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Broken Arrow:  Indian Agent Captain Tom Jeffords (John Lupton) has the job of maintaining favorable relations with the Chiricahua Apache in the Tuscon Arizona area in the 1870s. This period is during the Indian Wars.
So Jeffords forges a friendship with Cochise (Michael Ansara) of the Apache and peace, as symbolized by a broken arrow, is established. Together Jefford and Cochise fight those who violate the peace, regardless of their race.

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Brave Eagle is a 26-episode half-hour western television series which aired on CBS from 1955, to 1956, with rebroadcasts continuing until June 6.  Keith Larsen starred as Brave Eagle, a peaceful young Cheyenne chief. The program was unconventional in that it  reflected the Native American viewpoint in the settlement of the American West and was the first series to feature an American Indian as a lead character.

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Circus Boy is an Action/adventure/drama series that aired in prime time on both NBC and ABC from 1956 to 1958. It was then syndicated on Saturday mornings. NBC aired the Screen Gems series during the 1956-57 season, before it moved to ABC for the following season.  After his parents, "The Flying Falcons", were killed in a high-wire accident, young Corky (Micky Braddock, later known as Micky Dolenz of Monkeeys Fame) was adopted by Uncle Joey the Clown (Noah Beery, Jr.), and the whole Burke and Walsh Circus family.

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Fury:  Joey (Bobby Diamond), an orphan, had run afoul of the police after a street fight. He was permitted to live with Jim Newton (Peter Graves), a rancher and owner of Fury and the Broken Wheel Ranch. Newton had recently lost his wife and children.  Fury was syndicated as Brave Stallion.

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Spin and Marty:  Spin and Marty was a popular series of television shorts that aired during the mid-1950s.   There were three serials in all, starting with The Adventures of Spin and Marty in 1955. This series of 25 eleven-minute episodes set at the Triple R Ranch, a boys' western-style summer camp, was followed by two sequels — The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty (1956) and The New Adventures of Spin and Marty (1957), both of which also aired on TV. The serials were based on the 1942 novel Marty Markham by Lawrence Edward Watkin.

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Steve Donovan – Western Marshall:  Emulating B-westerns as closely as any half hour TV series could, the once very popular, now nearly forgotten, “Steve Donovan, Western Marshal” starred Douglas Kennedy as Steve and former Allan “Rocky” Lane sidekick Eddy Waller as his saddle partner, Rusty Lee.  Steve Donovan” made Top Ten ratings in several markets. You knew you were in for great western action the moment the series hit your screen. Kennedy stepped out from behind a boulder, drew two six-guns, fired three shots, flipped his ‘45s from one hand to another and fired three more in rapid succession! Then came the stern voiced announcer—“Lashing out of the pages of American history come the exciting tales of the early western frontier.  A primitive land torn by primitive conflicts and boiling with the feuds and lawless strife of frontier days. Here, on the rugged edge of civilization, some of the most desperate outlaws the world has ever known swarmed like a black plague, looting and robbing. But here too, determined to bring peace and justice to this turbulent region of six guns and sudden death, was another breed of men. The courageous officers appointed to wear the proudest badge of all, the badge of the western marshal.”


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