Telescope Network

Welcome to the Telescope Network

In April 2018, Boston Public Schools and the Boston Teacher Union were awarded a grant by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation to elevate teacher voice in district level decision-making and empower high school educators to drive their own professional learning.

Our Goals

The goals of our year-long project are:

  • STARGAZING: We will magnify the bright spots (successful teachers and effective practices).
  • NAVIGATING: We will connect the dots, linking educators to resources, opportunities, and each other.
  • SURVEYING: We will assess the current state of professional learning across BPS.

For more information, contact the Networkers:

News & Events

  • Learning Site @ EMK Academy: Join us on Nov 7th or 14th for our first Learning Site session. Learning site will be hosted by Chris Madson, 12th grade ELA teacher at EMK Academy. The topic/question is: How do we implement aspects of project-based learning in a traditional classroom setting to increase student ownership? Register here. See our flyer to learn more.
  • Edcamp: Join us on Saturday, November 17th from 8:30 AM -12:00 for BPS/BTU Fall EdCamp! EdCamps are a unique "unconference" form of professional development where those in attendance lead learning for one another according to their interests. Are you new a teacher looking to learn more about a specific topic? Are you a teacher who can share your expertise? Bring your ideas, your questions, your cool tools to share and your laptop. Register here. See our flyer to learn more!

Website Contents

  • Learn about our project
  • Meet our partners
  • Find out more about teacher-centered learning models like Learning Sites, Learning Labs, DIY Coaching, and EdCamps.
  • Share a "bright spot" resource.
  • Find a resource, opportunity, or colleague.
  • Needs Assessment: What would you like to learn?
  • PD Exit Ticket: Got feedback on a recent PD experience?
  • Meet the team
  • Get in touch with us