Telescope Network

Welcome to the Telescope Network

In 2018, Boston Public Schools and the Boston Teacher Union founded the Telescope Network to elevate teacher voice in district level decision-making and empower high school educators to drive their own professional learning.

Recent Events

(May 2019) Joyful Learning Symposium: The Telescope Network co-hosted the Joyful Learning Symposium this year. It was a chance to gather and celebrate teaching and teachers across BPS. More info

(May 2019): Katy Briggs (McKay School 4th Grade) hosted a session on “Keeping Math Joyful: Elementary Math for Secondary Teachers.” More info.

Website Contents

  • Learn about our project
  • Meet our partners
  • Find out more about teacher-centered learning models like Learning Sites, Learning Labs, DIY Coaching, and EdCamps.
  • Share a "bright spot" resource.
  • Find a resource, opportunity, or colleague.
  • Needs Assessment: What would you like to learn?
  • PD Exit Ticket: Got feedback on a recent PD experience?
  • Meet the team
  • Get in touch with us

Our Goals

The goals of the Telescope Network are:

  • STARGAZING: We seek out and magnify the bright spots: successful teachers, effective practices, and models of teacher-driven professional learning.
  • NETWORKING: We connect educators to resources, opportunities, and each other.
  • SURVEYING: We find out what teachers want and need to learn next.

For more information, contact the Networkers: