispensable : (nt.) visajjana; vibhajana; saṃvidahana. (f.) niyati.

dispensary : (m.) osadhālaya. (nt.) bhesajjāgāra.

dispense : (v.t.) 1. bhesajjaṃ payojeti; 2. vissajjeti; vibhajati. (pp.) payojitabhesajja; vissaṭṭha; vibhatta.

dispense with : visesavaraṃ deti; āṇaṃ paṭisedheti; taṃ vinākiccaṃ karoti. (pp.) dinnavisesavara; paṭisedhitāṇa.

dispenser : (m.) bhesajjayojaka; saṃvidahitu.

dispeople : (v.t.) nijjanaṃ karoti. (pp.) nijjanīkata.

disperse : (v.t.) vikirati; vikkhipati; dūrīkaroti. (pp.) vikiṇṇa; vikkhitta; dūrīkata.

dispersion : (nt.) vikiraṇa; vikkhipana.

dispirit : (v.t.) ubbejeti; visādeti. (pp.) ubbejita; visādita.

dispiritedly : (adv.) olīnākārena.

displace : (v.t.) osakketi; ṭhānācāveti; aññassa ṭhānaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) osakkita; ṭhānācāvita; gahitaññaṭhāna.

displacement : (nt.) ṭhānācāvana; osakkāpana.

displant : (v.t.) ummūleti. (pp.) ummūlita.

display : (nt.) sandassana; pākaṭīkaraṇa. (v.t.) sandasseti; dassanāya pasāreti. (pp.) sandassita; dassanāya pasārita.

displease : (v.t.) kopeti; roseti; anattamanaṃ karoti. (pp.) kopita; rosita; anattamanaṃ kata.

displeased : (adj.) appasanna; vimana; dummana.

displeasing : (adj.) appiya; amanāpa.

displeasure : (m.) asantosa; appasāda. (f.) asantuṭṭhi.

disport : (f.) kīḷā. (v.i.) sayam eva kīḷati; ramati.

disposal : (f.) racanā; paṭipāṭi. (m.) vinyāsa. (nt.) vitaraṇa; samappaṇa.

dispose : (v.t.) vidahati; viyameti. (v.i.) poṇo or ninno bhavati. (pp.) vihita; niyamita; poṇībhūta; ninnabhūta || well disposed: (adj.) susīla.

dispose of : appeti; vissajjeti. (pp.) appita; vissaṭṭha.

disposed to go : (adj.) gantukāma.

disposed to quarrel : (adj.) kalahappiya.

disposer : (m.) vidhāyaka; vissajjaka.

disposition : (m.) ajjhāsaya; vinyāsa; ṭhapitākāra. (f.) adhimutti; pakati; racanā || good disposition: (m.) sabbhāva. (nt.) sosīlya.

dispossess : (v.t.) assāmikaṃ or anāyattaṃ karoti; bhūtagāhato moceti. (pp.) anāyattīkata; bhūtagāhato mocita.

dispossession : (m.) anāyattabhāva. (nt.) assāmikaraṇa.

dispraise : (v.t.) vinaṇṇeti; nindati; garahati. (pp.) vivaṇṇita; nindita; garahita. (f.) nindā; garahā. (m.) apavāda.

disproof : (nt.) nirākaraṇa; matakhaṇḍana.

disproportion : (nt.) vesamma; asamanatta.

disproportionate : (adj.) visamappamāṇayutta; ananurūpa.

disprove : (v.t.) nirakaroti; mataṃ khaṇḍeti. (pp.) nirākata; khaṇḍitamata.

disputable : (adj.) vivādāraha; sasandeha.

disputant : (m.) vivādī; viggāhī.

disputation : (nt.) vivadana.

dispute : (m.) vivāda; kalaha. (nt.) bhaṇḍana. (v.t.) vivadati; kalahaṃ karoti. (pp.) vivadita; katakalaha || upset in a dispute: (adj.) anadhikāraṃ || ground for dispute: (m.) vādapatha.

disqualification : (f.) akkhamatā; ananucchavikatā; anadhikāratā.

disqualify : (v.t.) anadhikāraṃ or akammaññaṃ karoti.

disquiet : (adj.) ubbigga; kampita. (v.t.) ubbejeti; khobheti. (pp.) ubbejita; khobhita.

disquieting : (adj.) vikkhepakara.

disquietness : (m.) vikkhepa; saṅkhobha.

disquietude : (m.) vikkhepa; saṅkhobha.

disquisition : (f.) vīmaṃsā; upaparikkhā.

disregard : (nt.) anādariya. (f.) nirapekkhā; avaññā. (v.t.) avagaṇeti; avamāneti; upekkhati. (pp.) avagaṇita; avamānita; upekkhita.

disregardful : (adj.) anādara; nirapekkha.

disrelish : (f.) aruci; jigucchā. (v.t.) nakkhamati; jigucchati. (pp.) akkhanta; jigucchita.

disremember : (v.t.) nassarati; vissarati; pamussati. (pp.) nassarita; vissarita; pamuṭṭha.

disrepair : (nt.) appaṭisaṅkharaṇa.

disreputable : (adj.) ayasāvaha; akittikara.

disrepute : (m.) ayasa. (f.) akitti.

disrespect : (m.) agārava; anādara; avamāna. (f.) avaññā. (v.t.) avamāneti; avajānāti. (pp.) avamānita; avaññāta.

disrespectful : (adj.) agārava; sāvañña; sāvamāna.

disrespectfully : (adv.) sāvamānaṃ; agāravena.

disrobe : (v.t.) omuñcati; vatthāni apaneti. (v.i.) uppabbajati. (pp.) omutta; apanītavattha; uppabbajita.

disroot : (v.t.) ummūleti. (pp.) ummūlita.

disrupt : (v.t.) pabhañjati; vidāreti. (pp.) pabhaṭṭha; vidārita.

disruption : (nt.) pabhañjana; vidāraṇa.

disruptive : (adj.) pabhañjaka; vidāraka.

dissatisfaction : (f.) atitti; asantuṭṭhi; ukkaṇṭhanā.

dissatisfy : (v.t.) na pīṇeti; atittaṃ karoti. (v.i.) ukkaṇṭhati. (pp.) apīṇita; atittikata; ukkaṇṭhita.

dissect : (v.t.) (upaparikkhāya) vicchindati or vibhindati. (pp.) vicchinna; vibhinna.

dissection : (m.) viccheda.

dissector : (m.) vicchedaka.

disseize : (v.t.) assāmikaṃ karoti. (pp.) assāmīkata.

dissemble : (v.t.) yathāsabhāvaṃ paṭicchādeti; ajānanto viya carati; kuhako hoti. (pp.) paṭicchādhitayathāsabhāva; kuhakabhūta.

disseminate : (v.t.) pacāreti; vyāpeti; vitanoti. (pp.) pacārita; vyāpita; vitata.

dissemination : (nt.) pacāraṇa; vyāpana.

disseminator : (m.) pacāraka; vyāpetu.

dissension : (m.) bheda; virodha; vivāda.

dissent : (f.) bhinnamatitā. (m.) matabheda; vivāda. (v.i.) na saṃsandati; matabhedaṃ yāti. (pp.) asaṃsandita; matabhedaṃ yāta.

dissenter : (n.) bhinnamatika.

dissentient : (n.) bhinnamatika.

dissenting : (adj.) asaṃsandamāna.

dissert : (v.i.) deseti; vaṇṇeti. (pp.) desita; vaṇṇita.

dissertion : (nt.) vivaraṇa; vyākhyāna.

disserve : (v.t.) viyojeti; visileseti. (v.i.) viyujjati. (pp.) viyojita; visilesita; viyutta.

dissidence : (f.) vematikatā; bhinnamatitā.

dissident : (adj.) bhinnamatika.

dissimilar : (adj.) asamāna; visadisa; visabhāga.

dissimilarity : (nt.) vesamma; visadisatta.

dissimilate : (v.t.) asamānaṃ or visadisaṃ karoti. (pp.) asamānakata.

dissimilitude : (nt.) asamānatta; visadisatta.

dissimulate : (v.t.) yathāsabhāvaṃ chādeti; kohaññaṃ dasseti. (pp.) chāditayathāsabhāva; dassitakohañña.

dissimulation : (nt.) sabhāvachādana; kohañña.

dissipate : (v.t.) apaneti; apanudati; vikirati. (pp.) apanīta; apanudita; vikiṇṇa.

dissipated : (adj.) durācara; kāmāsatta.

dissipation : (nt.) vikiraṇa; duccarita.

dissociable : (adj.) asaṅgamāraha.

dissocialise : (v.t.) asaṅgamārahaṃ karoti.

dissociate : (v.t.) viyojeti; visileseti. (pp.) viyojita; visilesita.

dissoluble : (adj.) visilesanīya; vilayanāraha.

dissolute : (adj.) anavaṭṭhita; durācāra; kāmuka.

dissoluteness : (m.) durācāra. (nt.) duccarita.

dissolution : (m.) vilaya; nāsa; bhaṅga; nirodha.

dissolve : (v.t.) vilīyāpeti; vicchindati. (v.i.) vilīyati; ucchijjati. (pp.) vilīyāpita; vicchinna; vilīna; ucchinna.

dissolvent : (m.; nt.) visilesaka; viyojaka.

dissonance : (f.) visamasaratā.

dissonant : (adj.) visamassara.

dissonantly : (adv.) vissaratāya.

dissuade : (v.t.) viramāpeti; nivāreti; nisedheti. (pp.) viramāpita; nivārita; nisedhita.

dissuader : (m.) nivāraka; viramāpaka.

dissuasion : (nt.) viramāpana; nivāraṇa.

dissuasive : (adj.) viramāpaka; nivāraka.

dissymmetrical : (adj.) asaṅgata; aghaṭiyamāna.

dissymmetry : (nt.) asaṅgati; ananukūlatta.

distaff : (m.) tasara.

distance : (nt.) dūra; antara. (v.t.) dūre karoti. (pp.) dūrekata.

distant : (adj.) dūraṭṭha; anāsanna.

distaste : (f.) aruci; arati.

distasteful : (adj.) 1. arucikara; amadhura; 2. appiya; akanta; amanāpa.

distemper : (v.t.) vikkhipati; vikatiṃ pāpeti; vaṇṇālepaṃ karoti. (pp.) vikkhitta; vikatiṃ pāpita; katavaṇṇālepa. (m.) sārīrikavikāra; ubhega; vaṇṇālepa.

distend : (v.i.) uddhumāyati. (pp.) uddhumāyita. (v.t.) vātena pūrāpeti. (pp.) vātena pūrāpita.

distension : (nt.) uddhumāyana.

distich : (f.) upaḍḍhagāthā.

distinct : (adj.) visiṭṭha; vibhūta; nānākāra.

distinction : (m.) visesa; pabheda. (nt.) visiṭṭhatta.

distinctively : (adv.) visesatop pākaṭākārena.

distinctly : (adv.) vibhūtaṃ; supākaṭaṃ.

distinctness : (nt.) visiṭṭhatta; nānatta; bhinnatta.

distil : (v.t.) parissāveti. (v.i.) parissavati; sandati. (pp.) parissāvita; parissavita; sandita.

distiller : (m.) parissāvaka; majjasampādaka.

distillery : (nt.) majjasampādanaṭṭhāna.

distinctive : (adj.) upalakkhaka; visesaka.

distinguish : (v.t.) viseseti; upalakkheti. (pp.) visesita; upalakkhita.

distinguishable : (adj.) upalakkhaṇīya; vibhūta; supākaṭa.

distinguished : (adj.) vikhyāta; patīta; vissuta; abhiññāta; paññāta.

distinguishing : (adj.) visesakara; paricchindaka.

distort : (v.t.) saṅkoceti; virūpeti. (pp.) saṅkocita; virūpita.

distortion : (m.) saṅkoca; vikāra; vipallāsa.

distract : (v.t.) vikkhipati; sambhameti. (pp.) vikkhitta; sambhamita.

distracted : (adj.) asamāhita; aññavihita.

distraction : (m.) sambhama; vikkhepa. (f.) anavaṭṭhiti.

distractive : (adj.) cittakobhaka; vikkhipaka.

distrain : (v.i.) iṇasādhanatthaṃ; iṇāyikāyattam gaṇhāti.

distrait : (adj.) aññavihita; anohitasota.

distraught : (adj.) atikampita; saṃkhubhita.

distress : (f.) vipatti; āpadā. (nt.) vyasana. (m.) upaddava; vighāta. (v.t.) vyathati; upaddaveti; pīḷeti. (pp.) vyathita; upadduta; pīḷita.

distressed : (adj.) dukkhita; aṭṭita; pīḷita; vyathita; upadduta.

distressful : (adj.) pīḷākara; dukkhāvaha; vipattidāyaka.

distressing : (adj.) dukkhāvaha.

distributable : (adj.) onojetabba; vissajjanīya; vebhaṅgiya.

distribute : (v.t.) vitarati; vissajjeti; onojeti. (pp.) vitarita; vissaṭṭha; onojita.

distribution : (nt.) onojana; vibhajana; vitaraṇa.

distributive : (adj.) saṃvibhajaka; pabhedavācaka.

distributor : (m.) onojaka; vissajjaka; bhājaka.

distributor of alms : (m.) dānaveyyāvaṭika.

district : (m.) padesa.

district court : (nt.) disādhikaraṇa.

district judge : (m.) disādhikaraṇika.

distrust : (v.t.) āsaṅkati; parisaṅkati; na saddahati. (pp.) āsaṅkita; asaddahita. (m.) avissāsa. (f.) āsaṅkā.

distrustful : (adj.) apaccayika; sāsaṅka.

distrustfully : (adv.) sāsaṅkaṃ.

disturb : (v.t.) vikkhipati; khobheti; āloketi. (pp.) vikkhitta; khobhita; ālolita.

disturbance : (m.) vikkhepa; khobha; ālola. (f.) kampā. (nt.) calana.

disturbing : (adj.) khobhakara; vikkhipaka.

disunion : (f.) asāmaggi. (m.) viyoga.

disunite : (v.t.) bhedeti; viyojeti. (v.i.) viyujjati. (pp.) bhedita; viyojita; viyutta.

disunited : (adj.) asamagga; bhedappatta.

disuse : (nt.) anāsevana. (m.) abbohāra. (v.t.) vohārā or āsevanā apaneti. (pp.) vohārā apanīta.

ditch : (f.) digghikā; parikhā.

ditto : (adj.) yathāvutta; pubbe vutta. tad eva; sadisam eva.

ditty-bag : (f.) macchikassa or nāvikassa pacchi.

diuresis : (m.) bahumuttaroga.

diuretic : (adj.) muttavaḍḍhaka.

diurnal : (adj.) ekāhika; devasika.

diurnally : (adj.) anudinaṃ; devasikaṃ.

divagate : (v.t.) apakkkamati. (pp.) apakkanta.

divagation : (nt.) apakkamana.

divan : (nt.) mantisabhā; dīghāsana; dhūmavaṭṭikāgāra.

divaricate : (v.i.) dvidhā bhijjati or gacchati. (pp.) dvidhā bhinna or gata.

divarication : (nt.) dvidhāgamana.

dive : (nt.) ogāhana; nimujjana. (v.i.) ogāhati; nimujjati. (pp.) ogāḷha; nimugga.

diver : (m.) ogāhī; nimujjaka; jalacarapakkhī.

diverge : (v.i.) apasarati; apagacchati; ekaṭṭhānato nānādisāsu gacchati. (pp.) apasaṭa; apagata; nānādisāgata.

divergence : (nt.) apasaraṇa.

divergent : (adj.) apasaramāna.

divers : (adj.) vividha; nānāvidha; nānākāra; anekavidha.

diverse : (adj.) vividha; nānāvidha; nānākāra; anekavidha.

diversely : (adv.) vividhā; nānākārena.

diversified : (adj.) vicitta; nānāvaṇṇa.

diversify : (v.t.) vividhaṃ or vicittaṃ karoti. (pp.) vividhākata; vicittakata.

diversion : (nt.) parivattana; anurañjana. (m.) vinoda.

diversity : (nt.) nānatta; vividhatta.

divert : (v.t.) rañjeti; rameti; toseti; aññathā karoti. (pp.) rañjita; ramita; tosita; aññathākata.

diverting : (adj.) manorañjaka.

divest : see deprive.

divestment : (nt.) acchindana.

divide : (v.t.) vibhajati; bhājeti. (v.i.) vibhijjati; pabhedaṃ gacchati. (pp.) vibhatta; bhājita; vibhinna; pabhedagata.

dividend : (m.) paṭiviṃsa; koṭṭhāsa. (f.) bhājiyasaṅkhyā.

divider : (m.) bhājaka.

dividual : (adj.) bhājiya.

divination : (nt.) anāgatādisana.

divine : (adj.) dibba; devāyatta. (v.t.) dibbañāṇena katheti or pakāseti. (pp.) dibbañāṇena kathita or pakāsita.

divine eye : (nt.) dibbacakkhu.

divine mansion : (nt.) vimāna; vyamha.

divine power : (m.) devānubhāva. (f.) deviddhi.

diviner : (m.) nimittapāṭhaka.

divinity : (nt.) devatta.

divisibility : (nt.) bhājanīyatta, vibhajanakkhamatta.

divisible : (adj.) vibhājiya.

division : (nt.) vibhajana. (m.) vibhāga; vibhaṅga; viccheda; koṭṭhāsa; vagga; padesa.

divisional : (adj.) koṭṭhāsāyatta; padesika.

divisor : (m.) bhājaka. (f.) bhājakasaṅkhyā.

divorce : (v.t.) vivāhaṃ nirākaroti or lopeti. (pp.) nirakatavivāha. (nt.) vivāhanirākaraṇa.

divorcement : (m.) vivāhavisilesa.

divulge : (v.t.) (rahassaṃ) pakāseti or pākaṭīkaroti. (pp.) pakāsitarahassa or pākaṭīkata.

dizziness : (f.) mucchā. (m.) muṭṭhasacca; sativippavāsa.

dizzy : (adj.) mucchākara; bhamuppādaka.

do : (v.t.) karoti; vidahati; sādheti. (pp.) kata; vihita; sādhita.

do all : (adj.) sabbhatthaka.

do away : (ind.) alaṃ.

do not : mā (with imperative or aorist).

do-nothing : (m.) alasa; kusīta.

docile : (adj.) subbaca; vineyya; vidheya; damma; sakhila.

docility : (f.) vidheyyatā; subbacatā; sovacassatā.

dock : (m.) nāvānivāsa; kārāgabbha. (nt.) vāladhikantana. (f.) kesakappanā. (v.t.) pucchaṃ chindati; kese kappeti; nāvaṃ niveseti. (pp.) chinnapuccha; kappitakessa; nivesitanāva.

docker : (m.) nāvātaḷāke kammakarī.

docket : (f.) mātikāsūci; saṅkhittalipi. (v.t.) adhikaraṇa-vinicchayaṃ potthake likhati.

doctor : (m.) bahussuta; paṇḍita; vejja; tikicchaka. (v.t.) tikicchati.

doctorship : (nt.) ācariyapada.

doctrinal : (adj.) dhammāyatta.

doctrine : (m.) dhamma. (f.) diṭṭhi. (m.) vāda || false doctrine: (f.) micchādiṭṭhi; true doctrine: (f.) sammādiṭthi.

document : (nt.) lekhana. (f.) lipi. (v.t.) lekhanena sādheti; lekhanāni sampādeti. (pp.) lekhanena sādhita; sampāditalekhana.

documentary : (adj.) lekhanāyatta.

dodder : (v.i.) (dubbalatāya) kampati. (pp.) kampita.

dodecagon : (n.) dvādasakoṇaka.

dodge : (f.) nikati. (nt.) sāṭheyya; ketava. (v.t.) (pahārādiṃ) vañceti or apaharati. (v.i.) ṭhānā apasarati; ito cito bhamati. (pp.) vañcita; apahaṭa; ṭhānā apasaṭa; ito cito bhanta.

dodger : (m.) nekatika; saṭha.

doe : (f.) migī; hariṇī.

doer : (m.) kārī; kattu; sādhetu.

doff : (v.t.) omuñcati; apaneti. (pp.) omutta; apanīta.

dog : (m.) sunakha; suvāna; sārameya; kukkura; sā. (v.t.) anubhandhati; padā padaṃ yati. (pp.) anubaddha; padā padaṃ yāta || mad dog: (m.) atisuna; alakka.

dog eater : (m.) sapaca; sapāka.

dog trough : (f.) suvānadoṇi.

dogged : (adj.) adamma; daḷhagāhayutta.

dogma : (f.) diṭṭhi. (m.) matavisesa; siddhanta.

dogmatic : (adj.) diṭṭhivisayaka; daḷhadiṭṭhika.

dogmatically : (adv.) daḷhagāhena.

dogmatise : (v.i.) sakamataṃ deseti or patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) desitasakamata.

dogmatism : (m.) diṭṭhigāha; kumbhīlagāha.

dogmatist : (m.) sakamatadesaka.

doing : (adj.) karonta. (f.) kriyā. (m.) kicca.

doit : (nt.) atiappaggha-vatthu; atikhuddaka-jātarūpa.

dole : (m.) soka; parideva; paṭiviṃsa; koṭṭhasa. (v.t.) thoka-thokaṃ deti or vibhajati. (pp.) thoka-thokaṃ dinna or vibhatta.

doleful : (adj.) sokātura; dukkhita.

dolefully : (adv.) sasokaṃ.

dolefulness : (m.) kheda; visāda.

doll : (f.) dhītalikā; puttalikā.

dollish : (adj.) mandapañña.

dollishly : (adv.) mūḷhākārena.

dollop : (m.) puñja; piṇḍa; ālopa.

dolmen : (m.) atipurāṇa-susānathūpa.

dolorous : (adj.) sokātura; dummana.

dolphin : (f.) macchakinnarī.

dolt : (m.) dandha; jaḷa; mūḷha.

doltish : (adj.) mandapañña.

domain : (m.) sakavisaya. (nt.) āṇāvattiṭṭhāna; ādhipacca; sāpateyya.

dome : (nt.) addhagoḷa-sikhara.

domestic : (m.) gehasevaka. (adj.) 1. gehanissita; gharāvāsāyatta; 2. sadesāyatta.

domesticate : (v.t.) 1. vineti; dameti; 2. (gehe) niveseti. (pp.) vinīta; damita; nivesita.

domestication : (nt.) vinayana; nivesāpana.

domesticity : (m.) gharāvāsa. (f.) gehāsattatā; sakagharaṃ viya maññanā.

domicile : (nt.) nivesana; vāsaṭṭhāna. (v.i.) niccavāsam upeti. (pp.) niccavāsam upeta.

domiciliate : (v.t.) niccavāsappattaṃ karoti.

dominance : (nt.) pabalatta; padhānatta.

dominant : (adj.) pabala; padhāna; ukkaṭṭha.

dominate : (v.t.) vase vatteti; issariyaṃ or ādhipaccaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) vase vattita; pavattita-issariya.

domination : (nt.) āhipacca; issariya.

domineer : (v.i.) abhibhavati; attano matiyā pāleti. (pp.) abhibhūta; attano matiyā pālita.

domineering : (adj.) vasavattaka; attanomatika.

domineeringly : (adv.) attanomatiyā; seribhāvena

dominion : (nt.) ādhipacca; pabhutta. (m.) adhīnadesa.

don : (m.) mahābhāgya. (v.t.) paridahāpeti; nivāseti. (pp.) paridahāpita; nivāsita or nivattha.

donate : (v.t.) dadāti; vitarati; pariccajati. (pp.) dinna; vitarita; pariccatta.

donation : (nt.) dāna. (m.) pariccāga.

donative : (adj.) paricāgāyatta. (m.) tuṭṭhidāya.

done : (pp. of do) kata || badly done: (adj.) dukkata; well done: (adj.) sukata.

done away : (adj.) apakata.

done before : (adj.) katapubba.

donee : (m.) paṭiggāhaka; dānalābhī.

donkey : (m.) gadrabha; khara.

donor : (m.) dāyaka; dātu; cāgī.

doodle : (m.) jaḷa; mūḷha. (v.t.) lāleti. (pp.) lālita.

doom : (nt.) vadha. (nt.) daṇḍana. (f.) niyati. (v.t.) vadhaṃ pāpeti; daṇḍaṃ paṇeti. (pp.) vadhaṃ pāpita; paṇītadaṇḍa.

doomsday : (nt.) lokavinicchaya-dina.

door : (nt.) dvāra. (m.) pavesa.

door frame : (f.) dvārabāhā.

door keeper : (m.) dvārapāla.

door mat : (f.) pādapuñchanī.

door post : (m.) esikātthambha.

door sill : (m.) ummāra.

door step : (m.) ummāra.

dope : (v.t.) madeti; mattaṃ karoti. (pp.) madita or matta. (f.) majja-jāti.

dormancy : (f.) akammaññatā.

dormant : (adj.) anusayita; kriyāvirahita.

dormitory : (nt.) sayanighara; sayanāgāra.

dormouse : (f.) rukkhamūsikā.

dorsal : (adj.) paṭṭhinissita.

dosage : (m.) pātabbabhāga or pamāṇa.

dose : (nt.) pātabba-pamāṇa. (f.) bhesajja-mattā. (v.t.) misseti. (pp.) missita.

dossier : (f.) lipi-bhaṇḍikā.

dot : (nt.) binduciṇha. (v.t.) bindūhi aṅketi. (pp.) bindūhi aṅkita.

dotage : (m.) adhikasineha; atisammosa.

dotard : (n.) jarajiṇṇa; jarātura.

dote : (v.i.) pamuyhati; atimamāyati. (pp.) mūḷha; atimamāyita.

doting : (adj.) pemātura.

dotingly : (adv.) atimuddhatāya; atisinehena.

dotty : (adj.) kalaṅkita.

double : (nt.) duka; dvitta. (adj.) 1. diguṇa; 2. dvippakāra; duvidha. (v.t.) 1. diguṇīkaroti; 2. nāmeti. (pp.) diguṇīkata; nāmita. (v.i.) digunīhoti. (pp.) digunībhūta.

double dealer : (m.) saṭha; vañcaka.

double edged : (adj.) ubhatodhāra.

double entry : (nt.) dvidhā likhana.

double meaning : (adj.) ubhayattha; sasandeha.

double minded : (adj.) calacitta.

doubling : (nt.) diguṇakaraṇa.

doubly : (adv.) dvidhā; diguṇaṃ.

doubt : (f.) kaṅkhā; saṅkā; vimati. (m.) sadeha. (v.i.) saṅkati; kaṅkhati; vicikicchati. (pp.) saṅkita; kaṅkhita; vicikicchita. (v.t.) na saddahati. (pp.) asaddahita.

doubtful : (adj.) sasandeha; āsaṅkī; kaṅkhī.

doubtfully : (adv.) sāsaṅkaṃ.

doubtless : (adj.) nirāsaṅka; nikkaṅkha; asandiddha; akathaṅkathī.

doubtlessly : (adv.) nirāsaṅkaṃ; nissandehaṃ.

douce : (adj.) amatta; satimantu.

dough : (nt.) maddita-piṭṭha.

doughty : (adj.) vīra; pabala.

dour : (adj.) avidheya; thaddhapakatika.

dove : (m.) kapota; pārāpata.

dove cot : (f.) kapotapālikā. (m.) viṭaṅka.

dove like : (adj.) suvinīta.

dowager : (f.) (laddhadāyādā) vidhavā.

dowdy : (f.) dubbasanā; virūpinī. (adj.) asobhana.

dowel : (nt.) khīlaka.

dower : (m.) vidhavāya bhāga; bhuddhippabhāva. (nt.) bariyāyatta-dhana.

down : (nt.) sukhuma-pakkhipatta; aṅgaṇaṭṭhāna. (adv.) heṭṭhā; adho. (v.t.) opāteti; onāmeti. (pp.) opātita; onāmita.

down cast : (adj.) adhomukha; pattakkhandha.

down castness : (m.) maṅkubhāva. (nt.) dummukhatta.

down hearted : (adj.) dīnamana; khinnacitta.

down pour : (m.) dhārānipāta.

down right : (adj.) akuṭila; avaṅka. (adv.) ujuṃ; akuṭilaṃ.

down stairs : (loc.) adhotale; heṭthāpāsade.

down trodden : (adj.) omaddita.

downfall : (m.) parābhava. (f.) parihāni.

downward : (adj.) adhogamī; hāyamāna.

downwards : (adv.) adhomukhaṃ.

downy : (adj.) mudulomayutta; mudutiṇayutta.

dowry : (nt.) itthidhana.

doxology : (nt.) devatthutigīta.

doze : (f.) pacalāyanā. (v.i.) pacalāyati.

dozen : (nt.) dvādasaka.

drab : (f.) gaṇikā; mandappabhā. (v.i.) gaṇikāya samāgacchati. (pp.) gaṇikāya samāgata.

drabble : (v.i.) udakaṃ kampento gacchati; malino bhavati. (v.t.) malinīkaroti. (pp.) malinībhūta; malinīkata.

drachma : (m.) dhaññamāsa.

draconic : (adj.) daḷha; pīḷākara.

draft : (m.) niyamita-purisagaṇa. (nt.) mūluddhārapaṇṇa. (f.) paṭhamaracanā. (v.t.) ālikhati; saṇṭhānaṃ dasseti; gaṇam uccināti. (pp.) ālikkhita; dassitasaṇṭhāna; uccinitagaṇa.

draftsman : (m.) ālekhaka.

drag : (m.) mahā-assaratha. (v.t.) ākaḍḍhati; ākassati. (pp.) ākaḍḍhita; ākassita. (v.i.) āyāsena gacchati.

drag about : parikassati.

drag along : samparikaḍḍhati.

drag in : (anavassaṃ) āharati.

drag near : upakaḍḍhati.

drag net : (nt.) mahājāla.

drag out : nikkaḍḍhati.

dragging : (nt.) ākaḍḍhana.

draggle : (v.t.) paṅkena makkheti. (v.i.) paṅkena makkhīyati. (pp.) paṅkena makkhita.

dragoman : (m.) bhāsāparivattaka.

dragon : (m.) sapakkha-nāga; vyāla.

dragoon : (m.) assārohī-bhaṭa. (v.t.) balena kāreti.

drain : (nt.) niddhamana. (m.) jalaniggama. (v.t.) apavāheti; jalaṃ nissāreti. (pp.) apavāhita; nissāritajala.

drainage : (nt.) jalāpa-vāhana.

drainer : (m.) jalāpavāhī.

drake : (m.) kādamba; kalahaṃsa.

dram : (nt.) aṭṭhamāsakapamāṇa.

drama : (nt.) nāṭaka; nāṭya.

dramatic : (adj.) nāṭakāyatta; vimhayāvaha.

dramatically : (adv.) nāṭakarūpena.

dramatise : (v.t.) nāṭakattaṃ parivatteti; nāṭyaṃ likhati. (pp.) nāṭakattaṃ parivattita; likhitanāṭya.

dramatist : (m.) nāṭyasampādaka.

dramaturgy : (f.) nāṭyakalā.

drape : (v.t.) vatthehi chādeti; nivāseti; vatthe pasāreti. (pp.) vatthehi chādita; nivattha; pasāritavattha.

draper : (m.) dussavāṇija.

drapery : (f.) dussavaṇijjā; vatthajāti.

drapery shop : (f.) paggāhi-kasālā.

drastic : (adj.) atidaḷha; anatikkamanīya; ativirecaka.

drastically : (adv.) atidaḷhatāya.

draught : (nt.) bhāravahana; ālekhacitta; nimujjanappamāṇa; mūladānapaṇṇa; (draging : ) ākaḍḍhana. (m.) (udaka-) gaṇḍūsa; jālagata-maccharāsi; vātapāna-vāyuvega.

draughtboard : (m.) sāriphalaka.

draughthorse : (m.) vāhakassa.

draughtsman : (m.) ālekhyasampādaka.

draw : (nt.) ākaḍḍhana; salākapātana. (v.t.) ākaḍḍhati. (v.i.) apagacchati. (pp.) ākaḍḍhita; apagata.

draw a line : rekhaṃ aṅketi.

draw ashore : thalaṃ pāpeti.

draw aside : apakassati.

draw away : apaneti; apalaḍḍhati.

draw lots : salākaṃ gaṇhāti.

draw money : mūlam apaneti.

draw near : upasaṅkamati.

draw off : abbūhati.

draw the curtain : tirokaraṇiṃ pāteti; tirokaroti.

draw together : saṃharati.

draw up : ubbāhati.

draw-well : (m.) ghaṭīyantayutta-kūpa.

drawback : osakkati; paṭilīyati. (nt.) apasakkana. (f.) parihāni.

drawbridge : (m.) jaṅgamasetu.

drawer : (m.) ākaḍḍhaka; kaḍḍhanīya-samugga.

drawer for lots : (m.) bhaddaghaṭa.

drawing : (nt.) ākaḍḍhana; ālekhacitta.

drawing back : (nt.) paṭilīyana; avakaḍḍhana.

drawing master : (m.) ālekhācariya.

drawing near : (nt.) upasaṅkamana.

drawing room : (nt.) paṭikkamana. (f.) āsanasālā.

drawl : (v.i.) āyatassarena vadati. (pp.) āyatassarena vutta.

dread : (m.) uttāsa. (nt.) bhaya. (f.) bhīti. (v.i.) bhāyati; uttasati. (pp.) bhīta; uttasita.

dread naught : (f.) yuddhanāvā. (m.) vārikañcuka.

dreadful : (adj.) bhayānaka; bherava; bībhaccha; bhiṃsanaka; bhayajanaka.

dreadfully : (adv.) bheravākārena.

dreadless : (adj.) nibbhaya.

dream : (nt.) supina. (v.i.) supinaṃ passati; upanijjhāyati.

dream away : mudhākālaṃ khepeti.

dream teller : (m.) supinapāṭhaka.

dreamer : (m.) supinadassī; upanijjhāyī.

dreamland : (f.) cintānimuggatā.

dreamy : (adj.) supinopama; asāra.

dreary : (adj.) timirayutta; nirānanda; suñña; nijjana.

dredge : (nt.) uddhāraka-yanta. (v.t.) (jalato paṅkādiṃ) uddharati. (pp.) uddhaṭa.

dree : (v.t.) sahati; khamati. (pp.) sahita; khanta.

dreg : (nt.) mala. (m.) kasambu.

drench : (m.) osadhakoṭṭhāsa. (nt.) adhikatemana. (v.t.) adhikaṃ pivati; bhusaṃ temeti. (pp.) adhikaṃ pīta; bhusaṃ temita.

drencher : (m.) mahāmegha.

dress : (nt.) acchādana; vatthābharaṇa. (v.t.) acchādeti; pasādheti; paṭiyādeti; saṅkharoti. (pp.) acchādita; pasādhita; paṭiyādita; saṅkhata. (v.i.) paridahati. (pp.) paridahita.

dress room : (nt.) pasādhanāgāra.

dressed with : āmukka or āmutta; nivattha.

dresser : (m.) kappaka; saṅkhāraka; mahānasaphalaka.

dressing : (nt.) vesavidhāna; vaṇaveṭhana; tajjana. (f.) vatthakhali. (m.) bhūmisāra.

dressy : (adj.) maṇḍanappiya.

dribble : (nt.) pasavana. (v.i.) pasavati; binduvasena galati or sandati. (pp.) pasavita; binduvasena galita or sandita.

driblet : (m.) kaṇa; lava; lesa.

drift : (nt.) plavana; pavahara. (m.) adhippāya; neyyatha. (v.i.) uplavati; vuyhati. (v.t.) plāveti; pavāheti. (pp.) plavita; vūḷha; plāvita; pavāhita.

driftwood : (nt.) vūḷhadāru.

drill : (f.) ārā. (m.) dīgha-paṃsupuñja. (f.) yuddhasikkhā. (m.) yddhābhyāsa. (v.t.) 1. ārāya vijjhati; 2. yuddhasippaṃ sikkhati. (pp.) ārāya viddha; sikkhitayuddhasippa.

drink : (nt.) pāna; peyya. (v.t.) pivati; pāti. (pp.) pīta.

drinkable : (adj.) pātabba; peyya.

drinker : (m.) pāyī; pānarata.

drinking : (nt.) pivana. (adj.) pivanta.

drinking cup : (m.) casaka. (nt.) pānīyathālaka.

drinking festival : (m.) surāchaṇa; pānussava.

drinking hall : (nt.) āpāna; pānamandira.

drinking vessel : (m.) āpānīyakaṃsa.

drip : (v.i.) binduso paggharati. (pp.) binduso paggharita. (v.t.) binduso pāteti. (pp.) binduso pātita. (nt.) chadanagga.

dripping : (adj.) paggharanta; sodaka; saphusitaka. (nt.) paggharaṇa; galana. (m.) maṃsarasa.

drive : (nt.) rathagamana. (f.) yānabhūmi. (v.t.) pājeti; sāreti. (v.i.) rathena yāti. (pp.) pājita; sārita; rathena yāta || stick of a driver: (m.) patoda. (f.) patodalaṭṭhi.

drive away : nikkhaḍḍhati; apanudati.

drive out : nissāreti; nikkhāmeti.

drivel : (f.) balajappanā; lālā. (m.) khela. (v.i.) 1. pajappati; lālappati; 2. lālaṃ sandeti; 3. jāḷo bhavati.

driveller : (m.) pajappaka; khelāsaka; eḷamūga.

driver : (m.) pājaka; sārathi; sūta; rathācariya.

driving : (nt.) pājana; sāraṇa.

drizzle : (nt.) sīkara. (v.i.) mandaṃ vassati.

drizzling : (nt.) sīkaravassa.

droit : (m.) pariggaha; upādhi.

droll : (adj.) parihāsakara; hāsajanaka. (v.i.) parihāseti; vikaṭaṃ dasseti. (pp.) parihāsita; dassitavikaṭa.

drollery : (nt.) parihāsana.

drone : (m.) nāyakachappada; alasa; nirīha; tandibahula. (v.i.) huṅkaroti; jhanati.

dronish : (adj.) kusīta; nibbiriya.

droop : (v.i.) onamati; osīdati; sithilībhavati. (v.t.) onāmeti. (pp.) onata; osīna; sithilībhūta; onāmita.

drooping : (adj.) kilanta; milāyamāna.

drop : (nt.) bindu; phusita; patana. (m.) theva; pāta. (v.i.) patati. (v.t.) pāteti; okkhipati. (pp.) patita; pātita; okkhitta.

dropping : (nt.) galana; sandana.

droppings : (nt.; plu.) pasumala.

dropsy : (nt.) jalodara. (m.) sopha.

dross : (nt.) maṇḍa; mala. (m.) asuddhabhāga.

drought : (m.) nidāgha. (f.) dubbuṭṭhi.

drove : (m.) pasugaṇa; macchagumba; phaṇahattha. (f.) cuṇṇadabbikā.

drover : (m.) pasugaṇapājaka.

drown : (v.t.) nimujjapeti; abhibhavati. (v.i.) nimujjitvā marati. (pp.) nimujjāpita; abhibhūta; nimujjitvā mata.

drowse : (f.) tandi. (nt.) middha. (v.i.) pacalāyati; niddāyati.

drowsiness : (f.) niddālutā; pacalāyanā.

drowsy : (adj.) middhī; tandita; niddālu.

drub : (v.t.) laguḷena tāḷeti. (pp.) laguḷena tāḷita.

drubbing : (nt.) tāḷana; paharaṇa.

drudge : (m.) dāsa; dukkarakārī. (v.i.) parissamati; dukkaraṃ karoti. (pp.) parissanta; katadukkara.

drudgery : (f.) dāsavutti. (m.) niccaparissana.

drug : (nt.) osadha; bhesajja. (v.t.) visena misseti; osahaṃ yojeti; osadhena visañnīkaroti. (pp.) vesena missita; yojitosadha; osadhena visaññīkata.

druggist : (m.) osadhavāṇija.

drum : (f.) bheri; dundubhi. (nt.) bherisadisavatthu. (v.i.) bheriṃ vādeti or āhanati. (pp.) vaditabheriṃ; āhatabheri.

drummer : (m.) bherivādaka.

drunk : (adj.) surāmatta.

drunkard : (m.) surāsoṇḍa; surādhutta.

drunken : (adj.) madamatta.

drunkenness : (f.) surāsoṇḍatā.

dry : (adj.) sukkha; asāra; nirasa; majjarahita. (v.t.) soseti; visoseti; sukkhāpeti. (v.i.) sussati. (pp.) sosita; vissosita; sukkha.

dry meat : (nt.) vallūra.

dryad : (f.) vanadevatā.

drying : (nt.) sosana; sussana.

dryness : (nt.) sukkhatta; nissāratta; majjarahitatta.

dual : (nt.) duka; dvika; yugala; dvanda. (adj.) duvidha; dvikayutta.

dualism : (m.) dvittavāda.

duality : (f.) dvittatā.

dub : (v.t.) navādhikāraṃ or upādhiṃ deti. (pp.) dinna-navādhikāra.

dubiety : (m.) saṃsaya; sandeha; anicchaya.

dubious : (adj.) saṃsayāpanna; saṅkanīya.

dubiously : (adv.) sāsaṅkaṃ.

dubitation : (f.) kaṅkhā; saṅkā; vimati.

dubitative : (adj.) āsaṅkanīya; saṃsayajanaka.

duck : (m.) kādamba. (nt.) nimujjana. (v.i.) nimujjati; osīdati. (pp.) nimugga; osīna.

ducking : (nt.) ogāhana.

ductile : (adj.) kammañña; vidheya; subbaca; veneyya.

ductility : (nt.) kammaññatā; vineyyatta; subbacatta.

dude : (n.) suvesappiya.

dudgeon : (m.) appasāda.

due : (adj.) yogga; anurūpa; ucita. (m.) labhitabba; pattakoṭṭhāpa; pariggaha.; suṅka; kara. (nt.) iṇa. (adv.) nissāya; hetunā.

duel : (nt.) dvandayuddha. (v.i.) dvandayuddhaṃ karoti.

duellist : (m.) dvandayodha.

duff : (v.t.) patirūpakena vañceti. (pp.) patirūpakena vañcita.

duffer : (m.) vyājavāṇija; kūṭavāṇija.

dug : (nt.) thana; thanagga.

duke : (m.) ādipāda.

dukedom : (nt.) ādipādāyatta-padesa; ādipādadhura.

dulcet : (adj.) sotarasāyana.

dulcify : (v.t.) madhurayati; muduṃ karoti. (pp.) madhurayita; mudukata.

dull : (adj.) momuha; mandapañña; nippabha; nitteja; kuṇṭha; alasa; kusīta; thūla; nirānanda. (v.t.) moheti; kuṇṭheti; malinīkaroti. (v.i.) muyhati; kuṇṭhati; malinībhavati. (pp.) mohita; kuṇṭhita; malinīkata; mūḷha; kuṇṭhita; malinībhūta.

dull sighted : (adj.) mandadiṭṭhika.

dull witted : (adj.) mandabuddhika.

dullness : (f.) jaḷatā; malinatā; atikhiṇatā.

duly : (adv.) yathārahaṃ; yathocitaṃ; yathākālaṃ.

dumb : (adj.) mūga.

dumbfound : (v.t.) vimoheti; sambhameti. (pp.) vomohita; sambhamita.

dumbly : (adv.) tuṇhī.

dumbness : (nt.) mūgatta.

dumbshow : (nt.) vācārahita-nacca.

dummy : (f.) potthalikā; vyājabhaṇḍikā. (m.) jaḷa.

dump : (m.) thūlavāmana. (nt.) agghosādana. (v.t.) kacavaraṃ nidahati; thāmasā khipati. (pp.) nihitakacavara; thāmasā khitta.

dumps : (m.; plu.) ubbega; kheda.

dumpy : (adj.) pīvaravāmana.

dun : (m.) sanibandha-iṇasodhaka. (adj.) kāḷapiṅgala. (v.t.) iṇamocanāya āyācati.

dunce : (m.) dandha; mandamati.

dunderhead : (m.) mandabuddhika; atimūḷha.

dune : (m.) vālukānicaya.

dung : (nt.) mala; vacca; karīsa. (m.) ukkāra. (v.t.) gomayādiṃ bhūmiyaṃ yojeti.

dung hill : (m.) ukkāranicaya.

dungeon : (m.) sabbatopihita-bandhanāgāra.

duodecimal : (adj.) dvādasabhāga-yutta.

duologue : (nt.) ubhayabhāsanayutta-nacca.

dupe : see Cheat.

duplex : (adj.) diguṇa.

duplicate : (f.) paṭilekhā; puttikā; anulipi. (adj.) diguṇa; duvidha. (v.t.) diguṇīkaroti; anulipiṃ likhati.

duplication : (nt.) dvittakaraṇa.

duplicity : (m.) dvejjhabhāva. (f.) vañcanā; māyā.

durability : (nt.) thāvariya; thiratta.

durable : (adj.) ciraṭṭhāyī; thira; dhuva.

durance : (nt.) rundhana; bandhana.

duration : (f.) ciraṭṭhiti; saṇṭhiti. (m.) aviccheda.

durbar : (f.) rājasabhā.

during : (prep.) attamāne. Expressed by the Loc. Abs. e.g. Brahmadatte rajjaṃ kārente (= during the reign of Brahmadatta).

dusk : (f.) sañjhā. (m.) padosa.

dusky : (adj.) mandāloka; īsaṃkaṇha.

dust : (f.) dhūli. (m.) raja; reṇu. (v.t.) rajam ākirati; dhūlim apaneti; pappoṭheti; vidhunāti. (pp.) rajākiṇṇa; apanītadhūli; papphoṭhita; vidhunita or vidhūta.

dust bin : (m.) saṅkārakūṭa. (nt.) paṃsukūla.

dusted : (adj.) virajīkata.

duster : (nt.) rajoharaṇa. (m.) rajohārī.

dusty : (adj.) saraja; rajokiṇṇa; nirasa.

duteous : (adj.) vattasampanna; vidheyya; yuttigaruka.

dutiable : (adj.) karaggāhāraha.

dutiful : (adj.) vattasampanna; vidheyya; yuttigaruka.

duty : (nt.) veyyāvacca; karaṇīya; kattabha. (m.) kara; suṅka || one own duty: (nt.) sakicca.

duty free : (adj.) suṅkamutta.

duty of a king : (m.) rājadhamma.

dux : (m.) jeṭṭhantevāsī.

dwaft : (m.) vāmaṇa; lakuṇṭaka. (v.t.) vāmanaṃ or kuṇṭhaṃ karoti. (pp.) vāmanīkata.

dwaftish : (adj.) vāmanasabhāva; rassajātika.

dwell : (v.i.) vasati; nivasati; viharati. (pp.) vuttha; nivuttha.

dwell abroad : pavasati; pavāsaṃ yāti. (pp.) pavuttha; pavāsaṃ yāta.

dweller : (m.) nivāsa; āvāsa; upassaya. (nt.) geha; ghara; vāsaṭṭhāna.

dwindle : (v.i.) mandībhavati; parihāyati. (pp.) mandībhūta; parihīna.

dyad : (nt.) duka; yamaka.

dye : (nt.) rajana. (m.) raṅga; rāga. (v.t.) rañjeti; vaṇṇamaṭṭhaṃ karoti. (pp.) rañjita; vaṇṇamaṭṭhaṃ kata.

dyer : (m.) rañjaka; rajaka.

dying : (adj.) mīyamāna; maramāna; maranta.

dyke : (f.) āḷi; pāḷi. (m.) setubandha. (f.) parikhā. (v.t.) āḷiṃ bandhati. (pp.) āḷibaddha.

dynamic : (adj.) vegayutta. (f.; plu.) vegavijjā.

dynamite : (m.) sahasā. (v.t.) vidārakaṃ yojeti.

dynamo : (nt.) vijjuveguppādaka. (-yanta).

dynast : (n.) pālaka; vaṃsaṭṭhāpaka.

dynasty : (f.) rājaparamparā. (m.) rājavaṃsa.

dysentery : (m.) atisāra. (f.) pakkhandikā.

dyspepsia : (m.) ajiṇṇaroga. (nt.) alasaka.

dyspeptic : (adj.) ajiṇṇarogātura.

dyspnoea : (m.) sāsathambha.

dysuria : (m.) muttakicchābādha.

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each : (adj.) ekeka; pacceka; itarītara.

each day : (adv.) patidinaṃ.

each his own : (adv.) yathāsakaṃ.

each other : (adv.) aññamaññaṃ.

eager : (adj.) 1. lola; āsatta; 2. ussuka; tibbāsa.

eagerly : (adv.) saīhaṃ; sāpekkhaṃ.

eagerness : (f.) ākaṅkhā. (nt.) lolatta. (m.) ussāha.

eagle : (m.) mahāsena; garuḷa.

eagle-eyed : (adj.) sukhumadiṭṭhī.

ear : (nt.) sota; (of corn, etc.) kaṇṇa. (m.) kaṇṇa. (f.) kaṇṇikā; mañjarī. (v.t.) saṃlakkheti; visuṃ ṭhapeti. (pp.) saṃlakkhita; visuṃ ṭhapita.

ear drop : (nt.) kuṇḍala.

ear lap : (f.) kaṇṇasakkhalikā.

ear pick : (f.) kaṇṇasūci; kaṇṇasodhanī.

ear witness : (m.) sutasakkhika.

ear-wig : (f.) kaṇṇajalūkā. (v.t.) kaṇṇajappanena vasīkaroti. (pp.) kaṇṇajappanena vasīkata.

earache : (nt.) kaṇṇasūla.

eardrum : (nt.) kaṇṇodara

earlier than : (adv.) purimataraṃ.

earliness : (nt.) pubbataratta.

earlobe : (f.) kaṇṇavalli.

early : (adj.) ādima; paṭhamatara. (adv.) pageva; kālass'eva.

early morning : (m.) paccūsa.

earmark : (nt.) visesa lakkhaṇa. (v.t.) visesena lakkheti.

earn : (v.t.) sambharati; ajjati. (pp.) sambhata; ajjita.

earnest : (adj.) appamatta; ātāpī; saussāha. (m.) saccakāra. (f.) yathatthatā; avitathatā.

earnestly : (adv.) ussāhena.

earnestness : (f.) tapparatā. (m). ātappa; appamāda.

earning : (nt.) ajjitadhana.

earring : (nt.) kuṇḍalābharaṇa. (f.) kaṇṇabhūsā.

earshot : (m.) sotapatha.

earth : (f.) bhūmi; paṭhavī; medinī; avani; vasundharā. (v.t.) paṭhaviyaṃ nidahati. (v.i.) paṭhavigabbhe vasati. (pp.) paṭhaviyaṃ nidahita; paṭhavigabbhe vuttha.

earth born : (adj.) bhummaja; thalaja.

earthen : (adj.) mattikāmaya.

earthenware : (nt.) mattikabhājana; āmattika.

earthling : (nt.) lokiyajana.

earthly : (adj.) lokiya.

earthquake : (f.) paṭhavikampā.

earthworm : (m.) gaṇḍuppāda. (f.) mahīlatā.

earthy : (adj.) paṃsusadisa.

earwax : (nt.) kaṇṇamala.

ease : (m.) phāsu. (nt.) sukha; sāta. (v.t.) sukheti; sameti. (v.i.) (malādiṃ) nicchāreti or nikkhāmeti. (pp.) sukhita; samita; nicchārita; nikkhāmita.

easeful : (adj.) sukhāvaha.

easefully : (adv.) sukhena.

easefulness : (nt.) sukhitatta.

easement : (nt.) upasamana; atirekāgāra; bhaṇḍāgāra.

easily : (adv.) sukhena.

easily supported : (adj.) subhara.

easiness : (f.) sukaratā. (m.) phāsubhāva.

east : (f.) pubbadisā; pācī; puratthimā. (m.) pācīnadesa. (adj.) puratthima.

Easter : (m.) matakuṭṭhānadivasa.

easterly : (adj.) pācīnābhimukha.

eastern : (adj.) puratthima; pācīnadesīya.

eastward : (adj.) puratthābhimukha.

easy : (adj.) sukara; phāsuka; subodha || easy for you: sukaraṃ tayā.

easy chair : (f.) āsandi.

easy to do : (adj.) sukara.

easy to obtain : (adj.) sulabha.

easy to see : (adj.) sudassa.

eat : (v.t.) khādati; bhuñjati; asati; bhakkhati; anubhavati; ghasati. (pp.) khādita; bhutta; asita; bhakkhita; anubhutta; ghasta.

eatable : (adj.) bhojja; bhakkhiya.

eater : (m.) bhuñjaka; adaka; bhottu.

eater of carcasses : (m.) kuṇapādaka.

eater of flesh : (m.) maṃsabhojī.

eater of grass : (m.) tiṇabhakkha.

eating : (nt.) khādana; bhuñjana; asana; bhakkhana.

eaves : (m.) nimbakosa. (nt.) chadanagga.

eavesdrop : (v.i.) upassutiṃ tiṭṭhati.

eavesdropper : (m.) upassutika; rahassagavesaka.

ebb : (nt.) jalogamana; hāyana. (v.i.) hāyati; khīyati. (pp.) hīna; khīṇa.

ebony : (m.) kāḷasāra. (adj.) kāḷasāramaya.

ebriety : (f.) madamattatā.

ebrious : (adj.) pānasoṇḍa.

ebullient : (adj.) phenuddehaka; ativegayutta.

ebullition : (nt.) pheṇuddehana. (m.) adhikavega.

eccentric : (adj.) niyamaviruddha; lokācāra-paṭipakkha.

eccentricity : (m.) ācāravirodha. (nt.) visamatta.

ecclesia : (f.) dhammikasabhā.

ecclesiast : (m.) desaka.

ecclesiastic : (m.) pabbajita.

ecclesiastical : (adj.) pabbajitāyatta.

ecclesiology : (f.) devāyatanavijjā.

echo : (m.) paṭighosa; paṭirava. (v.i.) anunadati; paṭiravati. (v.t.) paṭirāveti. (pp.) anunadita; paṭiravita; paṭirāvita.

eclat : (f.) ukkuṭṭhi. (m.) jayaghosa.

eclectic : (adj.; m.) nānāmatuddhāraka.

eclecticism : (nt.) satthantaruddharaṇa.

eclipse : (m.) gāha. (nt.) gahana. (v.t.) tirokaroti; āvarati. (pp.) tirokata; āvaṭa. (v.i.) āvarīyati.

eclipse of the moon : (m.) candaggāha.

eclipse of the sun : (m.) suriyaggāha.

ecliptic : (adj.) gāhāyatta.

economic : (adj.) mitabbayāyatta. (f.; plu.) dhanapālanavijjā. (nt.) atthasattha.

economical : (adj.) dhanapālanāyatta.

economically : (adv.) mitabbayena.

economise : (v.t.) mitabbayaṃ karoti. (pp.) katamitabbaya.

economist : (m.) atthasatthaññū; mitabbayī.

economy : (nt.) atthasattha. (f.) vayaparimiti; sallahukavutti.

ecstasy : (m.) pamoda; pahāsa. (f.) ubbegapīti.

ecstatic : (adj.) ubbegapītiyutta.

ecumenic : (f.) pāmā.

edacious : (adj.) giddha; mahābhakkha.

edaciously : (adv.) sagedhaṃ.

edacity : (nt.) loluppa. (f.) giddhi. (m.) gedha.

eddy : (m.) āvaṭṭa; bhama; salilabbhama.

edema : (m.) sopha.

edentate : (adj.) dantarahita.

edge : (f.) mukhavaṭṭi; (of a garment) dasā; (of a weapon) dhārā. (m.) pariyanta. (v.t.) tejeti; tikhiṇayati; nisāṇeti. (pp.) tejita; tikhiṇita; nisita.

edged : (adj.) nisita; tikhiṇa.

edgeless : (adj.) kuṇṭha; atikhiṇa.

edible : (adj.) bhojja; bhojanāraha.

edict : (nt.) rājasāsana.

edification : (f.) guṇavuddhi. (nt.) buddhivaḍḍhana.

edifice : (nt.) mahāmandira.

edified : (adj.) ñāṇavuddha; nuṇavuddha.

edify : (v.t.) abhivaḍḍheti; ñāṇaguṇehi vaḍḍheti. (pp.) abhivaḍḍhita; ñāṇaguṇehi vaḍḍhita.

edifying : (adj.) guṇavaḍḍhaka.

edit : (v.t.) abhisaṅkharoti; (lekhaṇāni) sodheti. (pp.) abhisaṅkhata; sodhita-lekhana.

edition : (nt.) saṃsodhana; abhisaṅkharaṇa.

editor : (m.) ganthasodhaka; pavattisaṅkhāraka.

editorial : (nt.) sampādakavākya.

editorship : (nt.) sodhakadhura; saṅkhārakapada.

educate : (v.t.) sikkhāpeti; uggaṇhāpeti. (pp.) sikkhāpita; uggaṇhāpita.

education : (nt.) sikkhāpana; ajjhāpana.

educational : (adj.) ajjhāpanāyatta.

educative : (adj.) uggahadāyaka.

educator : (m.) sikkhetu; ajjhāpaka.

educe : (v.t.) nīharati; nikkaḍḍhati. (pp.) nīhaṭa; nikkaḍḍhita.

edulcorate : (v.t.) ambilattam apaneti. (pp.) apanīta ambalattaṃ.

eel : (f.) amarā.

eerie : (adj.) atibhīruka.

eery : (adj.) atibhīruka.

efface : (v.t.) lopeti; apamajjati. (pp.) lutta; apamaṭṭha.

effacement : (m.) lopa. (nt.) apamajjana.

effect : (nt.) phala; payojana. (m.) vipāka; nissanda; attha. (f.) nipphatti. (v.t.) sāddeti; sampādeti; nipphādeti. (pp.) sādhita; sampādita; nipphādita || to take effect: phalituṃ; vipaccituṃ; to what effect: kimatthāya; of no effect: nipphala; niratthaka.

effective : (adj.) sādhaka; nipphādaka.

effectual : (adj.) phaluppādaka; kiccasādhaka.

effectually : (adv.) saphalaṃ; amoghaṃ.

effectuate : (v.t.) sādheti; sampādeti. (pp.) sādhita; sampādita.

effeminate : (adj.) dubbala; sukumāra; itthigatika; porissahīna.

effeminately : (adv.) itthigatikatāya.

efferent : (adj.) apavāhaka.

effervesce : (v.i.) bubbulāyati. (pp.) bubbulāyita.

effervescence : (nt.) bubbuluppādana.

effete : (adj.) jiṇṇa; dubbala.

efficacious : (adj.) pabala; samattha; pahoṇaka; phaladāyaka.

efficacy : (nt.) sāmatthiya. (m.) pabbhāva.

efficiency : (nt.) nepuñña; kosalla. (f.) kammakkhamatā.

efficient : (adj.) kiccasādhaka; kammakkhama.

effigy : (f.) paṭimā. (nt.) paṭibimba; paṭirūpa.

effloresce : (v.i.) pupphati; vikasati; cuṇṇattaṃ yāti. (pp.) pupphita; vikasita; cuṇṇattaṃ yāta.

efflorescence : (nt.) pupphana; vikasana; sukhumattagamana.

effluence : (nt.) pasavana; niggamana; (āloka-) vipphuraṇa.

effluent : (adj.) sandamāna. (f.) upagaṅgā; mātikā.

effluvium : (nt.) ghāyana. (m.) (duggandha-) vāta.

efflux : (m.) pavāha; pasava. (nt.) sandana.

effort : (m.) ussāha; vāyāma; uyyāma; uyyoga. (nt.) viriya; right effort: (m.) sammāvāyāma; wrong effort: (m.) micchāvāyāma.

effortless : (adj.) nibbiriya; nirīha.

effrontery : (nt.) pāgabbhiya. (f.) nillajjatā.

effulgence : (f.) juti; ābhā; pabhā; ditti. (m.) obhāsa; mayūkha; kiraṇa.

effulgent : (adj.) jutimantu; bhāsura; pabhassara.

effuse : (v.t.) sandeti; vāheti; osiñcati. (pp.) sandita; vāhita; ositta.

effusion : (nt.) nisecana; paggharāpana.

effusive : (adj.) avabodhaka; vitthāraka.

egg : (nt.) aṇḍa; bīja. (v.t.) ussāheti; uttejeti. (pp.) ussāhita; uttejita.

egg-shaped : (adj.) aṇḍākāra.

eggplant : (m.) vātiṇgaṇa.

ego : (m.) atta; jīva.

egoism : (f.) attadiṭṭhi; attakāmatā.

egotism : (m.) ahaṅkāra. (nt.) mamatta; mamāyitatto.

egotist : (m.) attābhimānī; mamāyanayutta.

egotistic : (adj.) ahaṅkārayutta; attatthagāvesī.

egotistically : (adv.) attakāmatāya.

egregious : (adj.) pamāṇātikkanta; adhikatara.

egregiously : (adv.) accantaṃ; balavataraṃ.

egregiousness : (m.) atisaya. (nt.) balavataratta.

egress : (m.) niggama. (nt.) nikkhamana; nissaraṇa. (v.i.) nikkhamati; nissarati. (pp.) nikkhanta; nissaṭa.

eh : (ind.) kiṃ ? kim etaṃ ?

eidolon : (m.) bhūta; pisāca.

eight : (adj.; 3.) aṭṭha; group of eight: (nt.) aṭṭhaka; in eight ways: (adv.) aṭṭhadhā.

eight hundred : (nt.) aṭṭhasata.

eighteen : (3.) aṭṭhārara.

eightfold : (adj.) aṭṭhavidha; aṭṭhaguṇa.

eighth : (adj.) aṭṭhama.

eightieth : (adj.) asītima.

eighty : (adj.; f.) asīti.

eighty four : (f.) caturāsīti.

eighty nine : (f.) ekūnanavuti.

eighty two : (f.) dvāsīti.

eirenicon : (m.) sāmopāya. (f.) sāmayokanā.

either : (adv.; conj.) vā; atha vā. (adj.) ubhaya. (pron.) dvīsu eko.

eject : (m.) parikappa. (v.t.) nīharati; nikkaḍḍhati; paṇāmeti; apanudati. (pp.) nīhaṭa; nikkaḍḍhita; paṇāmita; apanudita.

ejection : (nt.) nīharaṇa; apanudana.

ejective : (adj.) nīharaka; apakaḍḍhaka.

ejaculate : (v.t.) udāneti; sahasā uccāreti. (pp.) udānita; sahasā uccārita.

ejaculation : (nt.) sahasā udīraṇa.

eke : (v.t.) 1. abhivaḍḍheti; 2. jīvikaṃ sampādeti. (pp.) abhivaḍḍhita; sampitajīvika.

elaborate : (adj.) vicitta; suṭṭhuniṭṭhāpita. (v.t.) āyāsena sādheti or niṭṭhāpeti.

elaborately : (adv.) mahussāhena; bavhāyāsena.

elaboration : (nt.) vicittakaraṇa; āyāsa-sādhita.

elan : (nt.) sahasā-pavisana.

elapse : (v.i.) acceti; atikkamati. (m.) accaya || by the elapse: (adv.) accayena

elapsed : (adj.) atikkanta.

elastic : (adj.) pakatyavijahaka.

elasticity : (nt.) pakatyavijahana; namanīyatta.

elate : (v.t.) unnāmeti; pamodeti; dappitaṃ karoti. (pp.) unnāmita; pamodita. (adj.) 1. pamudita; pahaṭṭha; 2. gabbita; dappita.

elation : (m.) pamoda; pahāsa; dappa; abhimāna.

elbow : (m.) kappara. (v.t.) kapparena apaneti. (pp.) kapparena apanīta.

elbow-grease : (nt.) balavamajjana; bāḷhakammakaraṇa.

elbow-room : (m.) pahoṇakokāsa.

elder : (adj.) jeṭṭha; vuddha; vuddhatara. (m.) thera.

elder sister : (f.) jeṭṭhabhaginī.

elderly : (adj.) vayovuddha.

eldest : (adj.) vuddhatama; jeṭṭhatama.

eldritch : (adj.) virūpa; bībhaccha.

elect : (adj.) uccinita; sammata. (v.t.) uccināti; vareti. (pp.) uccinita; varita.

election : (nt.) uccinana; varaṇa.

elector : (m.) uccinitu.

electorate : (m.) uccinakagaṇa; uccinanāyatta-padesa.

electress : (f.) uccinanakā.

electric : (nt.) vijjubala. (adj.) vijjumaya.

electricity : (nt.) vijjubala. (f.) vijjutā.

electrification : (m.) vijjugoga.

electrify : (v.t.) vijjusaṃyuttaṃ karoti.

electrocution : (nt.) vijjuyogena māraṇa.

electrology : (f.) vijjuvijjā.

electron : (m.) vijju-aṇu.

electroplate : (v.t.) vijjubalena (suvaṇṇādiṃ) lepeti. (pp.) vijjubalena litta.

electrum : (nt.) suvaṇṇa-rajatamissaṇa.

electuary : (nt.) leyyosadha.

elegance : (nt.) lāvañña. (f.) sobhā; sulalitatā.

elegant : (adj.) cāru; sundara; surūpa; lāvaññayutta.

elegantly : (adv.) sulalitaṃ.

elegiac : (adj.; n.) karuṇāpuṇṇa; sokākula.

elegise : (v.t.) sokagītaṃ racayati.

elegist : (m.) sokagītaracaka.

elegy : (nt.) sokagīta.

element : (f.) dhātu. (nt.) mahābhūta.

element of cohesion : (f.) āpodhātu.

element of extension : (f.) paṭhavīdhātu.

element of heat : (f.) tejodhātu.

element of motion : (f.) vāyodhātu.

element of space : (f.) ākāsadhātu.

elementarily : (adj.) mūlikavasena.

elementary : (adj.) mūhka; amissa.

elenchus : (nt.) matipaccakkhāna.

elenctic : (adj.) paṭipucchāyatta.

elephant : (m.) hatthī; mātaṅga; kuñjara; gaja; vāraṇa; karī; dantī; ibha || female elephant: (f.) hatthinī; kareṇu; young elephant: (m.) kalabha; gajapotaka.

elephant driver : (m.) hatthāroha.

elephant keeper : (m.) hatthigopaka.

elephant rug : (m.) hatthatthara.

elephant stable : (f.) hatthisālā.

elephant tamer : (m.) hatthācariya; hatthidamaka.

elephant to be trained : (m.) hatthidamma.

elephant training : (nt.) hatthisippa.

elephant trappings : (nt.) hatthābharaṇa. (f.) hatthikappanā.

elephantiasis : (nt.) sīpada.

elephantiasis of the scrotum : (nt.) vātaṇḍa.

elevate : (v.t.) 1. unnāmeti; ussāpeti; 2. pahaṃseti. (pp.) unnāmita; ussāpita; pahaṃsita.

elevation : (f.) unnati. (m.) udaya. (nt.) seṭṭhattapāpaṇa.

eleven : (adj.) ekādasa.

eleventh : (adj.) ekādasama.

elf : (m.) pisāca; vetāla.

elicit : (v.t.) nikkhāmeti; āvīkāreti. (pp.) nikkhāmita; āvīkārita.

elide : (v.t.) lopeti; paccuddharati. (pp.) lutta; paccuddhaṭa.

eligible : (adj.) ādeya; gāhiya; kammakkhama; uccinitabba.

eliminate : (v.t.) nāseti; lopeti; apaneti. (pp.) nāsita; lutta; apanīta.

elimination : (n.) nāsana; paccuddharaṇa.

elision : (m.) (akkhara-) lopa.

elite : (m.) sundaratara-bhāga.

elixir : (nt.) rasāyana; amatapāna.

elk : (m.) gokaṇṇa.

ellipse : (nt.) aṇḍākāra-maṇḍala.

ellipsis : (nt.) luttapada; peyyāla.

elliptic : (adj.) 1. aṇḍākāra; 2. saṅkhitta.

elliptical : (adj.) ajjhāharitabba; peyyālayutta.

elocution : (f.) vacanapaṭutā; cittakathikatā.

elocutionary : (adj.) cittakathāyatta.

elocutionist : (m.) cittakathī; vyattakathika.

eloge : (nt.) mataguṇakathana.

elongate : (v.t.) vitanoti; āyataṃ karoti. (pp.) vitata; āyatīkata.

elongated : (adj.) āyata; dīgha.

elongation : (nt.) āyatakaraṇa; añchana.

elope : (v.i.) raho palāyati. (pp.) raho palāyita.

elopement : (nt.) rahopalāyana.

eloquence : (nt.) cittakathikatta.

eloquent : (adj.) vāgīsa; kathāpaṭu.

eloquently : (adv.) vāgīsatāya.

else : (adv.) api ca; itarathā. (adj.) apara; itara; añña || what else: kim aññaṃ?

elsewhere : (adv.) aññattha.

elucidate : (v.t.) vyākhyāti; vyākaroti. (pp.) vyākhyāta; vyākata.

elucidation : (nt.) vissajjana; vivaraṇa.

elucidative : (adj.) pakāsaka; visadattakara.

elucidator : (m.) vissajjaka; vyākhyātu.

elude : (v.t.) raho apasarati. (pp.) raho apasaṭa.

elusion : (nt.) raho niggamana.

elusive : (adj.) apakkamanasīla; pamohaka; vañcaka.

elusiveness : (nt.) apagamana; pamohana; sāṭheyya.

elusory : (adj.) apakkamanasīla; pamohaka; vañcaka.

Elysium : (m.) sagga; devaloka.

emaciate : (v.i.) hāyati; khīyati; kisībhavati. (pp.) hīna; khīṇa; kisībhūta. (v.t.) khepeti; hāpeti; kisaṃ karoti. (pp.) khepita; hāpita; kisīkata.

emaciation : (nt.) khīyana; kisatta.

emanate : (v.t.) niccharati; pabhavati. (pp.) niccharita; pabhūta.

emanation : (m.) pabhava. (nt.) niccharaṇa.

emancipate : (v.t.) (bandhanā; dāsattā) moceti; vimoceti; uddharati. (pp.) mocita; vimocita; uddhaṭa.

emancipation : (f.) mutti; vimutti. (m.) mokkha.

emancipator : (m.) vimocaka; muttidāyaka.

emasculate : (v.t.) aṇḍāni uddharati; bījam uppāṭeti; pumbhāvaṃ nāseti; 2. dabbalīkaroti. (pp.) uddhaṭaṇḍa; uppāṭitabīja; nāsitapumbhāva; dabbalīkata.

emasculation : (nt.) bījuddharaṇa.

embalm : (v.t.) osadhehi lepeti; matadehaṃ surakkhitaṃ karoti. (pp.) osadhalitta.

embalmment : (m.) osadhālepa. (nt.) chavasaṅkharaṇa.

embank : (v.t.) āḷiṃ or setuṃ bandhati. (pp.) āḷibaddha; setubaddha.

embankment : (nt.) āḷibandhana.

embargo : (nt.) videsīya-nāvāsañcāra-nivāraṇa. (v.t.) videsīya-nāvāsañcāraṃ nivāreti or nisedheti. (pp.) nivārita-nāvāsañcāra.

embark : (v.i.) nāvam abhiruhati or āruhati. (pp.) ārūḷhanāva. (v.t.) nāvāyaṃ bhaṇḍam āropeti.

embarkation : (nt.) 1. nāvāruhaṇa; 2. nāvāropaṇa.

embarrass : (v.t.) ubbāḷhayati; sambādheti; vikkhepeti; sambhameti. (pp.) ubbāḷha; sambādhita; vikkhepita; sambhanta.

embarrassing : (adj.) bādhaka; paripanthakara.

embarrassment : (m.) sambādha; sambhama.

embassy : (nt.) rājadūteyya; dūtamaṇḍala. (m.) dūtanivāsa.

embattle : (v.t.) senāvyūhaṃ racayati; yuddhāya sajjeti. (pp.) racitasenāvyūhaṃ; yuddhāya sajjita.

embed : (v.t.) khacati; antopaveseti. (pp.) khacita; antopavesita.

embellish : (v.t.) bhūseti; sobheti; pasādheti; maṇḍeti. (pp.) bhūsita; sobhita; pasādhita; paṇḍita.

embellishment : (nt.) bhūsana; maṇḍana.

ember : (m.) jalitaṅgāra.

embezzle : (v.t.) theyyena attano santakaṃ karoti.

embezzlement : (m.) theyyāvahāra.

embitter : (v.t.) tittaṃ or āyāsajanakaṃ karoti; vajjaṃ daḷhayati.

embitterment : (nt.) arucikaraṇa. (m.) āyāsa.

emblazon : (v.t.) vaṃsaciṇhāni aṅketi. (pp.) aṅkitavaṃsaciṇha.

emblem : (nt.) lañchana; ciṇha. (f.) patākā.

emblematical : (adj.) visesadīpaka.

emblic myrobalan : (f.) āmalakī.

embodiment : (f.) sarīritā. (nt.) dehanimmāṇa.

embody : (v.t.) dehavantaṃ karoti. (pp.) dehavantaṃ kata.

embolden : (v.t.) ussāheti; nibbhayaṃ karoti. (pp.) ussāhita; nibbhayaṃ kata.

embolism : (nt.) rudhirarundhana.

embonpoint : (f.) (itthīnaṃ) thullatā; pīvaratā.

emborder : (v.t.) dasāyuttaṃ karoti. (pp.) dasāyuttaṃ kata.

embosom : (v.t.) āliṅgati; upagūhati; aṅke nidahati. (pp.) āliṅgita; upagūhita; aṅke nihita.

emboss : (v.t.) rūpāni ukkirati or uṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) ukkiritarūpa; uṭṭhāpitarūpa.

embowel : (v.t.) antāni nīharati. (pp.) nīhiṭanta.

embower : (v.t.) kuñjayuttaṃ karoti. (pp.) kuñjayuttaṃ kata.

embrace : (nt.) āliṅgana; parissajana. (v.t.) āliṅgati; parissajati; upagūhati. (pp.) āliṅgita; parissaṭṭha; upagūḷha.

embranchment : (nt.) sākhāvasena vibhajana.

embrangle : (v.t.) jaṭeti; ākulīkaroti. (pp.) jaṭita; ākulīkata.

embrasure : (nt.) pākāracchidda.

embrocate : (v.t.) (uṇhodakena) tāpeti or sedeti. (pp.) tāpita; sedita.

embrocation : (nt.) tāpana; sedana.

embroider : (v.t.) sūcikammena alaṅkaroti. (pp.) sūcikammena alaṅkata.

embroidery : (nt.; m.) sūcikammālaṅkāra.

embroil : (v.t.) saṅkhobheti; āloleti. (pp.) saṅkhobhita; ālolita.

embroilment : (m.) saṅkhobha. (nt.) kalahe niyojana.

embrown : (v.t.) piṅgalaṃ karoti.

embryo : (nt.) kalalarūpa. (m.) gabbhagata; paṭhamārambha.

embryology : (f.) gabbhaseyyakavijjā.

emend : (v.t.) dose apaneti. (pp.) apanītadosa.

emendation : (nt.) saṃsodhana; paṭisaṅkharaṇa.

emendator : (m.) saṃsodhaka; saṅkhāraka.

emerald : (m.) 1. marakata (maṇi). 2. marakatavaṇṇa.

emerge : (v.i.) ummujjati; pātubhavati. (pp.) ummujjita; pātubhūta.

emergence : (nt.) ummujjana.

emergency : (nt.) accāyika. (f.) āpadā.

emergy : (f.) lohamajjakasilā.

emeritus : (adj.; m.) sagārava-vissāma.

emersion : (nt.) ummujjana; uggamana. (m.) pātubhāva.

emetic : (adj.; nt.) vamathukara; vamāpaka.

emigrant : (m.) sadesacāgī.

emigrate : (v.t.) desantaravāsaṃ yāti.

emigration : (m.) sadesapariccāga.

eminence : (f.) pamukhatā; uḷāratā. (m.) seṭṭhabhāva.

eminent : (adj.) seṭṭha; visiṭṭha; ukkaṭṭha; pamukha.

eminently : (adv.) visiṭṭhākārena.

emissary : (m.) dūta; sandesahara.

emission : (nt.) virecana; muñcana; nicchāraṇa. (f.) vissaṭṭhi.

emit : (v.t.) pamuñcati; nicchāreti. (pp.) pamutta; nicchārita.

emit a smell : vāti.

emit smoke : padhūpāyati.

emitting : (adj.) vissajjaka; muñcaka.

emmet : see Ant.

emolument : (m.) āya; lābha; udaya.

emotion : (m.) cittavega; cittabhāva.

emotional : (adj.) cittavegāyatta; bhāvavisayaka.

emotive : (adj.) cittakkhobhaka; cittavegajanaka.

emperor : (m.) adhirāja.

emphasis : (nt.) avadhāraṇa; uccakathana.

emphasise : (v.t.) daḷhayati; avadhāreti; gambhīram uccāreti. (pp.) daḷhayita; avadhārita.

emphatic : (adj.) daḷha; nicchita; avadhāraṇīya.

emphatically : (adv.) sāvadhāraṇaṃ.

empire : (nt.) adhirajja.

empiric : (adj.) paricayāyatta. (m.) vejjapatirūpaka.

empirical : (adj.) satthaviruddha.

empirically : (adv.) satthavirodhena.

empiricism : (nt.) kuvejjakamma.

emplacement : (nt.) patiṭṭhāpana.

emplane : (v.i.) vyomayānam āruhati. (pp.) vyomayānam ārūḷha.

employ : (v.t.) 1. niyojeti; adhikaroti. 2. anuyuñjati. (pp.) niyojita; adhikata; anuyutta.

employee : (m.) niyutta.

employer : (m.) niyojaka.

employment : (nt.) anuyuñjana. (m.) vyāpāra. (f.) jīvikāvutti.

empoison : (v.t.) 1. visayuttaṃ karoti. 2. tuṭṭhiṃ nāseti. (pp.) visayuttaṃ kata; nāsitatuṭṭhi.

emporium : (nt.) vāṇijasamosaraṇa; puṭabhedana.

empower : (v.t.) adhikārabalaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnādhikārabala.

empress : (f.) adhirājinī.

empressment : (nt.) sohajjadassana.

emptiness : (f.) suññatā. (nt.) tucchatta; rittatta.

empty : (adj.) suñña; tuccha; ritta. (v.t.) riñcati; suññaṃ karoti. (pp.) ritta; suññakata.

empty-handed : (adj.) tucchahattha.

empty-headed : (adj.) mandapañña.

empurple : (v.t.) lohitavaṇṇaṃ karoti. (pp.) katalohitavaṇṇa.

empyrean : (m.) uddhantama-devaloka. (adj.) taddevalokāyatta.

emulate : (v.t.) unnatim icchati.

emulation : (f.) unnatikāmatā.

emulative : (adj.) unnatipāpaka or unnatikāma.

emulator : (m.) unnatikāmī.

emulsion : (nt.) telodakamissana. (m.) khīravaṇṇa-saṃyoga.

en route : (adv.) antarāmagge.

enable : (v.t.) samatthaṃ or sakyaṃ karoti. (pp.) samatthakata.

enact : (v.t.) paññāpeti; ādisati; sammannati. (pp.) paññāpita; ādiṭṭha; sammata.

enactment : (f.) paññatti; sikkhā; vavatthā.

enamel : (nt.) bāhiramaṭṭha. v.t.) bāhiramaṭṭhena lepeti. (pp.) bāhiramaṭṭhalepita.

enamour : (v.t.) anurañjeti. (pp.) anurañjita or anuratta.

enamoured : (adj.) āsattacitta; paṭibaddhacitta.

encage : (v.t.) pañjare pakkhipati. (pp.) pañjare pakkhitta.

encamp : (v.t.) senaṃ niveseti; khandhāvāraṃ bandhati. (pp.) nivesitasena; baddhakhandhāvāraṃ.

encampment : (m.) senāsannivesa.

encase : (v.t.) kose pakkhipati; pariyonahati. (pp.) kose pakkhitta; pariyonaddha.

encasement : (nt.) pariyonahana; kosenāvaraṇa.

encash : (v.t.) jātarūpataṃ parivatteti. (pp.) jātarūpataṃ parivattita.

enceinte : (m.) vatiparikkhepa. (adj.) sañjātagabbhā.

encephalic : (adj.) matthaluṅgāyatta.

encephalon : (m.) matthaluṅga.

enchafe : (v.t.) ghaṃsetvā usmīkaroti. (pp.) ghaṃsetvā usmīkata.

enchain : (v.t.) nigaḷehi bandhati. (pp.) nigaḷabaddha.

enchainment : (nt.) nigaḷabandhana.

enchant : (v.t.) moheti; vasīkaroti. (pp.) mohita; vasīkata.

enchanter : (m.) vasavattaka; mohaka.

enchanting : (adj.) pamohaka; manohara.

enchantment : (nt.) mohana; vasīkaraṇa.

enchantress : (f.) vasavattikā; yoginī.

enchase : (v.t.) khacati. (pp.) khacita.

enchiridion : (m.) hatthasāragantha.

encircle : (v.t.) parikkhipati; parivāreti. (pp.) parikkhitta; parivuta or parivārita.

enclasp : (v.t.) āliṅgati; upagūhati. (pp.) āliṅgita; upagūhita.

enclitic : (adj.; n.) padapūraka; visesattha-rahita.

enclose : (v.t.) āvarati; pidahati; antokaroti. (pp.) āvaṭa; pihita; antokata.

enclosure : (m.) parikkhepa. (nt.) koṭṭhaka.

encloud : (v.t.) meghehi chādeti. (pp.) meghacchanna.

encomiast : (m.) vandibhaṭṭa; thutipāṭhaka.

encomium : (f.) silāghā; vandī.

encompass : (v.t.) 1. samantato āvarati. 2. anupariyāti. (pp.) samantato āvaṭa; anupariyāta.

encompassment : (nt.) anuparigamana; samantāvaraṇa.

encore : (ind.) puna pi; bhīyo pi.

encounter : (m.) saṅgama; sammukhībhāva; saṅgāma. (v.t.) samāgacchati; sammukhī hoti; paṭippharati. (pp.) samāgata; sammukhībhūta; paṭippharita.

encourage : (v.t.) ussāheti; uttejeti; upatthambheti. (pp.) ussāhita; uttejita; upatthambhita.

encouraged : ussāhita; uttejita; upatthambhita.

encouragement : (nt.) uttejana. (m.) upatthambha.

encouraging : (adj.) ussāhajanaka.

encroach : (v.i.) parimaddati; adhammena pariggaṇhāti. (pp.) parimaddita; adhammena pariggahita.

encroachment : (m.) nikatiyā pariggaha.

encrust : (v.t.) paṭalena chādeti. (pp.) paṭalacchanna.

encrusted : (adj.) ghanībhūta.

encumber : (v.t.) uparodheti; sambādheti. (pp.) uparodhita; sambādhita.

encumbrance : (m.) uparodha; bhāra. (f.) bādhā.

encyclical : (adj.) 1. vaṭṭula; 2. bahusādhāraṇa.

encyclopaedia : (m.) nikhilakosa.

encyclopaedic : (adj.) sabbavidū; sabbasatthavisārada.

end : (m.) anta; pariyanta; nāsa; viccheda; adhippevattha. (f.) koṭi; nivutti. (nt.) osāna; pariyosāna; niṭṭhāna. (v.t.) osāpeti; niṭṭhāpeti; nivatteti. (pp.) niṭṭhāpita; nivattita. (v.i.) niṭṭhāti; osānaṃ yāti. (pp.) niṭṭhita; osānaṃ yāta.

end most : (adj.) sabbantima.

endanger : (v.t.) antarāyaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) antarāyaṃ pāpita.

endear : (v.t.) piyāyati. (pp.) piyāyita.

endearment : (f.) piyāyanā.

endeavour : (v.i.) vāyamati; ussahati; parisakkati. (pp.) vāyamita; ussahita; parisakkita. (m.) vāyāma; ussāha. (nt.) payatana. (f.) īhā.

endemic : (adj.) desa-jātivisayaka.

endermic : (adj.) tacavisayaka.

ending : (f.) antakiriyā. (nt.) niṭṭhāna.

endless : (adj.) ananta; aparimita.

endogamy : (m.) samajātikavivāha

endorse : (v.t.) piṭṭhiyaṃ likhati; paṭilikhati; daḷhayati. (pp.) piṭṭhiyaṃ likhita; paṭilikhita; daḷhayita.

endorsement : (nt.) paṭilikhana.

endow : (v.t.) dāyādaṃ deti; sanāthīkaroti; samaṅgīkaroti. (pp.) dinnadāyāda; sanāthīkata; samaṅgīkata.

endowed with : (adj.) yutta; sahagata; samupeta; samannāgata; sameta; sampanna.

endowment : (m.) dāyāda. (nt.) vuttisamappaṇa.

endue : (v.t.) padādheti; samaṅgīkaroti. (pp.) pasādhita; samaṅgīkata.

endurable : (adj.) khamanīya; sayha.

endurance : (f.) khamā; titikkhā; adhivāsanā.

endure : (v.t.) sahati; adhivāseti; titikkhati. (pp.) sahita; adhivāsita; titikkhita.

endurer : (m.) sahitu; adhivāsaka.

enduring : (adj.) 1. sahamāna; 2. ciraṭṭhitika.

enema : (nt.) 1. vatthikamma; 2. vatthiyanta.

enemy : (m.) ari; ripu; verī; sattu; disa; paccatthika; paccāmitta; amitta. (f.) sattusenā.

energetic : (adj.) daḷhaparakkama; dhitimantu; ātāpī.

energetically : (adv.) daḷhaviriyena.

energise : (v.t.) pabalaṃkaroti. (pp.) pabalīkata.

energumen : (m.) 1. bhūtāviṭṭha; 2. daḷhagāhī.

energy : (nt.) viriya. (m.) ussāha; uyyāma; thāma. (f.) satti.

enervate : (v.t.) dubbalīkaroti.

enervated : (adj.) dubbala; sattihīna.

enervation : (nt.) dubbalīkaraṇa. (f.) balahāni. (m.) viriyakkhaya.

enfeeble : (v.t.) sithilīkaroti; abalīkaroti. (pp.) sithikata; abalīkata.

enfetter : (v.t.) saṅkhalikāhi bandhati. (pp.) saṅkhalikābaddha.

enfold : (v.t.) oguṇṭheti; paḷiveṭheti. (pp.) oguṇṭhita; paḷiveṭhita.

enforce : (v.t.) 1. balena kāreti; 2. upatthambheti. (pp.) balena kārita, upatthambhita.

enforcement : (nt.) 1. pasayhavidhāna; 2. senābalaposaṇa.

enframe : (v.t.) kosakavāṭe pakkhipati. (pp.) kosakavāṭe pakkhitta.

enfranchise : (v.t.) seripālanaṃ; uccinanādhikāraṃ deti.

enfranchisement : (nt.) bhujissakaraṇa; uccinanādhikāradāna.

engage : (v.t.) payojeti; niyojeti. (v.i.) anuyuñjati; paṭiññaṃ deti. (pp.) payojita; anuyutta; dinnapaṭiñña.

engagement : (nt.) anuyuñjana. (f.) vivāhapaṭiññā.

engaging : (adj.) manohara; hadayaṅgama.

engagingly : (adv.) manoharākārena.

engender : (v.t.) uppādeti; nibbatteti; janeti (pp.) uppādita; nibbattita; janita.

engine : (nt.) yanta.

engine driver : (m.) yantadhāvaka.

engineer : (m.) yantasappī. (v.i.) vidhānaṃ karoti; māpeti. (pp.) katavidhāna.

engird : (v.t.) parikhipati; parito bandhati. (pp.) parikkhitta; parito baddha.

engirdle : (v.t.) parikhipati; parito bandhati. (pp.) parikkhitta; parito baddha.

