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Allan Rocky Lane

Allan "Rocky" Lane (1909 - 1973) was a studio leading man and the star of many cowboy B-movies in the 1940s and 1950s. He appeared in more than 125 films and TV shows in a career lasting from 1929 to 1966. 
From 1929 through 1936, he appeared in twenty-four films. In 1937 his career began to soar; he was a hit in 1938's The Law West of Tombstone. In 1940, he portrayed "RCMP Sergeant Dave King," the role becoming one of his most notable successes. The first was King of the Royal Mounted, a 1940 serial adaptation of Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted, with Lane playing the lead role. He starred in several Canadian Mounted Police films, including the serial's The Yukon Patrol and King of the Mounties. He is best remembered for these today. 
In 1946 and 1947, he portrayed "Red Ryder" in seven (7) films. 
In 1947 he became "Rocky Lane" in western films.
Between 1940 through 1966, Lane made eighty-two film and television series appearances, mostly in westerns. Between 1947 and 1953, he made over 30 B-movie westerns (as "Rocky" Lane) with his faithful horse 'Black Jack'. His last roles were in voice over acting, including providing the speech for Mister Ed (1961–1966). In 2003 he won the TV Land Award for the category "Favorite Pet-Human Relationship" as Mr. Ed.

1a.  Red Ryder in Stagecoach to Denver - Allan “Rocky” Lane (1946) - Republic Pictures   NOTE:  There are no opening credits for this movie.

1b.  Another copy of Stagecoach to Denver (With Opening Credits)

Lambert (Roy Barcroft) has the stagecoach wrecked killing the Commissioner so his phony replacement can alter Coonskin's land survey. When Red Ryder (Allan Rocky Lane) exposes the survey hoax, Lambert has his stooge Sheriff put Red in jail.  Little Beaver is played by Bobby Blake.  Allan "Rocky" Lane steps into the title role for the second time in what is considered to be one of the best RED RYDER Movies.   

2.  Red Ryder in Homesteaders of Paradise Valley (1947)  - Allan Rocky Lane - Crooked business men get Red Ryder to help talk homesteaders into helping with a dam and trick them out of their water access. 

3.  Marshall of Amarillo -  (1948) Allan Lane - When the Amarillo stagecoach breaks down near the Half-Way House, the driver, Ben Dolan, who wrecked the stagecoach on purpose, tells the passengers, Nugget Clark, a prospector; James Underwood, a retired businessman; and Hiram Short, a salesman, to walk there for shelter. They acquire rooms, but Nugget becomes uneasy and decides to leave. When he looks for his friends, he can't find Underwood and finds Short has been murdered. He arrives in Amarillo and notifies Marshal "Rocky" Lane of the murder and the disappearance. When Lane investigates, the stage-agent, Art Crandall, and the inn's owner, Frank Welch, tell him they've never before seen or heard of Nugget or his friends. When Lane learns that Underwood was carrying $50,000 in cash, he begins to suspect that Crandall and Welch aren't being truthful. 

4.  Desperadoes of Dodge City (1948) - Allan Lane - Rocky and the Land agent riders need to get an important message to the Army post. The message is stolen but Rocky knows one of the four men on the stagecoach has it. When Rocky and the four get trapped in a shack by the outlaw gang, he learns that one of the four is the gang leader. Rocky has to learn his identity and retrieve the message.  [Added]
Note: Contains Spanish Sub-Titles

5.  Corpus Christi Bandits (1945) - In flashback, Mr. Christi relates the story of his father Corpus Christi Jim. After robbing a stage, Jim and partners Rocky and Steve decide to go straight and return the money. But the fourth member of the gang, Spade refuses and leaves. The two former partners soon find themselves on opposite sides of the law.   [Added]

6.  The Topeka Terror (1945)  - The land-rush opening of the Cherokee Strip brings in its wake a scattering of outlaws and claim jumpers. Among these is a crooked promoter. Trent Parker (Frank Jacquet), and his henchmen who plan a huge swindle by compiling falsified reports, putting the claims of honest settlers into the names of various henchmen. Clay Stevens (Allan Lane), a government agent posing as a drifting cowhand, advises the settlers to organize their resistance. Ben Jode (Roy Barcroft), the gang leader, runs for sheriff so he can gain full control of the town.    [Added]   

