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"Pedal on Parliament" Event to Promote Cycling Safety in Scotland

posted 12 Apr 2012, 05:28 by Perth Gallery
There is an event on the 28th of April, to promote cycling safety. Details below for those who are interested.

I am writing to you as the club secretary for Perth United (and to every cycling club in Scotland) to ask for your support with an event I am involved in organising called "Pedal on Parliament" on Saturday 28th April. To put it simply, we're trying to get as many cyclists as possible from across Scotland to join a mass ride to the Holyrood parliament to call for the Government to take action to improve the safety of, and support for, cycling in the country. This is something that matters to all of us who cycle and I'm sure we are all keen to see bettered.

We're not a political organisation or an established pressure group, but a varied group of club, leisure and utility cyclists who have come together with a shared concern about the current safety of cycling on Scotland's roads and levels of funding and support from the Government and local authorities (or lack thereof). It would be a huge help if you were able to help us promote this cause amongst cyclists in Scotland by letting your membership know about the event and our wider campaign. Two key things we are asking cyclists in Scotland to help us with are to;

We're also trying to encourage as many people as possible to write to their MP, MSP and local councilors to draw their attention to the issues of cycling safety and investment and ask for their support. This can be done easily through 

You can find out about the event and campaign on our website or please get in touch with us if you've any questions at

Andy Arthur