England : (m.) āṅgaladesa.

English : (a.) āṅgaladesīya. (f.) āṅgalabhāsā.

engorge : (v.t.) sagedhaṃ gilati. (pp.) sagedhaṃ gilita.

engraft : (v.t.) ghaṭeti; ropeti. (pp.) ghaṭita; ropita.

engrain : (v.t.) bāḷhaṃ rañjeti. (pp.) bāḷhaṃ rañjita. (see ingrain.)

engrave : (v.t.) rūpāni ukkirati; cundakammaṃ karoti. (pp.) ukkiritarūpa; katacundakamma.

engraving : (n.t.) ukkiraṇasippa; cundakamma.

engross : (v.t.) vipulaṃ karoti; sabbam ādāti; vibhūtaṃ likhati. (pp.) vipulīkata; sabbam ādinna; vibhūtaṃ likhita.

engrosser : (m.) sabbādayī; sundaralekhaka.

engrossment : (nt.) nissesagahaṇa.

engulf : (v.t.) osīdāpeti; nimujjāpeti. (pp.) osīdāpita.

engulfment : (nt.) osīdāpana.

enhance : (v.t.) abhivaḍḍheti. (pp.) abhivaḍḍhita.

enhancement : (nt.) abhivaḍḍhana.

enhearten : see Encourage.

enigma : (m.) gūḷhapañha. (f.) paheḷikā.

enigmatical : (adj.) gūḷhattha.

enjoin : (v.t.) niyameti; āṇāpeti. (pp.) niyamita; āṇāpita or āṇatta.

enjoy : (v.t.) 1. abhiramati; nandati; 2. assādeti; upabhuñjati. (pp.) abhirata; nandita; upabhutta.

enjoyable : (adj.) upabhojiya; ramanīya; assādetabba.

enjoyer : (m.) upabhuñjaka; anubhavitu; assādetu.

enjoyment : (f.) abhirati; assādanā. (nt.) abhiramaṇa; anubhavana.

enkindle : (v.t.) ujjāleti; pajjāleti. (pp.) ujjālita; pajjālita.

enlace : (v.t.) paḷiveṭheti. (pp.) paḷiveṭhita.

enlarge : (v.t.) vitthāreti; visālīkaroti. (pp.) vitthārita; visālīkata. (v.i.) abhivaḍḍhati. (pp.) abhivuddha.

enlargement : (nt.) abhivaḍḍhana; visālīkaraṇa.

enlighten : (v.t.) bodheti; dīpeti; sammadiṭṭhiṃ gaṇhāpeti. (pp.) bodhita; dīpita; sammādiṭṭhiṃ gaṇhāpita.

Enlightened One : (m.) buddha; sabbaññū.

enlightening : (adj.) bodhakara; mohanāsaka.

enlightenment : (f.) sambodhi. (m.) saccāvabodha.

enlink : (v.t.) saṃyojeti; ghaṭeti. (pp.) saṃyojita; ghaṭita.

enlist : (v.t.) nāmāvaliṃ āropeti. (pp.) nāmāvaliṃ āropita.

enlistment : (nt.) nāmāvaliāropaṇa.

enliven : (v.t.) ussāheti; uttejeti; pahāseti. (pp.) ussāhita; uttejita; pahāsita or pahaṭṭha.

enmesh : (v.t.) jālena bandhati. (pp.) jālabaddha.

enmity : (nt.) vera. (m.) upanāha; viddesa.

ennoble : (v.t.) unnāmeti; seṭṭhattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) unnāmita; seṭṭhattaṃ pāpita.

ennoblement : (f.) uccapadappatti.

ennui : (f.) anabhirati; appossukkatā.

enormity : (nt.) 1. mahatta; 2. ghoratta; 3. dāruṇakamma.

enormous : (adj.) 1. atimahanta; ativisāla; 2. atidāruṇa.

enormously : (adv.) ativiya; accantaṃ.

enormousness : (nt.) atimahantatta; atidāruṇatta.

enough : (adj.) pahoṇaka. (adv.) alaṃ. (nt.) pahoṇakamatta.

enounce : (v.t.) uccāreti; udīreti. (pp.) uccārita.

enquire : (v.t.) āpucchati. (pp.) āpucchita.

enquiry : (f.) āpucchā; upaparikkhā.

enrage : (v.t.) kopeti; roseti. (pp.) kopita; rosita or ruṭṭha.

enrapture : (v.t.) paramānandaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) paramānandaṃ pāpita or patta.

enravish : (v.t.) atīva hāseti. (pp.) atīva hāsita or haṭṭha.

enrich : (v.t.) aḍḍhaṃ or sadhanaṃ karoti. (pp.) sadhanīkata.

enrobe : (v.t.) cīvaraṃ pārupāti. (pp.) pārutacīvara.

enrol : (v.t.) nāmāni aṅketi. (pp.) aṅkitanāma.

enroll : (v.t.) nāmāni aṅketi. (pp.) aṅkitanāma.

enrolment : (nt.) nāmaṅkana.

enroot : (v.t.) sammā ropeti.

enrooted : (adj.) baddhamūla.

ensanguine : (v.t.) lohitena makkheti. (pp.) lohitena makkhita.

ensconce : (v.t.) nigūheti. (pp.) nigūhita or nigūḷha.

ensemble : (nt.) sabbasamodhāna.

ensheath : (v.t.) kose pakkhipati. (pp.) kose pakkhitta.

enshrine : (v.t.) nidahati. (pp.) nidahita or nihita.

enshroud : (v.t.) paṭicchādeti; āvarati. (pp.) paṭicchādita or paṭicchanna; āvaṭa.

ensign : (m.)1. dhaja; 2. dhajaggāhī. (f.) patākā. (nt.) visesalakkhaṇa.

enslave : (v.t.) dāsattaṃ neti. (pp.) dāsattaṃ nīta.

enslavement : (nt.) dāsattapāpaṇa.

ensnare : (v.t.) pāsena bandhati. (pp.) pāsabaddha.

ensoul : (v.t.) jīvayuttaṃ karoti. (pp.) jīvayuttaṃ kata.

ensue : (v.i.) phalavasena uppajjati; anvāgacchati. (pp.) phalavasena uppanna; anvāgata.

ensuing : (adj.) āgāmī.

ensure : (v.t.) niccheti; daḷhīkaroti; saṃsayam apaneti. (pp.) nicchita; daḷhīkata; apanītasaṃsaya.

enswathe : (v.t.) uparūpari veṭheti. (pp.) uparūpari veṭhita.

entail : (v.t.) paramparāyattaṃ karoti. (f.) paramparayattatā.

entangle : (v.t.) paḷigunṭheti; jaṭeti; vyākulīkaroti. (pp.) paḷigunṭhita; jaṭita; vyākulīkata.

entangled : (adj.) ākula; saṅkiṇṇa.

entanglement : (f.) jaṭā; vyākulatā.

enter : (v.i.) pavisati; ogāhati. (pp.) paviṭṭha; ogāḷha. (v.t.) 1. paveseti; anto neti; 2. nāmaṃ likhati. (pp.) pavesita; antonīta; likhitanāma.

enteric : (adj.) antāyatta; sannipātika.

enteric fever : (m.) sannipātajara.

enterology : (f.) antavijjā.

enteropathy : (m.) antaroga.

enterprise : (m.) vyāpāra; vāyāma.

enterprising : (adj.) uṭṭhānasīla; saussāha; dhitimantu.

entertain : (v.t.) 1. sakkaroti; sammāneti; 2. rameti; 3. paṇidahati. (pp.) sakkata; sammānita; ramita; paṇidahita.

entertainer : (m.) sakkāraka; vinodetu.

entertaining : (adj.) saṅgahakara; atithipūjaka.

entertainment : (m.) sakkāra; ussava. (nt.) agghiya; ātitheyya; ramāpana.

enthral : (v.t.) vasīkaroti. (pp.) vasīkata.

enthrone : (v.t.) rajje or sīhāsane patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) sīhāsane patiṭṭhāpita.

enthronement : (nt.) rajje patiṭṭhāpana.

enthusiasm : (m.) mahussāha; saddhātisaya.

enthusiast : (m.) mahussāhī.

enthusiastic : (adj.) uyyutta; saddhābahula.

enthusiastically : (adv.) accantānurāgena.

entice : (v.t.) palobheti; ussukkāpeti. (pp.) palobhita; ussukkāpita.

enticement : (nt.) palobhana; mohana.

enticing : (adj.) palobhaka.

entire : (adj.) sakala; kevala; asesa; nissesa; akhila; nikhita; anūna; niravasesa.

entirely : (adv.) asesaṃ; nissesaṃ.

entirety : (nt.) asesatta; sampuṇṇatta.

entitle : (v.t.) 1. nāmaṃ karoti; 2. adhikāraṃ deti; 3. niyameti. (pp.) katanāma; dinnādhikāra; niyamita.

entity : (m.) satta. (f.) vijjamānatā; pavatti.

entomb : (v.t.) thūpe nidahati or nikhaṇati. (pp.) thūpe nidahita; nikhāta.

entomology : (f.) kīṭakavijjā.

entrails : (nt.; plu.) antāni.

entrain : (v.i.) dhūmarathaṃ pavisati; (v.t.) dhūmaratham āropeti. (pp.) dhūmarathaṃ paviṭṭha; dhūmaratham āropita.

entrammel : (v.t.) bādheti; ākulīkaroti. (pp.) bādhita; ākulīkata.

entrance : (nt.) dvāra; mukha; pavisana. (m.) pavesa. (v.t.) moheti; muccheti. (pp.) mohita; mucchita.

entrancement : (nt.) mohana.

entrant : (m.) pavesī; adhikāragāhī.

entrap : (v.t.) see Ensnare.

entreat : (v.t.) upanibandhati; abhiyācati. (pp.) upanibaddha; abhiyācita.

entreating : (adj.) abhiyācanaka.

entreaty : (f.) abhiyācanā; upanibandhanā.

entree : (m.) pavesādhikāra.

entrench : (v.t.) parikhāhi parikkhipati. (pp.) parikhāhi parikkhitta.

entrenchment : (nt.) parikhāyojana.

entrepot : (nt.) vāṇijabhaṇḍāgāra.

entrust : (v.t.) samappeti; bhāraṃ karoti. (pp.) samappita; katabhāra.

entry : (m.) pavesa. (nt.) potthake likhāpana.

entwine : (v.t.) gantheti; saṃsibbeti. (pp.) ganthita; saṃsibbita.

entwist : (v.t.) āveṭheti. (pp.) āveṭhita.

enucleate : (v.t.) visadīkaroti. (pp.) visadīkata.

enucleation : (nt.) visadīkarana.

enumerate : (v.t.) gaṇeti; saṅkaleti. (pp.) gaṇita; saṅkalita.

enumeration : (f.) saṅkhyā; gaṇanā; parikittanā.

enunciate : (v.t.) uccāreti; udāharati; pakāseti. (pp.) uccārita; udāhaṭa; pakāsita.

enunciation : (nt.) udīraṇa; parikittana.

enunciative : (adj.) parikittaka.

envelop : (v.t.) paḷiveṭheti; pariyonahati. (pp.) paḷiveṭhita; pariyonaddha.

envelope : (nt.) paṭala; āvaraṇa. (m.) kosa.

envelope for a letter : (nt.) sāsanāvaraṇa.

enveloping : (adj.) paṭicchādaka.

envelopment : (nt.) paṭicchādana.

envenom : (v.t.) visayuttaṃ karoti; visena misseti. (pp.) visayuttaṃ kata; visamissita.

enviable : (adj.) usūyuppādaka.

envious : (adj.) issāsahagata; issukī; usūyaka.

environment : (m.) parikkhepa; parisara.

environs : (v.t.) parikkhipati. (pp.) parikkhitta. (m.) sāmanta-padesa. (nt.) samīpaṭṭhāna.

envisage : (v.t.)1. abhimukhī bhavati; 2. sahajabuddhiyā jānāti. (pp.) abhimukhī bhūta; sahajabuddhiyā ñāta.

envoy : (m.) rājadūta; rajjaniyojita. (nt.) gantha-parisamāpana-vākya.

envy : (f.) issā; usūyā; akkhanti. (v.t.) usūyati. (pp.) usūyita.

enwind : (v.t.) kuṇḍalākārena veṭṭheti. (pp.) kuṇḍalākārena veṭhita.

enwomb : (v.t.) gabbhaṃ gaṇhāpeti. (pp.) gāhitagabbha.

enwrap : (v.t.) oguṇṭheti. (pp.) oguṇṭhita.

enwreathe : (v.t.) mālāhi āvarati or pilandheti. (pp.) mālāhi āvaṭa; pilandhita.

epaulet : (f.) (yodhānaṃ) aṃsabhūsā.

ephemeral : (adj.) 1. ekāhika; 2. katipayadivasappavattaka.

ephemeris : (m.) gahasañcāradīpaka.

epic : (nt.) mahākabba; vīracarita. (f.) yuddakakathā.

epical : (adj.) vīracaritāyatta.

epicure : (m.) paṇītabhojī.

Epicurean : (adj.; m.) bhogāsatta; udarambharī.

epicurism : (nt.) odarikatta. (f.) visayāsatti.

epideictic : (adj.) padassanāyābhimata.

epidemic : (adj.; m.) saṅkantikaroga. (nt.) bahittacāyatta.

epidemical : (adj.) saṅkamanaka; sabbavyāpī.

epidemiology : (f.) saṅkantikarogavijjā.

epigastrium : (nt.) bāhirodara. (m.) udarūparibhāga.

epiglottis : (f.) upajivhā.

epigram : (f.) sāratthadīpakagāthāvali.

epigraph : (f.) silālipi; paṭimādilipi.

epigraphics : (f.) purālipivijjā.

epigraphist : (m.) purālipividū.

epilepsy : (m.) apamāra; apasmāra.

epileptic : (adj.; m.) apamārarogī.

epilogue : (f.) nigamanakathā.

episcopacy : (f.) dhammādhikārīsabhā.

Episcopal : (adj.) dhammādhikārāyatta.

episode : (f.) upakathā. (nt.) upākhyāna.

episodical : (adj.) pāsaṅgika; antarāgata.

epistle : (m.) sandesa.

epistolary : (adj.) sandesāyatta.

epistoler : (m.) 1. sandesapāṭhaka; 2. sandesapesaka.

epitaph : (f.) thūpalipi.

epithalamium : (nt.) vivāhagīta.

epithet : (nt.) vevacana; visesana.

epitome : (m.) samāhāra; sārasaṅgaha.

epitomise : (v.t.) saṅkhipati; samāseti. (pp.) saṅkhitta; samāsita.

epitomist : (m.) saṅgahetu.

epoch : (n.) yuga; kālantara.

epochal : (adj.) yugāyatta.

eponym : (n.) ṭhānassa vāgottassa attano nāmadātā.

epopee : (nt.) vīrakathā-pajja.

equability : (nt.) samānatta; nibbikāratta.

equable : (adj.) ekākāra; samāna; samacitta.

equal : (adj.) samāna; sadisa; sabhāga; sama; tulya. (v.t.) sameti; tulyataṃ neti. (pp.) samita; tulyataṃ nīta. (m.) tulyabala; paṭipuggala.

equal in mind : (adj.) samacitta.

equal to : (adj.) saṅkāsa, sannibha.

equalisation : (nt.) samīkaraṇa; sadisa āpādana.

equalise : (v.t.) samāneti; sadisaṃ karoti. (pp.) samānita; sadisīkata.

equality : (nt.) samānatta; tulyatta; sadisatta.

equally : (ad.) samaṃ; sadisākārena.

equanimity : (f.) upekkhā; majjhattatā.

equanimous : (adj.) upekkhaka; majjhatta.

equate : (v.t.) samāneti; samīkaroti.

equation : (nt.) samīkaraṇa.

equator : (f.) bhūparidhi; nirakkharekhā.

equatorial : (adj.) nirakkhadesīya.

equerry : (m.) assādhikārī.

equestrian : (m.) assādhikārī; assārohī. (adj.) hayavisayaka.

equiangular : (adj.) samakonaka.

equidistant : (adj.) samantara; samadūra.

equilateral : (adj.) samaṃsika; samabhuja.

equilibrate : (v.t.) samabhāraṃ karoti. (v.i.) samabhārena vattati. (pp.) samabhāraṃ kata; samabhārena vattita.

equilibrist : (m.) rajjugāmīnaṭa.

equilibrium : (f.) samabhāratā.

equine : (adj.) assasadisa; assāyatta.

equinoctical : (adj.) samarattindiva.

equinox : (m.) samarattindivakāla.

equip : (v.t.) sajjeti; sannayhati; kappeti; (upakaraṇāni) sampādeti. (pp.) sajjita; sannaddha; kappita; sampādita.

equipage : (m.) parivāra.

equipment : (nt.) upakaraṇa; parikkhāra. (f.) sajjanā; kappanā.

equipoise : (f.) samabhāratā; antadvayasamatā. (v.t.) samabhāratāya vatteti. (pp.) samabhāratāya vattita.

equipollent : (adj.) tulyabala.

equiponderate : (v.t.) samabhārataṃ neti. (pp.) samabhārataṃ nīta.

equitable : (adj.) dhammaṭṭha; apakkhapātī.

equitableness : (f.) dhammānuvattanā.

equitably : (adv.) dhammena; samena.

equitation : (nt.) assārohaṇa.

equity : (nt.) sādhāraṇatta. (f.) yutti. (m.) ñāya.

equivalence : (f.) tulyagghatā; samabalatā.

equivalent : (adj.) 1. samānattha; 2. tulyabala. (nt.) pariyāyavacana.

equivocal : (adj.) yugalattha; dvandattha; sasandehattha.

equivocality : (f.) yugalatthatā.

equivocate : (v.t.) pariyāyena kattheti.

equivocation : (nt.) pariyāyakathana.

equivoke : (f.) sandiddhakathā; vaṅkutti.

equivoque : (f.) sandiddhakathā; vaṅkutti.

era : (m.) kālapariccheda. (nt.) vassaparimāṇa.

eradiate : (v.t.) obhāseti; pabhāseti. (pp.) obhāsita; pabhāsita.

eradicate : (v.t.) ucchindati; ummūleti; atthaṅgameti; nāseti. (pp.) ucchinna; ummūlita; atthaṅgamita; nāsita.

eradication : (nt.) viddhaṃsana; antagamana; ucchindana.

erase : (v.t.) apamajjati; lopeti. (pp.) apamaṭṭha; lutta.

eraser : (m.) apamajjaka.

erasure : (f.) apamajjanā.

ere : (prep.; conj.) pubbe; purā; puretaraṃ.

ere long : (adv.) acirena.

ere now : (adv.) ito pubbe.

erebus : (m.) andhakāraniraya.

erect : (adj.) ujuṭṭhita; anonata. (v.t.) 1. nimmiṇāti; māpeti; 2. ujukaṃ ṭhapeti. (pp.) nimmita; māpita; ujukaṃ ṭhapita.

erection : (nt.) nimmāṇa; patiṭṭhāpana.

erectly : (adv.) ujukaṃ.

eremite : (m.) tāpasa; vanavāsī.

erewhile : (adv.) adūrātīte.

ergo : (adv.) tato; tasmā.

eristic : (adj.) randhagavesī; (m.) vivādasīlī.

erne : (m.) garuḷa.

erode : (v.t.) sanikaṃ vināseti. (pp.) sanikaṃ vināsita.

erosion : (nt.) bhūmivilayana. (m.) sanikavināsa.

erotic : (adj.) kāmuka; visayalola.

erotic sentiment : (m.) siṅgāra.

erotominia : (f.) kāmamucchā; kāmāturatā.

err : (v.i.) khalati; vippaṭipajjati; uppathaṃ yāti. (pp.) khalita; vippaṭipanna; uppathaṃ yāta.

errand : (m.) sandesa. (nt.) sāsana; dūteyya.

errant : (m.) paribbhamaka; pariyaṭaka.

errantry : (nt.) pariyaṭana.

erratic : (adj.) pariyaṭanasīla; aniyatagatika.

erratum : (m.) asuddhapāṭha (- saṅgaha.)

erring : (adj.) sāvajja; uppathagāmī.

erroneous : (adj.) sadosa; ataccha.

erroneously : (adv.) micchā; sadosaṃ; atathaṃ.

error : (m.) dosa; pamāda. (nt.) khalita.

erstwhile : (adv.) 1. purā; pubbe; 2. adūrātīte.

eructation : (m.) 1. uggāra. 2. bhūdarito aṅgārādi-uggama.

erudite : (adj.) vyatta; bahussuta.

erudition : (nt.) bāhusacca; paṇḍicca; veyyattiya.

erupt : (v.t.) uggirati; ubbhijjati; niggacchati. (pp.) uggirita; ubbhinna; niggata.

eruption : (nt.) uggiraṇa; ubbhijjana; niggamana.

eruptive : (adj.) ubbhijjanaka.

erythema : (nt.) kilāsakuṭṭha.

escalate : (nt.) nisseṇīhi pākārārohaṇa.

escapade : (m.) bandhanamokkha.

escape : (f.) mutti. (nt.) nissaraṇa; parimuccana; palāyana. (v.i.) parimuccati; palāyati. (pp.) parimutta; palāyita.

escapement : (nt.) nikkhamaṇa (- dvāra).

escarpment : (m.) papāta; kaṭaka.

eschatology : (m.) punaruppattivāda.

escheat : (v.t.) rājasantakaṃ karoti. (pp.) rājasantakaṃ kata.

eschew : see avoid.

escort : (f.) rakkhakaparisā. (v.t.) ārakkhāya anugacchati.

esculent : (adj.) bhojanāraha.

esoteric : (adj.) gūḷha; asabbasādhāraṇa.

especial : (adj.) visiṭṭha; savisesa; asādhāraṇa.

especially : (adv.) visesena.

espionage : (f.) caravutti.

esplanade : (nt.) nagaropavana.

espouse : (v.t.) 1. āvāha-vivāhaṃ karoti; 2, vāreyyapaṭiññaṃ deti; 3. anupāleti. (pp.) kataāvāha-vivāha; dinnavāreyyapaṭiñña; anupālita.

esprit : (nt.) cāturiya; paṭibhāṇa.

espy : (v.t.) 1. dūrato passati; 2. randhaṃ gavesati. (pp.) dūrato diṭṭha; gavesitarandha.

esquire : (m.) 1. ayya; ayyaputta; 2. sannaddhayodha; senādhipasevaka.

essay : (m.) ussāha; navārambha; nibandha. (v.t.) 1. ārabhati; 2. ussahati; 3. thāmam upaparikkhati. (pp.) āraddha; upaparikkhitathāma.

essayist : (m.) nibandhakārī.

essence : (m.) 1. sāra; maṇḍa; sāraṃsa; piṇḍattha. (f.) ojā.

essential : (adj.) āvassaka; sārabhūta.

essentially : (adv.) sārato; avassam eva.

establish : (v.t.) patiṭṭhāpeti; saṇṭhapeti. (pp.) patiṭṭhāpita; saṇṭhapita.

establishment : (nt.) 1. patiṭṭhāpana; 2. āyatana; 3. kuṭumbasaṇṭhāpana.

estate : (f.) 1. avatthā; dasā; 2. sampatti; 3. kulatanti; 4. ropitabhūmi. (m.) vibhava. (nt.) pettikadhana; ārāmavatthu; ṭhānantara.

esteem : (m.) gārava. (nt.) bahumāna. (v.t.) sammāneti; sambhāveti. (pp.) sammānita; sambhāvita.

estimate : (nt.) vayalekhana; vayanirūpana. (v.t.) vayaṃ nirūpeti or pamāṇeti. (pp.) nirūpitavaya.

estimation : (m.) gārava. (nt.) agghanirūpaṇa.

estival : (adj.) gimhika.

estivate : (v.t.) gimhānam atikkāmeti. (pp.) atikkantagimhāna.

estrade : (f.) ussāpita-vedikā.

estrange : (v.t.) virodheti; viyojeti. (pp.) virodhita; viyojita.

estrangement : (nt.) viyojana; bhedana.

estuary : (nt.) mahānadīmukha. (m.) thalantaragata-samudda.

etceteras : (m.; plu.) ādika; pabhutika; iccādi; ādayo.

etch : (v.t.) muddaṇāya chāyārūpe nipphādeti.

eternal : (adj.) dhuva; sassata; anādyanta; avipariṇāma.

eternalism : (f.) sassata-diṭṭhi.

eternalist : (m.) sassatavādī.

eternally : (adv.) niccaṃ; dhuvaṃ; sassataṃ.

eternise : (v.t.) niccataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) niccataṃ pāpita.

eternity : (f.) sassati; niccatā.

etesian : (m.) pacchimuttaravāta.

ether : (f.) ākāsadhātu.

ethereal : (adj.) ākāsadhātvāyatta.

etheric : (adj.) ākāsadhātvāyatta.

ethical : (adj.) nītivisayaka; sīlāyatta.

ethically : (adv.) guṇadhammavasena.

ethics : (adj.; nt.) nītisattha. (m.) ācāravidhi; guṇadhamma.

ethinical : (adj.) māṇavajātivisayaka; bhinnadesīya.

ethnic : (adj.) māṇavajātivisayaka; bhinnadesīya.

ethnography : (nt.) vijjānukūlamāṇavapabheda-dīpana.

ethnologic : (adj.) māṇavavijjāyatta.

ethnologist : (m.) māṇavavijjāvidū.

ethnology : (f.) māṇavajātivijjā.

ethology : (f.) cariyāvisesavijjā.

ethos : (m.) cariyāvisesa.

etiolate : (v.t.) paṇḍuvaṇṇaṃ or uppaṇḍukataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) uppaṇḍukataṃ pāpita.

aetiology : (m.) rogavinicchaya.

etiquette : (m.) cārittavidhi. (f.) sadācāra-paddhati.

etymological : (adj.) niruttisatthāyatta.

etymologise : (v.t.) niruttiṃ gavesati or uggaṇhāti. (pp.) gavesitanirutti.

etymologist : (m.) neruttika; niruttikusala.

etymology : (f.) nirutti; saddavyuppatti.

etymon : (f.) mūlika-saddapakati.

Euclid : (f.) bhūmitivijjā.

eugenic : (nt.) sundarasantatijanaka-sattha.

eulogise : (v.t.) thometi; pasaṃsati. (pp.) thomita; pasaṃsita.

eulogist : (m.) thutipāṭhaka.

eulogy : (f.) pasaṃsā; thuti; thomanā. (nt.) abhitthavana.

eunuch : (m.) napuṃsaka.

eupeptic : (adj.) suddhagahaṇiyutta; jaṭharaggibahula.

euphemism : (nt.) guttapharusavacana. (m.) aññālāpa. (f.) adhikālaṅkārayutta-lipi.

euphemistic : (adj.) aññālāpī.

euphonic : (adj.) sutimadhura; siliṭṭhakkhara.

euphony : (nt.) sukhuccāraṇa. (f.) siliṭṭhakkharatā.

euphuist : (m.) atipaṇḍitatādassāvī.

Eurasian : (adj.; n.) Yuropā-āsiyādesāyatta.

eureka : (nt.) udānavākya.

European : (adj.)(n.) Yuropādesāyatta.

euthanasia : (nt.) anāyāsamaraṇa.

evacuate : (v.t.) vireceti; apaharati; suññaṃ karoti. (pp.) virecita; apahaṭa; suññaṃ kata.

evacuation : (nt.) virecana; apanayana; uccāravossajana; riñcana; sodhana.

evade : (v.t.) pariharati; bādheti. (v.i.) upakkamena apasarati. (pp.) parihaṭa; bādhita; upakkamena apasaṭa.

evaluate : (v.t.) agghaṃ nirūpeti. (pp.) nirūpitaggha.

evanesce : (v.i.) antaradhāyati; vinassati. (pp.) antarahita; vinaṭṭha.

evanescence : (nt.) antaradhāna. (m.) vināsa.

evanescent : (adj.) khaṇabhaṅgura; anicca.

evangel : (f.) dhammalipi.

evangelic : (adj.) dhammalipivisayaka.

evangelist : (m.) dhammalipisampādaka.

evanish : (v.i.) antaradhāyati. (pp.) antarahita.

evaporate : (v.i.) ussussati; sukhumarūpataṃ yāti. (v.t.) bappataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) ussukkha; sukhumarūpataṃ yāta; bappataṃ pāpita.

evaporation : (nt.) ussussana; sukhumattagamana.

evasion : (nt.) apasaraṇa; parivajjana.

evasive : (adj.) parivajjaka; vañcanasīla; kūṭa.

eve : (f.) sañjhā. (m.) sāyaṇha; dinaccaya.

even : (adj.) sama. (v.t.) sameti; samaṃ karoti. (pp.) samita; samīkata. (adv.) api.

even as : (ind.) yathā; yath'eva.

even handed : (adj.) apakkhapātī.

even if : (ind.) yadi pi; yajjapi.

even now : (ind.) ajjāpi.

even so : (ind.) tath'eva; evam eva.

even though : (ind.) yadi pi; yajjapi; tathā pi.

evening : (f.) sañjhā. (m.) sāyaṇha; dinaccaya || good evening: (f.) susañjhā; in the evening: (ind.) sāyaṃ; last evening: (m.) abhidosa; late in the evening: (ind.) atisāyaṃ.

evenly : (adv.) samaṃ.

evenness : (nt.) samatta; tulyatta.

event : (f.) siddhi. (m.) 1. vuttanta; 2. pariṇāma. (nt.) phala.

eventful : (adj.) visiṭṭhasiddhiyutta.

eventual : (adj.) anusaṅgika; antima.

eventually : (adv.) ante; pariyosāne.

eventuate : (v.i.) sijjhati; niṭṭhāti; sampajjati. (pp.) siddha; niṭṭhita; sampanna.

ever : (adv.) 1. sadā; niccaṃ; nirantaraṃ; satataṃ; 2. yadā; yadā kadāci; kudācana || for ever: (ind.) sadātanāya.

ever and anon : (adv.) muhuṃ muhuṃ.

ever following : (adj.) sadānugata.

ever moving : (adj.) sadāgatika

ever recurring : (adj.) sadā-sijjhamāna.

evergreen : (adj.) sadānīlapatta.

everlasting : (adj.) sassatika.

evermore : (ind.) sadā; sadātanāya.

evert : (v.t.) viparivatteti. (pp.) viparivattita.

every : (adj.) sabba; sakala; nikhila || in every respect: (adv.) sabbaso; sabbākārena; in every way: (adv.) sabbathā; on every side: (adv.) sabbato; samantato.

every other : (adj.) ekantarika.

everybody : (m.) sabbajana.

everyday : (adv.) sabbadā.

everyone : (m.) sabbajana; ekeka.

everything : (nt.) sabba.

everywhere : (adv.) sabbattha.

evict : (v.t.) nītiyā nikkhāmeti or nissāreti. (pp.) nītiyā nikkhāmita; nissārita.

evidence : (nt.) pākaṭatta; nidassana. (m.) sakkhi. (v.t.) pamānaṃ or sakkhiṃ karoti. (pp.) pamāṇīkata.

evident : (adj.) pākaṭa; paccakkha; yathābhūta.

evidential : (adj.) sasakkhika; sādhakasahita.

evidently : (adv.) paccakkhaṃ; pākaṭaṃ.

evil : (m.) anattha, adhamma. (f.) vipatti. (nt.) vyasana; pāpa.

evil conduct : (m.) durācāra.

evil consequence : (m.) kaliggaha.

evil course : (m.) kupatha.

evil disposition : (f.) duṭṭhatā.

evil eye : (nt.) diṭṭhavisa.

Evil One : (m.) āntaka; māra; namuci.

evil speaking : (adj.) durālāpa.

evil thought : (m.) pāpasaṅkappa.

evil-minded : (adj.) pāpāsaya; dummedha.

evildoer : (m.) pāpakārī.

evince : (v.t.) nidasseti; pakāseti; samattheti. (pp.) nidassita; pakāsita; samatthita.

evirate : (v.t.) bījaṃ or aṇḍam uddharati or nibbaṭṭeti. (pp.) uddhaṭabīja; nibbaṭṭitaṇḍa.

eviration : (nt.) bījuddharaṇa.

eviscerate : (v.t.) antāni bahikaroti or nikkhāmeti. (pp.) bahikatanta.

evoke : (v.t.) 1. pabodheti; uttejeti; 2. avhāti. (pp.) pabodhita; uttejita; avhāta.

evolution : (m.) pariṇāma; kamavikāsa.

evolutional : (adj.) pariṇāmavisayaka.

evolutionist : (m.) pariṇāmavādī.

evolve : (v.i.) (kamena) vikasati; pariṇamati; saṃvaṭṭati. (pp.) vikasita; pariṇata; saṃvaṭṭita.

evulsion : (nt.) luñcana.

ewe : (f.) uranī; eḷikā.

ewer : (f.) kuṇḍikā. (m.) kamaṇḍalu.

ex-monk : (m.) uppabbajita.

ex-officio : (adv.) ṭhānantarabalena. (adj.) ṭhānantarena laddhabala.

ex-parte : (adv.) ekapakkhatthāya. (adj.) pakkhagāhī.

ex-service : (adj.) rājakiccāpagata.

exacerbate : (v.t.) vaḍḍheti; uddīpeti. (pp.) vaḍḍhita; uddīpita.

exact : (adj.) yathābhūta; taccha; yāthāva. (v.t.) balena ādāti; pasayha gaṇhāti. (pp.) balena ādinna; pasayha gahita.

exaction : (nt.) balakkāragahaṇa.

exactly : (adv.) yāthāvato; yathābhūtaṃ.

exaggerate : (v.t.) adhikaṃ vaṇṇeti (pp.) adhikaṃ vaṇṇita.

exaggeration : (f.) adhikavaṇṇaṇā.

exalt : (v.t.) unnāmeti; ukkaṃseti. (pp.) unnāmita; ukkaṃsita.

exaltation : (f.) unnati; uccapadappatti.

exalted : (adj.) uttama; parama; seṭṭha.

examination : (f.) upaparikkhā; vīmaṃsā; vicāraṇā.

examine : (v.t.) upaparikkhati; upadhāreti; vīmaṃsati. (pp.) upaparikkhita; upadhārita; vīmaṃsita.

examiner : (m.) parikkhaka; vīmaṃsaka.

example : (nt.) udāharaṇa; nidassana.

exanimate : (adj.) nijjīva.

exasperate : (v.t.) pakopeti; saṅkhobheti; roseti. (pp.) pakopita; saṅkhobhita; rosita or ruṭṭha.

exasperation : (nt.) pakopana.

excavate : (v.t.) paḷikhaṇati; abhikhaṇati. (pp.) paḷikhata.

excavation : (nt.) paḷīkhaṇana.

excavator : (m.) paḷikhaṇaka.

exceed : (v.i.) atiriccati; adhiko bhavati. (v.t.) atikkamati. (pp.) atiritta; adhikabhūta; atikkanta.

exceeding : (adj.) adhika; adhimatta; accanta.

exceedingly : (adv.) accantaṃ; atisayena; atīva; atimattaṃ.

excel : (v.t.) abhibhavati; atiyāti. (v.i.) unnamati; visissati. (pp.) abhibhūta; atiyāta; unnata; visiṭṭha.

excellence : (f.) seṭṭhatā; visiṭṭhatā.

excellency : (f.) mahānubhāvatā; mahesakkhatā; seṭṭhatā.

excellent : (adj.) atiuttama; atisundara; pavara; parama. In cpds. this meaning is expressed by nāga, puṅgava, usabha and sīha. e.g. purisanāga; purisasīha.

excellently : (adv.) suṭṭhutaraṃ; atisundarākārena.

except : (prep.) vinā; vajjetvā; pahāya. (v.t.) vajjeti; pajahati. (pp.) vajjita; pajahita.

excepting : (adv.) vinā; rite; hitvā.

exception : (nt.) vajjana; visesakāraṇa.

exceptional : (adj.) asādhāraṇa; visiṭṭha.

excerpt : (m.) uddhaṭapāṭha. (v.t.) uddharitvā dasseti. (pp.) uddharitvā dassita.

excerption : (nt.) pāṭhuddharaṇa.

excess : (f.) 1. adhikatā; bahulatā; 2. amattaññutā. (m.) 1. atisaya; atireka; 2. pamāṇātikkama.

excess of rain : (f.) ativuṭṭhi.

excess of wind : (m.) vātakopa.

excessive : (adj.) accanta; atimatta; ussanna.

excessively : (adv.) atisayena; ativiya; accantaṃ; adhikataraṃ.

exchange : (m.) vinimaya. (nt.) parivattana. (v.t.) vinimeti; nimiṇāti. (pp.) vinimita; nimiṇita.

exchangeable : (adj.) parivattiya.

exchequer : (m.) rājakosa. (nt.) rājabhaṇḍāgāra.

excisable : (adj.) karadānāraha.

excise : (m.) rājabali; kara; suṅka. (v.t.) 1. karaṃ nirūpeti; 2. ukkantati; uppāṭeti. (pp.) nirūpitakara; ukkantita; uppāṭita.

exciseman : (m.) karaggāhī.

excision : (nt.) ukkantana; uppāṭana.

excitable : (adj.) vikopanaka; ubbegakara.

excitant : (adj.) uttejaka; uddīpaka; saṅkhobhaka.

excitation : (m.) vikkhepa; sambhama.

excite : (v.t.) uttejeti; ussāheti; saṅkhobheti. (pp.) uttejita; ussāhita; saṅkhobhita.

excited : (adj.) tasita; vikkhitta.

excitement : (m.) vikkhepa; sambhama.

exciting : (adj.) saṅkhobhanaka.

exclaim : (v.t.i.) ugghoseti; pakāseti. (pp.) ugghosita; pakāsita.

exclamation : (nt.) ugghosana; pakāsana; āmeṇḍita.

exclamatory : (adj.) vimhayasūcaka.

exclude : (v.t.) nikkhāmeti; nikkaḍḍhati; bahikaroti. (pp.) nikkhāmita; nikkaḍḍhita; bahikata.

exclusion : (nt.) nikkaḍḍhana; vajjana.

exclusive : (adj.) nisedhaka; nivāraka.

exclusively : (adv.) kevalaṃ; anaññasādhāraṇaṃ.

exclusiveness : (nt.) asādhāraṇatta.

excogitate : (v.t.) anucinteti; parikappeti. (pp.) anucintita; parikappita.

excogitation : (f.) anucintā; parikappanā.

excommunicate : (v.t.) (gaṇā) nikkaḍḍhati or ukkhipati. (pp.) nikkaḍḍhita; ukkhitta.

excommunication : (nt.) nikkaḍḍhana; paṇāmana.

excoriate : (v.t.) tacaṃ vikopeti. (pp.) vikopita-taca.

excoriation : (nt.) tacavikopana.

excorticate : (v.t.) tacam uppāṭeti. (pp.) uppāṭita-taca.

excortication : (nt.) tacuppāṭana.

excrement : (nt.) mala; karīsa; mīḷha; vacca.

excrescence : (nt.) cammakhīla. (m.) nipphalāvayava.

excreta : (m.; plu.) asuci; malamuttādi.

excrete : (v.t.) nissajati; ossajati; vissajjeti. (pp.) nissaṭṭha; ossaṭṭha; vissaṭṭha.

excretion : (nt.) malossajana.

excruciate : (v.t.) abhimanthati; abhipīḷeti. (pp.) abhimathita; abhipīḷita.

excruciating : (adj.) atipīḷaka.

excruciation : (nt.) abhimanthana.

exculpate : (v.t.) dosā or vajjā moceti. (pp.) dosamocita.

exculpation : (nt.) dosamocana.

exculpatory : (adj.) dosamocaka.

excurrent : (adj.) niccharamāna; bahisandamāna.

excurse : (v.i.) āhiṇḍati; pariyaṭati.

excursion : (nt.) āhiṇḍana; pariyaṭana. (m.) cārikā; jaṅghāvihāra.

excursive : (adj.) bhamanasīla.

excursus : (m.) upagantha. (nt.) ūnapūraṇa.

excusable : (adj.) khamitabba.

excuse : (m.) paccāhāra; khamāhetu. (nt.) vajjamocana. (v.t.) khamati; titikkhati; vajjaṃ paṭiggaṇhāti. (pp.) khanta; paṭiggahitavajja.

exeat : (m.) kālikāvasara.

execrable : (adj.) jeguccha.

execrate : (v.t.) jigucchati; nindati. (v.i.) abhisapati. (pp.) jigucchita; nindita; abhisatta.

execration : (f.) jigucchā. (m.) abhisāpa.

executant : (m.) sampādaka; vādaka.

execute : (v.t.) 1. karoti; 2. sādheti; sampadeti; nipphādeti; 3. vadheti; ghāteti. (pp.) kata; sādhita; sampādita; nipphādita; hata; ghātita.

execution : (nt.) 1. vidahana; anuṭṭhāna; sampādana. 2. hanana; ghātana.

executioner : (m.) vadhaka; ghātaka || block of the executioner: (f.) dhammagaṇḍikā; drum of executioner: (f.) vajjha bheri.

executive : (adj.) kāriyasādhaka; vidhāyaka.

executor : (m.) (matassa) dhanapālaka.

executorship : (nt.) dhanapālakatta.

exegesis : (nt.) vyākhyāna. (f.) atthavaṇṇanā.

exegetical : (adj.) atthappakāsaka.

exegetist : (m.) vyākhyākāra.

exemplar : (m.) ādisitabba; nidassanīya; mūlādesa.

exemplary : (adj.) anugantabba; anukaraṇīya.

exemplification : (nt.) nidassanena pākaṭakaraṇa.

exemplify : (v.t.) udāharati; nidasseti. (pp.) udāhaṭa; nidassita.

exempt : (adj.) vimutta; abaddha. (v.t.) vimoceti; abaddhaṃ karoti. (pp.) vimocita; abaddhaṃ kata.

exemption : (f.) vimutti. (m.) atirekavara.

exequatur : (nt.) videsarajjena sampaṭicchana.

exequies : (nt.) petakicca. (m.) sakkāra.

exercise : (m.) paricaya; payoga. (nt.) paṭipajjana; nisevana. (v.t.) ācarati; paricayati; parisīleti. (v.i.) paṭipajjati; vāyamati. (pp.) ācarita; paricayita; parisīlita; paṭipanna.

exercitation : (nt.) paguṇakaraṇa; vācuggatakaraṇa.

exert : (v.t.) vāyamati; parakkamati; ussahati. (pp.) vāyamita; parakkhamita; ussahita.

exertion : (m.) vāyāma; ussāha; parakkama; ātappa. (nt.) padahana.

exfoliate : (v.i.) papaṭikā pāteti. (pp.) pātitapapaṭika.

exhalation : (nt.) passasana; vāyana.

exhale : (v.t.) passasati. (v.i.) vāyati. (pp.) passasita; vāyita.

exhaust : (v.t.) khepeti; pariyādiyati; atikilameti. (pp.) khepita; pariyādinna; atikilamita.

exhaustible : (adj.) khayagamanīya.

exhaustion : (nt.) pariyādiyana; atikilamana.

exhaustive : (adj.) pariyādiyaka; khepaka.

exhaustless : (adj.) akkhaya.

exhibit : (nt.) 1. pamāṇapaṇṇa; 2. padassanīya-vatthu. (v.t.) padasseti; āvīkaroti. (pp.) padassita; āvīkata.

exhibition : (nt.) padassana; āvīkaraṇa.

exhilarate : (v.t.) pīṇeti; toseti; hāseti. (pp.) pīṇita; tosita or tuṭṭha; hāsita or haṭṭha.

exhilarating : (adj.) tosakara.

exhilaration : (m.) hāsa; tosa. (f.) tuṭṭhi. (nt.) pāmojja.

exhort : (v.t.) 1. ovadati; anusāsati; 2. ussāheti. (pp.) ovadita; anusiṭṭha; ussāhita.

exhortation : (m.) ovāda. (f.) anusāsaṇā; anusiṭṭhi.

exhortative : (adj.) anusāsaka; ovādadāyaka; pabodhaka.

exhume : (v.t.) (matadehaṃ) ukkhaṇati; nikhātam uddharati. (pp.) ukkhata; uddhaṭanikhāta.

exigence : (nt.) accāyika; accāvassaka. (f.) kālavipatti. (m.) vipattikāla.

exigency : (nt.) accāyika; accāvassaka. (f.) kālavipatti. (m.) vipattikāla.

exigent : (adj.) aparihāriya; avassaka; accāyika.

exiguity : (f.) appatā; thokatā.

exiguous : (adj.) appaka; thoka.

exile : (m.) vippavāsa. (nt.) pabbājana; nibbāsana. (v.t.) pabbājeti; vippavāseti. (pp.) pabbājita; vippavāsita.

exility : (nt.) tanutta; sukhumatta.

exist : (v.i.) bhavati; sambhavati; pavattati; saṃvijjati; atthi. (pp.) bhūta; sambhūta; pavattita.

existence : (nt.) pavattana. (f.) atthitā; vijjamāṇatā. (m.) sambhava.

existent : (adj.) pavattamāna; vijjamāna; paccuppanna.

existing for a day : (adj.) ekāhika.

exit : (m.) niggama. (nt.) nikkhamanadvāra.

exodus : (nt.) apagamana; nikkhamana.

exonerate : (v.t.) dosatomoceti. (pp.) dosatomocita.

exoneration : (nt.) niddosīkaraṇa.

exorbitance : (m.) pamāṇātikkama.

exorbitant : (adj.) atikkantapamāṇa; adhikatara; sīmātikkanta.

exorcise : (v.t.) bhūtāvesā moceti; mantehi bhūte apaneti. (pp.) bhūtāvesā mocita; mantehi apanītabhūta.

exorcism : (nt.) bhūtāpasāraṇa.

exorcist : (m.) bhūtavejja.

exordium : (m.) mukhabandha.

exoteric : (adj.) sugama; agūḷha.

exotic : (adj.) videsābhata; parabhāsāyatta.

expand : (v.t.) vikāseti; vitthambheti; vipphāreti. (v.i.) vikasati; pattharati; vippharati. (pp.) vikāsita; vitthambhita; vipphārita; vikāsita; patthaṭa; vipphuṭa.

expanse : (m.) āyāmavitthāra; vivittokāsa; okāsa.

expansion : (m.) vikāsa; vipphāra; vitthāra. (nt.) vikasana.

expansive : (adj.) vyāpaka; vitthata; vitthiṇṇa.

expatiate : (v.i.) 1. atipapañceti; 2. anārammaṇo āhiṇḍati.

expatiation : (m.) atipapañca; ativitthāra. (nt.) paribbhamaṇa.

expatriate : (v.t.) raṭṭhavāsittam apaneti; raṭṭhā pabbājeti. (pp.) apanītaraṭṭhavāsitta; raṭṭhā pabbājita. (m.) pabbājita; pavāsita.

expect : (v.t.) ākaṅkhati; apekkhati; āgameti; āsiṃsati. (pp.) ākaṅkhita; āgamita; āsiṭṭha.

expectance : (f.) apekkhā; ākaṅkhā.

expectancy : (f.) apekkhā; ākaṅkhā.

expectant : (adj.) apekkhī; ākaṅkhī; pāṭikaṅkhī.

expectation : (f.) apekkhā; āsiṃsanā.

expectative : (adj.) apekkhājanaka.

expecting : (adj.) apekkhanta; āgamayamāna.

expectorant : (adj.) semuggāraka.

expectorate : (v.t.) ukkāsati; niṭṭhubhati. (pp.) ukkāsita; niṭṭhubhita.

expectoration : (nt.) ukkāsana; niṭṭhubhana.

expectorative : (adj.) semuggāraka.

expedience : (nt.) icitya; yoggatta.

expedient : (m.) upāya; upakkama. (adj.) anurūpa; ucita; yogga.

expediently : (adv.) yathocitaṃ; yathāyoggaṃ.

expedite : (v.t.) sīghaṃ sādheti.

expedition : (f.) sīghatā; dūragāmī senā. (nt.) sighasādhana.

expeditious : (adj.) turita.

expeditiously : (adv.) sīghaṃ; turitaṃ.

expel : (v.t.) nikkaḍḍhati; paṇāmeti; nibbāheti. (pp.) nikkaḍḍhita; paṇāmita; nibbāhita.

expellant : (adj.) nibbāhita; nikkaḍḍhita.

expend : (v.t.) vissajjeti; vayaṃ karoti. (pp.) vissaṭṭha; vayakata.

expenditure : (m.) vaya; paribbaya.

expense : (m.) vaya.

expensive : (adj.) mahaggha; mahabbayakara.

expensively : (adv.) bahuparibbayena.

experience : (nt.) 1. vindana; anubhavana; 2. pāṭava; nepuñña; (m.) paricaya. (v.t.) 1. vindati; anubhavati; paṭisaṃvedeti; 2. paricayati; sikkhati. (pp.) vindita; anubhūta; paṭisaṃvedita; paricayita; sikkhita.

experiencing : (adj.) anubhavamāna; paṭisaṃvedī.

experiential : (adj.) paricayāyatta; anubhavanāyatta.

experiment : (f.) vīmaṃsā; upaparikkhā. (v.t.) vīmaṃsati; upaparikkhati. (pp.) vīmaṃsita; upaparikkhita.

experimentalist : (m.) vīmaṃsaka.

experimental : (adj.) parikkhanamūlaka; anubhavaladdha.

expert : (adj.) katahattha; katupāsana; pavīṇa; nipuṇa.

expertly : (adv.) nipuṇākārena.

expertness : (nt.) nipuṇatta; kosalla; nepuñña.

expiate : (v.t.) paṭikaroti; accayaṃ deseti. (pp.) paṭikata; desitaccaya.

expiation : (nt.) paṭikamma. (f.) accayadesanā.

expiatory : (adj.) pāpanāsaka; pāpasodhaka.

expiration : (f.) cuti. (nt.) cavana. (m.) accaya; saṅkhaya.

expire : (v.i.) marati; cavati. (pp.) mata; cuta.

expiring : (adj.) mīyamāna; cavamāna; āsannamaraṇa.

explain : (v.t.) vitthāreti; vaṇṇeti; vibhāveti; kitteti. (pp.) vitthārita; vaṇṇita; vibhāvita; kittita.

explanation : (nt.) visadīkaraṇa; vivaraṇa. (f.) vibhāvanā; vaṇṇanā; atthakathā.

explanatory : (adj.) paridīpaka; atthappakāsaka.

expletive : (nt.) padapūraṇa. (adj.) padapūraka; vākyabhūsaka.

explicate : see Explain.

explicatory : (adj.) atthappakāsaka.

explicit : (adj.) pākaṭa; uttāna.

explicitly : (adv.) visadākārena.

explicitness : (nt.) visadatta; pākaṭatta.

explode : (v.i.) mahāsaddena pabhijjati. (v.t.) pākaṭattam or ayasaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) mahāsaddena pabhinna; ayasaṃ pāpita.

exploit : (m.) vikkama. (f.) vīrakriyā. (v.t.) attatthāya payojeti; saphalākārena yojeti. (pp.) attatthāya payojita.

exploitation : (nt.) attalābhāya niyojana.

exploration : (nt.) anāvaraṇa; parivīmaṃsana.

explore : (v.t.) āvaṭaṃ vivarati; aviditadesaṃ pariyesati.

explorer : (m.) anāvaraka; gavesaka.

explosion : (nt.) sanāda-bhijjana; sasadda-phuṭana.

explosive : (adj.) vidāraṇakara. (nt.) vidāraka-vatthu.

explosiveness : (nt.) vidārakatta.

exponent : (adj.; m.) desaka; pakāsaka.

export : (nt.) videsapesana; videsapesīya-bhaṇḍa. (v.t.) videsaṃ peseti. (pp.) videsaṃ pesita.

exportation : (nt.) videsapesana.

expose : (v.t.) 1. vivarati; pakāseti; 2. arakkhitattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) vivaṭa; pakāsita; arakkhitattaṃ pāpita.

exposition : (f.) parikathā; saṃvaṇṇanā. (nt.) uttānīkaraṇa.

expositor : (m.) atthapakāsaka; vyākhyātu.

expostulate : (v.t.) viramaṇāya ovadati.

expostulation : (m.) viramanāyovāda.

exposure : (nt.) anāvaraṇa; pakāsana; rakkhāpaharaṇa.

expound : (v.t.) akkhāti; deseti; pakāseti. (pp.) akkhāta; desita; pakāsita.

express : (adj.) 1. nicchita; visesita; ekantika; 2. sīghagāmī; 3. anāvaṭa; pākaṭa. (v.t.) 1. sūceti; pakāseti; 2. katheti; udīreti; 3. nippīḷeti. (pp.) sūcita; pakāsita; kathita; udīrita; nippīḷita.

expression : (nt.) pakāsana; kathana; nippīḷana; iṅgita.

expressive : (adj.) vyañjaka; sūcaka.

expressiveness : (nt.) sātthakatta; vyañjakatta.

expressly : (adj.) ujukam eva; ekantena.

expropriate : (v.t.) assāmikaṃ karoti. (pp.) assāmikaṃ kata.

expulsion : (nt.) nissāraṇa; nikkaḍḍhana.

expulsive : (adj.) nikkaḍḍhanāraha.

expunction : (m.) lopa. (nt.) apamajjana.

expunge : (v.t.) apamajjati; lopeti. (pp.) apamaṭṭha; lutta.

expurgate : (v.t.) saṃsodheti. (pp.) saṃsodhita.

expurgation : (nt.) saṃsodhana.

expurgatory : (adj.) dosāpahāraka.

exquisite : (adj.) 1. visiṭṭha; ukkaṭṭha. 2. atisukhuma.

exquisitely : (adv.) ativisiṭṭhākārena.

exquisiteness : (nt.) visiṭṭhatta.

exsanguinate : (v.t.) rudhiraṃ vāheti. (pp.) vāhitarudhira.

exsanguine : (f.) rudhirahīnatā.

exsert : (adj.) bahinikkhanta.

exsiccate : (v.t.) soseti. (pp.) sosita.

extant : (adj.) pavattamāna; vijjamāna.

extemporaneous : (adj.) avihitapubba; aparikappita; taṅkhaṇānurūpa.

extemporarily : (adv.) pubbatakkanaṃ vinā.

extemporary : (adj.) avihitapubba; aparikappita; taṅkhaṇānurūpa.

extempore : (adv.) pubbavidhānaṃ vinā; taṅkhaṇānurūpaṃ.

extemporise : (v.t.) aparikappetvā katheti. (pp.) aparikappetvā kathita.

extend : (v.t.) tanoti; vitthāreti; vipphāreti. (v.i.) pharati; pattharati. (pp.) tata; vitthata or vitthārita; vipphārita; phuṭa; patthaṭa.

extension : (nt.) visālatta; pamāṇa. (m.) āyāma-vitthāra.

extensive : (adj.) visāla; vipula; pacura.

extensively : (adv.) adhikavasena; bāhullena; atimattaṃ.

extensiveness : (nt.) vipulatta; visālatta; patthaṭatta.

extent : (m.) pariṇāha; vitthāra. (nt.) parimāṇa.

extenuate : (v.t.) tanukaroti; mandīkaroti; upasameti. (pp.) tanukata; mandīkata; upasamita.

extenuation : (nt.) tanukaraṇa; upasamana.

exterior : (m.) bahibhāga. (adj.) bāhira; bahiṭṭhita.

exteriority : (nt.) bāhiratta.

exteriorly : (adv.) bāhirato.

exterminate : see Eradicate.

extermination : (nt.) uppāṭana; ummūlana; ucchindana.

external : (adj.) bāhira; bahiddhā.

externality : (nt.) bāhiratta.

externally : (adv.) bāhiravasena; bahito.

extinct : (adj.) atthagata; nibbuta; abhāvappatta.

extinction : (m.) atthagama; nirodha. (f.) nibbuti.

extinction of passions : (m.) āsavakkhaya.

extinguish : (v.t.) upasameti; nirodheti; nibbāpeti. (pp.) upasamita; nirodhita; nibbāpita.

extirpate : (v.t.) samucchindati; vināseti. (pp.) samucchinna; vināsita.

extirpation : (nt.) samucchindana.

extirpator : (m.) samucchindaka.

extol : (v.t.) pakitteti; abhitthavati; pasaṃsati. (pp.) pakittita; abhitthuta; pasattha.

extoller : (m.) vaṇṇavādī.

extort : (v.t.) pasayha ādāti; aññāyena gaṇhāti. (pp.) ādinna; aññāyena gahita.

extorter : (m.) pasayhagāhī; upapīḷaka.

extortion : (m.) pasayhagāha.

extra : (adj.) atireka; adhika; atiritta.

extract : (m.) rasa; niyyāsa; sāra; saṅkhepa; uddhaṭabhāga. (v.t.) nikkhāmeti; uppīḷetvā gaṇhāti. (pp.) nikkhāmita; uppīḷetvā gahita.

extractable : (adj.) ākaḍḍhanīya.

extraction : (nt.) nikkaḍḍhana; uddharaṇa. (f.) santati; paramparā.

extractor : (m.) ākaḍḍhaka.

extradite : (v.t.) karamarānītaṃ paṭidadāti.

extradition : (f.) paṭiappaṇā.

extramundane : (adj.) lokuttara.

extraneous : (adj.) bāhira; bahigata.

extraordinarily : (adv.) abhivisiṭṭhatāya.

extraordinary : (adj.) anaññasādhāraṇa; ativisiṭṭha.

extravagance : (f.) amattaññutā. (nt.) sīmātikkamana.

extravagant : (adj.) sīmātīta; amattaññū; atibbayakārī.

extravagantly : (adv.) atibbayena; adhikacāgena.

extravagate : (v.i.) sīmaṃ atikkamati. (pp.) atikkantasīma.

extravasate : (v.t.i.) bahiddhā vāheti; nissāveti. (pp.) bahiddhā vāhita; nissāvita.

extravasation : (nt.) nissāvaṇa.

extreme : (nt.) agga; anta. (f.) paramakoṭi. (adj.) accanta; adhikatama; parama; antagata.

extremely : (adv.) accantaṃ; atisayena.

extremity : (m.) pariyanta; paramāvadhi.

extricate : (v.t.) parimoceti; vijaṭeti. (pp.) parimocita; vijaṭita.

extrication : (n.) vimocana; vijaṭana.

extrinsic : (adj.) āgantuka; bāhira; anavassa.

extrinsically : (adv.) bāhiravasena.

extrude : (v.t.) nikkaḍḍhati; palāpeti. (pp.) nikkaḍḍhita; palāpita.

extrusion : (nt.) nikkaḍḍhana; palāpana.

exuberance : (m.) gaṇḍa; phoṭa. (nt.) uddhumāta. (f.) samiddhi; pacuratā.

exuberant : (n.) samiddha; phīta; pacura.

exuberantly : (adv.) samiddhākārena.

exuberate : (v.i.) samijjhati; abhivaḍḍhati. (pp.) samiddha; abhivuddha.

exude : (v.i.) sandati; (sedo) muccati. (pp.) sandita; muttaseda.

exudition : (nt.) niccharaṇa. (m.) niyyāsa.

exult : (v.i.) pamodati; atitussati. (pp.) pamudita; atituṭṭha.

exultant : (adj.) pahaṭṭha; udagga.

exultation : (nt.) pāmojja. (m.) pamoda.

exultingly : (adv.) sānandaṃ.

eye : (nt.) akkhi; cakkhu; nayana; locana; netta.

eye of a net : (nt.) jālakkhīka.

eye of wisdom : (nt.) dhammacakkhu; ñāṇacakkhu.

eyeball : (f.) akkhitārā.

eyebrow : (f.) bhamu; bhamukā.

eyeglass : (nt.) upanetta.

eyelash : (nt.) pamha; pakhuma.

eyeless : (adj.) andha.

eyelid : (nt.) akkhidala.

eyereach : (m.) diṭṭhipatha.

eyeshot : (m.) diṭṭhipatha.

eyesight : (f.) diṭṭhi.

eyesore : (f.) nettarujā.

eyewitness : (m.) paccakkhadassī; diṭṭhasakkhī.

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- F -

fable : (nt.) ākhyāna. (f.) kappitakathā. (v.i.) 1. ākhyānāni katheti; 2. atacchaṃ pabandheti. (pp.) kathitākhyāna.

fabric : (f.) racanā; ghaṭanā. (nt.) nimmāna; vattha; geha; mandira.

fabricate : (v.t.) 1. sampādeti; māpeti; 2. ayathākaroti; micchālipiṃ sampādeti. (pp.) sampādita; māpita; ayathākata; micchālipiṃ sampādita.

fabrication : (nt.) sampādana; nipphādana; parikappana. (f.) micchāracanā.

fabricator : (m.) racaka; nibandhaka; māpaka.

fabulist : (m.) ākhyāsampādaka.

fabulous : (adj.) kittima; asaddheyya; micchākathāyatta.

facade : (nt.) pāsādamukha.

face : (nt.) 1. vadana; ānana; mukha; 2. tala; piṭṭha; matthaka. (v.t.i.) abhimukhī bhavati. (pp.) abhimukhī bhūta || make faces: mukhavikāraṃ dasseti.

face downward : (adj.) avakujja; adhomukha.

face to face : (adv.) sakkhi; paccakkhaṃ.

face to face with : (adj.) sammukha.

face upward : (adj.) ummukha.

facet : (m.) aṃsa. (nt.) passa.

facetiae : (nt.; plu.) vikaṭavākyāni; vikaṭarūpāni.

facetious : (adj.) nammālāpī; hāsuppādaka; vinodasīlī.

facetiously : (adv.) parihāsapubbaṃ.

facia : (nt.) (pamukhe) nāmaphalaka.

facial : (adj.) vadanāyatta.

facile : (adj.) 1. sukara; sukhasādhiya; 2. anukūla; sakhila; saṇha.

facilitate : (v.t.) sukarattaṃ neti; upatthambheti. (pp.) sukarattaṃ nīta; upatthambhita.

facility : (nt.) sukaratta susādhiyatta; sulabhatta.

facing : (adj.) abhimukha.

facsimile : (f.) paṭilipi; sadisalipi.

fact : (nt.) sacca; taccha avitatha.

faction : (m.) pakkha; janapakkha.

factional : (adj.) pakkhāyatta.

factious : (adj.) pakkhapātī.

factiously : (adv.) pakkhapātitāya.

factiousness : (f.) pakkhapātitā.

factitious : (adj.) kittima; sippanimmita.

factitiously : (adv.) kittimākārena.

factitive : (adj.) hetubhūta; sādhaka.

factor : (m.) 1. vāṇijaniyojita; 2. aṅga; avayava; 3. guṇaka; gunīkara.

factor age : (m.) niyojitasuṅkabhāga.

factor of wisdom : (m.) bojjhaṅga.

factory : (f.) kammantasālā.

factotum : (m.) sabbakiccakārī.

factual : (adj.) avitatha; yathātatha.

factually : (adv.) yathātathaṃ.

facula : (m.) suriyakalaṅka.

facultative : (adj.) indriyāyatta.

faculty : (nt.) sāmatthiya; indrita. (f.) satti; vijjāyatana-sākhā.

faculty of hearing : (nt.) sotindriya.

faculty of senses : (nt.) pasādarūpa.

faculty of smelling : (nt.) ghānindriya.

faculty of tasting : (nt.) jivhindriya

faculty of touch : (nt.) kāyindriya.

fad : (m.) adhigama-māna.

faddist : (m.) adhimānī.

fade : (v.i.) milāyati. (v.t.) milāyāpeti. (pp.) milāta; milāyāpita.

fading : (adj.) milāyamāna.

faeces : (nt.) mala. (m.) sarīranissanda.

faerie : (m.) vanadevaloka. (adj.) vanadevatāyatta.

fag : (v.i.) ussahati; yatati. (v.t.) kilameti. (pp.) kilamita.

faggot : (nt.) dāru; indhana. (v.t.) kalāpe bandhati. (pp.) baddhakalāpa.

fail : (v.i.) vipajjati; virajjhati; viphalībhavati. (pp.) vipanna; viraddha; viphalībhūta. (v.t.) parihāpeti; virādheti. (pp.) parihāpita; virādhita. (nt.) ananuṭṭhāna; udāsīnatta || without fail: (adv.) avassam eva; bādhārahitaṃ; niyataṃ.

failing : (nt) vajja; khalita.

failure : (f.) asamiddhi; virajjhanā; vipatti. (nt.) visīdana.

fain : (adj.) (kātu-) kāma. (adv.) sānandaṃ.

faint : (adj.) 1. dubbala; milāta; 2. mandappabha; vivaṇṇa. (v.i.) mucchati; visaññī bhavati. (pp.) mucchita; visaññī bhūta.

faint hearted : (adj.) adhīra; kātara; dīna.

fainting : (f.) mucchā; visaññā.

faintly : (adv.) mandaṃ; īsakaṃ; dubbalatāya.

faintness : (nt.) dubbalatta; milātatta.

fair : (nt.) kālika-dabbavinimayaṭṭhāna. (adj.) 1. sobhana; sundara; cāru; manuñña; 2. suci; dhammika; 3. nimmala; visada; 4. pasādajanaka.

fair minded : (adj.) samacitta.

fair play : (f.) sādhāraṇavutti.

fair seeming : (adj.) bahisobhana.

fair sex : (m.) nārijana.

fair spoken : (adj.) piyaṃvada.

fairly : (adv.) dhammena; sobhanākārena.

fairness : (nt.) sundaratta; sobhanatta; ajjava. (f.) avaṅkatā; akuṭilatā.

fairy : (f.) vanadevatā; vijjadharī. (adj.) manokappita.

faith : (f.) bhatti; saddhā.

faithful : (adj.) 1. sasaddha; pasanna; bhattimantu; 2. vissattha; paccayika; saccasandha.

faithfully : (adv.) avyājaṃ; saddhāya.

faithfulness : (f.) saddhālutā; pasannatā; 2. paccayikatā.

faithless : (adj.) 1. assaddha; 2. vissāsahīna.

faithlessness : (nt.) assaddhiya. (m.) avissāsa.

fake : (f.) rajjuvaṭṭi. (nt.) patirūpakavatthu. (v.t.) 1. rajjuyā veṭheti; 2. vañceti. (pp.) rajjuyā veṭhita; vañcita.

fakir : (m.) mohammadika-samaṇa.

fal-lal : (m.) appagghālaṅkāra.

falcate : (adj.) dāttākāra.

falciform : (adj.) dāttākāra.

falcon : (m.) sena; kulala; sakuṇagghī.

falconer : (m.) senagopaka.

falderal : (nt.) appagghavatthu.

fall : (v.i.) 1. patati; nipatati; 2. cavati; 3. parihāyati; 4. sijjhati; 5. virujjhati. (pp.) patita; nipatita; cuta; parihīna; siddha; viruddha. (nt.) patana. (f.) parihāni.

fall among : antaraṃ pāpuṇāti.

fall apart : palujjati.

fall asleep : niddam okkamati.

fall away : paccosakkati.

fall back to : parāvattati.

fall down : opatati; bhassati.

fall in with : sammukhībhavati.

fall into : okkamati; āpatati.

fall into pieces : paripaṭati.

fall off : papatati.

fall on : āpatati.

fall out : 1. sijjhati; 2. virujjhati; 3. bahipatati.

fall short : ūno bhavati.

fall together : sampatati.

fall under : antogadhataṃ yāti.

fall upon : anupatati; avatthāti.

fallacious : (adj.) matibbhamajanaka; ataccha.

fallaciously : (adv.) ayathā; micchā.

fallacy : (f.) micchādiṭṭhi. (m.) matibbhama.

fallen : (a.) patita; paribhaṭṭha.

fallen off : (adj.) saṃsīna.

fallibility : (nt.) virajjhana.

fallible : (adj.) patanasīla; matibbhamajanaka.

falling : (nt.) patana; (m.) pāta.

falling against : (m.) abhinipāta.

fallow : (f.) kaṭṭhā avapitā bhūmi. (adj.) 1. piṅgala; 2. aropita. (v.t.) kasati. (pp.) kaṭṭha or kasita.

fallow (of mind) : (nt.) cetokhila.

fallowness : (f.) vañjhatā.

false : (adj.) 1. ataccha; vitatha; ayathābhūta; 2. kittima; patirūpaka; 3. saṭha; māyāvī.

false accusation : (nt.) abbhakkhāna; abbhācikkhaṇa.

false ascetic : (m.) kūṭajaṭila.

false friend : (m.) pāpamitta; mittapatirūpaka.

false witness : (m.) kūṭasakkhi.

false-suit : (nt.) kūṭaṭṭa.

falsehood : (nt.) asacca; abhūta; alika. (m.) mittapatirūpaka.

falsely : (adv.) abhūtena; micchā.

falsetto : (m.) vikatisadda.

falsier : (m.) nekatika.

falsification : (f.) kūṭaracanā; micchāghaṭanā; nikati.

falsify : (v.t.) 1. micchā or ayathā dasseti; vañceti; 2. vitathīkaroti; asaccataṃ dīpeti. (pp.) ayathā dassita; vañcita; vitathīkata; asaccataṃ dīpita.

falter : (v.i.) pakkhalati; khalanto bhaṇati. (pp.) pakkhalita.

faltering : (nt.) pakkhalana. (f.) gaggadavācā.

falteringly : (adv.) sagaggadaṃ; sakampaṃ.

fame : (m.) yasa; siloka. (f.) pasiddhi.

familiar : (adj.) paricita; santhuta; vallabha.

familiarise : (v.t.) paricayati; suviditaṃ karoti. (pp.) paricayita; suviditaṃ kata.

familiarity : (nt.) vallabhatta. (m.) santhava; vissāsa; paricaya.

familiarly : (adv.) vallabhatāya.

family : (nt.) kuṭumba; kula; samānagaṇa. (m.) gehajana. (f.) vaṃsaparamparā; santati.

famine : (nt.) chātaka; dubbhikkha.

famish : (v.i.) khudāya milāyati; atichāto hoti. (v.t.) khudāya pīleti; nirāhāraṃ karoti. (pp.) khudāya milāta; khudāya pīḷita; nirāhārīkata.

famished : (adj.) chinnabhatta; khudābhibhūta.

famous : (adj.) vissuta; vikhyāta; abhiññāta; paññāta; pākaṭa; patīta.

famulus : (m.) indajālikānucara.

fan : (f.) vījanī. (nt.) vidhūpana; tālavaṇṭa. (v.t.) vījeti; vidhūpeti. (pp.) vījita; vidhūpita.

fan-light : (m.) dvāropari-kavāṭa.

fanatic : (adj.) bhattyummatta; sandiṭṭhiparāmāsī.

fanatically : (adv.) atisaddhāya; bhattyummādena.

fanaticism : (m.) idaṃsāccabhinivesa; diṭṭhummāda.

fanciful : (adj.) 1. saṅkappita; cintāmaya; 2. capala; calacitta.

fancifully : (adv.) yathākāmaṃ; yathāruciṃ.

fancifulness : (f.) capalatā; sericāritā.

fancy : (f.) vikappanā; attanomati. (v.t.) parikappeti; saṅkappeti. (pp.) parikappita; saṅkappita.

fandangle : (nt.) vikaṭābharaṇa.

fane : (nt.) devāyatana.

fanfare : (m.) kāhalasamūhanāda.

fanfaronade : (nt.) vikatthana.

fang : (f.) dāṭhā; āsī.

fanged : (adj.) daṭhī.

fangless : (adj.) galitadāṭha; uddhaṭa-dāṭha.

fanning : (nt.) vījana.

fantast : (m.) parivitakkī.

fantastic : (adj.) asaṅgata; vilakkhaṇa; virūpa.

fantastical : (adj.) parivittāyatta.

fantastically : (adv.) asaṅgatavasena.

fantasy : (nt) vilakkhaṇarūpa; (m.) manokappita-bimba.

fantom : (nt) bhūtadassana.

far : (nt.) dūra; dūraṭṭhāna. (adj.) dūra; dūraṭṭha; anāsanna. (adv.) adhikaṃ || not far from: (adj.) avidūra || as far as: (ind.) yāva.

far and wide : (ind.) puthu.

far away : dūre.

far from : (ind.) ārā.

far off : (adj.) dūraṭṭha.

far reaching : (adj.) dūragāmī.

far seeing : (adj.) dūradassī.

far-famed : (adj.) mahāyasa.

farce : (nt.) upahāsanacca. (v.t.) kaṭukabhaṇḍaṃ yojeti.

farcical : (adj.) hāsajanaka.

fardel : (f.) bhaṇḍikā.

fare : (m.) āhāra; sañcārāvaya. (nt.) bhojana; vetana; niyamitamūla. (v.i.) 1. irīyati; pavattati; 2. pariyaṭati; āhiṇḍati.

farewell : (f.) sotthi. (nt.) subhāsiṃsana; bhaddaṃ te!

farfetched : (adj.) dūrasambandha; dūrānīta.

farina : (nt.) dhaññapiṭṭha. (m.) parāga.

farinaceous : (adj.) piṭṭhamaya.

farm : (m.) ārāma. (nt.) vatthu. (v.t.) kasaṇāya aññassa bhūmiṃ gaṇhāti. (v.i.) kasati; kasikammaṃ karoti. (pp.) kasita or kaṭṭha; katakasikamma.

farm house : (f.) ārāmakuṭi.

farm yard : (nt.) khalamaṇḍala.

farmer : (m.) khettājīvī; kassaka.

farming : (nt.) kasikamma.

farrago : (m.) missitabhaṇḍasamūha.

farrier : (m.)assavejja; assapādughaṭaka.

farther : (adj.) dūratara.

farther shore : (nt.) paratīra.

farthest : (adj.) dūratama.

farthing : (f.) tambamuddā; kākaṇikā.

fascicle : (m.) 1. thabaka; gocchaka; 2. potthakabhāga.

fasciculus : (m.) 1. thabaka; gocchaka; 2. potthakabhāga.

fascinate : (v.t.) moheti; vasīkaroti; rameti. (pp.) mohita; vasīkata; ramita.

fascinating : (adj.) pamohaka; palobhaka.

fascination : (nt.) mohana; vasīkaraṇa; ramāpana.

fash : (f.) hiṃsā. (v.t.) hiṃsati; pīḷeti. (pp.) hiṃsita; pīḷita.

fashion : (m.) 1. vilāsa; 2. lokācāra. (v.t.) vidahati; racayati; alaṅkaroti. (pp.) vihita; racita; alaṅkata.

fashion monger : (m.) siṅgārappiya.

fashionable : (adj.) lokavohārocita; ācārānurūpa.

fast : (adj.) 1. daḷha; gāḷha; thira; acala; 2. sīgha; turita; avilambita. (adv.) 1. daḷhaṃ; gāḷhaṃ; 2. sīghaṃ; turitaṃ; tuvaṭaṃ. (m.) upavāsa. (nt.) anasana. (v.i.) upavasati; āhāraṃ paṭikkhipati. (pp.) upavuttha; paṭikkhittāhāra.

fast day : (m.) uposathadivasa.

fast friend : (m.) daḷhamitta.

fasten : (v.t.) bandhati; ghaṭeti. (pp.) bandha; ghaṭita.

faster : (m.) upavāsī; uposathika. (adv.) khippataraṃ.

fastidious : (adj.) dutappiya; durārādhiya.

fastidiously : (adv.) dutappiyākārena.

fastidiousness : (f.) dutappiyatā.

fastness : (nt.) 1. thiratta; daḷhatta; 2. sīghatta; turitatta; dugga. (m.) balakoṭṭhaka.

fat : (f.) vasā. (m.) meda. (adj.) 1. thūla; thulla; pīvara; pīṇa; 2. dhanavantu; 3. lagganasīla.

fatal : (adj.) 1. avassabhāvī; anivāriya; 2. pāṇahara; jīvitanāsaka.

fatalism : (m.) niyativāda.

fatalist : (m.) niyativādī.

fatality : (f.) niyatiparāyaṇatā; 2. pāṇahāritā. (m.) jīvitasaṃsaya.

fatally : (adv.) 1. jīvitasaṃsayāvahākārena; 2. niyatiyā.

fate : (f.) niyati; bhāgyadevī. (m.) vidhi; kammaniyāma; vināsa || ill fate: (nt.) dubbhāgya; ill-fated: (adj.) duddasāpanna; mandabhāgya; alakkhika; well-fated: (adj.) subhaga; dhañña; mahābhāgya.

fateful : (adj.) niyatisiddha; kammaniyamita.

father : (m.) pitu; janaka; tāta; janetu. (v.t.) pituttaṃ pāpuṇāti. (pp.) pituttaṃ patta.

father land : (f.) jātabhūmi.

father-in-law : (m.) sasura.

fatherhood : (nt.) pitupada.

fatherless : (adj.) nippitika.

fatherly : (adj.) pitusadisa.

fathom : (m.) vyāma. (v.t.) ogāhati; pamāṇeti. (pp.) ogāḷha; pamāṇita.

fathomless : (adj.) agādha; atigambhīra.

fathomlessly : (adv.) atigambhīratāya.

fatidical : (adj.) anāgataṃsañāṇī.

fatigue : (m.) parissama; kilamatha. (v.t.) kilameti; āyāseti. (pp.) kilamita; āyāsita.

fatigueless : (adj.) akilanta.

fatling : (m.) thūla-taruṇapasu.

fatness : (nt.) pīvaratta; thullatta.

fatten : (v.t.) poseti; vaḍḍheti. (v.i.) saṃvaḍḍhati; pīvaro bhavati. (pp.) posita; vaḍḍhita; saṃvaḍḍha; pīvarībhūta.

fatty : (adj.) medabahula.

fatuity : (f.) muṭṭhasaccatā.

fatuous : (adj.) jaḷa; muṭṭhassati.

fatuousness : (f.) jaḷatā.

faugh : (intj.) dhī; dhiratthu.

fault : (nt.) khalita; vajja. (m.) accaya; dosa; pamāda.

fault finder : (m.) randhagavesī.

faultily : (adv.) sadosākārena.

faultless : (adj.) niravajja; niddosa; nimmala; akalaṅka.

faulty : (adj.) sadosa; sāvajja; sāparādha.

fauna : (m.) pasugaṇa; tiracchānaloka.

favour : (m.) anuggaha; pasāda. (f.) anukampā; anuññā; anumati. (v.t.) 1. anuggaṇhāti; upatthambheti; varaṃ deti; 2. anujānāti. (pp.) anuggahita; upatthambhita; dinnavara; anuññāta.

favourable : (adj.) anukūla; hitakara.

favourably : (adv.) sānuggahaṃ; anukūlatāya.

favourite : (n.) vallabha; (adj.) piyatama.

favouritism : (f.) pakkhapātitā.

fawn : (f.) nīcavutti. (m.) migapotaka. (adj.) dhūsara. (v.i.) upalāleti. (pp.) upalālita.

fawner : (m.) upalālaka.

fawning : (f.) upalālanā.

fawningly : (adv.) cāṭukamyatāya.

fealty : (f.) sāmibhatti; (m.) anurāga.

fear : (nt.) bhaya. (m.) santāsa. (f.) bhīti. (v.i.) bhāyati; uttasati. (pp.) bhāyita or bhīta; uttasita.

fearful : (adj.) 1. bhayānaka; bhayāvaha; bhīma; bherava; bhayaṅkara; bhayajanaka; 2. timid, bhīruka; bhayaṭṭa; uttrasta.

fearfully : (adv.) 1. dāruṇākārena; 2. sabhayaṃ.

fearless : (adj.) nibbhaya; abhīruka; nissārajja; abhīta.

fearlessly : (adv.) nibbhayatāya; nirāsaṅkaṃ.

fearsome : (adj.) bhayāvaha; bhītijanaka.

feasible : (adj.) sukara; susādhiya; sakya.

feast : (m.) ussava; chaṇa. (f.) parivesanā. (v.t.) bhojanena santappeti. (v.i.) yathākāmaṃ bhuñjati. (pp.) bhojanena santappita; yathākāmaṃ bhutta.

feat : (f.) vīrakriyā. (m.) vikkama. (adj.) sobhana.

feather : (nt.) patta; piñja. (m.) (sakuṇa) pakkha. (v.t.) 1. pakkhipattehi bhūseti; 2. pattāni luñcati; 3. kāyaṃ cāleti.

feather of an arrow : (m.) vāja; puṅkha.

feather-brained : (adj.) mandamatika.

feathered : (adj.) pakkhayutta.

feathering : (m.) pattasamūha.

featherless : (adj.) pakkharahita; ajātapakkha.

feathery : (adj.) bahupiñjaka.

feature : (nt.) ākāra; liṅga; saṇṭhāna; lakkhaṇa. (nt.; plu.) mukhasaṇṭhāna; sarīralakkhaṇa.

featureless : (adj.) visesākāra-rahita.

febrifugal : (adj.) jararoganāsaka.

febrifuge : (nt.) jaranāsī-bhesajja.

