Telescope Network

The Telescope Network's mission is to connect BPS educators to resources, opportunities, and each other in order to improve student learning. First we find out what educators want and need to learn next in order to best serve the needs of their students. Then we seek out and magnify the bright spots: successful teachers, effective practices, and models of teacher-driven professional learning.


Learning Site: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Practice

(Nov 2019) Join us on November 20 at the Channing Elementary School for a Learning Site. The topic for this full-day session is, "How do we create a culturally responsive community for learning in an elementary classroom?" The Learning Site will be hosted by Rachel Pierce and her Grade 4 class. Best for elementary teachers. ( Flyer / RSVP )

Updated Needs Assessment

(Nov 2019) We've updated our Needs Assessment survey, based on your feedback. If you haven't already taken it this year, please take a couple of minutes to fill it out. Tell us what you need and share your suggestions for upcoming professional learning opportunities. More here.

10.22.19 Edcamp for Related Services

(October 2019) We're collaborating with the BPS Related Services Department to sponsor an Edcamp at EMK Institute on 10.22.19. More here.

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