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Jack Armstrong Movie Serial

Jack Armstrong - John Hart (1947) - A Columbia 15 Chapter Movie Serial.  
Jack Armstrong and his friends attempt to rescue a renowned scientist, the inventor of a revolutionary atomic engine, from the clutches an arch-villain bent on world-dominion by means of a death ray place on board a aircraft capable of flying into the ionosphere. Their quest takes the adventurers to a remote island where they must not only contend with the criminal mastermind's henchmen, but a fierce tribe who have their own reasons for thwarting our heroes.


Radio Programs of Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy.  This was a radio adventure series which maintained its popularity from 1933 to 1951.  The storylines centered on the globe-trotting adventures of Armstrong (played by Jim Ameche until 1938 and later portrayed by Michael Rye), a popular athlete at Hudson High School, his friends Billy Fairfield and Billy's sister Betty, and their Uncle Jim, James Fairfield, an industrialist.