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The Mystery of the Riverboat Movie Serial

The Mystery of the Riverboat - Robert Lowery (1945) - 13 Chapter Movie Serial from Universal Pictures.
The story finds three Louisiana families, the Langtrys (lead by Steve Langtry - Robert Lowery), the Perrins and the Duvals, as co-owners of swamp land in the Louisiana bayou country. Unaware that their property contains rich "nitrolene" deposits, they are considering an offer from speculator Herman Einreich (Ian Wolfe), who is well aware of the secret, having killed the scientist who discovered it and stolen his geological maps and notes.  He boards a river boat, "The Morning Glory", heading for Duval's Landing.  Others on the boat are the skipper, Captain Ethan Perrin (Oscar O’Shea), his daughter Jenny (Marjory Clements), Steve Langtry (Robert Lowery), Rudolph Toller (Lyle Talbot), Bruno Bloch (Anthony Warde) and Louis Shaber (Joe Devin), Mantan Moreland (Napoleon) and The Minstrel (Jimmie Dodd).