February : (m.) māgha (-māsa).

feculence : (nt.) āvilatta; samalatta.

feculent : (adj.) āvila; lulita.

fecund : (adj.) bahuputtaka; bahuphalada.

fecundate : (v.t.) saphalīkaroti; phalaṃ janeti. (pp.) saphalīkata; janitaphala.

fecundation : (f.) avañjhatā. (nt.) saphalīkaraṇa.

fecundity : (f.) avañjhatā. (nt.) saphalīkaraṇa.

federal : (adj.) sāmūhika; saṃhata; sandhita.

federalise : (v.t.) samūheti; gaṇabandhaṃ karoti. (pp.) samūhita; gaṇabandhaṃ kata.

federate : (adj.) same as Federal. (v.t.) gaṇaṃ bandhati. (pp.) gaṇabaddha.

federation : (nt.) gaṇabandhana.

fee : (nt.) vetana; nibbisa. (v.t.) vetanaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnavetana.

fee for bringing up : (nt.) posāvanika.

feeble : (adj.; n.) dubbala; appathāma; sattihīna; sithila.

feebleness : (nt.) dubbalya; asāmatthiya.

feebly : (adv.) mandaṃ; sithilaṃ; dubbalatāya.

feed : (v.t.) 1. bhojeti; parivisati; 2. poseti; bharati. (pp.) bhojita; parivesita; posita; bhata.

feed on : adati; khādati; asnāti; bhuñjati.

feeder : (m.) 1. bhojaka; posaka; 2. bhuñjaka.

feeding : (f.) parivesanā. (nt.) posaṇa.

feeding on : (m.) bhojī.

feeding on blood : (adj.) lohitabhakkha.

feeding on flesh : (adj.) maṃsabhojī.

feel : (v.t.) phusati; vedeti; anubhavati. (v.i.) maññati. (pp.) phuṭṭha; vedita; anubhūta; mata. (nt.) muta; phusana.

feel friendly : mettāyati.

feel hungry : jighacchati.

feel pity : anukampati.

feel remorse : anutappati.

feeler : (m.) phusanāvayava.

feeling : (f.) vedanā; dayā; anukampā; saññā. (nt.) anubhavana; phusana; parāmasana. (adj.) sacetana; paṭisaṃvedī.

feelingly : (adv.) sānukampaṃ.

feign : (v.t.) vyājena dasseti; kuhayati. (pp.) vyājena dassita; kuhayita.

feign illness : gilānālayaṃ dasseti.

feigned : (adj.) kapaṭa; vyāja.

feint : (m.) 1. micchāvyapadesa; 2. vyājapahāra. (v.i.) kuhako hoti.

felicific : (adj.) sukhāvaha; phāsujanaka.

felicitate : (v.t.) ānandaṃ pakāseti; abhinandati. (pp.) pakāsitānanda; abhinandita.

felicitation : (f.) muditā; abhinandanā; tuṭṭhipavedanā.

felicitous : (adj.) 1. pītijanaka; 2. attisukhita; atidhañña.

felicitously : (adv.) atidhaññatāya.

felicity : (nt.) accantasukha; sundaravākya. (m.) paramānanda. (f.) mahāpuññatā.

feline : (adj.) biḷālāyatta.

fell : (nt.) camma; ajina. (adj.) kakkaḷa; dāruṇa. (v.t.) pāteti; avacchindati; obhañjati; opāteti. (pp.) pātita; avacchinna; obhaṭṭha.

felloe : (f.) cakkanemi. (m.) nemibhāga.

fellow : (m.) sahāya; sahacara. (adj.) 1. sajātika; 2. samapadaṭṭha || bad fellow: (m.) ceṭaka, duṭṭhapakatika.

fellow countryman : (m.) sadesīya.

fellow feeling : (f.) samānasukhadukkhatā.

fellow student : (m.) sahasikkhaka.

fellow worker : sahakammakārī.

fellowship : (nt.) sahāyatta; sahadhammikatta; sāmājikatta.

felly : (f.) cakkanemi. (m.) nemibhāga.

felon : (m.) sāhasika; mahāparādhī.

felonious : (adj.) atidāruṇa; atisāhasika.

felony : (m.) mahāpataka.

felt : (nt.) namataka; kambala. (adj.) uṇṇāmaya.

female : (f.) itthī; nārī; vanitā; aṅganā.

female attendant : (f.) sevikā; paricārikā.

female animal : (f.) dhenu.

female organ : (f.) yoni. (nt.) itthinimitta.

feme covert : (f.) vivāhitā.

feme sole : (f.) 1. avivāhitā; 2. vidhavā.

feminine : (adj.) itthibhāvayutta.

feminine gender : (nt.) itthiliṅga.

feminine quality : (m.) itthākappa.

femininity : (m.) itthibhāva.

feminize : (v.t.) itthittaṃ pāpeti. (v.i.) itthittaṃ pāpuṇāti. (pp.) itthittaṃ pāpita; itthittaṃ patta.

femoral : (adj.) ūrusambanda.

femur : (nt.) ūraṭṭhi.

fen : (m.) anūpa. (f.) jalabahulabhūmi.

fence : (f.) vati. (m.) parikkhepa. (v.t.) vatiyā parikkhipati; ārakkhati. (pp.) vatiparikkhitta; ārakkhita. (v.i.) 1. khaggasippam upāsati; 2. thenita-bhaṇḍāni vikkiṇāti.

fenceless : (adj.) vatirahita; arakkhita; anāvaṭa.

fencer : (m.) khaggasippavidū; asiyodha.

fencing : (m.) satthaparicaya. (f.) satthavijjā. (nt.) vatibandhana.

fend : (v.t.) āvarati; nivāreti. (pp.) āvaṭa; nivārita.

fender : (m.) nivāraka. (f.) (of a hearth : ) aṅgāragutti; (of a carriage : ) rathagutti.

fenestrate : (adj.) khuddaka-vātāyana-sahita.

feracious : (adj.) bahuphaladāyī.

feracity : (f.) bahuphalatā.

feral : (adj.) avinīta; adanta.

ferine : (adj.) vanacara; vāḷa.

ferment : (nt.) madirābīja; kiṇṇa. (v.i.) paccati; pheṇam uppādeti. (v.t.) khobheti. (pp.) pakka; uppāditapheṇa; khobhita.

fermentation : (m.) paccana; antokhobha.

fern : (m.) bahupattaka.

ferocious : (adj.) dāruṇa; ludda; sāhasika.

ferociously : (adv.) dāruṇākārena.

ferocity : (nt.) luddatta; dāruṇatta.

ferret : (m.) nakulavisesa. (f.) vatthapaṭṭikā.

ferriage : (m.) titthasuṅka. (nt.) titthagamana.

ferric : (adj.) ayomaya.

ferriferous : (adj.) ayodāyaka.

ferrous : (adj.) ayomissa. see Ferreous

ferry : (nt.) (gaṅgā-) tittha. (v.t.) tāreti; pāraṃ neti. (v.i.) tarati; pāraṃ gacchati. (pp.) tārita; pāraṃ nīta; tiṇṇa; pāraṅgata or pāragata.

ferry boat : (f.) titthataraṇī.

ferry man : (m.) titthaniyutta.

ferrying across : (nt.) tiriyaṃ-taraṇa.

fertile : (adj.) sārayutta; bahuphalada.

fertilisation : (nt.) ojavantakaraṇa.

fertilise : (v.t.) ojavantaṃ or phaladāyakaṃ karoti.

fertility : (f.) ojavantatā; phaladatā.

ferule : (f.) tāḷanī. (v.t.) (vettādīhi) tāḷeti. (pp.) vettādīhi tāḷita.

fervency : (m.) mahussāha. (nt.) caṇḍikka.

fervent : (adj.) uyyogī; mahussāhī.

fervently : (adv.) mahussāhena.

fervidly : see Fervently

fervour : (f.) adhimattehā. (nt.) adhikaviriya.

festal : (adj.) chaṇanissita; ussavayogga.

fester : (v.i.) sapūyo bhavati. (pp.) sapūyībhūta.

festering corpse : (nt.) vipubbaka.

festival : (m.) chaṇa; ussava.

festive : (n.) chaṇanissita; ussavayutta.

festive day : (m.) chaṇadivasa.

festive gathering : (nt.) samajja.

festivity : (nt.) maṅgala. (m.) ussava; pamoda.

festoon : (m.) mālāguṇa. (v.t.) mālāguṇe yojeti; mālāhi bhūseti. (pp.) mālāguṇe yojita; mālāhi bhūsita.

festoon work : (nt.) mālākamma.

festooned post : (nt.) pupphagghiya.

fetch : (v.t.) (gantvā) āharati or āneti. (pp.) āhaṭa; ānīta. (nt.) dūragāmī-phala.

fete : (m.) mahussava. (v.t.) sakkaroti; bhojeti. (pp.) sakkata; bhojita.

fetich : (nt.) milakkhānaṃ pujjavatthu.

fetid : (adj.) putigandhī.

fetish : (nt.) milakkhānaṃ pujjavatthu.

fetor : (m.) pūtibhāva; pūtigandha.

fetter : (m.) anduka; nigaḷa. (f.) saṅkhalikā. (v.t.) rodheti; nigaḷeti; bandhati. (pp.) rodhita; nigaḷita; baddha.

fetus : (nt.) kalalarūpa. (m.) apariṇata-gabbha.

feud : (m.) cirappavattī-kalaha or viggaha. (f.) paveṇibhūmi.

feudal : (adj.) paveṇibhūmyāyatta.

feudatory : (m.) parabhūmivāsī. (adj.; m.) bhūmisāmikopajīvī.

fever : (m.) jararoga; pariḷāha. (v.t.) santāpeti; jarāturaṃ karoti; died of fever: jararogena mari.

feverish : (adj.) tāpajanaka; jarayutta.

feverishness : (f.) jarayuttatā.

feverous : (adj.) jaruppādaka.

few : (adj.; n.) appaka; thoka; īsaka; paritta; manda.

few days : (nt.) katipāha.

fewness : (nt.) appatta; mandatta.

fiance : (m.) vāritaka.

fiancee : (f.) vāritakaṅganā.

fiasco : (nt.) virādhana; ninditapatana.

fiat : (f.) thirāṇā. (m.) thiraniyama. (v.t.) adhikārabalaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnādhikārabala.

fib : (f.) tucchamusā. (v.i.) musā bhaṇati.

fibre : (m.) tantu; guṇa. (nt.) aṃsu.

fibrous : (adj.) aṃsuyutta.

fibula : (nt.) khuddaka-jaṅghaṭṭhi.

fickle : (adj.) capala; lola; anavaṭthita.

fickleness : (nt.) cāpalya. (f.) anavaṭṭhiti.

fictile : (adj.) mattikāmaya.

fiction : (f.) kappitaracanā; pabandhakathā.

fictional : (adj.) parikappanāyatta.

fictionist : (m.) pabandhakārī.

fictitious : (adj.) kappanāmaya; micchāracita; kūṭa.

fictitiously : (adv.) kūṭākārena.

fictive : (adj.) manokappita.

ficus : (m.) udumbara.

Ficus Religiosa : (m.) assatthataru; bodhirukkha.

fiddle : (f.) vīṇā; sāraṅgī. (v.t.) vīṅaṃ vādeti. (pp.) vāditavīṇa.

fiddler : (m.) vīṇāvādaka.

fidelity : (m.) anurāga. (f.) vallabhatta.

fidget : (f.) anavaṭṭhiti. (m.) sarīravikkhepa. (v.t.) kāyaṃ vikkhipati. (v.i.) sambhamati. (pp.) vikkhittakāya; sambhanta.

fiducial : (adj.) bahusammata; paṭiggahita.

fiduciary : (m.) nikkhittavatthugopaka. (adj.) gopakattāyatta.

fie : (intj.) dhī; dhiratthu.

fied : (f.) rājadatta-bhūmi.

field : (nt.) 1. khetta; kedāra; 2. ropiyabhūmi; aṅgaṇa; 3. visayaṭṭhāṇa; 4. āyatana. (f.) patiṭṭhā. (v.i.) kandukaṃ khipati || loses the field: parājīyati; takes the field: yuddham ārabhati.

field marshal : (m.) mahāsenāpati.

field of vision : (m.) diṭṭhipatha.

field sports : (f.) aṅgaṇakīḷā.

fiend : (m.) pisāca; (nt.) bhūta.

fiendish : (adj.) 1. pisācasadisa; 2. atikakkhaḷa.

fiendlike : (adj.) 1. pisācasadisa; 2. atikakkhaḷa.

fierce : (adj.) ghora; caṇḍa; dāruṇa.

fierce looking : (adj.) bhīmadassana.

fiercely : (adv.) ghorākārena.

fierceness : (nt.) caṇḍatta; dāruṇatta.

fiery : (adj.) 1. accuṇha; santatta; 2. aticaṇḍa; 3. tibba; ugga.

fifteen : (adj.; n.) pañcadasa; paṇṇarasa.

fifteenth : (adj.) pañcadasama.

fifth : (adj.) pañcama.

fifty : (f.) paññāsā; paṇṇāsā; paññāsati.

fifty eight : (f.) aṭṭhapaññāsā.

fifty four : (f.) catupaññāsā.

fifty nine : (f.) ekūnasaṭṭhi.

fifty six : (f.) chappaññāsā.

fifty three : (f.) tepaññāsā.

fifty two : (f.) dvipaññāsā.

fig : (m.) udumbara.

fight : (nt.) yuddha; yujjhana; pahāradāna. (v.t.) yodheti; yujjhati. (v.i.) yugaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) yodhita; yujjhita; gahitayuga.

fight a battle : saṅgāmeti.

fighter : (m.) yodha; sampahāraka.

fighting : (nt.) āyodhana.

figment : (f.) manokappanā.

figurative : (adj.) alaṅkārika; rūpakāyatta.

figure : (nt.) 1. paṭibimba; saṇṭhāna; sarīra; 2. aṅka; saṅkhyārūpa. (m.) vākyālaṅkāra; (body : ) deha. (v.t.) 1. rūpāni ālikhati; 2. aṅkāni likhati.

figurine : (f.) khuddakapaṭimā.

filament : (nt.) (muṇāla-) sutta; kesara.

filatory : (nt.) suttakantana-yanta.

filature : (nt.) suttakantana-yanta.

filch : (v.t.) appaso coreti. (pp.) appaso corita.

filcher : (m.) thena.

file : (m.) lohakhādaka. (f.) panti; āvali; seṇī. (v.t.) 1. āvuṇāti; yathākkamaṃ yojeti; 2. lohakhādakena samīkaroti. (pp.) āvuta; yathākkamaṃ yojita; lohakhādakena samīkata. (v.i.) paṭipāṭiyā gacchati.

filial : (adj.) gehasita; janakajanitāyatta.

filially : (adv.) gehasita-pemena.

filiform : (adj.) suttākāra.

filigree : (nt.) suvaṇṇa-tantukamma.

filings : (nt.) lohacuṇṇa.

fill : (nt.) pūraṇa; anūnasampādana. (f.) titti. (v.t.) pūreti. (v.i.) pūrati. (pp.) pūrita; puṇṇa.

fill in : ūnaṃ pūreti.

filler : (m.) pūraka.

fillet : (nt.) paṭṭabandhana. (v.t.) paṭṭena bandhati. (pp.) paṭṭabaddha.

filling : (nt.) paripūraṇa.

filling with : (adj.) vyāpaka; pharaṇaka.

fillip : (m.) nakhapiṭṭhippahāra. (nt.) uyyojana; uttejana. (v.t.) 1. nakhena ākoṭeti; 2. uttejeti. (pp.) nakhena ākoṭita; uttejita.

filly : (f.) 1. kisori; 2. keḷisīlā yuvatī.

film : (nt.) tanupaṭala; chāyārūpapaṭala.

filminess : (nt.) paṭalāvutatta.

filmy : (adj.) paṭalāvuta.

filter : (nt.) parissāvaṇa; nissandana; jalasodhana. (v.t.) parissāveti. (v.i.) nissandati. (pp.) parissāvita; nissandita.

filth : (nt.) asucikalala.

filthily : (adv.) jegucchākārena.

filthy : (adj.) saṅkiliṭṭha; aparisuddha; jeguccha.

filtrate : (m.) āsava. (v.t.) parissāveti. (pp.) parissāvita.

filtration : (nt.) parissavaṇa,

fin : (m.) macchapakkha.

fin footed : (adj.) jālapāda.

final : (adj.; n.) 1. antima; carima; pacchima; osāna; 2. sunicchita.

final bliss : (m.) nibbāṇa. (nt.) paramasukha.

final examination : (f.) carimopaparikkhā.

final release : (f.) parimutti. (m.) dukkhanirodha.

finalaim : (m.) paramattha.

finale : (f.) niṭṭhā. (nt.) osāna.

finality : (nt.) carimakatta.

finally : (adv.) osānavasena; ante; osāne.

finance : (m.) āya; dhanāgama.

financial : (adj.) āyāyatta; dhanāyatta.

financialist : (m.) āyakammika.

financier : (m.) āyādhikārī.

find : (m.) upalābha. (nt.) anāvaṭavatthu. (v.t.) upalabhati; adhigacchati. (pp.) upaladdha; adhigata.

find delight in : abhiramati.

find fault with : dosam āropeti.

find out : nirāvarati.

find pleasure in : rajjati; rañjati.

finding : (nt.) upaladdhavatthu. (m.) vinicchaya.

fine : (nt.) daṇḍakamma. (v.t.) daṇḍaṃ paṇeti; daṇḍeti. (pp.) daṇḍita. (adj.) 1. sukhuma; 2. sundara; sobhana; surūpa; 3. tanu; 4. tikhiṇa; 5. visuddha; 6. duravabodha || liable to fine: (adj.) daṇḍāraha.

fine art : (f.) sundarakalā.

fined : (adj.) daṇḍappatta.

finely : (adv.) 1. sukhumaṃ; 2. sundarākārena.

fineness : (nt.) 1. sukhumatta; 2. sundaratta; 3. tanutta.

finer : (m.) lohasodhaka.

finery : (nt.) sobhanatta; 2. vibhūsana; 3. kammāruddhana.

finesse : (m.) tikhiṇopāya. (v.t.) tikhiṇopāyaṃ yojeti.

finger : (f.) aṅguli. (v.t.) 1. aṅgulīhi phusati; 2. aṅguliyā ñāpeti; 3. vādeti; 4. lañchaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) aṅgulīhi phuṭṭha; aṅguliyā ñāpita; vādita; gahitalañcha || last finger: (f.) kaṇiṭṭhā; middle finger: (f.) majjhimā; second finger: (f.) tajjanī.

finger joint : (nt.) aṅgulipabba.

finger post : (m.) maggadassakatthambha.

finger ring : (nt.) aṅgulīyaka.

fingerless : (adj.) aṅgulirahita.

fingerprint : (nt.) aṅgulimuddana.

finical : (adj.) vilāsakāmī.

finically : (adv.) vilāsakāmitāya.

finicking : (adj.) vibhūsanagaruka.

finis : (m.) anta. (nt.) osāna. (f.) parisamatti.

finish : (nt.) osāna; niṭṭhāpana. (v.t.) niṭṭhāpeti; osāpeti; samāpeti. (v.i.) niṭṭhāti. (pp.) niṭṭhāpita; niṭṭhita.

finishing : (nt.) niṭṭhāna; samāpana.

finite : (adj.) paricchinna; parimita; tīrita.

finitely : (adv.) 1. samariyādaṃ; saparicchedaṃ; 2. niccayena.

finless : (adj.) apakkha.

finny : (adj.) 1. pakkhasahita; 2. pakkhasadisa.

fiord : (m.) bhūmyantarasamudda.

fir : (nt.) (-tree) devadāru.

fire : (m.) aggi; pāvaka; hutāsana; jātaveda; anala; accimantu. (v.t.) 1. jhāpeti; ālimpeti; 2. nāḷīyantena vijjhati; 3. ussāheti; uddīpeti. (v.i.) jalati; ḍayhati. (pp.) jhāpita; ālimpita; nāḷīyantena viddha; ussāhita; uddīpita; jalita; daḍḍha.

fire brand : (nt.) alāta.

fire brigade : (f.) agginibbāpakasenā.

fire eater : (m.) indajālika; mahāmalla.

fire escape : (nt.) aggito muccanūpakaraṇa.

fire sacrifice : (m.) uddhanapassa.

fire worship : (nt.) aggiparicaraṇa.

fire-arm : (nt.) aggiyanta; nāḷīyanta.

fire-irons : (m.) saṇḍāsa.

firefly : (m.) khajjopanaka.

fireman : (m.) ujjālaka.

fireplace : (nt.) 1. uddhana; 2. jantāghara.

fireproof : (adj.) adayhamāna.

firewood : (nt.) dāru; indhana.

fireworks : (f.) aggimālā.

firm : (m.) vāṇikasamavāya. (adj.) thira; daḷha; akampiya; acala.

firmament : (m.) ākāsa; (nt.) nabha, antalikkha.

firmly : (adv.) thiraṃ; daḷhaṃ.

firmly devoted : (adj.) aveccappasanna.

firmly rooted : (adj.) baddhamūla.

firmness : (nt.) thiratta; daḷhatta.

first : (adj.) 1. paṭhama; ādima; 2. agga; mukhya; padhāna || in the first: (adv.) paṭhamaṃ

first fruit : (nt.) aggaphala.

first half : (m.) pubbaddha.

first part of the day : (m.) pubbaṇha.

first rate : (adj.) aggatama; seṭṭhatara.

first-born : (adj.) pubbaja; paṭhamajāta.

firstling : (nt.) paṭhamaphala. (f.) ādima-nipphatti.

firstly : (adv.) paṭhamataraṃ.

firth : (m.) sākhāsamudda.

fisc : (m.) rājakosa.

fiscal : (adj.) rājakosāyatta. (m.) rājakosādhikārī.

fish : (m.) maccha; mīna; jhasa. (v.t.) macche bandhati.

fish egg : (nt.) macchaṇḍa.

fish hook : (nt.) balisa.

fish monger : (m.) macchika.

fish net : (m.) khipa.

fish trap : (nt.) kumina.

fisher : (m.) dhīvara; kevaṭṭa; bālisika.

fisherman : (m.) dhīvara; kevaṭṭa; bālisika.

fishing : (nt.) macchagahaṇa.

fishing rod : (f.) balisayaṭṭhi.

fishy : (adj.) 1. macchabahula; 2. macchasadisa.

fissiped : (adj.; m.) bhinnasapha (-pasu)

fissure : (nt.) vivara; phulla. (v.t.) vidāreti. (pp.) vidārita.

fist : (m.) muṭṭhi. (v.t.) muṭṭhinā paharati. (pp.) muṭṭhinā pahaṭa.

fisticuffs : (m.) muṭṭhippahāra. (nt.) mallayuddha.

fistula : (nt.) nāḷīvaṇa.

fistula in the anus : (f.) bhagandalā.

fit : (adj.) yogga; patirūpa; ucita; anurūpa; anucchavika. (v.t.) yojeti; ghaṭeti; sansandeti; samodhāneti. (pp.) yojita; ghaṭita; sansandita; samodhānita. (v.i.) ghaṭīyati; saṃsandīyati. (f.) mucchā. (m.) bhama. (nt.) āturatta.

fit for action : (adj.) kammañña.

fit for anger : (m.) kopāvesa.

fit for riding : (adj.) opavayha.

fit for the purpose : (adj.) alaṃkammaniya.

fit for use : (adj.) paribhogāraha.

fit of fever : (m.) jaravega.

fitful : (adj.) nānāvatthāyutta.

fitly : (adv.) yathārahaṃ; kālantarikavasena.

fitness : (f.) yoggatā; bhabbatā; anurūpatā.

fitting : (nt.) ghaṭana. (nt.; plu.) upakaraṇa. (adj.) anurūpa.

five : (adj.; n.) pañca.

five days : (nt.) pañcāha.

five hundred : (nt.) pañcasata.

five moral precepts : (nt.) pañcasīla.

five thousand : (nt.) pañcasahassa.

five times : (adv.) pañcakkhattum

five ways : (adv.) pañcadhā.

fivefold : (adj.) pañcavidha.

fix : (v.t.) 1. yojeti; ghaṭeti; 2. niyameti; vavatthapeti; 3. patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) yojita; ghaṭita; niyamita; vavatthapita; patiṭṭhāpita.

fix an arrow : saraṃ sannayhati.

fixation : (nt.) saṅghaṭana.

fixative : (adj.; nt.) daḷhīkara (-vatthu)

fixed : (adj.) 1. thira; daḷha; 2. nicchita; niyata; suppatiṭṭhita.

fixed resolution : (nt.) thirādhiṭṭhāna.

fixedly : (adv.) thiraṃ; acalaṃ.

fixedness : (m.) thiratta. (nt.) acalatta.

fixing : (nt.) 1. ghaṭana; ābandhana; 2. niyamana.

fixity : (m.) thiratta. (nt.) acalatta.

fixture : (nt.) 1. ghaṭitavatthu; 2. niyamita-dina.

fizz : (nt.) sūsūyana. (v.i.) sūsūyati. (pp.) sūsūyita.

fizzle : (nt.) sūsūyana. (v.i.) sūsūyati. (pp.) sūsūyita.

flabbergast : (v.t.) sammoheti; vikkhepeti. (pp.) sammohita; vikkhepita.

flabbiness : (nt.) sithilatta.

flabby : (adj.) sithila; lambamāna.

flabellate : (adj.) vījanīsadisa.

flaccid : see Flabby.

flag : (m.) dhaja; ketu; silāpatthara. (f.) patākā. (v.i.) 1. olambati; 2. paṭilīyati. (v.t.) silāpaṭṭe attharati. (pp.) olambita; paṭilīna; atthata-silāpaṭṭa.

flag bearer : (m.) dhajaggāhī.

flag ship : (f.) dhajanāvā.

flag staff : (f.) dhajayaṭṭhi.

flagellant : (adj.; n.) attakilamathayutta.

flagellate : (v.t.) kasādīhi tāḷeti. (pp.) kasādīhi tāḷita.

flagellation : (nt.) tāḷana.

flageolet : (m.) dhamanavaṃsa.

flagging : (nt.) silāpaṭṭattharaṇa. (adj.) milāyamāna.

flagitious : (adj.) atiduṭṭha; pāpiṭṭha.

flagon : (nt.) casaka; vittha.

flagrancy : (f.) atidāruṇatā.

flagrant : (adj.) 1. mahāsāvajja; atidāruṇa; 2. ativyāpī; supākaṭa.

flail : (m.) musala.

flair : (f.) sahajabuddhi.

flake : (m.) kaṇa; lava. (f.) sakalikā; himakaṇa. (v.i.) sakalībhavati; kaṇaso patati. (pp.) sakalībhūta; kaṇaso patita.

flambeau : (f.) ukkā; daṇḍadīpikā.

flamboyant : (adj.) aggijālāsadisa; adhikavaṇṇayutta.

flame : (f.) acci; sikhā; jālā. (v.i.) jalati; dippati. (pp.) jalita; ditta.

flame of a lamp : (f.) dīpasikhā.

flameless : (adj.) vītaccika.

flaming : (adj.) jalanta; tapamāna.

flamingo : (m.) rājahaṃsa.

flammable : (adj.) dahanīya; sukhaḍayha.

flamy : (adj.) sikhāyutta.

flank : (m.) passa; pakkha. (f.) phāsulikā. (v.t.) passe tiṭṭhati; passato rakkhati. (pp.) passe tiṭṭhita; passato rakkhita.

flannel : (adj.; nt.) kambala; uṇṇāmaya.

flap : (nt.) 1. cālana; vidhunana; 2. tāḷana. (v.t.) tāḷeti; vidhunāti; papphoṭeti. (pp.) tāḷita; vidhūta; papphoṭita. (v.i.) kampati. (pp.) kampita.

flapdoodle : (m.) palāpa. (f.) niratthakakathā.

flapper : (nt.) makkhikāvāraṇa. (f.) pakkhitāsakaghaṇṭā; appattavayā kaññā.

flare : (f.) calamāna-jālā. (v.i.) calasikhāhi jalati.

flaring : (adj.) dippamāna.

flash : (nt.) vipphuraṇa; niccharaṇa. (f.) acirappabhā. (v.i.) 1. niccharati; vipphurati; dippati; 2. sahasāvibhavati; 3. khippaṃ paṭibhāti. (pp.) niccharita; vipphuṭa; dhita; sahasāvibhūta. (v.t.) sahasāvikaroti. (pp.) sahasāvikata.

flashy : (adj.) bahiramanīya; khaṇika; asāra.

flask : (m.) cammapasibbaka; kācatumba. (f.) nāḷikā.

flat : (nt.) 1. tala; pāsādatala; samaṭṭhāna; 2. udakāvaṭa-pulinatala; 3. aghosakkhara. (m.) eḷamūga. (adj.) 1. sama; 2. asāra; 3. nirassāda; 4. nitteja; 5. suvyatta; paripphuṭa; 6. tiriyaṃ patita.

flat nosed : (adj.) cipiṭakanāsa.

flat root : (m.) muṇḍacchada.

flat surface : (nt.) samatala.

flatly : (adv.) 1. samaṃ; 2. suvyattaṃ.

flatness : (f.) samatā.

flatten : (v.t.) 1. samīkaroti; 2. oṇāmeti; 3. virasīkaroti. (v.i.) samībhavati. (pp.) samīkata; oṇāmita; virasīkata; samībhūta.

flatter : (v.t.) upalāleti; micchā pasaṃsati. (pp.) upalālita; micchā pasaṃsita.

flatterer : (m.) upalālaka; ullapaka.

flatteringly : (adv.) cāṭukamyatāya; lālanapubbakaṃ.

flattery : (f.) ullapanā; cāṭukamyatā.

flatulence : (m.) udaravātābādha.

flatulent : (adj.) udaravātika; vātabahula.

flatus : (m.) udaravāta.

flaunt : (f.) ketukamyatā; attukkaṃsanā. (v.i.) sadappaṃ carati. (v.t.) attānam ukkaṃseti; paraṃ vambheti. (pp.) ukkaṃsitatta; paraṃ vambhita.

flaunting : (adj.) ussannamāna.

flautist : (m.) veṇudhama.

flavescent : (adj.) mandapīta; paṇḍuvaṇṇa.

flavour : (m.) rasa; assāda; (v.t.) sarasaṃ karoti; (pp.) sarasīkata.

flavoured with : (adj.) vidhūpita.

flavouring : (nt.) rasayojana.

flavourless : (adj.) virasa.

flavourous : (adj.) surasa; paṇīta.

flaw : (m.) dosa. (nt.) randha; vekalla. (m.) vātavega.

flawless : (adj.) avikala; niddosa.

flawy : (adj.) sadosa; vikala.

flax : (nt.) khoma. (f.) ummā.

flaxen : (adj.) khomamaya.

flay : (v.t.) cammam uppāṭeti; nittacaṃ karoti. (pp.) uppāṭitacamma; nittacīkata.

flayer : (m.) cammuppāṭaka.

flaying : (nt.) cammuppāṭana; tacāpaharaṇa.

flea : (f.) adhipātikā. (m.) uppātaka.

fleck : (m.) kalaṅka. (v.t.) kalaṅketi; kammāsaṃ karoti. (pp.) kalaṅkita; kammāsaṃ kata.

flecker : (v.t.) nānāvaṇṇaṃ karoti. (pp.) nānāvaṇṇīkata.

fleckless : (adj.) akalaṅka.

fledge : (v.t.) pakkhe sampādeti; pakkhehi bhūseti. (pp.) sampāditapakkha; pakkhehi bhūsita.

fledged : (adj.) jātapakkha.

fledgeling : (m.) sakuṇapotaka.

flee : (v.i.) 1. palāyati; apakkamati; 2. vajjeti; pariharati. (pp.) palāta; apakkanta; vajjita; pariharita or parihaṭa.

fleece : (f.) uṇṇā. (nt.) meṇḍaloma. (v.t.) 1. lomāni chindati; 2. (vatthādīni) acchindati or apaharati. (pp.) lomacchinna; acchinna; apahaṭa.

fleecy : (adj.) lomasa.

fleer : (m.) upahāsa. (v.i.) upahasati; parikasati.

fleet : (m.) yuddhanāvāgaṇa; nāvāsamūha. (v.i.) sīghaṃ yāti; vegena calati; antaradhāyati. (pp.) sīghaṃ yāta ; calita; antarahita. (adj.) turitagatika; sīghagāmī.

fleet horse : (m.) javanassa.

fleeting : (adj.) aciraṭṭhāyī.

fleetingly : (adv.) turitaṃ; sīghaṃ.

fleetness : (m.) java. (nt.) turitatta.

flesh : (nt.) maṃsa; pisita. (f.) miñjā; kāmataṇhā. (m.) sattaloka || dried flesh: (nt.) vallūra.

flesh monger : (m.) maṃsavikkayī.

fleshly : (adj.) lokika; sārīrika; visayāyatta.

fleshy : (adj.) maṃsabahula.

flex : (nt.) namya-lohatantu. (v.t.) nāmeti. (pp.) nāmita.

flexibility : (nt.) namyatta; anukūlatta.

flexible : (adj.) namanakkhama.

flexile : (adj.) kammañña.

flexion : (nt.) namitatta; vaṅkatta.

flexuous : (adj.) āvalibahula.

flexure : (f.) nati. (nt.) natatta. (m.) addhacandākāra.

flibbertigibbet : (m.) vācāla; abhijappaka.

flick : (m.) mandappahāra. (v.t.) mandaṃ paharati. (pp.) mandaṃ pahaṭa.

flicker : (nt.) kampana; calana. (v.t.) 1. calanto jalati; 2. pakkhe vidhunāti; kampati. (pp.) vidhunitapakkha; kampita.

flickering : (adj.) cañcala.

flier : (m.) palāyī; āsāsagāmī.

flight : (nt.) palāyana; (nt.) (of birds) uḍḍīyana; uppatana.

flight of steps : (f.) sopāṇapanti.

flighty : (adj.) yathākāmacārī.

flimflam : (nt.) tucchabhāsana.

flimsiness : (nt.) dubbalatta; baṅguratta.

flimsy : (adj.) tanu; asāra; dubbala; bhaṅgura.

flinch : (v.i.) apasakkati; olīyati. (pp.) apasakkita; olīna.

flinders : (nt.; plu.) sakalikāni.

fling : (nt.) 1. khipana; vissajjana; āsajjavacana. (v.t.) sahasā khipati; vissajjeti. (v.i.) sahasā dhāvati or niccharati. (pp.) sahasā khitta; vissaṭṭha; sahasā niccharita.

flint : (m.) jotipāsāṇa; aggipatthara.

flint hearted : (adj.) thaddhahadaya.

flinty : (adj.) 1. jotipāsāṇamaya; 2. kaṭhinahadaya.

flip : (m.) mandappahāra. (v.t.) ākoṭanena kampeti; vidhunāti. (pp.) ākoṭanena kampita; vidhunita.

flippancy : (f.) vācālatā. (nt.) cāpalla.

flippant : (adj.) lahuggāhī; agarukārī.

flippantly : (adv.) lahuggāhitāya.

flirt : (m.) 1. sahasā-khepa. (f.) (woman) : vilāsavatī; līlāvatī. (v.t.) sahasā khipati. (v.i.) avahasati. (pp.) sahasā khitta; avahasita.

flirtation : (f.) līlā. (m.) hāva.

flirtatious : (adj.) hāva-bhāvappiya.

flirtingly : (adv.) salīlaṃ; savilāsaṃ.

flit : (nt.) pariyaṭana; paribbhamaṇa. (v.i.) ito tato bhamati; ṭhānā ṭhānam uḍdeti.

flitter : (v.i.) pakkhe vidhunāti; paribbhamati. (pp.) vidhūtapakkha; paribbhanta.

flitter mouse : (f.) ajinapattā.

flitting : (nt.) paribbhamaṇa; turituḍḍīyana.

float : (v.i.) plavati; vuyhati. (v.t.) plāveti. (pp.) plavita; vūḷha; plāvita. (m.) uḷumpa; kulla.

floatage : (m.) 1. udakayānasamūha; 2. vārito upari dissamāna-bhāga.

floating : (adj.) plavamānal vuyhamāna.

flotsam : (nt.) vuyhamānavatthu.

flock : (m.) yūtha; gaṇa. (f.) lomavaṭṭi. (v.i.) yuthavasena sammilati.

floe : (nt.) vuyhamāna-hima.

flog : (v.t.) (kasādīhi) āhanati or tāḷeti. (pp.) (kasādīhi) āhata or tāḷita.

flogging : (nt.) āhanana; tāḷana.

flood : (m.) ogha; pavāha. (nt.) udakottharaṇa. (v.t.) pavāheti; udakena osīdāpeti. (v.i.) (udakam) ottharati. (pp.) pavāhita; udake osīdāpita; otthaṭa.

floodgate : (nt.) jaladvāra.

floor : (nt.) bhūtala. (f.) saṅkhatabhūmi. (v.t.) 1. (phalakādīni) santharati; 2. bhūmiyaṃ pāteti; 3. (vivāde) parājeti. (pp.) phalakasanthata; bhūmiyaṃ pātita; parājita.

floorer : (m.) bhūmipātaka-pahāra; atikaṭhina-pañha.

flooring : (nt.) talanimmāṇa.

floorless : (adj.) talarahita; appatiṭṭha.

flop : (nt.) kampana. (m.) kampanasadda. (v.i.) 1. saddāyanto patati; 2. dolāyati; 3. khalanto yāti.

flora : (m.) bhūtagāma; rukkhalatādi.

floral : (adj.) pupphavisayaka; bhūtagāmayatta.

florescence : (m.) pupphasamaya.

floriate : (v.t.) pupphavikatīhi alaṅkaroti. (pp.) pupphavikatīhi alaṅkata.

floriculture : (nt.) mālāvaccharopaṇa.

floriculturist : (m.) mālāropī.

florid : (adj.) 1. pupphākiṇṇa; 2. aruṇavaṇṇa; 3. accalaṅkata.

floridness : (f.) 1. adhikālaṅkāratā; 2. vācāvibhūsā.

floriferous : (adj.) bahupupphajanaka.

floriform : (adj.) pupphasaṇṭhāna.

florilegium : (m.) madhura-pajjasaṅgaha.

florist : (m.) mālākāra; pupphasampādaka.

flotilla : (m.) lahunāvāsamūha.

flounce : (v.i.) aṅgāni vikkhipati. (pp.) vikkhittaṅga. (m.) aṅgavikkhepa. (f.) dasāvikati.

flounder : (v.i.) vipphandati. (pp.) vipphandita. (m.) macchavisesa.

flour : (nt.) (dhañña-) piṭṭhena. (v.t.) 1. sañcuṇṇeti; 2. piṭṭhena ākirati. (pp.) sañcuṇṇita; piṭṭhākiṇṇa.

flour mill : (nt.) dhaññapiṃsaka-yanta.

flourish : (f.) samiddhi; dappitavācā. (m.) bāhirālaṅkāra. (nt.) paribbhamāpana. (v.i.) abhivaḍḍhati. (v.t.) 1. maṇḍeti; sobheti; 2. paribbhameti. (pp.) abhivuddha; maṇḍita; sobhita; paribbhamita.

flourishing : (adj.) abhivaḍḍhamāna.

flout : (f.) hīḷanā; ohīḷanā. (v.t.) ohīḷeti. (pp.) ohīḷita.

flow : (nt.) galana; sandana; paggharaṇa. (m.) abhissanda. (v.i.) 1. galati; sandati; abhissavati; 2. vātena kampati; 3. sithilībhavati. (pp.) galita; sandita; abhissuta; vātena kampita; sithilībhūta.

flow continually : anusandati.

flow down : pabhavati.

flow forth : paggharati.

flow out : vissandati.

flower : (nt.) puppha; kusuma. (f.) mālā. (m.) uttamaṃsa. (v.i.) pupphati; vikasati. (v.t.) pupphehi maṇḍeti. (pp.) pupphita; vikasita; maṇḍita.

flower bud : (nt.) makula.

flower garden : (m.) pupphārāma.

flower plant : (m.) mālāgaccha.

flower-bed : (m.) mālāvaccha.

flowered : (adj.) kusumita; pupphayutta.

flowering : (adj.) pupphajanaka.

flowerless : (adj.) apupphaka.

flowery : (adj.) 1. pupphākiṇṇa; 2. vicittavācāyutta.

flowing : (adj.) sandamāna.

flown : (adj.) 1. vikasita; 2. uddhumāta.

fluctuate : (v.i.) vipphandati. (pp.) vipphandita.

fluctuating : (a.) phandamāna; anavaṭṭhita.

fluctuation : (nt.) vipphandana. (f.) anavaṭṭhiti.

flue : (m.) dhūmanāḷa. (nt.) vātāyana.

fluency : (f.) 1. vācāpaṭutā; 2. asambādhatā.

fluent : (adj.) 1. sandamāna; 2. akkhalitavacana; caturakathī.

fluently : (adv.) vyattākārena.

fluff : (nt.) muduloma. (v.t.) mudulomehi āvarati. (pp.) mudulomehi āvaṭa.

fluid : (nt.) vilīnavatthu. (m.) rasa. (adj.) jalamaya; āpobahula; vilīna.

fluidify : (v.t.) vilīyāpeti. (pp.) vilīyāpita.

fluidity : (nt.) vilīnatta.

fluke : (f.) bhāgyasampatti.

flume : (f.) udakappaṇālī. (v.t.) mātikāya jalaṃ neti.

flummery : (f.) 1. ghanayāgu; 2. abhūtappasaṃsā.

flummox : (v.t.) vikkhepayati. (pp.) vikkhepita.

flump : (v.i.) sasaddaṃ patati. (v.t.) sasaddaṃ pāteti. (pp.) sasaddaṃ patita; sasaddaṃ pātita.

flunkey : (m.) visesita-sevaka; cāṭupara.

flurry : (m.) sambhama. (nt.) vyākulatta. (v.t.) bhameti; khobheti. (pp.) bhanta; khobhita.

flush : (m.) kapolarāga; rattabhāva; ubbega. (f.) samiddhi; phullatā. (adj.) abhinava; samiddha. (v.t.) 1. rattavaṇṇaṃ karoti; 2. uttejeti; pahaṃseti. (v.i.) lohitāyati. (pp.) rattavaṇṇīkata; uttejita; pahaṃsita; lohitāyita.

fluster : (m.) khobha; sambhama. (v.i.) mandaṃ matto hoti. (v.t.) mattaṃ or bhantaṃ karoti.

flute : (m.) dhamanavaṃsa. (v.t.i.) vaṃsaṃ dhamati.

flute player : (m.) vaṃsadhama.

flutter : (nt.) phandana; vidhunana. (v.i.) pakkhe vidhunāti. (v.t.) phandāpeti. (pp.) vidhūtapakkha; phandāpita.

fluttering : (adj.) kampamāna.

fluvial : (adj.) nadīnissita.

flux : (m.) pavāha. (nt.) galana. (f.) lohitapakkhandikā. (v.t.) pavāheti. (v.i.) pasavati. (pp.) pavāhita; pasavita.

fluxion : (nt.) pasavana.

fly : (f.) makkhikā. (nt.) uḍḍīyana; uḍḍitappamāṇa. (v.i.) 1. uḍḍeti; uppatati; nabhasā gacchati; 2. palāyati; 3. kampati. (pp.) uḍḍita; uppatita; nabhasā gata; palāyita; kampita. (v.t.) 1. uḍḍīyāpeti; 2. pariharati; vajjeti; 3. vijjhati (of an arrow, etc.). (pp.) uḍḍīyāpita; parihaṭa; vissaṭṭha.

fly at : abhipatati; nipatati.

fly blow : (f.) āsāṭikā.

fly flap : (nt.) makkhikāvāraṇa.

fly fox : (f.) ajinapattā.

fly in the face of : sammukhā virujjhati.

fly leaf : (nt.) potthakante alikhitapaṇṇa.

fly open : sahasā vidāreti.

fly past : vītipatati.

fly squirrel : (m.) pakkhabilāla.

fly trap : (nt.) makkhikā-adūhala.

fly upon : abhipatati; nipatati. (adj.) nipātī.

flying : (nt.) ḍīyana; ākāsagamana.

foal : (m.) kisora. (v.t.) kosiram uppādeti. (pp.) uppāditakisora.

foam : (nt.) pheṇa. (v.i.) pheṇam uppādeti or uppajjati. (pp.) uppannapheṇa.

fob : (m.) ghaṭikākosa. (v.t.) appagghena vañceti. (pp.) appagghena vañcita.

focal : (adj.) majjhaṭṭhānāyatta.

focus : (nt.) majjhaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) upasaṃharati; ekajjhaṃ karoti. (pp.) upasaṃhaṭa; ekajjhaṃ kata.

fodder : (m.) ghāsa; nivāpa; gocara. (v.t.) ghāsaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnaghāsa.

foe : see Enemy.

foeticide : (nt.) gabbhanāsana; gabbhapātana.

foetus : (nt.) kalalarūpa. (m.) apariṇata-gabbha.

fog : (f.) mahikā.

foggy : (adj.) 1. mahikāyutta; 2. sasandeha.

foible : (nt.) dubbalaṭṭhāna; guṇavekalla. (f.) khaggakoṭi.

foil : (m.) parājaya; kuṇṭhita-khagga. (nt.) tanulohapaṭṭa; sobhājanakavatthu. (v.t.) 1. parājeti; 2. viphalayati; 3. kuṇṭheti.

foist : (v.t.) nikatiyā payojeti or paveseti. (pp.) nikatiyā payojita or pavesita.

fold : (m.) yūtha; gaṇa; sappabhoga; vaja. (f.) āvali; rajjuvaṭṭi. (nt.) namiṭṭhāna. (v.t.) 1.saṃharati; guṇīkaroti; 2. (of hands, etc) sammiñjeti; 3. (of cows, etc) vajaṃ paveseti; rāsīkaroti. (pp.) saṃhaṭa; guṇīkata; sammiñjita; vajaṃ pavesita; rāsīkata.

foliaceous : (adj.) paṇṇasadisa; paṇṇāyatta.

foliage : (m.) pattasamūha.

foliar : (adj.) paṇṇāyatta,

foliate : (adj.) pattayutta. (v.t.) 1. āvalīhi vibhūseti; 2. pattāni aṅketi. (pp.) āvalīhi vibhūsita; aṅkitapatta.

folio : (nt.) kākacapaṭṭa; potthakapatta.

folk : (f.) janatā. (m.) janasamūha.

folklore : (f.) janakathā.

follicle : (m.) kimikosa; suttakosa.

follow : (v.t.) 1. anugacchati; anucarati; 2. (a method), paṭipajjati; 3. (an action), anusikkhati; anukaroti. (v.i.) anusijjhati; anupāpuṇati. (pp.) anugata; anucarita; paṭipanna; anusikkhita; anukata; anusiddha; anuppatta.

follow a business : kammante abhiyuñjati.

follow on : upanibandhati.

followed by : parivuta; purakkhata.

follower : (m.) 1. anugāmī; sāvaka; 2. parijana; sevaka; anucara; nissitaka.

following : (adj.) 1. anvāyika; anubaddha; 2. vuccamāna. (nt.) anugamana. (m.) parivāra; sāvakagaṇa.

folly : (nt.) 1. bālya; 2. kamma.

foment : (v.t.) 1. uṇhodakena sedeti; 2. vivādāya ussāheti. (pp.) sedita; vivādāya ussāhita.

fomentation : (nt.) sedana; sedakamma.

fond : (adj.) āsatta; anuratta; sānurāga. In cpds. --piya; --kāma; --lālasa.

fond of drinking : (adj.) pānāsatta.

fond of sport : (adj.) kīḷārata.

fond of women : (adj.) itthilola.

fondle : (v.t.) lāleti; āliṅgati. (pp.) lālita; āliṅgita.

fondling : (nt.) 1. lālana; āliṅgana; 2. pemabhājana.

fondly : (adv.) sānurāgaṃ.

fondness : (m.) anurāga. (nt.) piyāyana; mamatta.

font : (nt.) suddhajalabhājana. (m.) parittodakādhāra.

fontal : (adj.) mūlappabhavāyatta.

food : (m.) āhāra; āmisa. (nt.) bhojana; anna || soft food: (nt.) bhojja; hard food: (nt.) khajjaka; khādanīya; liquid food: (nt.) peyya.

food and drink : (nt.) anna-pāna.

food supply : (nt.) pākavaṭṭa.

foodless : (adj.) nirāhāra; bhojanavikala.

fool : (n.) duppañña; dummedha; mandamati. (v.t.) 1. moheti; vañceti; 2. uppaṇḍeti; parihasati. (pp.) mohita; vañcita; uppaṇḍita; parihasita.

fool hardiness : (f.) aññāṇavīratā.

fool hardy : (adj.) anisammakārī; anavassa-vīrakriyā.

foolery : (f.) uppaṇḍanā. (m.) parihāsa.

foolish : (adj.) dandha; momuha.

foolishly : (adv.) mūḷhākārena.

foolishness : (nt.) mūḷhatta; dandhatta; bālatta.

foot : (m.) pāda; pada. (nt.) caraṇa; adhotala; mūla. (f.) patiṭṭhā. (v.t.) pādena paharati. (v.i.) pādaṃ ṭhapeti; pādehi vītikkamati; (pp.) pādena pahaṭa; ṭhapita-pada; pādehi vītikkanta.

foot of a mountain : (m.) pabbatapāda.

foot of a wall : (nt.) kuḍḍamūla.

football : (m.) pādakanduka.

footboard : (m.) pādaphalaka.

footbridge : (m.) padikasetu.

footfall : (m.) padapāta; padanikkhepa.

foot-guards : (m.) rakkhakapadātigaṇa.

foothold : (nt.) padapatiṭṭhāna; avaṭṭhāna. (m.) upatthambha.

footing : (f.) padapatiṭṭhā. (m.) samārambha. (nt.) patiṭṭhāpana.

footless : (adj.) apada.

footman : (m.) padāti-bhaṭa.

footmark : (m.) padavalañja. (nt.) padalañchana.

footnote : (f.) adholipi.

footpath : (m.) jaṅghamagga; ekapadika-patha.

footprint : (m.) padavalañja. (nt.) padalañchana.

footsoldier : (m.) padāti.

footstep : (m.) padanikkhepa.

footstool : (nt.) pādapīṭha.

footway : (m.) padikamagga.

for : (prep.) uddissa. In pali its meaning is expressed by the dative or the words hetu; nimittaṃ; kāraṇā and (conj.) yasmā; tasmā; tena.

for how many years? : kati vassāni?

for the most part : (ind.) bhīyoso. (ind.) pāyaso; bahuso.

for the sake of : atthāya.

for want of time : kālassa ūnatāya.

for-long : (ind.) cerāya.

for-once : (adv.) sakiṃ.

forage : (m.) ghāsa. (v.t.) ghāsaṃ pariyesati; ghāsaṃ vilumpati; pariyiṭṭhaghāsa; viluttaghāsa. (v.i.) ghāsatthāya āhiṇḍati.

forager : (m.) ghāsavilumpaka.

forasmuch as : (conj.) yato; yasmā.

foray : (m.) aviditappavesa. (v.i.) (sahasā gantvā) vilumpati.

forbear : (m.) ādimapurisa. (v.i.) adhivāseti; sahati; titikkhati; 2. viramati. (v.t.) parivajjeti. (pp.) adhivāsita; sahita; titikkhita; virata; parivajjita.

forbearance : (f.) khamā; adhivāsanā; titikkhā.

forbearing : (adj.) sahanta; khamamāna.

forbid : (v.t.) vāreti; nivāreti; nisedheti. (pp.) vārita; nivārita; nisedhita.

forbiddance : (m.) nisedha. (nt.) nivāraṇa; paṭibāhana.

forbidden : (n.) paṭisedhita; paṭibāhita.

forbidding : (adj.) arucikara; jigucchājanaka.

force : (nt.) bala; pasahana. (m.) vega; thāma; patāpa; ānubhāva; balakkāra. (f.) satti; yuddhasenā. (v.t.) 1. balena or pasayha kāreti; 2. kaññaṃ dūseti.

force from : pasayha gaṇhāti.

force in : pasayha pavisati.

force out : nikkaḍḍhati.

forced : (a.) accāvassaka; anatikkamiya.

forceful : (adj.) pabala; samattha; tejassī.

forceps : (m.) saṇḍāsa.

forcible : (adj.) 1. pabala; 2. daḷha; tikhiṇa; 3. sāhasika.

forcibly : (adv.) balakkārena; pasayha.

ford : (nt.) nadītittha. (v.t.) padasā tarati. (pp.) padasātiṇṇa.

fordable : (adj.) padasā taraṇīya.

fordless : (adj.) atittha; tittharahita.

fore : (adj.) ādima; purima; agga; abhimukha.

fore-reach : (v.i.) paṭhamataraṃ pāpuṇāti. (pp.) paṭhamatarapatta.

fore-say : (v.t.) pageva vadati. (pp.) pageva vutta.

forearm : (m.) aggahattha. (v.t.) pageva sannayhati. (pp.) pageva sannaddha.

forebode : (v.t.) pageva sūceti or pakāseti; pageva maññati. (pp.) pageva sūcita or pakāsita; pageva maññita.

foreboding : (nt.) pageva-sūcana; pubbanimitta.

forecast : (nt.) pageva-dassana. (m.) puretarāvabodha. (v.t.) pageva niddisati. (pp.) pageva niddiṭṭha.

forecastle : (m.) nāvāpubbabhāga.

forechosen : (adj.) pageva-nicchita.

foreclose : (v.t.) pageva pidahati or paṭibāhati. (pp.) pageva pidahita or paṭibāhita.

forecourt : (nt.) pamukhājīra.

foredate : (v.t.) pubbataradinaṃ likhati. (pp.) likhatapubbataradina.

foredoom : (v.t.) pageva niyameti or daṇḍeti. (pp.) pageva niyamita or daṇḍita.

forefather : (m.) ādipurisa; pitāmaha.

forefend : (v.t.) pageva ārakkhaṃ yojeti. (pp.) pagevayojitārakkha.

forefinger : (f.) tajjanī.

forefoot : (nt.) padāgga.

forefront : (nt.) abhimukhaṭṭhāna. (m.) puratobhāga.

forego : (v.t.) 1. purato gacchati; 2. cajati; jahati. (pp.) purato gata; catta; jahita.

foregoing : (adj.) heṭṭhāvutta.

foreground : (f.) puratobhūmi.

forehead : (nt.) nalāṭa; lalāṭa.

foreign : (adj.) videsika; paradesīya.

foreigner : (m.) videsī; vijātika.

forejudge : (v.t.) pageva tīreti or niccheti. (pp.) pageva tīrita or nicchita.

foreknow : (v.t.) pageva jānāti. (pp.) pageva ñāta.

foreknowledge : (nt.) pagevajānana; anāgatañāṇa.

foreleg : (m.) purima-pāda.

forelock : (m.) alaka. (f.) lalāṭakesajāri.

foreman : (m.) 1. kammantapālaka; 2. pamāṇapurisajetṭhaka.

foremast : (m.) aggakūpaka.

forementioned : (adj.) pubbe vutta; yatthāvutta.

foremost : (adj.) mukhya; padhāna; pamukha.

forenoon : (m.) pubbaṇha.

forensic : (adj.) adhikaraṇavisayaka.

foreordain : (v.t.) pageva adhikāraṃ deti. (pp.) pagevadinnādhikāra.

forepart : (m.) purimabhāga.

forerank : (f.) paṭhama-panti.

forerun : (v.t.) purato dhāvati.

forerunner : (m.) purecara; puregāmī.

foresee : (v.t.) pageva passati. (pp.) pageva diṭṭha.

foreseeing : (adj.) dūradassī.

foreshadow : (v.t.) pubbanimittaṃ dasseti. (pp.) dassitapubbanimitta.

foreshow : (v.t.) pageva dasseti. (pp.) pageva dassita.

foresight : (f.) dūradassitā.

forest : (nt.) arañña; vana; kānana. (f.) aṭavi. (v.t.) araññaṃ ropeti or patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) ropitārañña.

forestall : (v.t.) pageva saṃvidahati. (pp.) pageva saṃvihita.

forester : (m.) 1. vanavāsī; 2. aṭavipālaka.

forestry : (m.) vanagatadesa. (nt.) aṭavipālana.

foretaste : (f.) pubbūpaladdhi. (v.t.) puretaraṃ sāyati or vindati.

foreteeth : (m.) pamukhadanta.

foretell : (v.t.) anāgataṃ vyākaroti; bhavitabbaṃ katheti. (pp.) vyākatānāgata; kathitabhavitabba.

forethought : (f.) pubbavicāraṇā; paṭhamacintā.

foretoken : (nt.) pubbanimitta. (v.t.) pubbanimittaṃ dasseti; pageva sūceti. (pp.) dassitapubbanimitta; pageva sūcita.

forever : sadātanāya.

forewarn : (v.t.) pagev'antarāyaṃ nivedeti; paṭhamataraṃ ñāpeti. (pp.) pagevaditantarāya; paṭhamataraṃ ñāpita.

foreword : (f.) pubbikā. (m.) mukhabandha.

forfeit : (nt.) (sammutibhedāya) daṇḍana; daṇḍāya dinnavatthu. (v.t.) daṇḍavasena deti.

forfeited : (adj.) apahaṭadhana.

forfeiture : (nt.) daṇḍanena dhanāpaharaṇa.

forfend : (v.t.) pageva ārakkhaṃ yojeti. (pp.) pagevayojitārakkha.

forgather : (v.i.) saṅgacchati; sammilati. (pp.) saṅgata; sammilita.

forge : (nt.) kammāruddhana. (v.t.) 1. lohena nimmiṇāti; 2. kūṭavidhānaṃ karoti; (v.i.) kasirena abhiyāti. (pp.) lohena nimmita; katakūṭavidhāna; kasirena abhiyāta.

forge a letter : kūṭalekhanaṃ sampādeti.

forger : (m.) kūṭavidhānakārī.

forgery : (nt.) kūṭasaṃvidhāna.

forget : (v.t.) pamussati; vissarati. (v.i.) sammuyhati. (pp.) pamuṭṭha; vissarita; sammūḷha.

forgetful : (adj.) muṭṭhassati; pamussanasīla.

forgetfulness : (nt.) muṭṭhasacca. (m.) satisammosa.

forging : (nt.) kūṭanimmāṇa.

forgive : (v.t.) khamati; titikkhati. (pp.) khanta; titkkhita.

forgiveness : (f.) khamā; khanti.

forgiving : (adj.) khamanasila.

forgo : (v.t.) viramati; pajahati; jahāti. (pp.) virata; jahita.

fork : (m.) bahusūlaka; (fork of a tree : ) viṭapa; pasāka. (v.t.) bahusūlakena khaṇati. (v.i.) viṭapī bhavati; dvisikhāhi vaḍḍhati.

forked : (adj.) dvisikha.

forlorn : (adj.) anātha; asaraṇa; nirālamba; chaḍḍita.

form : (nt.) rūpa; saṇṭhāna; ākatipaṇṇa. (f.) ākati; sissapanti. (m.) pakāra; vidhi; nisīdanaphalaka; muddaṇakkharaphalaka. (v.t.) māpeti; 2. racayati. (v.i.) 1. sijjhati; 2. jāyati; 3. rāsībhavati. (pp.) māpita; racita; siddha; jāta; rāsībhūta || well formed: (adj.) susaṇṭhāna.

formal : (adj.) niyamānusārī; sārabhūta.

formalise : (v.t.) vidhiniyamaṃ ṭhapeti; ācaraṇaṃ niyameti.

formalist : (m.) cārittānuyāyī; yathāniyamakārī.

formality : (m.) ācāraniyama. (f.) yathāvidhivattanā.

formally : (adv.) yathāvidhiṃ; yathāniyamaṃ.

formation : (nt.) nimmāṇa; sampādana.

formative : (adj.) nimmāpaka; nimmāṇavisayaka.

former : (adj.; n.) ādima; purima; paṭhamatara.

former connection : (m.) pubbayoga.

former existence : (m.) purimabhava.

former wife : (f.) purāṇa-dutiyikā.

formerly : (adv.) pure; puretaraṃ; atīte.

formic : (adj.) kipillikājāta.

formicacid : (nt.) kipillikāvisa.

formicary : (m.) kipillikālaya; vammika.

formidable : (adj.) 1. mahabbala; 2. bhayāvaha.

formidableness : (nt.) mahabbalatta.

formless : (adj.) arūpa; nirākāra.

formula : (nt.) sutta. (f.) niyamāvali.

formulary : (adj.; m.) suttasaṅgaha. (f.) suttāvali.

formulate : (v.t.) vavatthapeti; suttehi racayati. (pp.) vavatthapita; suttaracita.

formulation : (f.) suttaracanā. (nt.) vavatthāpana.

fornicate : (v.t.) kāme aticarati or micchā-carati.

fornication : (nt.) kāmamicchācāra.

fornicator : (m.) kāmamicchācārī.

fornicatress : (f.) aticārinī.

forsake : (v.t.) pajahati; vijahati; pariccajati; vajjeti; parivajjeti; nissajati. (pp.) pajahita; vijahita; pariccatta; vajjita; nissaṭṭha.

forsake the Order : vibbhamati; uppabbajati. (pp.) vibbhanta; uppabbajita.

forsaker : (m.) pajahaka; vivajjetu.

forsaking : (nt.) vivajjana; pajahana. (m.) cāga; paṭinissagga.

forsooth : (adv.) nūnaṃ; dhuvaṃ; ekantaṃ; khalu; nāma.

forswear : (v.i.) micchā sapati; (v.t.) paccakkhāti. (pp.) micchā sapita; paccakkhāta.

fort : (m.) balakoṭṭhaka; dugga.

fortalice : (m.) khuddakadugga.

forte : (m.) guṇātisaya. (nt.) khaggatala.

forth : (adv.) purato; agge. (prep.) pabhuti; paṭṭhāya (with abl.).

forth with : (adv.) āsu; sapadi; sajju; taṅkhaṇaṃ; tāvad eva.

forthcoming : (adj.) āgāmī; upakaṭṭha.

forthgoing : (adj.) bahigāmī; nikkhamanta.

forthright : (adj.) ujugatika; thiravacana. (adv.) ujukam eva.

fortieth : (adj.) cattāḷīsatima.

fortification : (nt.) rakkhāvaraṇa; pākāraparikkhipana.

fortify : (v.t.) suguttaṃ karoti; balakoṭṭhake patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) sugutta kata; patiṭṭhāpita-bala-koṭṭhaka.

fortitude : (f.) dhiti. (nt.) dhīratta. (m.) vikkama.

fortnight : (m.) addhamāsa; pakkha.

fortnightly : (adj.) addhamāsika. (adv.) anvaddhamāsaṃ.

fortress : see fort.

fortuitism : (m.) ahetuvāda.

fortuitous : (adj.) asambhāvitasampatta; kākatālīya.

fortuitously : (adv.) asambhāvitākārena.

fortuity : (nt.) ninnimitta. (f.) yadicchāsiddhi.

fortunate : (adj.) dhañña; subhaga; lakkhika; mahābhāgya.

fortunately : (adv.) subhagatāya.

fortune : (nt.) bhāgya; bhāgadheyya; subha; maṅgala; kalyāṇa. (f.) sampatti; lakkhī; siri || good fortune: (nt.) sobhagga; bad fortune: (nt.) dubbhāgya.

fortune-teller : (m.) nemittika; ikkhaṇika.

forty : (f.) cattāḷīsati.

forty nine : (f.) ekūnapaññāsā.

forty one : (f.) ekacattāḷīsati.

forty two : (f.) dvicattāḷīsati.

forum : (m.) (romaka-) santhāgāra. (nt.) sammilanaṭṭhāna.

forward : (adj.) 1. puregāmī; pubbaṅgama; 2. ussuka; uyyutta; 3. (bold : ) pagabbha. (v.t.) 1. anuggaṇhāti; 2. (niyamitaṭṭhānaṃ) peseti; 3. abhivaḍḍheti. (pp.) anuggahita; (niyamitaṭṭhānaṃ) pesita; abhivaḍḍhita. (adv.) abhimukhaṃ ; (ito) paṭṭhāya or pabhuti.

forwardness : (m.) ussāha; uyyoga. (nt.) pāgabbhiya.

fosse : (f.) parikhā.

fossick : (v.i.) pariyesati. (pp.) pariyesita.

fossil : (nt.) pāsāṇībhūta-vatthu. (adj.) pāsāṇībhūta.

fossilise : (v.t.) pāsāṇattaṃ pāpeti.

foster : (v.t.) 1. poseti; saṃvaḍḍheti; bharati; 2. (a love, etc.) bandhati. (pp.) posita; saṃvaḍḍhita; bhata; baddha.

foster age : (nt.) posakatta.

foster brother : (m.) vemātikabhātu.

foster child : (m.) positadāraka.

foster father : (m.) posakapitu.

foster mother : (f.) upamātu; āpādikā.

foster parents : (m.; plu.) posakamātāpitaro.

foster sister : (f.) vemātikabhaginī.

foster son : (m.) positaputta.

fostering : (nt.) paṭijaggana.

foul : (adj.) 1. kucchita; gārayha; 2. malina; asuddha; 3. saṭha; kūṭa. (v.t.) dūseti; malinīkaroti. (pp.) dūsita; malinīkata.

foul play : (nt.) duccarita; sāṭheyya.

foul smell : (m.) pūtigandha.

foul weather : (nt.) duddina.

foully : (adv.) duṭṭhākārena.

foulmouthed : (adj.) mukhara; vācāla.

foulness : (nt.) duṭṭhatta.

found : (v.t.) patiṭṭhāpeti; ārabhati. (pp.) patiṭṭhāpita; āraddha.

foundation : (nt.) pādaka. (f.) mūlapatiṭṭhā.

founder : (m.) patiṭṭhāpetu; ārambhaka. (v.i.) paripatati. (v.t.) 1. (udakaṃ pūretvā) osīdāpeti; 2. adhikaṃ viheseti. (pp.) paripatita; osīdāpita; adhikaṃ vihesita.

founder of a religious teacher : (m.) titthaṅkara.

foundling : (m.) amātāpitika.

foundry : (f.) kammārasālā.

fount : (m.) vāripasava; ubbhida.

fountain : (m.) jalavipphāraka.

fountain pen : (f.) nāḷalekhanī.

four : (adj.; n.) catu.

four hundred : (nt.) catusata.

four score : (f.) asīti.

four times : (adv.) catukkhattuṃ.

four-cornered : (adj.) catukkaṇṇa.

four-edged : (adj.) caturaṃsa.

four-fold : (adj.) catubbidha; catugguṇa.

four-footed : (adj.) catuppadika.

fourteen : (adj.; n.) catuddasa; cuddasa.

fourteenth : (adj.) catuddasama.

fourth : (adj.) catuttha. (m.) pāda; catutthaṃsa.

fourth finger : (f.) anāmikā.

fourthly : (adv.) catutthavasena.

fowl : (m.) 1. sakuṇa; pakkhī; 2. kukkuṭa. (v.i.) sakuṇe ghāteti.

fowler : (m.) sākuṇika.

fowling : (m.) sakuṇaghāta.

fox : (m.) sigāla; jambuka; lotthu. (v.i.) vañceti.

fox hunter : (m.) sigālavedhī.

fox-brush : (nt.) sigālanaṅguṭṭha.

foxchase : (m.) sigālavadha.

foxhunt : (m.) sigālavadha.

foxy : (adj.) kapaṭa; sigālasadisa.

fracas : (m.) kalaha.

fraction : (m.) bhāga; aṃsa; koṭṭhāsa. (f.) kalā.

fractional : (adj.) bhāgayutta; asampuṇṇa.

fractious : (adj.) kalahasīlī; kopabahula.

fracture : (m.) bhaṅga. (nt.) bhaggaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) bhañjati. (v.i.) bhijjati. (pp.) bhagga; bhinna.

fragile : (adj.) bhaṅgura; bhijjanadhamma.

fragility : (nt.) bhaṅgurutta.

fragment : (m.) khuddakakhaṇḍa. (f.) sakalikā.

fragmentary : (adj.) sakalībhūta.

fragrance : (m.) sugandha; surabhi.

fragrant : (adj.) sugandhī; iṭṭhagandhī.

frail : (adj.) 1. dubbala; bhaṅgura; 2. sithilaviriya.

frailty : (nt.) dubbalya; bhaṅgurutta.

frame : (f.) racanā. (nt.) saṃvidhāna. (m.) ādhāra; kosa; dhārakapañjara. (v.t.) 1. vidahati; racayati; 2. ādhārake nidahati. (pp.) vihita; racita; ādhārake nihita.

franchise : (nt.) chandadānabala.

francolin : (m.)(?) tittira.

frank : (adj.) akuṭila; asaṭha; ujugatika. (f.) hatthamuddā. (v.t.) phāsugamanaṃ vidahati. (pp.) vihitaphāsugamana.

frankincense : (m.) dhūpeyyagandha.

frankly : (adv.) akuṭilaṃ; ajjavena.

frankness : (nt.) ajjava; avaṅkatta.

frantic : (adj.) atikopāviṭṭha; ummatta; khittacitta.

frantically : (adv.) ummattarūpena.

franticness : (m.) cittavikkhepa.

frap : (v.t.) daḷhaṃ bandhati. (pp.) daḷhabaddha.

fraternal : (adj.) bhātusadisa; sahadhammika.

fraternally : (adv.) sahadhammikatāya.

fraternise : (v.t.) sahadhammikataṃ papeti.

fraternity : (m.) nikāya; gaṇa; saṅgha.

fratricide : (m.) (person : ) bhātughātaka. (nt.) (act : ) bhātughātana.

fraud : (f.) nikati. (nt.) kerāṭiya; sāṭheyya.

fraudulence : (nt.) ketava; kerāṭiya.

fraudulent : (adj.) nekatika; kuhaka.

fraudulently : (adv.) nikatiyā; saṭhena.

fraught : (adj.) pūrita; bharita.

fraught with : sampayutta; samākiṇṇa.

fray : (nt.) bhaṇḍana. (m.) viggaha. (v.i.) (dasā) khīyati or jirati. (pp.) khīṇadasa.

frazzle : (m.) kilantabhāva.

freak : (f.) capalatā; sericāritā.

freakish : (adj.) 1. capala; lola; 2. pakativiruddha.

freckle : (m.) tilaka. (v.t.) tilakayuttaṃ karoti. (v.i.) tilakayutto hoti.

freckled : (adj.) tilakāhata.

free : (adj.) 1. abaddha; mutta; sādhīna; 2. vigata; rahita; apalibuddha; 3. asambādha; 4. aparādhīna; 5. cāgasīlī; 6. sabbasādhāraṇa; 7. nimmūlaka. (v.t.) pamoceti.

free boarding house : (m.) puññanivāsa.

free from anguish : (adj.) niddaratha; nippariḷāha.

free from doubt : (adj.) nikkaṅkha.

free from dust : (adj.) viraja.

free from pride : (adj.) nimmāna; appagabbha.

free hearted : (adj.) agativirahita.

free of charges : (adv.) nimmūlena.

free thinker : (m.) abaddhamatika; adevavādī.

freebooter : (m.) panthadūsaka.

freeborn : (adj.) bhujissa.

freedom : (f.) vimutti; aparādhīnatā. (m.) pamokkha; abhāva; viraha.

freeholder : (m.) bhūmisāmī.

freely : (adv.) yathākāmaṃ; yathicchitaṃ.

freewill : (f.) sakamati; seritā.

freeze : (v.i.) ghanībhavati. (v.t.) ghanīkaroti. (pp.) ghanībhūta; ghanīkata.

freight : (m.) nāvābhāra. (nt.) nāvāgata-bhaṇḍajāta. (v.t.) nāvāya āropeti. (pp.) nāvāya āropita.

freightage : (f.) bhaṇḍaharaṇapaṭiññā. (nt.) nāvāya dātabbamūla.

freighter : (m.) bhaṇḍapesaka.

frenzied : (adj.) bhantacitta; ummatta.

frenzy : (m.) kālika-ummāda; cittavikkhepa.

frequence : (nt.) sātatikatta. (f.) abhiṇhasiddhi. (nt.) bahulatta.

frequency : (nt.) sātatikatta. (f.) abhiṇhasiddhi. (nt.) bahulatta.

frequent : (adj.) abhikkhaṇika; satata; nirantara. (v.t.) āsevati; nisevati; samudācarati. (pp.) āsevita; nisevita; samudāciṇṇa.

frequentation : (nt.) niccupagamana.

frequenter : (m.) niccupasevī.

frequenting : (adj.) abhiṇhaṃsijjhamāna; nisevaka; upasevaka.

frequently : (adv.) satataṃ; bhusaṃ; nirantaraṃ.

fresco : (nt.) bhitticittakamma. (v.t.) bhittiṃ citteti. (pp.) cittitabhittī.

fresh : (adj.) 1. nava; abhinava; ahata; nūtana; 2. sarassa; harita; amilāta.

fresh butter : (nt.) nonīta.

fresh water : (nt.) sadujala.

freshen : (v.t.) navataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) navataṃ pāpita.

freshly : (adv.) abhinavaṃ.

freshman : (m.) ādhunika.

freshness : (f.) navatā; amilātatā; aloṇatā.

fret : (v.t.) 1. nānāsaṇṭhānehi citteti; 2. ḍasanena or ghaṃsanena khepeti; 3. vyathati; santapeti. (v.i.) ujjhāyati. (pp.) nānāsaṇṭhānehi cittita; ḍasanena khepita; vyathita; santāpita; ujjhāyita. (nt.) ujjhāyana. (m.) (of sea : ) saṅkhobha; (of mind : ) ubbega; manotāpa.

fretful : (adj.) dummana; ubbigga; ukkaṇṭhita.

fretfully : (adv.) ubbegena; sasaṃvegaṃ.

friable : (adj.) sukhabhañjiya.

friar : (m.) tāpasa; muni; yogī.

friary : (m.) tāpasārāma.

fribble : (adj.; n.) mandamatika; jaḷa.

fribbler : (m.) vikatthī; mandamati.

friction : (nt.) saṅghaṭṭana; nighaṃsana. (m.) virodha.

