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Dorothy Page Movies

Dorothy Page (1904 – 1961) “The Singing Cowgirl”

Grand National (a low budget studio) decided to make a series of westerns featuring a 'singing cowgirl'. Westerns with singing cowboys were popular for years, so why not a singing cowgirl? Their choice for the star was Dorothy Page, a popular radio singer who had already appeared in a few films for other studios.

In late 1938, Grand National Pictures signed Dorothy Page to star in their planned series of westerns featuring a singing cowgirl. The storylines were typical B-western fare. 

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1.  Water Rustlers (1938) - Dorothy Page  - Shirley Martin (Dorothy Page) finds that Weylan has diverted the water from the valley and her cattle are dying. First she and her foreman Bob Lawson (Dave O’Brien) go to court. This fails when Weylan’s men keep the ranchers from testifying. But Shirley has a second plan to return water to the valley.

2.  Ride em Cowgirl (1939) - Dorothy Page  - Sandy Doyle, gambler and political chief of a small border town, seeks to gain control of the Bar-X Ranch, owned by Rufe Rickson, to further some undercover activities of his own. He counts on Rickson's inability to stay away from gambling as the means to his ultimate success. Government investigator Oliver Shea (Milton Frome) and his assistant, Dan Haggerty, start a fight in Doyle's place when they see Rickson being cheated and are invited to the Bar-X where Oliver and Helen Rickson (Dorothy Page), Rufe's daughter, discover interest in each other and Dan finds himself pursued by Bell, the ranch cook. Sheriff Larson brings the prize money for the $5,000 race of the Rodeo Association, and that night it is stolen from her safe. The next day, Doyle says it was paid to him by Rickson for a gambling debt. 

3.  Singing Cowgirl (1939) - Dorothy Page -  In her final of three "singing cowgirl" Westerns, Dorothy Page learns that her neighbors, the Harkinses, have been murdered. Only young Billy Harkins (Dix Davis) was spared in the massacre and soon a bandit also takes a shot at poor Billy. Hooking up with handsome drifter Dick Williams (Dave O'Brien) and Billy's uncle Rex (Paul Barrett), Dorothy discovers that the killings were ordered by crooked Attorney  Joe Tolen (Stanley Price), who is after his neighbors' gold-rich land.

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