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Can your students start high-growth businesses with $10 or less? Mine can!

May 5, 2021: I wanted to build my own Iron Man / Tony Stark version of Jarvis for research projects: I created an analog version using the guidelines of Zettelkasten, and you can too.


I am not a lawyer and I do not purport in any way to provide legal advice on any particular topic. I am a researcher, teacher, and practitioner with decades of insight; I create and curate the best and most relevant materials I can and share what I've learned over the years. I think these are crucial perspectives for learning about entrepreneurship. If you need legal advice please consult a source somewhere else.


Welcome to this site. This website is dedicated to entrepreneurship education - please keep coming back: for the rebuilds, new course offerings, frameworks, topics, techniques, phenomena, and for the occasionally updated FEED page.


Recent Courses

New Venture Finance, MGT 481, Fall 2021

Spring 2021. Sabbatical.

New Venture Finance, MGT 481, Fall 2020

New Venture Development, MGT 482-582, Fall 2020 ("MGTX82" since it is cross-listed for undergraduate and graduate students)

Foundations of Entrepreneurship, MGT 386, Summer 2020

Creating, Discovering, Evaluating, and Pitching Opportunities, Spring 2020

New Venture Development, Winter Interim 2020

New Venture Finance, MGT 481, Fall 2019

New Venture Development, MGT 482-582 (cross-listed), Fall 2019

If you browsed here expecting New Venture Development then you're in the right place. Winter Interim 2019 and HEMBA 2019 curricula pages are hosted on this site, as are spring courses for 2019 (New Venture Finance and New Venture Creation), archives of previous courses I've created (Creating, Discovering, Evaluating, and Pitching Opportunities) and lots of resources for entrepreneurship education


Academy of Management workshop on creating experiential and gamified learning activities based on entrepreneurship concepts

Phil Kim and I organize a professional development workshop each year for the Academy of Management meeting on "bringing entrepreneurship concepts to life in the classroom" through gamification and other forms of experiential learning. We ran the most recent workshop in Boston on August 9. Here are (1) slide decks presenting summaries of the classroom exercises developed by our wonderful facilitators and participants and (2) the slides I use to open, run, and debrief a "beta" version of my card game "Connect the Dots."

  1. Summaries of group classroom exercises ("crowd-sourced" reports from participants in the workshop on what they've developed in less than two hours)

  2. Connecting the dots: A card game to connect students to entrepreneurship's rich models of opportunity recognition.

Academy of management entrepreneurship concepts to life workshop

Here is the link to the 2019 workshop google presentation for editing (please be careful not to overwrite other's work!)

Building a community of lifelong entrepreneurial learners.

[Above: Haitian orphans play a prototype of my Obje Chak Jou game. Find out more about this mission and this game here.]

Entrepreneurship isn't a topic you learn by sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures. Entrepreneurship is a set of skills, abilities, knowledge, and attitudes that require occasional augmenting and updating. Many of my students return to my materials years after they've graduated from college to see what I've developed based on latest frameworks, ideas, and other insights from the leading edges of entrepreneurship. My logic for creating a game to build lateral thinking skills for children in Haiti was to help spark that lifelong approach to entrepreneurship to build entrepreneurial capacity in that nation.

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I covered the planet with a lot of red dots in six years; Eric Ries would call this "vanity metrics," and he would be right. But it's still important to know that you have reach to help people learn entrepreneurship.

About Craig: I'm a professor of entrepreneurship. I believe in developing my own tools to meet the learning needs of different stakeholders of entrepreneurship. I've been recognized internationally for innovations in entrepreneurship pedagogy. I created a wikispace in 2012 that literally became a global resource for entrepreneurship learning content, activities, and community.

Once upon a wiki: Every good epic has an origin story to help you understand who the hero / persona was before s/he gained superpowers. I had been desperately seeking a replacement for the dismal, failed Social Republic of Blackboard; seemed like the liberator (and superpower) I needed. gave me a platform to develop a superpower back in 2012 when I first found out about the availability of this FREE SERVICE (psst. It was free). Over the next six years I developed hundreds of pages on with thousands of docs, sheets, presentations, and forms. My wikispace attracted over 90,000 visitors from 178 countries during these six years. I got to run countless experiments with the site's tools and paid exactly $0. Yay! (I figured if I wasn't paying for the product then I must be the product...)

Sadly...I got this message in March, 2018, from

"Classroom and Free Wikis. We regret to inform you that Wikispaces Classroom and Free Wikis will be decommissioned on 31st July 2018.


"It has been a very tough business decision during which all angles of the Wikispaces site were considered in great detail. Wikispaces began in 2005 and went from strength to strength, being one of the earlier Wiki sites. However more recently, technology has surpassed the site as more and more Wiki sites became available. Over the last twelve months we have been carrying out a complete technical review of the infrastructure and software we use to serve Wikispaces users. As part of this review, it has become very apparent that the required investment to bring the infrastructure and code in line with modern standards is very substantial. As such it is no longer financially viable to continue to run Wikispaces long term."

I'm sad that this great service will no longer be available, but I am grateful to the wikispaces team for giving me six years to develop my chops in creating web-based resources for entrepreneurship education.