Friday : (m.) sukkavāra.

fried flour : (m.) sattu; mantha.

fried grain : (m.) lāja.

friend : (m.) mitta; sakha; sahāya; suhada. samma is used in the Vocative only || intimate friend: (m.) sambhatta; true friend: (m.) kalyāṇimitta.

friendless : (adj.) asahāya.

friendliness : (m.) anunaya; avirodha. (f.) hitakāmatā.

friendly : (adj.) hitakāma; anukūla; vissattha.

friendly talk : (m.) samullāpa.

friendly treatment : (m.) paṭisanthāra.

friendship : (nt.) sohajja; sakhya. (f.) metti.

frigate : (f.) pabala-yuddhanāvā.

fright : (nt.) bhaya. (m.) tāsa; santasā. (f.) bhīti.

frighten : (v.t.) bhāyāpeti; uttāseti; santajjeti. (pp.) bhāyāpita; uttāsita; santajjita.

frightened : (adj.) bhīta; tasita; utrasta.

frightening : (nt.) bhāyāpana; santajjana. (adj.) bhayāvaha.

frightful : (adj.) ghora; bhīma; bhayānaka.

frightfully : (adv.) ghorākārena.

frigid : (adj.) 1. atisītala; himayutta; 2. nirussāha; nissineha.

frigid zone : (m.) sisirapabba.

frigidity : (nt.) atisītalatta. (m.) virāga; sinehābhāva.

frill : (f.) ābhujitadasā. (v.t.) ābhujita-dasaṃ yojeti.

fringe : (f.) dasā; vaṭṭi. (v.t.) dasāyuttaṃ karoti.

fringed : (adj.) dasāyutta.

frippery : (m.) niratthakālaṅkāra.

friseur : (m.) kesakappaka; kesapasādhaka.

frisk : (nt.) sauppatana-kīḷana; (v.t.) uppatanto kīḷati.

friskiness : (f.) kīḷāparatā.

frisky : (adj.) 1. sānanda; sallahuka; 2. turita; sīgha.

frith : (m.) sākhāsamudda.

fritter : (m.) bhajjita (-phalādi-) khaṇḍa. (v.t.) 1. sakalīkaroti. (pp.) sakalīkata. (-away), kālaṃ vināseti.

frivol : (v.i.) kālakkhepī hoti. (v.t.) niratthakaṃ khepeti. (pp.) kālakkhepī bhūta; niratthakaṃ khepita.

frivolity : (f.) nissāratā; agarukāritā.

frivolous : (adj.) nissāra; niratthaka; capala.

frivolously : (adv.) nipphalākārena.

fro : (adv.) to and fro, ito tato.

frock : (nt.) uttarīya; cīvara. (m.) lomakañcuka. (v.t.) 1. cīvarena acchādeti; 2. pūjakadhuraṃ appeti. (pp.) cīvarena acchādita; appitapūjakadhura.

frog : (m.) 1. maṇḍūka; bheka; 2. khaggapāsa.

frolic : (v.i.) dibbati; ramati; kīḷati. (nt.) abhiramaṇa. (f.) keḷi. (adj.) pamudita; haṭṭha-tuṭṭha.

frolicsome : (adj.) keḷisīla; kīḷāpasuta.

frolicsomely : (adv.) kīḷāpasuṭākārena.

from : (prep.) to be expressed by abl.

from above : (ind.) uparito.

from afar : (ind.) dūrato; ārakā.

from behind : (ind.) pacchato.

from hence : (ind.) ito; ito paṭṭhāya; paraṃ or pabhuti.

from the beginning : ādito or mūlato paṭṭhāya.

from the first : ādito paṭṭhāya.

from this day forth : (ind.) ajjatagge.

from within : (ind.) abbhantarato.

from without : (ind.) bāhirato.

frond : (m.) bahupattaka-kalīra.

frondous : (adj.) pattabahula.

front : (nt.) pamukha; lalāṭa. (m.) abhimukhabhāga. (adj.) abhumukha; purato-bhūta. (v.t.) abhimukhe tiṭṭhati || in the front: (adv.) purato; agge.

front of an army : (nt.) senāmukha.

frontage : (m.) purimabhāga.

frontal : (adj.) lalāṭasambandha.

frontal of an elephant : (m.) gajakumbha.

frontier : (f.) rajjasīmā. (m.) paccantadesa.

frontispiece : (nt.) padhānagharapamukha; 2. cittita-pamukha.

frontless : (adj.) 1. nillajja; ahirika; 2. pamukharahita.

frontlet : (nt.) laḷāṭapaṭṭa.

frost : (nt.) tuhina. (f.) mahikā.

frost bitten : (adj.) tuhinopahata.

frosty : (adj.) tuhinayutta; atisīta.

froth : (nt.) pheṇa. (v.t.) pheṇam uppādeti. (v.i.) pheṇaṃ vamati. (pp.) uppāditapheṇa. vamitapheṇa.

frothiness : (nt.) pheṇilatta.

frothy : (adj.) pheṇayutta; pheṇila.

froward : (adj.) dubbineya; dubbaca.

frowardness : (f.) dovacassatā.

frown : (m.) bhūbhaṅga. (v.i.) bhākutiṃ karoti. (v.t.) appasādaṃ pakāseti. (pp.) bhākuṭīkata; pakāsitappasāda.

frowning : (adj.) bhākuṭika.

frowzy : (adj.) duggandha; malina.

fructiferous : (adj.) phaluppādaka.

fructification : (nt.) saphalīkaraṇa.

fructify : (v.i.) saphalīkaroti. (v.t.) phalam uppādeti. (pp.) saphalīkata; uppāditaphala.

fructose : (f.) phalasakkharā.

fructuous : (adj.) phalabharita; avañjha.

frugal : (adj.) mitabbaya; sallahukavuttī.

frugality : (f.) mitabbayatā.

frugally : (adv.) mitabbayena.

frugivorous : (adj.) phalabhakkha.

fruit : (nt.) phala; kammaphala; payojana; apacca. (m.) vipāka; lābha. (f.) pajā. (v.i.) phalaṃ dhāreti.

fruit age : (m.) phalabhāra.

fruit season : (m.) phalasamaya.

fruitarian : (m.) phalakhādī.

fruit-bearing : (adj.) phaluppādaka.

fruiter : (m.) phalārāmaropaka.

fruiterer : (m.) phalavikkayī.

fruitery : (m.) phalasamūha. (nt.) phalāgāra.

fruitful : (adj.) 1. sapphala; avañjha; 2. uppādaka; janaka.

fruitfully : (adv.) saphalākārena.

fruitfulness : (nt.) saphalatta.

fruition : (nt.) vipākadāna; phalānubhavana. (m.) patthitalābha.

fruitless : (adj.) 1. aphala; 2. niratthaka; mogha; vañjha.

fruitlessly : (adv.) nipphalākārena.

fruitlessness : (nt.) nipphalatta.

fruity : (adj.) phalāyatta; phalarasayutta.

frustrate : (v.t.) viphalīkaroti; vyāhanati. (pp.) viphalīkata; vyāhata.

frustration : (nt.) viphalīkaraṇa; vyāhanana.

fry : (v.t.) bhajjati. (pp.) bhaṭṭha or bhajjita.

frying : (nt.) bhajjana.

frying pan : (m.) tatta-kapāla.

fubsy : (adj.) thulla-sarīra.

fuddle : (m.) mattabhāva. (v.i.) majjati; muyhati. (v.t.) madayati; moheti. (pp.) matta; mūḷha; madayita; mohita.

fudge : (nt.) tucchavatthu. (f.) asaṅgatakathā. (v.t.) micchā pabandheti or ghaṭeti. (pp.) micchā pabandhita; micchā ghaṭita.

fuel : (nt.) indhana; upādāna. (v.t.) indhanaṃ sampādeti; aggimhi (dārūni) khipati. (pp.) sampāditindhana.

fuel of life : (m.) upadhi.

fuelness : (adj.) nirindhana; anedha.

fugacious : (adj.) khaṇabhaṅgura; aticañcala.

fugaciousness : (nt.) khaṇabhaṅguratta.

fuggy : (adj.) dhūlisahita; saraja.

fugitive : (m.) palāyī. (adj.) capala; cañcala.

fugleman : (m.) pubbaṅgama; purato-ṭhita.

fulfil : (v.t.) sādheti; nipphādeti; sampādeti. (pp.) sādhita; nipphādita; sampādita.

fulfiller : (m.) sampādaka; paripūraka.

fulfilling : (adj.) paripūraka.

fulfilment : (nt.) samijjhana. (f.) pāripūri; nipphatti.

fulgency : (f.) juti; ditthi; pabhā; ābhā.

fulgent : (adj.) ujjala; bhāsura; jalamāna.

fuliginous : (adj.) kajjalāvuta.

full : (adj.) 1. puṇṇa; sampuṇṇa; 2. sakala.

full of : bharita; ākiṇṇa; saṅkiṇṇa.

full of flowers : (adj.) supupphita.

full of mirth : (adj.) haṭṭhapahaṭṭha.

full to the brim : (adj.) samatittika; kākapeyya.

full-aged : (adj.) paripuṇṇavaya.

full-blown : (adj.) samphulla; vikasita.

full-eyed : (adj.) visālakkha.

full-grown : (adj.) pavaddha; vayappatta.

full-moon : (m.) puṇṇacanda.

full-moonday : (f.) puṇṇamī.

fullness : (nt.) puṇṇatta; bāhulla. (f.) pāripūri.

fully : (adv.) sabbaso; nissesaṃ.

fulminate : (v.i.) gajjati; nadati. (v.t.) tajjeti. (pp.) gajjita; nadita; tajjita.

fulmination : (nt.) gajjana; tajjana.

fulmine : (v.t.) asaniṃ peseti. (v.i.) thanati. (pp.) pesitāsani; thanita.

fulsome : (adj.) kucchita; jeguccha; gārayha. (f.) vyājakathā.

fulsomeness : (f.) gārayhatā.

fulvous : (adj.) piṅga; rattapīta.

fumble : (v.i.) adakkhākārena parāmasati. (pp.) adakkhākārena parāmaṭṭha.

fumbler : (m.) anipuṇa-vāyāma.

fume : (m.) dhūpa. (v.i.) dhūpāyati; dhūmāyati. (v.t.) gandhena vāseti. (pp.) dhūpāyita; dhūmāyita; gandhavāsita.

fumigate : (v.t.) dhūpeti; dhūpena vāseti. (pp.) dhūpita; dhūpena vāsita.

fumigation : (nt.) sandhūpana; gandhavāsana.

fumigator : (m.) sandhūpaka.

fun : (m.) dava; parihāsa. (f.) keḷi.

funambulist : (m.) rajjunaṭaka.

function : (nt.) kicca; anuṭṭhāna; indriyabala. (m.) kiriyāvidhi; niyamitādhikāra. (v.i.) (sakakiccaṃ) sādheti or sampādeti. (pp.) sādhita; sampādita.

functional : (adj.) niyamāyatta.

functionary : (m.) kiccasampādaka.

functionate : see Function, (v.i.).

fund : (nt.) nihitadhana; mūladhana. (v.t.) mūladhanaṃ sampādeti. (pp.) sampāditamūladhana.

fundament : (m.) mūlādhāra. (nt.) piṇḍikamaṃsa.

fundamental : (adj.) mūlika; padhāna; sārabhūta. (nt.) mūlatatta; padhānakāraṇa.

fundamentalist : (m.) purāṇadhammarakkhaka.

fundamentality : (nt.) mūlikatta; padhānatta.

fundamentally : (adv.) mūlikavasena.

funeral : (nt.) petakicca; matakicca. (adj.) matakiccāyatta.

funeral pile : (m.; nt.) citaka.

funeral pyre : (m.) citaka.

funerary : (adj.) petakiccāyatta.

funereal : (adj.) matakiccasadisa; sokasūcaka; nirānanda.

fungible : (adj.) parivaṭṭanakkhama.

fungicide : (m.) ahicchattanāsī.

fungous : (adj.) ahicchattasadisa; aciraṭṭhāyī.

fungus : (nt.) ahicchattaka.

funicular : (adj.) rajjubalāyatta.

funk : (nt.) mahabbhaya. (v.i.) paṭilīyati. (v.t.) bhāyāpeti. (pp.) paṭilīna; bhāyāpita.

funky : (adj.) atibhīta; uttrasta.

funnel : (nt.) dhūmanetta. (m.) dhūmaniggama.

funny : (adj.) hāsajanaka; upahasanīya.

fur : (nt.) loma; bhājanamala. (f.) uṇṇā; jivhāmala. (v.t.) lomehi āvarati. (pp.) lomāvuta.

furbish : (v.t.) parimajjati; malam apaneti. (pp.) parimajjita; apanītamala.

furbisher : (m.) malāpahārī.

furcate : (adj.) dvi-sūlaka. (v.i.) dvisūlībhavati.

furcation : (nt.) dvisūlatta.

furious : (adj.) aticaṇḍa; kopāviṭṭha; madamatta.

furiously : (adv.) aticaṇḍākārena.

furiousness : (nt.) dāruṇatta; caṇḍatta.

furl : (v.t.) saṅkoceti; saṃveṭheti; saṃharati. (v.i.) saṅkucati. (pp.) saṅkocita; saṅveṭhita; saṃhaṭa; saṅkucita.

furlong : (m.) gāvutassa soḷasamabhāga.

furlough : (f.) bhaṭavirāmapaṭiññā. (v.t.) bhaṭavirāmapaṭiññaṃ deti.

furnace : (nt.) uddhana; kammāruddhana. (m.) āvāpa.

furnish : (v.t.) (upakaraṇāni) sampadeti. (pp.) sampāditopakaraṇa.

furnished : (adj.) sopakaraṇa; saparikkhāra.

furnished with : (adj.) upeta; samupeta.

furnishing : (nt.) upakaraṇasampādana.

furniture : (nt.) dārubhaṇḍa; gehobhinivesa.

furore : (f.) balava-īhā. (m.) accantābhinivesa.

furrier : (m.) lomavāṇija.

furrow : (f.) halapaddhati; sītā. (m.) naṅgalamagga. (v.t.) 1. kasati; 2. vinivijjhati. (pp.) kaṭtha or kasita; vinividdha.

furry : (adj.) lomabahula; lomasa.

further : (adj.) dūratara; adhikatara. (adv.) 1. uttariṃ; 2. api ca; atha ca; puna c'aparaṃ. (v.t.) saṃvaḍḍheti; anuggaṇhāti. (pp.) saṃvaḍḍhita; anuggaṇhita.

furtherance : (nt.) saṃvaḍḍhana. (m.) anuggaha.

furtherer : (m.) pavaḍḍhaka; upakāraka.

furthermore : (adv.) aparañ ca; kiñca bhīyo.

furthermost : (adj.) dūratama.

furthest : (adj.) dūratama. (adv.) dūratamaṃ; atidūraṃ.

furtive : (adj.) thenita; avahaṭa.

furtively : (adv.) theyyana; rahassena.

furuncle : (m.) gaṇḍa; phoṭa.

fury : (nt.) caṇḍikka. (m.) kopavega.

fuse : (m.) tejovāhaka. (v.i.) vilīyati; missībhavati. (v.t.) 1. vilīyāpeti; sammisseti; 2. tejovāhakaṃ yojeti. (pp.) vilīyāpita; sammissita; yojita-tejovāhaka.

fusible : (adj.) 1. vilīyanasīla; 2. tejopharaka.

fusiform : (adj.) dhūmavaṭṭikākāra.

fusillade : (nt.) aggināḷīhi asesaviddhaṃsana. (v.t.) aggināḷihi vijjhati.

fusion : (nt.) 1. vilīyana; 2. saṃyujjana; 3. tejovahama.

fuss : (m.) mahākalakala. (v.t.) kalakalaṃ uppādeti. (v.i.) saṅkhubhati. (pp.) uppāditakalakala; saṅkhubhita.

fussily : (adv.) sasambhamaṃ; sakhobhaṃ.

fussiness : (nt.) khubhitatta.

fussy : (adj.)kalakalayutta; saṅkhubhita.

fustigate : (v.t.) muggarena paharati. (pp.) muggarena pahaṭa.

fustigation : (nt.) muggara-paharaṇa.

fusty : (adj.) 1. sakaṇṇika; pūtigandha; 2. purāṇabhūta.

futile : (adj.) niratthaka; mogha; asāra; tuccha.

futility : (nt.) niratthakatta.

future : (m.) anāgatakāla; paraloka; samparāya. (f.) āyati. (adj.) anāgata; āgāmī; āyatika.

futureless : (adj.) anāgatāpekkhārahita.

futurist : (m.) anāgatavādagāhī.

futurity : (m.) anāgatakāla. (f.) paralokagati.

fuzzy : (adj.) 1. kuñcitakesa; 2. āvila; avibhūta.

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gab : (m.) vippalāpa.

gabble : (m.) palāpa. (f.) niratthaka-kathā. (v.i.) pajappati; sampahaṃ katheti. (pp.) pajappita; kathitasampha.

gabbler : (m.) pajappi; palāpī.

gable : (nt.) kūṭāgāra; gehasikhara.

gaby : (m.) jala; dandha.

gad : (m.) patoda. (nt.) saratuṇḍa; sūlagga. (v.i.) ito tato āhiṇḍati.

gad-fly : (f.) piṅgalamakkhikā.

gadling : (m.) sahacara.

gaffer : (m.) mahallaka-janapadika.

gag : (nt.) mukharodhakavatthu. (v.t.) 1. mukham āvarati; 2. mukhādhānaṃ yojeti; 3. vañceti. (pp.) āvaṭamukha; yojitakhādhāna; vañcita.

gage : (m.) nyāsa; upanidhi. (v.t.) upanidahati; paṭiññaṃ deti. (pp.) upanihita; dinnapaṭiñña.

gaggle : (v.i.) kalakalāyati.

gaiety : (m.) āmoda; pamoda. (nt.) pāmojja.

gaily : (adv.) sahāsaṃ; sānandaṃ; sobhanākārena.

gain : (m.) lābha; āya; phalodaya. (v.i.) labhati; adhigacchati. (v.t.) arādheti; vasam āneti (pp.) laddha; adhigata; ārādhita; vasam ānīta.

gain ground : abhivaḍḍhati; samijjhati.

gain upon : samīpaṃ yāti.

gainer : (m.) labhī.

gainful : (adj.) saphala; sātthaka; phalada.

gainsay : (v.t.) paccakkhāti; paccādisati. (pp.) paccakkhāta; paccādiṭṭha.

gainsayer : (m.) viruddhavādī; paṭikkhipaka.

gainsground : abhivaḍḍhati; pattharati.

gait : (f.) gamanalīlā.

gaiter : (nt.) jaṅghāvaraṇa.

gala : (m.) jaṅghāvaraṇa.

gala day : (m.) chaṇadivasa.

galaxy : (f.) ākāsagaṅgā; mahesakkha-parisā. (nt.) cakkavāḷa.

gale : (m.) pabalavāta; caṇḍānila.

gall : (nt.) pitta; domanassa. (v.t.) cammaṃ vikopeti; pariḷāhaṃ janeti. (pp.) cammaṃ vikopita; pariḷāhaṃ janita.

gall-bladder : (m.) pittāsaya.

gallant : (adj.) sūra; vīra; abhīta; cārudassana; susīla.

gallantly : (adv.) savikkamaṃ.

gallantry : (nt.) sūratta; vīratta. (f.) mahesakkhatā; itthilolatā.

gallery : (nt.) samussiṭṭhāna; cittāgāra. (m.) channālinda.

galley : (m.) purāṇa-nāvāvisesa; yojitakkharadharaka; nāvāya mahānasa.

gallic : (adj.) pransadesāyatta.

galling : (adj.) kaṭuka; mammacchedaka.

gallivant : (v.i.) pariyāhiṇḍati.

gallon : (m.) doṇamatta-māṇa.

gallop : (nt.) plavana; uppatana. (v.i.) plavantodhāvati.

gallows : (nt.) vadhaṭṭhāna; māraka-yanta.

galore : (nt.) bāhulla. (adv.) bāhullena.

galumph : (v.i.) vijaye naccati.

galvanise : (v.t.) rasāyanikavujjuyā loham ālepeti.

galvanism : (nt.) rasāyanikavijjubala.

gamble : (f.) jūtakīḷā. (v.i.) jūtaṃkīḷati; akkhehi dibbati.

gambler : (m.) jūtakāra; akkhadhutta.

gambling : (nt.) jūtakīḷana.

gamboge : (m.) Kamboja-pītanityyāsa.

gambol : (nt.) lāsana. (f.) līlā; kīḷā. (v.i.) dibbati; kīḷati.

game : (f.) kīḷā; keḷi. (m.) pasu; vadhitabba-paṇigaṇa; migava. (v.i.) kīḷati; dibbati.

game cock : (m.) yuddhakukkuṭa.

gameful : (adj.) kīḷāpara.

gamekeeper : (m.) migarakkhaka.

gamely : (adv.) sūrākārena.

gamesome : (adj.) kīḷālola; vinodasīlī.

gamester : (m.) dhutta; jūtakāra.

gaming : (nt.) jūta.

gaming house : (f.) jūtasālā.

gammer : (f.) mahallikā.

gammon : (f.) nikati; vañcanā. (nt.) sūkara-vallūra. (v.t.) sokaraṃ lavaṇīkaroti. (pp.) lavaṇīkatasokara.

gamp : (nt.) mahāchatta.

gamut : (m.) niravasesa-visaya.

gamy : (adj.) migabahula.

gander : (m.) cakkavāka.

gang : (m.) gaṇa; samūha.

ganger : (m.) gaṇajiṭṭha.

Ganges : (f.) bhāgīrathī; gaṅgānadī.

gangetic : (adj.) gaṅgāyatta.

ganglion : (m.) nahārusaṅghāta.

gangrene : (m.) jīvamaṃsa-pūtiroga. (v.t.) jīvamaṃsaṃ putittaṃ neti.

gangster : (m.) pūgāyatta; gaṇasahāya.

gangway : (m.) antarāpatha; nāvoruhana-patha.

gaol : (f.) kārā. (nt.) bandhanāgāra. (v.t.) kārāgāre khipati.

gaoler : (m.) kārāpālaka.

gap : (m.) vivara; chidda; antara; antarakāla.

gape : (nt.) vivaṭamukha. (f.) vijambhanā. (v.i.) vijambhati; mukhaṃ vivarati. (pp.) vijambhita; vivaṭamukha.

gaper : (m.) vivaṭamukhī.

garage : (f.) rathasālā.

garb : (nt.) nivāsana-pārupaṇa. (v.t.) nivāseti; acchādeti. (pp.) nivattha; acchādita.

garbage : (nt.) chaḍḍiyavatthu. (f.) nindiyalipi.

garble : (v.t.) uccināti; ayathādasseti. (pp.) uccinita; ayathā dassita.

garden : (nt.) uyyāna. (m.) ārāma. (v.t.) uyyānaṃ ropeti. (pp.) ropituyyāna || fruit garden: (m.) phalārāma; pleasure garden: (nt.) kīḷuyyāna.

gardener : (m.) uyyānapāla.

gardening : (nt.) uyyānaropaṇa.

gargantuan : (adj.) atimahanta; ativisāla.

gargle : (nt.) mukhavikkhalana; kaṇṭhasodhanosadha. (v.t.) (osadhena) kaṇṭhaṃ sodheti; mukhaṃ vikkhāleti. (pp.) sodhitakaṇṭha; vikkhālitamukha.

gargoyle : (nt.) vicitasaṇṭhāna-paṇālīmukha.

garish : (adj.) atibhāsura; accalaṅkata.

garishly : (adv.) atibhāsuratāya.

garland : (f.) āvelā; mālā. (m.) mālādāma. (v.t.) mālaṃ piḷandheti. (pp.) piḷandhitamāla.

garland for the head : (m.) uttaṃsaṃ; sekhara.

garland maker : (m.) mālākāra.

garlic : (nt.) lasuṇa.

garment : (nt.) vasana; acchākana; nivāsana || under garment: (m.) antaravāsaka; upper garment: (nt.) uttarīya; uttarisāṭaka.

garner : (nt.) kusūla; dhaññāgāra. (v.t.) kusūle nidahati. (pp.) kusūle nihita.

garnish : (m.) alaṅkāra. (nt.) vibhūsana. (v.t.) alaṅkaroti; bhūseti. (pp.) alaṅkata; bhūsita.

garniture : (nt.) vibhūsābhaṇḍa; pilandhanopakaraṇa; alaṅkaraṇa.

garret : (f.) vehāsakuṭi.

garreteer : (m.) vehāsakuṭivāsī.

garrison : (f.) dugga-rakkhakasenā. (v.t.) duggarakkhake payojeti.

garrulity : (nt.) mukharatta. (f.) bahubbāṇitā.

garrulous : (adj.) vācāla; mukhara.

garrulousness : (nt.) mukharatta. (f.) bahubbāṇitā.

garter : (nt.) jaṅghābandhana.

Garth : (nt.) gehaṅgaṇa.

gas : (nt.) vāyurūpaka.

gasconade : (nt.) vikatthana. (vi.) vikatthati. (pp.) vikatthita.

gaseous : (adj.) vāyurūpaka.

gash : (nt.) dīgha-khata. (v.t.) dīghakhataṃ sādhedi.

gasoline : (nt.) asuddha-bhūmitela.

gasometer : (m.) vāyurūpakāsaya.

gasp : (nt.) nissasana. (v.i.) kicchena sasati.

gastric : āmāsayaṭṭha.

gastric juice : (m.) jaṭharaggi.

gastrology : (nt.) sūpasattha.

gastronome : (m.) sūpasatthaññū.

gastronomer : (m.) sūpasatthaññū. udarambharī.

gastronomy : (f.) subhojanavijjā.

gate : (nt.) bahidvāra; pākāradvāra.

gate house : (nt.) dvārakoṭṭhaka.

gate keeper : (m.) dvārapāla.

gate tower : (nt.) gopura.

gate way : (m.) dvāramagga.

gather : (v.t.) ācināti; upacināti; samāharati; anumāneti. (v.i.) saṅgacchati; sannipatati; rāsībhavati. (pp.) ācita; upacita; samāhaṭa; anumānita; saṅgata; sannipatita; rāsibhūta.

gatherer : (m.) saṃhāraka; saṅgāhaka.

gathering : (m.) ācaya; upacaya; sannipata; samāgama. (nt.) samaharaṇa; sammelana.

gauche : (adj.) asobhaṇa; adakkha.

gaud : (nt.) pamāṇita-nāṇa.

gaudy : (m.) mahābhojanasaṅgaha. (adj.) nānāvaṇṇa; asippānurūpa.

gauge : (nt.) pamāṇita-māṇa; antogatappamāṇa. (v.t.) yathāpamāṇaṃ miṇāti; samapamāṇaṃ neti. (pp.) yathāpamāṇaṃ mita; samapamaṇaṃ nīta.

gaunt : (adj.) kisa; tanu; dubbala.

gauntlet : (nt.) hatthaparittāṇa.

gauntness : (nt.) kisatta.

gauze : (nt.) sukhumavattha; jālavattha.

gavial : (m.) bhāratīya-kumbhīla.

gawk : (m.) mandamatika; asobhanagatika.

gawky : (adj.) asobhana; dandha.

gay : (adj.) pahaṭṭha; udagga; sobhana. || gaily : (adv.) sahāsaṃ; sānandaṃ; sobhanākārena.

gaze : (nt.) samekkhana; nirikkhaṇa. (v.i.) samekkhati. (pp.) samekkhita.

gazelle : (m.) hariṇa; sāraṅga.

gazer : (m.) samekkhaka.

gazette : (nt.) pavattipatta. (v.t.) pakāseti; nivedeti. (pp.) pakāsita; nivedita.

gear : (nt.) upakaraṇa; saṅghaṭṭita-cakkadvaya. (v.t.) kappeti; sannāheti. (pp.) kappita; sannaddha.

gecko : (f.) gharagoḷikā.

gee-gee : (m.) haya.

gelatin : (m.) (jīva) silesa.

gelatinous : (adj.) lagganasīla; miñjasadisa.

gelation : (nt.) sītena thambhīkaraṇa.

geld : (v.t.) bījam uppāṭeti. (pp.) uppāṭita-bīja.

gelding : (nt.) bījuddharaṇa.

gelid : (adj.) himasadisa.

gem : (m.) maṇi. (v.t.) maṇīhisobheti. (pp.) maṇisobhita.

gem-cutter : (m.) maṇikāra.

geminate : (adj.) yugalabaddha. (v.t.) yugalabaddhaṃ or diguṇaṃ karoti. (pp.) diguṇīkata.

Gemini : (nt.) yuga; mithuna; yamaka || sign of Gemini: (m.) mithunarāsi.

gemmate : (adj.) aṅkurayutta. (v.i.) aṅkurāni pātukaroti. (pp.) pātukataṅkura.

gemmation : (m.) aṅkurapātubhāva.

gemmed : (adj.) maṇikhacita.

gemmiferous : (adj.) ratanuppādaka; aṅkuruppādaka.

gemmy : (adj.) maṇimaya; ratanālaṇkata.

gender : (nt.) liṅga. (f.) pakati.

genealogical : (adj.) paramparāvisayaka.

genealogist : (m.) vaṃsāvalīvidū; anvayaññū.

genealogy : (f.) vaṃsāvalī; paramparā.

general : (m.) senānī; camūpati; senānātha. (adj.) sādhāraṇa; avisiṭṭha; sabbavyāpī.

general fact : (f.) dhammatā.

general opinion : (f.) sammuti.

general practice : (m.) lokācāra; lokavohāra.

generalisation : (nt.) samānattapapaṇa; vaggīkaraṇa.

generalise : (v.t.) samataṃ neti; samānanāmaṃ yojeti. (pp.) samataṃ nīta; samānanāmaṃ mayutta.

generalissimo : (m.) aggasenāpati.

generality : (nt.) sāmañña; sādhāraṇatta.

generally : (adv.) sāmaññena; pāyo; bhuso; jātisabhāvena.

generalness : (f.) sāmaññatā.

generalship : (nt.) senāpacca.

generate : (v.t.) janeti; uppadeti. (pp.) janita; uppādita.

generating : (adj.) uppādaka.

generation : (nt.) janana; pasavana; uppādana; kulaparivaṭṭa. (f.) pajā.

generative : (adj.) janaka; nibbattaka.

generator : (m.) uppādetu; janetu; nibbattaka.

generic : (adj.) uppattyāgata; jātivisayaka.

generic property : (m.) jātisabhāva.

generical : (adj.) uppattyāgata; jātivisayaka.

generically : (adv.) jātisabhāvena.

generosity : (f.) vadaññutā; uḷāracittatā; dānasoṇḍatā.

generous : (adj.) cāgasīlī; dānasoṇḍa; muttahatta; khamanasīla.

generously : (adv.) cāgasīlitāya; nḷārajjhāsayeṇa.

generousness : (f.) cāgasīlitā.

genesis : (f.) mūluppatti; lokuppattikathā.

genetic : (adj.) mūlārambhāyatta. (m.; plu.) pettikaguṇa.

genetrix : (f.) janettī.

genial : (adj.) sukhāvaha; ramanīya; pasanna; kāruṇika; uppattivisayaka.

geniality : (f.) pasannatā; rammatā.

genially : (adv.) sānandaṃ; pasannākārena.

genie : (m.) pisāca; amanussa.

genital : (adj.) jananāyatta.

genital organ : (nt.) janakindriya.

genitive : (nt.) sāmivacana. (f.) chaṭṭhī vibhatti.

genitor : (m.) janetu.

genius : (f.) visiṭṭhabuddhi; ārakkhadevatā. (m.) visiṭṭhapañña. (nt.) visesaciṇha.

genre : (m.) jātivisesa; vaggabheda.

gent : see gentleman.

genteel : (adj.) abhijāta; sabbha; ācārakusala; kulīna.

genteelness : (f.) vinītatā; abhijātatā.

gentile : (adj.) yādavetarajātika. (m.) micchādiṭṭhika.

gentility : (f.) vinītatā; sabbhatā.

gentle : (adj.) mudu; komala; somma; sukumāra; uccākulīna; abhijāta; santa; danta; anukampaka.

gentle breeze : (m.) mandānila.

gentlefolk : (m.) kulīnajana.

gentleman : (m.) ayya; arya; mahāsaya.

gentlemanly : (adj.) vinīta; susīla; ācārasīlī.

gentleness : (f.) kudutā; komalatā; santatā.

gentlewoman : (f.) ayyā; kulitthī.

gently : (adv.) sadayaṃ; muduṃ; mandaṃ.

gentry : (m.) (majjhima-) kulīnajana.

genual : (adj.) jaṇṇukāyatta.

genuflect : (v.i.) jaṇṇūhi patati. (pp.) jaṇṇūhi patita.

genuflexion : (nt.) jaṇṇūhi nipatana. (f.) jāṇunati.

genuine : (adj.) amissajātika; avitatha; avyāja; yathabhūta.

genuinely : (adv.) yathātathaṃ; avyājaṃ.

genuiness : (f.) avitathatā.

genus : (f.) visesajāti. (m.) magga; gaṇa.

geocentric : (adj.) paṭhavippadhāna; paṭhavito gabīyamāna.

geodesy : (nt.) paṭhavitalamāṇasattha.

geognosy : (f.) bhūpadesavijjā.

geographical : bhumisatthāyatta.

geographically : (adv.) bhūgoḷavijjānurūpaṃ.

geography : (nt.) bhūgjoḷasattha.

geological : (adj.) bhūgabbhavujjāyatta.

geologist : (m.) bhūgabbhavijjā.

geology : (f.) bhūgabbhavijjā.

geomancer : (m.) paṃsunimittapāṭhaka.

geomancy : (nt.) paṃsunimittapaṭhana.

geometer : (m.) bhūmāṇavidū.

geometrical : (adj.) bhūmitivisayaka.

geometrically : (adv.) bhūmitisatthānusārena.

geometrician : (m.) bhūmitisattaññū.

geometrize : (v.t.) bhūmitiṃ karoti.

geometry : (f.) jyāmiti. (nt.) bhūmānasattha; rekhāgabita.

geoponic : (adj.) kasivijjāyatta.

georgic : (nt.) kasinissitakabba.

germ : (nt.) bīja; mūlabīja. (f.) yoni. (v.i.) see-germinate.

germane : (adj.) sālohita; sasambandha.

germicide : (adj.; nt.) visabījanāsaka.

germinal : (adj.) mūlabījayatta.

germinate : (v.i.) ubbhijjati; virūhati; aṅkurīyati. (pp.) ubbinna; virūḷha; aṅkurita.

germination : (m.) aṅkurapātubhava.

germinative : (adj.) aṅkurajanaka.

gerund : (nt.) bhāvapada.

gerundive : (adj.) bhāvapadasadisa; bhāvapadāyatta.

gestation : (nt.) gabbhadhāraṇa. (f.) garugabbhatā.

gestatory : (adj.) gabhanissita.

gesticulate : (v.t.) aṅgāni vikkhipati. (pp.) vikkhittaṅga.

gesticulation : (f.) kāyaviññatti.

gesticulator : (m.) aṅgavikkhepaka.

gesture : (m.) kāyavikāra; aṅgamikkhepa. (nt.) iṅgita. (v.i.) kāyena viññāpeti. (pp.) kāyena viññāpita.

get : (f.) pajā. (nt.) apacca. (v.t.i.) labhati; adhigacchati. (pp.) ladha; adhigata.

get along : abhiyāti; abhivaḍḍhati.

get at : pappoti.

get away : vigacchati; apakkamati.

get back : paccāgacchati; paṭilabhati.

get behind : avasīdati.

get clear : vimuccati.

get down : oruhati.

get drunk : majjati.

get forward : abbhuyyāti.

get free : muccati.

get in : pavisati.

get into : āpajjati; nigacchati.

get into debt : iṇaṭṭho bhavati.

get off : apayāti.

get on : pavattati; jīvikaṃ kappeti.

get out : nikkhamati; apeti.

get over : vinodeti; vyantīkaroti.

get rid of : vinodeti; vyantīkaroti; pajahati; dūrīkaroti.

get through : atikkamati; acceti; tarati; niṭṭhāpeti.

get up : uṭṭhāti.

get upon : āruhati.

getting : (nt.) labhana; ajjana.

geyser : (m.) uṇhajalubbhida.

ghastly : (adj.) bhīma; ghora; dāruṇa; uppaṇḍuka; chavasama; kilantindriya.

ghee : (nt.) ghata; sappi.

ghost : (m.) pisāca; peta; amanussa.

ghostly : (adj.) pisācākāra.

ghoul : (m.) vetāla.

giant : (adj.) mahākāya. (m.) rakkhasa; asura.

giant like : visāladeha; mahābala; asurasadisa.

giantess : (f.) rakkhasī.

gibber : (nt.) avyatta-jappana. (v.i.) avyattaṃ jappati.

gibberish : (m.) niratthakālāpa.

gibbet : (m.) vadhatthambha. (v.t.) vadhatthambhe ālaggeti.

gibbon : (m.) dīghabāhu-vānara.

gibe : (m.) upahāsa. (v.t.) ohīlanā; upahasati; ohīleti.

giber : (m.) ohīlaka.

gibingly : (adv.) ohīlanākārena.

giddily : (adv.) bhantākārena.

giddiness : (m.) sambhama. (nt.) cañcalatta; anavadhāna.

giddy : (adj.) bhanta; matta; lola; cañcala; uddhata; dappita. (v.t.) sambhameti. (v.i.) sambhamati. (pp.) sambhamita; sambhanta.

gift : (nt.) pābhata; upāyana. (m.) upahāra; paṇṇākāra; pariccāga.

gift in faith : (nt.) saddhādeyya.

gifted : (adj.) upeta; yutta; sampanna.

gigantic : (adj.) ativisāla; atimahanta.

giggle : (m.) adhamahāsa. (v.i.) avinīto viya hasati.

gild : (v.t.) suvaṇṇena limpeti; virājeti. (pp.) suvaṇṇalitta; virājita.

gilding : (m.) suvaṇṇālepa.

gill : (nt.) (macchādīnaṃ) āṇāpāṇindriya. (m.) khuddakanijjhara; māṇavaka.

gilt : (adj.) suvaṇṇālitta.

gimcrack : (adj.) asammāpaṇihita.

gimlet : (f.) ārā; vijjhanasūci.

gin : (m.) pāsa. (nt.) dhaññasurā; bhārubbahanayanta. (v.t.) pāsam oḍḍeti. (pp.) oḍditapāsa.

ginger : (nt.) siṅgivera. (v.t.) siṅgiveraṃ pakkhipati; ussukkāpeti. (pp.) pakkhittasiṅgivera; ussukkāpita || dry ginger: (nt.) mahosadha.

ginger beer : (m.) siṅgiverāsava.

gingerly : (adv.) sanikaṃ; sāvadhānaṃ. (adj.) sāvadhāna.

gingili : (nt.) tila.

gipsy : (m.) abaddhanivāsa; ahituṇḍika.

giraffe : (m.) dīghagīvamiga.

gird : (m.) upahāsa. (v.i.) upahasati. (v.t.) ābandhati; kacchaṃ bandhati; khaggaṃ sannayhati; parikkhipati. (pp.) upahasita; ābaddha; baddhakaccha; sannaddhakhagga; parikkhitta.

girder : (m.) mahādhava.

girdle : (f.) rasanā; mekhalā. (nt.) kaṭisutta; kāyabandhana; rāsicakka. (m.) paribhaṇḍa; parikkhepa. (v.t.) parikkhipati; paḷiveṭheti. (pp.) parikkhitta; paḷiveṭhita.

girl : (f.) daharā; kaññā; kumārī.

girlhood : (m.) kaññābhāva.

girlish : (adj.) kaññānurūpa.

girt : (nt.) visamavatthu-māṇa. (v.t.) visamavatthuṃ miṇāti.

girth : (f.) varattā; naddhi; nandī.

gist : (m.) sāraṅsa; piṇḍattha.

give : (v.t.) dadāti; deti; vitarati. (pp.) dinna; vitarita.

give away : appeti; paṭipādeti.

give back : paṭidadāti.

give birth to : janeti; vijāyati.

give ear : sussūsati; sotam odahati.

give forth : pakāseti.

give ground : paccosakkati.

give in : anuvattati.

give in charge : niyyādeti.

give notice : apaloketi; nivedeti.

give off : pajahati; cajati; nissajati.

give out : anuppadāti; nivedeti.

give over : (v.i.) viramati. (v.t.) niyyādeti; pajahati; appeti.

give rise to : uppādeti.

give up : pajahati; cajati; nissajati.

give way : osīdati; viramati; okāsaṅdeti.

given : (pp. of give) dinna.

given over : padinna.

given up : (adj.) catta; ossaṭṭha; vissaṭṭha.

given well : (adj.) sudinna.

giver : (m.) dāyaka; dāyī; dātu.

givesground : osakkati.

giving : (nt.) dāna; vitaraṇa; anuppadāna. (m.) pariccāga.

giving birth : (nt.) pasavana; vijāyana.

giving over : (nt.) sampadāna.

giving up : (nt.) pajahana; pahāṇa. (m.) paṭinissagga.

gizzard : (m.) (pakkhi-macchānaṃ) dutiyāmāsaya.

glabrous : (adj.) nikkesa; khallāṭa.

glacial : (adj.) himamaya; himayutta.

glaciated : (adj.) himagaṅgāvuta.

glacier : (f.) himanadī. (m.) himakkhandha.

glacis : (f.) pākārato bahi poṇabhūmi.

glad : (adj.) mudita; pamudita; haṭṭha; tuṭṭha; sumana; attamana; santuṭṭha. (v.t.) modeti; toseti; pamodeti. (pp.) modita; tosita; pamodita.

gladden : (v.t.) toseti; modeti; hāseti; rameti; pahaṃseti. (pp.) tosita; modita; hāsita; ramita; pahaṃsita.

gladdening : (nt.) pahaṃsana. (adj.) pahaṃsaka.

glade : (m.) vanamagga. (nt.) araññaṅgaṇa.

gladiator : (m.) asikīḷaka; khaggasippī.

gladly : (adv.) sānandaṃ.

gladness : (f.) tuṭthi; santuṭṭhi. (m.) ānanda; āmoda; pamoda.

glair : (m.) setasilesa.

glamour : (f.) māyā. (nt.) vasīkaraṇa; atisobhanatta. (v.t.) moheti; vasikaroti. (pp.) mohita; vasīkata.

glance : (nt.) lesamattolokana. (m.) diṭṭhipāta. (v.i.) khippam oloketi. (v.t.) phusanākārena paharati. (pp.) khippam olokita; phusanākārena paharaṭa.

gland : (m.) maṃsagaṇṭhi; mudumaṃsapiṇḍa.

glandular : (adj.) maṃsapiṇḍākāra.

glare : (f.) atiditti; adhikapabhā. (nt.) kuddhapekkhana. (v.i.) pajjalati; sandippati; kodhena oloketi. (pp.) pajjalita; sanditta; kodhena olokita.

glaring : (adj.) daddallamāna; sampajjalita.

glaringly : (adv.) atiphuṭaṃ; supākaṭaṃ.

glass : (m.) kāca. (adj.) kācabhājana; kācamaya. (v.t.) kācapatthare yojeti.

glass ware : (nt.) kācabhaṇḍa.

glasslike : kācasadisa.

glassy : kācasadisa.

glaucoma : (m.) akkhi-kācaroga.

glaucous : (adj.) samuddavaṇṇa.

glaze : (m.) ujjalavaṇṇa. (v.t.) kācena ālimpeti; vaṇṇujjalaṃ karoti; kāce yojeti or ghaṭeti. (pp.) kācena ālitta; vaṇṇujjalaṃ līkata; yojitakāca.

glazier : (m.) kācayojaka.

glazing : (nt.) kācayojana. (f.) ujjalavaṇṇadhātu.

gleam : (f.) mandajuti. (v.i.) mandam ujjalati or vilasati. (pp.) mandam ujjalita; mandam vilasita.

gleamy : (adj.) mandappabha; calajjutika.

glean : (v.i.) uñchati; thokathokam uccināti. (pp.) uñchita; thokathokam uccinita.

gleaner : (m.) uñchaka.

gleanings : (f.) uñchā; bhikkhā. (m.) piṇḍapāta.

glee : see delight.

glen : (m.) kuñja. (nt.) avitthiṇṇasamatala.

glib : (adj.) turitavacana; asambādha; picchila.

glibly : (adv.) mukharatāya; picchilākārena; akkhalitaṃ.

glibness : (nt.) mukharatta.

glide : (nt.) saṃsappana. (v.i.) saṃsappati. (pp.) saṃsappita.

glide off : vinivaṭṭati.

gliding : (n.) saṃsappamāna.

glidingly : (adv.) saṃsappanākārena.

glimmer : (f.) mandappabhā. (v.i.) mandaṃ jalati. (pp.) mandaṃ jalita.

glimmering : (adj.) mandajutika.

glimpse : (f.) khaṇikadassana; avibhūta-diṭṭhi. (v.t.) avibhūtaṃ passati. (v.i.) khaṇamattaṃ dissati. (pp.) khaṇamattaṃ diṭṭha.

glint : (f.) khaṇikapabhā. (v.i.) sahasā jotati.

glissade : (v.i.) himapapāte sappati.

glisten : (f.) calajuti. (v.i.) khaṇe khaṇe jotati.

glistening : (adj.) samujjala; calajjutika.

glitter : (m.) pabhāsa. (v.i.) pabhāsati. (pp.) pabhāsita.

glittering : (adj.) bhāsamāna; ujjala.

gloaming : (m.) sañjhāloka.

gloat : (v.i.) ativiya tussati; lobhena oloketi. (pp.) atituṭṭha; lobhena olokita.

globe : (nt.) goḷa; maṇḍala; bhūgoḷa.

globular : (adj.) goḷakāra.

globule : (m.) goḷaka; bindu.

glomerate : (adj.) piṇḍībhūta. (v.t.) piṇḍīkaroti. (pp.) piṇḍīkata.

glomeration : (nt.) piṇḍīkaraṇa.

gloom : (nt.) timira; tama; domanassa. (f.) arati. (v.t.) timirenāvarati. (v.i.) ukkaṇṭhati. (pp.) timirāvuta; ukkaṇṭhita.

gloomily : (adv.) savisādaṃ; nippabhaṃ.

gloominess : (nt.) nippabhatta. (m.) visāda; kheda.

gloomy : (adj.) tamāvuta; ukkaṇṭhita.

glorification : (f.) guṇavaṇṇanā; pakittanā.

glorify : (v.t.) ukkaṃseti; vaṇṇeti. (pp.) ukkaṃsita; vaṇṇita.

gloriole : (nt.) pabhāmaṇḍala.

glorious : (adj.) kittimantu; yasavantu; sirindhara; mahānubhāva; vikhyāta.

gloriously : (adv.) pasatthākārena; mahānubhāvena.

glory : (f.) kitti; vissuti; siri; mahesakkhatā; sirivibhūti; saggasampatti. (m.) teja; patāpa; ānubhāva. (v.i.) accantaṃ modati; attanaṃ thometi or ukkaṃseti. (pp.) accantaṃ modita; attānaṃ thomita; attānaṃ ukkaṃsita || vain glory: (m.) ahaṅkāra. (nt.) vikatthana.

gloss : (f.) ṭīkā; ditti; juti. (nt.) atthavivaraṇa. (v.t.) vyākhāti; bāhirato sobheti.

glossal : (adj.) jivhāvisayaka; vacāvisayaka.

glossary : (nt.) gaṇṭhipadavivaraṇa.

glossator : (m.) ṭīkākāra.

glossiness : (f.) maṭṭhatā.

glossitis : (m.) jivhādāha.

glossographer : (m.) ṭīkākāra; ganṭhipadavivaraka.

glossography : (nt.) ṭīkākaraṇa.

glossologist : (m.) paribhāsāsampādaka.

glossology : (f.) paribhāsa.

glossy : (adj.) maṭṭha; siniddha; ujjala.

glottal : (adj.) kaṇṭhanāḷanissita.

glottis : (m.) kaṇṭhanāḷa.

glove : (m.) karatalacchada. (v.t.) karatalaṃ chādeti.

glow : (f.) ditti; juti. (m.) tāpa; dāha. (v.i.) dippati; jotati. (pp.) ditta; jotita.

glow worm : (m.) khajjopanaka.

glowing : (adj.) dippamāna; santatta; paditta.

glowingly : (adv.) sadāhaṃ; satāpaṃ.

gloze : (f.) upalālanā. (v.t.) upalāleti; vitthāreti. (pp.) upalālita; vitthārita.

glucose : (f.) muddikā-sakkharā.

glue : (m.; nt.) silesa; picchila. (v.t.) sileseti; laggāpeti. (pp.) silesita; laggāpita.

glum : (adj.) dummukha; anattamana.

glumaceous : (adj.) thusayutta.

glume : (m.) thusa; dhaññataca.

glumly : (adv.) asantuṭṭhiyā.

glumness : (nt.) domanassa.

glut : (nt.) atimattabhojana. (v.t.) ghasati; atimattaṃ bhuñjati. (pp.) ghasita; atimattaṃ bhutta.

gluten : (m.) niyyāsa.

glutinate : (v.t.) niyyāsena alliyāpeti. (pp.) niyyāsena alliyāpita.

gelatinise : (v.t.) niyyāsena alliyāpeti. (pp.) niyyāsena alliyāpita.

glamorously : (adv.) mahāravena; sanigghosaṃ.

glutinous : (adj.) lagganasīla.

glutton : (adj. m.) mahagghasa; odarika.

gluttonous : (adj.) mahagghasa; atilola.

gluttonously : (adv.) atilolākārena.

gluttony : (f.) mahābhakkhatā. (nt.) atibhakkhana.

glycerine : (m.) medasāra.

glycogenic : (adj.) tisūlaka.

glycosuria : (f.) mutte sakkharābahulatā.

glyptic : (adj.) kārusippāyatta.

glyptography : (nt.) maṇikārasippa.

gnarl : (m.) kukku; gaṇṭhi. (v.i.) ghuru-ghurāyati.

gnarled : (adj.) sakukkuka; gaṇṭhiyutta.

gnash : (nt.) dante ghaṃseti. (pp.) ghaṃsitadanta.

gnashing : (nt.) dantavidaṃsana.

gnat : (f.) vanamakkhikā.

gnathic : (adj.) hanusambandha.

gnaw : (v.t.) ḍasati; dantehi chindati. (pp.) daṭṭha; dantacchinna.

gneiss : (f.) kāḷasilā.

gnome : (f.) kārikā. (nt.) sutta. (m.) nidhipālaka-bhūta.

gnomic : (adj.) kārikāyutta.

gnomish : (adj.) pisācasadisa.

gnomon : (m.) chāyāmāṇakatthambha.

gnosis : (f.) paramatthavijjā.

gnostic : (adj.; m.) paramatthavidū.

gnosticism : (nt.) paramatthañāṇa.

go : (v.i.) gacchati; vajati; yāti; carati; pavattati. (pp.) gata; yāta; pavatita.

go about : anupariyāti.

go afar : (adj.) dūragāmī.

go against : abhiyāti; virujjhati.

go ahead : abhigacchati.

go along : paṭipajjati.

go ashore : tarati; uttarati.

go away : apakkamati.

go back : paṭikkamati.

go before : (adj.) pubbaṅgama.

go between : sandhīkaroti.

go beyond : atikkamati; ativatteti.

go by : anuyāti.

go down : ogacchati; atthaṅgacchati.

go forth : abhiyāti.

go forth from : abhinikkamati.

go in : pavisati.

go into : anupavisati.

go off : apasarati.

go on : pavattati.

go out : nikkhamati; niggacchati.

go over : upaparikkhati; laṅgheti; saṅkamati.

go round : anupariyāti.

go through : vindati; sevati; paṭipajjati; osāpeti; tiriyaṃ gacchati.

go to : upagacchati.

go to ruin : parābhavati; vinassati.

go up : uggacchati; udeti.

go up to : upagacchati.

go with : sahagacchati.

go without : viramati.

go wrong : virajjhati.

go-between : (m.) gahabaṅdhanayojaka.

goad : (m.) patoda. (nt.) pājana. (v.t.) codeti; uyyojeti. (pp.) codita; uyyojita.

goal : (nt.) abhimataṭṭhāna. (f.) paramaniṭṭhā.

goat : (m.) eḷaka; aja || she goat: (f.) ajī; eḷikā.

goat herd : m.) ajapāla.

goatish : (adj.) ajagandhī.

gobbet : (nt.) kabala. (m.) piṇḍa.

gobble : (v.t.) sīghaṃ or sasaddaṃ bhuñjati. (v.i.) kaṇṭhasaddaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) sīghaṃ or sasaddaṃ bhutta; pavattita kaṇṭhasaddaṃ.

goblet : (m.) āpānīya-kaṃsa.

goblin : (m.) pisāca.

god : (m.) deva; sura; amara; tidasa. (f.) devatā || City of the gods: (nt.) tidasapura; lord of the gods: (m.) devarāja; tidasinda.

god father : sāmayika-pitu.

god head : (nt.) devatta. (m.) devasabhāva.

goddess : (f.) accharā; devakaññā.

goddess of luck : lakkhī; sirī.

godless : (adj.) adevadiṭthika.

godlessness : (f.) adevadiṭṭhi.

godlike : (adj.) dhammika.

godliness : (f.) dhammikatā; devabhatti.

godown : (f.) bhaṇḍasālā.

godsend : (adj.) devadattiya.

godship : (nt.) devatta.

goer : (m.) gantu; gāmī.

goggle : (m.) valira; kekara. (v.i.) akkhīni bhameti. (pp.) bhamitakkhī.

goglet : (f.) kuṇḍikā.

going : (nt.) gamana. (f.) gati. (adj.) gacchanta.

going about : (m.) sañcāra.

going across : (nt.) taraṇa.

going ashore : (nt.) uttaraṇa.

going back : (nt.) paṭinivattana.

going downward : (adj.) adhogāmī.

going forward : (nt.) abhikkamana.

going on : (adj.) pavattamāna.

going out : (nt.) nikkhamana. (adj.) nikkhamanta.

going out to meet : (nt.) paccuggamana.

going over : (nt.) saṅkamana.

going over the limits : (nt.) sīmātikkamana.

going round : (nt.) parikkamana. (adj.) āvijjhamāna.

going to be : (adj.) bhāvī.

going upwards : (adj.) uddhaṅgama.

goitre : (m.) galagaṇḍaroga.

goitrous : (adj.) galagaṇḍī.

gold : (adj.) suvaṇṇa; kanaka; kañcana; hema; cāmīkara; jātarūpa.

gold bullion : (nt.) hirañña.

gold coin : (nt.) nikkha; neddha.

gold coloured : (adj.) hemavaṇṇa; harittaca; kanakappabha.

gold smith : (m.) heraññika; suvaṇṇakāra.

golden : (adj.) hemamaya; sovaṇṇa.

gone : (pp. of go) gata; pakkanta; yāta.

gone astray : (adj.) vibbhanta; maggamūḷha.

gone away : (adj.) apakkanta.

gone beyond : (adj.) apakkanta.

gone forth : (adj.) abhikkanta.

gone out : (adj.) nikkhanta.

gone over : (adj.) tiṇṇa; atikkanta.

gone wrong : (adj.) vyāpanna.

gong : (m.) kaṃsatāḷa.

goniometer : (nt.) koṇamāṇaka.

gonorrhoea : (m.) sukkadosa; sctabindumeha.

good : (adj.) sundara; bhaddaka; subha; kalyāṇa; sobhana; dhammika; susīla; hitakāma; adūsita; anappaka. (m.) attha; hita. (nt.) maṅgala; payojana; puñña; sucarita. (f.) samidhi. (intj.) sādhu! bhavatu! || as good as his word: yathāvādī tathākārī; in good time: yathākāle; makes good: paripūreti; tathattaṃ pakāseti; of good breeding: (adj.) kulīna; abhijāta; so good as: (adv.) anuggahapubbakaṃ; stands good: pahoti; patiṭṭhāti.

good action : (nt.) sucarita.

good breeding : (nt.) sosīlya; soracca.

good bye : sothi; subhaṃ bhavatu!.

good conditioned : (adj.) niroga; suṭṭhita.

good fellow : (m.) sappurisa.

good for nothing : (adj.) akammasīlī; payojanarahita.

good humour : (m.) cittappasāda; sabbhāva. (nt.) susīlatta; somanassa.

good humoured : (adj.) vivaṭacitta.

good manners : (m.) sadācāra; sosīlya. (nt.) vinītatta.

good morning : suppabhātaṃ !

good nature : (m.) sabbhāva.

good-looking : (adj.) surūpa; piyadassana.

goodly : (adj.) surūpa; piyadassana.

goodness : (f.) sādhutā; sundaratā; dhammikatā.

goods : (nt.) bhaṇḍajāta. (m.) vatthusamūha.

goodsense : (m.) suvinicchaya.

goodwill : (f.) hitakāmatā; anukūlatā.

goodwishes : (f.) subhāsiṃsanā.

goody : (f.) duggatamahallikā. (m.) khajjakavisesa. (adj.) anavatthānurūpa; tucchabhimānī.

goose : (m.) kalahaṃsa.

gorbelly : (m.) thūlodara.

gore : (nt.) nikkhanta-lohita. (v.t.) siṅgena or dāṭhāya vijjhati or āhanati. (pp.) siṅgena viddha; dāṭhāya āhata.

gorge : (m.) kaṇṭhanāḷa; gala; girigabbhara; duggamagga. (v.t.) bhakkhati; ghasati; gedhena bhuñjati. (pp.) bhakkhita; ghasta; gedhena bhutta.

gorgeous : (adj.) adhikavaṇṇa; nānāvaṇṇujjala.

gorgeously : (adv.) vaṇṇujjalatāya.

gorgeousness : (nt.) ujjalavaṇṇatta.

gorget : (nt.) haṇṭhatāṇa; gīveyya; vanitāmukhāvaraṇa. (f.) kaṇṭhabhūsā.

gorilla : (m.) mahāvānara.

gormandise : (f.) mahagghasatā. (v.i.) adhikaṃ bhuñjati. (pp.) adhikaṃ bhutta.

gormandizer : (m.) mahagghasa; amitabhojī.

gory : (adj.) lohitamakkhita.

gosling : (m.) haṃsapotaka.

gospel : (nt.) sādhucarita. (f.) sāmayikappavatti.

gossamer : (nt.) makkaṭajāla.

gossip : (f.) jappanā; janakathā. (m.) (person : ) jappaka; palāpī.

gossipy : (adj.) palapanasīla.

gossoon : (m.) māṇavaka.

got : (pp. of get) laddha.

got into : (adj.) pariyāpanna.

got near : (adj.) upasaṅkanta.

got out of : (adj.) nikkhanta; uttiṇṇa.

got up : (adj.) uṭṭhita.

got well : (adj.) suladdha.

gotdown : (adj.) oruḷha; otiṇṇa.

gouge : (nt.) paṇāli-nikkādana. (v.t.) nikhādanea chindati. (pp.) nikhādanena chinna.

gourd : (f.) tumbī; alābu; lābu.

gourmand : (adj.) bahubhakka.

gourmet : (m.) rasalola; pānarata.

gout : uātaratta.

gouty : (adj.) vātarattika.

govern : (v.t.) sāsati; paripāleti; dameti; vasam āneti. (v.i.) vidhānaṃ karoti; (pp.) sāsita; paripālita; damita; vasam ānīta; katavidhāna.

govern or general : (m.) rājapaṭinidhi.

governable : (adj.) vineyya; damma.

governance : (m.) pālanakkama. (nt.) pālana.

governess : (f.) puggalikācariyānī.

government : (nt.) rajjānusāsana; desapālana.

governor : (m.) pālaka; maṇḍalissara.

governorship : (nt.) ādhipacca; maṇḍalissaradhura.

gown : (nt.) vanitānivāsana; kaṭivattha.

grab : (nt.) ḍasitvā-gahaṇa. (v.t.) ḍasitvā or pasayha gaṇhāti. (pp.) pasayha gahita.

grabble : (v.i.) andho viya parāmasati; migo viya sappati.

grace : (f.) līlā; sobhā; dayā; karuṇā; khanti. (nt.) lāvañña. (m.) ānubhāva. (v.t.) sobheti; bhūseti. (pp.) sobhita; bhūsita.

graceful : (adj.) lalita; sundaravilāsa.

gracefully : (adv.) salīlaṃ; sasobhaṃ.

gracefulness : (nt.) kāruñña; salīlatta.

graceless : (adj.) nissirīka; virūpa; dubbaṇṇa; nillajja; durācāra.

gracious : (adj.) sadaya; sānubhāva; susīla.

graciously : (adv.) sānukampaṃ.

gradate : (v.t.) anukkamena yojeti. (v.i.) paṭipāṭim anugacchati. (pp.) anukkamena yojita; paṭipāṭim anugata.

gradation : (m.) anukkama. (f.) paṭipāṭi.

gradatory : (adj.) kamānurūpa; yathākkama.

grade : (m.) vagga; anukkama. (f.) vaggapaṭipāṭi. (v.t.) vaggīkaroti. (pp.) vaggīkkata.

gradely : (adj.) atisunkara; avitatha.

gradient : (nt.) anupubbapoṇtta.

gradual : (adj.) anukkamika; ānupubbika.

gradually : (adv.) anukkamena; anupubbena.

graduate : (m.) upādhidhārī. (v.t.) upādhiṃ deti; māṇarekkāhi aṅketi; (v.i.) upādhiṃ labhati. (pp.) laddhopādhī; māṇarekhāhi aṅkita.

graduation : (nt.) vaggīkaraṇa; māṇarekhaṅkana. (m.) upādhilābha.

graft : (nt.) aṅkura. (v.t.) aṅkurāni sampayojeti. (pp.) sampayojitaṅkura.

grain : (nt.) dhaññā; sassa; bīja; goḷaka. (m.) (in weighing : ) dhaññamāsa.

grain fried : (m.) puthuka; lāja.

grain husk : (m.) thusa.

gram : (m.) caṇaka; māṇavisesa.

graminaceous : (adj.) tiṇasadisa; tiṇabahula.

gramineous : (adj.) tiṇasadisa; tiṇabahula.

graminivorous : (adj.) tiṇabhakkha.

grammar : (nt.) vyākaraṇa; saddasattha.

grammarian : (m.) veyyākaraṇika; vyākaraṇasampādaka.

grammatical : (adj.) vyākaraṇāyatta; vyakaraṇānukūla.

grammatically : (adv.) vyākaraṇānurūpena.

gramme : (m.) nāṇavisesa.

gramophone : (nt.) saddavāhakayanta.

granary : (m.) dhaññakoṭṭhaka. (nt.) koṭṭhāgāra.

grand : (adj.) mahanta; cisāla; tumula; uttama; mukhya; agga; mahānubhāvā.

grandchild : (m.) paputta; nattu.

granddaughter : (f.) paputtī.

grandee : (m.) mahākulaja.

grandeur : (nt.) mahatta; uḷāratta. (m.) patāpa.

grandfather : (m.) ayyaka; pitāmaha.

grandiloquence : (f.) atisayutti.

grandiloquent : (m.) gabbitavāca.

grandiose : (m.) mahattadassaka; attukkaṃsaka.

grandly : (adv.) mahānubhāvena.

grandmother : (f.) ayyikā.

grandness : (nt.) mahatta; uttamatta.

grandson : (m.) nattu; paputta.

grange : (m.) kassakaghara.

graniferous : (adj.) dhaññuppādaka.

granite : (m.) meghapāsāṇa.

granivorous : (adj.) dhaññakhādaka.

granny : (f.) ayyikā.

grant : (f.) dānapaṭiññā. (nt.) varadāna; adhikāradāna. (v.t.) anuppadāti; anumaññati. (pp.) anuppadinna; anumata.

grantee : (m.) paṭiggāhaka.

grantor : (m.) anuppadāhaka || royal grantor: (m.) rājadāya.

granular : (adj.) dhaññasadisa.

granulate : (v.t.) dhaññabījasamaṃ karoti. (v.i.) dhaññabījasamo hoti.

granule : (nt.) dhaññabīja.

grape : (nt.) muddikāphala.

grapery : (m.) muddikārāma.

grapevine : (f.) muddikālatā.

graph : (m.) pamāṇālekha.

graphical : (adj.) suniddiṭṭha; sucittita; yathābhūtajotaka.

graphite : (nt.) abbhaka.

graphology : (nt.) akkharehi caritanirūpana.

grapnel : (m.) nāvā-gāhakaṅkusa.

grapple : (nt.) kakkaṭayanta; bāhuyuddha. (m.) kaḷhagāha. (v.t.) gaḷhaṃ gaṇhāti. (v.i.) (-with) yujjhati. (pp.) gaḷhaṃ gahita; yujjhita.

grasp : (m.) daḷhagāha; parāmāsa. (nt.) upādāna. (v.t.) upādāti; āmasati; sammasati. (pp.) upādinna; āmaṭṭha; sammasita or sammaṭṭha.

grasping : (m.) paṭivedha. (nt.) bujjhana.

grass : (nt.) tiṇa. (f.) tiṇagumba || mat of grass: (m.) tiṇasanthara; mattress of grass: (f.) tiṇabhisi.

grass clump : (m.) tiṇagumba.

grass eating : (adj.) tiṇabhakkha.

grasshopper : (m.) salabha; paṭaṅga.

grassy : (adj.) tiṇachanna.

grassy land : (m.) saddala.

grate : (nt.) ayosalakāvaraṇa. (v.t.) kakkasākārena ghaṃseti; ghaṃsetvā kaṇe pāteti. (pp.) kakkasākārena ghaṃsita; pātitakaṇa.

grateful : (adj.) kataññū; katavedī; ramanīya; sukhāvaha.

gratefully : (adv.) kataññutāya.

gratefulness : (f.) kataññutā.

gratification : (nt.) paritosana; pasādana. (f.) ārādhanā; saṃsiddhi.

gratify : (v.t.) toseti; rameti; pamodeti; pasādeti. (pp.) tosita; ramita; pamodita; pasādita.

gratis : (adv.) nukhā; vināmūlaṃ.

gratitude : (f.) katavekitā.

gratuitous : (adj.) mudhā dinna; nimmūlaka; ahituka.

gratuitously : (adv.) nimmūlena.

gratuity : see gift.

gratulate : see congratulate.

grave : (m.) chavāvāṭa. (f.) susānabhūmi. (v.t.) see engrave. (adj.) garuka; bhāriya.

grave action : (nt.) bhāriyakamma.

grave offence : (m.) thullaccaya; mahāpātaka.

gravel : (f.) sakkharā; (disease : ) asmarī. (m.) muttakicchābādha. (v.t.) sakkharā attharati. (pp.) atthatasakkhara.

gravely : (adv.) garutāya. (adj.) sakkharābahula.

graveness : (nt.) bhāriyatta.

gravestone : (m.) thūpatthambha.

graveyard : (nt.) susāna.

gravid : (adj.) gabbhinī. (f.) āpannasattā.

gravitate : (v.i.) ākaḍḍhīyati. (pp.) ākaḍḍhita.

gravitation : (nt.) ākaḍḍhana.

gravity : (m.) bhāra; gārava. (nt.) dhīratta. (f.) ākaḍḍhakasatti.

Gravula Religiosa : (f.) sārikā.

gravy : (m.) maṃsasāra.

gray : (adj.) dhūsara.

gray hair : (nt.) palita.

graze : (nt.) īsaṃghaṃsana. (v.t.) tiṇaṃ khādati; īsakaṃ ghaṭṭeti. (pp.) khāditatiṇa; īsakaṃ ghaṭṭita.

grazier : (m.) gavavāṇija.

grazing : (nt.) tiṇabhakkhaṇa; īsaṃghaṭṭana.

grazing ground : (nt.) gocaraṭṭhāna. (f.) tiṇabhūmi.

grease : (f.) vasā. (m.) meda. (v.t.) vasāya lepeti. (pp.) vasālitta.

greasy : (adj.) vasāyutta; medabahula.

great : (adj.) mahanta; visāla; tumula; vipula; uru; uttama; seṭṭha; parama.

great being : (m.) mahāsatta.

great eminence : (nt.) accunnatatta.

great flood : (m.) mahogha.

great grandfather : (m.) payaka; papitāmaha.

great grandmother : (f.) payyikā.

great grandson : (m.) panattu.

great in number : pacura; bahula.

great leader : (m.) vināyaka.

great man : (m.) mahāpurisa.

great mass : (m.) khandha.

great toe : (m.) pādaṅguṭṭha.

greaten : (v.t.) vaḍḍhāpeti.

greater : (adj.) mahantatara.

greatly : (adv.) ativiya; bahuso.

greatness : (nt.) mahatta; uḷāratta; seṭṭhatta.

greatsage : (m.) mahesi.

greatseer : (m.) mahesi.

greed : (m.) lobha; gedha. (f.) giddhi. (nt.) gijjhana || excessive greed: (f.) atricchā.

greedily : (adv.) giddhākārena; makicchatāya.

greediness : (nt.) loluppa; mahicchatta.

greedless : (adj.) appiccha; nittaṇha.

greedy : (adj.) luddha; giddha; lolupa.

Greek : (adj.) yonakadesāyatta.

green : (m.) baritavaṇṇa. (nt.) saddalaṭṭhāna. (adj.) (colour : ) harita; (fresh : ) alla; nava; amilāta; (inexperienced : ) aparicita; asanthuta.

greenginger : (nt.) siṅgivera.

greengrocer : (m.) paṇṇika.

greenhorn : (m.) sukhavañciya.

greenish : (adj.) īsaṃharita.

greenness : (nt.) haritatta; amilātatta.

greenpea : (m.) mugga.

greet : (v.t.) subham āsiṃsati; sādaraṃ sampaṭicchati. (v.i.) (aññamaññam) abhinandati. (pp.) āsiṭṭhasubha; sādaraṃ sampaṭicchita; abhinandita.

greeting : (nt.) abhinandana; subhāsuṃsana.

gregarious : (adj.) gaṇabaddha; samūhacārī.

gregariousness : (f.) gaṇabaddhatā.

grenade : (nt.) hatthakhittaphuṭaka.

grenadier : (m.) hatthaphuṭakakkhipa; aṅgarakkhagaṇa.

grey : see gray.

greybeard : (adj.) mahallaka.

greyness : (nt.) palitatta; dhūsaratta.

greyness of hair : (nt.) pālicca.

grid : (nt.) lohasalākāvaraṇa.

griddle : (f.) pūvabhajjakathāli.

gride : (m.) ghaṃsanasadda. (v.i.) (sodhetuṃ) ghaṃseti or nipiṃseti. (pp.) ghaṃsita; nipiṃsita

grief : (m.) soka; kheda; ubbega || overcome with grief: (adj.) sokapareta; freed from grief: (adj.) vītasoka.

grievance : (m.) pīḷāhetu. (nt.) khedakāraṇa.

grieve : (v.i.) socati; khijjati; ubbijjati. (v.t.) santāpeti; socāpeti. (pp.) socita; khinna; ubbigga; santāpita; socāpita.

grievingly : (adv.) sasokaṃ; sakhedaṃ.

grievous : (adj.) pīḷājanaka; socanīya; garuka; bhāriya.

grievously : (adv.) bhāriyākārena.

grill : (nt.) bhaṭṭhamaṃsa. (v.t.) bhajjati. (pp.) bhaṭṭha.

grim : (adj.) vikaṭa; bhīma; bhīmadassana; ghorākāra.

grimace : (m.) mukhavikāra.

grimalkin : (f.) vuddhabiḷālī; appiyamahallikā.

grime : (m.) nicitamasi. (v.t.) malinīkaroti. (pp.) malinīkata.

grimfaced : (adj.) caṇḍamukha; dummukha.

grimly : (adv.) ghorākārena.

grimness : (nt.) ghoratta; virūpatta.

grimy : (adj.) malina.

grin : (nt.) dantavikasana. (v.i.) dante vidaṃseti. (pp.) sitadanta.

grind : (v.t.) piṃsati; saṇheti; cuṇṇeti. (pp.) piṃsita; saṇhita; cuṇṇita.

grinder : (m.) piṃsaka. (nt.) saṇhakara-yanta.

grinding : (nt.) piṃsana; saṇhakaraṇa.

grindstone : (m.) nisada. (f.) saṇhakaraṇī.

grinner : (m.) dantavidaṃsaka.

grip : (m.) daḷhagāha. (v.t.) daḷhaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) daḷhagahita.

gripe : (nt.) udarasūla; uppīḷana. (v.t.) hatthena uppīḷeti; udarasūlaṃ janeti. (pp.) hatthena uppīḷita; janitūdarasūla.

griper : (m.) uppīḷaka; gāhaka.

gripper : (m.) daḷhagālī.

grisly : (adj.) bhīma; ghoratara.

grist : (nt.) piṃsita or piṃsitabbadhañña.

grit : (f.) sukhumavālikā; dhiti. (v.t.) ghaṃsanasaddam uppādeti. (v.i.) ghaṃsanasaddena calati.

gritty : (adj.) vālukābahula.

grizzled : (adj.) palitakesa.

grizzly : (adj.) dhūsara.

grizzly bear : (m.) mahāaccha.

groan : (nt.) nitthunana. (m.) aṭṭassara. (v.i.) nitthunāti; anutthunāti.

groaning : (adj.) nitthunanta.

grocer : (m.) kaṭukabhaṇḍādivikkayī.

grocery : (m.) kaṭukabhaṇḍādi.

groggy : (adj.) aurāmatta; vedhamāna.

groin : (nt.) ūrumūla. (m.) ūrusandhi; vhittisandhi.

groom : (m.) paricāraka; sevaka; assagopaka. (v.t.) assegopeti.

groove : (nt.) dīghasusira; paviddhakuhara. (v.t.) pavijjhati; vinivijjhati. (pp.) paviddha; vinividdha.

grope : (v.i.) andho viya gavesati.

gross : (m.) padhānaṃsa. (nt.) dvādasakānaṃ dvādasaka. (adj.) thūla; thulla; oḷārika; gamma; nīca; asabbha; nindiya; adhikatara; niravascsa.

grossheaded : (adj.) muṭṭhassatī.

grossly : (adv.) sākallena; thūlākārena; accantaṃ.

grossness : (nt.) thūlatta; adhikatta.

grossweight : (m.) niravasesabhāra.

grotesque : (adj.) virūpa; vilakkhaṇa.

grotesquely : (adv.) virūpākārena.

grotesqueness : (f.) vikaṭatā.

grotto : (f.) kittimaguhā.

ground : (f.) bhūmi; chamā; ptiṭthā. (nt.) thala; mūlakāraṇa. (m.) ādhāra; (in paintig : ) mūlavaṇṇālepa; cittādhāra. (v.t.) paṭhamam ārabhati. (v.i.) thale āhanīyati. (pp.) paṭhamāraddha; thalāhata || loses ground: parihāyati; osakkati; surface of the ground: (nt.) bhūtala; breaks ground: paṭhamārambhaṃ karoti; falls to the ground: vinassati; paripatati.

ground floor : (nt.) heṭṭhimatala.

groundage : (m.) nāvātitthabali.

grounding : (nt.) bhūmisaṅkharaṇa; patiṭṭhāpana.

groundless : (adj.) amūlaka; nirālamba; ahetuka.

groundlessly : (adv.) ahetukaṃ; amūlakaṃ.

groundlessness : (nt.) patiṭṭārahitatta.

groundsel : (m.) ummāra.

groundwork : (nt.) pādaka-kamma.

group : (m.) samūha; gaṇa; vagga; nikāya. (v.t.) samūheti; gaṇīkaroti; vaggavasena ṭhapeti. (pp.) samūhita; gaṇīkata; vaggavasena ṭhapita || belonging to a group: (adj.) vaggiya.

grouping : (nt.) vaggīkaraṇa; gaṇabandhana.

grouse : (v.i.) ghuru-ghurāyati; ujjhāyati. (pp.) ghuru-ghurāyita.

grout : (v.t.) mukhatuṇḍena khaṇati. (pp.) mukhatuṇḍena khata.

grove : (m.) vanasaṇḍa. (nt.) tarugahaṇa; upavana.

grovel : (v.i.) bhūmiyaṃ avattharati; nipaccakāraṃ dasseti. (pp.) bhūmuyaṃ avatthata; nipacakāraṃ dassitani.

groveller : (m.) nīcavuttika.

grow : (v.i.) vaḍḍhati; abhivaḍḍhati; virūhati. (v.t.) vaḍḍheti; virūheti; bharati; poseti. (pp.) vuddha; abhivuddha; virūḷha; vaḍḍhita; virūhita; bhata; posita.

grow again : paṭivirūhati.

grow from a seed : (adj.) phalaruha.

grow strong : (adj.) balappatta.

grower : (m.) vaḍḍhaka; ropetu.

growing : (adj.) vaḍḍhamāna.

growl : (v.i.) guggurāyati. (nt.) guggurāyana.

grown : (pp.) of grow.

grown long : (adj.) parūḷha.

growth : (f.) vaḍḍhi; virūḷhi. (nt.) vaḍḍhana.

grub : (m.) kosakimi. (v.t.) paṃsuṃ viyūheti; mūlāniuddharati. (pp.) paṃsuṃ viyūhita; uddhaṭamūla.

grub by : (adj.) kimisaṅkiṇṇā; malina.

grudge : (f.) issā; usūyā. (m.) viddesa. (v.i.) usūyati. (v.t.) anicchāya deti. (pp.) dinna.

grudgingly : (adv.) samaccheraṃ.

gruel : (f.) yāgu. (v.t.) hiṃsati.

gruelling : (adj.) āyāsakara.

gruesome : (adj.) jeguccha; paṭikkūla; bhayajanaka.

gruff : (adj.) kakkasa; pharusa.

grumble : (nt.) ujjhāyana; nitthunana. (v.i.) khīyati; ujjjhāyati.

grumbling : (nt.) khīyana; ujjhāyana.

grume : (nt.) ghanībhūtalohita. (f.) siṅghānikā.

grumeous : (adj.) piṇḍībhūta.

grumpish : (adj.) dosabahula; asantuṭṭha.

grumpy : (adj.) dosabahula; asantuṭṭha.

grunt : (m.) sūkarava. (v.i.) sūkararavaṃ ravati.

grunter : (m.) sūkara.

guana : (f.) godhā.

guarantee : (m.) pāṭibhoga; paṭiññābandha. (v.t.) pāṭibhogo hoti; saccakāraṃ ṭhapeti. (pp.) pāṭibhogabhūta; ṭhapitasaccakāra.

guard : (f.) ārakkhā; gutti. (m.) rakkhaka; pālaka; gopaka; anurakkhī; pāletu. (v.t.) rakkhati; gopeti; pāleti; tāyati. (pp.) rakkhita; gopita; pālita; tāyita || life guard: (m.) aṇīkaṭṭha; aṅgarakkhī; rear guard: (f.) pacchimasenā; vanguard: (f.) pamukhasenā. (nt.) senāmukha. (f.) pamukhārakkhā.

guardian : (m.) āpādaka; ārakkhaka.

guardian-ship : pālakadhura.

guarding : (nt.) anurakkhana.

guerdon : (nt.) phala. (m.) vipāka. (v.t.) vipākaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnavipāka.

guerrilla : (nt.) nilīnayuddha.

guess : (nt.) anumāna. (f.) parikappanā. (v.i.t.) ūhati; takketi; anumāneti. (pp.) ūhita; takkita; anumānita.

guest : (m.) atithi; āgantuka; abbhāgata.

guestrite : (nt.) ātitheyya.

guffaw : (m.) aṭṭahāsa. (v.i.) uccāsaddena hasati.

guidance : (nt.) magguddisana; upadesadāna.

guide : (m.) maggadesaka; netu. (v.t.) maggaṃ dasseti; upadisati; anusāsati. (pp.) dassitamagga; upadiṭṭha; anusiṭtha.

guidepost : (m.) maggadassakatthambha.

guild : (m.) seṇī; gaṇa.

guild hall : (m.) pūgāvāsa. (nt.) seṇighara.

guild master : (m.) seṇiya; satthavāha.

guile : (f.) māyā; nikati. (nt.) sāṭheyya.

guileful : (adj.) nikatika; māyāvī.

guileless : (adj.) asaṭha; amāyāvī.

guilelessly : (adv.) asaṭhena.

guillotine : (nt.) sīsacchedakayanta; antokantakasalla. (v.t.) yantena (sīsaṃ) chindati. (pp.) chinnasīsa.

guilt : (m.) aparādha. (nt.) pāpakamma.

guiltily : (adv.) sāparādhaṃ.

guiltless : (adj.) niddosa; niraparādha.

guiltlessly : (adv.) anavajjākārena.

guilty : (adj.) sāvajja; katapāpa.

guise : (m.) vesa; ākāra.

guitar : (f.) vallakī-vīṇā.

gulden : (nt.) suvaṇṇa-nikka.

gulf : (m.) samuddavaṅka; salilabbhama. (nt.) mahāvivara. (v.t.) ajjhottharati. (pp.) ajjhotthaṭa.

gull : (m.) jalakukkuṭa. (f.) nikati. (nt.) sāṭheyya. (v.t.) vañceti. (pp.) vañcita.

gullet : (m.) kaṇṭhanāḷa.

gullible : (adj.) sukhavañciya.

gully : (f.) gambhīra-parikhā. (nt.) govikattana. (v.t.) parikhākhaṇati. (pp.) khataparikha.

gulosity : (f.) mahagghasatā; rasagiddhatā.

gulp : (nt.) gilana. (m.) mahāālopa. (v.t.) sahasā bhakkhati; gilati. (pp.) sahasā bhakkhita; gilita.

gum : (nt.) dantamaṃsa. (m.) niyyāsa; silesa.

gummy : (adj.) picchila; niyyāsayutta.

gumption : (nt.) visāradatta.

gun : (f.) aggināḷī. (nt.) nālīyanta.

gun powder : (nt.) aggināḷīcuṇṇa.

gunner : (m.) nāḷīyantadhara.

gunny : (nt.) sāṇa. (m.) sāṇapasibbaka.

gurgle : (nt.) gaggadāyana. (v.i.) gaggadāyati.

gurgling : (nt.) galagalāyana.

gush : (nt.) balavasandana; vegena nissaraṇa. (m.) dhārānipāta. (v.i.) vegena sandati. (pp.) vegena sandita.

gust : (m.) pabalavāyu; caṇḍānila. (f.) āhāraruci.

gustable : (adj.) rucikara.

gustative : (adj.) rucijanaka.

gustatory : (adj.) rucijanaka.

gustful : (adj.) sarasa; madhura.

gustless : (adj.) virasa.

gusto : (f.) abhiruci.

gusty : (adj.) pabala-vāyusahita.

gut : (f.) antavaṭṭi. (v.t.) antāni nīharati; sabbassam apaharati. (pp.) nīhaṭanta; apahaṭasabbassa.

guttae : (f.) bindupanti.

gutter : (m.) jalaniggama. (f.) paṇāḷī. (v.t.) paṇāḷiṃ vivarati. (v.i.) abhisandati. (pp.) vivaṭapaṇāḷa; abhisandita.

guttural : (adj. n.) kaṇṭhaja.

gutturalize : (v.t.) kaṇṭhaṭṭhaṃ karoti.

guy : (f.) upatthambhakarajju. (m.) visūkavesagāhī. (v.t.) avahasati; patirūpakaṃ dasseti.

guzzle : (v.i.t.) atimattaṃ pibati or ghasati. (pp.) atimattapīta.

gymkhana : (f.) mallakīḷābhūmi.

gymnasium : (f.) vāyāmabhūmi. (nt.) keḷimaṇḍala.

gymnast : (m.) mallayodha.

gymnastic : (adj.) kāyabalāyatta.

gymnastics : (f.; plu.) mallakīḷā.

gymnosophist : (m.) digambara; nibbasana.

gynaeceum : (m.) orodha. (nt.) itthāgāra.

gypsy : (m.) abaddhavāsa; ahituṇḍika.

gyrate : (adj.) valayehi racita; sappabhogākāra. (v.i.) maṇḍalākārena or addhamaṇḍalakārena gacchati.

gyration : (nt.) paribbhamaṇa.

gyve : (f.) saṅkhalikā. (v.t.) saṅkhalikāhi bandhati. (pp.) saṅkhalikā baddha.

