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Jack Randall

Jack (Addison) Randall
(1906 - 1945) was a romantic leading man and singing cowboy star whose career was far eclipsed by that of his brother Robert Livingston. He acted and sang on Broadway prior to entering films, then appeared in a number of non-Western films before signing with Monogram Pictures in 1937 as a singing cowboy.  After a few musical Westerns, Randall continued playing leads in B-Westerns, but not as a singer.  His career rapidly faltered, however, and he moved into supporting parts and villain roles. At the age of 39, he died of a heart attack while shooting a riding scene in The Royal Mounted Rides Again (1945).

1.  Danger Valley (1937) - Jack Randall
When Temple's miners strike gold they send Jake (Ed Brady) to file the claim. Dana (Charles King) is in the Recorder's office and overhears. He and his men kill Jake and forge new deeds.   Now owning everything Dana tries to kick the Temple group off their land.   But Jack Randall and sidekick Lucky (Hal Price) are on hand and plan to help them fight back.

2.  Oklahoma Terror (1939) - Jack Randall
Cartwright's racket is to sell a ranch and then have Mason (Tristram Coffin) and his men drive the ranchers away so he can resell it. If they want their money back he gives it to them and then has them killed.  Jack  Randall arrives and learns that Mason and his men are the culprits but that they have a boss. He suspects Cartwright (Davison Clark) and sets trap to expose him.

3.  Where the West Begins (1938) - Jack Randall
Jack Randall and Fuzzy Knight star in this western. When a woman named Lynne Reed inherits some ostensibly useless land, she unwittingly becomes the innocent target of a crooked investor's scam and a fierce battle for land ownership ensues.

4.  The Mexicali Kid (1938) - Jack (or Addison) Randall - A cowhand (Jack Randall) out to get revenge on the bank robbers who killed his brother teams up with the infamous outlaw the Mexicali Kid.

5.  Across The Plains (1939) - Jack Randall - 2 brothers when they are young are separated after their wagon train is attacked and parents are killed. One brother is raised by Indians and the other by outlaws. Twenty years later meeting again.   [Added]

6.  The Cheyenne Kid (1940) Jack Randall - A ranch owner gives the Cheyenne Kid (Jack Randall) in $1000 and sends him off to buy cattle. At the same time, he fires a ranch hand and that hand rides ahead and alerts Jeff Baker about the $1000.    [Added]


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