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Registration and Payment

Membership for 2018 are now open!

Online Club Membership Registration and Payment

NOTE: This system is for membership of Perth United CC only and not Tay Titans, as they are a separate club.

Payment of Perth United memberships will be taken through this web site. This is to cut down on the administration effort required by the club officials and to keep a complete record of members. Click on the button above to enter the members area. (Note that this opens in a new window). Detailed instructions on how to use it can be found under the Online Member Guide.

Common Questions

Q. Who operates this system?
A. It is provided by IMG Sports Technology. They are the same company that runs the Etape Caledonia, London Triathlon and other big events. This system is used by sports clubs, amateur and professional  all over the UK and Australia. The set-up and operation of the Perth United system is operated by the club's committee.
Q. What is the system used for?
A. Initially just for collecting members annual subscriptions. Later this year we will use it to collect entries and payment for our open events (Eddie Morgan Road Race and 2-Up Time Trial). At a later time we may extend it further to sell club clothing.
Q. Is the online payment safe?
A. Yes. The system encrypts all your payment information, and no card details are ever stored. No-one from IMG or within the club ever has access to your card information.
Q. Does it cost any more to pay my subscription online?
A. No. The subscriptions are the same online or whether you pay by cash or cheque. However, the committee would appreciate if all those who are able to do so paid online to cut down on administration.
Q. Why does the club need my information as well as my payment?
A. There are several reasons. Firstly, we need to keep an accurate record of who's in the club against what subscriptions have been paid and when. To run our competitions we need names and dates of birth as well as BCF numbers to check any open results. We need emergency contact details to ensure we are able to deal properly with any accidents that happen at club events. Finally we want contact details to be able to send members information on club activities and to remind them when their subscriptions are due for renewal.
Q. Is my personal information secure?
A. Yes. The details you enter on the site are only available to clubs administrators of the system. Your information doesn't get published on the web site for anyone else to see.
If anyone has further questions please contact Duncan Morrison.