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- H -

ha : (intj.) hā; aho; handa.

haberdasher : (m.) khuddakabhaṇḍa-vāṇija.

habile : (adj.) nipuṇa; paṭu; cheka.

habiliment : (nt.) paridhāna. (nt.; plu.) sabbatthaka-paridhāna.

habilitate : (v.t.) mūladhanaṃ sampādeti; adhikārayoggaṃ karoti. (pp.) sampāditamūladhana; adhikārayoggaṃ kata.

habit : (f.) pakati. (m.) sabhāva; ācāra; paricaya; nivāsanākāra. (v.t) vāseti; nivasati.

habitable : (adj.) vāsayogga.

habitat : (f.) jammabhūmi.

habitation : (nt.) vāsaṭṭhāna; nivesana.

habitual : (adj.) abhiṇha; sātatika; paricita; abhiciṇṇa.

habitually : (adv.) satataṃ; niccaṃ; pakatiyā; yathāciṇṇaṃ.

habituate : (v.t.) sikkheti; paricayati. (pp.) sikkhita; paricayita.

habitude : (m.) daḷhaparicaya. (f.) pubbavāsanā.

hack : (m.) khuddakapharasu; bhatakassa. (nt.) pahāramukha; ghāsaphalaka. (v.t.i.) vicchindati; pādena paharati; assapiṭṭhiyaṃ yāti. (pp.) vicchinna; pādena pahaṭa; assapiṭṭhiyaṃ yāta.

hackery : (nt.) ekabalivaddayāna.

hackle : (f.) sāṇullekhanī. (nt.) kaṇṭhakesara. (v.t.) vicchindati. (pp.) vicchinna.

hackney : (f.) bahusādhāraṇā. (m.) bhatakassa. (v.t.) hīnakamme niyojeti.

hackney coach : (m.) upakkītaratha.

hackneyed : (adj.) jiṇṇa; ativiheṭhita.

hacus : (v.t.) surāya moheti. (pp.) surāya mohita.

Hades : (nt.) adhobhuvana. (m.) yamaloka; paraloka.

haecceity : (nt.) puggalikatta. (m.) idambhāva.

haemal : (adj.) rudhirāyatta.

haematic : (nt.) rudhirosadha. (adj.) rudhirasahita.

hematite : (m.) rattavaṇṇa-ayopāsāṇa.

haemoglobin : (m.) lohitarūpakalāpa.

haemorrhage : (nt.) rattassavaṇa.

haemorrhoids : (m.) arisaroga.

haft : (m.) tharu. (v.t.) tharuṃ yojeti. (pp.) yojitatharu.

hag : (f.) virūpa-mahallikā; pisācī; māyākārī.

haggard : (adj. n.) kisa; milātānana.

haggle : (v.i.) paṇopaṇaviyaṃ karoti; adakkhākārena chindati. (pp.) katapaṇopaṇaviya; adakkhākārena chinna.

hagiarchy : (f.) munīnaṃ āṇā.

hagiographer : (m.) sādhucaritasampādaka.

hagiography : (nt.) municaritalikhana.

hail : (f.) karakā. (nt.) dūravhāna; subhāsiṃsana. (intj.) svāgataṃ! suvatthi; sotthi! (followed by dative). (v.i.) karakavassaṃ vassati; vegena patati. (v.t.) vandati; abhivādeti; āmanteti; subham āsiṃsati. (pp.) vaṭṭhakarakavassa; vegena patita; vandita; abhivādita; āmantita; āsiṭṭhasubha.

hair : (m.) kesa; uttamaṅgaruha || knot of hair: (m.) dhammilla; lock of hair: (m.) sikhaṇḍa. (f.) sikhā; matted hair: (f.) jaṭā; plaited hair: (f.) veṇī; tress of hair: (m.) kesakalāpa; beauty of hair: (nt.) kesakalyāṇa; braided hair: (f.) veṇī curled hair: (m.) kuñcitakesa.

hair on the body : (nt.) loma; tanuruha.

hair-relic : (f.) kesadhātu.

hair-splitting : (nt.) valavedhana. (adj.) vālavedhanākāra.

hairbreadth : (nt.) lesamatta. (m.) kesappamāṇa.

hairbrush : (f.) kesamajjanī.

hairdresser : (m.) kappaka.

hairdressing : (f.) kesakappanā.

hairless : (adj.) nikkesa.

hairpin : (f.) kesasūci.

hairy : (adj.) lomasa; kesava.

halberd : (f.) kuṭhārī.

halberdier : (m.) kuṭhāridhārī.

hale : (adj.) aroga; agilāna; kalla. (v.t.) ākaḍḍhati.

haleness : (f.) nirogitā.

half : (adj.; nt.) aḍḍha; upaḍḍha; addha.

half baked : (adj.) mandapakka; mandamatika.

half bred : (adj.) avinīta.

half dead : (adj.) matapāya; matakappa.

half hearted : (adj) nirussāha; hīnaviriya.

half pay : (nt.) upaḍḍhavetana.

half sister : (f.) vemātika-bhaginī.

half starved : (adj.) chātajjhatta.

half truth : (nt.) saccālika.

half yearly : (adj.) chammāsika; addhavassika.

half-moon : (m.) addhacanda.

halfway : (adv.) upaḍḍhamagge; addhānamajjhe.

hall : (f.) sālā. (m.) maṇḍapa.

hallo : (intj.) he; bho; are; hare. (v.i.) dūrato avheti. (pp.) dūrato avhāta.

halloo : (v.i.) sunakhe payojento saddāyati.

hallow : (m.) nikkilesī. (v.t.) suddhattaṃ pāpeti; pūjeti. (pp.) suddhattaṃ pāpita; pūjita.

hallucinate : (v.t.) micchāsaṅkappam uppādeti.

hallucination : (m.) matibbhama.

hallucinatory : (adj.) vyāmohaka; matibbhamajanaka.

halo : (nt.) pabhāmaṇḍala. (f.) ketumālā. (v.t.) ketumālāy'alaṅkaroti. (pp.) ketumālāy'alaṅkata.

halt : (nt.) nivattana; avaṭṭhāna. (v.i.) nivattati; avaṭṭhāti; khañjati. (pp.) nivatta; avaṭṭhita.

halter : (m.) kaṇṭhapāsa. (v.t.) kaṇṭhapāsena bandhati; ubbandhati. (pp.) ubbaddha.

halting : (adj.) khañjamāna.

halting place : (nt.) nivattanaṭṭhāna.

halve : (v.t.) dvidhā bhājeti. (pp.) dvidhābhājita.

ham : (m.) nigama; gāma. (f.) satthi; loṇita-sūkarasatthi.

hamadryad : (f.) rukkhadevatā. (m.) ghorasappavisesa.

hamlet : (m.) khuddakagāma.

hammer : (f.) ayomuṭṭhi. (m.) ayokūṭa. (v.t.) kūṭena nihanati. (v.i.) paṭiyatati. (pp.) kūṭena nihata.

hammered : (adj.) abhitāḷita.

hammering : (m.) kūṭābhighāta.

hammock : (f.) vatthadolā.

hamper : (m.) mahāpiṭaka. (v.t.) bādheti; rundheti. (pp.) bādhita.

hand : (m.) hattha; bhuja; kara; sahāya-kammakāra. (f.) disā. (v.t.) hatthe appeti; niyyādeti; upatthambheti. (pp.) hatthe appita; niyyādita; upatthambhita || If on the other hand: (ind) sace; yadi; in hand: (adj.) hatthagata; lays hands on: gaṇhāti; paharati; lends a hand: upakaroti; off hand: akicchena; on all hands: (adv.) sabbathā; on the one hand: (ind) ekato; on the other hand: (ind) aññato; itarathā; out of hand: (adv.) sapadi; taṃkhaṇe; second hand: (adj.) paribhutta; valañjita; shakes hands: karadānena paṭiggaṇhāti; subject in hand: (nt.) upaṭṭhitakāraṇa; sword in hand: (adj.) khaggahattha; with clean hands: (adj.) niraparādha; asks the hand of: vāreyyaṃ karoti; at hand: (adj.) samīpaṭṭha; changes hands: adhīnattaṃ parivatteti; claps hands: appoṭheti; gets the upper hand: abhibhaveti.

hand basket : (f.) pacchi.

hand down : paramparānugataṃ karoti.

hand in hand : saddhiṃ; samavāyena.

hand loom : (nt.) hattavāyanayanta.

hand over : samappeti.

handbasket : (f.) pacchi.

handbook : (m.) sārasaṅgaha; saṅkhittapotthaka.

handcart : (m.) hatthavaṭṭaka.

handcuff : (f.) saṅkhalikā. (v.t.) saṅkhalikāhibandhati.

handful : (adj.) pasatamatta.

handicap : (f.) bādhā. (m.) avarodha. (v.t.) bādheti; avarodheti. (pp.) bādhita; avarodhita.

handicraft : (nt.) hatthakamma; sippa.

handily : (adv.) paṭutāya; nipuṇākārena.

handiness : (nt.) pāṭava; kosalla.

handiwork : (nt.) hatthasampādita.

handkerchief : (nt.) hatthapuñchana.

handle : (m.) tharu; muṭṭhi. (nt.) jaṭa. (v.t.) āmasati; sañcopeti. (pp.) āmaṭṭha; sañcopita.

handle of a knife : (nt.) vāsijaṭa.

handmaid : (f.) paricārikā.

handmill : (nt.) hatthavaṭṭitayanta.

handsel : (m.) paṭhama-vikkaya; vassārambhe tuṭṭhidāya.

handsome : (adj.) abhirūpa; surūpa; dassanīya.

handsomely : (adv.) cārutāya; sobhanākārena.

handsomeness : (f.) vaṇṇapokkharatā.

handwriting : (f.) hatthalipi.

handy : (adj.) āsanna; samīpa; dakkha; nipuṇa; sukhaneyya.

hang : (nt.) olambana; olaggana. (v.t.) olambeti; olaggeti; ubbandhati. (v.i.) olambati; ubbandhīyati. (pp.) olambita; olaggita; ubbaddha.

hang about : vilambati.

hang on : upajīvati; nissayati.

hang on to : ālambati.

hang out : abbhokāse olaggeti.

hang upon : upajīvati; nissayati.

hangdog : (adj.; n.) adhama; nīeavuttika.

hanger : (m.) ubbandhaka. (nt.) ussāpaka-vatthu.

hanging : (nt.) ubbandhana; olambana. (f.) javanikā.

hangman : (m.) vadhaka.

hank : (m.) rajjuvalaya; tantuvalaya.

hanker : (v.i.) pattheti; abhilasati. (pp.) patthita; abhilasita.

hankering : (f.) abhilāsā; patthanā.

hanky-panky : (nt.) indajāla. (m.) rahassena vikkaya.

hansard : (f.) mantisabhāpavatti.

hap : (nt.) bhāgya; asambhāvitasampatta. (v.t.) yadicchāya pāpuṇāti or sijjhati. (pp.) yadicchāyapatta; yadicchāyasiddha.

haphazard : (adv.) asamekkha; avicāriya. (adj.) bhāgyāyatta.

haphazardly : (adv.) aniyamena; yadicchāya.

hapless : (adj.) bhagyahīna.

haply : (adv.) vidhiyogena; ninnimittaṃ.

happen : (v.i.) sijjhati; bhavati; āpatati. (pp.) siddha; bhūta; āpatita.

happening : (f.) siddhi. (nt.) āpatana.

happily : (adv.) sukhena; vidhiyogena.

happiness : (nt.) somanassa. (m.) ānanda. (f.) pīti; sampatti; samiddhi || bringing happiness: (adj.) sukhāvaha.

happy : (adj.) sukhita; santuṭṭha; pamudita; dhañña; bhāgyavantu.

hara-kiri : (m.) (Japandesīnaṃ) attavadhakkama.

harangue : (nt.) tārassarena kathana. (f.) sālaṅkārakathā. (v.i.) sālaṅkāraṃ katheti.

haranguer : (m.) cittakathī.

harass : (v.t.) bādheti; viheseti; ubbejeti. (pp.) bādhita; vihesita; ubbejita.

harassing : (adj.) viheṭhaka; bādhaka.

harassment : (nt.) viheṭhana.

harbinger : (nt.) āgamanasūcana; pubbanimitta. (m.) purecārī; sandesahara. (v.t.) āgamanaṃ sūceti or pakāseti. (pp.) sūcitāgamana.

harbour : (nt.) nāvātittha; khemaṭṭhāna; vāsaṭṭhāna. (m.) āsaya. (v.t.) vāseti; nissayaṃ deti. (pp.) vāsita; dinnanissaya.

harbour town : (nt.) paṭṭana; doṇamukha.

harbourless : (adj.) asaraṇa; anissaya.

hard : (adj.) thaddha; daṭhina; niddaya; niṭṭhura; duravabodha; duviññeyya; dukkhāvaha; dussādhiya; duikkhama; dussaha. (adv.) āyāsena; kicchena; saussāhaṃ.

hard by : samīpe; nikaṭe.

hard drinker : (m.) pānarata.

hard earned : kicchāladdha; kasiren'ajjita.

hard fisted : (adj.) luddha.

hard ground : (nt.) patthaṇḍila.

hard hearted : (adj.) kaṭhinahadaya.

harden : (v.t.) kaṭhinīkaroti; daḷhayati. (pp.) kaṭhinīkata; daḷhayita.

hardihood : (nt.) nibbhayatta; sāhasikatta.

hardily : (adv.) dhitiyā; pāgabbhiyena.

hardly : (adv.) dullabhākārena; kicchena; kasirena.

hardness : (nt.) thaddhatta; kaṭhinatta.

hardship : (m.) āyāsa. (nt.) kiccha; kasira.

hardware : (nt.) lohabhaṇḍa.

hardy : (adj.) sūra; vīra; nissaṅka; dhitimantu; sāhasika.

hare : (m.) sasa; sasaka.

hare in the moon : (nt.) sasalañchana.

harebrained : (adj.) anisammakārī.

harelip : (nt.) dvidhābhinna-uparoṭṭha.

harem : (nt.) itthāgāra; antepura. (m.) orodha.

hark : (v.i.) suṇāti; nisāmeti. (pp.) suta; nisāmita. (intj.) suṇātha.

hark back : anussarati.

harlequin : (m.) vidūsaka; hāsaka.

harlot : (f.) gaṇikā; vesiyā; abhisārikā; rūpūpajīvinī.

harlotry : (f.) gaṇikāvutti.

harm : (f.) hiṃsā; pīḷā; hāni. (m.) anattha; apakāra. (v.t.) hiṃsati; apakaroti; upaddaveti. (pp.) hiṃsita; apakata; upadduta.

harmful : (adj.) ahitāvaha; hiṃsājanaka.

harmless : (adj.) ahiṃsaka; nirupaddava; niddosa.

harmlessly : (adv.) ahiṃsakākārena.

harmlessness : (f.) anavajjatā; ahiṃsakatā.

harmonic : (adj.) saṃsandamāna; samassara; yuganaddha.

harmonious : (adj.) saṃsandamāna; samassara; yuganaddha.

harmonise : (v.i.) saṃsandati. (v.t.) saṃsandeti; sameti. (pp.) saṃsandita; samita.

harmonium : (nt.) peḷāturiya.

harmony : (m.) laya; avirodha. (f.) tālasāmaggi; sussaratā. (nt.) ekamatikatta.

harness : (f.) kappanā. (m.) sannāha. (nt.) assābharaṇa. (v.t.) kappeti; sannāheti; yojeti. (pp.) kappita; sannaddha; yojita.

harp : (f.) vīṇā; vallakī. (v.i.) vīṇaṃ vādeti.

Harper : (m.) veṇika.

harpoon : (f.) timivedhanī.

harpy : (f.) sapakkhā yakkhinī. (m.) vilumpaka.

harridan : (f.) kisamahallikā.

harrow : (nt.) bahudantaka; leḍḍubhedaka. (v.t.) accantaṃ pīḷeti; santāpeti; bahudantakena samīkaroti. (pp.) accantaṃ pīḷita; santāpita; bahudantakena samīkata.

harrowing : (adj.) atipīḷākara; mammacchedaka.

harry : (v.t.) vilumpati; acchindati. (pp.) vilutta; acchinna.

harsh : (adj.) kakkasa; pharusa; kaṭhina.

harsh word : (nt.) pharusavacana.

harshly : (adv.) niṭṭhuraṃ; pharusākārena.

harshness : (nt.) niṭṭhuratta; pharusatta; niṭṭhuriya.

hart : (m.) puṃmiga.

harum-scarum : (adj.; n.) asamekkhakārī.

harvest : (nt.) dhaññaphala; lāyitasassa. (v.t.) sassaṃ lunāti.

harvest time : (m.) sassakāla.

harvestman : (m.) sassalāyaka.

hash : (nt.) missita-maṃsabhojana. (v.t.) vicchindati. (pp.) vicchinna.

hasp : (f.) aggalasūci. (v.t.) aggalasūciyā thaketi.

hassock : (f.) jāṇubhisi. (m.) silāvisesa.

haste : (m.) vega; java. (f.) turitagati. (v.i.) vegaṃ janeti; turitayati. (pp.) janitavega; turitayita.

hasten : (v.t.) tarayati; vegīkaroti. (pp.) tarayita; vegīkata.

hastily : (adv.) sahasa; anisamma.

hastiness : (nt.) turitatta. (f.) asamekkhakāritā.

hasty : (adj.) sāhasika; āsukārī.

hat : (nt.) sirotāṇa. (m.) nāḷipaṭṭa. (v.t.) sirotāṇaṃ piḷandhati. (pp.) sirotāṇaṃ piḷandhita.

hatch : (nt.) pavesadvāra; kumantaṇa. (m.) potakasamūha. (v.t.) janeti; aṇḍāni sedeti; kumanteti. (v.i.) sedīyati. (pp.) janita; seditaṇḍa; kumantita.

hatchet : (f.) cullakuṭhārī.

hate : (nt.) vera. (m.) viddesa. (v.t.) upanandhati; jigucchati. (pp.) upanaddha; jigucchita.

hateful : (adj.) kucchita; garahita; dessiya.

hatefully : (adv.) dessiyākārena.

hatred : (nt.) vera. (m.) virodha; viddesa.

hauberk : (m.) dāmakañcuka.

haughtily : (adv.) sadappaṃ.

haughtiness : (nt.) uddhacca. (m.) gabba; dappa; ahaṅkāra.

haughty : (adj.) sadappa; dappita; uddhata.

haul : (m.) jālagata-maccharāsi. (v.t.) thāmasā ākaḍḍhati. (pp.) thāmasā ākaḍḍhita.

haulm : (m.) vaṇṭanāḷa; daṇḍa.

haunch : (nt.) jaghana. (f.) kaṭi; soṇi.

haunt : (m.) āsaya. (nt.) niccasevitaṭṭhāna. (v.t.i.) adhivasati; abhiṇham ācarati. (pp.) adhivuttha; abhiṇham ācarita.

have : (v.t.i.) Expressed by roots bhū and as, with genetive of possessor || I have it done: ahaṃ taṃ kārāpesiṃ. With infinitives it is to be expressed by (pt.p.) e.g. I have to go, mayā gantabbaṃ; they have seen him: tehi so diṭṭho (hoti).

have two sons : mama dve puttā santi.

haven : see harbour

haversack : (m.) yodhānaṃ makacipasibbaka.

having : (adj.) is expressed by the terminations : vantu, mantu, ika, ī, vī, ssī, or by the words upeta, yutta, anvita, samannāgata.

havoc : (m.) vināsa. (nt.) viddhaṃsana. (v.t.) vināseti; viddhaṃseti. (pp.) vināsita.

haw : (f.) vati.

haw-haw : (m.) aṭṭahāsa.

hawk : (m.) sena; kulala; sakuṇagghī. (v.i.) ukkāsati. (v.t.) āhiṇḍanto vikkiṇāti; seṇehi sakuṇe gaṇhāpeti. (pp.) ukkāsita; āhiṇḍanto vikkhita; seṇehi sakuṇe gaṇhāpita.

hawker : (m.) seṇaposaka; kacchapuṭa-vāṇija.

hay : (nt.) palāla. (v.t.) palālaṃ nipphādeti.

haycock : (m.) palāla-puñja.

haymaker : (m.) tiṇasukkhāpaka.

hayrick : (m.) palāla-puñja.

haystack : (m.) palāla-puñja.

hazard : (m.) saṃsaya. (nt.) anāgatabhaya. (f.) akkhakīḷā. (v.t.) abhīto karoti; antarāyābhimukhī hoti.

hazardous : (adj.) sasandeha; antarāyika; sappaṭibhaya.

haze : (f.) mahikā; cittāvilatā. (v.t.) malinīkaroti; vyathati; tajjeti. (pp.) malinīkata; vyathita; tajjita.

hazel : (f.) mañjeṭṭhī. (adj.) mañjeṭṭhavaṇṇa.

hazy : (adj.) apākaṭa; mahikonaddha.

he : (intj.) he; bho; ambho.

he could not help laughing : so hāsaṃ nivāretuṃ nāsakkhi.

he has gone : so gato (hoti).

he has many sons : tassa bahavo puttā ahesuṃ.

he-goat : (m.) chakalaka.

head : (nt.) sīsa; sira; uttamaṅga; mūlaṭṭhāna; agga; sikhara. (m.) muddha; matthaka; adhipati; nātha; nāyaka; upaññāsa; pabhava; pamukhabhāga; matthaka. (f.) mātikā. (adj.) padhāna; mukhya. (v.i.) pubbaṅgamo hoti. (v.t.) purato or matthake ṭhapeti.

head master : (m.) padhānācariya.

head of an army : (m.) senāpati.

head quarters : (m.) padhāna-kiccālaya. (nt.) majjhaṭṭhāna.

head wind : (m.) paṭivāta.

head-dress : (nt.) sirobhūsana.

headache : (f.) sīsarujā.

headband : (nt.) siroveṭhana; lalāṭapaṭṭa.

headed by : (adj.) pamukha; purakkhata.

heading : (m.) mātikāpāṭha.

headland : (f.) bhūnāsikā.

headless : (adj.) chinnasīsa.

headlong : (adj.) adhomukha; sāhasika. (adv.) adhomudhaṃ.

headman : (m.) jeṭṭhapurisa.

headmost : (adj.) pamukhatara.

headsman : (m.) sīsacchedaka.

headstone : (f.) sandhisilā; koṇasilā.

headstrong : dubbaca; anassava.

heady : (adj.) caṇḍa; sāhasika.

heal : (v.t.) tikicchati. (v.i.) gilānāvuṭṭhāti; arogīhoti. (pp.) tikicchita; gilānāvuṭṭhita; arogībhūta.

healer : (m.) tikicchaka; rogahārī.

healing : (nt.) tikicchana; rogāpaharaṇa.

healing art : (nt.) vejjakamma. (f.) tikicchā.

health : (nt.) ārogya; anāmaya.

healthful : (adj.) irāmaya; nirātaṅka; agilāna.

healthily : (adv.) nirogākārena.

healthy : (adj.) irāmaya; nirātaṅka; agilāna.

heap : (m.) rāsi; puñja; nicaya; sañcaya. (v.t.) cināti; rāsīkaroti. (pp.) cita; rārīkata.

heaping : (nt.) sañcinana.

hear : (v.t.) suṇāti; nisāmeti. (pp.) suta; nisāmita || willing to hear: (adj.) sotukāma.

hearer : (m.) sotu; sāvaka; nisāmaka.

hearing : (nt.) savaṇa. (f.) suti.

hearken : (v.i.) sussūsati.

hearsay : (f.) anussuti.

hearse : (nt.) milāta; chavakūṭāgāra.

heart : (nt.) hadaya; (mind : ) citta; mana. (m.) majjhabhāga; antosāra. (nt.) viriya. (f.) dhiti || learn by heart: vācuggataṃ karoti; out of heart: (adj.) khinnacitta.

heart breaking : (adj.) ubbegajanaka.

heart broken : (adj.) khinnacitta; sokātura.

heart-thrilling : (adj.) manonandaka.

heartache : (m.) hadayasantāpa.

hearten : (v.t.) ussāheti; pamodeti. (pp.) ussāhita; pamodita.

hearth : (nt.) uddhana. (f.) cullī.

heartily : (adv.) asaṭhaṃ; avyājaṃ; saussāha.

heartlessness : (f.) nidddayatā; hīnaviriyatā.

heartrending : (adj.) hadayavidāraka; mammacchedaka.

heartsome : (adj.) samassāsaka.

heartwhole : (adj.) anuratta; paṭibaddhacitta.

hearty : (adj.) asaṭha; avyāja; hadayaṅgama.

heat : (nt.) uṇhatta; ghamma. (m.) tāpa; dāha; suriyātapa; (hot season : ) nidāgha; gimhāna.

heat of excitement : (m.) rosavega.

heat of youth : (m.) yobbanamada.

heatedly : (adv.) sakopaṃ; sarosaṃ.

heater : (m.) santāpaka; uṇhakara.

heath : (f.) gumbajāti; gumbacchannabhūmi.

heathen : (adj.) micchādiṭṭhika.

heathism : (f.) micchādiṭṭhi.

heating : (nt.) santāpana. (adj.) tapakara.

heave : (nt.) unāmana; ukkhipana. (v.t.) unnāmeti; ussāpeti; (v.i.) phandati; kampati; (pp.) unnāmita; ussāpita; phandita; kampita.

heaven : (m.) devaloka; tidasālaya; sagga. (See sky) || leading to heaven: (adj.) saggasaṃvattanika.

heaven wards : (adv.) saggābhimukhaṃ.

heavenly : (adj.) dibba; saggāyatta.

heavenly assembly : (m.) devakāya.

heavenly bliss : (f.) dibbasampatti.

heavily : (adv.) garukaṃ; bhāriyākārena.

heaviness : (nt.) anusattāhaṃ. narutta.

heaving : (adj.) kampamāna.

heavy : (adj.) garuka; bhāriya; ugga; tibba; baḷha; mandamatika; alasa; akulacitta.

hebdomad : (nt.) sattāha.

hebdomadal : (adj.) sattāhika.

hebdomadally : (adv.) anusattāhaṃ.

hebetate : (v.t.) kuṇṭheti; dandhayati. (pp.) kuṇṭhita; dandhayita.

hecatomb : (m.) sabbasatakayāga.

heck : (m.) maccharodhaka.

heckle : (f.) sāṇullekhanī. (v.t.) ullikhati; adhikaṃ paṭipucchati. (pp.) ullikhita; adhikaṃ paṭipucchita.

hectic (fever) : (m.) kāsasūcakajara.

hector : (m.) vikatthaka; satajjaka. (v.t.) santajjeti. (pp.) santajjita.

hedge : (f.) vati. (m.) parikkhepa. (nt.) āvaraṇa. (v.t.) vatiṃ bandhati; parikkhipati. (pp.) vatibaddha; parikkhitta.

hedge sparrow : (m.) kalaviṅka.

hedgehog : (m.) sallaka.

heed : (f.) apekkhā; sāvadhānatā. (v.t.) avekkhati; manasikaroti. (pp.) avekkhita; manasikata.

heedful : (adj.) sāvadhāna; appamatta.

heedfully : (adv.) sāvadhanaṃ; samekkiya.

heedless : (adj.) nirapekkha; anavadhāna; pamatta.

heedlessness : (m.) pamāda. (f.) anavadhānatā; asamekkhakāritā.

heel : (f.) paṇhi. (v.i.) paṇhīhi sañcarati; anubandhati; ekapassena parivatteti. (pp.) anubaddha; ekapassena parivattita || takes to his heels: palāyati.

heels over head : (adj.) avaṃsira; uddhapāda.

heft : (m.) tharu; uyyoga; ussāha. (v.t.) ussāpeti; ukkhipati. (pp.) ussāpita; ukkhitta.

hefty : (adj.) thūla; balavantu.

hegemonic : (adj.) ekādhipaccāyatta.

hegemony : (nt.) nāyakatta.

hegoat : (m.) pumeḷaka.

heifer : (f.) vacchatarī.

heigh : (intj) samussāhane nipāto.

height : (m.) ubbedha; uccaya.

height of a man : (nt.) purisappamāṇa.

heighten : (v.t.) ussāpeti; unnāmeti; uttejeti. (v.i.) abhivaḍḍhati; unnamati. (pp.) ussāpita; unnāmita; uttejita; abhivaddha; unnata.

heinous : (adj.) pāpiṭṭha; atiduṭṭha.

heinously : (adv.) atiduṭṭhatāya.

heinousness : (f.) pāpiṭṭhatā.

heir : (m.) dayadaka.

heir apparent : (m.) yuvarāja.

heir loom : (nt.) paramparāgata-bhaṇḍa.

heir presumptive : (m.) anumānita-dāyādī.

heiress : (f.) dāyādinī.

heirship : (nt.) dāyādikatta.

heliacal : (adj.) suriyāyatta.

helianthus : (nt.) suriyakantapuppha.

helical : (adj.) saṅkhavaṅkākāra.

helicopter : (m.) vyomayānavisesa.

helio : (m.) suriya.

heliography : (f.) suriyavaṇṇanā.

heliolatory : (f.) suriyavandanā.

helioscope : (nt.) suriyasamikkhaka.

helium : (m.) suriyagatavāyu.

helix : (m.) kuṇḍalāvaṭṭa.

hell : (m.) nuraya; naraka; apāya || leading to hell: (adj.) nurayasaṃvattanika; sufferer in hell: (m.) nerayika; torturer in hell: (m.) nirayapāla.

hell fire : (m.) nurayaggi.

hellenism : (f.) yavanasabbhatā.

hellenle : (adj.) yavanadesīya.

hellish : (adj.) āpāyika; atikāruṇa.

hello : see Hallo.

helm : (m.) keṇipāta.

helmet : (nt.) lohasirotāṇa.

helmsman : (m.) kaṇṇadhāra.

help : (m.) upakāra; upatthambha; anuggaha. (nt.) paṭisaraṇa; anubala. (f.) patiṭṭhā. (v.t.) upakaroti; upatthambheti; anuggaṇhāti. (pp.) upakata; upatthambhita; anuggahita || I cannot help going: avassaṃ mayā gantabbaṃ.

helper : (m.) upakāraka; sahāyaka.

helpful : (adj.) upakārī; upatthambhaka.

helpless : (adj.) asahāya; anātha; asaraṇa; appaṭikāra.

helplessly : (adv.) anāthākārena.

helplessness : (nt.) asahāyatta.

helter-skelter : (adv.) sasambhamaṃ.

helve : (m.) tharu.

hem : (f.) dasā. (nt.) anuvāta; ukkāsana. (v.t.) dasaṃ yojeti; paḷiveṭheti. (pp.) yojitadasa; paḷiveṭhita. (v.i.) ukkāsati. (pp.) ukkāsita.

hemeralopia : (f.) divāndhatā; rattyandhatā.

hemicycle : (nt.) addhacakka.

hemisphere : (nt.) goḷaddha.

hemlock : (m.) visagacchavisesa.

hemorrhage : (nt.) rudhirassavaṇa.

hemp : (nt.) sāṇa.

hemp-sack : (m.) sāṇipasibbaka.

hempen : (adj.) sāṇamaya.

hempen cloth : (nt.) bhaṅga.

hemstitch : (nt.) gāthāpādaddha.

hen : (f.) kukkuṭī; pakkhidhenu.

hen hearted : (adj.) bhīruka.

hen pecked : (adj.) itthivasagata.

hen roost : (m.) kukkuṭālaya.

hence : (adv.) ito; tato; tena; tasmā.

henceforth : (ind.) ajjatagge; ito pabhuti.

henceforward : (ind.) ajjatagge; ito pabhuti.

henchman : (m.) niccupaṭṭhāka; pālanasahāya.

hepatalgia : (m.) yakanābādha.

hepatic : (adj.) yakanāyatta.

heptad : (nt.) sattaka.

heptagon : (nt.) sattakoṇaka.

heptarchy : (nt.) sattarājapālana.

herald : (m.) aggesara; puretarapakāsaka. (v.t.) puretaraṃ sūceti. (pp.) puretaraṃ sūcita.

herald sign : (nt.) pubbanimitta.

heraldry : (nt.) dūteyya; vaṃsāvalijānana.

herb : (m.) sāka; ḍāka. (f.) osadhī.

herbage : (nt.) harita.

herbal : (nt.) osadhīsattha. (adj.) sākāyatta.

herbalist : (m.) osadhīsatthaññū.

herbarium : (f.) sukkhosadhisālā.

herbary : (nt.) osadhīropaṇaṭṭhāna.

herbivorous : (adj.) paṇṇakhādaka; sākabhakkha.

herborize : (v.t.) osadhī samāharati. (pp.) samāhaṭosadhī.

Herculean : (adj.) atidukkara.

herd : (m.) yūtha; gaṇa. (v.i.) yūthavasena carati.

herd of cattle : (m.) gogaṇa.

herdsman : (m.) gopa; pasupālaka.

here : (adv.) idha; atra; ettha. (intj.) bho! bho!.

here and there : ito tato tattha tattha.

here at : etth 'antare; atha.

hereabout : avidūre.

hereafter : ito paraṃ; paraloke.

hereby : anena.

hereditable : (adj.) paramparānugāmī.

hereditament : (nt.) dāyādavatthu.

hereditarily : (adv.) vaṃsānukkamena.

hereditary : (adj.) paramparāgata.

hereditary disease : (m.) vaṃsāgataroga.

hereditary servant : (m.) kuladāsa.

herein : idha; ettha.

hereof : ito, iminā hetunā.

heresy : (f.) micchāmati.

heretic : (m.) micchādiṭṭhika; aññatitthiya.

heretical : (adj.) dhammaviruddha.

heretically : (adv.) dhammavitodhena.

heretofore : (adv.) ito pubbe.

hereunto : (adv.) yāvajjatanā.

hereupon : (adv.) ito uddhaṃ; anantaraṃ.

herewith : (adv.) anena saha.

heritable : (adj.) dāyādayogga.

heritage : (m.) dāyāda. (nt.) mātāpettika-dhana.

heritor : (m.) dāyadalābhī.

hermaphrodite : (m.) ubhatovyañjanaka.

hermeneutic : (m.) anuvāda. (adj.) anuvādāyatta.

hermeneutist : (m.) anuvādaka.

hermetic : (adj.) rasāyanika; gūḷhavijjāyatta.

hermit : (m.) tāpasa; isi || female hermit: (f.) tapassinī.

hermitage : (m.) assama; tāpasārāma. (nt.) tapovana.

hernia : (f.) antavuddhi.

hero : (m.) sūra; vīra; mahāparakkama. (in dramas : ) (m.) kathānāyaka.

heroic : (adv.) vīrākārena; savikkamaṃ.

heroically : (adv.) vīrākārena; savikkamaṃ.

heroine : (f.) vīravanitā; kathānāyikā.

heroism : (nt.) sūratta. (m.) vikkama.

heron : (m.) sārasa; lohapiṭṭha.

herpes : (f.) vitacchikā.

herpetology : (f.) sappavijjā.

herself : (pron.) sā yeva; sā attanāva.

hesitate : (v.i.) āsaṅkati; kaṅkhati; vicikicchati; vilambati. (pp.) āsaṅkita; kaṅkhita; vicikicchita; vilambita.

hesitating : (adj.) āsaṅkamāna; vilambamāna.

hesitatingly : (adv.) sāsaṅkaṃ; savilambaṃ.

hesitation : (f.) kaṅkhā; saṅka; vimati. (m.) saṃsaya. (nt.) vilambana; pakkhalana.

hesperian : (adj.) apācīna.

hesperus : (f.) osadhī-tārakā.

hesternal : (adj.) hīyattana.

hetaera : (f.) gaṇikā; abhisārikā.

hetaerism : (f.) gaṇikāvutti.

hetaira : (f.) gaṇikā; abhisārikā.

heterochromous : (adj.) nānāvaṇṇa.

heteroclite : (nt.) aniyatarūpikapada. (adj.) niyatavidhiviruddha; visesarūpika.

heterodox : (adj.) asatthasammata; uppathagāmī.

heterodoxy : (m.) viruddhadhamma. (nt.) micchādassana.

heterogeneity : (nt.) bhinnajātikatta.

heterogeneous : (adj.) bhinnajātika.

heterogeneously : (adv.) bhinnajātitāya.

heterogenesis : (f.) opapātikuppatti.

heteromorphic : (adj.) nānārūpika.

heteronym : (nt.) paratantarajja.

heteropathy : (f.) visamatikicchā.

hew : (v.t.) chindati; kantati. (pp.) chinna; kantita.

hewer : (m.) chettu.

hexad : (nt.) chakka.

hexagon : (n.) chaḷaṃsika.

hexagonal : (adj.) chaḷaṃsayutta.

hexameter : (f.) chappakikagāthā.

hexapod : (m.) chappada. (adj.) chappadika.

heyday : (m.) samiddhikāla; pamoda; ullāsa.

heyday of youth : (nt.) navayobbana.

heyna : (m.) taraccha; migādana.

hiatus : (m.) virāma; padaccheda. (nt.) ūnaṭṭhāna; (in gram : ) pubbāpara-saradvaya.

hibernal : (adj.) hemantika.

hibernate : (v.i.) sītakālaṃ khepeti or atikkāmeti.

hibernation : (m.) kriyāviraha.

hiccup : (f.) hikkā. (v.t.) hikkam uppādeti. (pp.) hikkāyita; hikkam uppāditahikka.

hid : (pp. of hide) tirohita; paṭicchanna.

hidden : (pp. of hide) tirohita; paṭicchanna.

hide : (nt.) camma; ajina. (v.t.) gūheti; nigūheti; apanidahati; nilīyāpeti. (pp.) gūhita or gūḷha; apanihita; nilīyāpita. (v.i.) nilīyati. (pp.) nilīna.

hide and seek : (f.) nilīna-apriyesana-kīḷā.

hidebound : (adj.) ghanattaca; kaṭhinattaca.

hideous : (adj.) bībhaccha; ghorarūpa; virūpa.

hideously : (adv.) bībhacchākārena.

hideousness : (f.) bhīmatā; ghoratā.

hiding : (nt.) nilīyana; nigūhana.

hidrotic : (adj.) sedajanaka.

hierarch : (m.) saṅgharāja.

hierarchy : (nt.) saṅgharājatta.

hieratic : (adj.) samaṇāyatta; atiporāṇaka.

hieroglyph : (f.) cittalipi. (f.) cittarūpakkhara.

hieroglyphist : (m.) cittalipividū.

higgle : (v.i.) paṇopaṇaviyaṃ karoti. (pp.) paṇopaṇaviyaṃ kata.

high : (adj.) ucca; unnata; uttuṅga; uggata; mukhya; padhāna; agga; uttama; adhika; tibba; pabala. (adv.) uddhaṃ; upari || very high: (adj.) accuggata; atyucca.

high and low : (adj.) uccāvaca.

high bed : (nt.) uccāsayana.

high birth : (nt.) kulīnatta; abhijātatta.

high bred : (adj.) sadācārasampanna.

high caste : (nt.) uccakula.

high day : (m.) majjhaṇha; chaṇadivasa.

high flown : (adj.) dappita.

high handed : (adj.) uddhata. (m.) sericārī.

high mettled : (adj.) adīnamana; mahussāha.

high minded : (adj.) uḷāracitta; mahajjhāsaya; gabbita.

high noon : (m.) ṭhitamajjhantika.

high pitched : (adj.) uccassara.

high priest : (m.) nāyakapūjaka.

high principled : (adj.) sādhucarita; sundaravata.

high road : (m.) mahāpatha; mahāmagga.

high seas : (m.) mahāsamudda.

high souled : (adj.) uḷārajjhāsaya.

high spirited : (adj.) alīnacitta.

high toned : (m.) tārassara.

high treason : (nt.) rājadubbhana.

high water : (m.) jaluggama; jaluppāta.

high wayman : (m.) panthadūhaka.

high wrought : (adj.) āyāsena sampādita.

higher : (adj.) uccatara.

highest : (n.) uccatama; seṭṭhatama.

highest fame : (m.) yasagga.

highest gain : (m.) uttamattha; lābhagga.

highest path : (m.) aggamagga.

highest wisdom : (f.) sambodhi.

highfed : atipuṭṭha; suposita.

highland : (v.) unnatabhūmi.

highlander : (m.) pabbatavāsī.

highly : (adv.) adhikaṃ; accantaṃ; atīva.

highly prized : (adj.) cittīkata; anaggha.

highness : (nt.) uccatta; seṭṭhatta.

hilarious : (adj.) sānanda; pamudita.

hilarity : (m.) ānanda; pamoda. (f.) vitti.

hill : (m.) giri; addi.

hilliness : (f.) pabbatabahulatā.

hillock : (m.) khuddaka giri.

hilly : (adj.) girisañchanna.

hilt : (m.) tharu; muṭṭhidaṇḍa. (v.t.) tharuṃ yojeti.

himself : (pron.) so sayam eva; so attanā va.

hind : (f.) migī; harinī. (adj.) pacchima; carima.

hind part : (m.) pacchimabhāga.

hinder : (f.t.) vāreti; āvarati; rundhati. (pp.) vārita; āvaṭa; ruddha or rundhita.

hinderer : (m.) nivāraka; bādhaka.

hindmost : (adj.) sabbapacchima.

hindrance : (f.) bādhā. (m.) paḷibodha. (nt.) nīvaraṇa.

Hindu : (adj.) indīya.

Hinduism : (m.) hindusamaya.

Hindustani : (f.) indubhāsā.

hinge : (m.) dvārāvaṭṭaka. (v.t.) ghaṭeti; sambandheti. (v.i.) ghaṭīyati. (pp.) ghaṭita; sambaddha.

hinny : (m.) assatara.

hint : (f.) iṅgita. (f.) saññā. (v.t.) viññāpeti; iṅgitena sūceti. (pp.) viññāpita; iṅgitena sūcita.

hip : (nt.) kaṭi. (nt.) jaghana. (m.) nitamba. (intj.) sādhu sādhu. (v.t.) maṅkukaroti. (pp.) maṅkukata.

hippodrome : (nt.) rathadhāvanamaṇḍala.

hippogriff : (m.) valāhakassa.

hippopotamus : (m.) hatthivarāha; jalamahisa.

hircine : (adj.) ajākāra.

hire : (f.) vetana. (f.) bhati. (v.t.) bhatiyā (kammaṃ) kāreti; bhatiyā gaṇhāti. (pp.) bhatiyā kārita; bhatiyā gahita.

hireling : (m.) bhataka; vetanika.

hirsute : (adj.) lomabahula; akappitakesa.

hispid : (adj.) kharalomayutta; lambakesa.

hiss : (nt.) sūsūyana. (v.i.) sūsūyati.

hist : (intj.) tuṇhī bhavatha.

histology : (f.) maṃsapesivijjā.

historian : (m.) itihāsaññū.

historiated : (adj.) puggalarūpādiyutta.

historic : (adj.) itihāsika; purāvuttagata.

historical : (adj.) itihāsika; purāvuttagata.

historicity : (m.) (itihāse) tathabhāva.

historiographer : (m.) itihāsasampākaka.

history : (m.) itihāsa; purāvuttanta.

histrion : (m.) nattaka; naṭaka.

histrionic : (adj.) naṭakocita; kuhanāyatta.

hit : (m.) pahāra; abhighāta. (nt.) saṅghaṭṭāna. (v.t.) āhanati; paharati; ghaṭṭeti. (pp.) āhata; pahaṭa; ghaṭṭita.

hit upon : sahasā pappoti.

hitch : (f.) bādhā. (m.) antarāya. (v.t.) saṃyojeti; sasaddaṃ ukkhipati. (v.i.) saṃyujjati; bandhīyati. (pp.) saṃyojita; sasaddaṃukkhitta; saṃyutta; baddha.

hither : (adv.) atra; ettha; idha.

hithermost : (adj.) āsannatama.

hithershore : (nt.) ora.

hitherto : (adv.) yāvajjatanā.

hive : (m.) madhupaṭala; gaṇavāsa. (v.t.) madhum saṃharati. (v.i.) gaṇabandhena vasati. (pp.) saṃhaṭamadhu; gaṇabandhena vuttha.

hives : (m.; plu.) antadāha. (nt.) cammavipphuraṇa.

hoar : (m.) (adj.) palitakesa; mandadhavala.

hoard : (m.) puñja; nicaya; sannicaya. (v.t.) sañcināti; rāsīkaroti; nidahati. (pp.) sañcita; rāsīkata; nidahita.

hoarded : (adj.) ajjita; nicita.

hoarse : (adj.) kakkasa. (m.) pharusa, (of voice.).

hoarseness : (nt.) kakkasatta.

hoary : (adj.) palitakesa; vayovuddha; paṇḍara.

hoax : (f.) vañcanā. (nt.) sāṭheyya. (v.t.) vañceti; apanidheti. (pp.) vañcita; apanihita.

hob : (nt.) uddhanāvaraṇa.

hob-not : (v.i.) edato pivati; santhavaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) ekato pīta; pavattitasanthava.

hobble : (v.i.) khañjati. (pp.) khañjita. (nt.) dubbalagamana; khañjana.

hobby : (f.) abhiruci. (m.) atirekavinoda; dārumayassa.

hobgoblin : (m.) duṭṭhapisāca; tiṇapurisa.

hobnail : (m.) chattāṇi.

hocus-pocus : (nt.) indajāla. (nt.) mantapada. (v.t.) vañceti.

hodgepodge : (m.) nānādabbasambhāra.

hodiernal : (ad.) ajjatana; ajjadivasāyatta.

hodometer : (nt.) rathagamanamāṇaka.

hoe : (m.) kuddāla. (v.t.) bhūmiṃ kasati or vidāreti. (pp.) kaṭṭhabhūmi; vidārita.

hog : (v.t.) majjhato unnāmeti. (pp.) majjhato unnāmita. (m.) sūkara; varāha.

hoggish : (adj.) sūkaropama.

hoggishly : (adj.) sūkarākārena.

hogpen : (m.) sūkaravaja.

hogplum : (m.) ambāṭaka.

hogshead : (f.) mahāsurābheri.

hogsty : (m.) sūkaravaja.

hoist : (nt.) ussāpana; ussāpaka-upakaraṇa. (v.t.) ussāpeti. (pp.) ussāpita.

hoisted : (adj.) samussita.

hoity-toity : (f.) avinītacariyā. (adj.) kīḷāpara; dappita. (intj.) aho!

hold : (nt.) gahaṇa; dhāraṇa; balakoṭṭhaka; gayhaṭṭhāna; bhājana; nāvodara. (m.) ādhāra. (f.) patiṭṭhā. (v.t.) sandhāreti; gaṇhāti; avarodheti; (to contain : ) ādhāti; (to continue : ) avicchinnaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) sandhārita; gahita; avarodhita; ādahita; avicchinnaṃ pavatita. (v.i.) saṇṭhāti; patiṭṭhāti; viramati; nivattati. (pp.) saṇṭhita; virata; nivatta.

holdback : (v.t.) nivāreti. (v.i.) osakkati.

holder : (m.) dhāraka; gāhaka; ādhāraka.

holding : (nt.) gahaṇa; dhāraṇa. (f.) pariggahita-bhūmi.

holding out : (nt.) paggahaṇa.

hole : (nt.) chidda; vivara; susira; randha. (v.t.) vinivijjhati; chiddaṃ karoti. (v.i.) bilaṃ gacchati. (pp.) vinividdha; katachidda; bilagata || full of holes: (adj.) cicchiddaka; chiddāvacchiddaka.

hole of the yoke : (nt.) yugacchiggala.

holiday : (m.) nikkammadivasa; uposathadina.

holiness : (nt.) visuddhatta; nikkilesatta.

hollo : (intj.) he; bho; ambho. (v.t.) uccāsaddena pakkosati. (pp.) uccāsaddena pakkosita.

hollow : (nt.) bila; koṭara. (m.) āvāṭa; opāta. (nt.) puṭa. (adj.) antosusira; nissāra; niratthaka; tuccha; suñña; vitatha. (v.t.) bilaṃ khaṇati; puṭaṃ karoti. (pp.) khatabila; puṭīkata.

hollow of the hand : (m.) hatthapuṭa.

hollow tree : (m.) kolāpa.

hollow-hearted : (adj.) viṅkacitta.

hollowness : (nt.) asāratta; tucchatta.

holocaust : (m.) sabbassadāna. (m.) niravasesa-vināsa.

holograph : (adj.; nt.) sahatthalikhita.

holt : (m.) vanasaṇḍa.

holy : (adj.) (n.) visuddha; pūjiya.

holy orders : (f.) pabbajjā

holy-stone : (f.) sodhakasilā. (v.t.) mudusilāya ghaṃseti. (pp.) sodhakasita.

holyland : (f.) suddhabhūmi

holyperson : (m.) arahanta; anāsava.

holyplace : (nt.) pujjaṭṭhāna.

holywrit : (f.) dhammalipi.

homage : (f.) apaciti. (m.) gārava; paṇāma; namakkāra; paṇipāta. (f.) abhivādanā || paying homage: (adj.) apacāyī.

home : (f.) geha; agāra; nivesana; ghara. (m.) āvāsa; nilaya. (adj.) gehāyatta.

home made : (adj.) gehe sampādita.

home sick : (adj.) gharavirahapīḷta.

homebred : (adj.) gehaja; gharasaṃvaddha.

homeless : (adj.) anagārika.

homelessness : (nt.) anagāriya.

homeliness : (nt.) analaṇkatatta.

homely : (adj.) analaṅkata; avisiṭṭha.

homeopathy : (f.) samatikicchā.

homespun : (adj.) ghare kantita.

homestead : (nt.) gehavatthu.

homeward : (adj.) sagehābhimukha; saraṭṭhābhimukha.

homey : (adj.) sakagharasadisa.

homicidal : (adj.) naravadhayatta.

homicide : (m.) manussaghātī. (nt.) manussaghātana.

homiletic : (m.) desanāvilāsa. (adj.) dhammadesanāyatta.

homily : (m.) suttanta. (f.) dhammadesanā.

homogeneal : (adj.) samānajātika; sahadhammika.

homogeneity : (f.) samajātikatā.

homogeneous : (adj.) samānajātika; sahadhammika.

homogeneousness : (nt.) samajātikatta.

homologate : (v.t.) sampaṭicchati. (pp.) sampaṭicchita.

homologies : (v.t.) samānattaṃ pāpeti. (v.i.) samattaṃ yāti. (pp.) saṃanattaṃ pāpita; samattaṃ yāta.

homologous : (adj.) samānākāra.

homologue : (nt.) samānavatthu.

homology : (nt.) samānatta; sarūpatta.

homonym : (nt.) anekatthanāma.

homonymous homonymic : (adj.) anekatthaka (-samānasadda).

homophony : (nt.) sarasāmañña.

hone : (m.) nikasa. (v.t.) nidāṇayati; tejeti. (pp.) nisāṇita; tejita.

honest : (avaṇka; asaṭha; akayaṭa; amāyāvī.

honestly : (adv.) ujuṃ; avyājaṃ; asaṭhatāya.

honesty : (nt.) ajjava; akuṭilatta.

honey : (nt.) madhu.

honey of flower : (m.) puppharasa.

honey-tongued : (adj.) madhubhāṇī.

honeycomb : (nt.) madhupaṭala.

honeymoon : (m.) ānandakāla.

honorarium : (f.) sammānadakkhiṇa.

honorary : (n.) sammānavasena laddha; nimmūlena sādhiyamāna.

honorific : (nt.) sammānavacana. (adj.) gāravāyatta.

honour : (m.) gārava; bahūmāna; sammāna. (f.) apaciti; pūjanā. (v.t.) garukaroti; māneti; sammāneti; pūjeti. (pp.) garukata; mānita; pūjita; gāravopādhiṃ deti. (pp.) dinnagāravopādhī.

honourable : (adj.) pūjanīya; pujja; garukātabba; sagāravaṃ.

hood : (nt.) phaṇa. (nt.) sīsāvaraṇa. (v.t.) sīsam āvarati; aṃsakūṭesu lagget. (pp.) āvaṭasīsa; aṃsakūṭesu laggita.

hoodlum : (m.) dhuttamāṇava.

hoodwink : (v.t.) vañceti; akkhīni pidahivā bandhati. (pp.) vañcita; akkhīni pidahitvā baddha.

hoof : (nt.) khura. (v.t.) khurena paharati. (v.i.) padasā yāti. (pp.)

hook : (f.) ākaḍḍhanī. (m.) aṅkusa. (v.t.) aṅkusaṃ yojeti; balisena ākaḍdhati. (pp.) yojitaṅkusa; balisena ākaḍdhita.

hookah : (f.) indīya-shūmanetti.

hooked : (adj.) vaṅka; duṭila.

hooligan : (m.) panthadūsaka.

hoop : (m.) valaya; āvaṭṭa. (nt.) kīḷācakka. (v.t.) valaye yojeti; parikkhipati. (pp.) yojitavalaya; parikkhitta.

hoot : (m.) dhikkāra. (v.t.) ayasaṃ pakāseti. (v.i.) huṅkaroti. (pp.) ayasaṃpakāsitāyasa; huṅkata.

hop : (nt.) laṅghana. (v.i.) uppatanto yāti; laṅghati. (pp.) laṅghita.

hope : (f.) apekkhā; ākaṅkhā; abhilāsā; patthanā. (v.t.) āsiṃsati; pattheti; apekkhati. (pp.) āsiṭṭha; patthita; apekkhita.

hopeful : (adj.) sāpekkhaṃ.

hopefully : (adv.) sāpekkhaṃ.

hopeless : (adj.) nirapekkha.

hopelessly : (adv.) asādhiyākārena; apekkhābaṅgena.

hopelessness : (f.) nirapekkhatā; asādhiyatā.

hopper : (nt.) (yante) dhaññappavesaka-bhājana. (n.) pūvavisesa. (m.) laṇghaka.

hopping cough : (m.) daharānaṃ ukkāsanaroga.

hopple : (f.) pādasaṅkhalikā. (v.t.) pāde ekato bandhati.

hora : (f.) horā; ghaṭikā.

horary : (adj.) horāyatta; anuhoraṃ pavattanaka.

horde : (m.) mahāsamūha. (v.i.) samūhavasena vasati or carati. (pp.) samūhavasena vuttha.

horizon : (nt.) disāmaṇḍala.

horizontal : (adj.) disānugata; tiriyaṅgata.

horizontally : (adv.) tiriyaṃ.

horn : (nt.) siṅga; visāṇa; kāhaḷa. (v.t.) siṅgayuttaṃ karoti; siṅgena āhanati. (pp.) siṅgenāhata.

hornbill : (m.) cātaka.

hornblower : (m.) kāhalavādaka.

hornet : (m.) bhamara.

horny : (adj.) kaṭhina; siṅgabahula.

horologe : (nt.) horālocana.

horology : (f.) horāmāṇavijjā.

horoscope : (nt.) jātipatta. (m.) hakkhattayoga.

horrent : (adj.) lomahaṃsaka.

horrible : (adj.) bhayaṅkara; bhiṃsanaka.

horribleness : (nt.) bhīmatta.

horribly : (adv.) bhīmākārena.

horrid : (adj.) bherava; bībhacca.

horridness : (nt.) bheravatta.

horrification : (nt.) bhāyāpana.

horrify : (v.t.) uttāseti; bhāyāpeti. (pp.) uttāsita; bhāyāpiti.

horripilation : (m.) lomahaṃsa.

horror : (nt.) mahābhaya. (m.) santāsa; uttrāsa.

horror stricken : (adj.) bhayatajjita.

horse : (m.) haya; assa; turaga; turaṅgama; ghoṭa || untamed horse: (m.) khaluṅka; drawn by a horse: (adj.) hayavāhī.

horse born in Sindh : (m.) sindhava.

horse coper : (m.) asavāṇija.

horse dealer : (m.) assavāṇija.

horse fly : (f.) piṅgalamakkhikā.

horse laugh : (m.) aṭṭahāsa.

horse leech : (mahājalūkā.

horse radish : (nt.) siggu.

horse trainer : (m.) assadamaka.

horse trappings : (m.) assakappana.

horseback : (f.) assapiṭṭhi.

horseboy : (m.) assabandha.

horsegroom : (m.) assagopaka.

horsekeeper : (m.) assogopaka.

horseman : (m.) assāroha.

horsemanship : (nt.) assasippa.

horsepower : (nt.) assabala.

horserug : (m.) assatthara.

horsesacrifice : (m.) assamedha.

horseshoe : (nt.) khurāvaraṇa.

horsewhip : (f.) kasā.

hortation : (m.) ovāda; upadesa.

hortative : (adj.) ovādadāyaka; samuttejaka.

horticulture : (f.) uyyānapālanavijjā.

horticulturist : (m.) uyyānaropaṇaññū.

hosanna : (m.) sādhukāranāda.

hose : (nt.) uṇṇamaya-pādatāṇa. (m.) jalasiñcakanāḷa.

hosier : (m.) pādatāṇavāṇija.

hosiery : (m.) uṇṇāmayabhaṇḍasamūha.

hospice : (f.) pathikasālā.

hospitable : (adj.) atithipūjaka; sakkārasīlī.

hospitably : (adv.) sabahumānaṃ; sāraṃ.

hospital : (adj.) ārogyasālā; sotthisāl : /

hospitality : (m.) ātitheyya.

host : (m.) nimantaka; bhojāpaka; mahāsamūha. (nt.) senābala.

hostage : (m.) sarīrapāṭibhogī.

hostel : (f.) pathicasālā. (m.) sissanivāsa.

hostess : (f.) nimantikā; gahapatānī.

hostile : (adj.) viruddha; vipakkha; paccanika.

hostile army : (f.) sattusenā.

hostile king : (m.) paṭirāja.

hostile warrior : (m.) paṭiyodha.

hostility : (m.) virodha. (f.) vipakkhatā.

hot : (adj.) vṇha; santatta; kopāviṭṭha; sāhasika.

hot ash : (m.) kukkuḷa.

hot blooded : (adj.) caṇḍapakatika

hot headed : (adj.) kopabahula.

hot season : (nt.) nidāgha; gimhāna.

hotchpotch : (m.) missitāhāra; vividhavatthusamūha.

hotel : (nt.) bhojanāgāra.

hothouse : (nt.) usmāgāra.

hotly : (adv.) sakopaṃ; savirodhaṃ.

hound : (m.) migava-sunakha. (v.t.) sunakhehi anubandhati. (pp.) sunakhehi anubaddha.

hour : (f.) horā; ghaṭikā.

hour glass : (nt.) ghaṭikāyanta.

hourly : (adj.) anughaṭika. (adv.) anughaṭikaṃ.

house : (nt.) geha; ghara; gaha; nivesana; niketana. (m.) ālaya; āvāsa; nilaya, (m.) bhavana; mandira; sadana; vesma. (v.t.) nivāseti; vāsaṃ deti. (v.i.) nivasati. (pp.) nivāsita; dinnavāsa; nivuttha.

house lizard : (f.) gharagoḷikā.

house warming : (m.) navagharappavesa.

housebreaker : (m.) sandhicchedaka (-cora).

housedoor : (nt.) gharadvāra.

housegate : (nt.) gopura.

household : (nt.) kuṭumba. (m.) gehajana.

household life : (m.) gharāvāsa.

householder : (m.) gahapati; kuṭumbika.

housekeeper : (gehapālaka.

housekeeping : (nt.) gharasaṃvidhāna.

houseless : (adj.)anāgāra.

housemaid : (f.) gehadāsī; paricārikā.

housewife : (f.) gharasāminī.

houseyard : (nt.) gehaṅgaṇa; ājīra.

hovel : (f.) bāhirakuṭi.

hover : (v.i.) parito uḍdeti; nabhe paribbhamati. (pp.) paritouḍdita; babheparibbhanta.

hovering : (nt.) paribbhamaṇa.

how : (adv.) kathaṃ? kenākārena?

how acting : (adj.) kathaṅkara.

how far : (adj.) kīvadūre.

how long : (ind.) kīvaciraṃ. (ind.) kīva ciraṃ.

how many : (adj.) kittaka; kati.

how many times : (adv.) kīvakkhattuṃ.

how much : (adj.) kittaka; kīva.

howbeit : (ind.) tathā pi.

howdah : (nt.) hatthipiṭṭhāsana.

however : (ind.) kathañcipi; yathākathañci.

howevermuch : (adj.) yattaka; yāvataka.

howl : (m.) dīgha-bhuṅkāra; aṭṭassara. (v.i.) dīghaṃ bhuṅkaroti; vassati.

howling : (nt.) ravana; vassana.

hoy : (nt.) āmantana; pasupalāpana.

hub : (f.) (cakka-) nābhi.

hubble-bubble : (m.) missitanāda; kalakala.

hubbub : (m.) kalahasadda.

huckle : (nt.) jaghana. (f.) kaṭi.

huckster : (m.) kacchapuṭavāṇija. (v.i.) paṇopaṇaviyaṃ karoti.

huddle : (m.) saṅkhobha. (f.) saṅkiṇṇatā. (v.t.) sammisseti; ekato khipati. (v.i.) missīyati. (pp.) sammissita; ekato khitta; missita.

hue : (m.) vaṇṇa; raṇga. (nt.) rajana; ugghosana.

huff : (m.) kopāvesa.

hug : (nt.) āliṅgana; parissajati. (pp.) āliṅgita; parissaṭṭha.

huge : (adj.) atimahanta; ativisāla; vipula.

hugely : (adv.) atimattaṃ; acantaṃ.

hugeness : (nt.) visālatta.

hugger-mugger : (nt.) gūḷhatta. (m.) rahobhāva. (adj.) gūḷha; gutta; gutta. (adv.) raho.

hulk : (m.) nāvākhandha. mahākāya.

hulking : (adj.) atithūla; virūpa.

hull : (f.) sipāṭikā. (m.) bījakosa. (v.t.) sipāṭikam or tacam apaneti. (pp.) apanīta-taca.

hullabaloo : (m.) kalakalasadda.

hum : (m.) jhaṇkārqa; huṅkāra. (v.t.) jhaṅkaroti; huṅkaroti. (pp.) jhaṅkata

human : (adj.) mānusika; manussāyatta.

humane : (adj.) dāruṇika.

humanely : (adv.) sadayaṃ; sānukampaṃ.

humanise : (v.t.) sadācāraṃ sikkhāpeti.

humanism : (nt.) mānusikatta. (m.) sadācara.

humanist : (m.) mānusācāra-sikkhaka.

humanitarian : (adj.) (m.) janahitakāmī.

humanitarianism : (f.) parahitaniratatā.

humanity : (f.) dayā.

humankind : (f.) manussasantati.

humanly : (adv.) mānusagatiyā.

humble : (adj.) hīna; dīna; nīcavuttika; vinīta; nirahaṅkāra; duggata. (v.t.) abhibhavati; manaṃ bhañjati. (pp.) abhibhūta; bhaṭṭhamāna.

humble bee : (m.) madhukarādhipa.

humbleness : (f.) nīcavuttitā; sagāravatā. (m.) nipaccakāra.

humbling : (nt.) mānabhañjana.

humbly : (adv.) savinayaṃ; sagāravaṃ.

humbug : (f.) vañcanā; upalālanā. (v.t.) vañceti. (pp.) vañcita.

humdrum : (nt.) dandhatta; avisesatta. (adj.) udāsīna.

humeral : (adj.) akkhakāyatta.

humerus : (nt.) bāhaṭṭhi.

humid : (adj.) adda; tinta; kilinna.

humidity : (nt.) addatta; kilinnatta.

humiliate : (v.t.) see humble.

humiliated : (adj.)avamānita; hatadappa.

humiliating : (adj.) dappahara.

humiliation : (nt.) avamānana; mānabhañjana.

humility : (f.) sagāravatā; nihatamānatā.

humming : (adj.) huṅkaronta; viriyavantu.

hummock : (f.) unnatabhūmi.

humoral : (adj.) pittādisannissita.

humorist : (m.) vinodaka.

humorous : (adj.) hāsajanaka; vinodakara.

humorously : (adv.) savinodaṃ; hassādhippāyena.

humour : (f.) manovutti; cittapakati; hāsuppādakatā. (m.) pitta-semhādi. (v.t.) anulometi; ārādheti. (pp.) anulomita; ārādhita || bad humour: (nt.) domanassa.

humoursome : (adj.) calacitta; lolamati.

hump : (m.) kaku; kakudha.

humpbacked : (adj.) khujja; gaṇḍula.

humpty-dumpty : (m.) thulla-vāmana.

hunch : (f.) piṇḍī. (m.) piṇḍa. (v.t.) nāmneti; vaṅkīkaroti. (pp.) nāmita; vaṅkīkata.

hunchback : (adj.) khujja.

hundred : (nt.) sata.

hundred and fifty : (nt.) diyaḍḍhasata.

hundred and ten : (nt.) dasuttarasata.

hundred billion : (f.) pakoṭi.

hundred million : (f.) dasakoṭi.

hundred thousand : (nt.) satasahassa.

hundred times : (adv.) satakkhattuṃ.

hundredfold : (adj.) stataguṇika.

hundredth : (adj.) satama.

hunger : (f.) khudā; jighacchā. (v.i.) jighacchati; bubhukkhati.(v.t.) nirāhārīkaroti. (pp.) jighacchita; bubhukkhita; nirāhārīkata.

hunger and thirst : (f.) khuppipāsā.

hungrily : (adv.) chātākārena.

hungriness : (nt.) chātatta.

hungry : (adj.) chāta; khudāpareta.

hunks : (m.) maccharī.

hunt : (m.) migava. (v.t.) migavadhaṃ karoti; anvesati. (pp.) migavadhaṃ kata; anvesita.

hunter : (m.) vyādha; nesāda; luddaka.

hunting : (m.) migava; gavesana.

huntsman : (m.) vyādha; nesāda; luddaka.

hurdle : (nt.) sūcidvāra. (v.t.) sūcidvāraṃ yojeti.

hurdler : (sūcidvārasampādaka.

hurl : (m.) khepa. (nt.) khipana. (v.t.) khipati; vissajjeti. (pp.) khitta; vissaṭṭha.

hurling : (nt.) pātana; vissajjana; khipana.

hurly-burly : (m.) kolāhalasadda; missitanāda.

hurrah : (intj.) jaya! jaya! (m.) jayunnāda. (v.i.) unnadati.

hurray : (intj.) jaya! jaya! (m.) jayunnāda. (v.i.) unnadati.

hurricane : (m.) caṇḍānila; verambhavāta.

hurriedly : (adv.) sīghaṃ; turitaṃ; avilambitaṃ.

hurry : (sambhama; vega. (f.) adhikāsā. (v.i.) turitaṃ yāti; turitayati. (v.t.) sīghaṃ peseti. (pp.) turitaṃ yita; sīghaṃ pesita.

hurt : (f.) hiṃsā; pīḷā. (nt.) dukkhāpana. (f.) hāni. (m.) apakāra. (v.t.) hiṃsati; vyathati; dukkhāpeti. (pp.) hiṃsita; vaythita; dukkhāpita.

hurtful : (adj.) pīḷākara; hiṃsaka.

hurtfully : (adv.) piḷākaratāya;hanipubbakaṃ.

hurtle : (m.) ghaṭṭānasadda. (v.t.) turitaṃ khipati; saṅghaṭṭeti. (pp.) turitaṃ khitta; saṅgaṭṭita.

hurtless : (adj.) pīḷārahita.

husband : (m.) pati; bhattu; sāmika; dhava. (v.t.) mitabbayaṃ karoti; kasikamme yujjati. (pp.) katamitabbaya; kasikamme yutta.

husband and wife : (m.; plu.) jāyāpatī; jayampatī dampatī.

husbandless : (adj.; f.) vidhavā.

husbandman : (m.) kassaka.

husbandry : (nt.) kasikamma. (f.) mitabbayatā.

husk : (m.) taca; thusa. (v.t.) nitthusayati;nittacayati. (pp.) nitthusayita.

husky : (adj.) tacasahita; kakkasa.

hussy : (f.) subbinītitthī; avinītadārikā.

hustle : (m.) sammadda. (v.t. sammaddati; ekato rāsibhavati.(pp.) sammaddita; ekato rāsibhūta.

hut : (f.) kuṭi; paṇṇasālā. (v.t.) kuṭiyaṃ niveseti. (pp.) kuṭiyaṃ nivesita.

hutch : (m.) pañjara; sasapañjara.

huzza : (f.) ukkuṭṭhi. (intj.) sādhu! sādhu!

hyaena : (m.) taraccha; migādana.

hybrid : (adj.) saṅkarajātika.

hybridisation : (nt.) missanena uppādana.

hybridise : (v.t.) missanena sañjaneti. (pp.) missanena sañjanita.

hybrity : (nt.) sankiṇṇajatikatta.

hydra : (m.) jalavāḷa.

hydra headed : (adj.) bahusīsaka.

hydrate : (v.t.) jalena misseti. (pp.) jalena missita.

hydraulic : (adj.) jalavahanāyatta; jalabalasampādita.

hydriad : (f.) jaladevatā. (m.) varuṇa.

hydrocele : (f.) aṇḍavuddhi.

hydrocephalus : (m.) matthaluṅgasopha.

hydrogen : (m.) ujjalanakavāyu; jalakaravāyu.

hydrogenate : (v.t.) jalakaravāyunā misseti. (pp.) jalakaravāyunā missita.

hydrography : (f.) jalāsayamāṇavijjā.

hydrographypher : (m.) jalāsayamāṇavidū.

hydrologist : (m.) jalavijjāvidū.

hydrology : (f.) jalavijjā.

hydromel : (nt.) jalamissitamadhu.

hydrometer : (nt.) jalagaruttamāṇaka.

hydropathic : (adj. jalatikicchāyatta.

hydropathy : (f.) jalatikicchā.

hydrophobia : (m.) jalabhītikaroga.

hydrous : (adj.) asjala; vāriyutta.

hyena : (m.) taraccha; migādana.

hygiene : (f.) ārogyavijjā.

hygienical : (adj.)ārogyayijjāyatta.

hygienics : (nt.) āragyasattha.

hylic : (adj.) mahābhūtika.

hymn : (nt.) devatthutigīta. (v.t.) gītenaabhitthavati. (pp.) gītenaabhitthitthuta.

hymnal : (adj.) thutīgītāyatta.

hymnic : (adj.) thutīgītāyatta.

hymnist : (m.) thutigāyaka.

hymnody : (nt.) thutigāyana. (m.) thutippabandha.

hymnographer : (m.) thutigīta-sampādaka.

hymnology : (f.) thutigītavijjā. (m.) thutigītasamūha.

hypaethral : (adj.) abbhokāsika; chadanarahita; uparivivaṭa.

hyperbole : (f.) atisayutti.

hyperbolical : (adj.) atisayuttipubbaka.

hypercritic : (m.) ativicecaka; sukhumarandhagavesī.

hypercritical : (adj.) ativivencanāyatta.

hypercriticism : (nt.) ativivecana.

hyperphysical : (adj.) lokuttara; arūpayatta.

hypersensitive : (adj.; m.) sukhumasaññāyutta; sukhumavedaka.

hypertrophy : (nt.) atithūlatta.

hyphen : (nt.) sambandhalakkhaṇa.

hypnosis : (f.) mohananiddā.

hypnotic : (adj.) visaññīkara; niddājanaka.

hypnotise : (vt.) vasīkaroti; mohaniddaṃ janeti. (pp.) vasīkata; janitamohanidda.

hypnotism : (f.) vasīkaraṇavijjā.

hypocrisy : (nt.) kohaññā; kerāṭiya. (f.) kuhanā.

hypocrite : (m.) kuhaka; vañcaka.

hypocritical : (adj.) kerāṭika; vañcanika.

hypostasis : (nt.) rudhirabāhulla.

hypothecate : (v.t.) upanidhivasena ṭhapeti. (pp.) upanidhivasena ṭhapita.

hypothecation : (nt.) nyāsaṭṭhapana.

hypothesis : (m.) saṅkappanāyatta; pakappita.

hypothesise : (v.t.) anumitiṃ sampādeti. (pp.) aumitiṃ sampāditānumitī.

hypothetically : (adv.) anumanena.

hysteria : (m.) vātummāda. (f.) mucchā.

hysterical : (adj.) mucchābahula; mucchanasīla.

