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Federal Agents vs Underworld Inc. Movie Serial

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Federal Agents vs Underworld Inc (Chapters 1 thru 6)

Federal Agents vs Underworld Inc (Chapters 7 thru 12)

Federal Agents vs Underworld Inc. (1949) – Kirk Alyn – 12 Chapter Republic Serial.

The female leader of an international crime ring steals a valuable artifact that can give her the power to control men's minds. Federal agents are dispatched to get it back and stop her evil plans. 

A Middle Eastern criminal named Nila (Carol Forman) and the American gangster Spade Gordon (Roy Barcroft) are in hot pursuit of one of the Golden Hands of Kurigal, an artifact recently discovered by the Clayton Archeological Expedition in Nila’s home country of “Abistahn.” Nila already possesses one of these hands, which are the keys to the location of the treasure of the ancient ruler Kurigal; the villainess hopes to use this treasure not only to make herself ruler of Abistahn, but also to incorporate the American underworld into one vast organization.

The plot and action sequences of this serial are average for a latter-day Republic serial, but the nifty cast lifts it above the ordinary. Kirk Alyn is very good in the action lead, Rosemary LaPlanche is fine as the heroine, and the dependable James Dale is a sturdy sidekick. In the villain's camp, the ubiquitous Roy Barcroft is superb, as always, and Carol Forman is menacing as the head of Underworld Inc., Nila. She also semi-reprises her role as The Spider Lady, in the Superman serial. Among the supporting cast are sometimes-serial lead Bruce Edwards (THE BLACK WIDOW), and James Craven. Marshal Reed and Tristam Coffin, who have both starred in other serials, have small parts as a police detective and a lawyer, respectively. 

[NOTE: Contains Spanish Subtitles]