Telescope Network

The Telescope Network creates opportunities for BPS educators to collaborate across the district. We improve learning experiences for all our students when we connect with peers, share our authentic challenges, and learn from each other.

To do this work:

  • We ASK educators across the district what they want and need to learn next in order to best serve the needs of their students;

  • We MAGNIFY effective practices by creating opportunities for effective and reflective educators to share their expertise with their peers; and

  • We CONNECT educators to resources, professional learning opportunities, and each other based on their needs and interests.


Spring 2022 Telescope Network Survey

(May 2022) What PD do you need next? Complete the Telescope Network’s Spring survey by 6/17 to share your voice. We are raffling off 20 x $20 gift cards to local independent book shops for completed responses.

( Survey Link )

Adolescent Literacy Learning Cohort

(April 2022) Adolescent Literacy Learning Cohort Begins on 5/5: In a Learning Cohort, you can join with a group of BPS colleagues to learn together as a team. You will address a common challenge, observe effective practices through a video observation, develop ideas to bring back to your own setting, and get support as you try out new ideas. This ALC course will be facilitated by Cristina Hernández-Persia and Frank Swoboda from English High School. Together, we will address the question, “How can we support the needs of all students to engage in meaningful, rigorous literacy work?First session starts on 5/5

(Flyer | RSVP)

Spring 2022 EqLit Needs Assessment

(April 2022) School leaders: What does your staff need to learn next about equitable literacy? Use the Telescope Network’s Equitable Literacy Needs Assessment Survey to gather staff input as you identify your instructional focus and design your school's professional learning plan for next year. After your staff completes the survey, contact the Telescope Network to see the data for your school.

( More info | Survey link)

Teacher Leadership Recommendation Form

(January 2022) Tell us about a BPS colleague who's doing something well. We want to hear about EFFECTIVE and REFLECTIVE educators in different schools and different roles across the district.

( Recommendation Form Link )

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