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I : (pron.) ahaṃ. (nom. sing. of amha.)

ibex : (m.) pabbateyya-cahgalaka.

ibidem : (adv.) tatthe'eva; tad eva.

ice : (nt.) hima; tusāra. (v.t.) himena chādeti or sītalīkaroti. (pp.) himacchanna; sītalīkata.

ice-cream : (nt.) himaduddha.

ice-field : (nt.) himakhetta; himatala.

ice-house : (nt.) himarakkhanāgāra.

iceberg : (m.) plavamāna-himapabbata.

ichneumon : (m.) nakula; muṅgusa.

ichnography : (f.) bhūmisaṇṭhānalekhā.

ichor : (nt.) vaṇassavaṇa.

ichthyoid : (adj.) macchasadisa.

ichthyology : (f.) jalacaravijjā.

ichthyophagy : (nt.) macchabhakkhana.

icicle : (m.) himakaṇa.

icily : (adv.) sītalākārena.

iciness : (nt.) himasītalatta.

icon : (f.) devapaṭima; pujjapaṭimā.

iconic : (adj.) paṭimāyatta.

iconoclasm : (nt.) paṭimābhindana.

iconoclast : (m.) paṭimābhindaka; adhammagaruka.

iconography : (nt.) paṭimākaraṇa. (m.) paṭimāsaṅgaha.

iconology : (f.) paṭibimbavijjā.

icy : (adj.) himasītala; himabahula; himasadisa.

idea : (f.) mati. (nt.) mata. (m.) adhippāya; saṅkappa

ideal : (m.) paramattha. (adj.) 1. manokappita; 2. visiṭṭha; uttama.

idealism : (m.) viññattamattavāda.

idealist : (m.) viññāṇavādī; manovikappī.

ideality : (f.) paṭibhāṇasampadā.

ideally : (adv.) visiṭṭhākārena.

ideate : (v.i.) parikappeti; cinteti. (pp.) parikappita; cintita.

ideation : (nt.) vitakkana.

idem : (adv.) tad'eva; tatth'eva.

identical : (adj.) tammaya; abhinna; nibbisena.

identically : (adv.) nibbesesaṃ; abhinnatāya.

identification : (nt.) abhisañjānana. (m.) abhinivesa. (nt.) samānana.

identify : (v.t.) samāneti; abhisañjānāti; abhinivisati. (pp.) samānita; abhiniviṭṭha.

identity : (m.) ekībhāva; abheda; nibbisesa.

ideographic : (adj.) cittarūpakkharāyatta.

ideography : (nt.) cittarūpakkhara.

ideology : (f.) mānasikavijjā.

idiocy : (f.) jaḷatā; eḷamūgatā.

idiom : (f.) bhāsārīti. (m.) racanāvilāsa.

idiomatic : (adj.) bhāsārītyanugata.

idiopathy : (nt.) anaññaroguṭṭhitagelañña.

idiosyncrasy : (m.) āveṇikasabhāva.

idiosyncratic : (adj.) appapañña; mandabuddhika.

idiot : (m.) hīnapañña; buddhihīna; jaḷa.

idiotic : (adj.) appapañña; mandabuddhika.

idle : (adj.) 1. alasa; kusīta; nirussāha. (v.i) nikkammo or alaso hoti. (v.t.) kālaṃ khepeti or vināseti. (pp.) kehpitakāla.

idleness : (nt.) ālasiya; ālasya; kosajja.

idler : (m.) kiccavimukha; akiñcikara; avyāvaṭa.

idly : (adv.) ālasiyena; nirussāhena.

idol : (f.) (deve) paṭimā. (m.) paṭibimba.

idolator : (m.) paṭimāpūjaka.

idolatry : (f.) paṭimāvandanā.

idolise : (v.t.) ativiya sammāneti. (pp.) ativiya sammānita.

idolum : (nt.) mata (micchā-) mati.

idyll : (nt.) khuddaka-vaṇṇanā-kabba.

if : (conj.) ce; sace; yadi.

if he has found it he will send it : sace so taṃ alabhisā (so) taṃ pahiṇissati. Ce is not placed at the beginning of a sentence.

if you are tired we will sit down : sace tvaṃ kilato'si mayaṃ nisīdissāma.

igneous : (adj.) pāvakāyatta.

ignescent : (adj.) vipphuliṅgavissajjaka.

ignis fatuus : (nt.) anaggikaujjalana.

ignite : (v.t.) 1. aggiṃ nibbatteti or jāleti; 2. atitattaṃ karoti. (pp.) jālitaggi; atitattaṃ kata. (v.i.) jalati. (pp.) jalita.

ignition : (nt.) 1. aggijālana; 2. atitattakaraṇa.

ignoble : (adj.) adhama; nīca; nihīna; anariya.

ignobleness : (nt.) nihīnatta; nīcatta.

ignobly : (adv.) kucchitākārena.

ignominious : (adj.) ayassakara; nindāvaha.

ignominiously : (adv.) gārayhākārena.

ignominy : (m.; nt.) ayasa. (f.) akitti; avaññā.

ignoramus : (adj.; m.) andhaputthujjana; paṇḍitamānī.

ignorance : (f.) avijjā. (nt.) aññāṇa. (m.) moha.

ignorant : (adj.) apaññā; aññāṇa; assutavantu.

ignorantly : (adv.) aññāṇapubbakaṃ.

ignore : (v.t.) na gaṇeti; na sallakkheti. (pp.) agaṇita; asallakhita.

iguana : (f.) godhā.

iliac : (adj.) antābādhanissita.

ilk : (adj.) anañña; abhinna.

ill : (nt.) pāpa; akusala; duccarita. (f.) āpadā; vipatti. (m.) anattha; roga; vyādhi. (adj.) 1. duṭṭha; gārayha; kucchita; 2. asubha; avamaṅgala; 3. gilāna; rogaṭṭa. (adv.) asammā; asādhu.

ill-advised : (adj.) asamekkhita; anupadhārita.

ill-affected : (adj.) ahitakāma.

ill-arranged : (adj.) duppayutta.

ill-behaved : (adj.) avinīta; durācāra.

ill-bred : (adj.) dubbinīta.

ill-breeding : (m.) avinaya. (nt.) asiṭṭhatta.

ill-conditioned : (adj.) duggata.

ill-dressed : (adj.) kucelaka.

ill-fame : (m.) ayasa. (f.) akitti.

ill-favoured : (adj.) virūpa; dubbhaga.

ill-fitted : (adj.) ayogga; anucita.

ill-gotten : (adj.) adhammaladdha.

ill-grounded : (adj.) athira.

ill-health : (f.) akallatā. (nt.) gelañña.

ill-humour : (f.) duṭṭhapakati.

ill-judged : (adj.) anālocita; asamekkhita.

ill-looking : (adj.) kudassana.

ill-luck : (nt.) dubbhaga. (f.) alakkhī.

ill-nature : (nt.) duṭṭhatta. (f.) duppakati.

ill-natured : (adj.) avinīta; durācāra.

ill-omen : (nt.) asubhanimitta.

ill-repute : (m.; nt.) ayasa.

ill-that-ched : (adj.) ducchanna.

ill-timed : (adj.) akālapayutta.

ill-treatment : (f.) vihesā.

ill-will : (m.) vyāpāda; manopadosa.

illation : (nt.) nigamana. (f.) anumiti.

illative : (adj.) anumeya.

illegal : (adj.) adhammika; nītiviruddha.

illegality : (m.) aññāya; nītivirodha.

illegally : (adv.) aññāyena; adhammena.

illegible : (adj.) duppaṭhiya; avisadakkhara.

illegibly : (adv.) avāceyyākārena.

illegitimacy : (m.) nītivirodha. (nt.) avajātatta.

illegitimate : (adj.) 1. avajāta; 2. vidhiviruddha.

illiberal : (adj.) adānasīla; macchārī.

illiberality : (f.) acāgasīlatā.

illiberally : (adv.) samaccheraṃ.

illicit : (adj.) nītiviruddha; apaṭiññāta.

illicitly : (adv.) nītivirodhena; adhammena.

illimitable : (adj.) ananta; aparimita; appameya.

illimitably : (adv.) aparimitākārena.

illiteracy : (f.) asatthaññutā; anakkharaññutā.

illiterate : (adj.) vijjāhīna; anakkharaññū.

illness : (m.) roga; ātaṅka; vyādhi. (nt.) gelañña.

illogical : (adj.) takkaviruddha; ayuttisiddha.

illogically : (adv.) takkavirodhena.

illuminate : (v.t.) dīpeti; pakāseti; pabhāseti. (pp.) dīpita; pakāsita; pabhāsita.

illumination : (nt.) obhāsana; jotana. (f.) dīpamālā.

illumine : (v.t.) joteti; pabhāseti; obhāseti; pākaṭīkaroti. (pp.) jotita; pabhāsita; obhāsita; pākaṭīkata.

illumining : (adj.) jotaka; paridīpaka; pabhaṅkara.

illusion : (m.) micchāvabodha; saññāvipallāsa. (f.) māyā.

illusist : (m.) māyākāra; vipallatthacitta; viparītagāhī.

illusive : (adj.) vipallāsajanaka.

illusory : (adj.) vipallāsajanaka.

illustrate : (v.t.) paridīpeti; uttānīkaroti; visadīkaroti. (pp.) paridīpita; uttānīkata.

illustration : (nt.) udāharaṇa; nidassana; vivaraṇa; uttānīkaraṇa.

illustrative : (adj.) uddīpaka; jotaka; nidassaka.

illustrator : (m.) nidassaka; paridīpetu; vaṇṇetu; ālekhaka.

illustrious : (adj.) vikhyāta; vissuta; abhiññāta; paññāta; supākaṭa.

illustriously : (adv.) visiṭṭhākārena.

illustriousness : (f.) vissuti; vikhyātatā; visiṭṭhatā.

image : (f.) paṭimā; upaṭṭhiti. (nt.) paṭibimba; paṭirūpa. (m.) ākāra. (v.t.) 1. paṭibimbeti; ākāraṃ sallakkheti; 2. supākaṭaṃ dīpeti. (pp.) paṭibimbita; sallakkhitākāra; supākataṃ dīpita.

image-house : (nt.) paṭimāghara.

image-worship : (f.) rūpavandanā.

imagery : (nt.) manokappita. (m.) paṭimāsamūha.

imaginable : (adj.) cintāvisayaka.

imaginably : (adv.) cintiyākārena.

imaginary : (adj.) saṅkappaja; cintāmaya.

imagination : (m.) saṅkappa. (f.) maññanā.

imaginative : (adj.) parikappaka; cintāpara.

imaginatively : (adv.) parikappanavasena.

imagine : (v.t.) saṅkappeti; parikappeti. (v.i.) maññati. (pp.) saṅkappita; maññita.

imbecile : (adj.; n.) dubbala; mandamatika; mandapañña.

imbecility : (nt.) dubbalya; buddhivekalla.

imbed : (v.t.) anto paveseti. (pp.) anto pavesita.

imbibe : (v.t.) 1. āpibati; 2. adhigaṇhāti; manasā dhāreti. (pp.) āpīta; adhiggahita; manasā dhārita.

imbricate : (v.t.) chadane iṭṭhakā viya attharati.

imbroglio : (m.) saṅkiṇṇarāsi. (f.) saṅkhubitāvatthā.

imbrue : (v.t.) kiledeti; (lohitena, etc.) makkheti. (pp.) kiledita; makkhita.

imbrute : (v.t.) pasusamaṃ karoti. (pp.) pasusaṃ kata.

imbue : (v.t.) rañjeti; paripphoseti. (pp.) rañjita; paripphosita.

imitate : (v.t.) 1. anukaroti; anuyāti; 2. katam anukaroti. (pp.) anukata; anuyata.

imitation : (nt.) anukaraṇa; paṭirūpaka; vyājavatthu. (f.) diṭṭhānugati.

imitative : (adj.) anukaraṇasīla.

imitator : (m.) anukārī; anusārī.

immaculate : (adj.) nimmala; anavajja; akalaṅka.

immaculately : (adv.) nimmalākārena; anavajjatāya.

immaculateness : (nt.) nimmalatta.

immanence : (nt.) antogadhatta; pariyāpannatta.

immanent : (adj.) abbhantarika; antogata.

immaterial : (adj.) 1. addabba; arūpa; 2. anavassa; niratthaka.

immaterialism : (m.) arūpavāda.

immateriality : (f.) addabbatā.

immature : (adj.) apariṇata; appata-kāla.

immaturely : (adv.) apariṇate.

immaturity : (nt.) apariṇatatta.

immeasurability : (nt.) appameyatta.

immeasurable : (adj.) appameya; aparimita; amita; appamāṇa.

immeasurably : (adv.) aparimeyyākārena.

immeasureness : (nt.) appameyatta.

immediate : (adj.) 1. ānantarika; 2. upakaṭṭha; āsanna.

immediately : (adv.) sapadi; sajju; taṅkhaṇaṃ; tāvad eva.

immediateness : (nt.) āsannatta; āsukātabbatta.

immedicable : (adj.) atekiccha; asādhiya; appatikāra.

immemorial : (adj.) aviditārambha; sativisayātīta; cirantana.

immense : (adj.) atimahanta; ativisāla; atipatthaṭa.

immensely : (adv.) vipulākārena.

immensity : (nt.) atimahatta; visālatta.

immerge : (v.t.) ogāheti; nimujjāpeti. (v.i.) nimujjati; ogāhati. (pp.) ogāhita; nimjjāpita; nimugga; ogāḷha.

immersion : (nt.) ogāhana.

immethodical : (adj.) ayathākkamika; uppaṭipāṭika.

immethodically : (adv.) uppaṭipāṭiyā; kamavirodhena.

immigrant : (m.) sadesacāgī; (vāsāya) videsagāmī.

immigrate : (v.i.) desantaraṃ saṅkamati. (pp.) desantaraṃ saṅkanta.

immigration : (nt.) sadesacāga; videsasaṅkamaṇa.

imminence : (f.) accāsannatā; bhayānakata.

imminent : (adj.) 1. upantika; accāsanna; 2. jīvitasaṃsayāvaha.

imminently : (adv.) accāsannavasena; atisayena.

immiscible : (adj.) asaṃyujjamāna.

immission : (nt.) antopesana.

immit : (v.t.) antopeseti; antogometi. (pp.) antopesita; antogamita.

immitigable : (adj.) alahukaraṇīya.

immix : (v.t.) sammisseti. (pp.) sammissita.

immixture : (nt.) sammissaṇa.

immobile : (adj.) thira; acala; aniñja; akampa.

immobilise : (v.t.) santhambheti; akampiyaṃ karoti. (pp.) santhambhita; akampiyaṃ kata.

immobility : (nt.) thāvariya; niccalatta.

immoderate : (adj.) amattaññū; sīmātikkamaka.

immoderately : (adv.) amattññutāya; atimattaṃ.

immoderation : (m.) sīmātikkama.

immodest : (adj.) avinīta; nillajja.

immodestly : (adv.) avinītākārena.

immodesty : (nt.) pāgabbhiya; avinītatta. (f.) nillajjatā.

immolate : (v.t.) yāgāya hanati. (pp.) yāgāya hata.

immolation : (nt.) yajana; yāgakaraṇa.

immolator : (m.) yājaka.

immoral : (adj.) dussīla; pāpadhamma; durācāra; adhammika.

immorality : (nt.) dussīlya; duccarita. (m.) adhamma.

immorally : (adv.) sassatākārena.

immovability : (nt.) acalatta; akampiyatta; thāvariya.

immovable : (adj.) acala; akampiya; thāvara; asaṃhārima.

immovably : (adv.) thiraṃ; nibbikāraṃ.

immune : (adj.) vippamutta; virahita.

immunity : (f.) vimutti. (m.) abhāva; viraha.

immure : (v.t.) avarodheti; parikkhipati. (pp.) avarodhita; parikkhitta.

immurement : (nt.) avarodhana.

immutability : (f.) avikāratā; niccatā.

immutable : (adj.) nibbikāra; avipariṇāma.

imp : (m.) 1. yakkhapotaka; 2. dubbinīta-dāraka.

impact : (m.) paṭighāta. (nt.) saṅghaṭṭana. (v.t.) daḷhaṃ sandahati. (pp.) daḷhaṃ sandahita.

impair : (v.t.) vikalīkaroti; hāpeti. (v.i.) vikalībhavati; hāyati. (pp.) vikalīkata; hāpita; vikalībhūta; hīna.

impaired : (adj.) vikala; ūna.

impairment : (nt.) vekalla; ūnatta. (f.) hāni.

impale : (v.t.) uttāseti; sūle āropeti. (pp.) uttāsita; sūlāropita.

impalement : (nt.) uttāsana; sūlāropaṇa.

impalpable : (adj.) 1. phusanāvisaya; atisukhuma; 2. duravabodha.

impalpably : (adv.) avyattaṃ; apphuṭaṃ; dujjānākārena.

impanel : (v.t.) nāmāvaliyaṃ antokaroti. (pp.) nāmāvaliyaṃ antokata.

impardonable : (adj.) akkhamitabba; akkhamāraha.

imparity : (nt.) vesamma; asamānatta.

impark : (v.t.) upavane paveseti. (pp.) upavane pavesita.

impart : (v.t.) 1. anuppadāti; vitarati; 2. pakāseit; viññāpeti. (pp.) anuppadinna; vitarita; pakāsita; viññāpita.

impartial : (adj.) majjhaṭṭha; apakkhapātī.

impartiality : (f.) apakkhapātitā; upekkhā; majjhattatā.

impartially : (adv.) apakkhapātena.

impartible : (adj.) avebhaṅgiya; avibhajiya.

impassable : (adj.) duratikkama; duggama; sambādha.

impasse : (f.) alaṅghanīyāvatthā. (m.) sambādhamagga.

impassible : (adj.) acetana; akampiyasabhāva.

impassion : (v.t.) kilese khobheti. (pp.) khobhitakilese.

impassionable : (adj.) sukhobhiya.

impassionate : (adj.) kilesavegayutta.

impassioned : (adj.) anuratta; āsattacitta.

impassive : (adj.) akampiya; nibbikāra; upasanta.

impassively : (adv.) nibbikaraṃ; upasantākārena.

impassivity : (f.) ananurattatā; upasantatā.

impaste : (v.t.) 1. lepaṃ sampādeti; 2. ālepeti.

impatience : (f.) akkhanti; asahanatā.

impatient : (adj.) asahamāna; atiussuka.

impatiently : (adv.) akkhantiya; atisīghaṃ.

impeach : (v.t.) codeti; upavadati; dosam āropeti. (pp.) codita; upavutta; āropitadosa.

impeachment : (f.) codanā; dosāropaṇā.

impearl : (v.t.) muttāhi alaṅkaroti. (pp.) alaṅkata.

impeccable : (adj.) niddosa; pāpabhīruka.

impeccably : (adv.) agārayhākārena.

impeccancy : (nt.) anindiyatta; agārayhatta.

impeccant : (adj.) nippāpa; niddosa.

impecunious : (adj.) niddhana; daḷidda.

impede : (v.t.) sannirumbheti; rundheti. (pp.) sannirubhita; rundhita.

impediment : (m.) antarāya; uparodha. (f.) bādhā.

impel : (v.t.) niyojeti; payojeti; vyāpārayati. (pp.) niyojita; vyāpārita.

impelent : (adj.; m.) uyyojaka; payojaka.

impend : (v.i.) uparito lambati; samāpatati. (pp.) uparito lambita; samāpatita.

impending : (adj.) upakaṭṭha; paccāsanna.

impenetrable : (adj.) avinivedhiya; anibbijjhiya; duravabodha.

impenitence : (m.) ananutapa. (nt.) ananusocana.

impenitent : (adj.) ananutāpī; khedarahita.

imperative : (adj.; n.) āṇāpaka; vidhāyaka; alaṅghiya; āṇattivācaka.

imperatively : (adv.) avilaṅghiyākārena; avassam eva.

imperativeness : (nt.) avilaṅghiyatta.

imperator : (m.) rājādhirāja.

imperatrix : (f.) adhirājinī.

imperceivable : (adj.) anindriyagocara; atisukhuma.

imperceptibility : (f.) atisukhumatā; indriyāgocaratā.

imperceptible : (adj.) atisukhuma; indriyāgocara.

impercipient : (adj.) anupalabbhanaka; acetanika.

imperfect : (adj.) asampuṇṇa; ūna; vikala.

imperfect memory : (nt.) sativekalla.

imperfection : (f.) apuṇṇatā. (nt.) vikalatta.

imperfectly : (adv.) ūnākārena; vikalaṃ.

imperforate : (adj.) acchidda; asasira.

imperial : (adj.) adhirajjāyatta.

imperialism : (nt.) adhirājapālana. (m.) adhirajjavāda.

imperialist : (m.) adhirajjavādī.

imperil : (v.t.) antarāyaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) antarāyaṃ pāpita.

imperious : (adj.) 1. uddhata; sāvalepa; 2. āṇādāyaka; avilaṅghiya.

imperiously : (adv.) avilaṅghiyākārena.

imperiousness : (nt.) uddhacca. (m.) ahaṅkāra. (nt.) avilaṅghiyatta.

imperishable : (adj.) avyaya; akkhaya; avinassara; dhuva.

imperium : (nt.) ekādhipacca; adhirājatta.

impermanent : (adj.) anicca; adhuva; bhaṅgura.

impermeable : (adj.) appavesiya; avinivijjhiya.

impermissible : (adj.) ananuññātabba; ananujānitabba.

impersonal : (adj.) akattuka; apāṭipuggalika.

impersonal verb : (f.) bhāvakriyā.

impersonate : (v.t.) 1. sacetanattam āropeti; 2. aññassa vesaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) āropitasacetanattaṃ; gahitaññavesa.

impersonation : (nt.) 1. aññavesagahaṇa; sacetanattāropaṇa.

impersonify : (v.t.) sacetanattam āropeti. (pp.) āropitasacetanatta.

impertinence : (nt.) dovacassa. (m.) anācāra; avinaya.

imperturbable : (adj.) akkhobbha; nibbikāra.

impervious : (adj.) sambādha; duppavesa; anibbedhiya.

imperviously : (adv.) duppavesiyattena.

impertinent : (adj.) 1. dubbaca; avinīta; 2. anāyatta; asambandha.

impertinently : (adv.) dubbinītākārena; parakiccappavesena.

impetrate : (v.t.) yācanāya labhati. (pp.) yācanaya laddha.

impetration : (nt.) yācanāya labhana.

impetuosity : (m.) avega. (nt.) caṇḍatta; sāhasikatta.

impetuous : (adj.) aticaṇḍa; vagavantu; sāhasika.

impetuously : (adv.) ativegena; sāhasikatāya.

impetuousness : (m.) avega. (nt.) caṇḍatta; sāhasikatta.

impetus : (m.) vega; java. (nt.) samussāhana.

impiety : (nt.) assaddhiya. (m.) agārava.

impinge : (v.t.i.) saṅghaṭṭeti. (pp.) saṅghaṭṭita.

impious : (adj.) assaddha; bhattihīna.

implacable : (adj.) avupasamiya; ciraṭṭhitika.

implacably : (adv.) avupasamiyākārena.

implant : (v.t.) abhiropeti; patiṭthāpeti. (pp.) abhiropita; patiṭṭhapita.

implausible : (adj.) apaccayika; avissasanīya.

impledge : (v.t.) nyāsāya ṭhapeti. (pp.) nyāsāya ṭhapita.

implement : (nt.) upakaraṇa; parikkhāra. (v.t.) paripūreti; sampādeti. (pp.) paripūrita; sampādita.

implemental : (adj.) upakaraṇabhūta.

impletion : (nt.) pūraṇa; puṇṇatta.

implicate : (v.t.) sambandheti; jaṭeti; saṃsileseti. (pp.) sambandhita; jaṭita; saṃsilesita.

implication : (m.) saṃsagga; sambandha.

implicit : (adj.) nissaṃsaya; avisaṅkiya; vivādarahita.

implicitly : (adv.) nissaṃsayaṃ; avivādena.

impliedly : (adv.) ānusaṅgikākārena.

implore : (v.t.) abhiyācati. (pp.) abhiyācita.

imploringly : (adv.) yācanapubbakaṃ.

imply : (v.t.) 1. upalakkheti; sūceti; 2. bodheti; viññāpeti. (pp.) upalakkhita; sūcita; bodhita; viññāpita.

impolicy : (m.) aññāya; nītivirodha.

impolite : (adj.) asabbha; gamma; avinīta.

impolitely : (adv.) avinītākārena.

impoliteness : (f.) asabbhatā. (m.) avinaya.

impolitic : (adj.) 1. ñāyaviruddha; asamekkhakata; 2. aviveki anītiññū.

imponderous : (adj.) acchiddaka.

import : (v.t.) 1. desantarā āneti; 2. sūceti; bodheti. (pp.) desantarā ānīta; sūcita; bodhita. (nt.) videsānīta-bhaṇḍa. (m.) adhippāya.

importable : (adj.) videsā āharitabba.

importance : (nt.) garutta; sappayojanatta.

important : (adj.) mukhya; padhana; garuka.

importantly : (adv.) garutāya; mukhyatāya.

importation : (nt.) desantarānayana.

importer : (m.) videsā bhaṇḍāharaka.

importunate : (adj.) nibandhaka; atiyācaka.

importunately : (adv.) sanibandhaṃ.

importune : (v.t.) nibandhati; abhiyāceti. (pp.) nibaddha; abhiyācita.

importunity : (nt.) nibandhana; atiyācana.

impose : (v.t.) niveseti; āropeti; niyameti; yuttaṭṭhāne ṭhapeti. (pp.) nivesita; āropita; niyamita; yuttaṭṭhāne ṭhapita.

impose upon : vañceti.

imposing : (adj.) uḷāra; mahāteja; vimhayāvaha.

imposition : (nt.) āropaṇa; niyamana. (m.) kara; bali. (nt.) sāṭheyya.

impossibility : (nt.) asādhiyatta; asakyatta; abhabbatta.

impossible : (adj.) asakya; asādhiya; abhabba.

impossibly : (adv.) asambhavena.

impost : (m.) kara; bali; suṅka.

impostor : (m.) kuhaka; patirūpaka; vañcaka; nekatika.

imposture : (f.) nikati. (nt.) kerāṭiya; sāṭheyya.

impotence : (n.) dubbalya.

impotent : (adj.) 1. dubbala; asamattha; 2. niratthaka.

impotently : (adv.) dubbalākārena.

impound : (v.t.) 1. vaje pakkhipati or rundheti; 2. rājāyattīkaroti. (pp.) vaje pakkhitta; vaje ruddha; rājāyattīkata.

impoverish : (v.t.) 1. niddhanīkaroti; 2. balam apaharati. (pp.) niddhanīkata; apahaṭabala.

impoverishment : (nt.) dāḷiddiya; niddhanatta.

impracticable : (adj.) asādhiya; duppayojiya.

impracticably : (adv.) asādhiyākārena.

impractical : (adj.) dukkara; asādhiya.

imprecate : (v.t.) abhisapati. (pp.) abhisatta.

imprecation : (nt.) abhisapana. (m.) sāpa.

imprecatory : (adj.) abhisāpayutta.

imprecision : (nt.) ayathākaraṇa.

impregnable : (adj.) duppadhaṃsiya; dujjaya; anabhibhavanīya.

impregnate : (v.t.) 1. anto vyāpeti; 2. gabbhaṃ gaṇhapeti. (pp.) anto vyāpita; gabbhaṃ gaṇhāpita.

impress : (v.t.) 1. muddeti; lañcheti; 2. daḷhaṃ patiṭṭhāpeti; 3. citte sannidahati. (pp.) muddita; lañchita; daḷhaṃ patiṭṭhāpita; citte sannihita. (nt.) ciṇha; lañchana. (f.) muddā.

impression : (nt.) lañchana. (m.) hadayagata-bhāva.

impressionable : (adj.) 1. manorañjaka; 2. ciṇhapatiṭṭhāpaka.

impressive : (adj.) cittārādhaka; hadayaṅgama.

impressively : (adv.) manoharākārena.

impressiveness : (nt.) hadayaṅgamatta.

imprest : (m.) saccakāra.

imprimis : (adv.) paṭhamataraṃ.

imprint : (v.t.) 1. muddeti; lañcheti; 2. (citte) niveseti. (pp.) muddita; lañchita; (citte) nivesita.

imprison : (v.t.) avarodheti; kārāyaṃ pakkhipati. (pp.) avorodhita; kārāyaṃ pakkhitta.

imprisonment : (nt.) rundhana; kārāpakkhipana.

improbability : (m.) asambhava. (f.) anupapatti; bhavitum-asakyatā.

improbable : (adj.) asambhaviya; bhavitum-asakya.

improbity : (f.) vaṅkatā. (nt.) sāṭheyya; anajjava.

impromptu : (adv.) nirussāhena; anāyāsena.

improper : (adj.) anucita; ayogga; ananucchavika; appatirūpa.

improper place : (nt.) aṭṭhāna; anāyatana.

improper time : (f.) avelā. (m.) akāla.

improperly : (adv.) ayathā; asammā; ayoniso; asādhukaṃ.

impropriate : (v.t.) puggalādhīnaṃ or puggalayattaṃ karoti. (pp.) puggalādhīnaṃ or puggalāyattaṃ kata.

impropriation : (nt.) puggalāyattakaraṇa.

impropriety : (nt.) anucitatta; ayoggatta. (f.) ayutti.

improvable : (n.) abhivaḍḍhetabba; vaḍḍhanīya.

improve : (v.t.) abhivaḍḍheti; bhāveti; brūheti. (pp.) abhivaḍḍhita; bhāvita; brūhita.

improvement : (nt.) abhivaḍḍhana. (f.) unnati; samiddhi. (m.) udaya.

improvidence : (f.) adūradassitā; asamekkhakāritā.

improvident : (adj.) adūradassī; adīghadassī.

improvidently : (adv.) asamekkha; avivicca.

improvisate : (v.t.) taṅkhaṇaṃ racayati.

improvisation : (m.) taṅkhaṇa-racaka.

improvise : (v.t.) khaṇapaṭibhāṇena karoti or vadati; ṭhānocitaṃ karoti. (pp.) khaṇapaṭibhāṇena kata; khaṇapaṭibhāṇena vutta; ṭhānocitaṃ kata.

imprudence : (f.) adūradassitā; asamekkhā. (m.) agārava; avinaya.

imprudent : (adj.) avicakkhaṇa; adūradassī; sahasākārī.

imprudently : (adv.) avicārena; ananuvicca.

impuberal : (adj.) appattavaya; nālaṅkammaniya.

impuberty : (f.) appattavayatā.

impudence : (nt.) pāgabbhiya; ahirikatta. (f.) nillajjatā.

impudent : (adj.) pagabbha; dubbinīta; ahirika.

impudently : (adv.) sappagabbhaṃ.

impugn : (v.t.) santajjeti; paccakkhāti. (pp.) santajjita; paccakkhāta.

impugnment : (m.) vorodha; paṭikkhepa. (nt.) upakkosana.

impuissant : (adj.) dubbala; khīṇabala.

impulse : (m.) cittavega; chanda.

impulse of lust : (m.) kamavega.

impulsion : (nt.) samussāhana; vegajanana.

impulsive : (adj.) samussāhaka.

impulsively : (adv.) sahasā.

impunity : (f.) 1. daṇḍamutti; 2. aparihāni.

impure : (adj.) 1. asuddha; samala; malina; kiliṭṭha; 2. gārayha; kucchita.

impureness : (nt.) asuddhatta; kiliṭṭhatta; mala; kalusa. (m.) upakkilesa.

impurity : (nt.) asuddhatta; kiliṭṭhatta; mala; kalusa. (m.) upakkilesa || free from impurity: anaṅgaṇa; viraja; nimmala; nikkilesa.

imputable : (adj.) abhisambandhiya.

imputation : (nt.) ajjhāropaṇa; aññasmim aropaṇa.

impute : (v.t.) aññasmiṃ āropeti. (pp.) aññasmiṃ āropita.

in : (prep.) anto; majjhe.

in a short time : (adv.) acirena.

in another place : (adv.) aññattha.

in another way : (adv.) aññathā.

in between : (adv.) antara.

in both sides : (adv.) ubhato.

in both ways : (adv.) ubhayathā.

in breadth : vitthārena.

in front : (adv.) purato; abhimukhe.

in many ways : (adv.) anekadhā.

in six days : (adv.) chāhena.

in that instant : (adv.) sapadi.

in the absence : (adv.) parammukhā.

in the presence : sammukhā; abhimukhe.

in the same manner : (ind.) tath'eva.

in what respect : kenākārena?

in what way : (adv.) kathaṃ?

inability : (nt.) asāmatthiya; dubbalya.

inabstinene : (f.) avirati.

inaccessible : (adj.) duppavesa; duggama.

inaccuracy : (nt.) vitathatta; atacchatta.

inaccurate : (adj.) vitatha; ataccha; ayathābhūta.

inaccurately : (adv.) ayathā.

inaction : (nt.) ananuṭṭhāna; ālasya; udāsīnatta.

inactive : (adj.) akammasīlī; olīnavuttika; anuyyogī.

inactivity : (nt.) ananuṭṭhāna; ālasya; udāsīnatta.

inadaptability : (nt.) akammaniyatta.

inadaptable : (adj.) akammañña; nālaṃkammaniyoa.

inadequacy : (nt) asāmatthiya; appahoṇakatta.

inadequate : (adj.) akkhama; asamattha; appahoṇaka.

inadequately : (adv.) appahoṇākārena; asāmatthiyena.

inadherent : (adj.) alagga; asatta.

inadhesive : (adj.) alagganasabhāva.

inadmissible : (adj.) anādeyya; agayha; asampaṭicchiya.

inadvertence : (m.) pamāda. (nt.) anavadhāna.

inadvertent : (adj.) pamatta; anavadhāna.

inadvertently : (adv.) anavadhānena; pamādena.

inalienable : (adj.) aviyojiya; avinibbhoga; avibhajiya.

inalterable : (adj.) aparivattiya.

inane : (adj.; n.) ritta; suñña; niratthaka.

inanimate : (adj.) nijjīva; aviññāṇaka.

inanition : (nt.) suññatta.

inappeasable : (adj.) avupasamiya.

inappellable : (adj.) apunavicāraṇīya; apunavinicchiya.

inapplicable : (adj.) anupayojiya; anucita.

inapplication : (m.) anupayoga; anuyyoga; anabhinivesa.

inapposite : (adj.) aṭṭhānayutta.

inappreciable : (adj.) atyappaka; avibhūta; avyatta.

inappreciation : (nt.) 1. avibhūtatta; apākaṭatta; 2. asampaṭicchana.

inapprehensible : (adj.) duravabodha; duviññeyya.

inapprehensive : (adj.) nirāsaṅka; vītabhaya.

inapproachable : (adj.) durupasaṅkama; durāsada.

inappropriate : (adj.) anucita; ayogga.

inapt : (adj.) asamattha; anipuṇa; abhabba.

inaptitude : (nt.) asāmatthiya; anipuṇatta; abhabbatta.

inaptly : (adv.) anipuṇākārena; asammā.

inarm : (v.t.) āliṅgati; parissajati. (pp.) āliṅgita; parissaṭṭha.

inarticulate : (adj.) avyatta; apphuṭa; avisada.

inarticulately : (adv.) avisadākārena.

inartificial : (adj.) asippānukūla.

inasmuch : (adv.) yasmā; yena; yato.

inattention : (f.) anavadhānatā; assavaṇatā.

inattentive : (adj.) nirapekkha; anohitasota; anavadhāna.

inattentiveness : (nt.) anavadhanatta.

inaudible : (adj.) savaṇāgocara; assutigocara.

inaugural : (adj.) ārambhavisayaka.

inaugurate : (v.t.) 1. ārabhati; patiṭṭhapet; 2. adhikāre niveseti. (pp.) āraddha; patiṭṭhāpita; adhikāre nivesita.

inauguration : (m.) ārambha. (nt.) pavesamaṅgala.

inauspicious : (adj.) asubha; avamaṅgala; abhaddaka.

inauspiciously : (adv.) abhaddakaṃ; asubhākārena.

inbapability : (nt.) akkhamatta; abhabbatta.

inborn : (adj.) sahaja; nesaggika; sabhāvasiddhi.

inbreathe : (v.t.) assasati. (pp.) assasita.

inbred : (adj.) sahaja; nesaggika; sabhāvasiddhi.

incage : (v.t.) pañjare pakkhipati. (pp.) pañjare pakkhitta.

incalculable : (adj.) asaṅkheyya; appameyya.

incandesce : (v.t.) uttāpeti. (pp.) uttāpita.

incandescence : (nt.) accuṇhatta.

incandescent : (adj.) uttatta; sajotibhūta.

incantation : (nt.) mantajappana.

incapable : (adj.) akkama; asamattha; abhabba.

incapably : (adv.) asamatthākārena.

incapacious : (adj.) aputhula; sambādha.

incapacitate : (v.t.) abhabbaṃ karoti; vikalayati. (pp.) abhabbakata; vikalayita.

incapacity : (nt.) asāmatthiya; abhabbatta. (f.) anupayogitā; buddhihīnatā.

incarcerate : (v.t.) kārāyaṃ pakkhipati. (pp.) kārāyaṃ pakkhitta.

incarceration : (nt.) rundhana; kārāpakkhipana.

incarnadine : (adj.) maṃsavaṇṇa. (v.t.) rattavaṇṇaṃ karoti.

incarnate : (adj.) sarīrībhūta; dissamāna. (v.t.) dissamānavesaṃ gaṇhāti; sasarīro bhavati (pp.) gahitavesa; sasarīrībhūta.

incarnation : (m.) 1. punaravatāra; 2. sasarīrapātubhāva.

incase : (v.t.) kose pakkhipati; āchādeti. (pp.) kose pakkhitta; āchādita.

incatinate : (v.t.) āvuṇāti. (pp.) āvuta.

incatination : (nt.) āvuṇana; uddānakaraṇa.

incautious : (adj.) pamatta; anavadhāna.

incendiary : (adj.; n.) dahanasīla; gehajhāpaka.

incendism : (nt.) gharajhāpana.

incensation : (nt.) gandhadhūpana.

incense : (m.) sugandhadhūpa. (v.t.) 1. dhūpeti; 2. uttejeti; saṅkhobheti. (pp.) dhūpita; uttejita; saṅkhobhita.

incensory : (nt.) dhūpabhājana.

incentive : (adj.) uttejaka; palobhaka. (nt.) uyyojana; palobhana; samuttejana.

inception : (m.) paṭhamārambha. (f.) paṭisandhi.

inceptive : (adj.; n.) paṭhamārambhaka; paṭṭhāpaka.

incertitude : (m.) sandeha; saṃsaya. (f.) vimati; kaṅkhā.

incessant : (adj.) nirantrara; avicchinna; sātatika.

incessantly : (adv.) satataṃ; nirantaraṃ.

incest : (m.) 1. adhammarāga; 2. vyabhicāra.

incestuous : (adj.) ñātimethunāyatta.

inch : (nt.) aṅgula.

inchoate : (adj.) āraddhamatta; acirāddha. (v.t.) ārabhati. (pp.) āraddha.

incidence : (f.) siddhi; sabhāvasiddhi.

incident : (m.) pasaṅga. (f.) antarāsiddhi. (adj.) sijjhamāna; pāsaṅgika; sabhāvasiddha.

incidental : (adj.) āgantuka; anusaṅgika.

incidentally : (adv.) pasaṅgavasena; yadicchāya.

incinerate : (v.t.) bhasmīkaroti. (pp.) bhasmīkata.

incipient : (adj.) mūlabhūta; paṭhamārambha.

incipiently : (adv.) ārambhasamakālam eva.

incise : (v.t.) kantati; nikantati. (pp.) kantita; nikantita.

incision : (nt.) kattana; nikantana; chindana.

incisive : (adj.) nikantaka.

incitation : (nt.) samussāhana; samuttejana.

incite : (v.t.) ussāheti; uttejeti; uyyojet. (pp.) ussāhita; uttejita; uyyojita.

incitement : (nt.) samussāhana; samuttejana.

incivility : (nt.) avinītatta; anādariya. (f.) asabbhatā.

inclasp : (v.t.) parissajati; upagūhati. (pp.) parissaṭṭha; upagūhita.

inclemency : (nt.) niddayatta; kakkasatta.

inclemencyment : (adj.) kakkasa; niddaya; niṭthura.

inclination : (nt.) poṇatta; pabbhāratta. (m.) abhinivesa. (f.) adhimutti.

incline : (m.) pabbhāra. (nt.) poṇaṭṭhāna. (v.i.) onamati; poṇībhavit. (pp.) onata; poṇībhūta. (v.t.) onāmeti; poṇīkaroti. (pp.) onāmita; poṇīkata.

incline towards : adhimuccati.

inclined towards : (adj.) tanninna; tappoṇa.

include : (v.t.) antokaroti; samodahati. (pp.) antokata; samodahita.

included : (adj.) antogata; pariyāpanna.

including : (adj.) niravasesa; abhivyāpaka.

inclusion : (nt.) saṅgaṇhana; antokaraṇa.

inclusive : (adj.) niravasesa; abhivyāpaka.

inclusively : (adv.) niravasesena; sakallena; nissesaṃ.

inco-ordination : (f.) asahayogitā.

incoercible : (adj.) duppasaha; durāsada.

incogitable : (adj.) acintāvisayaka.

incognisance : (nt.) asañjanana. (f.) anupaladdhi.

incognito : (adj.; n.) aññātanāma; paṭicchannavesa. (adv.) apākaṭavesena; paṭicchannākārena.

incognizable : (adj.) anupalakkhiya; asañjaniya.

incognizant : (m.) anupalakkhaka.

incoherence : (f.) asaṅgati; viyuttatā.

incoherent : (adj.) asambaddha; vippayutta.

incohesion : (nt.) anallīyana. (f.) asaṅgati.

incombustible : (adj.) aḍayha; adahanakkhama.

income : (m.) āya; udaya; dhanāgama.

income tax : (m.) āyabali.

incomer : (m.) antopavisaka; videsāgata.

incoming : (adj.) āgacchamāna.

incommensurable : (adj.) 1. asamappamāṇa; 2. atakkānugata.

incommensurate : (adj.) asamaparimāṇa; aghaṭiyamāna.

incommode : (v.t.) āyāseti; pīḷeti. (pp.) āyāsita; pīḷita.

incommodious : (adj.) aphāsuka; sambādha; pīḷākara.

incommunicable : (adj.) anivedaniya; abattabba.

incommunicative : (adj.) anivedaka; avadanasīla.

incommutable : (adj.) aparivattiya; avipariṇāmiya.

incompact : (adj.) asambaddha; asaṅgata.

incomparable : (adj.) asadisa; atula; nirupama; anupameya; appaṭisama.

incomparably : (adv.) anupameyākārena.

incompassionate : (adj.) ananurūpa; aññamaññaviruddha.

incompetence : (nt.) akosalla. (f.) adakkhatā.

incompetent : (adj.) asamattha; anipuṇa; abhabba.

incompetently : (adv.) anipuṇākārena.

incomplete : (adj.) asampuṇṇa; aniṭṭhita; asamāpita; ūna.

incompletely : (adv.) sāvasesaṃ; asampuṇṇaṃ.

incompleteness : (nt.) aparipuṇṇatta; aniṭṭhitatta; ūnatta.

incomplex : (adj.) amissita; asaṅkiṇṇa.

incomprehensible : (adj.) aviññeyya; duravabodha; avediya.

incomputable : (adj.) asaṅkheyya; gaṇanātīta.

inconceivability : (nt.) acintiyatta; dubbiññeyyatta.

inconceivable : (adj.) acintiya; dubbiññeyya.

inconclusive : (adj.) nicchayarahita; anicchita.

incondensable : (adj.) aghanīkaraṇīya.

inconformity : (f.) ananucchavikatā. (nt.) asādissa.

incongruity : (nt.) visadisatta; aghaṭiyamānatta.

incongruous : (adj.) visadisa; aghaṭiyamāna.

inconsecutive : (adj.) kamaviruddha; uppaṭipāṭika.

inconsequence : (m.) yuttivirodha.

inconsequent : (adj.) ñāyaviruddha.

inconsequential : (adj.) asāra; niratthaka.

inconsiderable : (adj.) agaṇetabba; asallakkhiya; appamattaka.

inconsiderate : (adj.) avivekī; asamekkhakārī.

inconsiderately : (adv.) asamekkha; ananuvicca.

inconsiderateness : (f.) avicāraṇā; anupaparikkhā.

inconsistence : (m.) asaṅgati; pubbāparavirodha.

inconsistent : (adj.) aghaṭiyamāna; pubāparaviruddha.

inconsistently : (adv.) pubbāparavirodhena; asaṅgatiyā.

inconsolable : (adj.) anassāsiya.

inconspicuous : (adj.) avisada; avyatta; apākaṭa.

inconstancy : (nt.) athiratta; anavaṭṭhiti.

inconstant : (adj.) capala; cañcala; athira.

inconstantly : (adv.) athirākārena.

inconsumable : (adj.) avināsiya.

incontestable : (adj.) vivādarahita; apaṭikkosiya.

incontinence : (f.) ajitindriyatā; āsābahulatā; atitti.

incontinent : (adj.) taṇhāvasika; atitta.

incontrollable : (adj.) avidheya; adamma; anassava.

incontrovertible : (adj.) avivaditabba; appaṭikkosiya.

inconvenience : (f.) aphāsutā. (m.) āyāsa.

inconveniently : (adv.) kasirena; aphāsutāya.

inconvertible : (adj.) avinimeyya; aparivattiya.

inconvincible : (adj.) asaddahāpiya; anavabodhiya.

incorporate : (v.t.) saṃyojeti; sammisseti. (v.i.) ekībhavati; missīyati. (pp.) saṃyojita; sammissita; ekībhūta; missita. (adj.) ekībhūta; gaṇībhūta.

incorporeal : (adj.) asarīrika; arūpa.

incorporeality : (nt.) asarīratta.

incorrect : (adj.) 1. sadosa; 2. ataccha; ayathābhūta.

incorrectly : (adv.) sadosaṃ; atacchākārena.

incorrectness : (nt.) sadosatta; vitathatta.

incorrigibility : (f.) avineyyatā; anassavatā.

incorrigible : (adj.) avidheya; avineya; appaṭikamma.

incorrigibly : (adv.) avidheyākārena.

incorrodible : (adj.) amalaggāhaka.

incorrupt : (adj.) adūsita; nimmala.

incorruptible : (adj.) 1. adūsiya; 2. apāpavasa.

incorruptness : (nt.) aduṭṭhatta; suddhatta.

incrassate : (adj.) thūla; uddhumāta.

increase : (f.) vuddhi; abhivuddhi; samiddhi; unnati. (m.) udaya; upacaya. (v.i.) vaḍḍhati; virūhati; unnamati. (v.t.) vaḍḍheti; brūheti; bhāveti. (pp.) vaḍḍhita; virūḷha; unnata; vaḍḍhita; brūhita; bhāvita.

increasing : (adj.) vaḍḍhamāna.

incredibility : (n.) asaddheyyatta; anādeyatta.

incredible : (adj.) asaddheya; apaccayika; avissāsiya.

incredibly : (adv.) asaddheyyākārena.

incredulity : (m.) appaccaya; avissāsa. (f.) āsaṅkā.

incredulous : (adj.) saṅkābahula; asaddahanta.

increment : (f.) vuḍdhi; (m.) lābha; (nt.) vuddhippamāṇa.

increscent : (adj.) upacīyamāna.

incriminate : (v.t.) aparādhena codeti. (pp.) aparādhena codita.

incrustation : (m.) ghanattaca; (f.) papaṭikā.

incubate : (v.i.) aṇḍāni sedeti or adhisayati. (pp.) seditaṇḍa.

incubation : (nt.) aṇḍādhisayana.

incubus : (m.) supina-pisāca.

inculcate : (v.t.) sādhukaṃ sikkhāpeti; manasi nivesāpeti. (pp.) sādhukaṃ sikkhāpita; manasi nivesāpita.

inculcation : (nt.) manasi nidahana.

inculpate : (v.t.) codeti; dosam āropeti. (pp.) codita; āropitadosa.

incumbent : (m.) pālakādhipati; adhikārī; (adj.) padhāna; āvassaka.

incur : (v.t.) nigacchati; pāpuṇāti.

incur a penalty : daṇḍāraho hoti.

incur debt : iṇaṭtho hoti.

incur sin : pāpaṃ pasavati.

incurable : (adj.) atekiccha; appatikāra.

incurious : (adj.) akotūhalika.

incursion : (nt.) pakkhandana; paradesakkamana.

incurvation : (nt.) ānamana.

incuse : (nt.) uṭṭhāpita-lañchana. (v.t.) lañchanaṃ uṭṭhāpeti.

indebted : (adj.) iṇaṭṭha; iṇāyika.

indebtedness : (nt.) iṇāyikatta.

indecency : (nt.) asiṭṭhatta; avinītatta.

indecent : (adj.) gamma; anariya; asabbha.

indecently : (adv.) gammākārena; nillajjaṃ.

indecipherable : (adj.) dubbāciya; avisadakkhara.

indecision : (m.) sandeha; avinicchaya; (f.) kaṅkhā; vimati.

indecisive : (adj.) sandiddha; dveḷhakajāta; anavaṭṭhita.

indecisively : (adv.) sasandehaṃ.

indeclinable : (nt.) avyaya; (m.) nipāta; (adj.) avibhajiya; avibhattika.

indecorous : (adj.) asobhana; amanuñña; anucita.

indecorum : (m.) anācāra; (nt.) anucitatta.

indeed : (adv.) addhā; nūnaṃ; jātu; kāmaṃ; ve; have; ekantena.

indefatigability : (nt.) alīnaviriyatta.

indefatigable : (adj.) ajeyya; daḷhatthāma; thirādhiṭṭhāna.

indefeasible : (adj.) anapaharaṇīya.

indefectible : (adj.) 1. niddosa; 2. avirajjhamāna; akkhaya.

indefensible : (adj.) durakkhiya; arakkhiya.

indefinable : (adj.) avyākaraṇīya.

indefinite : (adj.) aniyata; avinicchita; atīrita.

indefinite article : (m.) aniyamanipāta.

indefinitely : (adv.) aniyatākārena.

indelible : (adj.) avināsiya; alopiya.

indelibly : (adv.) alopiyākārena.

indelicacy : (nt.) pharusatta; avinītatta.

indelicate : (adj.) pharusa; avinīta.

indelicately : (adv.) pharusākārena.

indemnify : (v.t.) 1. paṭikaroti; hāniṃ pūreti; 2. daṇḍanato rakkhati. (pp.) paṭikata; pūritahānī; daṇḍanato rakkhita.

indemnity : (f.) acodiyatā; (nt.) abhayadāna; paṭikamma; hānipūraṇa.

indemonstrable : (adj.) anidassanīya; sayaṃsiddha.

indentation : (nt.) dantasampādana.

indenture : (nt.) paṭiññāpaṇṇa.

independence : (f.) aparavasatā; sādhīnatā.

independent : (adj.) aparādhīna; serī; anissita.

independently : (adv.) avaṇṇiyākārena.

indescribable : (adj.) vaṇṇanāvisayātīta.

indescribably : (adv.) avaṇṇiyākārena.

indescriptive : (adj.) vitthārarahita.

indesignate : (adj.) aparicchinna.

indestructible : (adj.) avināsiya; aviddhaṃsiya.

indeterminable : (adj.) anupalakkhiya; tīraṇāvisaya; vinicchayātīta.

indeterminate : (adj.) aniyata; anicchita.

indetermination : (m.) anicchaya.

indevotion : (nt.) assaddhiya; amāmakatta.

indevout : (adj.) assaddha; bhattihīna.

index : (f.) sūci; anukkamaṇikā; (nt.) uddāna.

India : (m.) Jambudīpa; bhāratadesa || Indian: (adj.) bhāratīya.

Indian cockoo : (m.) kuṇāla; daravīka.

indicate : (v.t.) sūceti; nirūpeti; niddisati. (pp.) sūcita; nirūpita; niddiṭṭha.

indication : (m.) upadesa; (nt.) sūcana; nirūpana; ciṇha; visesalakkhaṇa.

indicative : (adj.) sūcaka; nirūpaka; nidassaka.

indicative mood : (f.) yathatthappakāsaka-kriyā.

indicator : (m.) nidassaka.

indicatory : (adj.) sūcaka; nirūpaka; nidassaka.

indict : (v.t.) codeti; upavadati. (pp.) codita; upavutta.

indictment : (f.) codanā; (nt.) dosāropaṇa.

indifference : (f.) upekkhā; majjhattatā.

indifferent : (adj.) nirapekkha; upekkhaka; majjhaṭtha.

indifferently : (adv.) apakkhapātitāya; majjhattatāya.

indigene : (nt.) dāḷiddiya; dīnatta.

indigenous : (adj.) sadesajāta; sakadesīya.

indigent : (adj.) duggata; niddhana.

indigently : (adv.) dīnākārena.

indigested : (adj.) apariṇata; ajiṇṇa.

indigestible : (adj.) dujjara.

indigestion : (nt.) ajīraka; alasaka; (f.) mandagahaṇitā.

indignant : (adj.) kopākula; sarosa; ruṭṭha.

indignantly : (adv.) sakopaṃ.

indignation : (m.) kodha; kopa; (f.) anattamanatā.

indignity : (m.) avamāna; paribhava; (f.) avaññā.

indigo : (f.) nīlī.

indirect : (adj.) pariyāyabhūta; anujugāmī.

indirectly : (adv.) pariyāyena.

indiscernible : (adj.) avibhūta; duviññeyya-visesa; adiṭṭhigocara.

indiscipline : (nt.) asikkhitatta; (m.) avinaya.

indiscreet : (adj.) avicakkhaṇa; avivecaka; adūradassī.

indiscreetly : (adv.) asamekkha; avīmaṃsitvā.

indiscrete : (adj.) abhedagata.

indiscretion : (f.) avicāraṇā; anupaparikkhā; (nt.) akosalla.

indiscriminate : (adj.) 1. avivecaka; avicāraka; 2. nibbisesa; apparicchinna; 3. saṅkiṇṇā; saṅkula.

indiscriminating : (adj.) avisesaka; aparicchindaka.

indiscrimination : (f.) avicāraṇā; aparicchindanā.

indispensable : (adj.) āvassaka; aparihāriya; apariccajiya.

indispensably : (adv.) avassena.

indispose : (v.t.) 1. virameti; 2. gilānayati; akallataṃ pāpeti. (pp.) viramita; gilānayita; akallataṃ pāpita.

indisposed : (adj.) gilāna; akallaka.

indisposition : (nt.) gelañña; (f.) akallatā; arati; aruci.

indisputable : (adj.) vivādarahita.

indisputably : (adv.) avivādena; nissaṅkaṃ.

indissoluble : (adj.) avibhājiya; avinibbhoga; thira.

indistinct : (adj.) apākaṭa; avyatta; avisada.

indistinctly : (adv.) avibhūtaṃ; apākaṭaṃ.

indistinctness : (nt.) avibhūtatta; apākaṭata.

indistinguishable : (adj.) anupalakkhiya; aparicchindiya; avisesiya.

indistributable : (adj.) avebhaṅgiya.

indite : (v.t.) racayati; nibandhati. (pp.) racita; nibaddha.

individual : (m.) puggala; (adj.) pacceka; puggalika.

individualism : (f.) attakāmatā.

individuality : (f.) pāṭekkatā; puggalikatā; (m.) attabhāva; sakkāya.

individually : (adv.) paccekaṃ; pāṭekkaṃ; paccattaṃ.

individuate : (v.t.) pāṭipuggalikaṃ karoti. (pp.) pāṭipuggalikaṃ kata.

indivisible : (adj.) abhājiya; abhejja.

indocile : (adj.) dubbaca; dubbineya.

indocility : (nt.) dovacassa.

indolence : (f.) ālasya; kosajja; (f.) tandī.

indolent : (adj.) alasa; nirussāha.

indolently : (adv.) alasatāya.

indomitable : (adj.) 1. mahussāha; anivattiya; 2. duddamiya; avineya.

indoor : (adj.) gehabbhantarika.

indoors : (adv.) antogehe.

indorsation : (nt.) thirīkaraṇa; punalikhana.

indubitable : (adj.) avisaṅkiya; nissaṃsaya.

induce : (v.t.) 1. uyyojeti; 2. palobheti. (pp.) uyyojita; palobhita.

inducement : (nt.) 1. uyyojana; 2. palobhana.

induct : (v.t.) 1. antokaroti; 2. adhikāre niyojeti; 3. abhijānāpeti.

induction : (nt.) antokaraṇa; niyojana; (m.) anumāna.

inductive : (adj.) 1. anumeya; 2. (vijju-) vāhaka.

inductor : (m.) adhikāre niyojaka; vijjuvāhaka.

indulge : (v.i.) abhiramati; āsajjati; nirato hoti. (v.t.) abhirameti; upalāleti. (pp.) abhirata; āsatta; nirata; abhiramita; upalālita.

indulgence : (nt.) abhiramaṇa; tosana; lālana; (f.) āsatti; (m.) anuggaha.

indulgent : (adj.) abhiramamāna; anukūla.

indulgently : (adv.) sānuddayaṃ; sābhiratiṃ.

indurate : (v.t.) kaṭhinayati; thambheti. (v.i.) kaṭhinībhavati; thambhīyati. (pp.) kaṭhinayita; thambhita; kaṭhinībhūta; thambhīyita.

industrial : (adj.) kammantavisayaka.

industrialist : (m.) kammantapayojaka.

industrially : (adv.) kammantānusārena.

industrious : (adj.) kiccāsatta; saussāha.

industriously : (adv.) saussāhaṃ.

industry : (nt.) kammanta; sippa; (m.) uyyoga; (f.) kammasīlitā.

indwell : (v.i.) sadā vasati. (pp.) sadāvuttha.

indwelling : (adj.) antovattī.

inebriant : (adj.) ummādakara.

inebriate : (adj.) madamatta. (v.t.) madayati.

inebriety : (m.) ummāda; mattabhāva.

inedible : (adj.) abhojanāraha; abhakkha.

inedited : (adj.) 1. amuddāpita; 2. asodhitapāṭha.

ineffable : (adj.) vacanapathātīta.

ineffaceable : (adj.) anapamajjiya; alopiya.

ineffaceably : (adv.) alopiyākārena.

ineffective : (adj.) niratthaka; nipphala; akkhama; asamattha.

ineffectively : (adv.) nipphalākārena.

ineffectual : (adj.) niratthaka; nipphala; akkhama; asamattha.

inefficacy : (nt.) viphalatta; asāmatthiya; dubbalatta.

inefficiency : (nt.) asāmatthiya; appahoṇakatta.

inefficient : (adj.) akāriyakkhana; apariyatta.

inefficiently : (adv.) anipuṇākārena.

inefficious : (adj.) asamattha; pabhāvarahita.

inelastic : (adj.) anamya; akammañña.

inelegance : (nt.) asobhanatta; apāsādikatta.

inelegant : (adj.) asobhana; amanuñña; aporiya.

ineligibility : (nt.) ananucchavikatta.

ineligible : (adj.) ananucchavika; akammāraha.

ineloquent : (adj.) acittakathika; akovidadesana.

inept : (adj.) anucita; akovida; mandamatika.

ineptitude : (nt.) anucitatta; akovidatta.

ineptly : (adv.) akovidākārena.

inequality : (nt.) vesamma; asamānatta.

inequilateral : (adj.) asamaṃsa; asamabhuja.

inequitable : (adj.) adhammika; ñāyaviruddha.

inequitably : (adv.) ñāyavirodhena.

inequity : (m.) aññāya; adhamma.

ineradicable : (adj.) anuppāṭanīya; anuddhāriya.

inerrable : (adj.) anavajja; appamatta; avirajjhiya.

inert : (adj.) kriyāhīna; niccala; uyyogarahita.

inertia : (f.) kriyāhīnapavatti; akriyavutti.

inertly : (adv.) kriyāhīnatāya.

inescapable : (adj.) aparihāriya; avāriya.

inessential : (adj.) anavassaka; appadhāna.

inestimable : (adj.) anaggha; agghātīta.

inestimably : (adv.) anagghatāya; amūlyabhāvena.

inevitable : (adj.) anivāriya; avassambhāvī.

inevitably : (adv.) avassaṃ; niyataṃ; ekantaṃ.

inexact : (adj.) vitatha; ayathābhūta.

inexactitude : (nt.) vitathatta; micchatta.

inexcusable : (adj.) akkhamitabba; akkhamāraha.

inexcusably : (adv.) akkhamitabbatāya.

inexecutable : (adj.) asādhiya; ananuvidheya.

inexecution : (nt.) ananuṭṭhāna; avidahana.

inexertion : (f.) anīhatā; anuyyogitā.

inexhaustibility : (f.) akkheyyatā.

inexhaustible : (adj.) akkheyya; avināsiya.

inexorable : (adj.) adamma; kaṭhinahaday.

inexorably : (adv.) thaddhahadayena.

inexpectant : (adj.) anapekkhaka; apekkhārahita.

inexpediency : (nt.) anocitya; (f.) anupapatti; ayutti.

inexpedient : (adj.) anucita; anaraha; anupapanna.

inexpensive : (adj.) appaggha; appavaya.

inexperience : (nt.) akosalla; apāṭava; anipuṇatta.

inexperienced : (adj.) adakkha; anipuṇa; aparicita.

inexpert : (adj.) apaṭu; anipuṇa; avisesaññū.

inexpiable : (adj.) appaṭikamma; anupasamiya.

inexplicable : (adj.) avyākaraṇīya; duravabodha.

inexplicably : (adv.) avissajjiyākārena.

inexplicit : (adj.) avyatta; avisada; avyākata.

inexpressible : (adj.) vācāvisayātīta.

inexpressibly : (adv.) avāciyākārena; vattum asakyatāya.

inexpugnable : (adj.) anabhibhavanīya; abhejja.

inextensible : (adj.) avitthāriya.

inextinct : (adj.) avinaṭṭha.

inextinguishable : (adj.) anibbāpiya; anupasamiya.

inextricable : (adj.) avijaṭanīya; amocanīya.

infallibility : (nt.) avirādhiyatta.

infallible : (adj.) avirādhiya; ekantabhāvī.

infallibly : (adv.) avirādhiyatāya.

infamous : (adj.) ayasakara; gārayha; akittidhara; duṭṭha.

infamy : (m.) ayasa; (f.) akitti.

infancy : (nt.) bālya; (f.) bālāvatthā.

infant : (m.) thanapa.

infanticide : (nt.) bālaghātana; (m.) bālaghātaka; (f.) (of female : ) dārakaghātikā.

infantile : (adj.) thanapayogga; bālakocita.

infantry : (m.) patti; (f.) bhaṭasenā.

infatuate : (v.t.) moheti; muccheti. (pp.) mohita; mucchita.

infatuated : (adj.) giddha; anuratta.

infatuating : (adj.) pamohaka; mucchājanaka.

infatuation : (nt.) mohana.

infeasible : (adj.) asādhiya; asakya.

infect : (v.t.) saṅkāmeti; rogakkantaṃ karoti. (pp.) saṅkamita; rogakkanta.

infection : (nt.) (roga-) saṅkamana.

infectious : (adj.) saṅkantika.

infelicitous : (adj.) adhañña; alakkhika.

infelicity : (nt.) dukkha; dubbhāgya.

infelt : (adj.) hadyagata.

infer : (v.t.) anumāneti; saṅkhappeti. (pp.) anumita; saṅkappita.

inferable : (adj.) anumeya.

inference : (nt.) anumāna.

inferential : (adj.) anumānasiddha.

inferior : (adj.) 1. omaka; lāmaka; oraka; nīca; 2. ninna; nīcaṭṭha; 3. amukhya; appadhāna.

inferior caste : (nt.) hīnakula.

inferior in age : (adj.) kaṇiṭṭha.

inferior in rank : (adj.) orapadaṭṭha.

inferiority : (nt.) omakatta; hīnatta.

infernal : (adj.; n.) āpāyika; nerayika.

infernally : (adv.) atidāruṇākārena.

inferno : (m.) apāya; (nt.) atibhayaṅkaraṭṭhāna.

infertile : (ad.) asāra; nissāra; ujjaṅgala.

infest : (v.t.) upaddaveti; ubbāheti. (pp.) upadduta; ubbāḷha.

infestation : (m.) upasagga.

infested with : (adj.) niccasevita; samākiṇṇa.

infestive : (adj.) nippītika; amaṅgala.

infidel : (adj.; n.) micchādiṭṭhika; assaddha.

infidelity : (f.) micchādiṭṭhi; dubbitā.

infiltrate : (v.t.) parissāveti. (v.i.) sukhumacchiddehi pavisati. (pp.) parissāvita; sukhumacchiddehi paviṭṭha.

infinite : (adj.) ananta; aparimita; appamāṇa.

infinitely : (adv.) anantaṃ; aparimitaṃ.

infinitesimal : (adj.) atisukhuma.

infinitive : (m.) tum-paccayanta.

infinitude : (nt.) anantatta; aparimitatta.

infinity : (nt.) anantatta; aparimitatta.

infirm : (adj.) 1. dubbala; sattihīna; 2. athira; adaḷha; 3. jiṇṇa; jarātura.

infirmary : (f.) gilānasālā.

infirmity : (nt.) dubbalya; (f.) balahāni; (nt.) vajja; vikalatta; (m.) vyādhi.

infix : (v.t.) anto paveseti; daḷhaṃ ṭhapeti. (pp.) anto pavesita; daḷhaṃ ṭhapita.

inflame : (v.t.) 1. santāpeti; uttāpeti; 2. uddīpeti; uttejeti; 3. kopeti; roseti. (pp.) santāpita; uttāpita; uddīpita; uttejita; kopita; rosita. (v.i.) santapati; ḍayhati; kuppati. (pp.) santatta; daḍḍha; kupita.

inflammable : (adj.) dahanasīla; jalanasabhāva.

inflammation : (m.) ḍāha; tāpa.

inflammatory : (adj.) dāhajanaka; tāpakara.

inflate : (v.t.) vitthambheti; vātena pūreti. (pp.) vitthambhita; vātena pūrita.

inflated : (adj.) uddhumāyita.

inflation : (nt.) vitthambhana; uddhumāyana.

inflect : (v.t.) 1. nāmeti; 2. (vibhattivasena) vibhajati. (pp.) nāmita; vibhajita.

inflection : (m.) vibhattivibhāga.

inflexibility : (nt.) anamyatta; daḷhatta; thirādhiṭṭhānatta.

inflexible : (adj.) 1. anamya; 2. kathina; 3. daḷhanicchaya; thirādhiṭṭhāna.

inflexibly : (adv.) sudaḷhaṃ; suthiraṃ.

inflexion : (nt.) padarūpasādhana.

inflict : (v.t.) daṇdaṃ paṇeti; vindāpeti; dukkhaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) paṇītdaṇda; dukkhaṃ pāpita.

inflict punishment : vadhaṃ paṇeti.

infliction : (nt.) vadhapāpaṇa.

inflictor : (m.) vadhaka.

inflorescence : (nt.) mālāvaccharopaṇa.

inflow : (nt.) anto pavahana.

influence : (m.) ānubhāva; pabhāva; (nt.) vasavattāpana. (v.t.) vasīkaroti; uyyojeti. (pp.) vasīkata; uyyojita.

influent : (adj.) antovāhaka.

influential : (adj.) mahānubhāva; pabala.

influentially : (adv.) pabhāvena.

influenza : (m.) semhakopa.

influx : (nt.) āsavaṇa; antosamosaraṇa; antogamaṇa.

inform : (v.t.) nivedeti; jānāpeti; āroceti; ācikkhati. (pp.) nivedita; jānāpita; ārocita; ācikkhita.

informal : (adj.) niyamaviruddha; upacārahīna.

informality : (m.) niyamavirodha.

informally : (adv.) vidhivirodhena.

informant : (n.) nivedaka; paṭivedaka.

information : (nt.) nivedana; ārocana; viññāpana; (m.) vuttanta.

informative : (adj.) nivedaka; viññāpaka.

informer : (m.) dosārocaka; vajjagavesaka.

infra : (adv.) adho; paraṃ.

infraction : (nt.) ullaṅghana; (m.) vītikkama.

infrangible : (adj.) abhejja; abhaṅgura.

infrequency : (nt.) kālikatta; anabhiṇhatta.

infrequent : (adj.) kālika; asātatika; aniyatasiddhika.

infringe : (v.t.) ullaṅgheti; vītikkamati; aticarati. (pp.) ullaṅghita; vītikkanta; aticarita.

infringement : (nt.) ullaṅghana; aticaraṇa; (m.) vītikkama.

infructuous : (adj.) appasava; aphaluppādaka.

infrugal : (adj.) aparimitavaya; vikiraṇasīla.

infuriate : (v.t.) see enrage.

infuse : (v.t.) anto paveseti; nisiñcati; pharāpeti. (pp.) anto pavesita; nisiñcita; pharāpita.

infusible : (adj.) pavesanīya; pharanīya; siñcitabba.

infusion : (nt.) pavesana; nisiñcana; phuraṇa.

infusoria : (m.; plu.) jīrakapāṇī.

ingate : (nt.) pavesadvāra.

ingathering : (nt.) sassalāyana; (m.) sassa-samāhāra.

ingeminate : (v.t.) puna vadati. (pp.) puna-vutta.

ingenerate : (v.t.) anto uppādeti. (pp.) anto uppādita.

ingenious : (adj.) vicakkhaṇa; upāyaññū; sukhumabuddhika; nipuṇa.

ingeniously : (adv.) nipuṇākārena.

ingeniousness : (nt.) nepuñña; cāturiya; pāṭava; buddhivepulla.

ingenuity : (nt.) kosalla.

ingenuous : (adj.) 1. avaṅka; asaṭha; 2. uḷāracitta; mahajjhāsaya.

ingenuously : (adv.) ujukaṃ; asaṭhena.

ingenuousness : (nt.) ajjava; uḷāratta; mahajjhāsayatta.

ingest : (v.t.) āmāsaye pakkhipati. (pp.) āmāsaye pakhitta.

ingle : (m.) uddhanaggi.

inglorious : see infamous.

ingoing : (nt.) pavisana; (adj.) pavisamāna.

ingot : (m.) piṇḍa.

ingrained : (adj.) sahaja; daḷhapatiṭṭhita.

ingrainly : (adv.) sahajavasena.

ingrate : (adj.; 3.) akataññū; akatavedī.

ingratiate : (v.t.) ārādheti; pasādeti; anurañjeti. (pp.) ārādhita; pasādita; anurañjita.

ingratitude : (f.) akataññutā; akataveditā.

ingredient : (nt.) upakaraṇa; (m.) taveditā.

ingress : (nt.) pavisana; pavisanadvāva; (m.) pavesādhikāra. (v.i.) pavisati. (pp.) paviṭṭha.

ingrowing : (adj.) antovaḍḍhamāna.

ingulf : (v.t.) ottharati; nimujjāpeti. (pp.) otthaṭa; nimujjāpita.

ingurgitate : (v.t.) sagedhaṃ gilati. (pp.) sagedhaṃ gilita.

inhabit : (v.t.) vasati; nivasati; ajjhāvasati; viharati. (pp.) vuttha; nivuttha; ajjhāvuttha.

inhabitable : (adj.) vāsāraha; nivāsayogga.

inhabitancy : (m.) thiravāsa.

inhabitant : (m.) vāsī; nivāsī.

inhabition : (nt.) vāsaggahana.

inhalation : (m.) assāsa.

inhale : (v.t.) assasati. (pp.) assasita.

inharmonic : (adj.) aghaṭiyamāna; asaṃsadamāna.

inharmonious : (adj.) asaṃsandamāna; visaṃvādaka.

inharmoniously : (adv.) asaṅgatākārena.

inhere : (v.i.) anusayati; anto vattati. (pp.) anusayita; anto vattita.

inherence : (m.) anusaya; sahajaguṇa. (nt.) dāyajja; mātāpettika-dhana.

inherent : (adj.) anusāyika; antogata; pariyāpanna.

inherently : (adv.) pakatiyā; sabhāvena.

inherit : (v.t.) dāyādī bhavati; paveṇiyā labhati. (pp.) dāyādī bhūta; paveṇiyā laddha.

inheritability : (nt.) dāyādārahatta.

inheritable : (adj.) dāyādāraha.

inherited : (adj.) anvayāgata; pettika.

inheritor : (m.) dāyādī; dāyajjasāmī.

inheritress : (f.) dāyādinī.

inhibit : (v.t.) see Forbit.

inhospitable : (adj.) asakkārasīlī; atithivimukha.

inhospitality : (m.) asakkāra; appaṭisanthāra.

inhuman : (adj.) amānusika; atikakkhaḷa.

inhumanity : (nt.) niṭṭhuratta.

inhumanly : (adv.) atidāruṇaṃ.

inhumation : (nt.) bhūminidahana.

inhume : (v.t.) bhūmiyaṃ nikhaṇati or nidahati. (pp.) bhūmiyaṃ nikhāta; nihita.

inimical : (adj.) paccatthika; vipakkha; viruddha.

inimically : (adv.) veribāvena; viruddhatāya.

inimitable : (adj.) asādhāraṇa; ananukaraṇīya.

iniquitous : (adj.) pāpiṭṭha; adhammika.

iniquitously : (adv.) adhammena; aññāyena.

iniquity : (m.) aññāya; adhamma.

initial : (adj.) ādima; purima; paṭhama; (nt.) nāmamūlakkhara.

initially : (adv.) ādo; ādito.

initiate : (v.t.) 1. dikkhati; upanayati; 2. ārabhati; paṭṭhapeti. (pp.) dikkhita; upanīta; āraddha; paṭṭhapita.

initiation : (f.) dikkhā; pabbajjā; (nt.) upanayana.

initiative : (adj.; m.) paṭhamārambha.

initiatory : (adj.) ādima; paṭhamārambhaka.

inject : (v.t.) antopaveseti. (pp.) antopavesita.

injection : (nt.) antopavesana.

injudicial : (adj.) anītipariyāpanna; ñāyaparibāhira.

injudicious : (adj.) vicārahīna; avivecaka.

injunction : (f.) āṇā; (nt.) sāsana; (m.) niyoga; ādesa.

injure : (v.t.) hiṃsati; vikopeti; viheṭheti. (pp.) hiṃsita; vikipita; viheṭhita.

injurious : (adj.) pīḷākara; antarāyajanaka.

injuriously : (adv.) hiṃsāpubbakaṃ.

injury : (nt.) vikipana; hiṃsana; viheṭhana; (m.) apakāra.

injustice : (f.) ayutti; (m.) aññāya; adhamma.

ink : (nt.) lekhana-kasata; (m.) masi. (v.t.) masinā aṅketi; masiṃ yojeti.

ink-bottle : (nt.) masibhājana.

ink-pot : (nt.) masibhājana.

ink-stand : (m.) kajjalādhāra.

inkling : (nt.) 1. lesamattajānana; iṅgita.

inky : (adj.) masivaṇṇa; kajjalamakkhita.

inland : (nt.) desabbhantara; (adj.) desabbhantarika.

inlander : (m.) desamajjhavāsī.

inlay : (nt.) 1. khacita-vatthu; 2. khacana. (v.t.) khacati; anuppaveseti. (pp.) khacita; anuppavesita.

inlet : (nt.) pavesadvāra; āyamukha; (m.) samuddavaṅka.

inlock : (v.t.) antokatvā pidahati. (pp.) antokatvā pihita.

inly : (adv.) 1. abbhantaravasena; 2. vallabhattena.

inlying : (adj.) antogata.

inmate : (m.) nevāsika; sahavāsī; parijana.

inmost : (adj.) accabbhantarika.

inn : (m.) pathika-nivāsa; (nt.) pānamandira.

inn-keeper : (m.) nivāsapālaka.

innate : (adj.) nija; sahaja; nesaggika.

innately : (adv.) pakatiyā; sahajatāya.

innavigable : (adj.) anāvāgamanīya.

inner : (adj.) abbhantarika; antovattī.

inner city : (nt.) antonagara; antepura.

inner garment : (m.) antaravāsaka.

inner most : (adj.) abbhantaratama.

inner room : (m.) antogabbha.

innervate : (v.t.) nahāruyuttaṃ karoti.

innocence : (nt.) anavajjatta; niddosatta.

innocent : (adj.) 1. niddosa; niraparādha; anavajja; 2. ahiṃsaka; suddhacitta.

innocently : (adv.) niddosākārena.

innominate : (adj.) ninnāmaka.

innovate : (v.i.) navattaṃ janeti or pāpeti. (pp.) janitanavatta; pāpita.

innovation : (nt.) navattapāpaṇa; (m.) navācāra.

innoxious : (adj.) ahiṃsaka; nirupaddava.

innumerable : (adj.) asaṅkhya; gaṇanātīta.

innutrition : (f.) posaṇahāni; (nt.) mandaposaṇa.

innutritious : (adj.) aposaṇaka; ojāhīna.

inobservance : (nt.) apaṭipajjana; asallakkhana.

inobservant : (adj.) duppaṭipanna.

inobtrusive : (adj.) abādhaka.

inoculate : (v.t.) rogabījāni saṅkāmeti or paveseti. (pp.) saṅkāmitarogabīja.

inoculation : (nt.) rogabījappavesana.

inodorous : (adj.) niggandha.

inoffensive : (adj.) aheṭhaka; apīḷaka.

inoffensiveness : (f.) ahiṃsa; adubbhitā.

inoperative : (adj.) akāriyasādhaka; akiñcikara.

inopportune : (adj.) appattakāla; asamayocita; aṭṭhānapayutta.

inopportunely : (adv.) akāle; aṭṭhāne.

inordinary : (adj.) asādhāraṇa; asāmañña.

inordinate : (adj.) atimatta; pamāṇātikkanta.

inordinately : (adv.) atimattaṃ; accantaṃ.

inordinateness : (f.) atimattatā; (m.) aviññāṇaka.

inorganization : (nt.) vicchindana; putthakkarana.

inornate : (adj.) analaṅkata.

inosculate : (v.i.) heṭṭhūpariyavasena sadhīyati or samosarati. (pp.) heṭṭhūpariyavasena sandhita; samosaṭa.

inquest : (f.) upaparikkhā; vicāraṇā.

inquire : (v.t.) vīmaṃsati; upaparikkhati; samanuyuñjati. (pp.) vīmaṃsita; upaparikkhita; samanuyutta.

inquirer : (m.) vīmaṃsaka; upaparikkhaka.

inquiring : (adj.) anupucchaka.

inquiringly : (adv.) parikkhāvasena; ñatukāmatāya.

inquiry : (f.) vīmaṃsā; upaparikkhā; paripucchā.

inquisition : (adj.) viññātukāma; paripucchaka.

inquisitively : (adv.) kutūhalena; ñātukāmatta.

inquisitiveness : (nt.) kutūhala; ñātukāmatta.

inroad : (nt.) paradesakkamana.

inrush : (m.) pasayhapavesa.

insalivate : (v.t.) (āhāraṃ) khelena misseti. (pp.) khelena missita.

insalubrious : (adj.) rogajanaka; akkhema.

insalutary : (adj.) 1. ārogyabādhaka; 2. ācāradūsaka.

insane : (adj.) ummatta; bhantacitta.

insanely : (adv.) saummādaṃ.

insaness : (m.) ummāda; cittavibbhama.

insanitary : (adj.) roguppādaka; ārogyanāsaka.

insanity : (m.) ummāda; cittavibbhama.

insatiable : (adj.) mahiccha; atappiya; dutappiya.

insatiably : (adv.) atappiyākārena.

insatiate : (adj.) atitta; asantuṭṭha.

inscribable : (adj.) lekhanīya; likhanakkhama.

inscribe : (v.t.) likhati; lekkhanam āropeti. (pp.) likhita; lekhanam āropita.

inscription : (f.) 1. lipi; lekhā. 2. pāsāṇalekhā.