7.  Powder River Rustler (1949) - The railroad is coming and to get the townspeople's money. Shears Williams brings in a fake Agent who tells them they must raise $50,000 as their share of a railroad bridge. Railroad Agent Rocky Lane arrives and immediately spots the fake. A phony telegram assures Rocky his friend is still alive and he sets out to find him and his abductor.     [Added]

8.  The Denver Kid (1948) - When Border Patrol Lieut. Roberts is killed, it appears that his brother Tim was the killer. To clear the Robert's name for his boss, Lieut. Rocky Lane heads south of the border posing.     [Added]

9.  OklahomaBadlands (1948) - Oliver Budge is after the Rawlins ranch. His henchman Sanders kills Ken Rawlins but when he tries to kill Leslie Rawlins, Rocky Lane breaks it up. But Leslie is a woman and knowing the bad.    [Added]

10.  A GUY COULD CHANGE” (1946) – [NON-WESTERN] A movie not only about the importance of human relationships, but more specifically the rebirth of the human spirit. A man’s wife dies in childbirth and he finds it difficult to accept the life and love of the daughter who survives. Will father and daughter remain estranged? Or will he relent?    [Added]

11.  Death Valley Gunfighter (1949) - Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) hits the trail when he gets word that one of two brothers in a partner-ship mining project has been killed by outlaws trying to gain possession of the mine.      [Added]

12.  The Wyoming Bandit (1949) - An outlaw who has been gone from home for 20 years returns to find out who killed his son.    [Added]

13.  Salt Lake Raiders (1950) - Brit Condor's vicious gang was driving out the citizens of Silver City with unrelenting raids and robberies. Banker John Thornton promises the townspeople he'd bury their money secretly and...     [Added]

14.  Gunman of Abilene (1950) - Abilene gunmen are bent on terrorizing the town of Blue Valley and massacring its inhabitants. They have been hired by local druggist Henry Turner, who has discovered gold beneath the town.   [Added]

15.  Rustlers on Horseback (1950) - The people around the town of Sloan Junction think that George Parradine is just a harmless book salesman, but he heads a gang of crooks planning to rob and pillage on a large scale.  [Added]

16.  Vigilante Hideout (1950) - Rocky, a Range Detective, arrives to help Nugget with rustlers. When he learns, Nugget owns only three cows, he stays on anyway and soon becomes involved in Benson's attempt to blow open the bank's safe....   [Added]

17. Night Riders of Montana (1951) - State Ranger Rocky Lane becomes involved in a mystery surrounding a gang of horse rustlers and a young rancher who is blamed falsely for a killing. Lane helps uncover the real killers.  [Added]

18. Marshal of Cedar Rock (1953) - Banker Mason is after the ranchers land so he can resell it to the railroad for a profit. He has the railroad agent killed and replaces him with his stooge who then offers even less than Mason. But Rocky eventually suspects Mason and when Bill Anderson informs him the agent is a fake, they head out after Mason.  [Added]

19.  Silver City Kid (1944) - Molybdenum deposits can make a man rich, but Stoner finds that the deposits run under the Clayton Ranch. Judge Ballard wants the Ranch so he has Garvey shoot Steve. When Ruth blames Stoner for the death of Steve, Ballard shoots Stoner and puts the blame on Ruth, who is holding the gun. This way, Ballard has no partners. While Garvey tries to shoot Jack Adams (Rocky Lane) over and over, Jack is looking for evidence to clear Ruth and convict Ballard.   [Added]


The Tiger Woman (or Perils of the Darkest Jungle) - 12 Chapters Movie Serial (1944) - Allan Lane and Linda Stirling

Linda Stirling is a jungle girl lost in the South American rainforest and ruling a native tribe. The serial's plot is a variant on the common "land grab" plot - in this case, the villains attempt to run the natives off the land so that they can claim its valuable oil reserves.  Evil oil speculators in South America,  led by Morgan (George J. Lewis) and Walton (LeRoy Mason),  attempt to drive away a native tribe and their leader, the Tiger Woman (Linda Stirling). The Tiger Woman, a white woman, might be the lost heiress to a vast fortune, and later plotlines in the serial are built around determining her true identity.  Allen Saunders (Allan Lane) of Inter-Ocean Oil wants to develop the oil, too, but unites with The Tiger Woman and José Delgado (Duncan Renaldo) to stop the bad guys (LeRoy Mason and George J. Lewis).


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