inscrutable : (adj.) duravabodha; dubbiññeyya.

inscrutably : (adv.) duradhigamākārena.

insect : (m.) kīṭa.

insectidal : (adj.) kīṭaghātaka.

insectivorous : (adj.) kīṭabhakkha.

insecure : (adj.) akhema; sāsaṅka; sappatibhaya.

insecurity : (nt.) akhematta; sabhayatta.

inseminate : (v.t.) (bījāni) vapati. (pp.) vapita (-bīja).

insensate : (adj.) acetana; anindriya-baddha; naṭṭhapasāda.

insensibility : (f.) mucchā; visaññā.

insensible : (adj.) 1. hataviññāṇa; hīnindriya; naṭṭhapasāda; 2. indriyāgocara; 3. niddaya; 4. kuṇṭhabuddhika.

insensibly : (adv.) alakkhitākārena; mandamandaṃ.

insensitive : (adj.) acetana; pasādahīna.

insensitiveness : (nt.) acetanatta.

insentient : (adj.) nijjīva; aviññāṇaka.

inseparable : (adj.) avijojiya; avibhājiya.

inseparably : (adv.) niccabaddhatāya.

insert : (v.t.) odahati; antare paveseti. (pp.) odahita; anatare pavesita.

insertion : (nt.) antare pakkhipana.

inset : (nt.) antare-pakkhitta. (v.t.) antare pakkhipati.

inshore : (adj.) velāsanna. (adv.) velāsanne.

inside : (nt.) abbhantara. (adv.) anto; abbhantare.

insidious : (adj.) 1. dubbhī; vissāsaghātaka; 2. rahogata.

insidiously : (adv.) raho; adubbhākārena.

insight : (f.) pariññā; vipassanā.

insignia : (nt.) abhiññāṇa; visesaciṇha; adhikāraciṇha.

insignificance : (f.) lahutā; oramattatā; agaṇetabbatā.

insignificant : (adj.) oramattaka; asallakkhiya; agaru.

insincere : (adj.) vaṅka; asaddheyya; avissāsiya.

insincerely : (adv.) vissāsabhaṅgena; vaṅkatāya.

insincerity : (f.) vaṅkatā; saṭhatā. (nt.) kohañña.

insinuate : (v.i.) sanikaṃ pavisati or pattharati; 2. pariyāyena katheti. (v.t) sanikaṃ paveseti. (pp.) sanikaṃ paviṭṭha; patthaṭa; pariyāyena kathita; sanikaṃ pavesita.

insinuation : (m.) sanikappavesa. (f.) pariyāyakathā.

insipid : (adj.) 1. virasa; niroja; nirassāda; 2. nitteja; anussauka; 3. nissāra.

insipidity : (f.) 1. virasatā; 2. asāratā.

insipidly : (adv.) virasākārena; aruciyā.

insist : (v.i.) nibandhati; daḷhagāhī hoti. (pp.) nibaddha; daḷhagāhī bhūta.

insistence : (nt.) nibandhana; daḷhāvalambhana.

insnare : see ensnare.

insobriety : (m.) mattabhāva. (nt.) soṇḍiya. (f.) calacittatā.

insociable : (adj.) asevanīya; saṃsaggavimukha.

insolation : (nt.) ātapena pācana; ātapatāpana.

insolent : (adj.) unnala; uddhata; gabbita; dappita.

insolentance : (nt.) pagabbhiya; uddhacca.

insolently : (adv.) dappitākārena.

insolidity : (adj.) aghanattā. (f.) athaddhatā.

insolubility : (nt.) avilayatta; avisajjiyatta.

insoluble : (adj.) 1. avilayanīya; 2. avissajjiya; atīriya.

insolvency : (f.) khīṇadhanatā; iṇasodhanāsakyatā.

insolvent : (adj.) khīṇavibhava; iṇasodhanakkhama.

insomnia : (m.) niddānāsa.

insomuch : (adj.) tāvataka.

insouciant : (adj.) pamatta; anapekkhaka.

inspan : (v.t.) dhure or yuge yojeti. (pp.) dhure or yuge yojita or yutta.

inspect : (v.t.) parivīmaṃsati; āloceti; samekkhati. (pp.) parivīmaṃsita; ālocita; samekkhita.

inspector : (m.) parikkhaka; samekhaka; vīmaṃsī.

inspirit : (v.t.) samuttejeti. (pp.) samuttejita.

inspissate : (v.t.) ghanīkaroti. (pp.) ghanīkata.

instability : (nt.) athāvaratta; cañcalatta.

instable : (adj.) athāvara; cañcala.

install : (v.t.) yathāvidhiṃ patiṭṭhāpeti; adhikāre niyojeti.

installation : (nt.) adhikāraniyojana; patiṭṭhāpana. (m.) rajjābhiseka.

instalment : (m.) koṭṭhāsa; bhāga.

instance : (nt.) udāharaṇa; nidassana. (m.) avasara; samaya. (v.t.) niddisati; udāharati. (pp.) niddiṭṭha; udāhaṭa.

instant : (m.) khaṇa; muhutta.

instantaneous : (adj.) taṅkhaṇika; aciraṭṭhitika.

instantaneously : (adv.) khaṇena; taṅkhaṇe.

instantaneousness : (nt.) taṅkhaṇikatta.

instantly : (adv.) sajju; sapadi; tāvadeva.

instate : (v.t.) ṭhānanatare patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) ṭhānantare patiṭṭhāpita.

instauration : (nt.) paṭisaṅkharaṇa.

instead : (adv.) Expressed by ṭhāne, etc. (example : instead of my brother = mayhaṃ bhātu ṭhāne.)

instead of saying : bhaṇitabbe.

instep : (m.) piṭṭhipāda. (f.) pādapiṭṭhi.

instigate : (v.t.) ussāheti; uttejeti. (pp.) ussāhita; uttejita.

instigation : (nt.) uttejana; uyyojana.

instigator : (m.) nittidaka; uttejaka.

instil : (v.t.) sanikaṃ paveseti or sikkhāpeti. (pp.) sanikaṃ pavesita or sikkhāpita.

instinct : (nt.) sahajañāṇa. (f.) pakatibuddhi. (adj.) sapayutta.

instinctive : (adj.) sahaja; pakatisiddha.

instinctively : (adv.) pakatiyā; sahaja-buddhiyā.

institute : (f.) vijjādharaparisā; vavatthā. (nt.) vijjāyatana. (m.) vidhiniyama. (v.t.) 1. ārabhati; patiṭṭhāpeti; 2. vavatthapeti; paññāpeti. (pp.) āraddha; vavathapita; paññāpita.

institution : (nt.) patiṭṭhāpana. (f.) sammuti; paññatti. (m.) vijjālaya.

instruct : (v.t.) 1. anusāsati; sikkhapeti; 2. bodheti; 3. āṇāpeti. (pp.) anusitṭha; sikkhāpita; bodhita; aṇātta.

instruction : (nt.) sikkhāpana; vinayana; anusāsana. (f.) āṇā. (m.) niyoga.

instructive : (adj.) upadesadāyaka; sikkhapaka.

instructor : (m.) upadesaka; anusāsaka; ācariya.

instrument : (nt.) upakaraṇa; upakārakavatthu. (in law : ) paṭiññāpaṇṇa.

instrumental : (adj.) hetubhūta; upakaraṇabhūta. (f.) karaṇavibhatti.

instrumentality : (m.) hetubhāva. (nt.) kāraṇatta.

instrumentally : (adv.) kāraṇato; nimittato.

instrumentation : (m.) turiyavādanakkama. (nt.) sallakamma.

insubjection : (f.) aparavasatā; aparādhīnatā.

insubmission : (f.) anassavatā; sādhīnatā.

insubordinate : (adj.) avasavattī; avidheya.

insubordination : (f.) avasavattitā.

insubstantial : (adj.) addabba; avatthuka; asāra.

insufferable : (adj.) asayha; dukkhama; dussaha.

insufferably : (adv.) asayhākārena.

insufficiency : (nt.) ūnatta; appahoṇakatta; ayoggatta.

insufficient : (adj.) appahoṇaka; ūna.

insufficiently : (adv.) appahoṇakataya.

insular : (adj.) jalapariveṭhita; dīpavisayaka; apatthaṭañāṇa.

insulate : (v.t.) puthakkaroti; kevalattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) puthakkata; kevalattaṃ pāpita.

insulation : (nt.) puthakkaraṇa.

insult : (v.t.) nindati; akkosati; avajānāti; avamāneti. (pp.) nindista; akkuṭṭha; avaññāta; avamata. (f.) nindā; avaññā. (m.) paribhava. (nt.) āsajjana.

insulting : (adj.) avamānajanaka.

insultingly : (adv.) sāvamānaṃ.

insuperable : (adj.) alaṅghiya; dujjaya; duratikkama; anabhibhavanīya.

insuperably : (adv.) durubbahakārena.

insuppressible : (adj.) dunniggayha; dunnivāriya.

insurance : (nt.) khemakaraṇa. (m.) khemadhanasañcaya.

insure : (v.t.) khemaṃ karoti. (pp.) khemīkata.

insurgence : (f.) rājaviddesitā.

insurgent : (adj.) rājadubbhaka.

insurmountable : see insuperable.

insurrection : (m.) rājavirodha; janasaṅkhobha.

insurrectional : (adj.) rajjavirodhāyatta.

insurrectionist : (m.) rajjaviddesī.

insusceptible : (adj.) avikārasabhāva; avikārakkhama.

intact : (adj.) anāmaṭṭha; avikala; abhinna.

intaglio : (nt.) ukkīta-lañchana; ukkītavatthu. (m.) salañchana-maṇi.

intake : (m.) udakamagga; vātappavesaka-nāḷa.

intangibility : (f.) aphusanīyatā.

intangible : (adj.) aphassagocara.

integer : (f.) akhaṇḍasaṅkhya.

integral : (adj.) avikala; anūna; abhinna.

integrate : (adj.) asesa; akhaṇḍa; paripuṇṇa. (v.t.) paripuṇṇaṃ karoti. (pp.) paripuṇṇaṃ kata.

integrity : (nt.) avekalla; anūnatta; avaṅkatta; dhammikatta.

integument : (m.) taca; kosa. (nt.) āvaraṇa.

intellect : (f.) paññā; buddhi; mati. (nt.) ñāṇa; paṭibhāṇa.

intellection : (nt.) bujjhana; avagamana.

intellectual : (adj.) buddhimantu; sappañña; buddhivisayaka.

intelligence : (f.) ñāṇasatti. (m.) vuttanta; sandesa.

intelligencer : (m.) sandesahara.

intelligent : (adj.) matimantu; medhāvī; visadañāṇa.

intelligently : (adv.) nipuṇākārena; buddhicāturiyena.

intelligible : (adj.) sugama; subodha.

intelligibly : (adv.) sugamākārena.

intemperance : (f.) amattaññūtā. (m.) pamāṇātikkama; asaṃyama.

intemperate : (adj.) sīmātīta; amattaññū.

intemperately : (adv.) asīmitākārena; atimattaṃ

intend : (v.t.) ceteti; saṅkappeti. (pp.) saṅkappita.

intendant : (m.) avekkhaka; adhikārī.

intended : (adj.) adhipaeta; abhimata.

intendedly : (adv.) parikappetvā.

intendment : (m.) nītyanugatattha.

intense : (adj.) atimatta; adhikatara; gāḷha; bāḷha; tibba.

intensely : (adv.) accantaṃ; atimattaṃ.

intensify : (v.t.) balavataraṃ karoti; gāḷhayati.

intensity : (nt.) atisayatta; balavatta; adhimattatta.

intensive : (adj.) atimatta; atibāḷha.

intensively : (adv.) accantaṃ; atimattaṃ.

intent : (adj.) abhiniviṭṭha; niṭṭhaṅgata; adhiṭṭhānayutta.

intent on : (adj.) ayāvaṭa; adhimutta; parāyaṇa.

intention : (m.) parikappa; adhippāya. (f.) sañcetanā.

intentional : (adj.) cetanāyatta; sañcetanika.

intentionally : (adv.) sañcicca; cetetvā.

intentioness : (f.) ekaniṭṭhā. (nt.) adhiṭṭhāna.

intently : (adv.) sābinivesaṃ.

inter : (v.t.) susāne nidahati. (pp.) susāne hidahita.

interact : (nt.) antarānacca. (v.i.) itarītarbalaṃ pavatteti.

interaction : (nt.) ubhayavyāpīkamma.

intercalary : (m.) adhimāsadina.

intercalate : (v.t.) antare paveseti. (pp.) antare pavesita.

intercede : (v.i.) 1. paratthāya katheti; 2. antare tiṭṭhati. (pp.) paratthāya kathita; antare tiṭṭhia.

intercept : (v.t.) avarodheti; upacchindati.

interception : (nt.) nivāraṇa; paṭibāhana; rodhana.

interceptive : (adj.) nivāraka; avarodhaka.

interceptor : (m.) rodhaka; bādhaka.

intercession : (f.) paratthāya āyācanā; parānukampā.

intercessor : (m.) paratthagavesī.

interchange : (m.) vinimaya. (nt.) bhaṇḍaparivattana. (v.t.) vinimeti; (bhaṇḍāni) parivatteti. (pp.) vinimita; parivattitabhaṇḍa.

intercommunicate : (v.t.) añña-maññasathavaṃ karoti. (pp.) añña-mañña-kata-santhava.

intercommunication : (nt.) añña-maññanivedana.

intercommunion : (f.) aññamaññasahayogitā.

intercourse : (m.) saṃsagga; santhava; saṃvāsa; saṅgama || sexual intercourse: (nt.) methuna. (m.) (thī-puma-) saṃvāsa.

interdependence : (nt.) aññamaññāvalambana.

interdependent : (adj.) aññamaññāvalambī.

interdict : (m.) paṭisedha; paṭikkhepa. (nt.) bādhana. (v.t.) nivāreti; nisedheti; paṭisedheti; paṭibāhati. (pp.) nivārita; nisedhita; paṭisedhita; paṭibāhita.

interdiction : (nt.) nisedha. (m.) paṭisedha; paṭisedha.

interdictory : (adj.) nisedhaka; paṭisedhaka.

interest : (m.) attha. (nt.) payojana. (f.) anurāga; (on money : ) vaḍḍhi. (v.t.) anurañjeti; kutūhalam uppādeti. (pp.) anurañjita; uppāditakutūhala.

interested : (adj.) jātāpekkha; anuratta; nirata; niviṭṭha; āsatta; salābhāpekkha.

interesting : (adj.) manohara; vinodakara.

interfere : (v.i.) 1. anāyattakiccesu abhiyuñjati; 2. aññamaññaṃ virujjhati. (pp.) abhiyutta; aññamaññaṃ viruddha.

interference : (n.) 1. parakiccapavesa; 2. aññamaññavirodha.

interfering : (adj.) parakiccabādhaka.

interfuse : (v.t.) misseti. (v.i.) aññamaññaṃ missīyati. (pp.) missita.

interim : (m.) antaritakāla. (adv.) etthantare. (adj.) antarita.

interior : (nt.) abbhantara; antoraṭṭha. (adj.) abbhantarika; antovattī.

interjacent : (adj.) majjhavattī; antarāvattī.

interject : (v.t.) antare pakkhipati; majjhe khipati. (pp.) antare pakkhitta; majjhe khitta.

interjection : (nt.) antokhipana; āmeṇḍita.

interlace : (v.t.) saṃsibbeti; gantheti. (pp.) saṃsibbita; ganthita.

interlard : (v.t.) videsavacanehi misseti. (pp.) videsavacanehi missita.

interlay : (v.t.) antare niveseti. (pp.) antare nivesita.

interleave : (v.t.) antare paṇṇāni pakkhipati. (pp.) antare pakkhittapaṇṇa.

interline : (v.t.) pantyantare likhati. (pp.) pantyantare likhita.

interlinear : (adj.) pantyantare likhita or muddita.

interlock : (v.t.) aññamaññaṃ sambhandheti. (pp.) aññamaññaṃ sambaddha.

interlocution : (m.) saṃvāda. (nt.) sambhāsana.

interlocutor : (m.) saṃvādī; sambhāsaka.

interlocutory : (adj.) saṃvādanissita.

interloper : (m.) parakiccapakkhandī.

interlude : (nt.) raṅgantara. (m.) antarā-raṅga.

intermarriage : (m.) vijātikavivāha.

intermarry : (v.t.) visadisāvāha-vivāhaṃ karoti.

intermeddle : (v.i.) anāyattakiccesu sandissati.

intermediary : (adj.) antaraṭṭha; majhavattī.

intermediate : (v.i.) majjhe or antare vattati or ācarati. (pp.) anatare vattita. (nt.) saṃsandakavatthu. (adj.) majjhavattī.

intermediately : (adv.) majjhe; antarāle.

intermediation : (nt.) saṃsandana; majjhe vattana.

intermedium : (nt.) majjhavattīvatthu.

interment : (nt.) bhūnidahana.

intermigration : (m.) aññamaññadesacāga.

interminable : (adj.) ananta; apariyanta.

interminably : (adv.) anantavasena.

intermingle : (v.i.) sammissīyati. (v.t.) sammisseti. (pp.) sammissita.

intermission : (nt.) kālikanivattana. (m.) virāma; vissama || without intermission: (adv.) nirantaraṃ; avicchinnaṃ.

intermit : (v.i.) kiñci kālaṃ nivattati. (v.t.) antarā nivatteti. (pp.) kiñci kālaṃ nivatta; anatarā nivattita.

intermittence : (nt.) kālikanivattana. (m.) virāma.

intermix : see intermingle.

intern : (v.t.) sīmantare vāseti.

internal : (adj.) abbhantarika; antoṭhita.

internally : (adv.) abbhantarikavasena.

international : (adj.) jātyantarika; nānādesīya.

internationality : (nt.) jātyantaratta.

internationally : (adv.) jātyantaravasena.

internecine : (adj.) itarītaranāsaka.

internee : (m.) antovāsī; nevāsī.

interpenetrate : (v.t.) anto pavisati; pariyogahati. (pp.) paviṭṭha; pariyogaḷha.

interpenetration : (nt.) pariyogāhaṇa.

interplay : (f.) itarītarasiddhi.

interplead : (v.i.) aññamaññaṃ vivadati.

interpolate : (v.t.) antare paveseti. (pp.) antare pavesita.

interpolation : (m.) pakkhitta-pāṭha.

interpose : (v.t.) antarā nivatteti; viruddhakāraṇaṃ āharati. (pp.) antarā nivattita.

interposition : (nt.) anatarāhaṭakāraṇa; antarānivattāpana.

interpret : (v.t.) anuvādeti; bhāsantaraṃ parivatteti; atthaṃ pakāseti. (pp.) anuvādita; bhāsantaraṃ parivattita; pakāsitattha.

interpretation : (nt.) bhāsāparivattana; atthakathana.

interpreter : (m.) bhāsānuvādī; atthavaṇṇaka.

interregnum : (m.) arājikakāla.

interrelation : (m.) itarītarasambandha.

interrelationship : (f.) itārītarasambandhatā.

interrogate : (v.t.) paripucchati; anuyuñjati. (pp.) paripucchita; anuyutta.

interrogation : (f.) pucchā. (m.) pañha.

interrogative : (adj.) pucchāsabhāva; paripucchaka.

interrogatively : (adv.) pucchāsabhāvena.

interrogator : (m.) pucchaka; anuyuñjaka.

interrupt : (v.t.) vicchindati; vippakaroti; bādheti. (pp.) vicchinna; vipakata; bādhita.

interrupter : (m.) vicchedī; upaghātī.

interruption : (nt.) bādhana. (m.) viccheda; upaghāta.

interruptive : (adj.) vicchedakara; bādhaka.

intersect : (v.t.) aññamaññaṃ vinivijjhati. (pp.) aññamaññaṃ vinividdha.

intersection : (nt.) aññamaññacchedana.

interspace : (nt.) majjhe-okāsa.

intersperse : (v.t.) vikirati; ito cito ṭhapeti. (pp.) vikiṇṇa; ito cito ṭhapita.

interstate : (adj.) rajjantaraṭṭhita.

interstice : (f.) antarikā. (nt.) chidda; vivara.

intertwine : (v.t.) gantheti; saṃsibbeti. (v.i.) jaṭīyaṭi. (pp.) ganthita; saṃbita; jaṭita.

interval : (m.) antarākāla. (f.) virāmavela.

intervene : (v.i.) majjhe or antare vattati. (pp.) majjhe or antare vattita.

intervening : (adj.) antarāvattī.

intervention : (nt.) majjhevattana.

interview : (f.) sākacchā; mantanā. (v.t.) sākacchati; sammanteti. (pp.) sākacchita; sammantita.

interviewer : (m.) sākacchaka.

intervolve : (v.t.) aññamaññaṃ saṃveṭheti. (pp.) aññamaññaṃ saṃveṭhita.

interweave : see intertwine.

intestate : (adj.) accayadānalipirahita.

intestinal : (adj.) antanissita; pakkāsayāyatta.

intestine : (m.) pakkāsaya. (adj.) abbhantarika.

intimacy : (m.) vissāna santhava.

intimate : (adj.) vallabhe; sambhatta; suparicita; cirasanthuta. (m.) daḷhamitta; sambhatta. (v.t.) viññāpeti; nivedeti.

intimately : (adv.) suparicitaṃ; vallabhatāya.

intimation : (f.) viññatti; sūcanā. (nt.) iṅgita.

intimidate : (v.t.) tajjeti; tāseti. (pp.) tajjita; tāsita.

intimidation : (nt.) tajjana; paribhāsana.

intimity : (nt.) puggalikatta; abbhantaratta.

into : (prep.) Expressed by the Accusative

intolerable : (adj.) asayha; dukkhama.

intolerably : (adv.) asayhakārena.

intolerance : (f.) akkhanti. (nt.) asahana.

intolerant : (adj.) asahanasīla.

intoleration : (nt.) anokāsakaraṇa.

intomb : see entomb.

intonate : (v.t.) gītassarena vadati. (pp.) gītassarena vutta.

intonater : (m.) sarabhāṇaka.

intonation : (nt.) gambhīra-bhāsana; sarabhañña.

intone : (v.t.) gītassarena vadati. (pp.) gītassarena vutta.

intoxicant : (nt.) majja. (adj.) madakara.

intoxicate : (v.t.) madeti; mattaṃ karoti.

intoxicated : (adj.) sammatta.

intoxicating : (adj.) madāvaha.

intoxication : (nt.) majjana. (m.) ummāda.

intractability : (f.) adammatā.

intractable : (adj.) adamma; avineya; dunniggayha.

intransitive : (adj.; n.) akammagāhī.

intrench : (v.t.) parikhaṃ yojeti; parikhāya rakkhati. (pp.) yojitaparikha; parikhāya rakkhita.

intrenchment : (nt.) parikhākhaṇana. (m.) khandhāvāra.

intrepid : (adj.) nissaṅka; nibbhaya.

intrepidity : (nt.) sūratta. (m.) vikkama.

intrepidly : (adv.) savikkamaṃ.

intricacy : (nt.) vyākulatta; gūḷhatta.

intricate : (adj.) vyākula; dubbodha; gūḷha.

intricately : (adv.) ākulākārena.

intricateness : (nt.) ākulattat; dubbodhatta.

intrigue : (nt.) kumantana. (m.) kūṭopāya. (v.i.) kumanteti; kūṭopāyaṃ yojeti. (pp.) kumantita; yojitakūṭopāya.

intriguer : (m.) kumantaka.

intrinsic : (adj.) sahaja; antovattī; yathābhūta.

intrinsically : (adv.) tattato; yāthāvato.

introduce : (v.t.) 1. paveseti; 2. sañjānāpeti; 3. paricayaṃ janeti. (pp.) pavesita; sañjānāpita; janitaparicaya.

introducer : (m.) pavesaka; viññāpaka; ārabhaka.

introduction : (nt.) pavesana; āharaṇa; viññāpana. (f.) nidānakathā.

introductory : (adj.) pavesaka; upacārabhūta.

intromission : (nt.) antopavesana.

intromit : (v.t.) anto paveseti. (pp.) anto pavesita.

introspect : (v.i.) sakacittam upaparikkhati.

introspection : (nt.) antodassana. (f.) vipassanā; attavīmaṃsā.

introspective : (adj.) antoupanijjhāyaka; antoparikkhaka.

introvert : (v.t.) antovyāvaṭṭeti; cittābhimukhaṃ peseti. (pp.) antovyāvaṭṭita; cittābhimukhaṃ pesita.

intrude : (v.t.) anavhāto pavisati. (pp.) anavhātappaviṭṭha.

intruder : (m.) animantitāgamī.

intrusion : (m.) anavhātappavesa.

intrusive : (adj.) parakiccappavesī.

intrusively : (adv.) nimantanaṃ vinā.

intrust : see entrust.

intuit : (v.i.t.) adhigamena jānāti. (pp.) adhigamena ñāta.

intuition : (nt.) sahajañāṇa; antoñāṇa.

intuitive : (adj.) sahajañāṇayutta.

intuitively : (adv.) pakatiñāṇena.

intumescence : (m.) sopha. (nt.) uddhumāyana.

intumescent : (adj.) sophakara.

inunction : (nt.) abbhañjana.

inundate : (v.t.) ajjhottharati; jalena ottharāpeti. (pp.) ajjhotthaṭa; jalena ottharāpita.

inundation : (nt.) ajjhottharaṇa. (m.) udakaplava.

inurbane : (adj.) anāgarika; gamma.

inure : (v.t.) paricayati. (pp.) paricita.

inurement : (m.) paricaya.

inurn : (v.t.) sarīrabhasmaṃ bhājane pakkhipati.

inutile : (adj.) nippayojana; niratthaka.

inutility : (nt.) niratthakatta.

invade : (v.t.) pakkhandati; paravisayaṃ abhimaddati. (pp.) pakkhanta; paravisayaṃ abhimaddita.

invader : (m.) abhimaddaka.

invalid : (adj.; m.) dubbala; gilāna; nitteja; rogī; ātura. (v.t.) gilānaṃ or akammaññaṃ karoti.

invalidate : (v.t.) lopeti; moghīkaroti. (pp.) lutta; moghīkata.

invalidity : (nt.) dubbalya; akkhamatta.

invaluable : (adj.) anaggha; accagghanaka.

invariable : (adj.) thira; nibbikāra; aparivattiya.

invariably : (adv.) ekantena; nibbikārena.

invasion : (nt.) paravisayakkamana.

invective : (nt.) vācāsannitudana.

inveigh : (v.t.) paribhāsati; daḷham akkosati. (pp.) paribhāsita; daḷhaṃ akkhuṭṭa.

inveigle : (v.t.) palobheti; palambheti. (pp.) palobhita; palambhita.

invent : (v.t.) navaṃ parikappeti or nimmiṇāti. (pp.) navaṃ parikappita; nimmita.

invention : (nt.) navanimmāṇa. (m.) navaparikappa. (f.) kūṭaracanā.

inventive : (adj.) navanimmāṇakara.

inventor : (m.) navanimmātu.

inventory : (nt.) bhaṇḍasaṅkhyālekhana.

inveracity : (nt.) vitathatta.

inveterately : (adv.) baddhamūlatāya.

inverse : (adj.; n.) viloma; paṭiloma; paṭiviruddha.

inversely : (adv.) viparītena; paṭilomaṃ.

inversion : (m.) virodha. (nt.) vilomatta; viparītatta.

invert : (v.t.) viparāvatteti; uddham adho-karoti. (pp.) viparāvattita; uddham adho-kata.

invertebrate : (adj.) 1. piṭṭhikaṇṭakarahita; 2. dubbala.

invest : (v.t.) 1. samaṅgīkaroti; 2. acchādeit; 3. adhikāre niyojeti. (pp.) samaṅgīkata; acchādita; adhikāre niyojita.

investigate : (v.t.) pariggaṇhāti; samannesati; upaparikkhati. (pp.) pariggahita; samannesita; upaparikkhita.

investigation : (f.) anuvicāranā; upaparikkhā.

investigator : (m.) anuvijjaka; samannesaka.

investment : (nt.) 1. vaḍḍhiyā yojita-dhana; 2. acchādana.

investure : (nt.) adhikāradāna; upanayana.

inveteracy : (nt.) ciraṭṭhitatta; baddhamūlatta. (m.) upanāha.

inveterate : (adj.) baddhamūla; ciraṭṭhita; daḷha; thira.

invidious : (adj.) appasādajanaka; kopajanaka.

invidiously : (adv.) appiyākārena.

invidiousness : (nt.) appiyatta.

invigilate : (v.i.) appamatto hoti; parivīmaṃsati.

invigilation : (nt.) parivīmaṃsana.

invigorate : (v.t.) pīṇeti; balaṃ vaḍḍheti. (pp.) pīṇita; vaḍḍhitabala.

invigorating : (adj.) balavaḍḍhaka.

invigoration : (nt.) balavaḍḍhana; thāmajanana.

invincible : (adj.) ajeyya; anabhibhavanīya.

inviolability : (nt.) alaṅghiyatta.

inviolable : (adj.) alaṅghiya; avītikkamiya; anatikkamiya.

inviolably : (adv.) anatikkamiyattena.

inviolate : (adj.) akkhata; adūsita; avilaṅghita.

inviolately : (adv.) adūsitākārena.

invisible : (adj.) adissamāna; adiṭṭhigocara; antarahita.

invisibleness : (f.) adissamānatā.

invisibly : (adv.) 1. adissamānākārena; 2. apaccakkhaṃ.

invitation : (f.) ārādhanā; ajjhesanā.

invite : (v.t.) nimanteti; ajjhesati; ārādheti. (pp.) nimantita; ajjhesita; ārādhita.

inviting : (adj.) palobhaka; manohara.

invitingly : (adv.) palobhanākārena.

invocation : (f.) devatujjhāpanā; devatārādhanā.

invoice : (nt.) (kīta-) bhaṇḍalekhana.

invoke : (v.t.) avhāti; ujjhāpeti. (pp.) avhāta; ujjhapita.

involuntarily : (adv.) anicchāya; akāmakaṃ.

involuntary : (adj.) akāmaka; anicchaka.

involute : (adj.) 1. saṃsaṭṭha; 2. antokuñcita.

involution : (f.) saṃsaṭṭhatā. (nt.) kuñcitatta.

involve : (v.t.) 1. āveṭheti; oguṇṭheti; 2. saṃyojeti. (pp.) āveṭhita; oguṇṭhita; saṃyojita.

involvement : (nt.) 1. āveṭhana; 2. dhanahīnatta.

invulnerability : (f.) abhejjatā.

invulnerable : (adj.) abhejja; avinivijjhiya.

invulnerably : (adv.) abhejjākārena.

inward : (adj.) antovattī. (inwards, adv.) antobhimukhaṃ.

inwardly : (adv.) abbhantarato.

inwardness : (nt.) abbhantaratta.

inweave : (v.t.) gantheti. (pp.) ganthita.

inwrought : (adj.) rūpavicitta; rūpakhacita.

ionian : (adj.; n.) Yonaka.

iota : (m.) lava; kaṇa; aṇu.

Iran : (m.) Pārasikadesa || Iranian: (adj.) Pārasikadesīya.

irascibility : (f.) kodhabahulatā.

irascible : (adj.) kodhana; kujjhanasīla.

irate : (adj.) ruṭṭha; kuddha.

ire : (m.) kodha; rosa; kopa.

ireful : (adj.) kuddha; ruṭṭha.

iridescent : (adj.) indadhanusadisa.

iridium : (nt.) setaloha.

iris : (f.) indadhanudevī; (of the eye : ) nettatārā; kaṇīnikā. (m.) phalikavisesa.

irk : (v.t.) hiṃsati; viheṭheti. (pp.) hiṃsita; viheṭhita.

irksome : (adj.) hiṃsaka; pīḷākara.

iron : (m.; nt.) aya; kāḷāyasa. (v.t.) 1. saṅkhalikāhi bandhati; 2. vatthāni majjati. (pp.) saṅkhalikāhi baddha; maṭṭhavattha. (adj.) ayomaya.

iron bar : (m.) ayoghana; nārāca.

iron chain : (m.) ayodāma.

iron foundry : (nt.) ayosodhanaṭṭhāna.

iron monger : (m.) ayobhaṇḍika.

iron wood : (m.) nāgarukkha.

ironic : (adj.) vyājatthutiyutta.

ironical : (adj.) vyājatthutiyutta.

ironically : (adv.) āsajja; upanīya.

irony : (f.) vyājatthuti. (nt.) āsajjavacana. (adj.) ayosadisa; ayomaya.

irradiance : (m.) obhāsa.

irradiant : (adj.) obhāsamāna.

irradiate : (v.t.) obhāseti; joteti. (pp.) obhāsita; jotita.

irradiation : (nt.) obhāsana; jotana.

irrational : (adj.) yuttirahita; ñāyaviruddha.

irrationality : (m.) aññāya; yuttivirodha. (f.) hīnabuddhitā.

irrationally : (adv.) ñāyavirodhena.

irrecognizable : (adj.) asañjāniya; sañjānitum asakya.

irreconcilable : (adj.) asandheya; avupasamiya; aghaṭiya.

irrecoverable : (adj.) apunalabbha; appaṭisaṅkhariya.

irrecoverably : (adv.) alabbhaneyyākārena.

irrecusable : (adj.) sampaṭicchitabba.

irredeemable : (adj.) apunakeyya; amociya; anitthāriya.

irredeemably : (adv.) amociyākārena.

irreducible : (adj.) avikalakkhana; akkhaya; ahāpiya.

irrefragable : (adj.) niruttara; akhaṇḍiya.

irrefrangible : (adj.) anatikkamiya; alaṅghiya.

irrefutable : (adj.) aparihāriya; avivādiya.

irregular : (adj.) 1. aniyata; ayathāvidhika; uppaṭipāṭika; 2. visama; 3. uppathagāmī.

irregularity : (f.) uppaṭipāṭi. (m.) kamavirodha; niyamābhāva; vītikkama. (nt.) vesamma.

irregularly : (adv.) aniyamena; uppaṭipāṭiyā.

irrelative : (adj.) asambandha; asaṅgata; kevala.

irrelevance : (adj.; m.) asaṃyoga. (f.) aghaṭanā.

irrelevant : (adj.) aghaṭiyamāna.

irreligion : (f.) assaddhā. (m.) samayavirodha.

irreligious : (adj.) assaddha; bhattihīna; samayaviruddha.

irreligiously : (adv.) adhammena; āgamavirodhena.

irremediable : (adj.) atekiccha; appaṭikamma.

irremediably : (adv.) atekicchākārena.

irremissible : (adj.) akkhamāraha; amocanīya.

irremovable : (adj.) ahāriya; anapaneyya; thāvara.

irreparable : (adj.) appaṭisaṅkharaṇīya; appaṭikamma.

irreparableness : (nt.) appaṭikammatta.

irreplaceable : (adj.) apunarāvattiya; apunasādhiya.

irrepressible : (adj.) dunniggayha; duddamiya.

irreproachable : (adj.) anindiya; agārayha; anavajja.

irreprovable : (adj.) atajjanīya; agārayha.

irresistibility : (nt.) dunnivāriyatta.

irresistible : (adj.) anivāriya; dunniggayha; dunnivāriya.

irresistibly : (adv.) anivāriyakārena.

irresolute : (adj.) calacitta; akatanicchaya.

irresolutely : (adv.) anicchayena.

irresoluteness : (nt.) athirādhiṭṭhānatta; capalatta.

irrespective : (of) (adj.) nirapekkha.

irrespectively : (adv.) agaṇetvā; asallakkhetvā; nirapekkhaṃ; anapekkhiya.

irresponsibility : (f.) niradhikāratā.

irresponsible : (adj.) niradhikāra; anāpucchitabba.

irresponsive : (adj.) anadhikāra; avihāyaka.

irretention : (f.) nivattetum asakyatā.

irretentive : (adj.) anivattāpanakkhama.

irretrievable : (adj.) apunalabbha; appaṭisaṅkhariya.

irretrievably : (adv.) apunalabbhākārena.

irreverence : (m.) agārava; agarukāra; avamāna; anādara.

irreverent : (adj.) agarukārī; apptissava; avamaññaka.

irreverently : (adv.) agāravena; sāvaññaṃ; anādarena.

irreversible : (adj.) apunarāvattiya; appaṭivattiya.

irrevocable : (adj.) anaññathākaraṇīya; aparivattiya.

irrigate : (v.t.) jalaṃ paveseti; udakaṃ neti. (pp.) pavesitajala; nītodaka.

irrigation : (f.) jalanetti. (nt.) udakasampādana.

irritability : (f.) dosabahulatā; kuppanasīlatā.

irritable : (adj.) kuppanasīla; dosacarita.

irritate : (v.t.) 1. kopeti; roseti; 2. kohbheti. (pp.) kopita; rosita; bhobhita.

irritating : (adj.) kopajanaka; santāpakara.

irritation : (m.) kopa; rosa; santāpa; dāha.

irritative : (adj.) kopajanaka; santāpakara.

irruption : (nt.) akkamana. (m.) pasayha-pavesa.

is : (v.i.) atthi; bhavati; vijjati.

is able : sakkoti.

Isabel : (adj.) pītadhūsara.

ischiatic : (adj.) jaghanāyatta.

ischuria : (m.) muttakicchābadha.

island : (m.) dīpa; antarīpa.

islander : (m.) dīpavāsī.

isle : (m.) dīpa; antarīpa.

islet : (m.) khuddakadīpa.

ism : (nt.) mata. (m.) vāda.

instructress : (f.) ācariyānī; upajjhāyā.

iso-chromatic : (adj.) samānavaṇṇa.

iso-chronous : (adj.) samakālika.

iso-gonal : (adj.) samakoṇaka.

iso-metric : (adj.) samamāṇaka.

isolate : (v.t.) viyojeti; vinibbhujati; puthakkaroti. (pp.) viyojita; vinibbhutta; puthakkata.

isosceles : (adj.) samdvibhuja.

issue : (m.) niggama; pasava. (nt.) nikkhamana. (f.) vipāka; nissanda; paramparā; santati. (v.i.) pasavati; niggacchati. (v.t.) nikkhāmeti; pacāreti; pakāseti. (pp.) pasūta; niggata; nikkhāmita; pacārita; pakāsita.

issueless : (adj.) anapacca; aputtaka.

isthmus : (f.) desasandhi; saṃyojakabhūmi.

it : (pron.; nt.) taṃ.

it behoves : vattati.

it is about noon : idāni majjhaṇhakappo.

Italy : (m.) Itālidesa || Italian: (adj.) Itālidesīya.

itch : (f.) kaṇḍuti; kacchu. (v.i.) kaṇḍuvati.

itchy : (adj.) kaṇḍutisahita.

item : (m.) amissita-visaya.

iterate : (v.t.) punappunaṃ vadati or karoti. (pp.) punappunaṃ vutta; punappunaṃ kata.

iteration : (f.) punarutti. (nt.) punakaraṇa.

iterative : (adj.) 1. punāgāmī; 2. abhiṇhavācī.

itinerant : (adj.) pariyaṭaka; āhiṇḍaka.

itinerary : (nt.) pavāsavuttanta.

itinerate : (v.i.) pariyaṭati; āhiṇḍati.

itself : (pron.) tad eva.

ivory : (nt.) hatthidanta. (adj.) 1. dantamaya; 2. khīravaṇṇa.

ivy : (f.) rukkhādanī; tarurohinī.

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jabber : (v.i.) pajappati; palapati. (pp.) pajappita; palapita.

jabbering : (nt.) pajappana.

jack : (nt.) bhārukkhepaka-yanta. (m.) bhaṭakañcuka; (tree : ) panasa.

jackal : (m.) sigāla; kotthuka; jambuka.

jackanapes : (m.) vānara; vānaravuttika; capala.

jackass : (m.) gadrabha; mahāmūḷha.

jackdaw : (m.) nagarakāka.

jacket : (m.) uttarikañcuka.

jacktar : (m.) nāvika.

jaconet : (nt.) ghana-kappāsikavattha.

jade : (m.) khaluṅkassa. (f.) muggavaṇṇasilā. (v.t.) khedeti; āyāseti. (pp.) khedita; āyāsita.

jadish : (adj.) duṭṭha; pāpika.

jag : (nt.) sikhara. (v.t.) dantākārena chindati. (pp.) dantākārena chinna.

jaggery : (m.) guḷa. (f.) sakkharā.

jaguar : (m.) dīpibilāla.

jail : (f.) kārā. (nt.) bandhanāgāra.

jailbird : (n.) kārābaddha.

jailer : (m.) kārāpāla.

jailor : (m.) kārāpāla.

jain : (3.; adj.) nigaṇṭhabhattika.

jam : (m.) phalasāra. (v.t.) sañcuṇṇeti; sammaddati. (pp.) sañcuṇṇita; sammaddita.

jamb : (f.) dvārabāhā.

jamboree : (m.) samājussava; mahāsanipāta.

jangle : (m.) mahānāda. (v.i.) kharasaddaṃ pavatteti. (v.t.) kharasaddena vādeti. (pp.) pavattitakharasadda; karasaddena vādita.

janitor : (m.) dvārāpāla.

janitress : (f.) dvārapālikā.

January : (m.) Phussa (-māsa).

Janus : (f.) dvimukhadevata.

Japan : (nt.) Japanraṭṭha.

Japanese : (adj.) Japandesīya.

jape : (m.) parihāsa.

jar : (m.) maṇika; arañjara; kharasadda. (v.i.) khaṭakhaṭāyati.

jargon : (m.) vippalāpa; kucchitālāpa.

jasmine : (f.) jātisumanā.

jasper : (m.) suriyakkantapāsāṇa.

jaundice : (m.) paṇḍuroga. (f.) kāmalā.

jaunt : (m.) jaṅghāvihāra. (v.i.) anuvicarati.

jauntily : (adv.) ullāsitākārena; kīḷakalīlāya.

jaunty : (adj.) ullāsita; sappagabbha.

javelin : (f.) satti; heti.

jaw : (f.) hanu; hanukā. (v.i.) 1. cabbati; 2. atidīghaṃ katheti. (pp.) cabbita; atidīghaṃ kathita.

jay : (m.) kikī; dindibha.

jealous : (adj.) issukī; maccharī.

jealously : (adv.) samaccharaṃ; macchariyena.

jealousy : (f.) issā; usūya. (nt.) macchariya.

jeer : (m.) upahāsa. (f.) avaññā. (v.i.) avahasati; upahasati. (pp.) avahasita; upahasita.

Jehovah : (m.) lokamāpaka.

jehu : (m.) pharusa-sārathi.

jejune : (adj.) 1. virala; appaka; 2. asāra; jaṅgala.

jejuness : (nt.) viralatta; appakatta.

jelly : (nt.) miñjasadisavatthu. (v.t.) miñjasadisaṃ karoti.

jellyfish : (f.) sippikā.

jemmy : (m.) (corānaṃ) ayosaṅku.

jeopardise : (v.t.) sappaṭibhayaṃ karoti; saṃsaye pāteti. (pp.) sappaṭibhayaṃ kata; saṃsaye pātita.

jeopardy : (m.) antarāya; sandeha; saṃsaya.

jerk : (m.) ugghāta. (nt.) sahasā calana. (v.t.) sahasā cāleti; ugghāteti. (pp.) sahasā cālita; ugghātita; sahasā calita.

jessamine : see jasmine.

jest : (f.) keḷi. (m.) parihāsa; nammālāpa. (v.t.) parihasati; keḷiṃ karoti. (pp.) parihasita; katakeḷika || I do but jest: ahaṃ kevalaṃ parihasāmi.

jester : (m.) vihāsaka.

jestering : (nt.) sañjagghana.

jet : (f.) dhārā; jaladhārā; kāḷasilā. (v.t.) nicchāreti; nikkhāmeti. (v.i.) dhārāvasena niggacchati. (pp.) nicchārita; nikkhāmita; dhārāvesena niggata.

jet black : (adj.) aṅgāravaṇṇa; atikaṇha.

jetsam : (nt.) (lahubhāvāya) nāvāto khitta-bhaṇḍa.

jettison : (v.t.) (lahubhāvāya) nāvāto bhaṇḍāni khipati. (pp.) nāvāto khitta-bhaṇḍa.

jetty : (m.) titthasetu. (nt.) haṇaṭṭhāna.

Jew : (m.) Yādava. (v.t.) vāñceti. (pp.) vāñcita.

jewel : (nt.) ratana; ratanābharaṇa; anagghavatthu. (m.) maṇi; uttamapuggala. (v.t.) ratanehi alaṅkaroti. (pp.) ratanālaṅkata.

jeweller : (m.) 1. maṇikāra; 2. ābharaṇavāṇija.

jewellery : (nt.) ratanābharaṇa.

jewelly : (adj.) ratanopana.

Jewry : (nt.) Yādavanivāsaṭṭhāna.

jib : (m.) pamukha-lakāra. (v.t.) aññaṃ passam ākaḍḍhati. (v.i.) agantum icchati; paccosakkati. (pp.) aññaṃ passam ākaḍḍhita; agantum icchita; paccosakkita.

jibe : (m.) upahāsa. (v.t.) upahasati; avahasati. (pp.) upahasita; avahasita.

jiff : (nt.) muhuttamatta.

jig : (nt.) turita-nacca. (v.i.) turitanaccaṃ pavatteti.

jiggle : (v.t.) sanikaṃ pājeti or kampeti. (pp.) sanikaṃ pājita; sanikaṃ kampita.

jimp : (adj.) tanu; sukumāra.

jingle : (m.) kiṇikiṇināda. (v.i.) jhana-jhanāyati; kiṇikiṇāyati. (v.t.) kiṇikiṇisaddaṃ pavatteti.

jinks : (f.) saghosa-kīḷā.

jinricksha : (m.) hatthavaṭṭakaratha.

job : (nt.) kicca. (m.) vyāpāra. (v.i.) khuddaka-kiccāni karoti.

jobber : (m.) lahukiccakārī.

jockey : (m.) assadamaka. (v.t.) vañceti. (pp.) vañcita.

jocose : (adj.) keḷisīla; vinodaka; hāsakara.

jocosely : (adv.) hāsapubbakaṃ.

jocoseness : (nt.) rasikatta. (m.) hassadhamma.

jocosity : (nt.) rasikatta. (m.) hassadhamma.

jocular : (adj.) keḷisīla; vinodaka; hāsakara.

jocund : (adj.) pahaṭṭha; pamudita.

jocundity : (m.) pahāsa.

jog : (nt.) īsañcālana. (v.t.) sanikaṃ cāleti; nittudati. (v.i.) vilambanto gacchati. (pp.) sanikaṃ cālita; nittudita.

joggle : (nt.) (silā-dāruādīnaṃ) sambandhakaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) saṅghaṭeti; punappunaṃ cāleti. (pp.) saṅghaṭita; punappunaṃ cālita.

Johnny : (m.) kusītamāṇava.

join : (m.) sandhi. (v.t.) ghaṭeti; saṃyojeti; sandhīkaroti. (v.i.) ghaṭīyati; sandhīyati; ekībhavati. (pp.) ghaṭita; saṃyojita; sandhīkata; ekībhūta.

joiner : (m.) vaḍḍhakī; saṅghaṭaka.

joinery : (nt.) vaḍḍhakīkamma.

joining : (nt.) ghaṭana; sandhikaraṇa; saṃyojana.

joint : (m.) sandhi. (nt.) pabba. (v.t.) sandahati; ghaṭeti. (pp.) sandhita; ghaṭita. (adj.) 1. samagga; saṃyutta; 2. sādhāraṇa.

joint heir : (m.) samabhātī.

jointly : (adv.) sahitaṃ; saha; ekato.

jointure : (nt.) vidhavādhana.

joist : (m.) talasiṅghāṭa.

joke : see Jest.

joky : (adj.) keḷisīla; hāsappiya.

jollify : (v.t.) vinodeti; pahaṃseti. (pp.) vinodita; pahaṃsita. (v.i.) pahaṃsati. (pp.) pahaṭṭha.

jollity : (m.) vinoda; pamoda.

jolly : (m.) vinoda. (adj.) pahaṭṭha; pamudita; kīḷālola. (adv.) atīva.

jolt : (m.) ugghāta. (v.t.) ugghāteti. (v.i.) saṅkhubhati; sahasā kampati. (pp.) ugghātita; saṅkhubhita; sahasā kampita.

jolterhead : (m.) dandhapuggala.

jolty : (adj.) ugghātayutta.

Jonah : (m.) kālakaṇṇī.

jostle : (nt.) apasāraṇa. (m.) janasammadda. (v.t.) apasāreti; aññamaññaṃ ghaṭṭeti. (v.i.) saṅghaṭṭīyati. (pp.) apasārita; aññamaññaṃ ghaṭṭita.

jot : (f.) thokamattā. (v.t.) saṅkhepena likhati. (pp.) saṅkhepena likhita.

jotting : (f.) saṅkhittalipi.

journal : (m.) kālikasaṅgaha.

journalism : (nt.) pattikāsampādana.

journalist : (m.) pattikāsampādaka.

journey : (nt.) addhānagamana; desāṭana. (f.) desacārikā. (v.i.) sañcarati; pariyaṭati.

journeying : (adj.) maggapaṭipanna.

jovial : (adj.) sadāmudita; keḷisīla.

joviality : (f.) kīḷāparatā.

jovially : (adv.) sānandaṃ; sappamodaṃ.

joy : (m.) ānanda; pamoda. (f.) pīti; tuṭṭhi. (nt.) pāmojja. (v.i.) santussati; pamodati (v.t.) pamodeti; toseti. (pp.) santuṭṭha; pamudita; pamodita; tosita.

joyful : (adj.) sumana; haṭṭhacitta.

joyfully : (adv.) pamuditākārena.

joyfulness : (n.) pamuditatta.

joyless : (adj.) vittihīna; dummana.

joylessness : (f.) anattamanatā; asantuṭṭhi.

joyously : (adv.) pamuditākārena.

jubilant : (adj.) atihaṭṭha; pahaṭṭha.

jubilantly : (adv.) pahaṭṭhākārena.

jubilate : (v.i.) tuṭṭhiṃ pakāseti; pamodati. (pp.) pakāsitatuṭṭhī; pamodita.

jubilee : (m.) cirasamiddhiussava.

judge : (m.) daṇḍanāyaka; vinicchāmacca; adhikaraṇika; (judge in general) vivecaka; guṇadosaññū. (v.t.) viniccheti; niṇṇeti; tīreti. (v.i.) viveceti. (pp.) vinicchita; niṇṇita; tīrita; vivecita.

judgement : (m.) adhikaraṇa-vinicchaya.

judgeship : (nt.) daṇḍanāyakadhura.

judicatory : (adj.) adhikaraṇāyatta.

judicature : (nt.) anuvijjana. (m.) aṭṭavinicchaya.

judicial : (adj.) nītyanugata.

judicially : (adv.) nītyanukūlattena.

judiciary : (m.) akkhadassasanūha. (f.) adhikaraṇasabhā.

judicious : (adj.) dhammānugata; yuttiyutta; vīmaṃsakārī.

judiciously : (adv.) suvicāriya; susumekkhiya.

jug : (f.) kuṇḍikā. (m.) kamaṇḍalu.

juggins : (m.) momuha.

juggle : (nt.) indajāla. (v.i.) indajālaṃ dasseti. (v.t.) moheti; vañceti. (pp.) mohita; vañcita.

juggler : (m.) māyākāra; indajālika.

jugglery : (f.) māyā. (nt.) indajāla.

jugular : (adj.) kaṇṭhaja; kaṇṭhāyatta.

jugulate : (v.t.) nāseti; vāreti; nivāreti; nisedheti. (pp.) nāsita; nivārita; nisedhita.

juice : (m.) yūsa; rasa. (f.) ojā.

juicy : (adj.) yūsabahula.

jujube : (f.) (tree : ) badarī. (m.; nt.) (fruit : ) kola; badara.

July : (m.) āsāḷhi (-māsa).

jumble : (m.) saṅkara; missībhāva; saṅkhobha. (v.t.) saṅkhobheti; āloleti. (pp.) saṅkhobhita; ālolita.

jumbo : (m.) thūladehī.

jump : (nt.) laṅghana; uppatana. (v.t.) laṅgheti; uppatati. (pp.) laṅghita; uppatita.

jumper : (m.) laṅghaka.

jumper over : ullaṇgheti.

jumpy : (adj.) vyākula; avupasanta.

junction : (nt.) sandhiṭṭhāna. (m.) saṅgama.

juncture : (f.) niyamitavelā. (nt.) sandhiṭṭhāna.

June : (m.) jeṭṭhamāsa.

jungle : (nt.) kubbanaka. (m.) vanasaṇḍa.

jungle cock : (m.) nijjivha.

jungle fire : (m.) dāvaggi.

junior : (adj.) kaṇiṭṭha.

juniority : (f.) kaṇiṭṭhatā; ūnāyukatā.

junk : (f.) cīnanāvā. (m.) rajjukhaṇḍādi.

junket : (m.) madhurakummāsa.

juno : (f.) suraguru-devī.

junto : (m.) pālaka-pakkha.

Jupiter : (m.) suraguru.

jural : (adj.) nītyāyatta.

juridical : (adj.) adhikaraṇāyatta.

jurisdiction : (m.) āṇānuvattīpadesa. (nt.) adhikaraṇatīraṇa.

jurisprudence : (nt.) nītisattha.

jurist : (m.) ñāyavedī; nītivedī.

juror : (m.) vinicchayasabhika.

jury : (f.) vinicchayasabhā.

jussive : (adj.) āṇāpakāsaka.

just : (adj.) dhammika; akuṭila; yuttigaruka. (adv.) sapadi; aciraṃ.

just after : (adv.) samanantarā.

just as : (ind.) iva; viya.

just born : (adj.) jātamatta.

just like : (ind.) iva; viya.

justice : (f.) yutti. (m.) ñāya; vinicchayāmacca.

justiceship : (nt.) vohārikadhura.

justiciable : (adj.) vinicchitabba; anuvijjitabba.

justiciary : (m.) adhikaraṇādhikārī. (adj.) adhikaraṇānugata.

justifiable : (adj.) nirākaraṇīyavajja.

justification : (nt.) dosanirākaraṇa.

justifier : (m.) dosanivāraka; vajjasodhaka.

justify : (v.t.) niravajjaṃ karoti; dosā moceti. (pp.) niravajjaṃ kata; dosā mocita.

justly : (adv.) yathāñāyaṃ.

justness : (nt.) dhammikatta; akuṭilatta.

jut : (nt.) bahiniggata-vatthu. (v.i.) bahi lambati. (pp.) bahi lambita.

jute : (nt.) sāṇa.

juvenescence : (f.) yobbanappatti.

juvenescent : (adj.) yobbanappatta.

juvenile : (adj.) taruṇa; komāra; daharayogga. (m.) yuva.

juvenility : (nt.) yobhana; bālya. (f.) taruṇāvatthā.

juxtapose : (v.t.) sannidahati; samīpe ṭhapeti. (pp.) sannihita; samīpe ṭhapita.

juxtaposition : (nt.) sanidahana; samīpe-ṭhapana.

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kaffir : (m.) aparagoyānika.

kaleidoscope : (nt.) rūpadassakkācanāḷa.

kalpie : (f.) assaamukī jaladevatā.

kangaroo : (m.) mahāsasavisesa.

kaolin : (f.) setamattikā.

keck : (v.i.) uggāra-saddaṃ pavatteti. (pp.) pavatitauggārasadda.

keel : (nt.) nāvāpādaka. (v.t.) nāvam adhomukhīkaroti. (pp.) nāvam adhomukhīkata.

keen : (nt.) paridevagīta. (adj.) 1. sunisita; tikhiṇa; 2. sukhuma; ugga. (v.i.) paridevati. (v.t.) sokagītaṃ gāyati. (pp.) paridevita. sokagītaṃ gāyita.

keenly : (adv.) tibbaṃ; tikhiṇākārena.

keenness : (nt.) tikhiṇatta.

keenwitted : (adj.) tikkhapañña.

keep : (m.) 1. balakoṭṭhaka; 2. (nt.) posaṇa; bharaṇa; (v.t.) ṭhapeti; niveseti; gopeti; pāleti; 3. (to observe) ācarati; anuṭhāti. (v.i.) pavattati; (pp.) ṭhapita; nivesita; gopita; pālita; ācarita; anuṭhita; pavatta.

keep away : paṭibāheti.

keep away from : paṭiliyati.

keep back : 1. vigacchati; apakkmati. 2. nigūhati.

keep company : sevati; bhajati.

keep down : nisedhati; nivāreti.

keep in : samodahati; gūheti.

keep in check : uparundhati.

keep in mind : manasikaroti.

keep off : (v.t.) nivāreti. (v.i.) nisedheti;virameti.

keep out : bahikaroti; nikkhāmeti.

keep sake : (nt.) sārāṇiyavatthu.

keep silence : tuṇhī bhavati.

keep still : saṅkasāyati.

keep to : anuvattati; daḷhaṃ pavatteti.

keep under : vase vatteti.

keep up : paṭijaggati; poseti.

keeper : (m.) pālaka; rakkhaka.

keeping : (nt.) gopana.

keeping awake : (nt.) jāgaraṇa.

keeping up : (nt.) pariharaṇa.

keg : (nt.) khuddaka-dārubhājana.

Kemp : (f.) thuluṇṇā.

ken : (m.) dassanapatha. (v.t.) disvā sañjānāti. (pp.) disvā sañjānita.

kennel : (f.) sunakhakuṭi.

kerchief : (nt.) siroveṭhana; hatthapuñchana.

kernel : (f.) miñjā. (nt.) miñja.

kerosene : (nt.) bhūmitela

ketchup : (m.) sūparasa; gacchavisesa.

kettle : (f.) jalukhā; tāpanakumbhī.

kettle drum : (m.) paṭaka.

key : (f.) kuñchikā. (m.) tāḷa. (nt.) avāpurajkṇa.

key hole : (nt.) kuñchikāvivara; tāḷacchidda.

key stone : (f.) sandhisilā.

khaki : (nt.) dhūsaravattha.

kick : (m.) pādappahāra. (v.t.) pādena paharati. (pp.) pādena pahaṭa.

kid : (m.) ajapotaka. (nt.) sātheyya. (v.t.) potakaṃ vijāyati; vañceti.

kiddle : (f.) macchavati.

kiddy : (adj.) akamammasili; sukumāra.

kidnap : (v.t.) balakārena apaharati. (pp.) balakārena pahaṭa.

kidnapper : (m.) balenāpahārī.

kidnapping : (m.) pasayhāvahāra.

kidney : (nt.) vakka.

kill : (v.t.) māreti; ghāteti; hanati. (pp.) mārita; ghātita; hata.

killer : (m.) vadhaka; māretu; ghātetu.

killing : (nt.) māraṇa; hanana; ghātata. (m.) vadha.

kiln : (m.) āvāpa.

kilndry : (v.t.) āvāpe sukhāpeti. (pp.) āvāpita.

kin : (m.) ñātibhāva; ñātigaṇa.

kinchin : (m.) bālaka.

kind : (f.) jāti; vikati. (m.) gaṇa; vagga. (adj.) kāruṇika; anukampaka; sadaya.

kindergarten : (f.) dārakapāṭhasālā; (nt.) dārakuyyāna.

kindle : (v.t.) jāleti; ujjāleti; sandīpeti. (pp.) jālita; ujjālita; sandīpeti. (v.i.) jalati; dippati. (pp.) jalita; ditta.

kindler : (m.) jāletu; ujjāletu.

kindling : (nt.) jālana; dippana.

kindly : (adv.) sadayaṃ.

kindness : (f.) karuṇā; dayā; anukampā; anuddayā;

kindred : (m.; plu.) ñātigaṇa; ñātisālohitā. (adj.) samānagatika; samajātika.

kine : (plu. of cow) (m.) go.

kinematograph : (nt.) calacittadassana.

king : (m.) rājā; bhūpati; bhūpāla; narādhipa; naradeva; manujinda; mahīpati; narinda; narapati || abode of a king: (nt.) rājabhavana; rājamandira; command of a king: (f.) rājāṇā; favourite of a king: (m.) rājavallabha; retinue of a king: (f.) rājaparisā; seal of a king: (f.) rājamuddā; sword-bearer of a king: (m.) asiggāhaka.

king coconut : (m.) sannīra.

king craft : (nt.) rajjapālana. (m.) rājadhamma.

king fisher : (m.) maccharaṅka.

kingdom : (nt.) 1 rajja;vijita; 2 rājatta.

kingless : (adj.) arājaka

kingly : (adj.) rājāraha; rājasadisa.

kingship : (nt.) rājapada; rājatta.

kinsfolk : (m.; plu.) bandhūgaṇa.

kinsman : (m.) bandhu; bāndhava; ñati; sagotta.

kinswoman : (f.) ñatakitthī.

kismet : (nt.) bhāgya. (f.) niyati.

kiss : (nt.) cumbana. (v.t.) cumbati. (pp.) cumbita.

kit : (nt.) 1. pātheyya; 2. puggalikopakaraṇa.

kitchen : (f.) rasavatī. (nt.) mahānasa.

kitchen-garden : (nt.) sākavatthū.

kitchener : (m.) dānasālādhikārī.

kite : (m.) kulala; sena. (nt.) ākāsapatta. (v.i.) uḍḍeti. (v.t.) palāveti.

kith : (m.) banthuvagga; ñātigaṇa.

kitten : (m.) mjjārapotaka. (v.t.) biḷālapotake vijāyati.

kittle : (adj.) dupparihāriya.

kittul : (m.) hintālataru.

kleptomania : (f.) theyyapakatikatā.

knack : (nt.) upāyakosalla. (f.) khippanisantitā.

knacker : (m.) jiṇṇassajiṇṇagehādiṃ ketā.

knag : (m.) kukku; rukkhagaṇṭhi.

knap : (nt.) sikharaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) pāsāṇe (sakkharāpamāṇena) chindati.

knapsack : (f.) aṃsatthavikā.

knar : (m.) kukku; rukkhagaṇṭhi.

knared : (adj.) gaṇḍijāta.

knave : (m.) kitva; nekatika.

knavery : (f.) nikati; vañcanā. (nt.) sāṭheyya; ketava.

knavish : (adj.) dhutta; kapaṭa; vañcanika.

knavishly : (adv.) nikatiyā; sāṭheyyena.

knavishness : (f.) nikati; vañcanā. (nt.) sāṭheyya; ketava.

knead : (v.t.) sanneti; sammaddati. (pp.) sannita; sammaddita.

knee : (m.) jāṇu; jaṇṇu. (v.t.) jaṇṇunā ghaṭṭeti or phusati. (pp.) jaṇṇunā ghaṭṭita; jaṇṇunā phuṭṭha.

knee-deep : (adj.) jaṇṇumatta.

kneecap : (nt.) jānumaṇḍala.

kneejoint : (nt.) ūrupabba.

kneel : (v.i.) jaṇṇūhi nipatati. (pp.) jaṇṇūhi nipatita.

kneepiece : (nt.) jaṅgheyya.

knell : (m.) amaṅgala-ghaṇṭārava; asubharava. (v.i.) avamaṅgalaravaṃ pavatteti; asubhaṃ suceti.

knick-knack : (nt.) sallhukabhaṇḍa.

knife : (f.) chūrikā. (nt.) khuddakasattha. (v.t.) satthena āhanati. (pp.) satthena āhata.

knife-blade : (nt.) visiphala.

knight : (m.) viruttama; mahāyodha.

knit : (v.t.) gantheti. (pp.) ganthita.

knitting : (nt.) ganthana.

knob : (nt.) makula; gaṇṭhikā.

knobby : (adj.) sagaṇḍa; gaṇṭhibahula.

knock : (v.t.) ākoṭeti; paṭihanati. (v.i.) paṭihaññati. (pp.) ākoṭita; paṭihata. (m.) abhighāta. (nt.) āhanana; ākoṭana.

knock of hair : (f.) moḷi. (m.) dhammilla.

knock under : vasaṃ yāti.

knockdown : opāṭeti.

knocker : (m.) āhanaka; ākoṭaka.

knockoff : apagacchati.

knockout : paharitvā nikkhāmeti.

knoll : (f.) unnatabhūmi. (v.t.) ghaṇṭaṃ vādeti; gaṇḍiṃ paharati.

knot : (m.) gaṇṭhi. (f.) ghaṭikā; gaṇṭhikā. (nt.) dubbodhaṭṭhāna. (v.t.) gantheti; gaṇṭhiṃ yojeti. (pp.) ganthita. yojitagaṇṭhika.

knotty : (adj.) pabbayutta; gaṇṭhibahula; 2. gūḷhattha.

know : (v.i.) jānāti; vijānāti. (v.t.) sañjānāti; bujjhati. (pp.) ñata; viññāta; sañjānita; buddha || difficult to know: (adj.) dujjāna; duviññeyya.

know clearly : pajānāti; abhijānāti.

know perfectly : (adv.) parijānāti; sambujjhati.

know thoroughly : abhisameti.

knowable : (adj.) viññeyya; boddhabba.

knower : (m.) ñātu; aññātu.

knowing : (adj.) jānanta.

knowingly. : (adv.) sañcicca; ñatvā.

knowledge : (nt.) ñāṇa. (f.) paññā; vijjā; bodhi || boundless-knowledge: (nt.) anāvaraṇañāṇa; discriminating knowledge: (f.) paṭisambhidā; eye of knowledge: (nt.) ñāṇacakkhu; limited knowledge: (nt.) padesañāṇa; perfect knowledge: (nt.) ñāṇadassana; right knowledge: (f.) sammappaññā; special knowledge: (f.) abhiññā; supreme knowledge: (f.) sammāsambodhi.

known : (pp. of know), ñāta; avagata; vidita.

known well : vikkhyāta; pākaṭa.

knuckle : (nt.) aṅgulipabba. (v.i.) 1. vasībhavati; 2. guḷaṃ kīḷati. (v.t.) aṅgulīhi ākoṭeti. (pp.) vasībhūta; aṅgulīhi ākoṭita.

knurl : (m.) gaṇṭhi; gaṇḍa.

kobold : (m.) bhūgabbha-pisāca.

koel : (m.) kokila.

kohl : (nt.) añjana.

Koran : (m.) Mohammadīyadhammagantha.

kosmos : (f.) lokadhātu.

kraal : (nt.) hatthikoṭṭhaka. (m.) vatiparikkhittagāma.

Kris : (f.) chūrikā.

kudos : (f.) kitti. (m.) yasoghosa.

kyanize : (v.t.) telena makkhetvā ciraṭṭhāyiṃ karoti.

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laager : (nt.) sakaṭaparivaṭṭa. (m.) sakaṭakhandhāvāra.

labefaction : (f.) hāni; balahāni. (m.) adhopāta.

label : (nt.) aṅkapaṇṇa; nāmaṅkana; laggitalañchana. (v.t.) nāmaṅkitapaṇṇaṃ yojeti.

labial : (adj.) oṭṭhaja; oṭṭhāyatta.

labiate : (adj.) dvidhā-bhinnagga.

labile : (adj.) athāvara.

laboratory : (nt.) rasāyanāgāra.

laborious : (adj.) kiccabahula; āyāsakara; āyāsakara; dukkara; dusādhiya; āyāsakkhama.

laboriously : (adv.) kicchena; kasirena.

laboriousness : (f.) āyāsakāritā.

labour : (m.) āyāsa; parissama; pasūtikāla. (nt.) hattha-kamma. (v.t.) parissamena sādheti. (v.i.) vāyamati; kammaṃ karoti. (pp.) parissamena sādhita; vāyamita; katakamma.

labour pains : (f.) pasavavedanā.

labourer : (m.) kammakara; vetanika; bhataka.

labyrinth : (nt.) 1. dunniggamaṭṭhāna; 2. kaṇṇacchidda; 3. vyākulatta.

lac : (f.) lākhā. (nt.) jatu; satasahassa.

lace : (nt.) jālabhūsana. (v.t.) jālabhūsanaṃ yojeti.

lacerate : (v.t.) 1. padāḷeti; vidāreti; 2. vyathati; dukkhāpeti. (pp.) padāḷita; vidārita; vyathita; dukkhāpita.

laceration : (nt.) vidāraṇa; pīḷana.

lacertian : (adj.) godhāsadisa.

laches : (nt.) nītividhāna-ananuṭṭhāna.

lachrymal : (adj.) assuvisayaka; assumocaka.

lachrymation : (nt.) assupatana.

lachrymatory : (adj.) assumocaka.

lack : (m.) abhāva; viraha. (f.) ūnatā. (v.i.) ūnāyati; ūnobhavati. (pp.) ūnabhūta.

lack all : (adj.) akiñcana.

lack-a-day : (intj.) aho; ahaha.

lackadaisical : (adj.) anussuka; anutthunanta.

lackey : (m.) pādamūlika; ceṭaka; cullupaṭṭhāka.

lacking : (adj.) ūna; hīna.

lacklustre : (adj.) mandappabha: maṅkubhūta.

laconic : (adj.) saṅkhitta; mitabhāṇī.

laconical : (adj.) saṅkhitta; mitabhāṇī.

laconically : (adv.) saṅkhepena.

laconism : (f.) mitabhāṇitā. (nt.) kathālāghava.

lacquer : (m.) lākhārasa. (v.t.) lākhārasena lepeti; lākhāya āvarati.

lactation : (nt.) thaññapāyana. (m.) thaññapāyanakāla.

lactchet : (f.) pādukāveṭhanī.

lacteal : (adj.) sakhīra; khīrāyatta; khīramaya.

lactiferous : (adj.) khīravāhī.

lactogen : (m.) khīrāhāra.

lactometer : (nt.) duddhaghanattamāṇaka.

lactory : (nt.) khīraduhanaṭṭhāna.

lacuna : (m.) cheda; naṭṭhapāṭha. (nt.) suññaṭṭhāna.

lacunal : (adj.) saccheda.

lacustrine : (adj.) sarasija; taḷākagocara.

lad : (m.) māṇava; māṇavaka.

ladder : (m.) sopāṇa. (f.) nissenī.

lade : (v.t.) bhaṇḍam āropeti. (pp.) āropitabhaṇḍa.

lading : (m.) nāvābhāra. (nt.) nāvāya bhaṇḍajāta.

ladle : (m.) uluṅka.

ladleful : (adj.) uluṅkamatta.

lady : (f.) ayyā; sāminī; kulitthī.

lady killer : (m.) itthidhutta; thīlālaka.

lady like : (adj.) suvinīta.

lady love : (f.) vāritakitthī.

ladyship : (m.) kulitthībhāva.

lag : (v.i.) vilambati; sajjati. (pp.) vilambhita; saṭṭha.

laggard : (m.) mandagāmī; vilambaka; olīyaka.

lagging : (nt.) vilambana; olīyana; osakkana.

lagoon : (f.) loṇī.

laic : (m.) gahaṭṭha; gihī. (adj.) gihībhūta.

laical : (adj.) gahaṭṭhāyatta.

laicalize : (v.t.) gahaṭṭhāyattaṃ karoti.

laid : (pp.) of lay. ṭhapita.

laid bare : (adj.) vivaṭa.

laid down : 1. nikkhita; ohita; 2. paññatta; 3. nipanna.

lair : (m.) āsaya; pasunilaya.

laity : (m.) 1. gahaṭṭhajana; 2. gihībhāva.

lake : (m.) taḷāka; sara; daha || natural lake: (m.; nt.) jātassara; artificial lake: (f.) vāpi. (m.) jalāsaya; small lake: (nt.) pallala.

lakh : (nt.) lakkha; satasahassa.

Lama: (m.) Tibbatīya-yati.

Lamaism: (m.) Tibbata samaya.

Lamasery : (m.) Tibbatīyārāma.

lamb : (m.) meṇḍapotaka.

lame : (adj.) khañja; paṅgula. (v.t.) khañjaṃ karoti.

lame person : (m.) paṅgu.

lamely : (adv.) vikalagatiyā; khañjākārena.

lameness : (nt.) khañjatta.

lament : (v.i.) vilapati; anusocati; paridevati. (pp.) vilapita; anusocita; paridevita.

lamentable : (adj.) sociya; socanīya.

lamentation : (m.) vilāpa; parideva. (f.) ādevanā.

lamented : (adj.) 1. kālakata; 2. socitabba.

lamina : (f.) kharachavi.

laminated : (adj.) papaṭikajāta.

lamish : (adj.) khañjasabhāva.

lamp : (m.) padīpa; pajjota. (v.t.) obhāseti; joteti. (v.i.) obhāsati. (pp.) obhāsita; jotita.

lamp black : (m.) dīpamasi.

lamp stand : (m.) dīpādhāra.

lamp wick : (f.) dīpavaṭṭi.

lampoon : (f.) nindakalipi. (v.t.) lekhanena nindati. (pp.) lekhanena nindita.

lampooner : (m.) nindaka.

lanate : (adj.) lomasa.

lance : (f.) satti. (nt.) tomara; kuntāyudha. (v.t.) sattiyā āhanati. (pp.) sattiāhata || short lance: (m.) kaṇaya.

lancer : (m.) sattidhara.

land : (nt.) thala. (f.) bhūmi. (m.) thalappadesa. (v.t.) thalaṃ pāpeti. (v.i.) thalam otarati or pāpuṇāti. (pp.) thalaṃ pāpita; thalaṃ otiṇṇa or patta || barren land: (nt.) jaṅgala; marutthala; marshy land: (m.) anūpa. (m.; nt.) kaccha; situated on the land: (adj.) thalaṭṭha.

land force : (f.) thalasenā.

land holder : (m.) bhūmisāmī.

land route : (m.) thalapatha.

land surveyor : (m.) rajjugāhaka; bhūmimāṇaka.

land-pirate : (m.) panthavilopaka.

landed : (adj.) khettavatthuyutta.

landing : (f.) thalappatti. (nt.) nāvotaraṇa.

landlady : (f.) pathikāgārasāminī.

landless : (adj.) khettavatthurahita.

landlord : (m.) bhūmisāmī.

landmark : (nt.) sīmāciṇha; thalābhiññāṇa.

landocracy : (m.) khettapatigaṇa.

landscape : (m.) naya-nagocara-bhūkhaṇḍa.

lane : (m.) upapatha. (f.) upavīthi.

language : (f.) bhāsā; vāṇī.

language of Magadha : (f.) māgadhī.

languid : (adj.) kilanta; parissanta; osīna.

languidly : (adv.) dubbalākārena.

languidness : (f.) tandi. (m.) kilamatha. (nt.) ālasya.

languish : (v.i.) avasīdati; kilamati; milāyati. (pp.) osīna; kilanta; milāta.

languishing : (adj.) osīdamāna.

languishingly : (adv.) ukkaṇṭhitākārena.

languishment : (nt.) kilamana; osīdana. (f.) ukkaṇṭhā.

languor : (nt.) dubbalya; gelañña; ālasya.

languorous : (adj.) dubbala; gilāna; alasa.

laniary : (adj.) dāṭhāsadisa; chindaka. (f.) dāṭhā. (nt.) vadhaṭṭhāna.

laniferous : (adj.) uṇṇāsahita.

lank : (adj.) kisa; tanu.

lankiness : (nt.) kisatta.

lanner : (f.) vyagghīnasī.

lantern : (m.) āvarita-padīpa.

lap : (m.) ucchaṅga; aṅka; (of a cloth: ) dasanta. (v.t.) oguṇṭheti; aṅke ṭhapeti. (pp.) oguṇṭhita; aṅke ṭhapita. (v.i.) lihati; (jivhāya) sāyati.

lapicide : (m.) pāsāṇavidāraka.

lapidary : (m.) maṇikāra. (adj.) 1. maṇisippāyatta; 2. silālekhāraha; silākammāraha.

lapidate : (v.t.) 1. pāsāṇehi paharati; 2. silāpahārehi māreti. (pp.) pāsāṇehi pahaṭa; silāpahārehi mārita.

lapidation : (nt.) silāhi paharaṇa.

lapidify : (v.t.) pāsāṇīkaroti. (pp.) pāsāṇīkata.

lapis lazuli : (nt.) veḷuriya. (m.) vaṃsavaṇṇa.

lappet : (nt.) dasanta. (m.) koṇa. (f.) lambamāna-pesi.

lapse : (m.) accaya; atikkama. (nt.) khalita. (m.) pamāda. (v.i.) 1. acceti; atikkamati; 2. khalati; pamajjati. (pp.) atikkanta; khalita; pamatta.

lapwing : (m.) dindibha.

lar : (f.) gharadevatā.

larcener : (m.) cora; thena.

larceny : (nt.) coriya; theyya.

lard : (f.) sūkaravasā. (v.t.) 1. sūkaramaṃsena or vasāya misseti; 2. gambhīrapade yojeti. (pp.) vasāya missita; gambhīrapade yojita.

larder : (nt.) bhojanopakaraṇāgāra.

large : (adj.) mahanta; visāla; vipula; uru.

large hearted : uḷārahadaya.

large minded : (adj.) uḷāracitta.

largely : (adv.) bahuso; bhīyo; yebhuyyena.

largeness : (nt.) mahatta; visālatta.

largesse : (nt.) vitaraṇa; vissajjana; dāna. (m.) pariccāga.

lariat : (f.) pasubandanarajju.

lark : (m.) kokila; parapuṭṭha. (v.i.) kīḷati; modati.

larrikin : (m.) panthadūsaka.

larva : (m.) kīṭapotaka.

larynx : (m.) galanāḷa; kaṇṭhanāḷa.

lascar : (m.) bhāratīya-nāvika.

lascivious : (adj.) kāmāsatta; kāmuka.

lasciviously : (adv.) kāmukatāya.

lasciviousness : (f.) rāgabahulatā.

lash : (f.) kasā; varattā. (v.t.) 1. kasāhi tāḷeti; rajjuyā bandhati. (pp.) kasāhi tāḷita; baddha.

lashing : (nt.) kasātāḷana.

lass : (f.) kaññā; kumārī; yuvatī.

lassitude : (m.) kilamatha. (nt.) dubbalya; gelañña.

lasso : (m.) pāsa.

last : (adj.) 1. antima; carima; pacchima; 2. atīta; gata; 3. adhama. (v.i.) dharati; pavattati. (adv.) ante; pariyosāne.

lasting : (adj.) ciraṭṭhāyī; thirapavattika.

lasting long : (adj.) addhaniya.

lastly : (adv.) osāne; carimavasena.

latch : (nt.) aggaḷa. (v.t.) aggaḷena thaketi. (pp.) aggaḷena thakita.

late : (adj.) 1. velātīta; pamatta; 2. nūtana; abhinava; 3. atīta; gata; pubbaka. (adv.) cirāyitvā; velam atikkamma; pamajjitvā || of late: adūrātīte; too late: (adj.) aticirāyita. (adv.) aticirāyitvā.

late in the day : (ind.) atisāyaṃ.

late in the night : (ind.) vītikkantāya rattiyā.

lately : (adv.) nāticiraṃ; samīpātīte.

latency : (adj.) apākaṭatā. (f.) paṭicchannatā.

lateness : (nt.) cirāyitatta. (m.) kālātikkama.

latent : (adj.) nilīna; gūḷha; apākaṭa.

later : (adj.) pacchima. (adv.) pacchā; aparabhāga.

lateral : (adj.) passāyatta.

laterally : (adv.) passato; passena.

latescence : (nt.) anusāyikatta.

latescent : (adj.) anusāyika.

latest : (adj.) pacchimatara.

latex : (m.) rukkhaniyyāsa.

lath : (nt.) bidala; tanuphalaka. (v.t.) bidale yojeti.

lathe : (m.) bhama.

lather : (nt.) pheṇa. (v.t.) pheṇayuttaṃ karoti. (v.i.) pheṇena āvarīyati. (pp.) pheṇenāvaṭa.

latitude : (nt.) akkhavaṭṭula.

latrine : (f.) vaccakuṭi.

latter : (adj.) pacchima; pacchāvutta.

latterly : (adv.) āsannakāle; nātipubbe.

lattice : (m.) gavakkha; jālakavāṭa.

lattice work : (nt.) kaṭṭhajāla.

laud : (f.) thuti; pasaṃsā; thomanā; kittanā. (v.t.) thometi; pasaṃsati; abhitthavati. (pp.) thomita; pasattha; abhitthuta.

laudable : (adj.) pāsaṃsiya; thomanāraha.

laudation : (nt.) thomana.

laudatory : (adj.) thutipubbaka.

laugh : (v.i.) hasati; jagghati.

laugh aloud : ujjagghati.

laugh at : parihasati.

laughable : (adj.) hāsakara; hāsajanaka.

laughing : (adj.) hasamāna; hāsayutta.

laughingly : (adv.) sahāsaṃ.

laughter : (m.) hāsa. (nt.) hasana; jagghana.

launch : (nt.) plāvana; ārabhana. (m.) jalapota. (v.t.) 1. nāvaṃ plāveti; 2. ārabhati. (pp.) nāvaṃ plāvita; āraddha.

launder : (m.) rajaka; dhovaka. (v.t.) vatthāni dhovati or sodheti.

launderer : (m.) ninnejaka; rajaka.

laundress : (f.) rajakī.

laundry : (f.) rajakasālā.

laureate : (m.) aggakavi.

laurel : (m.) maṅgala-pattavisesa; punnāga. (v.t.) 1. maṅgala-pattehi maṇḍeti; 2. rājakavittaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) maṅgala-pattehi maṇḍita; rājakavittaṃ pāpita || win the laurel: vikhyātiṃ yāti.

lava : (m.) vilīna-pāsāṇa.

lavatory : (f.) vaccakuṭi. (m.) udakakoṭṭhaka.

lave : (v.t.) 1. dhovati; pakkhāleti; 2. ussiñcati. (pp.) dhota; pakkhālita; ussitta.

lavement : (m.) vatthi.

lavender : (m.) gandhasāravisesa.

laver : (nt.) dhovanabhājana.

lavish : (adj.) aticāgī; adhikavayī. (v.t.) bahubbayaṃ karoti; asīmitaṃ deti. (pp.) bahubbayaṃ kata; asīmitaṃ dinna.

lavisher : (m.) ativyayī.

lavishly : (adv.) atibbayena; aparimitaṃ.

lavishness : (f.) ativyayitā. (nt.) asīmitadāna.

law : (f.) nīti; paññatti; vavatthā; sikkhā; āṇā. (m.) niyoga.

law abiding : (adj.) nītigaruka.

law book : (m.) nītigantha.

law breaker : (m.) nītyullaṅghaka.

law court : (f.) vinicchayasālā.

law giver : (m.) āṇāpaka; nītidāyī.

lawful : (adj.) nītyanukūla; kappiya.

lawfully : (adv.) ñāyena; dhammena.

lawfulness : (nt.) dhammikatta; ñāyānugatatta.

lawless : (adj.) 1. ñāyaviruddha; adhamika; 2. durācāra; sericārī.

lawlessly : (adv.) aññāyena.

lawn : (nt.) tiṇachanna-aṅgaṇa.

lawsuit : (nt.) aṭṭa; adhikaraṇa.

lawyer : (m.) nītivedī.

lax : (adj.) 1. sithila; komala; mudu; 2. durācāra.

laxative : (nt.) virecanosadha. (adj.) virecaka.

laxity : (nt.) sithilatta.

laxly : (adv.) sithilākārena.

lay : (nt.) gīta. (adj.) agārika; ghībhūta. (v.t.) 1. ṭhapeti; niveseti; nikkhipati; 2. attharati; 3. nipāteti; 4. āropeti. (pp.) ṭhapita; nivesita; nikkhitta; atthata; nipātita; āropita.

lay aside : oropeti.

lay down : nikkhipati.

lay hands on : parāmasati.

lay hold of : gaṇhāti.

lay open : āvīkaroti; vivarati.

lay out : pasāreti.

lay up : upanikkhipati.

layer : (m.) uparilepa; nikkhipaka. (nt.) sañcitatala; patiṭṭhāṭṭhāna.

layfigure : (f.) kaṭṭhapaṭimā. (m.) parikappitapuggala; agaṇetabba-purisa.

layman : (m.) gahaṭṭha; gihī; agārika.

laystall : (m.) asucirāsi.

laywoman : (f.) gihinī; upāsikā.

lazar : (m.) kuṭṭharogī.

lazaret : (f.) kuṭṭhārogyasālā.

laze : (v.i.) ālasiyena kālaṃ khepeti.

lazily : (adv.) kusītākārena.

laziness : (nt.) ālasya; kosajja.

lazy : (adj.) alasa; kusīta; akammasīlī.

lea : (f.) tiṇabhūmi. (m.) saddala.

lead : (nt.) tipu; sīsaka; nāyakatta; maggadesakatta. (v.t.) neti; pāpeti. (v.i.) nāyako hoti. (pp.) nīta; pāpita; nāyakabhūta. (v.t.) tipunā āvarati.

lead a bad life : dujjīvitaṃ jīvati.

lead back : paṭineti.

lead to : saṃvattati (with dat.).

leaden : (adj.) 1. tipumaya; 2. bhāriya.

leader : (m.) netu; adhipati; puregāmī; pubbaṅgama.

leader of a herd : (m.) yūthapati.

leadership : (nt.) nāyakatta; netutta.

leading : (adj.) 1. āvaha; sampāpaka; 2. maggadesaka; padhāna.

leading astray : (adj.) mohanaka.

leading bull : (m.) usabha.

leading to : (adj.) sampāpaka; āvaha.

leading to rebirth : (adj.) ponobhavika.

leading to ruin : (adj.) parihāniya; vayagāmī.

leaf : (nt.) patta; paṇṇa; dala; palāsa || young leaf: (m.) pallava.

leaf hut : (f.) paṇṇasālā.

leafage : (m.) bhāra.

leafless : (adj.) pattarahita; galitapatta.

leaflet : (f.) pattikā.

leafy : (adj.) sañchannapatta.

league : (nt.) gāvuta; samiti. (v.i.) sandhīyati; saṃyojīyati. (v.t.) sandhānaṃ karoti. (pp.) sandhita; saṃyutta; katasandhāna.

leaguer : (m.) samitigata.

leak : (nt.) chidda; randha; vivara. (v.i.) savati; galati; sandati. (pp.) savita; galita; sandita.

leakage : (nt.) sandana; paggharana; chiddaṭṭhāna. (m.) rahassāvībhāva.

leaky : (adj.) sacchidda.

leal : (adj.) akuṭila; nītigaruka.

lean : (adj.) kisa; tanu. (v.i.) apasseti; poṇo bhavati. (v.t.) nipajjāpeti. (pp.) apassita; poṇabhūta; nipajjāpita.

leanness : (nt.) 1. kisatta; tanutta; 2. poṇatta.

leaning : (f.) poṇatā. (adj.) apassayamāna.

leaning upon : (abs.) olubbha; ālambiya.

leap : (nt.) ullaṅghana. (m.) upplava. (v.i.) laṅghati; plavati. (v.t.) laṅgheti. (pp.) laṅghita; plavita.

leap day : (m.) adhikadivasa.

leap over : laṅghitvā atikkāmeti.

leap year : (nt.) adhikavassa.

leaping : (adj.) pakkhandamāna.

learn : (v.t.) uggaṇhāti; sikkhati. (v.i.) jānāti; avagacchati. (pp.) uggahita; sikkhita; ñāta; avataga.

learn well : samuggaṇhāti.

learned : (adj.) bahussuta; sutadhara.

learner : (m.) sikkhaka; sekkha; vijjatthī.

learning : (f.) vijjā. (nt.) suta; sippa; sikkhana. (m.) uggaha.

lease : (m.) kālikagāha. (v.t.) kālikavasena deti. (pp.) kālikavasena dinna.

leash : (m.) gaddula. (f.) varattā. (v.t.) varattāya bandhati. (pp.) varattābaddha.

leasing : (m.) musāvāda. (nt.) asccakathana.

least : (adj.) atyappaka; aṇumatta; parittaka || at least : (ind.) antamoso.

least ways : (adv.) antimaparicchedena; antamaso.

least wise : (adv.) antimaparicchedena; antamaso.

leather : (nt.) camma. (v.t.) 1. cammena āvarati; 2. varattāya tāḷeti. (pp.) cammena āvaṭa. varattāya tālita.

leather bag : (m.) cammapasibbaka.

leather dresser : (m.) cammasaṅkhāraka.

leathern : (adj.) cammamaya.

leave : (f.) anuññā; anumati. (m.) okāsa. (nt.) āpucchana. (v.t.) 1. jahati; pajahati; cajati; ossajati; vajjeti. 2. atirittaṃ karoti; dāyādavasena ṭhapeti. (v.i.) apagacchati; viramati. (pp.) jahita; catta; ossaṭṭha; vajjita; atirittakata; apagata; virata.

leave household life : pabbajati; abhinikkhamati.

leaven : (nt.) kiṇṇa. (v.t.) kiṇṇaṃ pakkhipati. (pp.) kiṇṇapakkhitta.

leaving : (adj.) pajahanta. (nt.) pahāna; vajjana.

leaving over : seseti.

leaving the order : uppabbajati.

leavings : (plu.; nt.) ucchiṭṭha; bhuttāvasena.

lecher : (m.) aticārī; kāmamicchācārī.

lecherous : (adj.) itthidhutta; kāmātura.

lecherously : (adj.) kāmāturattena.

lechery : (nt.) kāmukatta.

lecture : (f.) desanā; vijjānugatakathā. (v.t.) deseti; uddisati. (pp.) desita; uddiṭṭha.

lecturer : (m.) desaka; kathika.

lectureship : (nt.) kathikapada.

ledge : (f.) bahiniggatavedī.

ledger : (m.) 1. āya-vayapotthaka; 2. susāna-silāpatthara.

lee : (nt.) vātāvaraṇa; nivātapassa.

leech : (f.) jalūkā; rattapā. (m.) bhisakka.

leek : (m.) pattapalaṇḍu.

leer : (nt.) apāṅgavilokana. (v.t.) akkhikoṭiyā oloketi.

lees : (plu.; nt.) kakka; adhosañcitamala.

left : (nt.) vāmapassa. (adj.) vāma; savya. (adv.) vāmena; vāmato.

left behind : (adj.) ohīna.

left over : (adj.) atiritta; avasiṭṭha.

left unfinished : (adj.) vippakata.

left-handed : (adj.) paricita-vāma-hattha.

leftward : (adj.) vāmapassika.

leftwards : (adv.) vāmābhimukhaṃ.

leg : (m.) pāda. (v.i.) dhāvati. (adv.) ñāyena; yathānītiṃ.

legacy : (nt.) accaye-dāna; āveṇikadhana.

legal : (adj.) ñāyānugata.

legalise : (v.t.) vavatthapeti; paññāpeti; sammannati.

legality : (nt.) nītyanukūlatta.

legate : (m.) saṅgharājadūta. (v.t.) dāyālaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnadāyāda.

legatee : laddhāvaṇika-dhana.

legation : (nt.) dūteyya; dūtakicca. (f.) dūtasabhā. (m.) dūtāvāsa.

legend : (f.) paramparāgatakathā. (nt.) apadāna; upākhyāna.

legendary : (adj.) purāvuttagata.

legerdemain : (adj.; nt.) indajāla. (m.) hatthavyāja.

legging : (nt.) jaṅghāveṭhana.

leggy : (adj.) dīghajaṅgha.

legibility : (f.) visadakkharatā.

legible : (adj.) vibhūta or visadakkhara.

legibly : (adv.) suvyattaṃ; suvāciyākārena.

legion : (f.) senā; camū. (m.) samūha; vyūha.

legislate : (v.t.) nītiṃ paññāpeti or vavatthapeti. (pp.) paññattanītika.

legislation : (nt.) nītisampādana.

legislative : (adj.) vidhāyaka; nītidāyaka.

legislator : (m.) vidhāyaka; nītidāyaka.

legislature : (f.) vidhāyakasabhā.

legist : (m.) nītikovida.

legitimacy : (nt.) orasatta.

legitimate : (adj.) 1. orasa; attaja; 2. nītyanukūla; 3. yathātatha; yathābhūta. (v.t.) orasattaṃ pāpeti; nītyanugataṃ karoti. (pp.) orasattaṃ pāpita; nītyanugataṃ kata.

legitimately : (adv.) yathāñāyaṃ; yathātathaṃ.

legitimateness : (nt.) orasatta; ñāyānugatatta.

legitimatise : (v.t.) orasataṃ or ñāyanukūlattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) orasattaṃ pāpita.

legitimism : (nt.) rājānuvattana.

legless : (adj.) apādaka.

legume : (f.) phalasipāṭikā.

legumen : (f.) phalasipāṭikā.

leguminous : (adj.) sipāṭikāyutta.

leisure : (m.) vivekakāla; vissamana-samaya.

leisureless : (adj.) vivekarahita.

leisurely : (adj.) aturita; yathāvasara. (adv.) manda-mandaṃ; yathāvasaraṃ.

lemma : (m.) mātikāpāṭha; saṅkhitta-visaya.

lemon : (nt.) jambīra.

lemonade : (nt.) jambīrapāna.

lemur : (m.) nisāvānara.

lend : (v.t.) iṇāya deti. (pp.) iṇāya dinna.

lender : (m.) iṇādāyī.

lending : (nt.) iṇadāna.

length : (m.) āyāma. (f.) dīghatā.

length ways : (adv.) anvāyāmaṃ.

length wise : (adv.) anvāyāmaṃ.

lengthen : (v.t.) āyataṃ karoti. (pp.) āyatīkata.

lengthy : (adj.) āyata; dīgha.

leniency : (nt.) maddava. (f.) mudutā.

lenient : (adj.) muduka; athaddha; sadaya.

leniently : (adv.) apharusaṃ; sadayaṃ.

lenitive : (adj.; n.) upasamakara; tapanāsaka.

lenity : (f.) dayālutā. (nt.) kāruñña.

lens : (nt.) kācanetta || concave lens: (m.) majjhaninna-kāca; convex lens: (m.) majjhunnata-kāca.

lentil : (nt.) masūraka.

Leo: (m.) sīha; sīharāsi.

leonine : (adj.) sīhagatika; sīhajātika.

leopard : (m.) dīpi; saddūla.

leopardess : (f.) dīpinī.

leper : (m.) kuṭṭhī.

leprosy : (m.) kuṭṭharoga.

lese-majesty : (nt.) rājadubbhana.

lesion : (f.) hāni. (m.) antarāya. (nt.) āhanana.

less : (nt.) appatara; ūnaka. (adj.) ūna; hīna; appaka. (adv.) ūnataraṃ; mandataraṃ. (prep.) hitvā; vihāya.

lessee : (v.t.) ūnaṃ or mandaṃ karoti. (v.i.) hāyati; khīyati; mandībhavati. (pp.) mandīkata; hīna; khīṇa; mandībhūta.

lesser : (adj.) ūnatara; atikhuddaka.

lesson : (m.) ajjhāya; uddesa; upadesa. (v.t.) sāsati; upadisati. (pp.) sāsita; upadiṭṭha.

lessor : (m.) kālikagāhadāyī.

lest : (conj.) no ce.

let : (v.t.) 1. anujānāti; 2. tāvakālikaṃ deti; 3. moceti. (pp.) anuññāta; tāvakālikaṃ dinna; mocita.

let down : nikkhipati; pajahati.

let go : sithilīkaroti; gāham moceti.

let in : paveseti.

let loose : pamuñcati; vissajjeti.

let off : vimoceti.

let slip : nissajati.

letch : (v.t.) bhasmaṃ dhovati. (f.) abhilāsā.

lethal : (adj.) pāṇahara.

lethargic : (adj.) alasa; tandita.

lethargically : (adv.) alasatāya.

lethargize : (v.t.) alasayati; tanditaṃ karoti.

lethargy : (nt.) thīna; ālasya. (f.) tandī.

letter : (nt.) akkhara; sāsana. (m.) vaṇṇa; sandesa. (f.) lipi. (v.t.) akkharehi aṅketi. (pp.) akkharehi aṅkita.

letter box : (f.) sāsanamañjūsā.

letter in reply : (nt.) paṭisāsana.

lettered : (adj.) satthakovida.

lettering : (nt.) akkharalañchana.

letterless : (adj.) asatthaññū; assutavantu.

lettuce : (m.) khādiya-sākavisesa.

Levant : (v.i.) (iṇam adatvā) palāyati.

levanter : (m.) palāyī.

levator : (f.) ukkhipaka-maṃsapesi. (nt.) ukkhipakopakaraṇa.

levee : (nt.) rājadassana; nadījala-vārakāḷi. (f.) rājasabhā.

level : (f.) samabhūmi. (nt.) samaṭṭhāna; samatta; tulyatta; samattadassakopakaraṇa. (adj.) sama; avisama. (v.t.) samataṃ neti; samatalaṃ karoti.

leveller : (m.) samatāpādaka.

levelly : (adv.) samākārena.

levelness : (nt.) samatta.

lever : (m.) uttolana-daṇḍa. (v.t.) ukkhipati; cāleti. (pp.) ukkhitta; cālita.

leverage : (nt.) uttolanakicca.

leviathan : (m.) atimahādehī; mahāsamudda-makara. (f.) ativisālanāvā.

levigate : (v.t.) sukhumacuṇṇattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) sukhumacuṇṇattaṃ pāpita.

levitate : (v.t.) sallahukaṃ karoti. (v.i.) antalikkhe carati. (pp.) sallahukaṃ kata.

levitation : (nt.) ākāsagamana.

levity : (f.) cittalahutā. (nt.) lāghava; cāpalla.

levy : (m.) senāsamāhāra; kara; bali. (v.t.) senaṃ sañcināti or samāharati; karaṃ gaṇhāti. (pp.) sañcitasena; samāhaṭasena; gahitakara.

lewd : (adj.) kāmāsatta; durācāra.

lewd talk : (nt.) duṭṭhulla.

lewdly : (adv.) asabbhākārena.

lewdness : (f.) kāmukatā; asiṭṭhatā.

lexicographer : (m.) saddakosasampādaka.

lexicography : (f.) saddakosaracanā.

lexicology : (nt.) niruttisattha.

lexicon : (m.) saddakosa.

lexigraphy : (f.) ekakkharapadika-lipi.

liability : (f.) upavajjatā.

liable : (adj.) anuyogāraha; upavajja.

liaison : (m.) aticāra; abhūtakkhāyi.

libation : (nt.) dakkhiṇodaka; dakkhiṇodakapātana.

libel : (nt.) abbhakkhāna. (f.) nindakalipi. (v.t.) abbhakkhāti; lipiyā nindati. (pp.) abbhakkhāta; lipiyā nindita.

libeller : (m.) abbhakkhāyī.

libellous : (adj.) abbhakkhānapubbaka.

liberal : (m.) sādhīnapuggala. (adj.) 1. dānasoṇḍa; cāgasīlī; muttacāga; 2. uḷāracitta; 3. aparādhīṇa.

liberality : (m.) cāga. (f.) vadaññutā.

liberally : (adv.) aluddhatāya; muttahatthatāya.

liberate : (v.t.) 1. pamoceti; 2. bhujissaṃ karoti. (pp.) pamocita; katabhujissa.

liberation : (f.) mutti; vimutti. (m.) mokkha. (nt.) pamuñcana.

liberator : (m.) vimocaka; muttidāyaka.

liberticide : (adj.; n.) vimuttināsaka.

libertine : (adj.; m.) nidāsamatika; sericārī; durācāra.

liberty : (f.) sādhīnatā; abaddhatā; aparādhīnatā.

libidinous : (adj.) kāmuka; rāgaratta.

Libra : (f.) tulā. (m.) tulārāsi.

librarian : (m.) ganthālayādhikārī.

library : (m.) potthakālaya; ganthasamūha.

librate : (v.i.) dolāyati; tulīyati. (pp.) dolāyita; tulita.

libration : (nt.) dolāyana.

licence : (f.) anuññā; anumati. (nt.) adhikārapaṇṇa. (v.t.) anujānāti; anuññāpaṇṇaṃ deti. (pp.) anuññāta; dinnānuññāpaṇṇa.

licensee : (m.) anuññāpaṇṇadhārī.

licenser : (m.) anuññāpaṇṇadāyī.

licentious : (adj.) anītigaruka; asampadāyagaruka; anācārasīlī.

licentiously : (adv.) velātikkamena; nimmariyādaṃ.

licentiousness : (m.) sīmātikkama. (f.) durācāratā.

lich : (m.) chava. (nt.) matakalebara.

lichen : (f.) vandākā.

licit : (adj.) dhammika; ñāyānukūla.

licitly : (adv.) yathāñāyaṃ.

lick : (v.t.) lihati. (pp.) lihita.

lickerish : (adj.) rasagiddha; madhurappiya.

licking : (nt.) lihina.

licking off : apalihati.

licorice : see liquorice.

lid : (nt.) pidhāna; thakana; tirodhāna.

lidless : (adj.) apihita; pidhānarahita.

lie : (nt.) asacca; alika. (f.) musā. (m.) musāvāda. (v.i.) vitthāti; alikaṃ, abhūtaṃ or musā bhaṇati; upavisati; nipajjati. (pp.) upaviṭṭha; nipanna.

lie awake : jāgarati.

lie dormant : anuseti.

lie down close to : upanipajjati.

lie in : pasūti-avatthāyaṃ vattati.

lie on : adhiseti.

lie with : ekato nipajjati. See lying.

lief : (adv.) sānandaṃ.

liege : (m.) issara; adhipati.

lien : (m.) upanidhiṭhapanādhikāra.

lieu : atthāya.

lieutenant : (m.) upādhikārī; upasenāpati.

life : (m.) jīva. (nt.) jīvita; jīvanacarita; jīvana || means of life: (m.) jīvanopāya; endowed with life: (adj.) sajīva; faculty of life: (nt.) jīvitindriya; for life: (adv.) yāvajīvaṃ.

life giving : (adj.) jīvada; balajanaka.

lifebelt : (m.) ummujjāpaka-āvaṭṭa.

lifeblood : (m.) 1. antosāra; 2. padhānahetu.

lifeless : (adj.) nijjīva; acetana.

lifelessly : (adv.) olīnākārena.

lifelike : (adj.) jīvamānākāra.

lifelong : (adj.) yāvajīvika. (adv.) yāvajīvaṃ.

lifer : (n.) yāvajīva-kārābaddha.

lifetime : (m.) jīvitakāla.

lift : (nt.) ukkhipana; ukkhepaka-yanta. (v.t.) ubbāhati; ukkhipati; uccāreti. (pp.) ubbāhita; ukkhitta; uccātia.

lifted off : (adj.) vivatta.

ligament : (nt.) bandhana; aṭṭhisandhi-bandhana.

ligature : (nt.) nahārubandhana. (v.t.) paṭṭikāhi veṭheti. (pp.) paṭṭikāhi veṭhita.

light : (adj.) sallahuka; agaru; sukara; sukhasādhiya. (m.) āloka; obhāsa; kiraṇa; (f.) ābhā; pabhā; juti; ditti; raṃsi. (m.; f.) marīci. (v.t.) obhāseti; pabhāseti; ujjāleti; padīpeti. (v.i.) obhāsati; ujjalati; padippati; otarati. (pp.) obhāsita; pabhāsita; ujjālita; padīpita; ujjalita; paditta; otiṇṇa.

light fingered : (adj.) coriyanipuṇa.

light headed : (adj.) bhantacitta.

light hearted : (adj.) sallahukacitta.

light heeled : (adj.) turitagatika.

light minded : (adj.) athiramatika.

light red : (adj.) aruṇavaṇṇa.

light some : (adj.) jutimantu; salīla; sappabha; pamudita; pītimana.

light wood : (m.) lahudāru-rukkha.

lighten : (v.t.) 1. joteti; pabhāseti; 2. upasameti; tanukaroti; lahukaroti. (v.i.) jotati; pabhāsati. (pp.) jotita; pabhāsita; upasamita; tanukata.

lighter : (m.) ujjālaka; bhaṇḍahārī-pota. (adj.) lahukatara. (v.t.) potena bhaṇḍāni harati.

lighthouse : (nt.) padīpāgāra.

lighting : (nt.) ujjālana.

lightless : (adj.) nippabha.

lightly : (adv.) lahukaṃ; akasirena.

lightness : (f.) lahutā.

lightning : (f.) vijju; vijjutā; akkhaṇā; acirappabhā.

lightning conductor : (m.) nivāraka-lohadaṇḍa.

lightning rod : (m.) nivāraka-lohadaṇḍa.

ligneous : (adj.) dārumaya; kaṭṭhasadisa.

liguescent : (adj.) vilīyanasabhāva.

like : (m.) sama; paṭipuggala. (adj.) samāna; sadisa; sannibha; tulya; nibha; sarikkhaka; saṅkāsa. (adv.) iva; viya. (v.t.) roceti; ruccati (with dat.), (v.i.) icchati; abhilasati. (pp.) rocita; ruccita; icchita; abhilasita || in like manner: (ind.) tath'eve. (adv.) ten'ākārena; of like class: (adj.) samānajātika; of like form: (adj.) samānarūpa; that like: (adj.) tādisa; this like: (adj.) evarūpa; īdisa; what like: (adj.) kīdisa; which like: (adj.) yādisa.

like minded : (adj.) samacitta; samānajjhāsaya.

like this : (ind.) īdisaṃ.

like what : (ind.) kīdisaṃ?

likeable : (adj.) icchitabba.

likelihood : (nt.) sakyatta; sambhavanīyatta.

likely : (adv.) sakkā; pāyena; api nāma. (adj.) sambhavanīya; sakya.

liken : (v.t.) upameti; samāneti. (pp.) upamita; samānita.

likeness : (nt.) samānatta; sadisatta; tulyatta. (m.) paṭibimba.

likewise : (adv.) tath'eva.

liking : (f.) ruci; abhilāsā; icchā.

Lilliputian : (adj.; n.) omakappamāṇika.

lilt : (nt.) madhuragīta. (v.i.) madhurassarena gāyati.

lily : (nt.) uppala || white lily: (nt.) kumuda.

limb : (m.) avayava. (nt.) aṅgapaccaṅga. (v.t.) aṅgāni vicchindati. (pp.) vicchinnaṅga.

limbate : (adj.) nānāvaṇṇapariyantayutta.

limber : (adj.) namya; sīghagatika.

limbo : (m.) yamaloka; antarābhava.

lime : (m.) (fruit: ) danatasaṭha. (nt.) (chunnam: ) sudhācuṇṇa. (m.) pakkhisilesa. (v.t.) silesam ālepeti. suddhācuṇṇaṃ vikirati. (pp.) ālittasilesa; vikiṇṇsudhācuṇṇa.

limekiln : (m.) sudhāvāpa.

limelight : (m.) setāloka.

limestone : (f.) sudhāsilā.

limewash : (m.) sudhālepa.

limit : (f.) sīmā; mariyādā. (m.) odhi; pariccheda. (v.t.) sīmeti; paricchindati; odhiṃ ṭhapeti. (pp.) sīmita; paricchinna; ṭhapitodhika.

limitable : (adj.) parimeyya.

limitary : (adj.) sīmāyatha; sīmita.

limitation : (nt.) paricchindana; sīmāṭhapana.

limited : (adj.) odhikata; samariyāda.

limitedly : (adv.) odhiso.

limitless : (adj.) anata; apariyata; appamāṇa; aparimeya; anodhika.

limn : (v.t.) cittakammaṃ karoti.

limner : (m.) cittasippī; cittakāra.

limp : (nt.) khañjana. (v.i.) khañjati. (adj.) sithila; komala.

limpid : (adj.) pasanna; vimala.

limpidly : (adv.) nimmalākārena.

limpidness : (nt.) pasannatta; nimmalatta.

limpingly : (adv.) khañjagatiyā.

linchpin : (m.) akkhaggakīla.

linden : (m.) jambīrarukkha.

line : (f.) panti; paddhati; pāḷi; āvali; rāji; seṇī; paṭipāṭi; rajju; santati; paramparā; lekhā; rekhā. (m.) anukkama; tantu. (nt.) sutta. (v.t.) 1. rekhāhi aṅketi; 2. pantivasena ṭhapeti; 3. paṭalehi āvarati. (pp.) rekhaṅkita; pantivasena ṭhapita; paṭalehi āvaṭa.

line of conduct : (f.) paṭipadā.

line of stanza : (m.) gāthāpāda.

lineage : (m.) anvaya. (f.) paramparā; kulappaveṇī.

lineal : (adj.) anvayāgata; pāramparika; lekhāmaya.

lineally : (adv.) paramparāya; vaṃsānukkamena.

lineament : (nt.) vadanalakkhaṇa; visesasaṇṭhāna.

linear : (adj.) lekhāyatta.

lineation : (nt.) rekhāhiālikhana.

linen : (nt.) khomavattha. (adj.) khomamaya.

linger : (v.i.) vilambati; āsāsati.

lingerer : (m.) vilambaka; mandagatika.

lingering : (adj.) āsāsamāna. (nt.) vilambana; kālakkhepana.

lingeringly : (adv.) savilambaṃ; mandamandaṃ.

lingo : (f.) parabhāsā.

lingua franca : (f.) missitabhāsā; sādhāraṇabhāsā.

lingual : (adj.; n.) muddhaja.

linguiform : (adj.) jivhākāra.

linguist : (m.) bhāsākovida; nānābhāsaññū.

linguistic : (adj.) bhāsāvisayaka.

liniment : (m.) vedanānāsakālepa. (nt.) abbhañjana.

lining : (nt.) antopaṭala.

link : (m.) sandhi; saṃyoga; sambandha. (nt.) saṃyojakavatthu. (v.t.) ghaṭeti; saṃyojeti. (pp.) ghaṭita; saṃyojita.

linkage : (nt.) ghaṭana; yojana. (m.) yoga.

links : (nt.) velāsanna-vālukātala. (f.) goḷakīlābhūmi.

linn : (m.) nijjhara. (f.) nijjharapokkharaṇī.

linoleum : (nt.) sitthālitta-bhummattharaṇa.

linseed : (f.) ummā; atasī.

lintel : (f.) uddhadehalī. (m.) uparummāra.

lion : (m.) sīha; miginda; migarāja; kesarī || roar of a lion: (m.) sīhanāda.

lion like : (adj.) sīhasama.

lion of man : (m.) narasīha.

lioness : (f.) sīhī.

lip : (m.) oṭṭha; dasanacchada. (nt.) dantāvaraṇa. (v.t.) oṭṭheti phusati. (pp.) oṭṭhaphuṭṭha.

lip wisdom : (f.) bhaṇḍāgārika-pariyatti.

lip-service : (m.) vācāmattānuggaha.

lipless : (adj.) oṭṭharahita.

lipper : (f.) ūmiyuttatā; asantatā.

liquate : (v.t.) vilīyāpeti; vilīyāpetvā sodheti. (pp.) vilīyāpita; vilīyāpetvā sodhita.

liquation : (nt.) vilīyāpana.

liquefaction : (nt.) vilīyāpana.

liquefactive : (adj.) vilīyanakkhama.

liquefier : (m.) vilīyāpaka.

liquefy : (v.i.) vilīyati. (v.t.) vilīyāpeti. (pp.) vilīna; vilīyāpita.

liqueur : (f.) madhurasurā.

liquid : (nt.) vilīnavatthu. (adj.) āpogata; vilīna.

liquidate : (v.t.) nittharati; iṇaṃ sodheti. (pp.) nittharita; sodhitaiṇa.

liquidation : (nt.) nittharaṇa; iṇasodhana; viyojana.

liquidator : (m.) iṇasodhaka; nitthāraka; viyojaka.

liquidity : (nt.) davatta; vilīnatta.

liquor : (nt.) majja; meraya || distilled liquor: (f.) surā; fermented liquor: (nt.) meraya.

liquor shop : (nt.) pānāgāra.

liquorice : (f.) madhulaṭṭhikā; yaṭṭhimadhukā || wild liquorice: (f.) guñjā. (m.) jiñjuka.

liquorish : (adj.) majjapāyī; majjāsatta.

lira : (nt.) itālidesīya-rūpiya.

lisp : (v.i.) avyattaṃ vadati. (pp.) avyattaṃ vutta.

lisping : (f.) gaggadavācā. (nt.) avyattavacana.

lispingly : (adv.) avyattasaddena.

lissom : (adj.) namya; kammañña.

list : (f.) sūci; nāmāvali; anukkamaṇikā; vatthadasā. (v.t.) nāmāni paṇṇe āropeti; vatthakhaṇḍāni sibbati. (v.i.) pakkhapātī hoti; sotam odahati. (pp.) āropitanāma; sibbita vatthakhaṇḍa; pakkhapātībhūta; ohitasota.

listen : (v.i.) nisāmeti; sussūsati; sotam odahati. (pp.) nisāmita; ohitasota.

listener : (m.) nisāmetu; sussūsaka.

listening : (nt.) nisāmena.

listless : (adj.) anavaṭṭhita; nirapekkha.

listlessly : (adv.) anavadhānena; nirapekkhatāya.

literal : (adj.) saddānugata.

literalism : (nt. saddānugamana.

literalist : (m.) saddānuyāyī.

literalize : (v.t.) padānusārena vyākhyāti. (pp.) padānusārena vyākhāta.

literally : (adv.) mūlatthānusārena.

literary : (adj.) sāhiccavisayaka; ganthasambandha.

literary man : (m.) ganthakāra.

literate : (adj.) 1. akkharaññū; 2. sutavantu.

literati : (m.) bahussuta; sutadhara.

literatim : (adv.) padaso; vyañjanaso.

literator : (m.) ādhunikācariya; vyākaraṇaññū.

literature : (nt.) sāhicca. (m.) ganthasamūha.

lithe : (adj.) sithila; namya; bhaṅgura.

lithic : (adj.) pāsāṇāyatta; silāvisayaka.

lithograph : (f.) silāmuddā. (v.t.) silāpatthare muddāpeti. (pp.) silapatthare muddāpita.

lithographer : (m.) silāmuddā-sādhaka.

lithology : (f.) pāsāṇavijjā.

lithontriptic : (adj.) asmarībhedaka.

lithotomic : (adj.) asmarīchedanāyatta.

lithotomist : (m.) asmarichedī.

lithotomy : (nt.) asmarīchedana.

lithotrity : (nt.) asmarīcuṇṇīkaraṇa.

litigant : (m.) aṭṭakāra; vivādatthī.

litigate : (v.i.) aṭṭaṃ karoti; adhikaraṇaṃ yāti.

litigation : (nt.) aṭṭakaraṇa.

litigious : (adj.) aṭṭakaraṇasīla; vādappiya.

litter : (f.) sivikā. (nt.) vayha. (m.) potakagaṇa. (v.t.) 1. tiṇam attharati; 2. potake vijāyati; 3. vikirati. (pp.) tiṇatthata; vijātapotaka; vikiṇṇa.

little : (adj.) appa; thoka; appamatta; lesamatta; aṇumatta; parittaka. (m.) lava; lesa; kaṇa. (nt.) thoka; kiñci. (adv.) thokaṃ; īsakaṃ; kiñcimattaṃ.

little by little : (adv.) thokathokaṃ.

little finger : (f.) kaṇiṭṭhaṅguli.

littleless : (adj.) kiñcidūnaka.

littleness : (nt.) khuddakatta; appakatta.

littoral : (adj.) velāsanna. (f.) velāsanabhūmi.

livable : (adj.) 1. vāsāraha; 2. sahavāsocita.

live : (adj.) jīvamāna; sajīva. (v.i.) 1. jīvati; dharati; 2. vasati; viharati. (pp.) vuttha.

live abroad : vippavasati.

live by : yāpeti.

live fence : (f.) sajīvarukkhavati.

live on : upajīvati.

live together : saṃvasati.

live under probation : parivasati.

livelihood : (nt.) jīvana. (f.) jīvikā. (m.) jīvanopāya.

liveliness : (f.) pasannatā; pahaṭṭhatā; ussukatā.

lively : (adj.) sānanda; saussāha. (adv.) sānandaṃ; saussāhaṃ.

liven : (v.t.) pamodati; ussukkāpeti. (pp.) pamodita; ussukkāpita.

liver : (nt.) yakana.

liverish : (adj.) pittātura.

livery : (nt.) visesitacchādana. (m.) paribbaya.

livery man : (m.) visiṭṭha-vesadhārī.

livid : (adj.) tipuvaṇṇa.

living : (adj.) jīvamāna; dharamāna. (nt.) jīvana; viharaṇa. (f.) jīvikā. (m.) vāsa.

living alone : (adj.) ekacara; adutiya.

living being : (m.) jivī; pāṇī; dehī; satta; pāṇabhūta.

living comfortably : (m.) sukhajīvī.

living in : (adj.) adhivuttha.

living on : (adj.) upajīvī.

living on the land : (adj.) thalagocara.

living together : (m.) sahajīvī; sahavāsī; sahavāsa.

lixiviate : (v.t.) udakena (dhovitvā) viyojeti. (pp.) udakena viyojita.

lizard : (f.) goḷikā.

llama : (m.) vāmanoṭṭha.

load : (m.) bhāra; haraṇīyabhāra. (v.t.) bhāramāropeti; (a gun: ) dāhakacuṇṇena pūreti. (pp.) āropitabhāra; dāhakacuṇṇena pūrita.

load stone : (m.) ayokantapāsāṇa; lohacumbaka.

loaded : (adj.) 1. pūrita; 2. bhārāropita.

loaded carrier : (m.) bhārahārī.

loading : (nt.) bhārāropaṇa.

loaf : (nt.) pūvagoḷa. (m.) piṇḍa.

loaf sugar : (f.) piṇḍasakkharā. (v.i.) kālaṃ khepeti or nāseti. (pp.) khepitakāla.

loafer : (m.) akammasīlī; kālakaṇṇī.

loam : (f.) mudumattikā.

loan : (nt.) iṇadāna; kālikagahaṇa. (v.t.) iṇaṃ deti; tāvakālikaṃ deti. (pp.) dinnaiṇa.

loanable : (adj.) kālikavasena dātabba.

loanee : (m.) iṇāyika; iṇagāhī.

loaner : (m.) uttamaṇṇa; iṇadāyī.

loath : (adj.) harāyanta; anicchanta.

loathe : (v.t.) jigucchati; harāyati. (v.i.) aṭṭīyati. (pp.) jigucchita; harāyita; aṭṭita.

loatheful : (adj.) kucchita.

loathing : (f.) jigucchā; aṭṭīyanā; harāyanā.

loathsome : (adj.) jigucchitabba.

loathsomeness : (nt.) paṭikkūlatta.

lob : (v.t.) sanikaṃ khipati. (v.i.) sanikaṃ yāti or dhāvati. (pp.) sanikaṃ khitta. (m.) mandagatika.

lobby : (f.) upasālā; upaṭṭhānasālā. (m.) abbhantaramagga.

lobe : (f.) sakkhalikā.

lobe-footed : (adj.) jālapāda.

lobster : (m.) mahākosamaccha.

lobworm : (m.) mahāpulavaka.

local : (adj.) desīya; padesika.

localise : (v.t.) padesānugataṃ karoti; ekatthasamodahati. (pp.) padesānugataṃ kata; ekatthasamodahita.

localism : (m.) 1. padesavohāra; 2. padesānurāga.

locality : (m.) samīpa-padesa.

locally : (adv.) padesavasena.

locate : (v.t.) patiṭṭhāpeti; niveseti. (pp.) patiṭṭhāpita; nivesita.

location : (n.) patiṭṭhāpana; ṭhapana.

locative : (adj.) patiṭṭhāpaka. (f.) ādhāra-vibhatti.

loch : (m.; nt.) mahāsara.

lock : (f.) kesavaṭṭi. (nt.) tāḷayanta; jalatthambhana; āliṅgana; upagūhana. (v.t.) tāḷena pidahati; gāḷham āliṅgati. (pp.) tāḷena pihita; gāḷham āliṅgita.

lock gate : (nt.) mātikādvāra.

lock jaw : (m.) hanutthambha.

lock up : (nt.) tāvakālika-rundhana.

locket : (f.) kavacabhūsā.

locomote : (v.i.) ṭhānā ṭhānaṃ saṅkamati.

locomotion : (nt.) gamanāgamana. (f.) clanasatti.

locomotive : (m.) sayaṅgāmīratha. (adj.) jaṅgama; caraṇasīla.

locomotory : (adj.) jaṅgama.

locus : (nt.) patiṭṭhitaṭṭhāna. (m.) gamanapatha.

locust : (m.) salabha; paṭaṅga.

locution : (m.) vācāvilāsa.

locutory : (f.) assamavāsīnaṃ sambhāsanasāla.

lode : (nt.) maṇi-lohādi-āyatana. (f.) anāvaṭaparikhā.

lode star : (f.) dhuvatārakā.

lodge : (f.) kuṭi; uyyāna-kuṭi. (v.i.) vasati; nivasati. (v.t.) vāseti; niveseti; patiṭṭhāpeti. (pp.) vuttha; nivuttha; nivesita; patiṭṭhāpita.

lodgement : (f.) kālikārakkhā. (nt.) nihitadhana.

lodger : (m.) nivāsagāhī.

lodging : (nt.) senāsana; vāsāgāra.

loft : (f.) kapotapālikā; uparivedikā.

loftily : (adv.) 1. unnatākārena; 2. sadappaṃ; sābhimānaṃ.

loftiness : (nt.) mahatta; uḷāratta; pāgabbhiya. (m.) abhimāna.

lofty : (adj.) 1. uttuṅga; uḷāra; 2. sadappa; uddhata.

log : (m.) dārukhaṇḍa; kaliṅgara. (v.t.) dārukhaṇḍe chindati. (pp.) chinnadārukhaṇḍa.

logger : (m.) dārukammika.

loggerhead : (m.) jaḷabuddhī; momuha.

logic : (nt.) takkasattha. (m.) ñāya.

logical : (adj.) takkānugata.

logically : (adv.) yathāñāyaṃ; takkānurūpaṃ.

logicalness : (nt.) takkānugatatta.

logician : (m.) takkika.

logie : (nt.) ābharaṇapatirūpaka.

logistics : (m.) senāsannivesopāya.

logogram : (nt.) laghulekhane padalakkhaṇa.

logographer : (m.) laghulekhaka.

logomachy : (m.) vācāvivāda. (nt.) vacīyuddha.

loin : (nt.) jaghana. (m.) nitamba. (f.) kaṭi.

loin cloth : (nt.) kaṭivattha.

loiter : (v.i.) vilambati; kālaṃ khepeti. (pp.) khepitakāla.

loiterer : (m.) vilambaka; osāsaka.

loitering : (nt.) vilambana; osāsana.

loiteringly : (adv.) dīghasuttiyena.

loll : (v.i.) 1. jivhaṃ nicchāreti; 2. ālasiyena upavisati; 3. bahi lambati. (pp.) nicchāritajivha; ālasiyena upaviṭṭha; bahi lambhita.

lollipop : (m.) modakapūpa.

lollop : (v.i.) savilambitaṃ yāti.

lone : (adj.) kevala; asahāya; ekākī; pavivitta.

loneliness : (m.) paviveka. (f.) ekākitā. (nt.) paṭisallāna.

lonely : (adj.) kevala; asahāya; ekākī; pavivitta.

lonesome : (adj.) vivitta; anākiṇṇa.

long : (adj.) dīgha; āyata; dūra. (adv.) ciraṃ; dīghaṃ; dūraṃ; dīghena addhunā || as long as: (ind.) yāva-tāva; not very long: (adv.) nāticiraṃ; very long: (adv.) suciraṃ. (adj.) atidīgha.

long absent : (adj.) cirappavāsī.

long after : (adv.) aticirena.

long ago : (adv.) atīte; purā.

long for : (v.i.) pattheti; apekkhati; icchati; paṭikaṅkhati. (pp.) patthita; apekkhita; icchita; paṭikaṅkhita.

long lasting : (adj.) ciraṭṭhitika.

long lived : (adj.) addhagata.

long living : (adj.) cirajīvī.

long pepper : (f.) pipphalī.

long since : (ind.) cirapaṭikā.

long time : (m.) addha; cirakāla.

long-headed : (adj.) dīghadassī.

long-headedness : (f.) dīghadassitā.

long-run : (nt.) carimaphala.

long-sighted : (adj.) dūravatthudassī.

long-suffering : (adj.) ciradukkhita; sahanasīla.

long-tongued : (adj.) mukhara; vācāla.

long-winded : (adj.) cirajaṭita; vihesājanaka.

longamous : (adj.) khantimantu.

longanimity : (f.) titkkhā; khamā.

longeval : (adj.) dīghāyuka.

longevity : (nt.) cirajīvana.

longimanous : (adj.) dīghabāhuka.

longing : (f.) ākaṅkhā; icchā; apekkhā; patthanā. (adj.) icchanta; apekkhamāna.

longing for : (adj.) pāṭikaṅkhī; apekkhī; patthenta.

longing to go : (adj.) gantukāma.

longing to hear : (adj.) sotukāma.

longingly : (adv.) sataṇhaṃ; sāpekkhaṃ.

longish : (adj.) dīghākāra.

longitude : (f.) paṭhavīmāṇaka-dīgharekhā.

longitudinal : (adj.) dīghatāyatta; dīgharekhāyatta.

longways : (adv.) dīghaso.

longwise : (adv.) dīghaso.

looby : (m.) duppañña.

look : (nt.) olokana; avekkhaṇa. (m.) vesa; ākāra. (v.i.) (at) passati; oloketi; avekkhati. (pp.) diṭṭha; olokita; avekkhita.

look about : viloketi.

look after : vicāreti; (a person: ) paṭijaggati; anurakkhati.

look beautiful : sobhati.

look down : avaloketi.

look down upon : avamāneti.

look for : gavesati; samekkhati.

look here : iṅgha; passa.

look into : uppaparikkhati.

look on : udikkhati; āloketi.

look out for : upadhāreti.

look over : anuviloketi.

looker : (m.) passitu; avekkhaka.

looking : (adj.) olokenta; dassī. (nt.) olokana.

looking after : (f.) paricaraṇā; paṭijagganā.

looking away : (adj.) parammukha.

looking forward : (adj.) ālokaka.

looking up : (adj.) ummukha; ullokaka.

looking-glass : (m.) ādāsa. (nt.) dappaṇa.

loom : (m.) vema. (v.i.) dūre tiṭṭhati; avibhūtaṃ dissati. (pp.) dūre tiṭṭhita; avibhūtaṃ diṭṭha.

loon : (m.) nikkamma.

loony : (adj.; m.) ummatta.

loop : (m.) valaya; pāsa. (v.t.) pāsena āvuṇāti. (pp.) pāsena āvuta.

loophole : (nt.) niggamadhāra.

loose : (f.) mutti. (adj.) sithila; vigalita; aniyata; durācāra; gārayha. (v.t.) sithilīkaroti; viyojeti; moceti. (pp.) sithilīkata; viyojita; mocita. (v.i.) sithilībhavati; saṃsīdati. (pp.) sithilībhūta; saṃsīna.

loosely : (adv.) adaḷhaṃ; sithilaṃ.

loosen : (v.t.) sithilayati; pamoceti. (pp.) sithilayita; pamutta.

looseness : (nt.) sithilatta.

loosening : (nt.) sithilīkaraṇa.

loot : (nt.) viluttadhana. (v.t.) vilumpati. (pp.) vilutta.

lop : (v.t.) luṇāti; chindati. (pp.) lūṇa; chinna. (v.i.) lambati; olambati. (pp.) lambita; olambita. (nt.) sākhaggachindana.

lop-eared : (adj.) lambakaṇṇa.

lopsided : (adj.) 1. passato-paṇa; 2. asamapassa.

loquacious : (adj.) mukhara; vācābahula.

loquaciousness : (nt.) mukaratta; vācālatta.

lord : (m.) adhipa; adhipati; inda; issara; īsa; nātha; nāyaka; sāmī. (v.i.) issariyaṃ pavatteti. (v.t.) īsattaṃ pāpeti. (pp.) pavattita-issariya; īsattaṃ pāpita || Lord Chancellor: (m.) akkhadassāmacca.

lord of demons : (m.) bhūtapati.

lord of men : (m.) narāsabha.

lord of the world : (m.) lokanātha.

lordless : (adj.) assāmika; arājaka.

lordlike : (adj.) tejassī; 2. uddhata.

lordliness : (nt.) ādhipacca; issariya.

lordling : (m.) cūlādhipati.

lordly : (adj.) gabbita; abhimānayutta.

lordship : (nt.) sāmitta.

lore : (m.) dhamma. (f.) vijjā. (nt.) paṇḍicca; veyyattiya.

loricate : (adj.) vammita.

loris : (m.) pampaka.

lorn : (adj.) anātha; asaraṇa.

lorry : (m.) mahābhaṇḍahārīratha.

lory : (m.) sukavisesa.

lose : (v.t.) virajjhati. (v.i.) vinassati; avajīyati; dhaṃsati. (pp.) viraddha; vinaṭṭha; avajīna; dhaṃsita.

loser : (m.) kaliggāhī; parājita.

loss : (f.) hāni; jāni; parihāni. (m.) alābha; nāsa; saṅkhaya; kaliggaha; parābhava.

loss of memory : (m.) sativippavāsa; satisammosa.

loss of wealth : (f.) dhanajāni.

lot : (m.) kusapāta. (f.) salākā; niyati. (nt.) bhāgya; bhāgadheyya. (v.i.) salākam ākaḍḍhati or gaṇhāti.

lotion : (nt.) dhovanosadha.

lottery : (m.) salākagāha; kusapāta.

lotus : (nt.) paduma; kamala; saroruha; satapatta; aravinda; pokkhara; tāmarasa; ambuja || red lotus: (nt.) kokanada; white lotus: (nt.) puṇḍarīka.

lotus bulb : (nt.) bhisa.

lotus leaf : (nt.) paduminīpatta.

lotus plant : (f.) paduminī.

lotus pond : (f.) ambujinī. (nt.) padumasara.

lotus root : (nt.) muḷāla.

loud : (adj.) mahāsadda; saghosa.

loudly : (adv.) saghosaṃ.

loudness : (f.) uccāsaddatā.

loudnoise : (m.) mahānāda.

Lough : (m.; nt.) mahāsara.

lounge : (v.i.) ālasyena kālaṃ khepeti.

lounger : (m.) nikkammasīlī.

lour : (f.) bhākuṭī; meghacchannatā. (v.i.) bhākuṭiṃ or bhūkuṭiṃ karoti.

loury : (adj.) meghacchanna.

louse : (f.) ūkā.

louse-egg : (f.) likkhā.

lout : (m.) virūpi; asiṭṭha. (v.i.) namassati; vandati. (pp.) namassita; vandita.

loutish : (adj.) dandha; andhabāla.

lovable : (adj.) pemanīya.

love : (nt.) pema. (m.) sineha; sneha; anurāga. (f.) mettā. (v.t.) piyāyati; pemaṃ bandhati; mettāyati. (pp.) piyāyita; baddhapema.

love begotten : (adj.) avajāta.

love broker : (m.) itthidhutta.

love child : (m.) jāraja.

love god : (m.) anaṅga; madana.

love of life : (f.) jīvitāsā.

love song : (nt.) siṅgāragīta.

loveless : (adj.) nissineha.

loveliness : (f.) pāsādikatā; abhirūpatā. (nt.) lāvañña.

lovely : (adj.) manuñña; dassanīya; pāsādika; abhirūpa.

lover : (m.) anurāgī; vāritaka.

lovesick : (adj.) kāmātura.

loving : (adj.) sasneha.

lovingly : (adv.) sasnehaṃ; sādaraṃ.

low : (m.) gorava. (v.i.) goravaṃ nadati. (adj.) ninna; adhogata; hīna; dīna; nīca; adhama; lāmaka; gamma; anariya.

low caste : (f.) hīnajāti. (adj.) hīnajacca.

low country : (nt.) ninnaraṭṭha.

low spirited : (adj.) nibbinna; maṅkubhūta; udāsīna.

low-born : (adj.) hīnajātika.

low-lying : (adj.) adhovattī; ninnagata.

lower : (adj.) ninnatara; nīcatara. (v.t.) opāteti; adhokaroti; ūnaṃ or lahukaṃ karoti. (v.i.) ūno bhavati. (pp.) opātita; adhokata; ūnīkata; ūnabhūta.

lowing : (nt.) goravana.

lowland : (f.) ninnabhūmi.

lowliness : (f.) nīcavuttitā; anabhimānatā.

lowly : (adj.) nikiṭṭha; vinīta. (adv.) adhamākārena.

lowness : (nt.) nīcatta; ninnatta.

loyal : (adj.) assava; anukūla; daḷhabhattika; nītigaruka.

loyal husband : (m.) sadārasantuṭṭha.

loyal love : (f.) abhirati.

loyal wife : (f.) patibbatā.

loyalist : (m.) rājapakkhika.

loyally : (adv.) bhattipubbakaṃ.

loyalty : (f.) sāmibhatti. (nt.) anukūlatta.

lozenge : (f.) vañcanā. (nt.) dīghacaturassa (pūvādi).

lubber : (m.) thulldehī; dandha-puggala.

luberly : (adj.) adakkha. (adv.) dandhākārena.

lubricant : (adj.) saṇhatāpādaka.

lubricate : (v.t.) abbhañjati; siniddhaṃ karoti. (pp.) abbhañjita; siniddhaṃ kata.

lubrication : (nt.) siniddhakaraṇa; abbhañjana.

lubricity : (nt.) siniddhatta; kāmukatta.

lucent : (adj.) bhāsura; ujjala.

lucid : (adj.) sappabha; pasanna; visada; accha; nimmala.

lucidity : (f.) ditti; kanti; pabhā; vimalatā; pasannatā. (nt.) veyyattiya.

lucidly : (adv.) vyattaṃ; visadākārena.

lucidness : (f.) ditti; kanti; pabhā; vimalatā; pasannatā. (nt.) veyyattiya.

Lucifer : (f.) osadhītārakā. (m.) sukkagaha.

lucifer match : (f.) aggisalākā.

luciferous : (adj.) pakāsada; dittikara.

luck : (f.) lakkhī; sirī. (nt.) bhāgya || bad luck: (f.) alakkhī; good luck: (f.) subhagatā.

luckily : (adv.) vidhiyogena.

luckiness : (nt.) sobhagga; dhaññatā.

luckless : (adj.) alakkhika; dubbhaga.

lucklessly : (adv.) dubbhagatāya.

lucky : (adj.) bhaddaka; maṅgala; subha; dhañña; kalyāṇa.

lucrative : (adj.) lābhuppādaka.

lucre : (m.) lābha; āya; dhanāgama.

lucubrate : (v.i.) attanā adhigataṃ pakāseti.

lucubration : (nt.) attādigama-pakāsana. (f.) visiṭṭharacanā.

luculent : (adj.) ativisada; sugama; subodha.

ludicrous : (adj.) hāsajanaka; upahasanīya.

ludicrously : (adv.) hasanīyākārena.

lug : (v.t.) vāyāmena ākaḍḍhati. (pp.) vāyāmena ākaḍḍhita.

luggage : (nt.) gamanopakaraṇa; pātheyya.

lugubrious : (adj.) sasoka; dummana.

lugubriously : (adv.) dummanatāya; sasokaṃ.

lugubriousness : (f.) sokāturatā.

lukewarm : (adj.) 1. nāccuṇha; 2. hīnaviriya; anussuka.

lukewarmly : (adv.) mandussāhena.

lukewarmness : (nt.) 1. udāsīnatta; 2. manduṇhatta.

lull : (v.t.) upasameti; lāleti. (v.i.) upasammati. (pp.) upasamita; lālita; upasanta. (f.) nivutti. (m.) upasama.

lullaby : (nt.) dārakalālanagīta.

luller : (m.) upasametu; lālaka.

lulling : (nt.) lālana.

lumbago : (f.) kaṭirujā.

lumber : (nt.) niratthaka-bhaṇḍa. (v.t.) nissārabhaṇḍehi pūreti. (v.i.) mandaṃ calati. (pp.) nissārabhaṇḍehi pūrita.; mandaṃ calita.

lumber man : (m.) kaṭṭhacchedaka.

luminary : (m.) bhānumantu; mahāpañña; mahāvīra. (nt.) ujjalavatthu.

luminosity : (f.) mahājutikatā.

luminous : (adj.) mahājutika; bhāsura; tejassī.

luminously : (adv.) bhāsurākārena.

lump : (m.) piṇḍa. (f.) piṇḍī. (m.) gaṇḍa; dandhapuggala. (v.t.) piṇḍeti; puñjīkaroti. (v.i.) piṇḍībhavati; vilambanto gacchati. (pp.) piṇḍita; puñjīkata; piṇḍībhūta || in the lump: rāsivasena.

lumper : (m.) nāvābhaṇḍoropaka.

lumpish : (adj.) thūla; dandha.

lumpy : (adj.) gaṇḍabahula; gaṇṭhibahula.

lunacy : (m.) ummāda; cittvibbhama.

lunar : (adj.) candāyatta; candayutta.

lunar day : (f.) tithi.

lunar eclipse : (m.) candaggāha.

lunar month : (m.) candamāsa.

lunar race : (m.) candavaṃsa.

lunate : (adj.) addhacandākāra.

lunatic : (adj.; m.) ummatta.

lunatic asylum : (nt.) ummattāgāra.

lunch : (nt.) majjhaṇhabhojana. (m.) lahukāhāra. (v.i.) divābhojanaṃ bhuñjati. (v.t.) divābhojanaṃ sampādeti. (pp.) bhuttadivābhojana; sampāditadivābhojana.

luncheon : (nt.) majjhaṇhabhojana. (m.) lahukāhāra.

lung : (nt.) papphāsa.

lunge : (nt.) sahasābhitudana.

lunian : (m.) candavāsī.

luniform : (adj.) candākāra.

lunisolar : (adj.) candasuriyāyatta.

lupine : (adj.) vakasadisa.

lupus : (m.) 1. vaka; koka. (m.) kuṭṭhavisesa.

lurch : (m.) āpadāya mittapariccāga. (nt.) sahasā-onamana. (v.i.) vyasanagatamhā apagacchati; sahasā onamati. (pp.) vyasanagatamhā apagata; sahasā onata.

lurcher : (m.) appagghavatthu-cora.

lure : (nt.) palobhana; palobhakavatthu. (v.t.) palobheti. (pp.) palobhita.

lurid : (adj.) bhayaṅkara; īsaṃpītaka.

lurk : (nt.) nilīyana; nilīnaṭṭhāna. (v.i.) nilīyati; paṭicchanno tiṭṭhati. (pp.) nilīna.

luscious : (adj.) sumadhura; tittikara.

lusciously : (adv.) madhurākārena.

lusciousness : (nt.) madhuratta; saojatta.

lush : (adj.) ojavantu. (nt.) majja. (v.i.) majjaṃ pivati.

lushy : (adj.) surāmatta.

lust : (f.) kāmāsā; taṇhā; lālasā. (m.) rāga; lobha. (v.i.) abhilasati; kāmeti; gijjhati. (pp.) abhilasita; kāmita; giddha.

lustful : (adj.) kāmātura; rāgaratta.

lustfully : (adv.) sarāgaṃ; avassutacittena.

lustily : (adv.) gāḷhaṃ; daḷhaṃ; balavataraṃ.

lustiness : (f.) mahabbalatā.

lustral : (adj.) pāpasuddhikara.

lustrate : (v.t.) yāgena sodheti. (pp.) yāgena sodhita.

lustration : (nt.) pāpasodhana.

lustre : (f.) pabhā; ābhā; ditti. (m.) obhāsa.

lustreless : (adj.) nippabha.

lustrous : (adj.) sappabha; pabhassara; bhāsura.

lustrously : (adv.) sappabhaṃ; bhāsurākārena.

lusty : (adj.) sattimantu; kāyabalī.

lutanist : (m.) veṇika.

lute : (f.) vīṇā; chidda-pidahaka-mattikā. (v.t.) mattikāya chiddaṃ pidahati. (pp.) mattikāya pihitachidda.

luteous : (adj.) rattapītaka.

luxate : (v.t.) visandhīkaroti; sandhiṃ bhañjati. (pp.) visandhīkata; bhaṭṭhasandhika.

luxation : (nt.) apasandhikaraṇa.

luxuriance : (f.) samiddhi. (nt.) bāhulla.

luxuriant : (adj.) atisamiddha; ativibhūsita.

luxuriantly : (adv.) samiddhākārena.

luxuriate : (v.i.) abhiramati; sampatim anubhavati.

luxurious : (adj.) atisukhita; visayāsatt.

luxuriously : (adv.) atisamiddhākāreṇa.

luxuriousness : (f.) sukhopabhogitā; vilāsitā.

luxury : (m.) sukhopabhoga; paṇītāhāra. (f.) kāmasampatti; sammiddhi.

lych : (m.) chava. (nt.) matakalebara.

lye : (nt.) khārodaka; (f.) gabbhinī-avatthā.

lye in-home : (nt.) sūtaghara.

lying : (m.) musāvāda. (nt.) abhūtakkhāna. (adj.) abhūtavādī; vañcanika.

lying from : (adj.) nipanna.

lyke-wake : (nt.) matasarīragopana.

lymph : (adj.; f.) vasā. (adj.; m.) meda.

lymphatic : (adj.) medabahula.

lyncean : (adj.) sukhumadiṭṭhiaka.

lynch : (v.t.) avinicchitvā daṇḍaṃ paṇeti. (pp.) avinicchitvā paṇīta-daṇḍa.

lynx : (adj.; m.) vanamajjāra.

lyra : (m.) tulārāsi.

lyre : (f.) mahāvīṇā.

lyric : (adj.) viṇāgeyya. (nt.) vīṇāgīta.

lyrical : (adj.) vīṇāgītāyatta.

lyrist : (m.) veṇika; vīṇāvādī.

lysis : (m.) anupubbūpasama.

Lysol : (nt.) roganivārakosadha.

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- M -

ma : (f.) ammā.

maam : (f.) ayyā; bhavantī.

macabre : (adj.) bherava; bhiṃsanaka.

macadam : (adj.) khaṇḍapāsāṇyojita.

macadam road : (m.) khaṇḍapā-sāṇayojita-magga.

macadamise : (v.t.) pāsāṇayogena daḷhayati.

macaroni : (nt.) itālidesīyapiṭṭhatantu.

macaw : (m.) suvavisesa; tālavisesa.

mace : (m.) (spice : ) jātikosa, (weapon : ) kulisa; gadāyudha; kunta.

macebearer : (m.) kuntadhārī; gadādhara.

macerate : (v.t.) temetvā sithilīkaroti. (v.i.) anasanena kisībhavati. (pp.) temetvā sithilīkata; anasanena kisībhūta.

machinate : (v.t.) kūṭopāyaṃ yojeti. (pp.) yojitakū.

machination : (nt.) kūṭopāyayojana; kumantana.

machinator : (m.) kumantaka; upāyayojaka.

machine : (nt.) yanta. (v.t.) yanyaṃ sampādeti; yantakammaṃ karoti.

machinery : (m.) yantasamūha.

machinist : (m.) yantasippī.

mackintosh : (m.) udakavārakavatthavisesa.

macrocosm : (f.) lokadhātu.

macrology : (m.) ativitthāra.

macron : (nt. dīghasaralakkhaṇa.

macropod : (adj.) dīghapāda. (m.) kakkaṭaka.

macula : (m.) kalaṅka; suriyakalaṅka; kāḷaka.

mad : (adj.) ummatta; khittacitta; atikuddha; atibhanta.

madam : (f.) ayyā; bhavantī. (voc. sing.) (f.) bhotī.

madden : (v.t.) ummādeti. (v.i.) ummatto hoti. (pp.) ummādita; ummattabhūta.

madder : (f.) mañjiṭṭhā.

made : (pp.) (of make), kata; sādhita; sampādita; māpita.

made known : (adj.) pakāsita.

made of iron : (adj.) ayomaya.

Madeira : (m.) seta-muddikāsava.

madly : (adv.) ummattākārena.

madness : (m.) ummāda; cittavibbhama.

Madonna : (f.) kiṭṭhamātupaṭimā.

madrigal : (nt.) khuddakasiṅgāragīta.

maestro : (m.) saṅgītācariya.

magazine : (m.) kālikavisayasañgāra. (f.) vividhapaṇiyasālā.

mage : (m.) māyākāra; vijjādhara.

maggot : (f.) āsāṭikā. vipallattha-cintā.

maggoty : (adj.) āsāṭikākiṇṇa; vikāramatiyutta.

magic : (f.) māyā. (nt.) indajāla.

magical : (adj.) indajālāyatta.

magically : (adv.) māyābalena.

magician : (m.) māyākāra; indajālika.

magisterial : (adj.) adhikaraṇanissita; nītibalayutta.

magistral : (adj.) sāmikāyatta; pālakāyatta.

magistrate : (m.) avuvijjaka; daṇḍanātha.

magna charta : (nt.) mahāpaṭiññāpaṭṭa.

magnanimity : (f.) mahajjhāpadaṭṭha.

magnanimous : (adj.) uḷāracitta; mahajjhāsaya.

magnanimously : (adv.) uḷāracittena.

magnesium : (m.) suḍayhaloha.

magnet : (m.) ayokanta; lohacumbaka.

magnetic : (adj.) ākaḍḍhakabalayutta.

magnetise : (v.t.) ākaḍḍhakabalaṃ yojeti.

magnetism : (m.) ayokantaguṇa. (nt.) ākaḍḍhakabala.

magneto : (nt.) vijjuppādakayanta.

magnific : (adj.) sobhamāna; sirimantu; mahappabha.

magnification : (nt.) visālīkaraṇa.

magnificence : (m.) mahima; patāpa. (f.) sobhā; vibhūti.

magnificent : (adj.) sobhamāna; sirimantu; mahappabha.

magnificently : (adv.) atisobhanākārena.

magnify : (v.t.) visālīkaroti; vaḍḍheti; atisayena vaṇṇeti. (pp.) visālīkata; vaḍḍhita; atisayena vaṇṇita.

magnifying : (adj.) brūhaka; mahattāpādaka.

magniloquence : (nt.) vikatthana.

magniloquent : (adj.) vikatthaka.

magnitude : (nt.) pamāṇa; uḷāratta; visālatta.

magpie : (m.) seta-kāḷasakuṇa.

mahout : (m.) hatthāroha.

maid : (f.) ceṭikā; paricārikā; kaññā.

maid of honour : (f.) fājinī-paricārikā.

maiden : (f.) kumārī; yuvatī; taruṇī.

maidenhood : (nt.) kmāriya.

maidenlike : (adj.) komala; kaññāsadisa.

maidenly : (adj.) komala; kaññāsadisa.

mail : (m.) (armour : ) kavaca; sannāha. (nt.) vamma. (m.) (letters : ) sandesasamūha. (v.t.) sannayhati; sandesaṃ peseti.

mail coat : (nt.) vārabāṇa.

maim : (v.t.) aṅgavikalaṃ karoti. (pp.) aṅgavikalīkata. (nt.) aṅgavekalla.

maimed : (adj.) vikalaṅga.

main : (m.) mahaṇṇava; mukhyakoṭṭhāsa. (nt.) padhānaṅga. (f.) (force : ) sakalasatti.

main land : (m.) mahādesa.

main sail : (m.) mahālakāra.

maina : (f.) sālikā.

mainly : (adv.) mukhyavasena; bahuso.

mainstay : (m.) mukhyopatthambha.

maintain : (v.t.) anupāleti; poseti; pavatteti. (pp.) anupālita; posita; pavattita.

maintainable : (adj.) paṭijagganiya.

maintainer : (m.) posaka; pavattaka.

maintenance : (nt.) bharana; posaṇa; paṭijagana. (f.) jīvikā; jīvanavutti. (nt.) ghasacchādana.

maize : (m.) dhaññavisesa.

majestic : (adj.) mahānubhāva; mahāteja; mahesakkha.

majestically : (adv.) mahānubhāvena; mahimena; tejasa.

majesty : (m.) mahima; patāpa; ānubhāva.

major : (m.) senādalapati. (adj.) padhāna; mukhya; adhikasaṅkhyaka.

majority : (m.) bahutarabhāga. (f.) adhikatarasaṅkhya; vayappatti.

majorship : (nt.) dalapatidhura.

make : (m.) katākāra. (nt.) nimmāṇa.

make believe : (m.) vyāja. (f.) nikati.

make light of : (m.) avamaññati.

make peace : (m.) sandhātu.

make shift : (m.) tāvakālika-puāya.

make up : (m.) vesa.

maker : (m.) kāraka; māpaka; sampādaka.

making : (nt.) karaṇa; sādhana; nimmāṇa.

maladjustment : (nt.) dugghaṭana; asammāyojana.

maladministration : (nt.) dussāsana; duṭṭhapālana.

maladroit : (adj.) adakkha; anipuṇa; asobhana.

maladroitly : (adv.) asobhanākārena.

malady : (m.) vyādhi; roga.

malaise : (m.) sarīrāhhasu.

malapropism : (m.) ayathāvācāpayoga.

malapropos : (adv.) aṭṭhāne. (adj.; n.) aṭṭhānayojita.

malar : (nt.) cubukaṭṭhi.

malaria : (m.) visavāta.

malarial fever : (m.) visavātajara.

malcontent : (adj.; n.) atitta; asantuṭṭha; rājavipakkha.

male : (adj.; m.) puma; purisa.

male organ : (nt.) pulliṅga; aṅgajāta.

malediction : (m.) sāpa; akkosa.

maledictiory : (adj.) abhisāpakara.

malefactor : (m.) dussīla; durācāra.

malefic : (adj.) hānkikara; anatthāvaha.

maleficence : (m.) apakāra; aparādha.

maleficent : (adj.) apakāraka; aparākhika.

malevolence : (m.) vyāpāda. (nt.) dubbhana.

malevolent : (adj.) anatthakāma; duṭṭhamana; dubbhaka.

malevolently : (adv.) duṭṭhacittena.

malfeasance : (nt.) dukkata; ayathācaraṇa.

malformation : (f.) dugghaṭanā; virūpatā.

malice : (m.) palāsa. (f.) ahitakāmatā.

malicious : (adj.) palāsī.

maliciously : (adv.) pisuṇatāya; sapalāsaṃ.

malign : (v.t.) apavadati; abbhakkhāti. (pp.) apavutta; abbhakhāta. (adjd.) ahitakara.

malignancy : (f.) aniṭṭhatā; appiyatā.

malignant : (adj.) ghaora; dāruṇa; durāsaya; pāpacitta; asubha; aniṭṭha.

malignantly : (adv.) suṭṭhākārena; duṭṭhacittena.

malignity : (m.) upanāha.

malinger : (v.i.) gilānālayaṃ dasseti.

malingerer : (m.) vyājarogī.

malism : (f.) llokāsubhadiṭṭhi.

mall : (adj.) sacchadana-caṅkama.

mallard : (m.) vanahaṃsa.

malleable : (n.) athaddha; mudubhūta; kammakkhama.

malleablebility : (f.) kammakkamatā.

malleate : (v.t.) dārumuṭṭhiyā tāḷeti. (pp.) dārumuṭṭhiyā tāḷita.

mallet : (m.) dāruhatthaka.

malnutrition : (nt.) mandaposaṇa/ dupposaṇa.

malodorous : (adj.) pūtigandhika.

malpractice : (m.) duṭṭhācāra; ayathācāra.

malt : (m.) aṅkurita-yava. (nt.) surākiṇṇa.

malt drink : (f.) yavasurā.

maltreat : (v.t.) hiṃsati; pīḷeti. (pp.) hiṃsita; pīḷita.

maltreatment : (m.) appiyācāra; apakāra; anādara.

maltster : (yavasurāsampādaka.

malversation : (m.) vissāsabhaṅga; aññāyacaraṇa.

mamilla : (n.t) thanagga; cūcuka.

mamma : (f.) ammā; ambā; jananī; mātu.

mammal : (m.) khīrapāyī.

mammalian : (m.) khīrapāyī-tiracchāna.

mammon : (m.) dhanesa; kuvera. (f.) dhanasampatti.

mammonism : (f.) dhanaparāyaṇatā.

mammonist : (m.) kāmabhogī; visayāsatta.

mammoth : (adj.) mahākāya; atimahanta. (m.) porāṇaka-mahāhatthivisesa.

mammotty : (m.)kuddāla.

man : (m.) manussa; nara; manuja; macca.

man eater : (m.) porisāda.

man of war : (f.) yuddhanāvā.

man slaughter : (nt.) manussaghātana.

manacle : (f.) hatthasaṅkhalikā. (v.t.) saṅkhalikāya bandhati. (pp.) saṅkhalikāya baddha.

manage : (v.t.) vidahati; vicāreti; paleti. (v.i.) ācarati; upāyaṃ yojeti. (pp.) vihita; vicārita; pālita; yojitopāya.

manageable : (adj.) vineya; vidheya; damma.

management : (nt.) paripalana; saṃvikhāna.

manager : (m.) payojaka; paripālaka.

manciple : (m.) (vijjālayādisu) bhojanopakaraṇa-sampādaka.

mandamus : (f.) seṭṭhādhikaraṇato adharādhikaraṇaṃ pesitāṇā.

mandarin : (m.) (cīna-) mantī.

mandarinorange : (m.) erāvata; mahānāraṅga.]

mandate : (f.) āṇā. (m.) niyoga.

mandatory : (adj.) āṇāpaka.

mandible : (m.) adhohanu.

mandrake : (m.) visagacchavisesa.

mandrill : (m.) caṇḍavanaravisesa.

manducate : (v.t.) cabbati. (pp.) cabbita.

manducation : (nt.) cabbana.

mane : (nt.) pasukesara

manege : (nt.) assasippa.

maneless : (adj.) gīvākesararahita.

manes : (m.; plu.) ñātipetā.

manfully : (adv.) purisathāmena; purisavikkamena.

manganese : (m.) kāḷaloha.

mange : (nt.) pasukuṭṭha.

manger : (f.) godoṇi. (nt.) ghāsabhājana.

mangle : (v.t.) vicchindati. (pp.) vicchinna. (f.) vatthamaṭṭhakaraṇi.

mangled : (adj.) ākoṭita; majjita.

mango : (nt.) amba.

mango-grove : (nt.) ambavana. (m.) ambasaṇḍa.

mango-tree : (m.) ambarukkha

mangonel : (nt.) silākhipakayanta.

mangosteen : (m.) madhutimbarū.

manhood : (nt.) manussatta; porisa.

mania : (m.) cittavibbhama.

maniacal : (adj.) vikkhittacitta.

manifest : (v.t.) āvīkaroti. (v.i.) pātubhavati; āvibhavati; sandissati. (pp.) āvīkata; pātubhūta; āvibhūta; sandiṭṭha. (adj.) visada; vibhūta; pākata.

manifestation : (m.) pātubhāva. (nt.) āvīkaraṇa; visadīkaraṇa.

manifestly : (adv.) supākaṭaṃ.

manifestness : (nt.) pākaṭatta; visadatta.

manikin : (m.)manussavāmana. (nt.) māṇavadehanirūpakacitta.

manioc : (m.) dīghāluvavisesa. (sinhalese : maññokkā).

manipulate : (v.t.) hatthehi sampādeti. (pp.) hatthehi sampādita.

manipulation : (nt.) hatthakamma; kammakosalla.

mankind : (manussajāti; pajā; janatā.

manliness : (nt.) porissa. (m.) purisocita.

manly : (adj.) dhīra; vīra.

manned : (adj.) kesarayutta.

mannequin : (m.) acchādanapadassaka. (nt.) acchādanapadassakarūpa.

manner : (m.) ākāra; pakāra; kama; vidhi || bad manners: (m.) anācāra.

mannerless : (adj.) avinīta; asiṭṭha.

mannerly : (adj.) vinīta; sabbha; subbata.

manners : (nt.) cāritta; sadācāra || in that manner: (adv.) tathā; in this manner: (adv.) itthaṃ evaṃ.

manor : (f.) rājadāya-bhūmi.

manor house : (nt.) kulīna-mandira.

mansion : (nt.) mandira. (m.) pāsāda.

mantle : (m.) pāvāra. (nt.) uttaracchādana; upasamhyāna. (v.t.) pārupati; acchādeti. (v.i.) āvarīyati. (pp.) pāruta; acchādita; āvaṭa.

manual : (m.) saṅkhittagantha; sārasaṅgaha. (adj.) hatthasādhiya; bāhābala-karaṇīya.

manual art : (nt.) hatthakamma.

manual labour : (nt.) bāhābala.

manufactory : (f.) kammantasālā.

manufacture : (nt.) nimmāṇa; sampādana. (v.t.) sampādeti; māpeti. (pp.) sampādita; māpita.

manufacturer : (m.) sampādaka; sippī.

manumission : (nt.) bhujissakaraṇa; dāsavyamocana.

manure : (m.) bhūtagāmaposada. (v.t.) bhūmisāraṃ yojeti. (pp.) bhūmisāraṃ yojita.

manuscript : (nt.) hatthalekhana. (f.) hatthalipi.

manusuetude : (nt.) subbacatta; assavatta.

many : (adj.) bahu; bahula; sambahula; pahūta; aneka. (f.) janatā. (m.) janasamūha || so many: (adj.) tāvabahuka; tāvataka.

many folk : (m.) bahujana.

many footed : (adj.) bahuppada.

many sided : (adj.) anekākāra.

many times : (adv.) bahukkhattuṃ; anekavāraṃ.

map : (nt.) bhūmicitta. (v.t.) bhūmicittam ālikhati.

map out : (v.t.) paṭiyādeti; paṭipāṭiṃ or karaṇākāraṃ dasseti. (pp.) alikhita--; dassitapaṭipāṭi.

maple : (m.) sakkharārukkha.

mar : (v.t.) bādheti; paṭisedheti. (pp.) paṭisedhita.

marasmus : (m.) sarīrakkhaya; khayaroga.

maraud : (v.t.) vilumpati. (v.i.) vilumpanāya vicarati. (pp.) vilutta; vicartia.

marauder : (m.) vilumpaka; panthadūhaka.

marauding : (nt.) panthadūhana.

marble : (nt.) kīḷāgoḷaka. (m.) khīrapāsāṇa. (f.) kammāsasīlā. (v.t.) kammāsavaṇṇaṃ yojeti.

Marc : (m.) phalakasaṭa.

March : (m.) phagguṇa.

marconigram : (nt.) vijjuvegasāsana.

mare : (f.) vaḷavā; assā.

maremma : (m.) (roguppādaka-) anūpa-sesa.

margarine : (nt.) kittima-nonīta.

margin : (m.) pariyanta. (v.t.) sapariyantaṃ karoti; pariyante likhati.

marginal : (adj.) pariyanta-vattī; pariyante likhita.

marginate : (adj.) sapariyanta.

margosa : (m.) nimbataru; pucimanda.

marine : (m.) nāvāsamūha; nāvābhaṭa. (adj.) sāmuddika.

mariner : (m.) nāvika.

marionette : (f.) cala-dhītalikā; suttasañcālikā.

maritime : (adj.) samuddāsanna.

marjoram : (m.) sugandha-paṇṇavisesa.

mark : (nt.) lakkhaṇa; lañchana; saṅketa; abhiññāṇa. (v.t.) aṅketi; lañcheti. (pp.) aṅkita; lañchita.

mark on the forehead : (nt.) tilaka; cittaka.

markedly : (adv.) pariphuṭaṃ; suvyattaṃ.

marker : (m.) saṅdetakārī.

market : (m.) āpaṇa. (v.i.) paṇeti; vohāraṃ karoti.

market place : (f.) paṇyavīthikā.

market town : (m.) nigama.

marketable : (adj.) kayavikkayāraha.

marking : (nt.) aṅkana; saaṅketa